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[Maaneet FF] Karmas of Love Update New Thrd (Page 77)

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Posted: 23 November 2011 at 10:13pm | IP Logged
okay peeps here is the next update... really once again my sincere apologies for the late update but i cannot help it... BLAME IT ON MY UNIVERSITY Angry Dead thanks to each and everyone who took the time to hit the like button and/or comment... i am sorry i cannot individually reply due to time constraint but please keep them coming for i adore them! Big smile

Chapter 13: Tu Tu Main Main

Maan chuckled nervously while Geet stared at the family in front of her and then at Maan.
"How's the surprise Maan veerji?" Arjun asked winking.
"Of course accha hi laga hoga, idiot," Anushka offered whacking his arm. "Kyun bujji?"
"Huh?" Maan chocked. "Haan," he said bleakly and looked at Geet standing beside him.
"Of coure idea kiski hai," Daadima said proudly. "Anyway people chalo we shall go and give some privacy for the newly weds," she teased, filing out of the room before Maan or Geet could react.
"Good luck veerji," Arjun whispered coming out of the room.
"Bujji don't worry, you remember everything I taught you right?" Anushka followed causing Maan to turn red in embarrassment.
Soon Maan and Geet were pushed into the room and locked, leaving them alone. Maan looked at the blankly staring Geet to see if he could read what was going through her mind. He cleared his throat to gain her attention but she continued to stare into blankness. "Geet," he called tapping her lightly on her shoulder, startling her. "Voh," he began only to stop looking at her confused eyes. Guilt enveloped him for he knew she might be upset at the proceedings. He had promised her independence on the first day yet he had done nothing towards it and Daadima had taken matter into her own hands and decorated their room for their official first night as husband and wife. If any one were to be blamed that would be he for letting his heart unleashed and not take any step towards her independence. What could he do, his heart refused to let go of the love he bore for her. He believed somewhere she would see the love he had for her and not go away from him.
Geet was absolutely stumped by the fact that Daadima had taken too seriously and arranged for, for suhaag raat! Her mind screamed at the mere thought of sharing a room with a man whom she hardly knew anything about and to top it off with random flowers hanging around the room along with scented candles lit around the room. She felt like disappearing into darkness before she could look at Maan. She felt bad for ruining his life and unnecessarily feeding into his ideas of an ideal life with wife and children. She was sure he had dreams about how his life, his first night with his wife and here she was not in the least interested at the thought of spending her life with him. "Babaji!" she groaned internally at the thought of dilemma she was in.
Maan cleared his throat to bring Geet out of her reverie and smiled nervously at her. "So," he began unable to get the right words out.
"So?" she asked confused where the conversation was heading.
"I mean," he began once gain clearing his throat only to be gestured to stop by her.
Geet knew the night would end yet Maan would still be stuck with the two words, thus she decided to take matters into her hands. She walked straight to the bed and pulled away a pillow and a quilt before walking back towards him.
"Arrey nahi Geet, tum yahan so jao main bahar jaungi," he began seeing her walk with pillow and quilt.
"Maine kab kahaan yeh mere liye hai," she said sounding surprised. "Yeh aapke liye hai," she confirmed.  
"Kya?" he asked incredulously.
"What kya?" she asked flatly. "Of course aap mard ho, you have to sleep somewhere else."
Maan was taken aback by her sudden declaration of making him sleep outside. Usually, wouldn't the lady offer to sleep on the couch and then the man would take pains to convince her to sleep on the bed while he would offer to sleep on the couch and then they would have a cute fight over it, finally deciding that the man would sleep on the couch, he thought. Yet here, Geet had personally shoved the pillow and quilt for him to get out. "Women!" he sighed and reluctantly took the pillow and quilt from her and was about to walk out when a thought crossed his mind.
"Ek minute," he said looking seriously at her, "main kyun jaoon? Yeh mera kamra hai, agar tum chaho toh you can go and sleep on bed bed our in the adjacent guest room."
"Kya?" she asked shocked at his statement. His intense stare seemed to portray he was pretty serious. "Maan aap mard ho. It's supposed to be this way. Come on now, jayiye," she urged pushing him a little.
"Hello madam, yeh koi film nahi hai na tum koi heroine ho ki main tumhare liye bahar jake sojaoon. This is reality sweetheart aur real life main voh sab nahi hota. Ab jao bahar so jao ya yahaan mere saath so jao. It's your choice," he said striding back to his bed.
Geet stood stumped at Maan's sudden change in behavior. She thought he would be nice enough to let her sleep in his room for he knew she was uncomfortable with sharing a room with him. But here he was pushing her out! Of course she couldn't share a bed with him, but that didn't mean she would accept defeat to go sleep in the adjacent room. "Hmph!" she hissed, stomping her foot in anger. "Nahi, main kyun jaoon, I shall not," she declared with finality before slumping on the bed.
"Chalo teekhai, tum iss side so jao mai—" he began before she cut him.
"Oye hello Mr. Khurana, yeh pura bed meri hai. Aap jayiye bahar," she said.
"Geet, bacchon jaise behave mat karo. Chalo tai karo ki you want to stay with me or outside," he said crossing his arms on his chest.
"Main bacchon jaise behave kar rahi hoon ya aap?" she questioned looking peeved. "Arre yeh bhi koi karta hai kya?" she asked almost to herself.
"Haan main karta hoon, problem hai toh jao yahaan se," he said dumping his quilt and walking to his closet to find his night clothes.
"Jayenge toh aap," she huffed.
"Ha! In your dreams," he mocked with a lop-sided smile. He was rummaging through his closet when he felt something soft hit his head. He turned to see Geet had thrown his pillow and quilt. "Geet!" he screamed stomping to stand beside her, his tall form towering her.
For a second Geet stood intimidated by his tall figure but quickly regained her posture. "Stop shouting," she said shutting her ears.
"Toh chali jao na, you won't hear me shouting," he finished angrily.
"Mr. Maan Singh Khurana," she said snapping her finger and pointing her index finger at him. "Aap sharafat se jayiye, varna," she threatened.
"Varna kya? Daadima ko bulaogi?" he smirked. "Bulao, main bhi deekhoonga," he challenged.
"Ugh!" she responded miffed at his stubborn denial. "Main nahi jaanewali," she announced once again plopping on the center of the bed and spreading her arms and legs.
"Geet!" he shouted seeing her occupy his whole bed. He walked to bed to see a serene smile on her face as she lay on the bed with her arms and legs spread out and with her eyes closed. A small smile spread across his lips seeing her satisfied look, his mind absorbing her serene beauty. He stood lost in her innocent expression, adoring her.
"Maan please do you mind covering me with that quilt," she spoke, her eyes closed, breaking his trance. He shook himself off his daydream and soon was irked by the fact that had just ordered him to help her put her to bed. He caught her arm and jerked her up.
Geet was shocked by Maan's sudden action and looked startled as he pulled her off the bed before turning her around so that he stood with his back to the bed. He let go of her hand before falling on the bed himself. "You," she began to curse and caught his arm with both her hands and pulled him with all her might, jerking him off the bed. His eyes flew open, shocked that she had just pulled him off. He decided she would not go unless he tried something extreme. An idea popped in his mind and he stepped back a few steps, smirking at his own idea.
"Chalo, teekhai, soch lo Geet," he prompted.
Geet sat on the bed, her hand stretched to support her upper body while she carelessly replied, "haan maine soch li."
Maan pulled open a button off his sherwani and smiled smugly at her, waiting for her response. He saw her become alert and he continued to pop open the next button, smirking shamelessly.
"Yeh, yeh aap kya kar rahe ho?" she asked nervously.
"Jo mujhe pehle se karna tha," he offered, winking and pulling off another button, revealing his well-toned chest.
"Just stop right there," she managed to blurt getting off the bed.
"Oh my little innocent sweetheart, let me tell you, Maan Singh Khurana doesn't leave a job unfinished," he said taking a small step forward.
"Maan please," she said, unconsciously taking a step back.
Maan inched forward, closing in the distance between Geet and him, smirking all the way down. She involuntarily stepped back at his each step forward. He knew she wouldn't last long, for she was too reserved type. He opened the last button of his sherwani and removed it before throwing it across the room in one swift motion. She inhaled sharply before averting her gaze away from his Grecian body and closing her eyes with her palm.
"Maan!" she screamed, her voice muffled because of her palms.
Maan closed the distance, cornering Geet to a nearby wall. He placed his hands on either side of her, encaging her. She still had her eyes closed but her body stiffened sensing his nearness. He stared at her angelic form, forgetting his surrounding environment. He slowly pulled her hand, hiding her beautiful face, wanting to absorb her form. He saw her eyes closed and bent near her ears, "Geet," he called huskily, making her shiver in response. She slowly opened her eyes to see a pair of deep chestnut brown eyes staring intently at her. She was lost in those deep pools of chocolate reflecting warmth and affection to the person drowning in them.
Moments seemed to freeze for the both of them as they stood facing each other. Maan was swimming in the depths of her beautiful pair of hazelnut irises. The golden specks in her eyes glowed beautifully due to the reflection of the candle in the room enhancing her already captivating eyes. A slight breeze in the nearby window brought a curly tendril from her tresses, obstructing the view of her flawless face. He lifted his long fingers to softly tuck the lock of behind her ear. His brief touch sent a tremor through her body causing her to close her eyes. He bent forward to kiss her forehead and looked back to see her reaction. Seeing her eyes still closed he proceeded to kiss her eyes. Her breath hitched at the contact of his lips to her skin while her chest rose and fell rapidly. She tried hard to keep herself from melting in his kiss yet his lingering lips made her want to feel them against hers. He controlled his urge to take her lips and stepped back to see her reaction to his touch.
Geet's eyes flung open at the sudden contact of cold air brush through her skin. She looked at Maan with a thousand questions reflecting in her eyes. "Voh," she tried to say but only a bout of air escaped her lips. He cocked his eyebrows in question, trying to understand what she was about to say. She cleared her throat and began, "Voh mujhe jaana hai," she managed to whisper in spite of her erratically beating heart. And before he could respond she ducked below his arm and escaped from his clutches. She clutched her heart to bring her speeding heart under control before rushing to the bed to pick up a pillow and quilt for herself.
"Nahi, tum yaheen ruko, main jaavunga," he announced and went to take the pillow from her. Somewhere in the corner of his heart he felt a painful tug as she avoided his gaze and looked out of the window but he soon let go and walked out of the room, making sure nobody was in the hallway to stop and question him.
Geet stood for a few moments trying to register the things that happened a few minutes ago. His soft swipe of his finger on her skin sent a thousand sparks through her and she tightly clutched her lehnga preventing her from trying to feel his well-toned arms. And then when she felt his lips on her cold skin, her heart screamed to feel his kiss everywhere on her. She didn't understand the unknown feeling of wanting that crept through her when he began to kiss her. Her lips itched to feel his and she would have almost given into it if not for his pause. She bit her lips and looked away feeling guilty as those sensual thoughts ran across her mind. She gathered enough strength to walk back to the bathroom and changed into her comfortable nightwear before mechanically climbing into the bed. She curled into a ball and tightly closed her eyes wanting sleep to engulf her. She tossed on the bed hoping to fall asleep but sleep seemed to have evaded her.
Time seemed to pass slowly and she felt the cold air from the air conditioner, make the room much colder than normal. She shivered a bit before trying to curl into a fetal position. Nothing seemed to generate enough heat to help her sleep so she got up to see if she could adjust the settings. But luck was not on her side; she couldn't find the remote. The room seemed to become colder by the second. She got off the bed, frustrated by the proceedings. She pulled the quilt over her head and covered herself from head to toe, only her face in sight. She tiptoed out of the room to see where he had headed off to sleep. She reached to the nearby room and peeped into to see him sleep on the bed with his back facing her. Her curiosity pulled her into the room further and she found the room nice and warm. A thought crossed her mind but she quickly shook it off not wanting to risk her own behavior. Yet the thought of spending the night in the cold room allowed her to reconsider her initial thought. She looked around the room to see if there was any other piece of furniture she could use to sleep. Unfortunately the guestroom was adorned with only a single bed with a table in the corner of the room. She cursed her luck and walked to see the bed large enough to accommodate the both of them. Her mind rationalized to go back to the room in spite of the biting cold yet her heart convinced her to stay in the warmth of this room. She promised herself to wake-up before him while slowly sitting on the bed not wanting to disturb him.
Just as Maan was about to fall asleep he heard the door slightly creek open. His body tensed at the thought that someone might find him in the guestroom and question his presence. He kept a stiff position hoping the person would soon go away but the person seemed to move about in the room. He opened his eyes slightly to catch a glimpse of the veiled figure. To his surprise it was Geet covered in her comforter looking as though she was in deep thought. He instinctively closed his eyes when he felt her eyes on him, to give her the expression he was in deep slumber. Few seconds later he felt the bed give in and felt her crawl up to his opposite side before settling comfortably, making sure she didn't make any noise. He wondered what made her come to sleep in this room for she had insisted to sleep separately. Whatever the reason was could wait until morning for he didn't want to miss the chance of sleeping close to her. Thus he pretended to be in deep slumber to keep her from running back to her room.  
Before the end of next minute a soft and rhythmic breathing from the other end of the bed showed that Geet had indeed instantly fallen asleep. Maan slowly opened his eyes, making sure she had indeed fallen asleep. A slow smile crept on his lips as he saw her flawless form just a mere few inches away from him. Although he would do anything to have her in his arms, he was satisfied with the fact that she was within a hand span distance away from him. He was observing her without a blink of an eye for what seemed like eternity when he suddenly felt her move. He quickly closed his eyes but found her restlessly moving closer, mumbling something in her sleep while removing her comforter away from her. Next second he found her reach for him and snuggled closer to his cocooning warmth. He was startled at her sudden move but his insides burst forth in happiness feeling her snuggling warmly against his hard form. Having her close to his heart he hugged her closer to him and covered her properly in his quilt. A satisfied smile played on both their lips while he slowly drifted off to sleep while she continued her blissful slumber.


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continue soon plz.
thx for the pm.

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sweet cute n beautiful update. an update after such a looong time yaar. but it was worth the wait.

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awesome update...i loved how geet directly told her that he is the one to go out...and their cute little fight n finally geet herself going into his room...amazing...continue soon and thnxxx for the pm...

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awesome update dear loved it

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