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[Maaneet FF] Karmas of Love Update New Thrd (Page 65)

Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 August 2011 at 2:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Maaneet_09

Originally posted by jyoti_l

update nahi to precap se hi kaam chalana padega...Disapprove

maan called her jaan n sweets...Shocked,,n geet didnt even react...Shocked


cant wait to read the whole part...
lol well sometimes some things are not registered when in anger or sorrow Wink

yeah right...

n yahan par to dono hi emotion involved hain...

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Krishnaluv94 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 August 2011 at 2:52pm | IP Logged
Great precap! Can't wait for the update! :)

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abinash079 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 August 2011 at 6:12pm | IP Logged
precap is mindblowing update soon dear

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_BlackPearl_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 August 2011 at 9:16am | IP Logged
U need comment for the precap post ...well here u go ROFL ROFL

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-Prithi- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 August 2011 at 11:37am | IP Logged
amazing precap
looking forward for the update

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madhu.pmlist Goldie

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Posted: 23 August 2011 at 3:38pm | IP Logged
Chapter 11: The Lord of the Thieves
Geet stood dumbstruck at the scene in front of her. The mansion was beautifully decorated with flowers and paraphernalia. It was well lit making it twinkle like a star while the silvery decorations played a good contrast to the golden yellow flower strings that hung on the walls from the ceiling. But even before Geet to digest the sight in front of her a strong pair of hands grabbed her forcefully from behind. Her eyes widened in shock and she was about to scream when that person from behind shut her mouth tight with his/hand.
Geet panicked at the sudden attack by the stranger. Even in the midst of all panic her mind seemed to be randomly playing the events from a few moments ago. First of all her house had been already robbed and the thief didn't seem to be present when she came running out of the outhouse. So all this while the thief was chasing her? Wasn't it always the public or the police that chased thieves, here it was totally reversed. Even after totally robbing her of all the things, the thief was intent on chasing and attacking her! As the stranger slowly dragged her away from the mansion to a more secluded and dark area, her mind began to process the next plan of action. She scurried through her brain trying to remember types of ways to defend oneself when faced with a similar situation. "Chilly Powder!" Her brain screamed but the next second she dismissed that thought as she had no chilly powder in possession. "Ugh! Yeh chor agar todi der aur peecha karta I would have reached the kitchen, aur vahaan saara powders mil jaati," she though with frustration. Next option, she though feverishly, "Uff Babaji mujhe plans hi yaad nahi aa raha, yeh mera best weapon, screaming ke liye options nahi choda varna I would have shown him whose the boss. Knife, not there, lighter, she didn't know how to work with it, whistle, her mouth was shut; each and every option she thought of was impossible, either she didn't know how to work it or it wasn't physically present near her. Her brain was getting tired thinking of options. She blamed her stupid assignments and tests that prevented her brain from working in its full capacity. Then like lightening her favorite man, Jackie Chan, flashed in her brain. Although she was never really trained in martial arts, she had loved learning quite a few moves watching his movies. From what she could sense the chor was definitely a male. And the first thing to attack a man in order to paralyze him was the knee-crotch technique. She would have loved to test her powers on him, but only if he was facing her. There was no way she could kick back at his sensitive part. Just as she was trying to think of another part to attack, she thought him call her name. Bewildered and shocked, she stopped fighting against him to listen, thinking she might have heard him wrong.
"Geet," he whispered gruffly against her ears, confirming her suspicions
"Hey Babaji! Chor ko mera naam bhi pata hai!" she thought alarmed. "Kya zamaana aagaya hai, chor homework bhi karne laga hai. Jobhi ho, I need to keep my senses alert to attack him," she determined. She balled up her fists and was about to strike her elbow on his stomach, when she suddenly felt the thief release her. The momentum of her attack, contrasted to his sudden absence was uncalled for Geet, lost her balance and faltered. Her feet slipped off the ground and her swung in the air, carelessly. Panic and shock was registered clearly in her face as she frantically searched to catch hold of something solid to prevent her from the impending fall. But her instincts took the better of her; she shut her eyes tightly letting the course of the fall take over. She was certain she would break a few bones here and there along with other injuries. Instead of the hard ground, she felt herself securely caught by a pair of strong hands. Her hands automatically tightly wound around his neck in her fear of falling and she reveled in the secure warmth he was emanating.
Fearing that she would have hurt herself he softly called out to her, "Geet, tum teekh toh ho na?" She failed to respond so he called out again, "Geet?" patting her cheek a little. As she felt slender fingers caress cheek softly and smiled a little before fluttering her eyes open. The most handsome and perfectly shaped face of her husband, Maan, greeted her. He seemed a little fearful and his eyes were laced with utmost concern. She was about to get lost in those deep chocolate brown eyes when he patted her cheek again.
"Huh?" she asked dazed.
"Are you alright?"
"Huh? Oh haan, yes I am fine," she said still in the same position. Assured that she was fine, Maan began to straighten her. She stood firmly on the ground yet didn't let go of her grip around him and kept staring at him in awe. He, who was not aware of her doings, slightly pulled and loosened her grip on his neck and gently placing them down. The gush of cold air on her skin in place of his warm touch brought her back from her trance. Realizing the close intimacy, she moved back a few steps while Maan missed her disturbed mind.
"Voh I had to get you here before you met Daadima, varna there would have a lot of confusion," he said looking worried.
"Ji?" she asked puzzled.
"Actually Daadima had called today morning. Tumhe yaad hai aaj voh last day hai. So technically we are supposed to begin our marital life," he said.
"Oh shoot!" Geet replied shocked at the revelation and slapped her forehead.
"Haan I knew you would have forgotten. Daadima ne call ki subah ko telling me this and I am sure she is up to something even though I strictly ordered her not to make a big deal out of it and just have your things shift to my room in the mansion."
"We have no choice Geet, just for temporary purposes hume kuch dinon ke liye adjust karne padegi. But even before we can get to the room issue yeh dekho everything is decorated and I think she is planning for some party or ritual," he said looking far into the mansion.
"Magar yeh nahi ho sakta hai," Geet said disapprovingly.
"Mujhe pata hai Geet. That's why I got you here. I wanted to give a heads up aur plan something so that we can flop the reception Daadima is planning for us."    
"Wow Maan!" she said in disbelief. "Aapke dimaag kya kya chalta hai, shayad mujhe pata hoti."
"Shayad tumhe pata hoti toh main yahaan nahi hota," he said under his breath before continuing, "Okay like I said Daadima has something under her sleeve to surprise us and I totally understand you are not in a state to even go through any of it. Toh isiliye we need to make sure things run according to what we plan." Geet smiled and gestured a thumb's up sign. "I am sure Daadima would have invited all her kitty party friends to introduce you aur us logon ko bhagana bahut aasan hai," he said.
"Aur voh kaise?" Geet asked eagerly.
"Pehli target hogi Mrs. Kakkad aka Mrs. Annoying. Batein aur khane ke alawa usko aur kuch nahi dekh pati hai. Well food has a higher priority on her list, so deny her food and she is out!" he said chuckling.
"Aur next?" she asked seriously.
"Then you'll meet Mrs. Malhotra, the I'm-too-good-for-you types. Always lives under self-praise. She is the modern saasumaa so keep her off the hooks by dressing in something very traditional and act like you are right out of your village who hardly knows anything."
"Maan?" Geet interrupted sternly at his remark about village belles. "Are you trying to say village girls like me are dumb and don't know anything?" she asked staring angrily at him.
Maan realized the remark about village girls and bit his teeth. Oops! He had struck the wrong chord, "Arre, nahi nahi, I never said that," he said laughing nervously. "Maine nahi kaha. I just meant you know the innocent village belles. They are not dumb kisne kaha they are dumb?" he asked innocently.
"Maan stop playing innocent. Mujhe pata hai, you want to indirectly say village girls like me are dumb, silly, and bewakoof," she said sounding hurt.
"Nahi meri jaan, maine aise todi na kaha," he said closing the distance between them and cupping her cheeks lovingly.
"Aapne aise hi kaha," she said pouting angrily.
"Dekho, main kyun aise kahoonga tum toh itni acchi, susheel, khoobsurat ladki ho. Maine in general kaha," he reasoned.
"Toh general mein village girls are dumb?" she said looking shocked.
Maan mentally slapped himself for letting his tongue slip and noted down never to mention anything about village girls. "Nahi sweets, I would never say that. Chalo mujhe please maaf kardo," he said apologetically.
His sweet plea and his comforting touch had a favorable effect on her. She did mellow down a bit and sniffed back her tears and smiled weakly. Seeing her smile he breathed a sigh of relief and smiled back at her warmly before kissing her forehead lovingly.
She wiped her nose with the back of her hand and asked, "Who is the next person?" Seeing her back to normal, he moved back and started from where he left off.
"Next target is Mrs. Gupta. She is our saas bahu serial type. Whenever she meets a new person she always compares him/her to the serial characters she is watching. And to put her off track act like the bad girl Lavanya Kashyap voh kya serial hai, iss naam ka something," he said struggling to remember the name.
"Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon," she offered.
"Haan vahi," Maan pointed out while Geet nodded knowingly.
"And last but not the least Mrs. Kadakia, the bhootni herself," he said looking aghast.
"Kyun?" she asked curiously.
"She is scared of ghosts while she herself can be categorized in that category," he said shaking his head.
She giggled at his description before adding, "Magar, how do we do that?"
"Simple, take her to the empty room in the pretext of showing her around the house and the rest I shall take care," he said winking.
"Oh god Maan, I never knew you were so bad. How do you know all this?" she asked surprised by his knowledge.
"This is Maan Singh Khurana we are talking about," he said arrogantly.
"Acchaji," she said amused at his confidence. "Toh aapko sab kuch pata hai?"
"Haan bilkul," he said immediately but stopped.
"I see, do you steal everyone's mind to know so much about them?" she joked.
"Nahi I am not a chor!" he said shaking his head in the negative.
"Aap bilkul chor hai!" she teased.
"On second thoughts chor toh mein ban-na chahta hoon, magar tumhara dil ka," he whispered loud enough that she heard.
A slight hue crept in her cheeks but she quickly admonished it before looking at him wide eyed. "Kya kaha aapne?" she asked.
"Kuch nahi," he brushed it off before he got her upset once again. "So tumhe sab kuch yaad haina?" he asked changing the subject.
"Yes, but how do I identify the people?"
"Main hoon na tumhare saath!"
"Oh haan, main bhool hi gayi!" she said slapping her forehead. "Chaliye hume jaana hoga."
They walked into the mansion together and found Daadima instructing the servants to keep everything arranged.
"Daadima!" Maan rushed beside her and hugged her from the side to her surprise.
"Maan aap aa gaye, good!" she said smiling.
"Haan Daadima aur Geet ko bhi layi hoon."
Geet came forward to take her blessings but Daadima stopped her and cupped her cheeks lovingly and kissed her forehead. "Jeete raho," she said.
"Daadima we shall get ready, chalo Geet," he said hurriedly pulling her with him. Savitri Devi watched her grandson drag away Geet and smiled at herself, indeed her plan was working beautifully!
"Geet!" Maan called standing outside his room. His dashing and handsome form enhanced by the traditional black and silver lined sherwani. Having no response from inside he called out again, "Geet you there?"
"Haan!" he heard her faintly.
"Geet how long to drape a saree?" he asked getting impatient.
"Abhi aayi Maan, its not easy you know," she said finally coming into view. She was elegantly draped in a cream white net saree with dark red border paired with intricately designed full arm blouse. Maan looked mesmerized at the sight in front of him and his eyes traveled from her face all the way to her toes. He involuntarily sucked his breath in looking at his breathtakingly beautiful wife. Her petite figure that held the saree delicately accentuated her curves appropriately and the net material of the saree gave a view of her creamy white bare mid-riff. Only if he could have his own way, he would replace that thin material of the saree in few seconds with his own… he let his mind unleash his racy thoughts but the sound of her bangles brought him back to reality.
"Maan?" she hesitated at his no response.
"Huh?" he said looking away with guilt.
"Is this traditional enough?" she asked doubtfully looking at herself. "Maan!" she whined seeing him not respond, "dekhiye toh sahi." But Maan knew better, if he once again tried to look, he knew he wouldn't be able to control his desires. Thus, he headed for the stairs when Geet forcefully stopped him by holding his wrist. "Aap nahi dekhenge? Itni buri hoon kya?" she asked with a tinge of hurt.
Did she even know how ravishing she looked? He took in a deep breath to calm his racing heart and turned towards her. "Nahi Geet, voh I was just hurrying in case Daadima called us," he said calmly. He once again got a close look at her but this time he did find something missing in her face, her maang was not filled with sindhoor. "Geet," he said pointing to her forehead.
Unable to understand she looked at him quizzically. He again pointed towards her forehead, "sindhoor nahi laga hua hai," he said.
"Oops!" she said slapping her forehead before rushing to the dressing table to find the little box with the red vermilion. In a hurry when she applied a pinch of the powder fell on her nose without her knowledge. She came back to where Maan was waiting gesturing him to leave while she would follow. As she surpassed him, it was Maan's turn to stop her holding her wrist. He slightly pulled her towards him to her surprise but she stood with her eyes closed tightly at the sudden nearness. He slowly brushed away the pinch of vermilion on her nose.
His warm touch startled her causing her to open her eyes. He was slowly wiping away something on his nose and failed to see her stare at him. His touch sent an electric shock through her spine while she clenched her fingers tightly. He seemed engrossed in his job while she fought the urge run her fingers on his broad shoulders. The moment seemed to prolong as he meticulously removed the vermilion while she stood biting her lips and closing her eyes. New kind of emotions found a way to enter into her while she vehemently fought their invasion in her heart.
"There we go, ab everything is okay," he said stepping back a few steps before smiling at her. Geet shot her eyes open at his sudden voice that brought her back to reality reminding her to stay focused in her things rather than revel in these silly feelings that seemed to rapture her whole attention while he was around her. "Damn!" she cursed under her breath before hurrying downstairs.     
Maan, who was closely behind her, followed Geet downstairs. They descended the stairs and to the surprise of onlookers, they looked like the perfect couple descending from heaven. Everyone, including servants, stood rooted to the spot, their eyes glued to the scene in front of them. Daadima smiled contentedly as they made their way down, her eyes a bit teary with happiness. As soon as they came to stand near Daadima, she swiped her finger under her eyes and touched Geet, behind her ear, as though removing the evil eye.
"Nazar na lag jayein," Daadima said, cupping Geet's cheek and kissing her forehead and repeating the procedure with Maan. Once the initial exchanges were done, Daadima decided to put on her acting mode. "Vaise Maan, aap log kahin ja rahein hain kya? You are both seemed dressed for a party," she said casually.
"Nahi Daadima, we have dressed up this," Maan said pointing to the decoration around him. "Aap hume surprise deni chahti thi toh hum bhi sochein ki kyun aapki aashayein todein. Haina Geet?" he said looking at Geet.  
"Ji," she agreed, nodding her head in the affirmative.
"Magar Maan bete main toh kuch surprise aapke liye nahi dene wali thi," Daadima said, sounding surprised.
"Kya?" Geet and Maan yelled at the same time causing Savitri devi to shut her ears momentarily.

so howz the update guys? keep guessing on what daadima has under her sleeve LOL

IMP NOTE: as u can see my username has indeed changed. so this is going to be my pm list. those of u who wish to continue to be PMed hit the like button. if not u shall be removed. u kno its not easy sending almost 200 PMs only to receive 80 or so. i would rather send it regularly to those who really take the pains to comment or at least hit the like button! i shall put this msg for a few more updates before i seriously start removing people from my PM list so if u wanna be on it PLZ DO HIT THE LIKE BUTTON!!

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cute funny awesome part!
cont soon
thanks for the pm!

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The trip & almost fall was Embarrassed Tongue ... never get tired of it LOL
Maan briefing Geet about the guests !! LOL LOLZ !!! LOL
Sari Blushing Blushing ; sindoor falling on nose is considered very lucky , sacred & symbolizes blissful marriage Blushing
No guests !!! Confused then ???

Loooved Geet & Maan sweet moments Thumbs Up
Thanks for pm ...

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