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[Maaneet FF] Karmas of Love Update New Thrd (Page 46)

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Posted: 08 August 2011 at 10:46pm | IP Logged
i kno i do deserve a lot of jhuttis for ignoring this ff magar kya karoon my evil brain comes up with various OS that i tend to forget updating this Ouch shorry Embarrassed 
started typing next update shall post it within 1 or 2 days (or may be earlier Big smile)

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Posted: 09 August 2011 at 10:49pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sayaneegupta

sorry for late comment dear... it was an amazing part just love love love it... Geet is damn jelous... ohh I was just loving Maan's reaction... aww he s sooo cute n loving ... mmuuaah for him n lots of love for u tooSmile
aaww its okay dear! at least u took the time to comment Big smile thnk u for the lovely comment Smile
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Posted: 09 August 2011 at 10:54pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -dia-

Originally posted by Maaneet_09

Originally posted by -dia-

Originally posted by Maaneet_09

Originally posted by -dia-

It was Brilliant update MadhuStar

I need more spicy J scene ...let this be just a trailerLOL
haha spicy huh?? for that we need anushka dont u think EmbarrassedWink

of course let her play the lead ...but some times random ones bhi chalengaEmbarrassed
nahiii random ones cannot come near maan Angry (phir bhi humare geet ke liye voh bhi kuch zyaada hai LOL) spicy J scenes mein there has to be closeness and for that closeness we need anushka Wink(i cannot bear a random bandhi near maan)

Sweetu ...if I can bear with random ones ...then what's wrong with u ..kyu ki Maan tho meri henaEmbarrassed ...chalo teek hai ...for u I ll leave this random onesLOLLOL
jaanu is karmas ka love maan mera hai!! samkhi tum... sirf mera Embarrassed

If this is the Dean in charge of  AIIMS,then it would not be All India Institute if Medical Science, but All India Institute of Mental ScienceLOLLOL What an intro ...whether u imagined ur Dean while writing it???EmbarrassedLOL
haha actually i was reminded of a bunch of professors i had he was actually a mix of my old chem prof and sanskrit prof LOL

See ...I was rightLOL
arent u always Big smile
woh tho hai ...I'm alwaysWinkLOL
Shocked yeh joke tha?

If this is the condition he will tell everyone that he is her husband ...stupid thoda intezaar kar ..if I want more 'J' track no one should know that U r married & more over if U want her to realize & accept her Feelings for U soon ...U need to wait.kehate hena Sabar ka pal meeta hota haiEmbarrassedLOL
bilkul nope dont worry he wont go around saying he is her husband LOL next update we shall see geet's friends Big smile J track ke liye humari Anushka hai naWink

woh tho hai about Geet's Friend flirting with Maan & u know what I meanWink
haan haan voh toh hota rehta hai... poor geet's friends our sherni will rip their heads off ShockedROFL

rippingROFL ...seriously ...but how she ll justify her actConfused ...woh tho Maan sae pyar nahi karthi hoo naLOL
tum dekho toh sahi Wink

First symptom - reacting to his touch, has started & its own it way to make it more stronger ...Geet u can't escape from MSK's charm ...meine kaha na.
its hard... phew OuchLOL

its hard to escape maan's charms Embarrassed poor bandha even he doesnt know he has so much charm ROFL
Oyeee*teri BF style(Brij)*LOL ...teri itni himat hui call My Maan bandhaLOLLOL
mera maan hai mein kuch bhi bula sakti hoon. shweetu, maanu, jaan, bujji, etc etc (other names only he knows Embarrassed)

Ps: If I din't get more 'J', I swear I ll do what I have mentionedEvil Smile Sach meinBig smileLOL
dont worry da jaanu i promise to not disappoint u Smile

as u as the writer i think i don't want to be worried I have full faith in UBig smile
aawww muah!! Hug

ek aur J scene mein dene waali hoon (actually by the time u read this comment i would hv updated so technically de chuki hoon Wink)

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Posted: 09 August 2011 at 10:55pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by meena..

awesome updates
cont soon
plz pm me after updating
thnx a lottt. added u Wink
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Posted: 09 August 2011 at 10:57pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Maaneet_09

Originally posted by jyoti_l

lovely part...

maan truly is a gr8 husband...

geet has started to feel something...but still in initial stages...that is y not realizing it...

wish wo fees bhaarne wali young aur bhi maza aata...LOL

continue soon...

thnx for PM...

jyooo Hug
thnx darling!! 
fees bhaarne waali was also young as in in her early thirties LOL sorry if i didnt mention it properly Big smile
actually my bad it was an old lady magar watch out in the next update its going to be her friends ROFL

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Posted: 09 August 2011 at 11:03pm | IP Logged
Chapter 9: Love Aaj Kal

Love is a complex entity; even the most genius scientists and doctors failed to understand the substratum of depth and emotion in it. Nobody can understand when it neither began nor can correctly identify its symptoms. Yet every species on this earth yearn to experience unexplainable feeling of being in love. It comes at its own mercy and when it does come it brings new and unimaginable feelings with associated with it. As it comes, it streaks one's life with bright new colors.
Although it seems the best thing to be in love, it is in fact one of the most dangerous feelings to be associated with. It fails to distinguish between actual love that crops up to satisfy one's heart and fleeting love that bases its foundation in satisfying the senses. Men and women around the world are always in search of true love, but they become so engrossed in finding that true love, that they fail to recognize the actual meaning of it.
Love in true sense is a secure feeling that envelops a person, assuring his/her safety and security. It is not necessary that love should be between a man and a woman; it can be as simple as between a mother and child or between two very good friends. It is the sense of warm and caring feeling that sets the foundation of true love. Failing to see this, men and women, who are intent on finding love, are always on the lookout for the opposite sex to fulfill their physical desires. Just the thought of this had what made Geet run away from even the shadows of love.
"Geet?" she thought she heard a distant voice, shaking away her thoughts. "Geet," the voice again called out, this time it came from a nearer distance.
"Huh?" she asked opening her eyes and found she was still hugging Maan. She hurriedly got out of his embrace, flushed at her own act.
Maan eyed her anxiety curiously, as she fidgeted with her fingers, unable to meet him in the eye. "Hum chalien?" he asked wondering where she was lost.
"Yes," she whispered, turning away and walking, before he could question her any futher.
Maan shrugged at the sudden change in behavior, brushing it away as normal. He silently followed behind her as she led the way out of the college, towards the parking lot. Just as they were about to walk out of the gates a loud voice called out Geet.
"Geeto!" the voice called out again. Geet turned around to be faced in a distance by a bunch of girls waving at her. She hesitantly waved back and looked at Maan who stood bewildered at her. "Geeto! Aajao yahaan," the girl called out again, gesturing her to come towards them.
"Friends?" Maan asked, coming to stand beside her and she nodded affirmatively. "Toh why don't we go and say hi."
"Nahi," she replied too quickly.
"Kyun?" he asked bewildered at first but soon it turned into a smirk. "Tum darti ho kya ki voh log mujhse flirting karenge aur pappiyan denge?" he whispered near near ears.
"Haa—" she began to nod her head, involuntarily, but soon composed herself, "mera matlab hai ki nahi, nahi main kyun daroongi? They are my friends," she said little unsure of herself.
"Toh phir kya problem hai?" he asked innocently.
Geet straightened herself, "Problem?" she asked nonchalantly. "No problem at all!" she said confidently.
"Are you sure?" he teased. "I mean if you scared I have no problem in heading out."
"Hm darr?" she asked arrogantly while Maan nodded in the affirmative. " Aur main?" she scoffed. "No way Mr. Khurana."
"Where there is a way, there is a will ma," he said calmly. "Anyway, since you insist I shall tag along. Magar don't blame me if they flirt or try to give me flying kisses," he said looking away while secretly smiling.
"Don't bet on it Mr. Khurana!" she said narrowing her eyes.
"Then prove me wrong Mrs. Khurana," he challenged.
"My pleasure Mr. Khurana," she said smugly. "Magar ek shart par," she said looking at him cautiously.
"I'm listening."
"You cannot do anything. I shall do all the talking and introducing. You will not open your mouth or do any kind of other ishaara. Is that clear?" she said sternly.
"Aapka hokum sar aankhon par," he said humbly bowing down and totally enjoying the new kind of feelings Geet was portraying.
"Follow me Mr. Khurana," she said snapping her fingers and turning around to walk.
"After you Mrs. Khurana," he said grinning widely at the turn of events.
Maan and Geet strode across the ground before they reached a group of girls eagerly looking at Geet before curiously eyeing the man who came along with her. Ignoring their puzzling looks Geet walked confidently towards them. They reached the group of girls who were sitting by the large fencing area, overlooking the basketball court. Few guys were playing in the court while these girls sat facing away from them; some on their bikes while others on the steps.
"Hello, all my beautiful people," Geet said cheerfully, ignoring the drooling looks her friends were giving towards Maan. Seeing them continuing to look at Maan, she waved her hands furiously in the air, "Hello, main aap logon se baat kar rahi hoon."
"Geet, yeh special specimen kaun hai?" the girl dressed in casual t-shirt and dark blue jeans asked dreamily. Her small round face and sharp features complimented her short hair and fair skin.
Before she could ask anything further another girl nearby piqued in, "Oi tubelight, Minu tumhe pata nahi ki voh kaun hai. Voh hai humari Delhi ki sabse wanted bachelor, the handsome hunk, the angry young man, my Mr. dreamy, Mr. Maan Singh Khurana," the girl finished dramatically before drowning in her thoughts about him.
"Kya you mean, the Maan Singh Khurana, the…Maan…Singh…Khurana?" two other girls joined in, stressing each syllable of his name.
"Girls, kuch toh sharam karo. Stop drooling over him, atleast not in front of him," another girl said whacking the others. "Behind the doors mein baat hi kuch aur hai," she giggled.
Geet, who had been watching her friends continuously drooling over Maan, looked appalled at their amount of attention towards him. "What the hell!" she thought angrily. She, their best friend, had been standing in front of them for the past five minutes and all they could talk or see was Maan. She wondered if she was visible at all to them. She mentally slapped herself for acceding to his challenge in bringing him here. "Arre besharamon!" she yelled loudly. "Main yahaan hoon, aap log use kyun ghoor rahe ho?" she asked miffed.
Geet's loud voice brought all the girls back to reality and they scrambled to regain their original postures. She looked clearly angry, as they looked back guiltily at their friend. "Ha! Arre Geet tum? I never saw you come. Tum kab aayi?" Minu asked laughing nervously.
"I have been standing here for the past five minutes," Geet said, gritting her teeth.
"Of course, we knew that," the other girl beside Minu said, "Haina girls?"
All the girls nodded immediately, fearing Geet's anger. "Anyways, I don't have time for all this," Geet said waving her hands away. "Aap logon ko kuch kaam tha?" she asked, her tone a bit edgy.
"Arre Geet, gussa mat ho yaar. We are sorry," Minu said, holding her ears. Everyone came around her and hugged her tightly before looking back at her. "By the way Geet, tum kahaan thi for these past few days? We were worried sick. We tried calling your house magar nobody was answering properly. They said you wont come back to college anymore. Is everything alright?"
Geet sighed; they did look worried about her. She had not informed them of her sudden disappearance back to her native village, where she had been summoned urgently. She only knew the reason behind the urgency later that it was her marriage. In a hurry to marry her away, the marriage preparations were done quickly giving her no chance to inform her friends and later. "Voh hamaari gaav mein kuch zaroori kaam tha, isiliye I have to leave in a hurry," she said looking away.
"Thank god. Atleast ek phone kiya hoti," Minu scolded. "You are not leaving us, are you?"
"Nahi, I'm back. There was a little discrepancy back home," she lied.
"Chalo now that you are fine, jaldi batao ki tumhe Maan Singh Khurana kaise pata hai?" the other girl eagerly, earning her a smack on the head. "What, I was just curious as you guys," she whined.
"I'll pretend I didn't hear that," Geet said not wanting to show her irritation in front of Maan. "Now I'm back to college guys."
Maan, who was watching the scene unfold in front of him, smirked at Geet's frustration and her friends' drooling session. He was enjoying her restlessness while all the girls' attention was towards him. Just to add some spice to the already garnished dish, he leaned forward a bit towards her and spoke in a low tone, "Geet, won't you introduce me to your lovely friends. They too seem eager to know me." She turned around and glared at him, causing him to wipe the smirk off his face. But then he gathered enough courage to utter, "Are you afraid now?" he asked hoping against hope he struck the right chord.
"Don't get too excited Khurana," she hissed through her teeth before plastering a fake smile on her face. "Oh sorry main bhool hi gayi ki Maan mere saath the," she said casually.
"Maan?" all her friends thought puzzled at her reference to him, as though he was a well-known acquaintance.
"This is Maan, Maan Singh Khurana. A very good and close friend of mine," she said grabbing him by his hand and wrapping her arms around his hand. She plastered a smile on her face yet her eyes fiercely looked for any kind of change in her friend's behavior.
"Close friend?" someone from the group asked. "Hume pata bina tume kaise close friend mil gaya?"
"Voh…" Geet stuttered for a minute trying to come up with a good excuse. "Haan, voh kya hena, my family and their family are close friends. Hum bachpan se dost the, bas kuch saalon mein we drifted apart but now that we met again we couldn't help giving each other's company," she said hurried, praying her friends wouldn't catch her carelessly lying. Although she wanted to claim her right over him, to keep her friends at bay, it would raise too many questions about their marriage. She couldn't introduce him as her husband, because later it would be difficult to explain if they parted ways. Her friends would ask too many unnecessary questions that she wouldn't be able to answer. Yet to introduce him casually as a friend would only invite her all-too-interested friends to hope for a chance against him. So the best solution was to lie that he was a childhood friend, a close childhood friend. That would keep those girls at bay, wouldn't it? Geet thought unsure of it would. She inched closer towards Maan, tightening her hold on him, just to make sure she gave the idea that he was off limits.
"Wow Geet, you are sooo lucky," Minu said eyeing Maan as though he was some kind of forbidden candy she couldn't reach out to.
"Hmm, so toh hoon, Maan let me introduce you to my friends here," she said pulling him with her. "Yeh hai humari group ki miss showpiece, Sindhu," she said pointing to the girl in western one-piece dress until her knee. She smiled eagerly, revealing her not so perfect teeth. She was of medium height, with mid-length hair, let out freely. She stood with one hand on her hip, like a statue. She extended her hand towards Maan while Geet tactfully pushed it away.
"Showpiece?" Maan asked confusedly.
"Haan, bilkul. Yeh hamesha kuch nahi karti sirf showpiece ki tarah khadi rehti hai," Geet said while Sindhu grinned sheepishly at Maan. Geet next moved ahead towards the next girl in the group, "Aur yeh hai Minu, enough said."
"Hell—" Minu began only to find Geet hurrying towards the next girl.
"Yeh Gubbi, I mean Malavika," correcting herself.
"Yeh hai humari group ki mouthpiece, Ramya," Geet said pointing to a girl dressed in traditional salwar suit and large rectangle black-rimmed glasses. "This is our group's model, Ms Son—," she began pointing to a girl who was skimpily dressed but the girl put her hand forward, gesturing her to stop. Geet looked at her, puzzled at her gesture and stood mum, as the girl came forward and stood haughtily, with her head held high.
"Hi, Sonika, Sonika Malhotra," she said arrogantly and moved forward and hugged him tightly, to the dismay of Geet. "But for close friends I am Sonu," she said winking.
Geet stood with her mouth wide open, this woman had the guts to hug him in spite of her claim over him. "Sonu!" she yelled, making her and Maan jump out of embrace. "Choddo na use hugs pasand nahi hai," she said jerking Sonika away from him. Damn, she had made a very wrong choice of trying to introduce her friends to him. It would be no use trying to stop her good-for-nothing friends so she decided to warn Maan. She bent forward, "Maan you said you wouldn't cheat. Yeh kya hai, now you are all too eager to hug everyone?" she whispered, her voice dangerously close in his ears.
"Arre Geet why are you getting worked up? Agar voh log mujhe zabardasti karein toh main kya karoon. Wouldn't it be rude to push them away?" he mocked. Geet, unable to say or do anything, simply grunted in response. She decided the rest of the introductions could be done from the place she stood.
"Yeh hai Pari, that's Sangeeta, and lastly those two are Priya 1 and Priya 2," she said quickly avoiding to go near the girls anymore.
"Arre Geet tum vahaan door se introductions kyun kar rahi ho, atleast let me get a closer glance at Mr. Dreamy," Pari said dejectedly.
"Bas, bas, ho gaya introduction. We have to leave now," she said pushing Maan the other way near the parking lot.
"Magar," all the girls called back alarmed at their sudden exit.
"Magar vagar kuch nahi, hum kal milenge, bye!" Geet replied back while pulling Maan with her. As soon as they reached a safe distance away from them Geet stopped running and let go of Maan's hand, sure that they weren't anywhere near them. She was hungrily panting for air and bent low, holding her knees tight and her eyes shut tight. Maan looked at her lovingly as she stood facing side-ways from him. He had thoroughly enjoyed her restlessness throughout the encounter with her friends. Although she had technically never claimed her right on him, she had hinted it through her actions. He loved the way she had possessively pulled him away from the scene when she thought it got out of hand. Just as he was thinking along the lines, Geet straightened up and smoothed out her clothes. She cleared her throat and looked straignt at Maan, as though she didn't notice anything happened. "Hum ghar chalein," she said indifferently before heading towards their car. Maan, who was first surprised by her indifference, soon chuckled at her response to not talk about what had happened a few moments ago. He knew she was clearly miffed at her friends' welcoming of him but he had liked it nonetheless. At least they had indirectly help her come closer to him. He had no complaints against the turn of the events today, right from her wiping of his cheeks to forcefully bringing him away from her friends. Every instance she had unknowingly claimed her right over him. He just wished more such events in the future took place to make her permanently and openly claim her right over him.
Maan brought his car out of the parking lot and Geet slid into her seat in the front beside him. He headed home and turned towards to look at her, only to find her looking away from him. He had expected her to say something, anything, but she sat awfully quiet beside him. A slight panic slowly crept in his mind but he mindlessly brushed it away before it took full shape and destroyed his hope.
Geet had seen all her friends wanting to "fall in love" and used to always be on the lookout for men to execute their plans. They would see a guy in the morning, fall in 'love' with him instantly, and by evening go out with him, and finally the next day breakup with him. She had never believed in that nonsense. For her, love between men and women, was only physical, it could only produce pleasure and/or progeny and nothing beyond. The non-belief in the subject of love had slowly been turning into her fear, fear that even she may be falling for the physical aspects of it, or so she thought.

haan haan mujhe pata hai main bahut buri hoon for not giving regular updates magar kya karoon my evil brain randomly comes up with new OS ideas preventing me from updating this... but dont worry now this shall be my priority promise. ek minute did i just promise ShockedROFL
also i know u might find the J track as dragging but i want the readers to know who all geet now watches out for  for future referencesLOL next update i am planning for a small 1 or two month leap to address the staying in outhouse issue. so what say guys how will maaneet convince to stay in diff rooms or will they stay in the same room back in the mansion... watch out for the next update Wink oi teri completely forgot hit the LIKE button peeshhhEmbarrassed Big smile

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me likeyy!
cont soon
thanks for the pm!

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aawsome yaar ..loved this possessive geet

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