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[Maaneet FF] Karmas of Love Update New Thrd (Page 56)

Krishnaluv94 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 August 2011 at 10:32pm | IP Logged
Yah, I misread it as 994, and changed my post. LOL

I guess I'll read it in the morning. (It's 12:32 AM here).

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Posted: 13 August 2011 at 10:39pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Krishnaluv94

Yah, I misread it as 994, and changed my post. LOL

I guess I'll read it in the morning. (It's 12:32 AM here).

haha well to be precise its 12:39AM now Wink
madhu.pmlist Goldie

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Posted: 13 August 2011 at 10:40pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by wifey

Thumbs Up. so wat r u updatin this or the os?

KOL of course did even properly start the OS LOL

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Posted: 13 August 2011 at 11:04pm | IP Logged
first of all a very big thanks to all those who commented n liked. Hugi hv individually replied to every single one of u plzz to check it out Big smile here is the update... until 2 days ago i was unsure of the plot for this ff but now i hv it clearly etched in my mind... let's see if u guys like it Wink

Chapter 10: Decision, Not Making.

Decisions in life don't come easily to a person. The step-by-step process of decision-making demands a lot of time and more that it demands a lot of assessing and sacrificing. People begin by taking a slow step towards first looking at the issue at hand even before they can get a solution to decide for it. In fact the process of looking into the issue was harder than the taking a decision for it. And that's where many people failed causing them to abandon even the thought of facing the problem at hand.  
The few weeks to come had nothing special. Maan had to return to his work for his projects could wait no longer and on the other hand Geet also got busy with catching up with the missed work, assignments, and exams. Neither of them got a chance to prolong their conversation to more than a greeting and how things were going. Although Maan wanted to see if there was any change in her decision towards their marriage or at the least some kind of change in her feelings towards him. Neither did he get a chance to explore his thoughts further nor did he get a real chance to interact with her. But in a way he thought the space would give her time to think and reassess her decisions and change her opinion for the better towards him; except he was wrong gravely wrong about the change for the better part.
It had been a long day in college; all her professors had to keep an assignment due or a give a test today. The late night group studies and the early morning revisions had taken a toll on her. She decided to take a little nap before she resumed to even think about opening her book. She tiredly slumped on the bed and removed her stethoscope and lab coat and kept it on the study table nearby. She let out a long breath of air before looking around the room. She swung her legs lazily and leaned back on the bed, stretching her arms and anchoring them for support. She blankly stared at the ceiling above letting the quietness seep into her.
Geet had never faltered in making decisions throughout her life but for the past few weeks, it was very different. She had failed to come to proper terms with her mind as her heart insisted to see it differently. In fact she had avoided even thinking about the things she had to decide. Things that happened a few weeks ago had not been according to her plan and she was at a point where she couldn't even mold it into her plan. The sudden marriage and abrupt stopping of her studies was uncalled for but she had managed to get around with it. But what really knocked her off was the person she had married hadn't been cooperative with her rational thought. A man, who had clearly accommodated to her wants and needs without second thought, was beyond her normal dimensions of thinking.
The new rush of emotions and her abnormal behavior around him startled her, yet she had constantly reminded herself the purpose of her life. She had kept her guard up until she came face to face with him but it seemed to have significantly come down at the occurrence of each event past that. Right from the kiss until the flirting by her friends had messed with her brain and made her act all weird around him. Although after each incident she resolved to act sanely, something had gone wrong, making her act that would not even close to sanity. Was it his presence? She wondered but how could she be affected to such extent by someone's mere presence? Thus she admonished that thought and another popped up. It should be the care he showered towards her, she thought. Care? Her brain scoffed, all he had shown was sympathy for her loss and her current situation and wanted to help her get out of it while she was the one complicating it through her abnormal thinking and acts. Her head spun to even think about her behavior and analyzing it would definitely go crazy if she was not already so. She decided to put a full stop to all the unnecessary thinking and come to the point at hand.
As she had come rushing the other day, pulling Maan away from her friends, she wasn't thinking. Her actions were clouded by unknown feelings that had cropped up in her heart. But as she bent down to catch her breath, the chain her mother had gifted her came dangling into view. The past events flashed across her mind, reminding of her mission and goal. She shut her eyes tightly in anger and pain as the moments with Maan came crashing down to her. She hadn't meant to sway to the beats of her heart or rhythms of her emotions yet she had acted like a little kid, who, when was asked to share her teddy bear had created a huge havoc. If anyone was silly it was she, not Anushka, the receptionist or her friends. The mess she had created had to be cleaned up quickly before the spill of her emotions overtook her. Currently her priority was to get her things organized, organized away from the man named Maan Singh Khurana.
The solution to keep away came as a much-awaited relief to her brain as though the parched ground quench its thirst for water through the rains yet somewhere in the corner of her heart she felt a slight tug. She chose to ignore it and got up hurriedly to change into a more comfortable set of clothing and get some sleep to forget her conflicting thoughts. She came out of the bathroom in her pajama pants and a loose t-shirt cuddled on the bed, wrapping herself in a thin cotton blanket before dozing off to sleep.
 Maan was in the middle of a meeting when he felt his cell burst to life. He apologized to the clients sitting in front of him and looked at the caller ID; it was Daadima. He decided he could wait out on her call and silenced it and resumed the meeting.
"Yeh Maan bhi na," Daadima exasperated, "kabhi phone utha nahi. Hum yahaan pareshan hai aur usko humse badkad sirf kaam hi hai." She tried calling once again but Maan didn't seem to pick up the phone. She tried a few more times before giving up and decided to give a piece of her mind once he got home.
Few hours later, Maan came out of the meeting and checked his cell phone. Sic missed calls from Daadima! He thought alarmed. He immediately gave a ring back worrying why she would incessantly call for she knew he would be in a meeting if he didn't pick up the phone. "Hello Daadima," he said.
"Maan, yeh kya hai. Hum aapko kabse try kar rahein hain," she said a bit irritated.
"Daadima, aapko pata hai na, I would be in a meeting if I don't pick up your call."
"Haan, magar kabhi kabhi utha liya kariye it could be important."
"Chaliye kahiye, kya baat hai?" he said shaking his head at Daadima's words/
"Maan, it's the end of four weeks that the pandit mentioned and I wanted to get all the things ready for the rituals. Aap kab aarahe hai?"
"Oh damn!" Maan interrupted.
"What?" Daadima asked surprised by his tone.
"I mean, Daadima, itni jaldi bhi kya hai. Kya hum kuch aur din ke liye nahi ruk saktein?" he hesitated.
"Bete, is everything alright with you. I thought you would be jumping up and down to finally that you can be with her without restrictions," she asked bewildered by his reaction.
"I mean haan I am excited," he began, "its just that she is not," he said more to himself.
"Hume kuch suna nahi."
"Yes Daadima I am excited magar don't you think now that its been a month there is really no need to prepare anything," he paused.
"Don't be silly Maan. The things need to be done have to be done. There is a reason those rituals are there," Daadima said with frustration.
Maan knew it would be difficult to reason out with her so he decided to put on his angry mode so that she wouldn't question him further. "Daadima please, mujhe pata hai. I don't have time for these kind of silly things. I don't even believe in them. So please aap rehne deejiye," he said masking his hurt with anger.
"Maan," she began only to be cut off by him.
"Ab please mujhe jaana hai, I have other important things to attend to," he said trying to end the call.
"Maan!" she screamed from the other end. "Khabardar aapne phone rakha toh," she threatened. "I am going to go ahead and take care of the things you can just be a witness to it. You guys cannot just go on living in the outhouse forever."
Maan rubbed his temple anxiously. His Daadima was intent on getting him and Geet perform the rituals but he didn't want to force her into doing it. He wanted her to accept him, love him, and consent on her own to come share her life with him. And for all these things to happen, time was needed. He figured her problem was the outhouse and if he gets a way around it, he could postpone the things she had planned for him originally. "Daadima, I cannot make it today. Mujhe bahut kaam hai. Ek important project chal raha hai," he tried to reason but she wouldn't have any of it. "Teekhai, Daadima how about this you can just shift all her things to my room magar there would be nothing else. Rasmein vagera ke liye mujhe aaj time nahi hai."
"No problem, hum kal rakh lenge," she said casually.
"Kal?" he asked, "nahi kal bhi main free nahi hoon. Aap please mujhe aur tang mat kariye. Just shift her things and that should do. I think we can take it from there. Okay Daadima, okay main chal raha hoon, bye!" he said all in one go and kept the phone before she could reply. "Uff!" he let out a loud exasperated breath.
On the other hand Daadima was still trying to come terms that he had kept the phone down. "Hello?" she said doubtfully, "Maan you there? Uff yeh Maan phone rakh diya?" she said with disbelief. "They will take it from there?" she said replaying his words. "He is telling this to his Daadima," she said shaking his head at his boldness. "Magar Maan hum aapke Daadi hai, kuch na kuch surprise toh dene hi padenge," she said smiling gleefully, as a plan brewed in her mind. "Nakul!" she called and a servant of middle age came running to serve his mistress. "Nakul, Geet ki saare samaan pack karwake yahaan Maan ke room mein rakh deejiyega," she said and whispered something along with it in his ears causing him to smile sheepishly. "Aur haan, Maan ya Geet ko kuch bhi pata honi nahi chahiye."
"Ji Daadi, aap fikar mat keejiye," he assured and left to complete the orders given by her.
Geet had been peacefully sleeping when Nakul had come to take her luggage and all other stuff to keep it in Maan's room. So Nakul didn't want to disturb her and quietly took out all the things before neatly rearranging them in Maan's room. He figured Daadima would tell her everything when she woke up and she would also get a pleasant surprise along with it.
Geet woke up to the sound of gushing of wind from the window nearby. She woke up with a jerk to find it was dark outside and the moon had already risen up in the sky. For few seconds she was confused if it was late mid-night but turned to find the clock tick seven o'clock. She sighed in relief and rubbed her eyes clear of her sleep and slipped out of bed to freshen up a bit before dinner. She headed towards the bathroom and found none of her toiletries were in sight. She once again blinked hard thinking she was still in her sleeping mode causing her not the see the things. But opening her eyes she found none of her things. She searched throughout the bathroom, in the cabinets, and near the sink with no luck. She walked out of the bathroom puzzled and went to her closet and opened it only to find it empty. Her bewilderment turned into shock and later fear thinking she was robbed. Panicking, she ran down the stairs shouting, "Nakul bhaiyya! Humare ghar mein chori ho gayi, chor, chor!" But Nakul was nowhere around to be seen. Thinking he was in danger, she panicked more, "Hey babaji! Yeh kya ho raha hai. Nakul bhaiyya nahi hai, mera samaan gayab ho gaya hai. Mein kya karoon?" she wailed. She ran to the mansion in the mansion in her pajamas and loose t-shirt, her hair crazily flying everywhere.
Geet rushed into the mansion, wildly calling the attention of Daadima to her so-called robbery scene. She entered the mansion only to receive the biggest shock of her life.

what has daadima planned n how will maaneet manage?? Wink next update only if a see atleast min 80-85 likes... sending out 150+ PMs atleast 80 likes ka haq banta yaar warna i am not even encouraged to write Dead aur haan aap logon ko dhamki dene ki bajai i dont hv any option coz u guys wont do it otherwise LOL

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ur awesome women. i really want to know what dadi planned. cant wait for the next updateClap

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Finally! Hehe

awesome update! Geet seems so confused (Or maybe I'm confused... lol). I wonder if Dadi got Maaneet's room decorated specially Wink. Can't wait to read more!

Thanks for the update!

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awesome...i guess maybe dadima has decorated their room n all...but me thinking what if there are some people oover there...n geet rushing in in her pyjamas...omg...she will be like hell embarassed...haha...continue soon n thnxxx...

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