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[Maaneet FF] Karmas of Love Update New Thrd (Page 41)

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Posted: 18 July 2011 at 7:52pm | IP Logged
Chapter 8: Jaadu ki Pappi

Geet was greeted by the friendly peon and was asked for the dean to arrive. Maan and Geet sat in the office and he killed time by looking around the room that was filled with various awards and certificates. The sign on the table read, Partha Sarkar, Dean Administrative in neat bold letters and the desk was arranged neatly. Half an hour later a man in his late sixties, looking totally out of place walked into the office. Geet got up to greet the funny looking man and Maan wondered why did she get up for this weird looking man. His shirt was out of place and adorned with random, what seemed like chemical stains. The elastic belt that shabbily ran through his shoulders held his large baggy pants. His grey hair, frizzy and sticky, jutted out in all directions. Without the peon greeting him, it would have been difficult to detect he was the Dean of All India Institute of Medical Sciences.
"Good morning Dean sir," Geet said smiling at the person walking to his seat.
"Howdy Geet! What brings you here?" he asked looking through his thick glasses.
"Well sir, if you remember I was forced to discontinue my studies by my father. I am here to enroll myself again," she said nervously.
"Oh yes, yes, of course. You were going to run away with your boyfriend haina?" he asked with a smile. "Kyun Geet us bechare ko tumhare medical knives or equipments se bhaga diya kya?" he asked laughing loudly at his own joke.
Geet widened her eyes at his statement; she knew this man had problems remembering things but to come up with this kind of lame excuse were beyond comprehension. Maan didn't find his joke a least bit funny and Geet looked uncomfortably at Maan as though apologizing on the dean's behalf. She looked at the dean, who was busy laughing at his own joke, "Nahi sir, yeh'" she paused trying to find the right words to describe Maan, who was standing next to her. The dean looked at Maan enthusiastically, although unaware of who this new person was.
"Hello, young man!" the dean said extending his hands at Maan. "What can I do for you?"
"Hello sir, main Maan Singh Khurana, her'" he began when Geet interrupted.
"My close friend sir," she completed quickly.
Maan looked at her with surprise; he expected atleast the dean should know he was her husband but she had clearly called him her friend. All his hopes of her changing had literally gone down the drain at her denial to even socially accept him as her husband. His hurt clearly reflected in his eyes but he managed to plaster a fake smile before extending his hands to the dean. "Yes, close friend," he repeated, his voice becoming a deadly whisper.
"Wow Geet, mujhe nahi pata tha ki you had such a dashing boyfriend," the dean said winking at Geet.
"Sir boyfriend nahi, close, close friend!" she repeated louder than usual while grinning nervously at Maan.
"Oh yes, yes, of course," he said, not quite registering what she said. "By the way Geet, tumne bataya nahi, what brings you here?" he asked sincerely
Geet slapped her forehead for getting into such a situation of trying to make the impossible dean understand the situation. She knew he had problems registering the information presented to him and even if he managed to do so, it was very difficult for him to remember it. He would continuously forget what he was upto and his only good reminder was his peon. As though he was called for, the peon walked by.
"Sir, Geet phirse college join karne keliye aayi hai," he said calmly for he was used to the dean's forgetfulness.
"Oh yes yes, of course, I knew that Shyamu" he said grinning. "Let me go fill out her application form," he said heading out the door.
"Sir it's Ramu," he said robotically.
Geet looked at Maan, her face clearly reflecting her embarrassment. She smiled hesitantly and looked back at Partha sir, who was busily heading out of the door.
"Sir!" she called out to him before he completely disappeared out of the office. "Aap fikar mat keejiye I shall take care of it!" she said grabbing Maan and heading out of the door before he did something totally out of the blue.
Geet half walked, half ran out of the office and heaved a sigh of relief, with Maan right beside her. "I'm sorry Maan, voh aise hi hain," she said apologetically.
"It's okay Geet, no offence taken," he said with a smile. "In fact I don't mind being called your boyfriend," he winked.
"Kya?" she asked a little surprised.
"Haan, being called one of the most beautiful girl's boyfriend is a compliment indeed."
"Seriously Maan, aapka sense of humor kamaal ki hai," she said waving her hands nonchalantly. "Anyways, we should head out to Admissions office else they may close down for the day," she said once again holding his hand and leading him to the office. Maan willingly let her lead the way and looked down at his hand to which she was holding onto and a slow smile crept on his lips. He knew somewhere her involuntary actions spoke a different language but he wished her involuntary actions turned into voluntary where she willingly held his hand and let him into her life.
The pleasant walk came to an abrupt end, as the admissions office wasn't far away from the dean's office. Geet let go of him once they reached the office and went near the reception desk for the necessary papers to fill. The aged lady at the front desk gave her a few papers and directed her to go somewhere before actually filling the papers. Geet brought the papers and seemed to be in a hurry to fill it out causing her to make a lot of mistakes. Maan wondered why she seemed to be tensed and in a hurry to fill out the forms.
"Geet, is everything alright?" Maan asked with concern
"Huh?" she said looking up at him. "Ya, I just need to quickly fill this and go pay the fees before they close the office today. Today is the last day to pay the fees and the office is half day today so it will close in another 15 minutes," she said, looking worried.
"Accha yeh baat hai?" he asked relieved. "Don't worry Geet, I shall take care of the fees part, tum is form fill-up kardo," he said heading out.
"Magar Maan, you don't have to. Bas aur paanch minute I shall finish it up."
"Geet, its alright. Tum aaram se fill up karo. I shall take care," he said and headed out before she began arguing again.
From the staff nearby the hallway, Maan found out the place for tuition office. It was on the other side of the building so it was quite a walk but his long legs covered the distance easily. He walked into the office just five minutes before the final close. Since the office seemed empty, he directly walked towards the counter to pay her fees. The young woman in the desk smiled, her eyes lingering over him.
"Hello ma'am, I am here to pay Ms. Geet Handa's fees for this semester," he said taking out his wallet and handed her his card. She took it from him and went to swipe it at the machine but stopped before doing so. She eyed him curiously, "Geet Handa ki fees tum pay kar rahe ho, who are you man?"
Maan first looked left, and then to the right before facing the lady again. "Her husband," he said proudly winking at her.
"Really?" the lady asked clearly surprised.
"Ya!" he said grinning ear to ear.
"How sweet," she said with admiration.
The lady was touched with his concern to personally come and pay. She went ahead with the necessary procedures of asking him to sign and giving his receipt while continuing to stare at him with her mouth agape. She seemed smitten by his cute gesture of declaring himself as her husband instead of calling her his wife. Among the men who hardly paid attention to what their wives did, here was a man who had not only personally come to pay for her but also declared himself as her husband.
Maan felt his heart swell in pride when he announced himself as Geet's husband. It definitely had a special ring to it. He walked out of the office when he heard the lady again, "Take care young man!" she said giving him a flying kiss.
"Thank you," he said giving her a flying kiss and making her go into a dreamland. Since he walked out of the office with his head turned the other way, he didn't realize someone was walking directly opposite to him. He bumped into a soft surface and turned around to realize it was Geet.
"Ouch!" Geet yelped rubbing her head that had accidentally sharply came in contact with Maan's chin. He too hissed at the sudden contact and looked down to see her hurt.
"I'm so sorry Geet, I didn't realize," he began apologetically.
"Koi baat nahi Maan, even I didn't look," still continuing to squirm in pain.
Maan extended his hands to touch the area that had been hurt. As soon as he came in contact with her skin, it seemed like her body stiffened. He gently pulled her hand off and began to soothe the sore area by gently massaging that area. He came closer to her, wrapping his one hand over her petite waist and the other remained on her forehead, as he was trying to ease her pain. He was so engrossed in massaging her forehead that he didn't realize the various kinds of effects, the close contact had brought to Geet.
Geet instantly froze when his cold fingers touched her flushed skin. In spite of his cooling touch, she began to perspire while her heart rate increased rapidly. His hand had wrapped her waist causing her breathing to become shallow. She closed her eyes, heightening her sense of his pleasurable touch. She involuntarily leaned towards him, her weight sagging on his strong body. His musky cologne was intoxicating her mind letting her thoughts run erotically. Her fingers itched to feel his skin and she let her hands wander over his strong arms while trying to slowly slide them into his neck. She stretched her already taut neck muscles hoping to give him more access when suddenly a loud noise brought her back to reality.
Maan's phone suddenly chimed, bringing back Geet and Maan from their own little world. She looked startled to having come so close while Maan awkwardly turned away from her to take his call from office. She slightly slapped her forehead to have let her guard down and in fact yearned for his touch. She turned around and walked a few steps away to prevent him from seeing her turn a deep shade of red. She composed herself and took a few long breaths trying to tame her mind.
Maan finished up with the call but he had no clue about the kind of effect his simple touch had caused her. Since she had her back towards him, he walked upto her, his chest almost touching her back. She sensed his presence and held her breath before turning to him abruptly. Maan's proximity made her to stagger while she was turning and she quickly grabbed his collar from falling. His strong arms involuntarily wrapped around her small and delicate form and secured her in his arms. His warmth enveloped her, giving her a sense a security that she had never experienced. He straightened her and let go once she was standing on her legs properly. The sudden absence of his embrace brought her back to reality and she stepped away from him.
"Geet, are you feeling dizzy? It seems you are staggering a bit," he said with worry.
"Nahi, I am fine. Can we go?" she asked with her head down, unable to meet him in the eye.
They started walking towards the exit in complete silence. The thoughts of the flying kiss Maan gave to that secretary overwhelmed her current new feelings.  "Maan, vahan kya ho raha tha?" she blurted out even before her mind could process what to ask.
"Kahan?" he asked confused at her sudden question.
"Vahan, office mein?"
"Kuch nahi," he said innocently.
"Maan, jhoot bole kawwa kate," she said sternly.
"Geet, jhoot bole toh tab na, magar maine kya jhoot bola?"
"Hello stop acting smart Mr. Khurana. Aap vahan jo pappiyan de rahe the aura b keh rahe ho kuch bhi nahi," she said a bit angrily.
"Pappiyan," he thought puzzled. "I'm sorry, come again?" he asked inquisitively.
"Hey babaji! Vahan uss ladki ko flying kiss deh rahe the aura b keh rahe. Kya aadmi hai?" she said looking up and making a disgusted face.
Maan then realized that she was talking about the flying kiss he gave to that old lady while coming out. But he was quite surprised to see her crib in fact accuse him of felony for doing so. He never expected her to mind what he does for he knew he never mean anything for her except a new friend. But seeing this new jealousy crop up, somewhere in his heart he felt hope that may be, just a tiny little bit he might have a chance. But before he could come to any conclusions, he wanted to be sure if his suspicions were anywhere close to what he thought.
"Kyun Geet, usme kya burai hai?" he asked naively, trying hard to read her expressions.
"Uff ho Maan, you are so innocent. That woman is such a flirt. Yeh puri college ko pata hai. Aur aap ho itne handsome, do you think she will forgo an opportunity to flirt with you?" she asked shaking her head.
"Geet, it wasn't anything serious. Sirf ek flying kiss," he said nonchalantly.
Seeing his carelessly brush off the issue caused her blood to boil more. How could he randomly go on giving flying kisses to random people and allowing others to kiss him? Did he even remember he was now a married man? She thought alarmed at his carefree behavior. "Maan you just cannot go kissing random people!" she said aloud. "I mean aaj she would give you a flying kiss, tomorrow it would become a cheek kiss, aur phir parson'" she paused trying to imagine the worst. "Hai rabba!" she said her hands on her mouth, panicking even at the thought of the next step.
Maan who was trying to see deeper into Geet, was thoroughly enjoying her complaints and her whining. Although she didn't completely voice her claim for him, her subtle reactions were in fact pointing to the same thing, she was starting to feel something for him. He decided to probe even further, "Magar Geet, usme badi baat kya hai? She was not bad. Not sharp features magar she was decent for me. Anyway I am in lookout for a good bride after our divorce. I think she would be a fine jodi for me what say?"
"Yuck Maan, I didn't know your taste was so bad!" she said with disgust. "Chi, chi, babaji!"
"Kyun, tumhare paas better bride choices hai kya?" he asked amused.
"Maan!" she yelled.
"I'm listening Geet," he said calmly.
"Ugh Maan aap kabhi nahi sudhrenge!" she said in a huff and turning away from him.
"Kyun main sudharni chahiye Geet?"
"As a friend and your well-wisher mein keh rahi hoon. Aap yeh sab nahi karni chahiye," she said seriously.
"Accha?" he asked sincerely.
"Haan," she said nodding incessantly.
"Chalo teekhai, I'll try."
"Thank you!" she squeaked hugging him tightly.
Maan hugged her back as though his life depended upon it. His soul finally felt at peace when he saw his Geet tirelessly try to persuade him to refrain from even giving flying kisses to anyone. Thus, it wouldn't be long before she would go around beating people for even looking at him, or so he hoped. 

okay my dearie dears... Hugfinally i have overcome a slight writer's block i was experiencing Ouch i have a few clear updates in mind so i can hopefully pen it down to ur likings Big smile... until then enjoy n comment away! 


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simply awesome update

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awesome update
i just wann aask can u be more regular with this FF plzUnhappy
do reply to me

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awesome update
loved it
continue  soon

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geat update

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superb update...geet is jealous

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Haha.. Loved the update! Ek flying kiss ke liye itna hungama? What if someone kisses Maan on the cheek?! Wink Thanks for the update!!

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uufff ...after a long waiting but its so nice and...plz update sn

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