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3 Idiots - Tujhko saja doo aa ... mahii veyy!! (Page 2)

Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 9:36am | IP Logged
lol Lacchi Cribbing abt her seva for BalluLOL
 Haha ballu and geet both butter Lacchi by praising her work to feed each other..Ballu did tht to feed geet paani puri,geet is doing the same to feed maanEmbarrassed
he was listening to everything..he wants to be fed by Geet not LacchiLOL
Earring scene againEmbarrassedMunda is a Shaatir ChorLOL
Maama ki sangat LMAO Ballu aur Maama Chale Saath Saath Piye Saath SaathLOL
Shrimaan DevdasLOLUfff Yeh Preettooo..This Cellular GF needs to cum out me losing my patiencee...
LMAO Maaneet laughing at lucky ahah I thot they wuld use this to blackmail Lucky if he ever catches themLOL
It is NAAT POSSIBLEROFLROFLROFLand sumone Falloingg LuckyROFLKeel meeROFL
Lucky and Maaneet running behidn each other just lyk Jugnu mame was runnin behind Lachi and yashpalLOL
and he thinks its a Seriously Jugnu Maame and Lucky r so easy to foolLOLand Maan's expression was ditto to mine at tht moment
Geet's MEOWLOLBilli replied HAAN..DIdn't we discuss Geet being Ballu's BilliLOL
Jugnu Maame hogging the paranthe and Dev closes it wen he sees nandini is tempted..haha loves SS's expressionsLOL
God this house is full of ITEMS...OYE TERI o Shraddha Bhukhi haiROFLROFLBeeji has a sense of humourShocked..Shraddha teri Bua Ae giROFLROFL
Thank god dev said god help me..Babaji boltta na toh Teeth Tod deti..
Bahar se jitni Naram hai andar se utni sakth haiROFLJugnu Maame Jaan nikal jaayegi...Dev=sindhu singh he confused me? he ain;t a footballer na..Jugnu Maame mixes darru in his lassi and dips in it too..LOL
I want Maaneet to take JUgnu maame with them to delhi..he ain't going anywhereOuch
OMG Geet was gonna wear tht Drape suit..thank god maan brought sumfin for her..I bet he brought a saari to touch her bare bellyBlushing
*Haiyeee* Time for partial SR..Blushing
The Dori SceneBlushingBlushingBlushingit was sensous especially maan's bedroom eyes and DD's hyperventillating expressionssEmbarrassed
Munda caresses her back making herBlushing
Barry kya dialogue tha "Tab bhi Maan itni hi shiddat se Apni mohabbatein lekar aata"
didn't get a word of tht but sounded good to my earsBig smile
Ofcourse Kanjoos  brings sumfin for her Once in a lifetime so ofcoursee Kurri khush toh hogi...LOL
I said tht last nyt in den geet will push him out but Munda will insist her to change clothes in front of himEmbarrassed
Thosee Eyes were Ready to pounce on her when she was changingEmbarrassed
They moved a Step Aheadd..Yipeee Time to celebrateee...
She Physically changed in front of him and his expressions were Killer throughout...Day Dreaming
He checked her out Angle badal badal ke wen she came out in her sariEmbarrassed
Tied her dori again giving goosebumps to geet thruout her whole body..
The way he put the ornaments on and then at last the waist chainBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing*hyperventilates*
Hey Bhaggu i knew Maan wuld bring Geet's Sautan the Chaand between themm..UFFF Yeh Munda..
THe Episodee was amazing...GC and DD can make me hyperventilate with their sizzling moves..what might be happening to themBlushingScreens were sure on Fire...
Ash is just not on earth todayBlushingMe drowned in maansarovoar..Blushing


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maaneet_pisces Goldie

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 9:37am | IP Logged
Freaking awesommmeeeSmile

everything absolutely everything aout the episode was tooo good...Thumbs Up

starting from the lachi scene to lucky and preeto with th round round...ROFL

breakfast table with the perfect comedy...navjot singh sidhu...roflLOL or beeji reminding dev ...i thot amidst the romance CV's forgot the main purpose but nooo they remember...Clap

OOOhhh...i cannot describe what i felt when i saw the ultimate scene...they are mesmerising...and hey knocked my wits out...they were fantabulous...Embarrassed

i am sill dreaming about the crackling chemistry...drooling with mouth open and which cannot close...BlushingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

5 times ho gaya... abhi pata nahi aur kitni baarSmile

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--Nargis-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 9:41am | IP Logged

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mechantefille IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 9:52am | IP Logged
Ola Idiotz...

a song for the romantics....(Actually I'm just trying Munni-Nihu's Youtube pasting trick...let's hope I carry it off...fingers crossed)Wink

From my youngest years
Till this moment here
I've never seen
Such a lovely queen

From the skies above
To the deepest love
I've never felt
Crazy like this before

Paint my love
You should paint my love
It's the picture of a thousand sunsets
It's the freedom of a thousand doves
Baby you should paint my love

Been around the world
Then I met you girl
It's like comming home
To a place I've known

Paint my love
You should paint my love
It's the picture of a thousand sunsets
It's the freedom of a thousand doves
Baby you should paint my love

Since you came into my life
The days before all fade to black and white
Since you came into my life
Everything has changed 

IT WORKED Eureka!! Hain haaaye!! chummas and jhappi-shappis - girrrl frandz!!! wow you rock!! bas..abh tum logon ki khair nahi...videos paste kar ke paka na diya toh mera naam Amruta nahi!

Just kidding! Itni dari hui shakal banane ki jroorat nahi hain!

My take for the day - MIND IT!!

Meri Malai Waali kulfi - meri laddoo jaisi gol matol jaan!!ROFL
Lucky Paaji in the house aur main khush naa is Nawt Paasibal!

Chak de phatte,
Nap de gilli
dudh nu dak ke ni rakhiya

I dunno how many times I watched the entire breakfast table scene. Forget Dev nandini...make it a Dev - Jugnu - Lucky threesome!!!  

They steal  the show! Hats off to the 3 of them. waise yeh toh main roz roz kehne lagi hoon na??

All the actors, be it Dev's shararat with Nandini n Beeji's fatkaar, or Lucky's lovey dovey talks, or Jugnu's ever lasting drunken stupor. They rule!! 

Each scene had such great flow and every actor brought out the nuances of their characters. Nandini's irritation with her Jeeju, Beeji's strict demeanor, Dev's silent acceptance of his predicament and Jugnu the eternal sharabbi!!

But of course the best part was...Maneet's Mahii...aaj toh main full on gaa bhi rahi thi I was so happy. 

 It was a lover's tryst. Meeting in secret, exchanging loving dialogues...getting a saree for the damsel...all the touchy feeling hanky panky stuff seemed so genuine. 
Yaar ek baat samajh main nahi aayi...Why go behind the partition...woh toh  aankh phadh phadh ke dekh hi rahah hain naa?? Embarrassed Embarrassed?? Tenoo shaaram aa rahi thi?

Still, this hug goes down in Maneet history! It was sensual, it was deep, it had ardor, passion,and it had belonging...quite like the hug prior to the Pindi Queen's entry. Haai main mar jaawaa!! Makes you think they've left the world or sensible, rational thought, just lost in each other. trembling!!

I think I desperately need to take some time off IF and dream the hug again so pardon me for returning late or not at all. 



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lovetheserial IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 10:24am | IP Logged

10th Episode:

The hard hearted Teji.  I am a doubting Thomas when it comes to somebody else opinions but this confirms nihu's assertion that a story lies behind tejis jatka angry reactions??.  Or is it just an indecisive man who is angry with facing the crux of decision making – marriage or business!!  More than any justice angle we missed in Geet's life, here is a true to life enact ion of abuse of wedlock and the very basis of love that a woman has to fight to keep her married life intact, sane and vibrant.

Maan's fast and furious attitude.  Fast to deliver a solution, furious at wanting justice for Pammi in her very helpless situation.  Abuse is something he cannot absorb.

 Maan takes all challenges and turns his challenges to victory. Witty and bold to carry MSK's sandesh to Geet.  – "Sach batha diya - Maan singh ne beja ki geet ko sandesh dene keliye -  geet se vada kiya tha" – Maan Singh Khurana you rock when you are hell-bent on carrying your challenges through !!

Would love to see Lacchi baby's reactions when she places Balwantji in his rightful position as Maan SK.

Lucky and his trick or treat attitude with his Preeto…. Mamaajis insane state of affairs with his drinks..

How does Geet eat so much yet keep a fabulous body??? Loved her gluttony -  a pleasure to watch..

Loved to hear those words again – Maan: "your happiness is my happiness, your karvachauth would be very special" and Geet's nostalgic remembrance of her "bachpan ki yaadein" of karvachauth…

11th Episode:
Geet looks stunning in red.  Lacchi is a peach who can be eaten by sweet words.  Geet has found Lacchi to be the perfect scapegoatConfused to get to Maan.
I liked the question: A ,man eats away from morn till evening to his hearts content and the wife fasts the same period for such a man??  I also love Samir Sharma's reactions and smiles. The table convo 'tween SS & Mamaji was incredible.
There is an incredible word called 'over-estimation'.  And life itself is like a series of 100-meter races.  No one can afford to take a single stretch lightly.  Dev has been firmly reminded by Beeji of his '1-month' period to prove himself to win Geet.  Wonder if any lapses would prove his downfall before this Geet khandan...
Seductions galore in todays episode. The warm pink sari was a gorgeous sight...the closeness, the bg sleazy music, the sound effects, the high end drama in just a touch or hug, Geet's smiling eyes, the tremble of her lips, Maans Heartravenous words, his casual and gentle caresses, his hugs and whispers, Geets just the slight provocative reactionsDay Dreaming all added to the fire burning in my heart - 
Yet  I only wonder when they will move on from finger touching the lips, to shoulder touches and hugs, to eyelocks and lip movements, to now a second time around dori tying -  we have moved on and want more but Geet and Maan seems to be stuck in an eternal slap stick romance time frame – nothing more, nothing beyond.  I still loved the seductions which are a treat to watch…
The last part of the sari drape scene: the RTM sequence was far more intense and seducing the senses than this.
There were 2 noticeable contrasts today:
The loud, boisterous, showy and memorable hillarity of the scenes 'btween Dev, Mamaji and Nandini with the futile yet desperate mesures of Lucky, and
the lovely scenes 'btween Maan & Geet with accompanying pleasures and pains of being together.





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-honeydew- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 10:43am | IP Logged
beepals ... i rezerved my dake ...!! bleeze read it ad ur gunveenenze !!!

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mutterghashti Groupbie

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 10:44am | IP Logged
phamullyyy Hug

am just in the moodzzz for romanceee aaj ...isliye Sleepy bolti band and only romanceee does the talkingggsss...LOL

since we cant have censored videos i put my fav songs lyrics LOL


O Rasiya aa
Rasiyaa aa aaa
Bawali si preet mori
Aaja rasiya mohe ang lagaale

Bawali si preet mori
Abb chain kaise ppaaye
Aaja rasiya mohe ang lagaale
Ang Lagale Ang Lagale Ang Lagale

Tan Ek Jaan Ek
Apna ho Jahan Ek
Aise Lipte Roh se rooh
Ki Ho jaye Imaa Ek

O Keshuo si Kaali ratiyaa
Adhereon pe kaape bateiyaa
Sawali ki saansein mori Arz sunawe
Aake mori shwate preet pe Rang saza de

Bawali si preet mori
Abb chain kaise ppaaye
Aaja rasiya mohe ang lagaale

Bawali si preet mori
Abb chain kaise ppaaye
Aaja rasiya mohe ang lagaaleHeartHeartHeart

Day Dreaming kyaaa kal kisshiiieee misshhiiieee milegi ?????????

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--Nargis-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 10:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -honeydew-

beepals ... i rezerved my dake ...!! bleeze read it ad ur gunveenenze !!!

I just read it...I have to agree...SUPERB episode...wah kya ROMANCE hai!!!Embarrassed

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