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[Maaneet FF] Karmas of Love Update New Thrd (Page 69)

angel_smily IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 August 2011 at 10:42pm | IP Logged
awesomeee update
thanks for the pm

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_BlackPearl_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 August 2011 at 5:13am | IP Logged
I know what's DM is up to ...HMEmbarrassed

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debomaaneet Goldie

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Posted: 06 September 2011 at 7:33pm | IP Logged
wow!our would-b-doc geet is so intelligent by god!
chillypowder-knife-lighter-last bt nt da least JC's techniques!!lol
maan is so funny..hahaha..kya plan banaya auntys ko bhaganeke lie! :D
n dat lavanya kashyap plan..omg!maan do u watch IPKKND??? :D
lovely it 2 da core..thnx 4 da pm.
p.s. when logged in through phn...cnt hit da like button..plz dnt mind.i'll gv my cmnt surely!

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crystal-rose Goldie

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Posted: 14 September 2011 at 11:30am | IP Logged
loved the part...plz update soon

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IAmNoOne Senior Member

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Posted: 16 September 2011 at 1:13am | IP Logged

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drgeetpaymaan Newbie

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Posted: 18 September 2011 at 12:45am | IP Logged
Clapsimply awesome Clap

just read all da parts together SmileSmile cant w8 4 da rest plzzz update as soon as possible n pm me 2

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madhu.pmlist Goldie

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Posted: 22 September 2011 at 7:02pm | IP Logged
madhu.pmlist Goldie

Joined: 02 February 2011
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Posted: 22 September 2011 at 8:55pm | IP Logged
haan haan mujhe pata hai i really do deserve all those chappals for not updating for so long... magar college aur padhai is important hai na... Ouch sholly for the late update... i didnt want to keep u guessing for the actual surprise so here it is Big smile

Chapter 12: Shocking Surprises
"Aap log chilla kyun rahein hain?" she said.
"Magar Daadima yeh, yeh sab decoration humare reception ke liye haina?" Maan asked puzzled.
"Reception? Aapne toh kaha mujhe kuch nahi chahiye, ab reception chahiye?" Daadima teased.
"Nahi, I mean haan, magar," he flustered. Geet looked embarrassed and looked at Maan hesitantly while he himself was finding reasons to cover up.
"I didn't want to go over your words Maan," she said innocently.
Maan groaned internally for falling for his Daadima's trap, afterall she was Savitri Devi Khurana! He had to find a way to manage else she would not leave an opportunity to tease him. "Maine socha aap zaroor koi surprise denge so we wanted to be well prepared," he lied.
"Sorry my dear potha this was not for you. Magar tum kaho toh we can change it," she hinted.
"Nahi!" Maan and Geet shouted simultaneously causing Daadima to look confused.
"I mean it's okay Daadima magar baat kya hai. What's all this for?" he tried changing subject.
Savitri Devi suppressed a smile at her grandson's flushed face. Well he had to get used to the fact that Savitri Devi Khurana doesn't do things she expected, she does something different. This preparation was just to tip them off while the real surprise was still intact. Arjun had called this morning to inform her of his return and that's when an idea flashed in her mind. She had told him to keep his arrival as a surprise to Maan so that she could execute her plan. And the first step in the plan was to confuse Maan and Geet so that they could really enjoy the real surprise. "Arjun had called today saying he would come back today. So socha ki ek choti si party rakh le, just us."
"Really he is coming back?" Maan's eyes lit up. Arjun, technically his dad's brother's son, had always been like his own brother. He was very fond of Arjun and treated him like his own brother. Since the death of Arjun's parents, he had come to stay in Khurana mansion and Maan had never let him feel their absence and helped and guided him since his young age. Arjun also had equally looked upto Maan like his older brother, a mentor, and a guide with whom he could confide his worst fears. Both Arjun and Maan shared a very beautiful bond like Ram Lakshman themselves.
"Wow! That's great," he began but then remembered, "magar why didn't he call me first. Aane do, I'll show him what it is to forget Maan Singh Khurana," he said sternly.
Daadima chuckled at Maan's reaction at his younger brother. Although he seemed very strict from the outside, she knew he was very fond of Arjun and protected him in every aspect.
"Maan veerji!" everyone heard a deep voice and turned to see a handsome young, tall, and well-built man with a dazzling smile come running into the mansion with his bag on one hand. Maan saw the figure come closer and his anger seemed to have instantly flown away replaced by a soft smile.
Arjun ran into the mansion dropped his bag and came forward to take the blessings of Maan first. "Arjun, yeh tum kya kar rahe ho?" Maan asked preventing him from touching his feet.
"Blessings veerji, deejiyena," Arjun said still trying to bend down.
"Pagal, aa gale lag ja!"
 Arjun straightened and hugged his older brother tightly. "How are you veerji? Ugh! Missed you so much!"
"Me too," Maan added patting Arjun's shoulder.
Arjun came out of embrace and looked at his Daadima with a toothy grin. "Hi sexy!" he said kissing her cheeks soundly before bending to take her blessings.
"Badmash!" Daadima scolded lightly and laughed. "Kaisa hai tu?" she asked cupping his cheek.
"Bahut tak gaya hoon. Aapne dekha how thin I have grown?" he asked dramatically.
"Haan, haan dikhta hai," Daadima began, "dikhta hai ki tum bahut patla ho gaye ho," playing along. "Magar maine toh nahi kaha jao, Maan ne kaha. Complain over there," she said pointing at Maan.
"Aap Maan veerji ko kyun keh rahe ho, he didn't do anything," Arjun defended.
Daadima threw her hands up in defeat, "Uff! Mujhse nahi hota yeh jo aap dono ke beech mein jo hai. Anyway Arjun you complained on phone you couldn't get to see bhabhi in her person. Ab vo tumhare saamne hai, won't you greet her?"
Arjun realized and slapped his forehead. "Oh ya veerji totally forgot that! Sorry bhabhi," he pleaded turning in Geet's direction.
Geet had been a silent observer until now of all the things happening in front of her. She didn't have much to say and stood numb trying to grasp the depth of the things happening around her. She had been shocked to know that reception surprise was nothing as expected and was trying to think of ways to speak when she saw Arjun coming. The mention of his name had made Maan very happy and the love he carried for his brother was evident in his gestures. She felt jealous for a second that she didn't have siblings like that with whom she shared a close bond. Her Brij veerji was anything close to brotherly forget friendly. She had grown up alone with her mother's company at home and friends in college. And seeing the lovely bond between Arjun and Maan made her feel a little jealous wishing she had siblings like them.
"Bhabhi?" Arjun asked seeing her not react.
"Huh?" she came out of thought, "It's alright."
"Arre Geet, hum aise kaise chondenge kuch toh sazaa dene padenge," Maan hinted coming to stand beside her.
"Veerji, et tu brute?"
"Of course," Maan said haughtily causing Arjun to groan.
"Add me in!" a female voice piqued in.
"Sweety!" Maan's eyes lit up at her arrival while Geet felt a tinge of prick at the sight Maan's reaction.
"What add me in? Tumhe pata bhi kya hai?" Arjun asked annoyed.
"Jo bhi ho Bujji will not do anything against me," Anushka said proudly. "Kyun Maan?" she asked winking at Maan.
"Bujji will not do anything against me," Arjun mimicked with a disgusted look on his face.
"Oi dare you take that name on your lips," Anushka warned.
"Kya karogi haan? Bujji, Bujji," Arjun chanted to her annoyance.
"Abhi dekho choopistaanu (I'll show you)," Anushka said running to catch Arjun who escaped.
Maan laughed at the little encounter between the buddies while Daadima chuckled at their childishness. Arjun ran around the couch dodging the little pillows on the sofa thrown by Anushka, who was close on heels behind him. Arjun finally managed to run behind Geet and hide begging for her shield.
"Bhabhi please bachalo mujhe is devil se!" he said crouching behind Geet.
"You rakshas did you just call me a devil?" Anushka exasperated trying to reach Arjun.
"Arre devil ko devil na kahoon toh kya kahoon?" he asked dodging Anushka's hand.
"Geet you are doing wrong by shielding that rakshas!" Anushka screamed. "Bujji! Dekho!" she complained.
"Arjun mere sweety ko tang mat kar chalo ajao!" Maan commanded.
"Bujji," Arjun mimicked coming to stand behind Geet who looked lost in the midst of the entire ruckus.
"I am warning you Arjun dare you call him Bujji," Anushka warned.
"Bujji, Bujji," Arjun chanted before sticking his tongue out and running towards the stairs.
"You idiot! Come here!" Anushka yelled before following to get him.
"Pagli," Maan chuckled shaking his head at their encounter. "Sorry Geet, dono ek dusre kushti ki bina nahi reh sakte."
Geet smiled in return not knowing what to reply. Daadima came forward addressing, "Accha Maan aap log dinner ke liye aajayiye. We all will have a family dinner."
"Ji," Maan returned.
A heavy dinner had sloughed everyone as they settled down in main hall to have a small chat before retiring to bed. Geet watched while the brothers caught up on the issues they had missed while occasionally Anushka filled in the missing stuff. Daadima was a spectator for a while before she decided to retire for the night, as it was quite late for her. On her way to her room she turned to face the newly wedded couple, "Enjoy the rest of the night I mean evening," she winked, her eyes gleaming mischief. Unable to understand what she was hinting at Maan and Geet simply nodded and wished her good night.
Next it was Arjun's turn. He forced a yawn, "Teekhai veerji, I am also going to go. Chalo Anu," he pulled her.
"Kyun? Tum jao na," Anushka said surprised.
"Arre, haan voh tumse zaroori baat karni hai," he eyed her.
"Jo bhi tum kal karlo mujhe Bujji se baat karni hai," she said settling back near Maan.
Arjun shook his head. This woman was such an idiot to have been interfering with the newly married couple. She yanked her towards him, "Alright veerji take care! Good night," he grinned looking at Maan. "Kuch toh samjho buddhu!" he hissed in Anushka's ear. Anushka still was reluctant while Arjun dragged her, waving back at Maan and Geet.
Geet sighed in relief to have finally retiring for the night. It had indeed been long after the sudden "reception shock" and then Arjun entry. She badly wanted to snuggle comfortably in her bed as she was dead tired and the saree and the jewels were not helping her either.
"Toh?" she heard Maan, who was looking at her expectantly.
"Toh?" she questioned puzzled.
"I think we need to retire to bed too," he said voicing her thoughts.
"Of course. I don't think I can go back to the outhouse as Daadima has shifted all my belongings here. Is there any guest rooms here?" she asked stretching and getting up.
"Haan, magar first why don't you change yourself and then I shall show it to you."
Maan led the way upstairs to his room while Geet followed him. They turned around the corner and Maan opened his room only to get shocked!
"Surprise!" he heard his family members screaming from his room that was now beautifully decorated with various types of flowers hanging all over the room. His head spun while Geet stood numb and wide-eyed at the sight in front of her.

so how was it?? hope u guys like it Smile

once again a reminder my PM list is going to be edited soon so if u want to continue to be on my PM list pl hit the LIKE button, comment, or hit me a PM. i think by the next update i might refine it for its a hassle to send 200 PMs only to receive hardly 80 likes. i understand u may have become bored of my ff so i am giving u freedom from it LOL hit the LIKE  button to stay if not thanks for the patience Big smile

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