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[Maaneet FF] Karmas of Love Update New Thrd (Page 131)

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Madhu  Hug...sorry to hear you are still not well...dont worry about the updates...we will wait...plz take care of yourself...
...hope u feel better u Smile

Get well! Flower Fairy

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okay before you throw your jhuttis i shall run away giving the update... sorry dearies was really injured with severe sprain in my arm so couldnt type... hope u understand... sorry didnt get a chance to reply individually because of my health... but i wish to give my heartfelt thanks to Ratna for her continuous support and every single person who liked and commented Smile

Chapter 20: Not Pe Not (Knot pe Knot)
"Maan, sach mein aapse koi dusht danav ka competition nahi jeeth sakta!" she said frustrated at his nagging to make her eat "angrezi" breakfast.
"Geet, thanks for such a lovely title. I am sure no one can come up with such wonderful titles like you," he smiled while his tone was peaked with sarcasm. "Ab now come on jaldi se finish karo, we need to start moving," he said sternly.
"Hmph!" she huffed picking up the toast with a disgusted face. "Maan mujhe yeh sab nahi khaana. Mujhe na, garama garam aalu paratha chahiye," she said smacking her lips.
"Ugh Geet, early morning how could you even think of such oily foods?" he frowned. "Yeh sehad ke liye bahut accha hai. Now finish up your breakfast please," he ordered before walking to washroom. She made a disgusting face at the food and scrunched her nose at the food before gulping it and draining the remnants with the juice not wanting the "angrezi taste" to stick.
Geet settled in the car while Maan came to take the driver seat before putting the luggage in the backseat. He had checked out of the hotel while Geet tagged along with him, grumbling about the things she had to go through since morning because of him. He listened with amusement as she cutely complained to her Babaji.
"Geet, stop complaining to your Babaji. He knows I am always right," he winked adding to her frustration and started driving.
"Aaha. You aur right? Agar yeh joke hai toh mujhe bilkul hasi nahi aa rahi hai," she scoffed. "Aap yeh sab aapka haq jatane ke liye kar rahe ho na. Forcing that tasteless breakfast on me. Aur phir kal, kal raat you were holding me in your arms as though I was some kind of a rag doll," she said not minding the depth of the accusations.
"Geet!" he shouted being hurt at her accusations of using her. She just looked away in anger. "Fine agar tumhe lagta hai ki main haq jata raha hoon, then let it be. I shall never try to interfere with you," he declared.
"Good Mr. Khurana. I am glad to know. Agar aap yeh faisla kar liya toh ek aur choti si request hai, you shall not let anybody in the marriage know about our marriage or the relation we share," she finished coolly. "At least that will keep you off from trying to force your rights on me."
Maan was shocked at her accusation but soon calmed down remembering his resolve to win her heart. He saw this as another challenge to win his love and simply acquiesced hoping to outwit her in her own challenge. He was determined to make her come and claim the very relationship she refused to acknowledge and that too in front of everybody. "Fine, as you say!" he said without emotion and continued to drive.
Geet was initially surprised when he readily agreed to her demand. Although she felt relieved he had agreed to keep their relation mum, somewhere she felt drained that he had instantly agreed. Immediately her ego overtook her and smiled victoriously as she felt she had overpowered him. But she didn't know she had lost to him long back.
They finally arrived at their destination, a small village that located at least an hour from the nearest town. Technology and IT seemed to not have touched it as the fields were still occupied mostly by bullocks plowing away the land while the womenfolk sang away traditional folk songs helping them forget their fatigue while they toiled in the fields. Geet was overtaken by the beauty and simplicity of the village wondering how come such places of heaven still existed in this country where pollution and corruption grew exponentially in the name of technology and economic growth. She was mesmerized in the serenity of the place and didn't realize they had reached the marriage house that bustled with a lot of activity until Maan came to pat on her shoulder. He was about to touch her when he remembered his resolve to not interfere with her and quickly moved back to take his luggage.
"Geet hum pahunch gaye hain," he said plainly before picking his luggage and walking into the house.
Geet was pulled out of her dreamland and looked around to see him carelessly walking into the house not bothering to even give her a look back. She was peeved with his attitude and stomped out of the jeep and picked up her luggage to walk into the huge marriage house. She stepped into the busy house as people scuttled around here and there looking like a typical scene from those family Bollywood scenes. Being new to the place and not knowing anyone she stood rooted at the door wondering where to go next. An old lady seemed to pass by her and saw her bewildered state and turned around to ask her if she needed to meet someone.
"Oye kudiye, tussi kaun dhoond rahi ho?" she asked adjusting her eyewear and squinting her eyes.
"Voh daadiji, main," she said looking around to find Maan. She saw him greeting a few people and standing in corner when she pointed to him making the old lady turn around to the direction she was pointing to. Seeing her point at him, he came walking towards them before excusing himself from the group. "Main, inke saath hoon," she said smiling and pointing to Maan.
"Tum mere saath ho?" he asked feigning surprise and looked at the old lady. "Hume maaf kardijiye daadiji mujhe pata nahi yeh ladki kaun hai," he said shrugging his shoulders.
Geet looked at him incredulously. Did he just refuse to acknowledge and recognize her! The guts of that man, she thought anger and hurt boiling inside her. "Maan yeh mazak ka time nahi hai," she said gritting her teeth. He smirked at her annoyance yet kept an innocent face and refused to recognize her.
"I am sorry miss main aapko pehchaana nahi. Do you hold any relationship to me?" he asked innocently.
Oh he was taking his revenge for her challenge, wasn't he? If it were any other time she would have given a piece of her mind but right now she was in the receiving end. She felt embarrassed to come to a place where she knew no one except Maan, Anushka, and Arjun. The fighting duo, Arjun and Anushka seemed to be missing in action so she only had Maan to depend on. And here he was having fun putting her on the spot. If he was Maan Singh Khurana, she was Geet Handa, and she was never taught to give up. She would play the game until he pays, she smirked and she looked around when she finally spotted her innocent devar. "Arjun!" she screamed, her tone hitting the high octave.
Arjun who had just entered into the haveli while talking to his group of friends saw his bhabhi screaming across the hall for him. She smiled sweetly at him and was confused but was happy they had reached. He walked towards them smiling back at her but was confused to see her shooting sparks of anger towards his brother while his bro stood carelessly looking somewhere else. "Oh hi bha'" he began only to be instantly overpowered by her voice.
"Arjun, my sweet and darling friend, tum kahaan chala gaya yaar?" she asked winding her hand around his while her eyes strictly instructed him to keep shut. "Daadiji mein inke saath hoon. Peeche se yeh bandha mera hatta khatta dost jaise dikh raha that toh isiliye galati se maine use point ki," she smiled hoping the lady would buy her lame excuse. "Haina handsome?" she asked sweetly batting her eyelashes looking at Arjun who still seemed utterly confused.
"Ha, haan," he nodded unwillingly but Geet tugged his arm and looked sternly scaring him and instantly shaking his head vigorously, "haan Daadi yeh humari saheli hain." 
Just then some girl from behind called. "Maan," an extra sugary voice was heard from behind. Geet peeked to see a girl sporting extra make-up and wearing a traditional saree yet exposing every single of her womanly asset as possible was standing out of the crowd of women with her hand on her hip. Instantly Geet turned to look at that girl, her eyes spitting fire. "Chudail kahin ke," she mumbled under her breath.
"Haan sweetheart, main abhi aa raha hoon," Maan replied equally sweet while his eyes didn't avert from Geet. "Now if you'll excuse me miss, vahan mera intezaar ho raha hai," he added and turned to walk away with a huge smirk on his face.
"Haan, haan mujhe dikh raha hai kis tarah ka intezaar," she said, her tone rising before jerking Arjun with her in the opposite direction. Seeing Maan and Geet walk away in opposite direction, the old lady shrugged her shoulders in confusion and went away.
"Maan Singh Khurana, tumhe chodunga nahi. Mujhse, Geet Handa se panga le rahe ho huh? Nahi chodunga, chun chun kar badla loongi, hmph!" she spat animatedly as she walked through the house with a very confused Arjun following her.
"Bhabhi kya hua?" Arjun asked with uncertainty.
"Mat kaho mujhe bhabhi. Yahaan na main tumhaari bhabhi hoon na uss dust danav mera pati hai, samjhe?" she threatened angrily pointing her finger at him.
"Jj ji," he nodded incessantly. "Magar kyun?"
"Go ask your lovely brother." Arjun nodded and turned to go ask his brother when her voice stopped him again. "Oi before that show me my room," she ordered.
"Oh sorry," he mumbled before picking up his cell phone to call Anushka so she could take Geet to her room.
Meanwhile, Anushka who was walking by towards Arjun and Geet, saw them and greeted them. Geet smiled half-heartedly as she was still planning ways to extract her revenge from Maan while Arjun asked her to take Geet. Arjun took leave of them and headed to talk to his bro while Geet and Anushka walked silently to their room. After refreshing herself from the tiresome journey, Geet decided to catch some sleep. Anushka told that she would be going to meet up with her friends so it would be easy for Geet once she wakes up in the evening in case she needed to find her.
Anushka walked down to find Maan because she wanted to know of any latest development in her plan. She figured having them travel alone would have had at least some improvement in their relationship. Keeping her hopes high she walked to Maan with a satisfied smile on her face.
"Toh Maan babu, kaisa tha tumhara romantic trip down here?" she playfully slapped Maan's shoulder while stressing on the word romantic.
"Ek dum bakwaas!" Maan said with irritation.
"Kya!" Anushka exclaimed startled at his response.
"Haan. Seriously yaar voh ladki mujhe ek din pagal kar degi. Even if her heart allows her to accept her love for me, her stubbornness shall never allow an iota of change," he said shaking his head in defeat. "Uska zidd hi mera ek number ka villain hai."
"Uff ho Bujji, bas itna hi problem hai kya?" she asked relieved.
"Bas? Tumhe mera problem sirf itna ho gaya kya!" he asked incredulously, his tone tinged with anger.
"Arre gussa mat ho darling. Main hoon na," she said pointing to herself proudly. "Accha kaho what are the latest developments?"
"She declared that no one here should know we are married. Use lagti hai ki uspe haq jata raha hoon. You know forcing her to do things she would otherwise not want to do," he sighed.
"Perfect! Isse accha mauka nahi milega tumhe," she beamed causing Maan to scrunch his eyebrows in confusion. "Listen Maan, you never got to make Geet fall in love with you before marriage making her think you have forced her. Now she wants to break free of the relationship she thinks is restricting her. So that actually gives you an advantage. You are now just her lover. You didn't get a chance to show her your lover boy side without reminding her that you hold a forced relationship with her. So now show her your love without any strings attached," Anushka said warmly.
"Magar, if she hasn't realized my love for her yet what's the use now?" Maan asked still doubtful.
"Dekho beta kabhi kabhi ek problem ko solution dhoondne ke liye ek aur problem hume create karni chahiye," she said alarming him. But before he could voice his fear she continued, "Ah wait don't jump to conclusions. Yeh gyan tumhe samajh mein aane ke liye bahut time lagega beta. Toh isiliye just allow me."
"Sweety, mujhe samajh mein nahi aata ki tum hume ek saath karni chaahti ho ya alag," he said scratching his head.
"Bujji yeh tumhe na tab pata chalega jab tumhari pyaari biwi shall come running into your arms," she said faking a smile at his trust on her.
"Uh oh, I guess meri Sweety ko gussa aa gaya, kya karoon mein," he said tapping his chin, looking as if in deep thought. "Haan maine suna hai ki, uska naam kya hai, that hero, arre kya naam tha uska?" he asked, pretending to not know. "Haan some Ram Charan has arrived," he began but Anushka began to jump in excitement.
"Kya Cherry yahaan? Kab? Kaise? Oh God mujhe abhi usse dekhni hai," she said jumping like a school kid.
"Wait, wait. Suna hai ki voh bandha uss ladki ka cousin hai. So he has personally come here and even planned to stay this whole week until all the marriage functions are done," he smiled seeing his best friend's enthusiasm.
"Haye mein mar jawan. I am going to meet him. Cherry I am coming my darling," she declared looking dreamily. "Main kaisi dikh rahi hoon?" she said adjusting her hair and dress.
"Yahaan tum dekhti hi reh jao vahaan aur voh kisi aur ko dekh reh hoga," he cautioned.
"Arre haan, chalo chalo," she said ushering him to the main hall.
"Oi wait, wait, tenu mujhe maaf kiya ki nahi kudiye?" he asked in a typical Punjabi accent.
"Haan ki ki," she said absentmindedly, hurrying downstairs.
"Oh aise kaise chalega kudiye, itte aa," he said purposefully trying to prolong her stay and irritate her a bit.
"Maan," she said her voice rising a bit. Maan knew she called him by his name and in that tone only when she was dead serious about something.
"Accha teekhai tum keh rahi ho toh okay," he said side-hugging her and pulling her

since i gave this update late here is something to make up for it... Embarrassed

Geet was passing by the corridor when she heard faint sound of music in the end of the hallway. She walked towards the source of the sound. She could now clearly hear the famous "dhak dhak" song blaring from the CD player while people around where hooting and whistling loudly. Her curiosity took the better of her and she hurried to the room only to be utterly shocked at the sight in front of her. Maan was holding a girly skimpily clothed and dancing sensually to the beats of the song.

She angrily stomped to the place where the CD player was kept and plugged out the machine. The lack of the song made people turn around to see her standing with her arms folded on her chest and heaving angrily. Maan and the girl too stopped with the music and stood in a compromising position. Maan turned around to see everyone looking in one direction and turned to find his "sherni" wife ready to explode any second. He instantly let go of girl hanging to him and gulped hard fearing the consequence.

so here is a longgg precap... wait up for mrs. khurana in angry mode LOL...
give me lots of comments and likes and the next update will come running to u Wink arre haan dont forget to finish this thread LOL

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Me first  Big smile...typed a biggg comment ...this IF did not let me post it  Angry...typing again Embarrassed

Yay! First To Comment Glitter Graphic

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4 th time my comment got erased...this IF has gone crazy today Angry...sorry will comment in another post...this one is jinxed LOL
J Geet is such a                 cutie 

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awesome updateEmbarrassed

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Madhu   Hug...hi dear...hope u are feeling better now...thank u for the awesome update...yeh Geet ek number ki confusion ka dhukan...if he makes her eat breakfast he is showing his haq...if he agrees to her suggestion of not telling anyone about their marriage she is top it all her biggg ego...grrr...this girl is going to make us and Maan pagal before she realises her true feelings... loved the scene where Maan pretends she is a stranger and she acts as Arjun's friend much confusion LOL...Anu has a new plan feelings are the same a Maan...what is she going to do now...btw does she now Cherry is married now Tongue...precap is superb...J Geet is always a treat to watch...plz u...TC Smile


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aha you are back dear/... glad to see you...Smile nice one...their fights dont seem to attend anytime soonConfused but lovely precap...continue soon

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hope u r fine now. loved da update. anu n her new plan... loving maan n anus bonding. anu is crazy of cherry?? wow

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