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[Maaneet FF] Karmas of Love Update New Thrd (Page 34)

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Posted: 13 June 2011 at 2:44am | IP Logged
wow nice one... huh so Geet s J now LOL... I m soo keen to know wats gonna happen next... loving itClap

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Finally i found this..poor thing got burried in the list of FFs here..
woha so madam J..ahh i so loved that..hehe

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Chapter 7: Do Actions Speak Louder?

Talking to Anushka, Geet found her very sweet and vivacious. She couldn't stop laughing at the first meeting incident of Maan and Anushka. Her remaining few doubts about her character vanished with Anushka's talk. Geet mentally slapped herself for judging her. She in fact, admired the strong bond she shared with her husband. While Anushka was talking about her days in college with the college's two most eligible bachelors, Geet was silently listening to her.
"Tumhe pata hai Geet," Anushka said. "Being the best friend of Maan, all the girls used to beg me, bribe me, and do all sorts of things so that I would be impressed and set them up with him," she said rolling her eyes. "Aur ek tha mera bechara dost Maan, who even refused to give one look at them. Juggling between these two, my own love life was wasted away," she said dramatically.
Geet giggled at her animated gestures. Just then Maan came back from his shower and went to the kitchen to whip up some breakfast for his two most beautiful ladies talking in the hall. He wore his apron before rummaging through the fridge to find some eggs and milk. He finely chopeed onions and peppers and sauteed them a little bit. Prepared scrambled eggs and added those veggies along with some chedder cheese. On the side he toasted a few slices of wheat bread and prepared chai for Anushka, horlicks for Geet, and black coffee for himself. He set everything on the tray and walked towards the hall.
"Hot piping breakfast tayyar hai," he announced proudly.
"Oh thank god Bujji, I was starving. Hmm, smells good," Anushka said wafting the aroma of eggs along with toast.
"Of course it would smell good, cook kaun hai," he said pulling his collar up.
"Teekhai, teekhai, tumhare wife ke saamne impress karne keliye koshish kar rahe ho," she said holding her hands on her hip.
Maan looked hopeful at Geet, trying to read her expression on her face. But her face did not give out much. She seemed to neatly conceal her feelings. He smiled at her weakly hoping she wouldn't give away too much of their platonic relationship. He wanted to keep her requests under wraps for he feared Daadima's and Anushka's worry. He didn't want to crush their hopes and feelings of starting a new life, a new family, with the love of his life. He had never seen himself as a family man with wife and children. His parent's divorce had deferred him from even thinking about marrying. He had led a very principled and controlled life. His Daadima, Anushka, and his little brother, Arjun, made up his family and he had planned to spend the rest of his life, making their happiness, his. All of them had persuaded him to marry but he had quietly refused. No amount of pleading, scolding, crying had changed his stand on marriage. Thus, everyone had lost his or her hopes of seeing Maan married, praying for a miracle. And the miracle had happened in the form of Geet. She had come into his life like an angel, erasing all his fears and worries. When he had voiced to marry her, Daadima didn't hesitate to give her assent fearing he would change his decision given a chance. And thus, the marriage had taken place in a hurry after he came to know about her 'decision' through her father. He now wished, he should have himself talked to her so that he would have prevented the situation he was in right now. Although he wouldn't have agreed to part away from her even if he would have talked to her. She was his first love his only love, she would have been worth fighting for. But now the circumstances had changed completely. He certainly wouldn't force her into this relationship he had tied her into. He would let her go and live away his life in her memories she left behind.
Geet looked at Maan, who seemed to be lost in deep thought. She had noticed a certain spark in his eyes and his face lit up when she walked down the stairs. His face had carried a certain glow but she couldn't name the cause of it. She concluded Anushka's presence would be the cause of it and shrugged her thoughts out. But when Anushka had teased him, his eyes looked expectantly at her as though he wanted to prove his emotions towards her. She was no expert at reading anyone's eyes, but looking at his she was forced to change her opinion about it. She could certainly see a clear set of caring in fact admiring emotions as though he wanted to reach out to her and envelope her in his love. 'Wait a minute, love?' She gasped mentally. When did she become an expert in the subject of pyaar, ishq, aur, mohabbat? It couldn't be love. He hardly knew her for a day or two. Love was something that came with time, interaction, and certainly with a lot of responsibilities. What her mother felt for her was love, a love that she was born into and grew with time. Yet her heart betrayed her train of thoughts when she thought back at those moments when she stared deeply into those rich chocolaty eyes. Her head spun at the reeling thoughts and she hurriedly pushed away the rushing thoughts for the time being. She had asked for a divorce and he had consented to give it to her. The matter ended there; provoking it further would just lead her into a quagmire of emotions and thoughts she wouldn't be able to name or handle. Once the things were settled and her divorce goes through she would quietly walk away from his life and prevent further damage.
Geet looked at Anushka, her hands on her hips, waiting for a response. "Voh impress karne ki koi zaroorat nahi, kyunki main already impress ho chuka hoon," she grinned shrugging her shoulders. "Kyun Maan?" she winked.
Maan stood agape at her comment not comprehending what she said few seconds ago. 'Did I even hear it right?' he thought. She had declared he impressed her! He pinched himself hard and hissed at the sharp pain while rubbing his arms. Geet saw him stand like a statue, with his eyes bulging out in surprise. She knotted her eyebrows at his reaction and waved her hand in front of him. Seeing no response from him, she pointed her index finger and poked him, bringing him back to his senses. He still stood dazed at her statement as she gestured what with her hands. He mechanically shook his head like a robot.
Anushka saw these two and decided to give them some time alone. "Alright my dear prem panchiyon, I'm off! Catch ya later guys gotta run!" she said picking her bag in a hurry and heading towards the door. "Uff I forgot, " she said hitting her head and ran back to embrace Maan. "Sorry Bujji forgot to say bye to you," she said hugging Maan tightly and gave a slight peck on his cheeks. Geet's jaw dropped at Anushka's action and her eyes widened to a shock. She could understand they were close friends, but kissing? She questioned herself, not voicing her opinion. Anushka ran out the door, once again bidding bye to both of them. But Geet seemed to least care to even say bye back. She involuntarily stomped towards Maan and hurriedly wiped away the area on Maan's cheek where Anushka's lips had touched.
Geet's touch felt soothing yet electrifying on Maan; he instantly closed his eyes for a few seconds, savoring the moment, the soft and smooth silkiness of her skin against his. He wondered at the turn of events and Geet's series of reactions towards him. It was something uncalled for, but it wasn't certainly unwelcomed. He concluded he was dreaming and if so, wanted to permanently never wake up from it. He eyed her with million questions in his eyes, hoping somewhere in her heart there was a very tiny place for him. His intense gaze on her brought her back to her senses. She herself couldn't fathom her act and abruptly pulled her hand away from his cheeks and looked down, fearing to meet his eyes.
"Voh, umm, actually vahan kuch bread crumbs the," she blurted, covering up her act. Maan's head shot up at her confession. He wondered whether he really did have breadcrumbs on his cheeks, causing her to wipe them of. She seemed pretty confident in her answer. He tried to read her eyes for an answer and saw she looked directly into his eyes when she said that. He chided himself for his irrational thinking and cleared his throat to get a grip of himself. He shook off the thoughts that clouded his mind smiled back nervously at her.
"So what are your plans for today?" he asked quickly, trying to change the subject.
"Oh haan Maan, I wanted to ask you if you could let me re-register myself in the previous college I was studying to finish my doctorate," she asked hesitantly.
"Of course Geet, do you want me to accompany you?"
"It would be nice," she confessed.
"Sure, give me a few minutes, mein Daadima ko bataakar aata hoon," he said miming two minutes with his fingers.
Maan rushed to tell Daadima of the plans and changed into a pair of formal black pants along with navy blue shirt. He chose to drive instead of a driver and they reached the All India Institute of Medical Sciences after an hour long and hectic drive. Geet along with him walked to the dean's office to talk to him so that she was back on track with her goals.

first of all shorry for the late update but WK ff has been taking up my time n my work schedule is also killing me. so squeezing in the updates as and when possible... hope u like this update.

please note: since this has turned into a ff i have decided that the first part shall be the prolougue n the rest are chapters. i need this change for its very important. many people are wondering what happened in the future from where it started. well since this has become a ff i cannot offord to have such a huge flashback so i decided that first chapter shall be a prolougue (kinda peek into the future and the current updates are happening in the current present tense. i want to shape the story in such a way that i want to show the journey of geet's and maan's characterization n if i try to go back and forth it would ruin it... so hope u guys like it as well as understand it LOL

hit the LIKE button n comment away...

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i forgot to mention this song for the update of chapter 4: pehla pehla pyaar. this is a kannada song that beautifully depicts the guy's feelings for his lover... the emotions he goes through, the tensions he goes through, etc is beautifully depicted by actor Puneet Rajkumar. this song seemed too apt for the love maan carries for geet... hope u like it!


Movie: Milana
Song: Nininnadale
Singer: Sonu Nigam (won filmfare for this song!)

Ninnindale ninnindale kanasondu shuruvaagide
?Ninnindale ninnindale manasindu kunidaadide
?Ee edeyalli sihiyaada kolaahala 
nanneduralli nee heege bandagale
?Ninna tutiyalli naguvaaguva hambala 
naa nintalle haaLaade ninnindale
Just because of you, just because of you, a new dream has just begun. Just because of you, just because of you, my mind has started to dance. In my heart, there is a sweet torment, whenever you come in front of my eyes. I wish I could be the smile on your lips; I turned into a song wherever I stood, just because of you

iruLalli jwaradante kaadi eega hayagi nintiruve sariyenu?
bekantale maadi eno mODi innello nODuva pariyenu?
ee maayege ee maruLige ninninda kaLe bandide ninnindale?
In the dark when I thought of you I wilted feverishly, but now you stand ignorant and peacefully.. is that fine??Purposely you created a magic all around, now you turn your look away as if its not you.. look at your style!?To this magic, To this awesome craze, you have added a new sparkle.?
hodalli bandalli ella ninna sompaada cheluvina guNagaana?
kEdage gariyantha ninna nOTa nanagEno andante anumaana?
ninnindale saddillade muddaada kare bandide eee ninnindale?
wherever I go, wherever I come, everywhere there's a sweet song about your flamboyant beauty?I doubt if your look (which is as sharp as the petal of a kedage flower) said something to me?just because of you, without even a sound, I have got a cute call now

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awesome update
continue soon

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lovely part...geeling feeeling jealous n wiping maan's cheek was so cute...i loved it...wonder when she will accept her feelings...continue soon n thnx...

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loved it dear...
it was awsome

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Winklovely update. like the bond between maaneet and anushka. geet's being possesive for maan and still denying. Wink 

thanks for pm and pls update soon.

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