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Geet Seasson 2:"Eternal Love relived yet again" (Page 7)

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thanks alot abinaya..

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plzzz don thank me i am tryin my best to keep maaneet alive :)
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dude u write amazingly wel no words to express how ur writing is plzzz continue wid the next post fast 
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thanks alot for the motivation,soon the romance will flood in as complications get cleared and i am thinking of few romantic innovative yet scenes related to past.
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Episode 233:

Scene 1: "Maaahi in the background as Maan and Maansi are in a hug...Virat shocked to see and so are others...Maan realises what he had done as he gets out of the hug and loosens himself from the hug...Maan looks around and so does Maansi as she realises Virat was about to question her...Maan to avoid further complications leaves the place..and Maansi is left with Virat damn furious and he moves towards her..

Scene 2: Sulagana still trying to call Maan fails to get intouch with Maan as Maan drives without even having a look at it..

Scene 3: Virat asks Maansi to come along with him as he leaves the party...Maansi quietly follows Virat...just near their car Virat questions Maansi why did she hide from him when she loved Maan...Maansi apologises and Virat who feels furious...and insulted gets damtime n aggressive and arrogant after having felt insulted in front his friend...Virat asks Maansi to sit the car and then she gets a call from Sulagana..

Scene 4: Maansi avoids it and disconnects it...Sulagana feels it was better mesaging to both Maan and Maansi...Virat makes Maansi sit in the car...and Maansi gets the message about Maan's life in danger and so was her...Maansi calls back Sulagana and comes to know about bhaiyaji's intentions...without wasting much time Maansi calls Maan and Virat who is busy taking out his frustation feels Maansi was ignoring him...Maansi trying to call Maan finds him not responding...Maansi in a state of panic ...Virat asks Maansi...what was she doing when he was asking her something...understate of panic...and frustation..

( Maansi in a state of panic and pain and fear)

Maansi: nahi dena mujhe aapki kisi bhi baat ka jawab
Maansi: Nahi pyar karti mein aapse
Maansi: Mere Maan ki zindagi khatrein mein hai aur mein yeh bhi nahi jaanti woh kaha hai
Maansi: Agar Maan ko kuch ho gaya toh mein...mein nahi reh sakti Maan ke bina...
Maansi: Mujhe Maan ko bachana hai...

Virat in a state of shock and a feeling where he was feeling the feel which he hated the most)

Virat: accha achaa hold on..kya hua..tum itni pareshaan kyu ho aur kiska call tha..
Maansi: Sulagana ka woh kehrahi thi Maan ki jaan khatrein mein hai..I want to save Maan..I need to help him,
Virat: For God sakes stop panicking..I will help u...Maan kahan gaya hogaya..

Maansi:patah nahi...hum Maan ke ghar chalte hai...

Virat: U keep calling Maan and his family members till i drive...

Scene 5: Maan..driving his car...and feeling that moment where Maan and Maansi were in a hug after the dance sequence...making feel bad that Virat was present and he left Maansi alone...Maan turns his car back to the place where the party was...

Scene 6: Virat and Maansi while driving feel some one was following them and they realise they were stuck on a vaccant road as a plan as bhaiyaji and his men come closer and take out Virat and Maansi..Bhaiyaji feels surprised to see some one else...with Maansi other than Maan..Bhaiyaji reminds Maansi of his unfulfilled desire which was left incomplete just becoz of Maan but he wud fulfill it and take revenge of the insult she did..

Scene 7: While men move forward towards Maansi,Virat comes in between and happens the fight and as more men jump in ..Virat asks Maansi to drive back and he wud help her get time but before Maansi cud make a move both find them stuck from all side with no scope for running away..

Scene 8: Enters "Maan Singh Khurana" while on his way back and finds bhaiyaji all round action sequence as Virat and Maansi run back...and so does Maan and three of them together...saving themselves from the high number of men following them..


While Virat and Maansi get along together Maan stays back to face the men...and happens fierce action sequence where Maan gets badly injured and Maansi who feels Maan wasnt there with them runs back along with Virat and while on their way back..Virat is shit on his arm and caught hold by men of Bhaiyaji...Maansi alone and finds bhaiyaji and other men coming close to her,knowing intentions of bhaiyaji she runs away...and follows bhaiyaji and other men...


Bhaiyaji finally finds hold of Maansi and Maansi surrounded from all sides by men and bhaiyaji moving towards Maansi with all bad intentions...Maansi moves back and finally feels stuck next to the tree as bhaiyaji smiles and reminds her of the insult and now it was his turn to insult her..while he tries to get bad with Maansi..Maansi avoids his forward movement...compeltely worried and in a state of panic,fear and left alone...Maansi's epressions change from fear to a smile and ray of hope...Bhaiyaji wonders what happened...

Episode ends with Maansi looking at Maan,who is in a never seen before "violent" look,only in jeans,bare chested,blood and wounds on his body and a glare in his eyes...Maan in all "kill" mood and no forgive,zero tolerance mood..

One screen and two pictures Maan in a mood to kill and Maansi with a smile as Maan was there with a ray of hope and assurance..
One screen and two pictures...Maansi with a smile

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Episode 234:

Scene 1:"Maahi in the back ground as Maansi sees Maan and bhaiyaji wondering why Maansi's expressions changed from fear to smile"

Bhaiyaji turns back and begins the background music of Maan,Maan with blood in his eyes,glare and an intent to kill and no forgive...Bhaiyaji feels the fear and intent to kill in Maan's eyes as Maan holds bhaiyaji and in his very first shot he breaks Bhaiyaji's hand..

Other men jump in and Maan with no time wasted...literally kills who ever comes in between by breaking the neck bone or the backbone leaving them dead or paralysed..

The violent look of Maan scares not just bhaiyaji but Maansi too...

Maan moves towards bhaiyaji who is left alone and happens a sequence where bhaiyaji is badly beaten by Maan...where he breaks bhaiyaji's every joint and finally...uprooting his neck literally be heading bhaiyaji...making Maansi feel the violent streak Maan was on looking Maansi in that state...

Scene 2: "Maahi moment"

Maansi comes running towards Maan and hugs him as she tries to cool down Maan who still has the glare and intent to kill who so ever comes inbetween and had bad intentions on Maansi..

Maansi and Maan run towards Virat...Maan finds Virat alone...beating up the other bad boys as he asks Maansi to wait...jumps in Maan to help Virat who was still fighting after being shit on his shoulder..

While the fight continues...more men come in and Maan asks Virat to run and use his car as he wud handle them...Maansi denies to go but Maan makes her understand Virat was injured and shot so he wont be able to hold on..

Maansi doesnt feel like but Maan asks her to leave as her pride was at stake and she shud understand that...maansi hugs Maan and Virat feels how much both loved each other...

Scene 3: While Virat and Maansi run...Maan handles the men...Maansi on her way back sees Maan being attacked by swords and was getting hit..making her leave virat and run back towards Maan,while she makes a move,Sulagana,Adi and others bring in police as police force joins her and the other men try to run and save their lives..

Scene 4: "Maahi in the background as Maansi runs towards Maan and holds him in her arms and lap as Maan compeltely injured and been striked by left bleeding in lap and arms of Maansi...Maansi feeling that panic and thought where Maan's life was in danger...

Scene 5: Maan taken to hospital and so is Virat...and Maansi...Maansi's parents dadi maa all of them in the hospital and so are adi and others...while Virat is all right...Maansi still nervous and feeling the pulse as to what doctors would say...Doctors inform bad state of Maan and literally next to impossible to save Maan...worried Maansi moves towards the room where Maan is fighting with life and death as Maansi recollects those moments when Maan saved her,asked her to leave and was later her tears roll out and she rushes to pray...


Maahi moment in sad tone as Maansi sits infront of Ganpati bappa...praying for Maan's life and everyone including Virat,Maansi's parents and dadimaa feeling the love and concern Maansi had for Maan...not ready to get away till Maan's state...improved...a scene edited to show Maan praying from one night to next day to next afternoon to nextday a similar position without changing her position,having anything,just praying and praying so that Maan's state improves..

Break: Maansi hears Virat saying Maan is "dead"...

Maansi opens her eyes in shock as she cant beelive it...she looks at virat and then runs towards Maan's room as sad Maahi runs in the background and Maansi sees doctors trying their last atttepmpt so that Maan gets his breath...Maansi comes closer and sees doctors trying their best...she comes close to Maan...and keeps her head on Maan's chest...and hugs him with tears rolling out...

A dramatic...scene written and shot as Maan...feels Maansi's touch and her head on his chest and regains his breath...

"Maahi in the background as Maan's breath regains and he is brought back from that last few seconds of death back to life after feeling Maansi's presence and her touch..(an human behaviour still unexplained where a person dieing regains life just by touch and feel of ther person he or she loves)..

Episode ends with Maansi'shead on Maan's chest and Maan regaining his breath and life..

One screen and one picture Maan and Maansi in it with Maan showing the sign of regaining life and Maansi with tears in her eyes and love for Maan in her touch and presence,keeping her head on Maan's chest close to his heart..

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Episode 235:

Scene 1: "Maahi in the background as Maansi while her head on Maan's chest..realises Maan was regainging his breath...Maansi feels great to see that as Maahi runs at a higher pitch and Maansi holds Maan's face...doctors make her get aside and he is given oxygen...doctors excited about Maan's unexpected revival gets excited and asks Maansi to leave the unit as doctors continue to operate to improve Maan's state...

Scene 2: Virat,other family members stunned by the magic and realising how much Maan and Maansi loved each other...making them feel guilty for having tried to seperate Maan and Maansi...

Scene 3: Maansi does not move far as she sees Maan from the small circular window covered by the song sequence :

"Tujh mein rab dikhta hai (female version)begins from the movie Rab ne banadi jodi"

Scene 4: Maansi is brought to her family by Virat,Maansi still quiet and silent and worried and concerned,does not respond to any question by anyone as she closes her eyes praying for Maan and praying hard...Maansi walks up again and sits infront of Ganpati bappa to pray..making Virat feel for her and he asks Maansi's mom not to stop her as well

Scene 5: Doctor comes in and informs Maan was alright but needed sometime to rest and recover as he was badly injured...Dadi maa and others look at Maansi who was still praying...and was in a bad state...but was still praying..dadi moves towards Maansi and asks her to stop as Maan was ok and out of danger..

Scene 6: Maahi in the background as Maansi smiles and tears of joy roll out of Maansi's eyes ass she thanks lord ganpati and rushes towards Maan..

"Musical Maahi as Maansi looks at maan from outside who is still uncontitous as she smiles and cries at the same time...with desire and a wait,wait for that moment when Maan wud regain his senses and she cud meet him and take care of him..

Scene 7: Virat with Maansi's mom questioning her why she forced Maansi when she knew Maansi loved Maan..Maansi's mom informs him it was only becoz of Maan's past...Virat comes to know about Geet and similarities between Maansi and Geet making Virat feel if he agreed to marry Maansi he wud be doing bad to Maan and his family as well...Virat decides to convince Maansi's family and make sure Maansi and Maan come closer..


While doctors continue operating on Maan,Maansi thanks SUlagana for her help,feeling guilty Sulagana accepts it was her fault and how she had planned to threaten Maansi and how she came to know about it..everyone including Maansi and others are left shocked..Sulagana informs she just wanted to scare Maansi but never expected bhaiyaji wud take personal revenge or he had one and when she came to know she informed as she did not want to hurt Maansi and Maan toh never...

Sulagana moves out after feeling guilty and sorry for act and accepting it...

Doctor comes out and informs everyone that Maan was now in his senses and was asking for "Geet"...

Maahi runs in the background as Maansi confirms she was "Geet" after doctor asks for who was Geet..

Everyone including Maansi's mom left stunned,guilty and ashamed after they realise the extent to which Maansi loved Maan that she had changed her personality and everything Maansi as an individual had to Geet just for Maan and for the love she had for Maan


Maahi musical as Maansi enters and Maan looks at Maansi and smiles and so does Maansi as she runs towards Maan and stops near his bed and then sits down and kisses Maan on his forehead and hugs Maan by keeping her head on Maan's chest near his heart...

Episode ends with Maan and Maansi in a hug where Maan is injured and just regainded his senses and Maansi feeling the joy and happiness of Maan saved and was now alright...after a close shave with death...

One Screen and two pictures...Maan with eyes open feeling Maansi's love and concerns and Maansi with tears in her eyes feeling that assurance and releif after realising Maan was alive and now safe..
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Episode 236:

Scene 1: Maahi in the background as Maansi comes in and sees Maan and Maan turns towards Maansi

and smiles...

Maansi with a smile and tears in her eyes as she runs towards Maan and stops near his bed and feels the

wounds and deep marks of the swords which attacked Maan and left him at the door steps of death.

Maansi touces the wounds and Maan feels the pain Maansi was going thru when she touches the wounds

and feels the pain Maan might have gone thru when getting attacked by swords..

Maahi in the background at a higher pitch when Maan says

Maan: Mein theek hu aur zinda hu Maansi..

Maansi cannot control herself as she hugs Maan and maan too with controlled tears puts his hand on

Maansi's head as Maansi feels relieved and some unsaid good feeling after realising and feeling Maan

was out of danger..

Maansi: Ek ek pal maut bankar guzra hai Maan
Maan: Mein bilkul theek hu aur khushi hai iss baat ki ,ki tum sahi salaamat ho...

Maahi in the background as Maansi holds Maan even tighter giving a passionate feel of love with her

head on Maan's chest feeling and listening to heart beats of Maan..

Maan asks Maaansi to look at him..

Maansi: Meri taraf dekho Maansi

Maansi: Iss pal ko mehsus kar lene dijiye Maan,uss pal se toh iss pal tak iss ehsaas ke liye bahut tarsi hu

aur ab jab aap mere itne kareeb ho toh mein iss pal ko jeena chahti hu..itni jaldi mere mann ko shaanti

nahi milegi Maan,mujhe mehsus kar lene dijiye, yeh vishwas ho jaane dijiye ki aap bilkul theek hai,aapki

dhadkano ko mehsus karne dijiye,unn mein apne aap ko talaash karne ki koshish kar rahi hu,bass kuch

aur pal mein isi tarah aapke paas rehna chahti hu..

Maahi in the background as Maan with both his hand holds Maansi face and asks Maansi to look at him..

Maan: Virat kaha hai,mujhe usse abhi milna hai kuch zaruri baat hai woh karni bahut zaruri hai...

Maahi in the background as Maansi feels Maan was concerned about what Virat wud say...

Scene 2: Dadimaa,adi and others who are watching Maansi from outside come in including virat and

maansi's mother..

Maan's eyes searching for virat and then he calls him closer as Maansi gets up...

Maan: Virat meri baat ek baar sunnlena please.
Virat: Tumhari condition theek nahi hai and i promise tumhari baat mein zarur sununga aur mein jaanta

hu ki tum kya kehna chahte ho

A flash where adi,dadi,maansi and others including venu and all realise what Maan wanted to say..

Everyone including Maansi's parents dadi and all ask Maan to take rest and not to think much...

Maan: Virat,tum meri sune bina koi faisla nahi loge,promise me,mein nahi chahta meri wajah se tum aur

maansi alag ho..

Maahi in the background as Virat too feels sorry for Maan and he assures him and asks him to trust him

after he realises Maan was too worried and concerned...

Virat: Maan,tumhein iss waqt aaram karna hai,tum iss halaat mein nahi ki tum koi tension lo aur jahan

tak mere aur maansi ka sawaal hai toh koi misunderstandings hai hi nahi infact sab kuch saaf ho gaya

hai things are now better aur jaisa tum soch rahe ho waisa kuch bhi nahi..Virat holds Maan's hand gives

smile and assures him and asks him to calm down..

Scene 3: Dadi and Maan conversation as Virat leaves and Maansi's mom and others too leave..dadi

informs Maan about Maansi's prayers and her trust in God...Maan asks Maansi to come closer,holds her

hand and thanks her and asks her to be with Virat as he was injured too...Maansi smiles and informs

Maan he was fine...and she will not move out and leave Maan alone...Maan tries to convince maansi and

she keeps a finger on Maan's lips and asks him not to argue..Maan calms down seeing controlled tears

and pain in eyes of Maansi and feels she wont listen to anyone..

Scene 4: Virat and Maansi's mom,Virat informs her mom he wasnt angry but was rather happy that the

things were clear and requests Maansi's mom to let Maansi be with Maan as she needed to be and not

to force her anymore...Maansi's mom relates to it as virat leaves for the day and Maansi's mom..moves

out to bring something for maansi..

Scene 5: Adi pinky Venu all near Maan asking him to take rest and happiness of Maan safe and alive

clearly felt in their expressions as Maan feels good to see all of them around...Maansi's mom comes in

and brings food for Maansi and requests her to have something...When Maan comes to know she had

nothing since the time they were in hospital he glares at Maansi and then asks Maansi's mom to give

the food to him and Maan serves Maansi food as she has it queitly smiling and feeling good...after the

first bite she looks around and asks the nurse about food for Maan and she confirms it was coming..

Scene 6: The nurse asks everyone except one to stay back,dadi and adi inform they wud but Maansi's

mom requests them to let Maansi be there,a moment of surprise where Maan and Maansi both feel

surprised and Maansi's mom along with others move out leaving Maan and Maansi alone..

Scene 7:

Maan: Mein khalunga,aur waise tum apna khayaal nahi rakhogi jaanta hu mein.
Maan: Ab chalo,muh kholo...khaana khaalo..

Maahi musical in the background as Maansi feels good and has food from Maan smiling and even some

tears rolling out...Maan comes closer to Maansi and wipes the tears and thanks Maansi alot for saving

his life...

Maansi comes closer and hugs Maan passionately and even kisses him on his cheeks...

Maan:: ahhh..
Maansi: dard ho raha hai..
Maansi: Kahaa..ohh no i am sorry mein bhul gayi thi aapko toh chott lagi hai,mein abhi doctor ko bulati

hu ek minute...

Maansi gets up and Maan holds Maansi's hand and asks her to wait and stay back as he was fine

Maan: Mein bilkul theek hu,maansi..dont take me the other way..mein jaanta hu aunty ne tumhein yahan

rukne ke liye kaha hai lekin...

Maansi: comes closer and holds Maan's face and tells him,if doesnt stop thinking then she will ask virat

too to come down and stay with her till Maan was fine as she was not going to leave Maan at all,even if

he insults her...Maan smiles and maansi lays Maan down and makes sure he is comfortable..


song sequence: "haan tu hai haan tu hai"
Movie: "Jannat"

The initial musical: Maansi serves Maan the food which he hates but still has it as maansi requests Maan

to have it..

line1: "Jo khwabo khayalo mein socha nahi tha,tune mujhe itna pyaar diya,mein jab bhi jahan bhi kadi

dhoop mein tha teri julf ne mujhpar saaya kiya"

The moment line begins Maansi clears off the remaining food left on maan's lips and some on his

chin,taking care of Maan like his wife..then making Maan sleep comfortable adjusting the bed and its

inclined position to support maan's back..

Musical again: ( Maansi kisses Maan's forehead and asks him to sleep and close his eyes and maan smiles

and doesnt as he wanted to talk to her)

line 2: Haan jo khwabo khayaalo mein socha nahi tha,tune mujhe itna pyaar diya,mein jab bhi jahan bhi

kadi dhup mein tha teri julf ne mujh par saaya kiya...

Maansi gets up adjusts the blanket...on maan,gives maan the tablets and makes him have it with her

own hand as she makes sure maan recoverd soon and eye lock if possible to adjust time of

the line in the song..

lin3: Haan tu hai haan tu hai meri baaton mein tu hai mere khwaabon mein tu yaadon mein tu iraadon

mein tu hai..twice...

Maansi holds Maan's hand and comes closer to Maan and keeps her head next to maan's head and both

in a side hug and holding each other's hand...

Musical: ( Maan is sleeping and Maan staring and feeling how much she loved Maan,as she feels good

watching Maan sleeping calmly and safe,assured and more than that Maan was infront of Maansi giving

her some good feeling and feel of releif.

line 4:"koi bhi aisa lamha nahi hai jismein mere tu hota nahi hai,mein so bhi jaau raaton mein lekin tu hai

ki mujh mein sota nahi,tu hai ki mujh mein sota nahi hai"..

Maansi dreaming about Maan and in the same she feels in her dream Maan wasnt sleeping and

was rather pretending and he pulls Maansi close to him and kisses her on her cheeks close to lips and

maansi smiles and asks maan to leave her and sleep as it was too late and she wanted Maan to take


Line 5: Haaa tu hai haa tu hai meri baaton mein tu hai,meri khwaabo mein tu yaadon mein tu iraadon

mein tu hai

Maansi out of the dream and sees Maan sleeping and she moves close to maan to check if he was


line 6: Haaa tu hai haa tu hai meri baaton mein tu hai,meri khwaabo mein tu yaadon mein tu iraadon

mein tu hai

Maan holds Maansi's hand and Maansi feels he was awake and pretending as Maan smiles and so does

Maansi as she sits next to Maan and smiles and gives him one kantap of love on his cheeks and Maan


Musical: Next day morning...Maansi gives Maan the scrub bath and Maan smiles as he recollects geet

and feels she was standing infront of him..

line 7: Hai teri inayat..tujhse mili hai hothon pe mere hasi jo khili hai usse mera chehra chupa bhi naa

paaye..tujhe paake haasil hui jo khushi hai,tujhse paake haasil hui jo khushi hai..haa tu hai haa tu hai

mere...mere khwabo mein tu yaadon mein tu iraadon mein tu hai...

While Maan feels good to see similarities between geet and maansi and specially the feeling and love

for Maan in both making him feel his geet was infront of him...while maansi confirms why was he smiling

Maan acts as if nothing had happened and maansi acts to show she knew maan was hiding some thing...


A break in song as Maan shows Geet snaps in his wallet and tells maansi she was similar to geet and her

love and concern too is so similar to Geet that he sometimes forgets to differentiate..Maansi feels

touched and hugs Maan and begins the last verse...

Line 8: reapet of first line till the end of the song...

Maan and Maansi in a passionate hug and feeling good to be like that...

Episode ends with Maan and Maansi in a passionate hug...

One screen and one picture with Maan and Maansi in each others arms.

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