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[Maaneet FF] Karmas of Love Update New Thrd (Page 102)

madhu.pmlist Goldie

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Posted: 31 December 2011 at 2:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -memorable-

just caught up with the last 4-5 updates
its going amazingly
love pawan uncle Heart

thnk u dear Smile

Originally posted by PrithviSanyo1

awesome, nice part

thnx a lot!!

Originally posted by drashsree100

Dying to see Maan in action Cool
Love n hugs to Pawan uncle Embarrassed he was awesome !! Clap

I LOOOVED the update Thumbs Up

for your exams

Awaiting the next part Day Dreaming
Thanks for pm .

aawww priya i missed u n ur smileys Big smile thnx for the lovely comment!

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madhu.pmlist Goldie

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Posted: 31 December 2011 at 2:52pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by MSgayatri

sweet update

thnx a lot dear Smile

Originally posted by swetha10

curious to see wht maan would do..
continue soon

thnk u!

Originally posted by khwaishfan

Hi thanks 4 da pm n lovely n sweet update! Poor MAan! Thanks God Pavan uncle was der n gave him good advice..loved their relationship n convo! Well written

thnx a lot dear Smile

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madhu.pmlist Goldie

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Posted: 31 December 2011 at 2:53pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mchopra

wow madhu..thts good..
best of luck for ur exams..
MMM so maan gonan try..

ayiye shreyaji thnx for the comments ji Smile

Originally posted by Newdime

Turn for better?  
Humm...So now Mr Khurana, will pursue his misses..
Let see how it will be..looking forward to it...

shahedaji yes he shall pursue his mrs Wink

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madhu.pmlist Goldie

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Posted: 31 December 2011 at 3:02pm | IP Logged
hello my dear dearies Hug

how is everyone?? how was your new year?? hope everyone is having a blast n let me add to the blast with my double dhamaka update WinkEmbarrassedBig smile...

oh by the way nobody asked me about continuing my works even after the end of geet but i have to say i am going to torture u guys with it no matter what Embarrassed..i dont know about u guys but me missing maaneet MUCHOOO Cry... so trying to keep them alive with writings... haan haan mujhe pata hai i am not that of a good writer but my love for maaneet is too much that i cant stop writing n shall definitely torture u with my works EmbarrassedBig smile

so here is the first update...

Chapter 16: A New Twist in the Horizon
When they turned to see, it was Anushka glaring at them. Maan bit his tongue and slapped his forehead. All his efforts to keep Anushka out of the mess in his life had literally gone down the drain. He knew first of all she would be really hurt to see him in such a situation. And on top of that if he would involve her, it would definitely be more than a handful for him to handle. He smiled nervously as she strode angrily towards them, with her hands on the hip.
"Yeh kya ho raha hai yahan?" she asked sternly. "Babai (uncle) nuvve cheptava—" she began glaring at Pavan.
"Amma talli, nannu othalave (leave me please), tumhe jo chahiye vo Maan batayega," he said before escaping towards the mansion.
"Oh my Lord!" Maan regretted, "where have you put me?"
"Maan, stop your melodrama and come to the point, why was I kept in dark from all these things going on in your life?" she said seriously getting to the point.
"Voh," Maan began, looking down guiltily.
"Did you feel the need of keeping me out of your personal life Maan?" Anushka asked a bit hurt. "I guess I am an outsider afterall," she said seeing him not respond to him and turned to walk away when she felt a tug. She turned to see Maan holding her wrist, preventing her from leaving him, yet he held his head down. "Please Maan," Anushka pleaded finally mellowing down.
"Don't say that Sweety, I have always considered you like my best friend. Actually scratch that, I can never give a name for the strong bond I feel for you, it's beyond friendship. You have been my strength during my tough times and the sharer of joy during my good times, how could I consider you an outsider. It's just, I mean, I didn't want you to be upset over the things I am going through. I know for a fact that you shall definitely be disturbed, isiliye I wanted to keep you in the dark so your happiness of seeing me married is not down in the drain," he confessed.
She took his hand and led him to the nearest bench and made him sit while taking a seat beside him. "Look at me Bujji," she ordered. He looked up, his eyes filled with tears of guilt and pain. She cupped his cheeks lovingly, "You just said I was your strength in your tough times but you forgot about me during the toughest phase in your life?" she asked smiling at him, causing him to hug her tightly and silently sob. She rubbed his back, comforting with her touch while he let the pain of the past months leash out. There was no need for words while she comforted him with her touch; he let the burden filling in each corner of his heart, finally out. Finally his sobs died down and he got off the hug from her. "Listen, in the future if I am kept in the dark regarding anything about you, toh mujhse bura koi nahi hoga, do you understand that, Mr. Maan Singh Khurana?" she asked, trying to lighten up the mood.
"Ji madamji," he said smiling through his tears.
"Good," she said smiling back at him.
"Thank you," he whispered finding no other words of gratification.
"Yeh tab kehna jab teri heroine bhag ke tere bahon mein aayegi," she said winking, "aur if you are lucky ek pappi bhi degi."
"You think so?" he asked doubtful of the scene portrayed by her.
"Why fear when I am here," she said haughtily.
"Vahi toh, that is the darkest of my fears," he stated.
"Main itne main bure nahi hoon," she pouted like a child, earning a chuckle from him. "Anyway, let's stay focused, tumhari aashiqui needs a lot of effort and thought," she said seriously contemplating. Maan too joined to think of ways to get her to erase the thoughts of force and let the love for him bloom. "Bujji, a never fail method is jealousy," she stated plainly.
"But I have tried that already, no use darling, she is hard as a rock," he replied, shaking his head.
"Kya? That is not possible," she said shocked.
"Possible, anything is possible with that woman," he said morosely.
"Kya man, where did you find her?"
"It's a long and beautiful story, ek khoobsurat shaam mein," he began dreamily only to be interrupted by Anushka.
"Bas please don't start your prem katha, I have heard of it enough," she said clutching her forehead for which it was Maan's turn to pout. "Accha elaborate on your mission failure of jealousy," she asked getting back to the topic. He expounded the events at her college and the encounters with her friends. She carefully listened to the story and analyzed it. "I don't think the issue was it was not working but it seems she was resisting it. Maan, like babai said, I think we first need to get to the root cause of the problem. We need to find why she is resisting the act of jealousy."
"Right, magar kaise?" he asked scratching his head.
"Hmm, the issue seems more complicated than I thought," she said. Moments of silence passed while each of them tried to contemplate on ways to find out why Geet was resisting her urges to feel for Maan's acts of jealousy.
"I remember her telling, she was forced into this marriage. She didn't seem to have been consented to marry me," he said suddenly remembering Geet's words on the night of their marriage.
"Then you have to make her fall in love, only now it's different because your current task is to make your wife fall for you, her husband," Anushka declared, grinning widely. Maan scrunched his eyebrows, confusion written on his face. "You have to woo her Maan, pamper her, make her realize what you feel for her," she offered to see Maan's face becoming more clear of what Anushka was trying to suggest. With that they had reached the Khurana mansion and entering the main hall,  "you have to make Geet go gaga for you, voh tumhare peeche pagalon ke tarah ghoomni chahiye," she finished.
"Oh accha ab samaj main aaya," Maan said as the words sunk in and realization dawned upon her words, but what he didn't realize was Geet had heard the last part of Anushka's suggestion.
Geet, who had just returned from college, was making her way through the main entrance of the mansion. She was relieved that for a month she wouldn't be stressed with tests and assignments as she began her break starting tomorrow. What she didn't know was the next month she may be relived from assignment stress but a new kind of tension awaited her. She didn't notice Maan and Anushka walk through before her as she had her head down and was in deep thought. But their loud voices caused her to jerk her head up. She realized they didn't see her walk by and had entered the outhouse right before her, in deep conversation. Anushka was loudly suggesting something and as Geet made her way closer, she had heard the last bit of her words and was appalled beyond comprehension. She stood completely frozen and blinked a few times to absorb the words suggested by Anushka to Maan. She squeezed her eyes close and open to assure she wasn't hearing or dreaming things. Anushka had just told Maan to make her weak on her knees for him and the suggestion sounded atrocious and completely egoistical. She silently fumed and her ego took the better part of her rational decision and decided to teach Mr. Maan Singh Khurana a lesson, a taste of his own medicine! He needed some serious reminding that Geet Handa never lost and it would be a big mistake to under estimate her. She would show who goes behind the other in a frenzied state and who goes gaga over whom. This was pure and plain clash of the titans, and the game was on, BIG TIME!

i know no maaneet in this but next update has Wink... yeh update kaisa tha??

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wishing you a very happy & a prosperous new year

it was a adorable update
Anushka & Maan's friendship is so beautiful
waiting for next part already

Edited by -memorable- - 31 December 2011 at 3:22pm

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madhu.pmlist Goldie

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Posted: 31 December 2011 at 3:24pm | IP Logged
here is the next update...

Chapter 17: Khurana vs. Khurana?

Geet stomped into the outhouse angrily muttering curses at her husband and his so-called friend, Anushka. Her loud entry gained the attention of the duo who was in deep conversation with each other.
"Arre Geet tum aagayi?" Anushka smiled.
"Haan. Kyun BBC news main announce karni hai kya?" Geet huffed to the surprise of Maan and Anushka. They looked at each other confused but shrugged it off before continuing.
"Nahi, nahi Geet. Magar tum itne gusse mein kyun ho?" Maan asked curiously.
"Main gusse hoon, main gusse main hoon?" Geet chanted, her tone getting angrier.
"Okay, relax, tum gusse main nahi ho," he offered trying to alleviate the situation.
"Main gusse main hoon ya na hoon aapko kya?" she spat. "Aapko isse behtar kaam haine, mujhe patane main," she said before she realized what she spilled.
"Kya!" Anushka and Maan exclaimed.
Geet realized her folly and hit her forehead but realized now that the cat was out of the bag she would as well clarify them whom they had challenged against. "Haan, maine sab sun li, your challenge to make me fall for you but let me assure you, you guys have no clue whom you have challenged," she smirked folding her arms on her chest.
 "Magar humne ai—" Maan began only to be shushed by Anushka with a stamp on his foot.
"Oh accha, toh good now that you have listened to us, I guess there is no need for us to keep it a secret," Anushka grinned. Maan looked shocked; he looked at Geet and then turned towards Anushka, his eyes wide. What the hell happened? Anushka looked at him, with her hand on his and pulled him closer to whisper, "just play along". He calmed down a bit with her assuring look yet continued to stare at Geet as though she had grown another head. "Toh lagi shart?" she asked smiling mischievously.
"Of course, koi shaq?"
"So the war is on," she winked, extending her hand.
"You bet," Geet scoffed pushing her hand off before stomping away to her room.
Maan saw Geet retreating to her room before turning to Anushka, his face reflecting the turmoil in his mind.
"Isse reverse psychology kehte hain bacchu," Anushka whispered ruffling his hair.
"Sweety, yeh ho kya raha hai?" he asked panic-stricken. "Tum sach much mein meri divorce karvaogi," he said shaking his head.
"You trust me?" she asked calmly.
"Haan, mag—"
"Toh yakeen rakho. Tumhari srimatiji tumhara tarah hai, bilkul tedhi medhi," she joked.
"Dekho mere baare main kuch bhi kaho magar meri Geet ko kuch mat kehna," he warned.
"Oh ho ranjhaji, tand rakhiye," she said rubbing his chest. "Regular falling techniques wouldn't work on her. We need to try something new and uskeliye main hoon na," she said pulling up her imaginary collar.
"Magar meri devima, please don't put my marriage life in danger," he begged folding his hands.
"Nischintay raho beta," she said placing her hand on his head, as though blessing.
Geet had decided to take her mind of the events of the day by drowning herself in studying and thus she was successfully able to keep her mind occupied. Later during the evening she was forced to face Maan at dinner. The encounter was unavoidable but she tried to keep her nerves cool without ripping his head off. She maintained silence lest she say things that couldn't be taken back. Daadima chattered away with Geet and Anushka unable to sense the underground tension. Occasionally Maan would glance at her with a nervous smile before looking at Anushka helplessly.
"Toh Maan aap log kahaan jaane ka plan kiye hain?" Daadima asked looking eagerly at the newly married couple.
"Huh?" Maan replied unable to understanding what his Daadima was hinting at.
"Arre potaji, humari bahu rani ko honeymoon pe kahan leke chal rahe ho?" she asked smiling gleefully.
Geet chocked on her food while Maan was also on the verge of spilling the contents of his mouth at Daadima's sudden question.
"Voh nahi jayenge," Anushka declared earning a sigh from Maan and Geet. Now it was the turn of Daadima to choke on her food.
"Kya?" she asked coughing.
"Daadima aap kyun pareshan ho rahe hain," she said calmly and patting Daadima's head, "leejiye paani."
Daadima drank water before looking intently at the bunch, "What's going on?" she asked suspiciously, "phir se jagda kya?"
"Arre aise kuch nahi hai," Maan assured, his tone as sugary as possible and grabbing Geet's hand. "Kyun Geet?" he said smiling sweetly.
"Jjji," she stammered, smiling nervously at Daadima while subtly trying to wiggle free of his hold.
"Toh what's the problem?" Daadima asked.
Maan turned to Anushka for help. "Voh isiliye kyun voh dono mere saath vacation trip par aarahe hain," Anushka intervened.
"Trip?" Daadima asked perplexed
"Haan. Meri saheli ka dost ki behen ka cousin ki shaadi hai and they invited me toh maine socha hum sab jaayein," she offered.
"Accha, kahan hai?"
"Oh it's in a small village in the interiors of Yellavaram, off of East Godavari district," she revealed. Maan was overjoyed at Anushka's plan and smiled inwardly at her quick suggestion. He knew he couldn't take Geet privately on a honeymoon or any kind of trip in order to spend time with her and unless she is forced in a situation like this, there is no way he would be able to prove his love for her. And in the midst of everyone here, he would be subject to suspicion from Daadima. So this was a perfect plan to getaway and spend some lone time with her.
"Sounds good toh aap jaayenge na Geet?" Daadima asked.
Geet couldn't deny right off the bat but her uneasiness was apparent in her expression. "Voh Daadima," she began.
"Yeh kaisa savaal hai? Voh bhi jayengi Daadima," Maan interrupted earning a scorn from her.
"I never said that," she replied immediately.
Maan gestured her to come close with a slight nod. She came forward to hear Maan whisper, "Kyun darr gayi kya? You are scared to spend time with me for you know you would fall for me," he winked, taunting her.
"Darr?" Geet smirked, "no way!"
"Then why are denying?" he asked innocently. She hesitated while he probed, "Nahi rehne do Geet, tum haar maan jao and we wont go."
"Nahi hum jayenge and I shall prove you wrong Mr. Khurana," she said haughtily.
"We'll see about that Mrs. Khurana," he smiled, thanking internally for her assent.
"Hmph!" she snorted turning her head away.
"Toh it's final Daadima we all are traveling tomorrow. Please pack all the necessary things we shall leave tomorrow afternoon after lunch," Anushka announced before excusing herself from the dining table. Daadima next filed out of the dining area leaving Maan and Geet.
Maan didn't let go of his hold on Geet's hand and had gone unnoticed by both. When Geet got up to leave his tight grip forced tugged her, forcing her to fall back on Maan, to the surprise of both. The sudden impact of her fall had them both dumbfounded while Maan instinctively wound his arms around her protectively, encaging her in the process. Geet laid motionless on his broad and well-toned chest, her breathing ragged due to his close proximity. His deep chocolate brown eyes bore into her hazel ones. His hot breath tingled her senses, creating havoc in her brain. A tendril of hair had fallen on her face and stayed there. His finger involuntarily came up to her face to remove the obstruction. Her eyes followed the movement of his hands as he softly grazed his fingers on her cheek causing her to close her eyes. He slowly tucked the hair behind her ear, earning a soft moan from her. Her act was so enticing and her lusciously kissable lips were parted making him go crazy. His thoughts were reeling through his mind while his body was acting on its accord. He slowly bent forward to take her soft petal like lips when his cell phone buzzed to life, bringing them both out of their revere.
Geet jerked her eyes open, her eyes reflecting the guilt of her action. She gave a last look to Maan before rushing out of the dining room. Maan badly wanted to call her but his voice seemed to have died down. He looked away disgusted by his own act of trying to quench his physical desires instead of gaining her trust and love. He banged his hand on the table, frustrated letting his action overtake him. He walked away, heading towards his gym, hoping the workout the anger and frustration inside him.

so here is the double dhamaal... i hope u guys liked it and it added to the blast of the new year Big smile... also i better see the time and energy i spend in sending PMs in your comments and hitting the like button... varna i am seriously will be rethinking about updating... (maine dhamaka di aur ab dhamki ROFL) so go on people hit the like button n make me happy with ur comments... one liners are also acceptable Big smile
once again wish u all a very very happy and prosperous new year... may the year bring you new happiness and joys...Smile

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So this is where you've been all day. lol Thsnk you for the dhamakedar updates! Can't wait to read how Maam pataofies his wifey. LOL

Happy New Year!! :-) Hope you have an awesome year!

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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