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Bonded By SaJan - Friends Forever

EkPahelii IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 05 May 2006
Posts: 29909

Posted: 11 May 2011 at 4:31am | IP Logged
its been ages since I have made a post about them ... feels like forever since they have left but somehow despite it all ... though I miss em each and everyday there is not a single day that passes by when I dont have a smile on my face thanks to them ... yes I am talking about SaJan... our darlings ... the totally cute and adorable Samrat & Gunjan... the last time you read a post about them by me was probably 6 months ago when MJHT ended and yet till date they are a part of my heart and shall always be... for its not everyday that you feel for a pair of fictional lovers.. a couple that really never existed yet became a part of you

there is a lot i could say about them there has been a lot said about them by me .. but still i fell no amount of words can actually surmise what it feels to be a part of this experience and what it meant to have this one couple and this one show MJHT...

I remember when MJHT started i was already a member of IF but totally inactive ... and even when I saw it initially there was nothing about it that sorta impressed me as much... but then it was to change with the happening of a single thing !! - the KJ song sequence - the KJ EXPERIENCE !!

next on i simply got too hooked and too crazy about this show and especially this couple - true to their name ... they are Jaanuables onscreen or off it... in all my time on IF before this show although i made friends... but this show... this couple I owe a family... today as a thanks to all those friends of mine and this couple I am making this post after what is almost a 6 month sabbatical

I never knew when one forum and some crazy gals and some wise ladies would become my acquaintances ... my family my online family... for a person who never has met any single one of them yet today feels like she has known em forever I am so thankful and glad to have found MJHT

 from a stranger to a friend ... today I would like to just take this opportunity of thanking SaJan ... the onscreen couple, MoNaya the performers who brought them to life for all of us and became a part of our lives eternally who have given me so many friends.. sisters today that I cannot complain to god why do I have only 1 pesky younger bro LOLLOL   Pari... my maddest craziest and most sweetest .. the most darling of friends from you to Aashi definitely the most confused and most funniest  to Diya ... the most adorable person I have found on this forum to Aaru the most patient elder sis that this place gave me... Ashu the kindest friend I have known to Sona ... the most critical one whose inputs helped better me... to Sonu, Gina,Ragz, Sumi, Charmee, Jyoti, Sabah, Ishita, Dolly , Kavya, Meera, Mads,Natz ... I am so so thankful to MJHT to have all of you - one show simply came to mean so much

As I wind up perhaps the final topic I would be making on this forum I hope we always stay in touch like this... and continue the crazy ride of life on IF as always ... Hug

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a little faithKomal_ChaudharySanlicious-Ishita-x..Anki..xMeera1101XDevilsDesireX_symphonyGulaabiAakhein.CandYlicious_S-Jyotika--Drishti-samratrocks.MohitzPari.jyothi-aashizincharmee_sammy

CandYlicious_S IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 May 2010
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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 4:48am | IP Logged
OMG.!!  Shocked  res...  I will unres tomoro for sure neha but just wanna say that i love you all and my fellow Monayaholics and most importantly IF whch gave me wonderful friends like you all..!!! Hug   Hug    Mwaaah!!!!!!!! Heart  Hug

Ok first of all toh i am shocked that i unreserved a post.. Shocked ROFL  ROFL  As u know that such a lazy bug i am.. Embarrassed LOL But how cud'nt i reply to such a emotional, heart wrenching and a post which is full of love. Heart  Heart   Hug  I HAD to unreserve.. Approve 

Neha act i dont even remember when i got sooo much close to you all...  D'oh It was such a gradual process and just with time, i got more CONNECTED to you people and from there on started our beautiful journey..! Day Dreaming You know i always felt that there is some knda connection between us Sajan fans cuz we ALWAYS thought alike, spammed together, ( ROFL) , cried together, consoled each when there was some crucial Sajan track or be it character assassination..  Stern Smile LOL   Even though we ourselves felt hopeless and CensoredROFL) at those times but  just for the sake of bringing a smile on our fellows, WE were the ones who showed them a RAY of hope and became ETERNALLY optimistic people esp you and me.. ROFL  Goshhh... I still remember how i used to spam ur topics.. Blushing LOL It was FUN man..!! Day Dreaming 

I think the MAJOR connection which made us UNITED forever was your FAMOUS  Sajan Morena thread.. Day Dreaming  Goshhh... The beauuutiful analysis that you guys used to write.. Clap Clap  And i used to make guest appearances in intervals.. Cool ROFL Neha do u remember how i used to PM u to make a topic on Sajan.. LOL LOL  I was addicted to ur writing style.. Embarrassed And it always made me hope more and more. Ermm LOL

In the end neha i will just like to say that THANKS alot to IF and esp MJHT forum which is the platform where i met such lovely people like you all.. Hug    Hug    Hug    Heart    I am sooo sooo lucky to have met you people as you guys are the only reason why i still lurk around IF.. Ermm LOL Keep smiling and stay UNITED like this my all Sajanians..! Cool Big smile

Love you endless Neha for making this Beautiful post as always..!! Heart Heart  Hug

P.S: I wrote along post bhai..  Cool See m not lazy.. Ermm LOL

Love Sumi..!! Embarrassed

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.MohitzPari. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 June 2008
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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 5:01am | IP Logged
OMG RE...will edit after my today's exam!! this post made me all senti and emotional...but this is all about a LIFELONG friendship so I m feeling proud and lucky as well!

chal dont wanna write everything now haha...wait till I come backSmile

thanks for making this...u know u and ur posts are so close to my heart!Heart everyone's hearts infact! Hug

ok edit...

thank u so much for this topic aaniHug when u said u r going to make a topic I didn't expect a friendship oneLOL u know I m a big fan of ur postsEmbarrassed eventhough I hardly take any part in ur guys' discussion and all...I do try to read everything and makes me feel so good!! I used to remember everyday for ur SG post...If u still rem, I told u was like first I read ur topic and then MJHTLOL  I was so addicted to it!! and u used to put ur thoughts in such an awesome manner...I know u must be thinking this is about our friendship and why I m blah blahing about this...its coz of ur last line...made me somewhat senti...I know I will see them in Vaidehi forum from now on..but still u know MJHT is MJHT...and I have so many memories related to u and MJHT!!

ok now coming to friendship ...more than MJHT  its siggies that brought us closure...rem how we used to make siggies together for each epi and taking caps and all thatDay Dreaming love u so much!! hope this bond gets stronger and stronger!!

love my SGain GANGCool what should I say?? each and everyone of u guys is close to my heart!!! we all are lucky that we r SGains..otherwise we couldnt meet like this! m so proud of u all!! this calls for a lifelong friendship now and I promise I will be there when someone will need me..even after 5-10 years...we share happiness, sorrows, anger, trust, laughs, care and everything...we r unique and special...touchwood** love u so much guys!! together forever!! we all ROCK!!

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aashizin IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 15 November 2009
Posts: 27401

Posted: 11 May 2011 at 5:50am | IP Logged
OMGG aani my RB HugHug u made us senty yar Hugyes indeed we all r  bonded by sajan , yes we all r family now one inseparable part , thanks to sajan and to all our friends here Hug

obviously i started watching mjht only for sanaya and for fun but never thought this show will give me my family and friends on line whom i never meet ( will def meet one day ) whom we never see but our heart connected with each other , sajan who made us to fall for them we shared our happiness , our sadness our love everything with them and with our friends IF 's this place where we first time met we were common in one thing we r sajan /monaya fans and with passing days our bond become stronger , after mjht we all stood together and will as well its like one family , this family has given everything to me my second home here Hug

we all seriously owe to sajan for this wonderful gift to us their journey completed but they r alive and will be in our heart with our friendship ,i m seriously thankful to sajan and to my friends here ,never thought that one show one couple will give us so much happiness and make us blessed with wonderful gift of friends and family on forum Hug

wonderful topics and daily discussion on episodes , most wonderful thoughts of our friends , wonderful creations our laughter our roflings our sadness our happiness everything everyday seriously most amazing days we shared and we will be sharing for sure ahead 

thanks a tone aani for this post love u sweety Hugand love u all my friends here seriously proud to be part of this family thanks to sajan Hug i want to add all's name but list is too long should i LOLEmbarrassed

dedicating yaro dosti to all our friends here our sajan/monaya  family Hug

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-Ishita- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 09 October 2009
Posts: 9852

Posted: 11 May 2011 at 5:56am | IP Logged
U create a terrific Impact on any thing u Post Aani! Awseome post once again!
Have truely Enjoyed on this forum with all my wonderful SG'ians..
Best Group i have ever seen! Nor in my dreams i had ever thought i would meet such amazing ppl online and would get so much attached to everyone! Loved the title too.. Bonded by SaJan- Friends Forever.. that's so true gal.. They got us together and today we all are Friends for Life!
Love u aani! Hope to keep in touch always Hug

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Sanlicious IF-Dazzler

Joined: 05 July 2010
Posts: 2907

Posted: 11 May 2011 at 6:05am | IP Logged

Awesome Post AaniClapParty

Mohit and Sanaya do hold special places in our hearts as Samrat and Gunjan, not only did they make us drool over Samrat and Gunjan, but also spread their offscreen real charm all over us. And, their die-hard fans are all bonded through Them Only both off-screen and on-screen! 

The way we all discussed each and every thing of them in MJHT days was just awesome, hillarious and a tempting experience. Those little fights over Samrat or over Gunjan showed how much they were important and precious for us. Spamming a topic relating to them was our favourite hobbyLOL Discussing SBS/SBB segments and interviews in each and every point of view. And, how can we forget, how we all were speculating things between MoNaya before their official confirmation of seeing each other, finding hints for thatWink OMG, that was so much Fun.

Okay, that was during MJHT days, we werenot behind after it's closure as well. This forum is still highly active, SaJan/MoNaya topics are still fresh and spamming is still our first priorityROFL During all this, we all developed special relationships with our friends, discussing, arguing, helping, sharing moments of joys and sorrows and honestly, this IF members have become one united family especially of Sajan/MoNaya fans for me!!! All the time I've spent here is awesome and truly speaking, whenever I feel frustrated, sad or boring, I come over here to spend some quality time with my friends!

MJHT Forum brought us together and I hope we remain as this...true and special Sajanians and MoNayaholicsHeart

Thankyou so much aani once again for making such a cute, januable and adorable topicHug

Love You All,


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-Jyotika- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 October 2009
Posts: 12106

Posted: 11 May 2011 at 7:22am | IP Logged
AaniiiHug Firstly, it feels so good seeing a topic by you after so longg!! Your topic actually brought me back to the forum.. i haven't commented or visited here since longgLOL

Lovely topic hon.. you're so right, we all are bounded by Sajan!! I NEVERR thought that i'll make such close friends here!! When i joined I-F i hardly knew anyone.. and i had no clue at that time that i'll even become a regular member of the forum and meet such good people!! All because of Sajan/Monaya.. we met discussing the episodes/interviews. and slowly all of us became such good friends!! Our unity is our power.. even after MJHT ended, no one lost touch with anyone.. all of us are still as close as we were before!! In shappiness and in sorrow we have always supported each other!! I'm sooo glad i met you all.. love each and every person of our group a lot... you, aashi, charmz, pragz, ishi, ginu, pari, aasthu, drish, ragz, shru, ishu, zummi, kavz, gayu, yashi, nishi, natz, sum, sonu, meera, affy.. well these are still few, the list is never-ending!!LOL we'll always be together!!Hug

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charmee_sammy IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 27 November 2009
Posts: 27171

Posted: 11 May 2011 at 8:06am | IP Logged
Awww aaniHug another post by you that made me senti... glad to see a topic from you after so long... I though regularly visit mjht forums but haven't commented since long.. but ur this topic has made me comment after so longEmbarrassed

MJHT and Sajan has became that part of our lives which will always remain with us in our hearts in the long run of ur lives... Even after MJHT ended its still at the same place in our hearts.. its still there n will remain!! Theres not even a day i haven't watched mjht rather i would say sajan scene on my cell, mjht has become a routine to me n m still continuing as a routine...

And sajanians i.e 'US' our friendship, a family.. is what mjht n sajan gave us.. before coming to the forum we din't knew eachother, the only person i knew was jyoti from fb but that too was bcoz of mjht n sajanEmbarrassed n after we met we felt bonded may be from even before we were destined to meet... Love you all Hug haven't thought before that i'll make such close friends here, n now if we don't talk for a couple of days we miss us, our talks... God knows what this relationship is called where we love eachother without even knowing personally though we feel as if we know each other..

MJHT n sajan gave me gems, some are dhakkans, some are sweetheart, some r senti n emotional(well i m not adding names of you'll as have made many friends here it will be difficult to pen down them n if i miss anyone i'll hurt the person n even myself.. but u all know that doesn't mean u'll r not special ), but love you all equally n will always do.. this bond n our friendship wil last forever<3<3<3
Tight hug to all of youHug

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