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[Maaneet FF] Karmas of Love Update New Thrd (Page 13)

madhu.pmlist Goldie

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 9:12pm | IP Logged
PRECAP:  Maan walked out of the bathroom in a white towel enhancing his well-toned six-pack abs. his hair was dripping wet letting water droplets fall carelessly on his clean and taut chest unaware of a pair of hazel eyes following him. He flexed his muscles, bringing his hands towards his wet hair to brush few fat drops of water that threatened to fall off. The sight brought new kinds of emotions in Geet, as she stood rooted watching every muscle twitch in his body in synch with his action. 

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tanya_vi Goldie

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 10:45pm | IP Logged

Haila, kya mast precap hai !!! After this you seriously expect me to wait...aaarrrgh...kaha ho tum???Evil Smile

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prathyusmiling Senior Member

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 11:26pm | IP Logged
awesome precap after reading this interesting n hot precap i cant wait plz update soon... waiting waiting waiting...

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maaneetsangel IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
awesome ... 

loved both parts 3 n 4 ...

thnx 4 d pm ...

continue soon ...

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maaneetsangel IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
loved d precap ... 

abi update ... jaldi .. plzzz ..

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preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 5:20pm | IP Logged
loved this ss...
sorry missed the ss and read all the parts @ one go...
thanks for the pm...
well i was upset as well when geet asked for the divorce well abhi toh mazaa hain to see how geet falls in love with maan...
oh maan is so nice...that he wants to give up his happiness for her dream...
hope by the time they get divorce she actually falls in love with maan...
precap sounds interesting...
pl cont soon...

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madhu.pmlist Goldie

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 5:43pm | IP Logged
sry dearies since yest i guess people were busy nobody was there when i came so i figured i would just type on my own n then update later but today morning i see people were waiting i am sooo sorry Cry now here is the next update wait until u see my msg at the end...

Part 4: Fresh Feelings

Maan was literally caught red-handed as he was unable to control his urge to kiss that beautiful face and now he had to pay for it. He had kept his hands near her and while she turned she had entwined his hands as though clutching her pillow and tucked his hands under her chin unaware of his presence. Maan panicked scared Geet would be angry to find him in this position. He racked his brain to find a quick solution before she fully wakes to find his hands under her chin. He peeked to see how much of damage his silly urge to kiss her had cost him but found Geet still peacefully sleeping. He heaved in relief but still didn't know how to release his hands from her grip. Suddenly it occurred to him, he leaned closer to her and pat her shoulders lightly. Geet again stirred and turned releasing his hands muttering something incorrigible in her sleep. He thanked his stars for letting him slip without getting caught in his act.
Maan decided to freshen up prepare something for breakfast before Geet got up. He grabbed his spare towel from the closet and headed to the bathroom for a cold shower. He badly needed a reality check as his actions were completely getting out of control and what better way than a cold shower. He had to clear his mind of his clouded judgment of mindlessly kissing her without her knowledge. The cold shower cleared his mind well.
By the time Maan was done with his shower, Geet had woken up and managed to sit up with her broken leg. She rubbed her face to clear the morning fuzziness and sent a quick prayer to her Babaji asking for a good day ahead. She heard water gushing through the shower in the bathroom and concluded Maan would have been probably in there. She wanted to get some fresh morning air from the near balcony off the room. She slowly limped to the balcony using the support of the wall, chairs, and tables on the way. The cool morning sun calmed Geet and she drank the beautiful sight from the balcony. She was impressed with the layout of the mansion. The lush green garden on her left carried every kind of exotic flowers from tulips to orchids and of course roses of every color filled the garden. In the midst of neatly pruned bushes was a Victorian style fountain portraying two little angels facing each other and holding a pitcher in each of their hands. It looked as if water was pouring from the pitcher and ran through various zigzag pathways before falling into a large pool below them. She was admiring the natural beauty of the serene nature when she heard a click from the bathroom door. She turned slowly to look at the person striding through the room.

Maan walked out of the bathroom in a white towel enhancing his well-toned six-pack abs. his hair was dripping wet letting water droplets fall carelessly on his clean and taut chest unaware of a pair of hazel eyes following him. He flexed his muscles, bringing his hands towards his wet hair to brush few fat drops of water that threatened to fall off. The sight brought new kinds of emotions in Geet, as she stood rooted watching every muscle twitch in his body in synch with his action. His majestic stride oozed confidence showcasing his don't-mess-with-me look. Failing to get rid off the excess water from his hair, he paused for a second and quickly shook his head shaking off excess water from his hair. Geet jerked her head left, tightly closing her eyes as though water had splashed on her face. Few seconds later she opened her eyes to realize she had just imagined being splashed and resumed to shamelessly stare at the bare-chested man in front of her.
While walking to the door, Maan realized Geet was missing from her bed and looked around the room to find a trace of her. He looked around to find her staring blankly at him. She stood leaning on to the railings and her long curly hair dancing around due to the light breeze. He smiled making her heart flutter and clutch the railings tighter. He waved her good morning but she simply stood her eyes forgetting to blink. He tried again to gain her attention with no response from her side. He walked into the balcony near her and vigorously waved his both hands and snapped his fingers in front of her face. The snap brought Geet back to reality with blood rushing to her cheeks. She looked down embarrassed like a thief caught red-handed in his act of stealing. Maan, totally unaware of the things going on in her mind, was confused.
"Geet, tum yahaan kya kar rahi ho? I told you if you need anything just call me," he said with concern.
 Geet bit her lower lip for letting her mind wander and indulge in such kind of irrational thoughts. She reminded herself of her aim and brushed away any other thoughts. She looked up to face Maan with hesitation and tried to explain she had simply come to savor the morning fresh air with a bleak smile hoping he wouldn't catch her racing heartbeat. He simply bought her story without a word against it and asked her to take rest. She started walking towards the bed hurriedly causing her sore ankle to hurt more. She yelped in pain and stopped to massage her leg. He saw her in pain and without thinking he gently lifted her from behind. Geet was taken by surprise by his gesture and initially tried to protest but gave up not wanting to make the situation more awkward. He walked slowly to the bed and lowered her onto it making sure he didn't hurt her ankle in the process.
"Geet tum yaheen ruko, I shall go downstairs prepare something to eat for you so that you can have your meds," he said turning away from her.
Geet was still dazed by his sudden touch and failed to catch his words until he shook her lightly by her shoulder. "Huh? Aapne kuch kaha," she blurted.
"Haan Geet, I told you to stay put so that I can get you something to eat before you take some medicines," he said.
"Magar Maan please don't strain yourself, I think I can manage to come downstairs with you to help you prepare something," she said.
"Oh come on Geet, don't be silly. Let your ankle get alright then tum jee bhar ke khana bana sakti ho," he joked.

She smiled at him wondering what had she done to deserve such a nice treatment from this man. "Oh actually Maan kya mujhe Horlicks milega? Voh kya haina morning main sirf vahi peeti hoon," she hesitated fearing he would make fun of her habit.
"Kya? Horilicks?" he teased.
"Haan, kyun I shouldn't drink it?" she asked crossing her arms and pouting like a small child.
"Arre nahi nahi, main toh sirf pooch raha tha," he said stifling his laughter.
"Aap mere mazak uda rahe ho?" she said narrowing her eyes.
"Nahi toh, main kyun mazak udaoon" he said bursting with laughter. 
"Hmph! Haan haan hasiye," she said looking away hurt.
Maan saw her and immediately bent near the bed and said, "I'm extremely sorry Geet; I was just kidding. Mujhe please maaf kardo," holding his ears but she still looked away. He held her chin and slowly turned her towards him. "Geet, look at me," he said softly, "I was just pulling your leg, main abhi Nakul ko Horlicks lane ke liye kehta hoon. Teekhai?" Geet looked into his chocolate brown eyes that seemed to emit the sincerity in his voice. She slightly smiled and nodded at him. He was happy she smiled and got up to get changed and make breakfast. He informed Daadima that Geet had woken up so that she could come and visit Geet.
Later, Maan prepared some buttered toast along with scrambled eggs for Geet while Nakul brought Horlicks. Once Horlicks was in Maan placed everything on the tray, along with some black coffee for him and walked upstairs. Geet was skimming through a magazine from the nearby table when he arrived with the tray. She smiled and adjusted to sit straight on the bed. Maan gave her the toast along with the scrambled eggs she thanked him and ate it quickly as she was really hungry since yesterday. He looked wide-eyed at her hurriedly gulping down the contents on the plate. He was about to say something but feared she may start crying after the horlicks incident and decided to keep his mouth shut.
Geet smiled cheekily with her mouth full of food and saw Maan simply staring at her. "Maan aap kut nai khaaye," she mumbled with food stuffed in her mouth.
"Kya?" he asked unable to comprehend what she was asking.
She showed her piece of toast and mimed her hands in front of her mouth. Maan realized she was asking him to eat too. "Nnnahi Geet, I am full," he stammered looking at her hungrily stuff more food in her mouth. She finally licked the last crumbs of toast and scrambled egg and gave the plate to him.

"Aur doon?" he asked.
"Bas. Mujhe moti nahi honi," she said innocently.
Maan looked at her with his wide eyes and mentally shook his head at her declaration. He placed the plate on the tray and brought the horlicks cup in front of her but found few crumbs lingering on the corner of her mouth. He pointed his fingers at her mouth to clear it away but she didn't understand. She looked at him puzzled; he pointed to his face and back at her again indicating the spot. She rubbed her cheeks trying to clear it off. Maan shook his head in negative and leaned towards her, brushing away the crumbs near her mouth. His sudden touch sent an electric current through her and she slightly cringed and moved backward. She quickly covered up her folly by cleaning away any remaining bits of food and looked away uncomfortably. Their awkward silence was broken by Daadima's arrival.
"Good morning Geet bete," Daadima said with a huge grin, "how is your ankle? I have asked the doctor to come just in case."
"Good morning, it hurts a little but Daadima it is just a sprain. I should be fine soon," Geet assured.

"Geet bete hume pata hai that you are almost a doctor, but I cannot tolerate my little bahurani in so much pain. At least for my satisfaction please ek baar dikha deejiye," she requested.
Geet didn't want to hurt Daadima's feelings therefore she simply nodded to keep her happy. Daadima's eyes twinkled at Geet's consent she hugged her and placed a small peck on her forehead. Maan just stood in the corner looking at his Daadima and Geet bonding well and a smile crept in the corner of his mouth. Daadima smiled at him and left saying the doctor would be here and that she had to go meet up with some of her friends. The doctor came and checked Geet and declared that it was a minor sprain and simple painkillers would be fine but complete bed rest was necessary for speedy recovery. Geet thanked the doctor while Maan gave instructions to Nakul to but the necessary medicines and to take care of Geet as he had some urgent work in the office. Geet decided to kill some time by sleeping for a while.
Maan returned in the evening to check on Geet and found Daadima with a worried expression on her face with the Pandit seriously checking the calendar in his hand, calculating something, and muttering something incorrigible. Geet was sitting on the opposite side with a morose expression on her face.  

alrite my lovely readers... here is the next part... sorry for the delay. hope u like it! hit the like button n comment away for the next update until then take care Wink

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_BlackPearl_ IF-Stunnerz

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Beautiful Madhu ...Star

loved it ...awesome!!!

Kitna sweet hai Maan ...Gawd help me ...cant stop myself from head over falling for him againEmbarrassed

wondering how Geet gonna resist,she is flat already in the audition round,aage aage dekho kya haal hoga tumhara,U cannot resist urselfBlushing even ur Horlicks cannot help ULOL

I thought Maan ll use his charm,but it seems like he is unware of himselfShocked, ye kaise ho sakthaD'oh,MSK aur who bhi itna innocent LOLLOL

ab the Great MSK chef bhi bangaye,aapni pyarisi biwi ke liye,

ufff... kya kya karna padenga usse impress karne ke liyeCool

loved his concern and love for her,its shows how much he loves herEmbarrassed

Daadi tho sweet hai ...loved it!!!

Madhu mujhe ek doubt hai,U said only Horlicks but U didn't mention which flavorLOL

wonderful update!!!

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