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DEEWANGI..MN OS ..note at pg 3

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Mayank: Bs '..ek kam nhi hota tu logo se'ek file sirf ek file chaiy thi'aur woh bhi nhi mil rahi tum logo ko'.ab yaha kiya ker rahy hoo'just get out of here'I 'll do the honors by myself'..


He was furiously throwing everything on the floor whn finally there was nthing left but '.a paper'.he dint want to even give it a look'n graped a book from floor n placed it on it'thought it was the most important paper for him'.

Sir'.ap ki file'.

He turn around with full rage'.throw it '


Mayank: Do as I said'

She has no courage to fight with him'.she is well aware of his boss n his anger with pending work'she threw it in the heap of file n he then climbed n hold it in his hand'.

Placing himself on the chair 'he was furiously start turning the papers'..

A soft hand on his shoulder ..made him look up'but it seems his anger boiled more'.

He shrugged it off'

Mayank: Get off me'don't u dare touch me ..samhji

Arm se mayank'arm se itna ghusa nhi keratty

Mayank: As if u care'.tum apni sympathies apny pass rekho'..

Acha thik hai..arm se bhatoo 'she start caressing his back slowly to make him feel a bit comfortable'.he too was feeling his nerves finally calming down

Kyun kertay hai khud k sath asa

Maynk: Sukoon milta hai'..

Per kitni taqleef hoti hai'

Mayank: He laughed sarcastically '...taqleef'.nhi hoti '..he shrugged her hands off agin'.just leave me alone NUPUR'just get out of my life..for God sake,'yeah sab tumhari wajah se hai'sab kuch'. mera app'meri taqleef'mjhy jawar bana diya tum ny'.sirf tum ny'.jitni nafrat mein tu se kerta hoon 'aur kisi se nhi ker sakta 'just get out of here'..

Nupur: Thik hai mein ja rahin hoo'.she smiled 'per achy bacho ki tarha clean this mess'don't ask any1 else to do so'.n ya'eat properly'thora arm kerlo'.is ghusay ny tumhain sunay bhi nhi diya hai'

He looked at her with fire fuming out of him'.LEAVE>>AT ONCE'.

He called his assistant'clean this mess'

Ji sir

Acha jaoo'.mein khud kerloo ga 'wasy bhi weekend hai'.aur tum log phir koi file gomado gay 'so leave

Oki sir

He sat on the floor crossing his leg'n went through each n evr file..carefull'for mayb nth time'.it has been a routine of his life'spending his weekend till sat in office'n sat evening at sum corner of his home'Sunday at his mom place'.n thn again cumng back to work'.doing it till his last drop of blood get soaked n he has nthing left in him ''


Samrat: he entered n saw him engrossed in his file'he shocked his head..tujhy ghar nhi jana

Mayank: kam hai mjy

Samrat : janta hoon'.tu chal rah ahi ya nhi

Mayank: mjhy nhi jana

Samrat : mein tjhy aklea nhi chorny wala'.

Mayank: tu mjhy per taraas kaha rah hai

Samrat: tu khabhi kis k emotions k sahi samjhy ga'..

Mayank: mein hamesha galat th 'aur rahoon ga''samjhy'mein kis cheez k na tu laiq aur na mjhy kis cheez ki zaroorat hai'.

Samrat: tu khud se itni nafraat kyun kerta hai

Mayank: kyun k mjhy NAFRAT HAI..apny her k ap se'jis ny us ''he threw the file in his hand to the corner'.n hided hs face in his head'.tu ja samrat yaha se..pls'..mjhy meray haal per choor day'..




A girl was siting in balcony'playing with the cold wind'..she was busy writing sumthing n was thn looking up at sky..the small'glitters of love tightly embraced by sky'..n in between them'.shyly smile her favorite person'..the round big eyes'.wch she love to play hide n seek with'.


Busy writng the notes'she hurriedly looked up'..he was out'ya though it was out ..but for her ..he was out'.she shyly smiled n said '


Nupur: hey'.thak gay'.


She felt two hands crawl on her shoulder'n gasp at the feeling there caressing was making her feel'.

Thaka hoa tha'..abh nhi'

Nupur: itni dair kyun laga di'.

Ma'am kaam kerta hoon'ap ki tarha chand se baatein nhi'

Nupur: she pouted'.tu kam tu mein bhi kerti hoon'per her roz raat mein sirf tumhar sath baat kerti hoo'kis se baat keraty dekh hai tum ny'aur tum 'mjhy se baat hi nhi kertay'..


Mjhy se Naraz hoo

Nupur: han'hoon 'per khud se'..tum thik tu hoon na


Tum dua kerti hoo na'

Nupur: she smile'her pal'.hm 'tu tum thik hogay haina'


She turn around to see no one'.n slapped her head 'budhu'n thn again went towards the moon talk'..


Life for the two of them was just a mere game of misfortune'.for one it was suronded by the emotion of hatered he holds for sumone'..n for other it was the immortal love she hold for him'.


Though bth where living with each others prescnce'.feeling there soul n aura all around them'but physically they were even not miles'.near'only in each others imagination'( all sequence where mere imagination'neither nupur is with mayank nor mayank with nupur'n he changing to she not mistake )


Nupur: she stood up n felt sum1 stoped her'.pls'jany do na raat buhat hogai hai'.aur subha phir office bhi tu hai'.


He came closed n whispered on her ears..


Good night '.


She lowered her head n run to her bed'hiding her face in sheet'.

Slowly she removed it 'n looked evry where aimlessly'..with a painful smile'.she rested her head on the pillow on side'hugging her side way/' if she was resting her head on his chest'.hugging him tightly'..


Good night




Nights where never good for him'either went in roaming around..or working fanatically'.or at times cursing his fate n her for cuming in his life'.hating his eyes to fall on her '.cursing his heart for loving her'.


He was engrossed in making sum presentation at 3 in moring '.but he could just cum upto anything '


Thk gay hoo mayank soi jaooo


Mayank: haa'look whowz saying all this'.woh jis ko meri itni se bhi parhwa nhi'.mein jeo ya maro tumhain kiya'.han'just get lost'.n let me be wht im '.i don't need u samjhi'.


She sat in front of him sliding her hands on his wch where placed on laptop''he looked angrily as if he will kill her with his look'.she pleaded her'n slided off the laptop'..she gently placed his head on her lap n slowly start spreading her hand'.with toxification he went I to slumber'wch was broken now thn because of his night mares'.n restlessness'.


With 7 in the morning he got up as was no use finding peace in sleep..the only way to do so was just keep hating her'..

Jogging around the park'whn he found himself finally breathless'.he sat on the bench near'..he was watching aimlessly to the waves of sea'.cuming furiously to the shores'n hiting them'.but finding them slowly fading into the moment ' the get submerged with the one the r fighting '.

Same where his feeling inside'..evryday he began his day with hatred '.hiting himself'punishing himself'n slowly found peace in the pain he gets after tht'..


Walking back to home'he took shower n thn open his cupboard for todays out fit'


Nupur: ah aha'phir se black'..she frowned leaning to the a door of his wardrobe'.

Maynk: with an irritating lok' wht'.have I evr question u always wearing those useless so called color

Nupur: haa'how mean'the r so settle calm n peaceful one''n ur black '.as laga ta hai sab khatam

Mayank: tu tum kaun se shoraat ke baat ker rahi hooo'

Nupur: ach jao pehnao apna black'with this tie n the black pent'.n ur black coat..evrything shud b black ..perfect on u ..she smiled n he '.

He threw all of them on bed'.choosing a white shirt with a gray pent '.n a gray coat'..n light shade of pastle for his tie'.

Mayank: mein tumhari baat kyun suno'.

She smiled at his leaving figure'.bye ..have a good day'


She was chking the wardrobe  pick a light pastel coloured dress'n thn start combing her wet hairs'..switching on the FM'..a smile appear on her face 'listening to the song n rembering the last night'she blushed looking at herself'.how she find peace in his embrace even if it just an imagination

N strt huming herself too'

Jany kiya baat hai'..

Jany kiya baat hai

She puted in kajal..a n light gloos'.tied her hairs have pony ''

Neend nhi aati '.

Bari lambi raat hai''.

Leavening her home 'with a smile crept her face'.

She was closing the door when her finger got cut with the wood..


He sucked his blood'.n looked at his blood oozing out from his finger'.without even caring of his wound'.


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dr_fiza_ahmed Goldie

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Smarat: tu kiya ker raha hai khud k sath…..aur kyun kerta hai us se itni nafart

Myank: tu kiya kero haan…kiya kero ….itna dhoka….khud us ny mjhy apany itny pass bolaya ..k mera waha se loot na na mumkin hogya…aur phir mjhy asay ignore kerna shoor kiya jasy mein us k kuch lagta hi nhi tha…..insaan bhi nhi…jab us se baat kerna chao tub bhag jati….."hum yaha se chalin gunjan" she use to say like tht….she stop even looking at me…ignored n avoided me completely …as if she was not even bothered abt …n actually she isn't bothered abt I live or dye…


I hate each n evry being of my self…I hate each an evry Monnet…I hate her..i just hate her…

Samart" may b she felt shy ….thst why she didn't ..or wasn't able to talk to u

Mayank: acha…thn atleast she shud have listen to me… mein kiya problem thi….mein ny kahbi us e koi jawab managa …khabi koi sawal pocha ..phir

Samrat: kabhi tu ny us se kaha k tu us k baray mein kitan serious hai…ek bar zabardasti confess tu kerta…phir agar woh teray sath rude hoti tu …tu us ko ilzam day ta…mayank aj bhi

Mayank; shut up…mein us se koi baat nhi kerny wala…samhjy tu….aur agar ab woh meray samany hath chor ker bhi aay gi na tu…mein us ko dhakay mar ker nikal doo ga…..mjhy us ki zaroorat nhi …aur agar us hai tu rahy …ab woh wasy jasay mein raha itny saloo tak…mjhy koi mahanta ke misaal nhi bana ..

At moments are now real not imagination:

Nupur came to ths industry for an interview as she was being oferd a higher place here…..she dodnt knew mayank was the person who is interviewing her…

She was satnding on the door whn mayank was putting out his rage on samara….with not even a single tear but a pitfull smile on her face she lfet the place n went back to her home…..

She was smiling seeing the moon again…..

Hey….aj tumhain dekh….tum janty hoo mjhy kasa laga…jasa zindagi ny humain phir ek moqa diya…per tum sahi hoo…mein ny tumhary sath itna hi bora kiya…itni  nafrat mayank…tm itni nafart ksay lay aay….tum tu sirf mohabat kerny walo mein se thy……chalo meri koi tu dua kobool hoi….itni nafart zaroori hai….tumhary liyan….takkay zindagi mein tu agay bahar sako ….kis k hosako…

Nhi meri fikar mat kero mjhy bulkil  bora nhi lagay ga…..bulkal dard nhi hoga tumhain kis aur k sath dekh …sach….mjhy acha lagay ga…jab tum pyar se kisi k tarhaf dekho gay…jab tumhari ankho mein wohi porani wali deewangi hogi….phir tu mjhy sharaatan dekho ga…..phir ghabara ker meir nazar jhook jay gi..phir wohi subha hoo…jaha tumhain dekhny k intezar hoo……

Phir shma hoti hi raat k intezar…aur raat ko tumhary sath ….kal ki haseen anay wali subha k……

Nhi mera matalb mein nhi..matlab koi bhi….koi bh jis se tu pyar kero…..per sach mein…asa nhi….


She lyed down her head on the desk where she was writing sumthing ….n went into a deep n peacefull sleep….a sleep of satisfaction tht he has lost all the conection to her….a sleep of peace…tht some how…even in form of hatered he holds her inside him….feel of…her prayers now answered…tht now she is resting in peace…


The restlessness is increasing day by day….his heart could find peace in anything…..hectic schedule or fighting with the peple…boxing whole night or…jogging whole mornig..hepless n fatigue…he was lying on the floor ….with his eyes close…as they was no energy left in him..

Samart: mayank…..gunjan aai hai

Mayank: with a jerk he get up..she was her sister but wht she is doing here…

She entered n looked at a similar figure like her sis…she thought doing this will bring bth of thm to peace….

GujAN: I never thought I will meet u ….or do this to u …but finding all these things around di…I find it may also bring sum peace to u n to her….

She handed over him a box of things…

For u … no one can understand there wroth like u ….

Saying so she placed the box on  the floor…with tears…he opened n find his heart beat again..he felt a live …sum warmth flowing in his veins….he was feeling sum emotions sume expression in his numb lifeless body….

Opening the box he found some useless things…like 2 boring books…a envelope….sum greeting cards…n a note book full of poetry …

Looking through the book he found sum thing with wch he fall on ground a sat down ….rubing his finger to feel if it was real….

A no. n and n email id was written on last page…the number was written in alphabetical code…

Mayank: yeah tu mera no hai……mera id…he showed gujna tht…yeah mera no hai gunjan….mera

Gujan: pata hai….she said plainly ….

Holding the next book he tried to find sumthing inside…turning the page …making it upside down…drope a pieace of paper n there he find a recipt ..or rather entry pases of a seminar..for evry1 it was just a mere pices of paper for her …it was at once in his hold…she use to place ths pass always near her heart… holds his signature…his name…..HIS name….

He looked at it n fanatically went for next thing …

It was his photocopied lecture he provided him…whn once she missed the class….n he said I'll give u tht….he laughed at himself tht whole night he red the lecture atleats 5 times to chk its in proper handwriting n with perfect words…….so tht he can make it worth under her possession….

Moving on he found a picture..having a blured image of him… was taking in ther farewell..though no one can see him in it…but only she knew ….looking at it …how she blushed n smiled…as if he was looking straight in her eyes with love n passion….

Next was the pile of greeting cards…of evry occasion n evry moment …holding tag lines like

" we may not perfext but are perfect for each other":

" open to see whom I loved by……(opening he see)….i love u too."

" open the card if u forgive me…..(opened) …I know u will for my stupid mistake….."

He was going through each n evry card with each n evry date..put on a special occasion of her…or at time randomly bought,,,,

He thn opened the dairy n felt sumone was actually making different figures with sharp knife on his heart …..he was finding every thng tears…sobs…scream…chock…or even death..a under expression to got out …wht exactly he was feeling ….whn he read these words

"i don't have tht courage, my words don't have tht meaningfulness……n mayb my eyes dint have pwer to convey my hearts words…i know….i know u loved me like ..mayb god cant define tht can love hold such expresion…such madness….only u hold tht for me…..

u know at times i only feel or i bleive tht i m turing to patient of pschylosis…but  I don't care….whe evry night ..evrfy mont I found u near each n evry moment with u …it feels pleasure…immense plsesure…nobody knew even gunjan wht I hold for u….i just cant say it…n moreover I don't want to….thy will never understand why I wasn't able to confess to u…u where reluctant to do so…n even if we did tht…y are we still holding eachother so tight…..

at time whn u gaze at me….n quickly  tried t run away…it wasn't because I was ignoring u …it was my shyness tht came in between us…in portraying my emotions… times when u came to me n stand behind me….rember whne I was going through the list of marks in our final semsiter at notice board…..n I ask gunjan to leave from here…..whn u did tried to talk to me…..i wasn't able to tolerate the way my heart was reacting at ur closeness…I was shivering badly ….i wan't  afraid of u but of my emotions…..whn ever I use to by pass u …it took so many hrs to ragain my self ….my pondering heart n shivering body…my shy eyes glued on floor…moreover my friends questions n there remarks on u…I was afraid tht if I look upto u ..i will find my feets automatically going to u n wanting ur arms to hold me….i was afraid tht wht will happen if my parents will say no….n I know thy would have….u know thy r serious orthodox…wht will happen to u …I know u would a have broken to million pieces…n I would have love to die right at the spot….but I know it isn't possible…life is very cruel didn't let u at pieces wants u to sufer….

I was just afraid at ur reaction wht will u do to u….living with the fact tht she might or might not loved u morver…in our case my act for such tht made u belive I was playing with u …..than I over heard ur talks with samrat….i found peces submerged in side my heart..u finaly hated me….n I was so relieved …now I know u will move on….i just prayed each  evry day tht hope u find a person who truly deserve the love u hold inside…the care..the affection…the fire of emotions ……I m not the person for whom u spoil ur whole life…im a coward cant just stand by ur side……

But truly n wholly I LOVED U….these three word…I so wish I heard …I so wish I said….n I soo wish u never evr read n get to know anything I wrote..nevr evr get to know wht evr I have of u in me….."














( jafaaun= opposite of wafa, kataby= name plate at grave, mehroom= away, maayt= funeral, rah guzaar= way, kalimay ke sada= in muslim we speak loud a kalmia whn taking funeral to grave yard, kaayar= coward, hasher= final day, giray baa= collar , )

  he was looking at each n evry word of the her writing …wch hold just him…just him in it….how much evrday she use to curse herself, how much evry second she use to love him….

Gujna: khabi agar moqa lagay tu…aur agr tu sahi samhjo tu…..DI ki Qabar per hoo ana….unhay maaf kerday na….

He looked up to her ….realizing wht she said…wht she is actullay trying to say….where she is…han…

He stood up n went to his car n drove it the graveyard where her sis told she is resting….

Moving to a grave named on her ..he looked at it plainly…he thn move around the grave n looked it with all direction…he stod near it n strt slowly playing with the sand….slowly n slowly slidin off the sand…..more n more fanticlly doing so …

The guard there call sum boys…." Dekho yeah kiya ker rah hai: he was too lost even to feel or segregated wht is right n wrong….

With people moving towards him …he move his hand fasters n faster…the grp him n he screw n fought with them to leave him…

Mayank; woh yaha nhi hai….dkeho tumhain woh yaha hai he nahi……

They didn't listen to him…finding him mad the threw him out of the court….

He sliently ..n repeatedly  said his word again n agin n went to his room n locke it n sit on the corner …..

Nupur: yeah kya kiya

Mayank: he look round to find her….dekha..tum tu yha ho…johtay saray….mein ny kaha un se..per nhi suntay…..tum itni asani se mera pecha chorny walo mein se nhi….

Nupur: achaa…tu un se kyun laray….mein kafi nhi hoon kiya larany k lyan

Mayank; tu tum ny meri zindagi tabha ki hi

Nupur: mayank no pls..itny anday horahy ho …dnt lay on my lap

He looked at her n didt exactly

Mayank: karo ga chli kyun nhi jati tu han…..ab bardasht kerooo

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..-IronyDied-.. IF-Stunnerz

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i am very much confused on the first partConfused
i felt as if nupur is dead..but then aisa laga mayank is deadOuch
i mean dono zinda hain par ek disre ko imagine karrahe hainShocked
bohot confusing hai first part


ok first was confusing but now its cleared
aww such an emtional OS.
nupur couldnt sya due to shyness and mayank couldnt understandCry
feel so helpless by reading it...amazing storyline btwClap
it was so amazing ...OMG..i am still there actually
cant say more ..awesome writing apiHug
do write moreBig smile


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sreevijayan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 3:51am | IP Logged very much confused...
anyways everything is imagination haa...
when i read the 1st para...i thought nupur is no more...then comes the next...nupur imagining mayank...i was very confused...
but dont worry becoz am a born confused...
pls update the next part...
i wanna know y mayank hates nupur and y nupur loves mayank sooo much...
update yaa..
and i think am the 1st to comment...
oops sorry...2nd to comment...

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Silent.Dreamer IF-Stunnerz

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Really Nice OS and Really want to know the Reason behind their Situation, Waiting For Next Part..

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dr_fiza_ahmed Goldie

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next part im updating in 5 mins ..wait
-firebird- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 4:04am | IP Logged
desperately waiting for next part...jaldi update kar dena...

superb os...but ye tune kya kiya...mujhe happy ending wala os padhni hey aur sab sad os likh rahe hey...Ouch
next time haapy happy os likhna...thik hey...

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