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[Maaneet FF] Karmas of Love Update New Thrd (Page 29)

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awesome promo..
continue soon..

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Chapter 6: Newfoundland

Geet came and kneeled beside him near the couch and caressed his face. Maan smiled at her touch and snuggled closer to her hands. She thought he was awake but soon found he was sound asleep and was probably dreaming something pleasant. Although his large stature seemed to misfit on the couch, he seemed comfortable laying on it with his legs dangling near the arm rest and his hands lay on his chest in a crisscrossed manner. He looked cute and innocent and the early morning rays enhanced his sinfully handsome face. She couldn't help but smile at him and combed through his hair softly. She inched closer to her face and gave a slight peck on his cheeks. He stirred with her kiss and mumbled something incorrigible knotting his eyebrows. She didn't want to disturb him and therefore decided to leave. She got up and turned to leave when she felt a tug. She looked back to see him holding her back and his eyes pleading her not to leave.

"Mujhe chod ke mat jao jaan," he pleaded his voice reflecting his despair.    
Caught in her act red handed, she looked down embarrassed while her toes drew designs on the floor. Maan turned towards her, switched his grip from left hand to right hand, and upheld his head with his left hand. She tried to wiggle her hands off his grip causing him to tighten it more. She looked at him with her beautiful almond shaped hazel eyes, begging him to leave her. Her cheeks hinted a tint of red hue with his touch and words struck in her throat.
"Accha batao yahan kyun aayi," he asked his eyes glinting mischief. Encouraged by her blushing he probed further, "since you have come this close, why are you trying to leave me?" he asked pain washing his face.  "I l'" he began but before he could say anything she managed to wriggle out of his grip and ran away. "Geet!" he called, his hands outstretched. He tried to get up and run after her but he couldn't. He tried once again but he felt a tight pinch on his cheeks.
Maan jerked his eyes open to find a familiar figure staring back at him in shock. He blinked a few times to get a grip on what just happened. He held him cheeks in pain and looked at her, "Tum kab aayi?" he asked puzzled.
"Bujji* mujha pata nahi tha ki tum mujhse itna pyaar karoge," she said sniffing. "Agar pata hota toh I would have certainly married you," she said innocently.
"Sweety bakwas mat kar yaar," he said getting up and sitting on the couch properly.
"Main bakwas kar rahi hoon," she pouted, "abhi tum bata raha tha ki main tumhe chod ke mat javoon you were almost about to confess too," Anushka said teasing him.
"Oh please yaar, main aur tumse, khair chod, actually I am really angry on you," he said crossing his arms.
"Uffo Bujji I just couldn't help it. The trip was uncalled for, dad had called me urgently so I couldn't refuse," she said helplessly.
"Haan haan, your trip was more important than my marriage huh? Couldn't you make up an excuse to come?" he said accusingly, "Vaise toh you are really good in making up bahanas," he teased.
"You know me better than that. You know never in this world I would miss your wedding. The Maan Singh Khurana shaadi kar raha hai aur use miss karoon. Na baba na," she said widening her eyes and shaking her head.
"By the way kahan hai tumhari voh?" she said nudging Maan on the shoulder.
Maan simply smiled at her teasing and antics. His best friend, Anushka Gopi Reddy, was finally back after the weeklong trip to France where she had to attend to some business issues. He remembered the first meeting back in high school at chuckled at the mere thought of it.
Maan had walked into the classroom on the first day of class, as it was new school and new surrounding. He went and silently sat in the first bench when the teacher entered the classroom holding a few books and her glasses hanging on her nose. She scanned the classroom and went and placed the books and looked at him sternly. He gulped down his saliva and looked nervously back at her. She cleared her throat, "Good morning students, today I am going to take the lesson on love," she stated seriously. All the students stared in astonishment at her. "Kya?" she asked irritated. All the students shook their heads in denial immediately. "So," she said leaning on the edge of the table, "you," she pointed at Maan.
"Ji main?" he stammered, standing up.
"Yes man," she said eyeing him. "So tell me about love."
"Voh, sssorry ma'am mujhe nahi pata," he said shrugging his shoulders.
"Kya yaar, chalo chaddo, how would boys know about pyaar vyaar, ab yeh batao what is it that takes to make a good relationship in bed."
Maan's jaws literally dropped to the floor and his eyes popped out and people around his sniggered. She walked near him seductively and wiped out beads of sweat forming on his forehead. "Arre mera baccha, why are you sweating profusely?" she asked with concern. Just then another teacher walked into the classroom. The current teacher saw her come in and bit her tongue and hit her head.
"Ms Anushka Reddy!" the male teacher shouted. Anushka smiled sheepishly at Maan and slowly walked near the door. "How dare you trick your new senior, haven't you been taught to respect your elders," he asked sternly. Anushka rolled her eyes listening to the age-old lecture and shrugged her shoulders.
"Thanks a lot guys, aaj ka bakhra episode ho gaya," she said smiling naughtily and winked at Maan. He couldn't believe his ears on the first day of his class he was made a fool of himself, that too by a junior. Although he wanted to punish her badly for her egregious act, he kept quiet waiting for the correct time to strike back.
Later during the day, Maan went to meet his little cousin brother studying in the same school and found that same girl sitting and arguing with his cousin brother, Arjun, near the basketball court. He strode angrily to her stood near her with his hands on his hips and knotting his eyebrows.  Arjun looked at him with surprise and was about to hug his big brother, when Anushka hid behind him. He was confused with her behavior and looked at Maan for answers. His brother simply breathed fire and stood fuming at her. Anushka explained that she had made a fool of him in the morning and that's why he was fuming with anger. Arjun couldn't believe his ears; he scolded her for her act and had asked her to apologize to his big brother. She did so immediately fearing Arjun's real anger and promised never to repeat it. Maan was satisfied with her apology and later he came to know that she was in fact his little brother's best friend and known as the daring dhairyalakshmi of the school, for her daredevil nature. He soon found she was really pure and sweet but her mischievous acts, bubbly personality, and charming presence overshadowed it. She hailed from a business background and like the Khuranas, Reddys were a big name in Hyderabad, known for heading chain of hotels around the globe. She was the only daughter pampered to the core, yet she was always down to earth. She was never afraid to stand up for anyone's rights once she made up her mind she would support it no matter what. Since that day, they had shared the best and worst things in life.
Of the three muskateers, Maan was the quietest of all. While Arjun and Anushka bickered for every silly thing they could think about, they were always incomplete without the other. Anushka always had the upper hand for Maan had always supported her over his own brother. She always addressed Maan as Bujji, a name she had kept for his sweet nature and never allowed anyone else to address him that way for he was her Bujji and nobody else's. On the other hand Maan addressed her as Sweety, a pet name he came up for her. His thoughts about her were finally broken when she nudged him again.
"Arre sharma kyun rahe ho?" she said, "jaldi batao I need to meet her."
"Voh, she is upstairs sleeping in her room."
"Upstairs sleeping? And you are here sleeping, why did she give you this couch punishment?" she asked cocking her eyebrows. "Probably you would have given her a lecture about some nonsense killing her romantic mood, haina?" she smirked. "Uff Mr. Khurana how many times have I taught you the art of keeping your woman happy, phir bhi yeh halaat?" she sighed shaking her head.
"Chup kar badmash!" he said lightly hitting her head. He then went on to relate the events after marriage neatly hiding the part where she had asked for divorce. Anushka couldn't believe her ears and felt bad for Geet and then again teased Maan endlessly for he couldn't get to complete the ahem rituals of marriage.
Geet awoke with the sound of a new voice from downstairs. It was a lady's voice but it didn't quite sound like Daadima's. She rubbed her eyes open and walked out of her room, still half asleep. She blinked her eyes open to see the person better standing next to Maan and talking animatedly to him. She wondered who could be visiting Maan this early in the morning and strained her neck to get a better vision of her. Geet could only see a tall, slender figure, with medium length long straight hair that was waving up and down with each turn of her head. Maan seemed to be enjoying her company as well and something unpleasant stirred inside her at the sight. She quickly brushed it off and decided to explore the new entry's details later. Right now she needed to shower so that she could go to her college and see if she could re-enroll herself to finish off her last semester.
Meanwhile, downstairs, Anushka and Maan were catching up on the things they missed. "Koi baat nahi I am here right, main sab kuch teekh kar doongi," Anushka said.
"Haan, your presence is the thing that scares me as of now," Maan joked.
"Acchaji?" she retorted with her hands on her hips. "Hm! Gadha kya jaane adrak ka svaad," she smirked.
"Accha main gadha hoon?"
"Haan, koi shak?"
"Only another gadha can identify a gadha," he sniggered.
"Oi po ra (go!)" she said nonchalantly. "Anyways mera nalayak dost kaisa hai?"
"He is fine. He called 3 days ago to wish me and that's the latest I heard from him," he said.
"That idiot also didn't get time to attend your wedding?" she said widening her eyes.
"Actually Arjun had some urgent patch up work to be done, so I had to send him to Canada branch. He should be here by this weekend."
Geet walked down in her simple baby yellow chudidhar, her curly long hair held with a clip, and her eyes adorned with khol. Maan saw her walk down and was lost in her innocent beauty and stared at her walk down the stairs. Anushka saw her descend down and was pleasantly surprised by her angelic beauty. She thought that this girl was aptly fit for her best friend.
"Good morning Maan," she said smiling splendidly. Maan, mesmerized in her beauty, failed to respond back to her. Anushka realized he was gaping at his wife and dug her elbows into Maan's chest causing Maan to wince in pain. She gestured him to stop drooling and prompted her to reply back to her.
"Huh? Oh sorry, good morning Geet," he said grinning sheepishly. He then looked at Anushka, "Aur yeh mera sabse khaas dost, Anushka Gopi Reddy," he said side hugging her. Anushka smiled at Geet and extended her hand for a handshake. Geet was taken aback by the small gesture shown by Maan. She knew it was too soon to conclude anything about the new girl Maan introduced as his special friend but something stopped her from extending her hand. She couldn't name the thing that stopped her from instantly liking the girl in front of her.
"Um?" Anushka said hesitantly.
"Huh?" Geet said coming out of her self-thoughts. "I'm sorry," she said quickly. "Hello, I am Mrs. M'" she paused alarmed at her almost introduction. She mentally chided herself for letting her thoughts run haywire. This new place was creating new kind of emotions that she had locked herself away from. She made a mental note to keep herself in check before continuing to engage in a conversation with Anushka while Maan went to take a shower and get himself ready.

shorry my dear peeps for the late update Embarrassed like i said i really wanted the WK update done so that i dont forget it LOL now i am back to writing WK (the present encounter scene hopefully Wink) this weekend seems busy for i couldnt celebrate my bday yest so i hv planned to go out with my friends for this whole weekend Tongue so prob i'll start writing today but i cannot promise an update until monday or tues... anyways enjoy this update until i come up with the next Wink

as i hv finally made this an ff, it would only be fair to give a proper charac intro so check out the intro on the first page. n i am now officially changed the name from SS to FF. thnx a lot guys this started out as an OS went to become a SS n now a FF. i am really touched! Embarrassed LOVE YA ALL! Heart

oh i almost forgot hit the LIKE button n comment away guys! (i really need to see how well u people r liking it. like u guys asked i have agreed to extend it peesh do me a favor n write away ur opinion on how the story is shaping up. 

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wow...lovely update...

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Thanks for the update...
lovely description of Maan's love for Geet... the dream was too good...
hope to see Geet getting jealous from maan'S FRIEND.

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awesome ... 

continue soon ...

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Omg !!! you had your birthday this week !!! sorry I dunno the date ; wishing you a very 

Madhu !!! Party Party

        CandySpin5 CandySpin5  

dear in your good health , wealth , success , prosperity & happiness ...Hug
               love presentlove present

Sending you lots of love ,
     glittered heartsglittered hearts

I do hope you like chocolates LOL

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Okay b'day wish k chakkar mein I forgot to write my comments LOL
So Geet darling is feeling J for her hubby's attention towards his best friend Evil Smile
Moi is liking it Thumbs Up

The past was funny & cute Glitter Star Green
I loved it  Glitter Star Green
Am glad you turned it to a FF Dancing coz this is indeed my favorite one Tongue

Excited for more Big smile
Thanks for pm ...

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I'm really angry on UAngry I not commenting

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