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Geet Seasson 2:"Eternal Love relived yet again" (Page 5)

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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 2:07pm | IP Logged

Its now been heard that a new set of TV soaps would come in andalso would come in Gujrati theme serials.

"Geet" was different and is different mainly due to Maaneet,hence to save Maaneet and avoid Geet from ending,we fans have to try our best to inform the makers how much do we love Geet.

Following things are needed to followed religiously:

1) Watch Geet only on StarOne and at 9.30 pm only since repeats dont count and certainly watching on internet wont help.

2) Petition to be signed to demand continuation of Geet: and not to end Geet:

These two things are to be followed religiously...

Considering the new theme and flavour on which Star One has decided to base their new shows,I have written a storyline which is continuation of present Geet and was written keeping in mind "Geet Season 2".

Irrespective of whether you like the concept or not,unless you read the episodes and understand the treatment given to story telling you wont be able to relate to the concept.

Hence read the episodes and then give feedback.

No other fan has written a storyline which is continuation or is directly related to present Geet,I have written one with scope for 300 episodes atleast.

I am done with 230 episodes and can add 120 episodes more.

here are the links: If you ever like it do comment daily to keep the links fresh and even if you dont like it,still comment becoz changes can be done certainly.

Who knows,if makers have a story and a concept with more than 300 episodes planned and written taking into consideration Maaneet's image and the new theme of Star One..
makers might just think of continuing Geet and we can avoid Geet from ending.

Here are the links:

All Episodes of Geet Season 2:

The maximum I can do is take the hard copy to Mumbai and speak to writers and creative team which I will be soon doing it,the minimum you can do is sign the petition and also take the effort of understanding the treatment given to my storyline ...


It was first heard in March that Star One would be changing its strategy specially after the shows replacing Dil Mil Gaye and Mile Jab Hum Tum did not do well.

Good night as we shoudl be prepared to save and avoid Geet from ending so soon.

well dude it is a fact and we need to avoid it rather than thinking why worry

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man u creative heads plzzz open up ur heads man this is high time u guys start readin this awesome work of vikrant and plzzz don kill us fans by killin maaneet this shouldnt happen plzzz do something fast 
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Episode 221:

Scene 1: "Maahi moment "

Maansi: "Maan"

Maan turns back and both with controlled tears looking at each other...( sad Maahi alaap in the background) as Maan looks at Maansi with helpless feeling as he was going to loose her and he cant even say to her why)

Maansi comes running towards Maan and hugs him and hugs him very tightly crying and feeling his pain and also have many questions in her mind...Maan too with controlled tears but this time he does not hold Maansi tight he rather does not hold her and Maansi realises there was something wrong as Maan was looking literally dead and no feeling for her) he did not even hug her with his hand hanging straight..

Maansi: Aisi bhi kya baat hogayi Maan jo aap aaj mera pyaar aur dard dono ko mehsus nahi kar paarein...

Maahi in the background as Maan does not look at Maansi and looking straight with direction of eyes elsewhere but not on Maansi..

Maan: Tum ghar laut jao "Maansi"

Maahi in the background as Maaansi realises Maan did not call her "Geet"

Maansi: "Maansi" ( with a question to maan as to why did he call her Maansi making her feel there was something really really very wrong)

Maansi: Maan kuch toh hai warna aap mujhe "Maansi" nahi bulaate..

Maan gets fakingly furious and a glare in his eyes with tone soft and also very harsh...

Maan: Tum Maansi ho toh Maansi hi bulayunga na? aur bass karo mujhe yeh dilasa dena ki meri "Geet" laut aayi hai,meri "Geet" mar chuki hai
Maan: tum meri "Geet" nahi ho aur kabhi bhi meri "Geet" nahi ho sakti...

Maahi in the background as Maansi feels hurt and very disheartened

Maansi: Ek hi pal mein apna banaliya aur ek hi pal mein paraya...

Maansi turns Maan's face towards her and asks him

Maansi: Batayiye na Maan "Meine aisa kya kar diya jo aaj aap iss tarah mujhse bartaav kar rahein hai?"

Maan looking somewhere else

Maan: Tum bass apne ghar laut jao,mein tumhein nahi apna sakta

Maahi in the background as Maansi feels stunned when Maan refuses to marry her...

Maan: Mein tumhein woh sukh nahi de sakta aur naahi woh pyaar jiski tumhein ummed hai

Maansi: Yehi baat meri aankhon aankhon mein aankhen dalkar kahiye Maan,ek baar yeh baat meri aankhon mein aankhen dalkar kahiye phir mein maan lungi ki aap mujhse pyaar nahi karte,naahi mujhse shaadi karna chahtein hai aur naahi woh pyaar de sakte hai jiski mujhe umeed hai..

Maan to make Maansi feel hurt and insulted shouts at her with glare in his eyes and tone high and anger oozing out of his eyes..

Maan: Tumhein meri baat samajh nahi aati,maan holds Maansi close and pulls her closer,

Maan: Mujhe koi ehsaas nahi hai tumhaarein liye,mein nahi pyaar karta tumse aur naa hi tumse shaadi karna chahta hu toh kyu tum mujhse uss pyaar ki ummeed kar rahi ho jo mein tumhein nahi de sakta?

Sad Maahi in the background as Maansi's mind,heart shatters and she feels she was loosing her love or rather had lost it..

Maansi with tears in her eyes and true emotions out of true love insulted and heart broken...

Maansi: "Zindagi bhar ke saath ka vaada,buss itni hi ummeed thi aapse pyaar ke roop mein paane ki,aisa pyaar jisse maut bhi juda naa kar paaaye"
Maansi: "Aur aap mere pyaar ke badle apna saath nahi de sakte"

Maahi in the background as Maan feels similarities between Geet and Maansi in their nature as his expressions changes from fake anger to emotions of realisation...

Maansi: "Chalti hu Maan,apna khayal rakhna"

Maahi in the background as Maansi moves backwards and Maan feels the pulse and emotions of "Maansi" going away from her...

As Maansi turns back and moves slowly Maahi sad tone runs in the background as Maan feels the pain and Maansi goes out of sight ...

Scene 2: Dadi who feels worried after hearing Maan shouting comes out of her room and finds Maansi crying..she stops Maansi and Maansi hugs dadi maa and informs her she wud now not return..

Maansi: "Chalti hu dadimaa"

Dadi feels that something big had happened as Maansi sounded like she wud never return...

Scene 3: Maan and Dadi

Maan feeling the pain of having lost "Maansi" is in his room with Geet's snap...and hugging the snap and crying...

Dadi: Beta Maan..

Dadi looks stunned when Maan too is in a bad state...

dadi comes closer and Maan hugs her and cries loudly as he feels helpless infront of his fate...

dadi: kya hua Maan batayi toh,wahan Maansi ro rahi hai yahan aap aise,kya hua Maan?
Maan: Dadi maa mein taqdeer ke aage haar gaya mein haar gaya..
dadi: Maan..chup hojayiye,batayi toh aisa kya hua hai jo achanak yeh sab
Maan: Maansi ki mummy aayi thi..

A scene is mute tune and dadi relaising why Maan had to say all that..when flashes of scenes where Maan's conversation with Maansi's mom and later with reashu and then Maansi comes in..

Maahi in thebackground as Maan after saying all that keeps quiet and silent and dadi feels bad for Maan...

Dadi: Maan...issse jyada toh hum kuch nahi kar sakte the naa aur phir aapne koshish ki,ab agar Maansi aapki taqdeer mein hai toh yakeen maaniye woh aapki hogi aur agar nahi hai toh bass dua kijiye ki Maansi jahan bhi rahein jiske saath rahein khush rahein, iss baat ki khushi hai mujhe aur aapko bhi fakra hona chahiye ki aapne jo kiya woh waqt ki nazakat ko samjhte hue kiya.

Maan hugs dadi and dadi makes him sleep clamy on her lap...

Scene 4: Maansi reaches her home and her mother realises Maan must have did something...she feels bad to see Maansi in that state but feels it was needed...Maansi hugs and cries as she feels the pain of her heart being broken...Her mother tries to pacify her and asks her what happenned...Maansi says nothing and later realises Maan must have said something...Maansi's mom makes her realise that it was not easy for Maan to forget his wife and Maansi might not be able to cope with it..with an example for her and her dadto explain how deep is and are emotions of hubby and wife..She tries to pacify her and convince her to look life beyond Maan and be practical...

Scene 5: Next morning:

Maan and Reashu...Reashu who is upset and still in a dilemma leaves without speaking a word with Maan and dadi realises the kid was accepting the harsh fact...dadi feels if it was right to send reashu,Maan informs dadi it was time to be stronger and reashu wud feel better with her friends and it wud be a welcome change to her environment where she can forget few things for a while...

Scene 6: Maan reach office and finds Maansi sitting in his cabin...

Maahi in the background as sad Maahi begins and Maan walks towards Maansi

Maan: Kuch kaam tha
Maansi: Yeh mera resignation letter...

Maahi in the background as Maan holds the letter and feels speechless as he tries to control his feelings..

Maansi feeling Maan was hiding something...

Maansi: Mein dadi maa ko ghar jaakar inform kar dungi...ummeed hai ab hum dobaara kabhi nahi milenge...

Maahi in the background as Maan looks at Maansi with the same pain which use to disturb her...

Maansi: Mein nahi jaanti aapne aisa kyu kiya,lekin agar aap Geet ki yaadon mein jeena chahte hai aur agar aapko lagta hai aapko kisi ki zarurat nahi toh mein aapko rokungi nahi...

Maansi: Aajse aap poori tarah azaad hai,( Maansi pointing at the letter)

Maansi: Na mein yahan aapke paas rahungi aur naahi aapko aisa koi bhi ehsaas hoga jisse aapko yeh lage ki aapki "Geet" laut aayi hai..

Maahi in the background as Maansi gets aside and walks off and Maan feels the pain while holding the resignation letter..

Break: Dadimaa calls in a pandit her tantrik guru who use to help her with decisions to find out why Maan's life was so complicated..the guru confirms if Maan was born after some "mannat"..dadi who knew it was true confirms it as yes informs that it was quiet possible that the unfulfilled mannat was creating problems in life of Maan...dadi is left worried where she wonders how to find out and may be Maan's dad or mom did not fulfill some "mannat" which was wished for "Maan"...


While moving out Maansi clashes with Adi who informs her that the coming weekend everyone had planned to go out for outing to ganapati pulle, a famous beach and everyone from the staff was going to come and accompany...Adi finds Maansi a bit sad and very odd,Maansi informs she had resigned and was no more a part of the organisation..Adi feels stunned..after hearing to it...As Maansi looks at Maan after Adi questions why Maansi was leaving...

Episode ends with Maan and Maansi looking at each other and Maan stops Maansi before she cud leave

Maan: "Ruk jao Maansi"

Maahi in the background as Maansi feels Maan might have stopped her to apologise and may be he wud share the real reason as a slight smile comes on her face...

Episode ends with Maan and Maansi looking at each other...and Maahi alaap in the background...

One Screen and two pictures

Maan and Maansi looking at each other..Maansi with a slight smile and relief and Maan with an expression that he was about to say something..

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Episode 222:

Scene 1: Maan Maansi and Adi

Maan: Ruk jao Maansi..

Maahi in the background as Maan asks her to wait and Maansi turns back and Maan and Maansi looking at each other and Maan walks upto Maansi...

Maan: Agar ho sakein toh aakhri yeh kuch pal hum sabke saath ...

Maansi's heartbreaks as Maan did not call her to stop but wanted to request her to come for the trip...

Maansi: Mein busy hu aur ab mere liye possible nahi ki mein aapke...

Maahi in the background as Maansi stops,Maan expresses what she meant and Adi wondering what went wrong and why were Maan and Maansi behaving like that

Adi: Maansi mein nahi jaanta tum kyu jaana chahti ho aur achanak aisa kya hogaya ki yeh sab...

Maansi moves out and Adi is left with a question mark and Maan realises Maansi wont come...

Scene 2: Adi conforms with Maan what went wrong and Maan with tough and still face,informs Adi about Maansi's mom and the chat and requests him not to tell anything to maansi or she wud not listen and her family wud get away from her..

Scene 3: Enters "Virat" ( Ideally shud be either Rajeev Khandelwal or Karan Singh Grover for few episodes and few scenes)

Maansi clashes with Virat and is stunned to see him as she had seen his snap...Virat informs he had come to meet her in Khurana Constructions as informed by Maansi's mom...Maansi wonders why her mother did not inform her...

( The entry wud be stylish for sure to suit and compliment the image of these stars,either of the two and ideally KSG wud be great..)

Virat: Hi...
Maansi: Aap yahan..
Virat: Jaanta hu you are shocked ,aunty ne bataya ki aap nahi jaanti mein milne aa raha hu
Maansi keeps quiet..
Virat: Mera Mumbai aana jaana laga rehta hai aur aapke nanaji ka yeh kehna tha ki mein aapse mil lu,toh mein aa gaya..
Maansi: Jii lekin meine abhi kuch socha nahi
Virat: Hmm toh aapse kisne keh diya mein aapka jawab sunne aaya hu..

Maansi looks in a spot of qiestion mark..

Virat: Maansi I did not want you to feel uncomfortable aur typical arrange marriage scenario kaafi awkward ban jaata hai..
Maansi smiles
Virat: Good mujhe toh laga tha aap gussa ho jayengi..great..kya hum kahi baith kar baat kar sakte hai please if you have time or else I will meet you later...
Maansi: Yes why not...ahh yahan paas hi ek restaraunt hai...

Scene 4: While turning back Maansi sees Maan who was out for a meeting and Maan sees Maan with Virat and realises he was the one...( Maahi in the background as Maan sees Maansi and then quietly sits inside the car and moves away)

Scene 5: Maansi tries to prepare herself to move on and moves out with Virat...who was busy on a call while Maan and Maansi happen to get stuck in an short eyelock..

Scene 6:

Adi and others in the office..preparing for the weekend trip as Adi looks a bit worried and Pinky confirms with him what was wrong...Adi informs pinky and both feel helpless as there was nothing much they cud do as everything was open and clear and now things were out of their control to influence to which Sulagana listens and feels it was a good news for her as her dream was not yet over...

Scene 7: Virat and Maansi in a conversation

Virat: Maansi kya logi tum
Maansi: You are my guest so I wud offer you,what wud you like to have
Virat: Hmm nice,I like your attitude..but yeh chera itna sad yeh awaaz itni sad aur overall tumhari body language itni sad kyu hai?
Maansi: Nahi kuch nahi
Virat: Maansi i wont waste much you love some one?

Maahi in the back ground as Maansi feels stunned and in a thought for a while as Maan's face his smile and his hugs flash infront of her face

Virat: Kuch toh hai...well kya mera yahan aana tumhein theek laga,ru ok with it..please let me know...
Maansi: Yess I am just not feeling ok
Virat: Tum jaanti ho na hum kyu mil rahein hai
Maansi: Haa
Virat: Aur mein koi emotional complications nahi chahta,jo tumharein chehre par saaf nazar aarahi hai
Maansi keeps quiet and looks down as if thinking something
Virat: Tum agar kisi aur ko chahti ho toh mujhe abhi bata do,I seriosuly hate emotional complications...
Maansi: Actually meine expect nahi kiya tha aur achanak milna woh bhi you know...I am a bit tensed..I am sorry
Virat smiles : relax mein mazak kar raha tha...woh kya hai na yeh idea kaam karta hai aisi meets se pehle you know...

Maahi moment: ( Musical maahi romantic sad moment)

Maansi and Virat in a Maan secretly watches them from far and Maahi runs in the background as Maan realises Maansi wasnt keen and was still upset but was trying to hide her feelings...


Maansi with her mom and discussing about the meeting,Maansi's mom apologises but she does not react as it mattered least...Maansi's mom realises Maansi was compromising and was still thinking about Maan and why he did all that,Maansi's mom feels guilty and questions herself if she was doing right with Maan and Maansi...

Maansi's mom asks Maansi if she was ok..she says yes...she was and requests her mom not to ask her again and again and give her some time...Maansi's mom keeps quiet and Maansi feels sorry...She informs her mom that she really really loved Maan and irrespective of him being married wanted to settle with him becoz he was a man for whom she wanted to live and spend her life and now after having so close and then being deprived it will take sometime for her to come out of it...

Break: (Musical Maahi moment)

Maansi informs her mom that she had resigned,Maansi's mom asks Maansi about Virat and Maansi feels Maan's presence...around as her mom asks her how did she find him,was he good how was his behaviour...and Maansi answers very good and something beyond her expectations..

A scene where Maansi feels Maan had come back and while her mom was asking her about Maan as Maansi holds Maan's face in her hand..a day dreaming scene where Maansi relates everything to Maan where her mom is asking her about Virat...

Episode ends with Maan and Maansi in each other's Maansi who wants to be only in arms of Maan finds herself in arms of Maan and feeling Maan too was hugging her and both in a passionate hug...

One Screen and one picture

Maan and Maansi in each other's arms.

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Episode 223:

Scene 1: Maan back in his room,feeling tired and thinking about those moments when Maansi was with Virat,followed by the moments when Maansi's mom came,him insulting Maansi and Maansi going away and also those moments when they shared some really good moments together as he gets up and looks at Geet's snap...

Scene 2:

Maan and Geet flashback moment:

Maan: Geet humein shaam ko kab nikalna hai
Geet feels shocked and with eyes wide opened..
Geet: hey babaji yeh kaisa chamatakaar kar diya aapne ( Geet looks up in her patent style like she use to do and Maan also looks up when geet talks to babaji looking upwards and wondering what did he do)
Maan: Geet,over acting karna band karo aur mujhe yeh samjhao..yeh ho kya raha hai...tum yeh nautanki kyu kar rahi ho?
Geet:Aapne khudd poocha hum shaam ko kab nikal rahein,waise toh aapko hosh rehta nahi hai,bass kaam kaam kaam aur kaam,itni fikar nahi ki Geet ghar par akeli hai,bore hojati hogi,kahin bahar jaana ho toh aap late,bahar jaane ka koi matlab hi nahi,aur aaj aap khudd pooch rahein hai...toh babaji ko thank you toh banta hai na..
Maan: accha toh tum meri taang kheech rahi thi..theek hai..bhalayi ka toh zamana hi nahi hai..ek toh sudharne ki koshish karo upar se yeh sab...achha hai..karo aur mazak udao mera

Geet smiles and comes closer to Maan and puts both her hands on Maan's shoulder...

Geet: Woh kya hai na mein bahut miss karti hu aapko,aur phir jab aap lautkar aate hai toh bada maza aata hai aapko chedne mein..
Isse se acchi toh mein pehle thi kam se kam office mein aap mere aankhon ke saamne toh rehte the jab chaho aao mil lo..

Maan: Aur jab chaho cheddo...( Maan in romantic mood and Geet realising what Maan was upto as romance and sensous feeling spreads in the tone of Maan)

Maahi in the backdrop as Maan pulls Geet closer and in his arms and alot closer...with eyes locked and desire for passionate romance with Geet flooding in eyes of Maan...making Geet feel nervous..

Maan slowly moving his hand on waist of Geet and Geet feeling the romance of soft touch,Maan pulls her alot closer...

Maan: Toh chedo na mujhe..meine kab roka hai,aur waise bhi jab bhi tum mujhe chedti ho toh mujhe tum par aur bhi pyaar aata hai..

Maahi at higher tone as Geet clomes alot closer...

Maan clears hair on Geet's face as he touches Geet's face and sets her hair behind the ear...and pulls her even closer...

Maan: Tumhari yeh julfe mujhe chidhati hai jab iss chand se chehre ko apne andar simet leti hai...

Maan touching Geet's ears and the zhumkas...

Maan: Yeh zhumke jo chaar chaand lagate hai iss chehre ko ,mujhe chidhati hai ki yeh tumhein mujhse jyada pyaar karte hai,inhein ghamand hai ki yeh tumharein itne kareeb hai,mujhse bhi jyada kareeb...

Maan removes the zhumkaas and kisses ears of Geet...

Maan : Yeh aankhen jinki sharartein mehsus karne ke liye meri saanse chal rahi,chidhati hai mujhe paas bulaati aao aur inn mein kahi doob jao..

Maan kisses Geet's eyes...

Maan: Yeh labz..Maan touches Geet's lips...yeh chidhati hai mujhe jab bhi inn par mera naam aata hai,yeh ehsaas dilati hai ki meri sahi jagah kahan hai...

Maan gives a gentle touch on Geet's lips...

Geet feels the sensous feeling as she hugs Maan...and Maan to hugs Geet and both in a passionate hug..

Scene 3;

Maan and Geet in a passionate hug,Geet's head on Maan's chest

Maan: Matjao na Geet...kya Hoshiarpur jana itna zaruri hai..
Geet: Aap bhi na Maan,ab jaana toh padega na,ek saal hogaya hai,aur phir aapne hi vaada kiya tha...
Maan: Tumse dur rehne ka mann nahi karta Geet...ek pal bhi nahi...dil karta hai mein jab bhi ghar lautu tumhein apne aapnkhon ke saamne paau...
Geet: Jaanti hu Maan aur sach poocho toh mera dil bhi nahi lagta aapse dur rehkar...mera bilkul bhi dil nahi,isilye mein ab dus din mein lautkar aajaungi...

Maan: kya..tumne pehle ek hafta kaha tha..
Geet: Haan par...
Maan: Bilkul nahi..zhoothi ho tum,,tumhein kuch farak nahi padta mein yahan jee raha hu ya mar raha hu..Geet mein keh deta hu ek hafta matlab...ek hafta ek din bhi jyada nahi..aur agar...( Geet keeps finger on Maan's lips)

Geet: Mein toh mazak kar rahi thi..mein teen din mein laut kar aajaungi...

Maahi in the background as Maan feels good and smiles and hugs Geet...

Geet: Kuch kaam hai Shimla toh hoshiarpur cancel aur mein khudd chali jaungi...aapko aane ki koi jarurat nahi...
Maan: Lekin Geet...
Geet: Maan aap harbaar mujhe chodne aate hai,iss baar nahi...aur mein teen dino mein laut aaungi..
Maan: Pakka..
Geet kisses Man on his cheeks and smiles and says..

Geet: Pakka mein yu gayi aur yu aayi...and then pulls Maan's cheeks and hugs him...

The result of "Geet" going alone was her accident and her death as Maan gets the news and flashes a scene where Geet's dead body was infront of Maan..

Maan comes out of the flashback and holds Geet's snap and hugs it tightly...and with controlled tears...

Maan: Kaash tumne meri baat maanli hoti toh aaj tum mere paas mere saath hoti Geet...

Scene 4:

Maansi sleeping calmly in her mother's lap and her mother thinking about Maan and Maansi and somewhere down the corner feeling she was doing wrong...

Maansi's mom: Tumne achanak job chodd diya,kisine kuch kaha nahi
Maansi in her thoughts of Maan...
Maansi's mom again asks her and maansi realises she was asking something
Maansi's mom: Tumne achanak job chidd diya toh kisine kuch poocha nahi
Maansi: Sab naraaz the aur Adi sir toh bahut jyada,kal sab jaarahein trip par,mujhe force kar rahe the
Maansi's mom: Toh phir
Maansi: Meine mana kar diya
Maansi's mom: kya Maan bhi aa rahein hai
Maansi: aapko lagta hai meine Maan ki wajah se mana kiya
Maansi's mom:agar Maan wajah nahi hai toh jao sabke saath enjoy karo trip...aur Maan wajah hai toh jarur jana kyuki Maansi,jitni jaldi tum Maan ki wajah se affect hona chodd dogi tumharein liye accha hai..

Scene 5:

Everyone ready for the trip and in the bus...enters Maan Singh Khurana with all sporty and a casual look,attitude as if Maansi was never there in his life and behaviour as calm and cool as one cud think of making viewers feel Maan was getting tougher and was trying to make himself stronger and stronger..

While everyone wait outisde Sugandha asks for Maansi if she was not coming...Maan's facial expressions Adi informs she wont come but pinky realises she was around as Maansi comes walking with her bag...

Maahi in the background as Maansi comes walking and Maan for a moment doesnt believe and keeps staring at Maansi as she walks in...and comes closer..


Inside the bus...Maan sits next to a window and Sulagana comes and sits next to him and Maansi sits with Sanjog..on the other side...everyone praise the lord for a safe journey and bus moves...

( Musical maahi as Maansi and Maan try to look at each other and find the movement such that eye lock happens and then both change direction of view..this happens three times and Maan and Maansi finally turn their face to avoid eye contact...

The bus stops at a stop where all decide to have something to eat...Maan and Maansi too get down and Maansi searching for water to wah her face..finds help in terms of Maan offering her bottle of water ...Maansi does not ignore him..

The water is poured and Maansi washes her face and happens a maahi moment as Maan sees at Maansi washing her face...

( Musical romantic Maahi as Maansi washes her face and Maan feeling gud to see her)

Maan then offers her his handkerchief and realises there was something which was left on upper left hand side of Maansi's face..a leaf...

( Yet another Maahi moment as Maan removes the leaf and Maansi closing her eyes and Maan clearing and removing the stuck leaf ...

Maan gets back and Maansi opens her eyes as everyone get into the bus and ask Maan and Maansi to come soon..


Adi Sir arranges things in a manner by offering a deal to Sanjog in return to sit next to Sulagana who accepts it...While Sulagana is waiting for Maan...Sanjog comes and sits next to her..making her feel furious and irritated and while she is asking Sanjog to get up...Maan comes in and asks her to relax as he would sit somewher else..Maan looks around and finds a place next to Maansi...

Maahi in the background as Maan looks at Maansi and Maansi gets aside hinting Maan to come and sit next to her...

Maan sits next to Maansi and episode ends with Maan and Maansi looking at each other...and Maahi in the background...still on...

One screen and two pictures

Maan and Maansi with respective expressions..

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Episode 224:

Scene 1: Maan and Maansi in the bus

While everyone is all dancing and enjoying Sulagana getting irritated by Sanjog and others singing and enjoying on the way to Ganpati Pule...Maan and Maansi with a cold war kind of an environment...

Maahi in the background as Maansi looks at Maan who realises Maansi was looking at her and tries to avoid eye contact as Maansi still with a question mark in her to why Maan all of a sudden changed his attitude and decision...just when Maan feels it was too long Maansi was staring at him...

The bus gets jerk and Maansi bangs her head while she was looking at Maan..

Maan shows his concern as Maansi's head and eye gets banged...Maan holds Maansi.then tries to check where she got hurt as Maansi feels good to be like that and so close to Maan..Maan gives a gently feel to Maansi as he tries to look for where she got hurt...Maan keeps asking Maansi where she was feeling the pain and she keeps saying no as Maan realises she was not even paying attention to where he was pointing,all her attention was on him ...

Scene 2: Maahi moment as Maan realises Maansi was looking at him and an eye lock happens with Maansi actually with controlled tears in her eyes and Maan realising and feeling her pain as he tries to get off and keep some distance...

Scene 3: Adi asks everyone to get up and play antakshri to which Sulagana calls it old fashioned and everyone make her quiet as it was the best game to play while travelling...Adi makes it a circle and to change the game pattern...he makes it a point where one will sing a song and the person sitting next to him has to sing a song from any one word from the song sung by previous one...who ever fails will be knocked out..

Scene 4:

Adi begins the game as everyone get invloved and comes Maan's turn who is left speechless and everyone ask him to sing quickly within 10 seconds before he gets out..

Maan sings song: "tere bina zindagi se shikva toh nahi,tere bina zindagi bhi lekin zindagi toh nahi..." from the movie aandhi..

Maansi feels it was an indirect but true feeling of Adi realises alongwith pinky why Maan sung that song...

Comes Maansi's turn and she sings: 'Zindagi mein koi kabhi aaye na rabba,aaye jo kabhi toh phir koi jaaye na rabba.."

Scene 5: While everyone else are busy in continuation...of game happens a sad maahi musical moment as Maan and Maansi look at each other realising it were feelings expressed indirectly...Maan realises it and finds the same question in Maansi's eyes and looks somewher else..

Scene6: Adi and Pinky realise that Maan and Maansi were involved in their own world so he dares to ask Maan and Maansi to go back and sit as they were playing and since both of them were not interested..they shud not spoil the fun...Maan gets furious and Adi gets ready..but then Maan feels he was right...Maansi gets up and Maan follows Maansi...and on the other jirk Maansi falls right back in arms of Maan...

Scene 7: Maahi moment as Maan holds Maansi and Maansi and Maan eyelock happens as Maan tries to make her feel comfortable and stand happens another jirk where Maan falls and with him falls Maansi on him... on the long seat side ways and Maansi on him..a long maahi moment as Maan tries to get up and Maansi's hand accesorries get stuck and hurt Maan on his hand...Maan makes Maansi sit comfortably ( all this in musical maahi running in the background and both still not talking to each other but certainly expressing love and concern)

Scene 8: ( Maahi moment continues as Maan and Maansi are now close to each other and alone sitting in private at the back seat)

Maansi realises Maan was hurt,so she removes the ointment from her first aid box and applies it to Maan's hand and after applying it she just clears of something from her lips and the ointment gets rubbed near her lips...Maan sees that and clears it off as both are in each others imagination with no control on their senses and eager to get back in each other's arms..

Scene 9: While everyone are busy playing and now wondering and waiting for Ganpati pulle to arrive..are busy deciding what next to play...Maan is sleeping calmly with his head next to the window and Maansi busy listening to music..she realises Maan was getting hurt with jirks...Maansi can see that and she makes Maan sleep on her lap..Maan who is fast asleep does not realise it and he sleeps on Maansi's lap...Maansi feels good and she gently waves Maan's hair and his head as she feels like giving lots of love to him...and peace as well...


Everyone get ready to get down and Maan realises he was sleeping on Maansi's lap and Maansi's hand on her head...Maan tries to get away and this time its Maansi who is fast everyone get down...Maan tries to awake Maansi but she doesnt..after trying for a while he picks Maansi in his arms and happens a Maahi moment as Maan picks Maansi and drops her to the room which was booked for her..while Sulagana feels jealous...everyone else feel good and Adi sir feels happy and hopes for the happen..

Maansi gets up and finds her in arms of Maan with Maan trying to make her sleep properly and Maansi realising her hands were locked in neck of Maan...Maan informs her she was asleep and he just wanted to drop her and make her sleep properly...Adi comes in and asks everyone to get ready as soon as possible as they were first going to take blessings of Lord Ganpati and then enjoy themsleves on the beach..


Everyone in the temple Adi Sir asking lord to somehow clear all misunderstanding between Maan and Maansi and take away all hurdles..same does pinky,same does Sugandha and also Sanjog...add to it Bond too...Maan praying for Maansi's bright future ...

Maahi moment as Maansi comes in and stands next to Maan and Maansi praying Lord and expressing her desire to settle with Maan and also making a mannat if she gets married to Maan she wud come back with Maan to take blessings..

The Pujari gives blessings to Maan and Maansi as if they were married couple and Maan and Maansi left speechless as they look at each other with a look with lots to speak thru eyes and no words..

Episode ends with Maan and Maansi looking at each other after the pujari who feels they are married couple gives blessings in terms of a happy married life,blessings for Maan and Maanso to get lots of love from Maan...

One screen and three pictures...

Maan and Maansi with respective expressions and Ganapati bappa in between...listening to prayers of all to bring together Maan and Maansi...

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Episode 225:

Scene 1;Everyone on the beach ready for play and have fun...Adi SIr again plays the trick and makes sure Maan and Maansi play in the same team...begins the game and happen Maahi moments ..

Scene 2: ( Musical Maahi moment as the entire game is shot with Maahi running for 3 minutes and Maan and maansi clashing several times,coming close to each other...when Maan and Maansi clash several times while trying to hit and punch the ball...close looks of Maan and Maansi while the clashes happen...and

Scene 3: finally happens a major one when trying to keep the ball alive and within the line both Maan and Maansi fall together with Maansi down and Maan right on her and distance as such that one step ahead and wud happen something special...

Scene 4: Maan gets up and offers hand to Maansi who gets up herself and everyone around ...shouting to get in the sea...
While everyone rush in Maan stays back and Maansi moves in and she looks back once to confirm if Maan was coming...

Scene 5: Maansi looks back happens a musical maahi moment again as Maan and Maansi without saying a word convey their message ...Maahi at a higher pace as Maan walks towards Maansi as if she had asked him to come with a message passed thru eyes..

Scene 6: Everyone inside enjoying ...and then Bond comes up with an idea of " Appam rappi" a game kids play..but over here it was about making a circle...and a person in the center...and sea waves coming in...and person has to save himself from the hits which others on the side would try..on the person in the center..there wud be three people in the center and agame just for fun..with one getting hit wud come out to hit and the one hitting wud come in and enjoy the fun and excitement of dodging the ball..

The game begins as Maansi is the first one to be in center but Maan does not hit her and hits others...the game continues as Maansi falls and rises and in the process of getting herself saved from hitting she gets far inside..resulting in her getting drowned in sea waves and tidal waves...

Scene 7: panic runs accross as Maansi finds herself in tidal waves and more importantly since the beach of ganapati pulle is uneven with pits...Maansi risked the chance of getting drowned...

Enters Maan Singh Khurana with a dive and after a second he comes out of water with Maansi in his hand and in a smilar fashion like he saved Geet once...he quickly brings Maansi out as she was unconcious..

Scene 8: Worried Maan tries to make her breath and finally when she does not respond he gives mouth to mouth...

( Maahi runs in the background as Maan sees Maansi regaining senses and Maansi realising Maan had given her mouth to mouth to save her from drowning..)

Emotional Maahi moment as Maansi opens her eyes and finds Maan infront of her and Maan happy to see Maansi ok pulls her and hugs her immediately...a passionate hug with tears in eyes of both Maan and Maansi as Maansi realises Maan still loved her,had the same concern and was feeling the same pain what she was feeling since days..after Maan asked her to go back..

Scene 9:

Maansi tries to get up but feels her ankle was hurt and finds difficult to walk..Maan...holds her..asks her for permission if he can pick her up and take her back to which she nods her head as yes...( Speciality of these scenes not a single dialogue..all messages conveyed thru medium of eyes...

Maahi moment as Maan picks up Maansi and Maansi feels good as she rests her head on Maan's shoulder and Maan brings her back to the resort...

Everyone looking at Maan and Adi thanking God...that Maansi was ok and prays somehow Maansi's parents agree to Maansi and Maan's relationship...Pinky jumps and hugs Adi as she feels excited...while everyone move in,adi and pinky talk about Geet and pinky feels great how God had sent Maansi after Geet's loss...

Break: ( Musical Maahi moment)

Maansi continously looking at Maan feeling great to be in arms of Maan and also feeling why Maan was hiding his feelings..

Maan drops Maansi in her room and checks the ankle and confirms if it was paining..Maahi moment as Maansi looks at Maan and thanks him...

Maansi: Thank you..

Maan looks at Maansi and does not respond and rather asks Maansi where she was feeling the pain..

Maan: Kahan dard ho raha hai

Maan holds the ankle and Maansi feels the pain and asks Maan not to do anything as she was feeling the pain...

Maan stands up and get the ointment and applies it on Maansi;s ankle...Maahi moment conitnues as Maansi feels good to feel Maan's concern,Maan gets up and makes Maansi to sleep and take rest as he ties a piece of cloth on the ankle...

Maan: Tum aaram karo,mein thodi der mein aata hu..shyaad scan karna pade...
Maansi holds Maan's hand and asks him to stay with her...( Maahi in the background) she holds Maan's hand...

Maan sits next to her and holds Maansi's hand...makes her feel comfortable by waving his hand on her head and Maansi feeling the love and concern as tears roll out..of Maansi's eyes..

Maahi in the backdrop as Maan wipes those tears and asks her to take rest

Maan : Mein yahan paas mein hu..tum aaram karogi toh tumhein accha lagega..mein aata hu...Maan leaves the room and makes Maansi sleep and rest well in a proper position with her leg properly placed..

Maan moves out and while moving out he looks at Maansi,smiles and Maansi too smiles ...


Maansi while getting ready for dinner realises lights were gone...since even she is afraid..she feels nervous and panics a bit.. its been a few minutes as Maansi waits for the lights to come and after feeling it was quite a time she gets up and while trying to search for the exit door..she clashes with someone and realises it was some man..Maansi shouts loudly and the person stops her from shouting and Maansi feels scared and out of fear tries to get herself out of the hold of the man...who was holding her with his one hand..

Maansi all of a sudden cooling down,her expressions change and from discomfort she feels Maan comes in and raises the torch...and Maansi sees Maan standing infront of him and he was holding her...

Episode ends with Maan and Maansi feeling the pulse,senses and feel where lights were gone and both getting attracted towards each other as they were very close and their true feelings expressed in their eyes...

One Screen and two pictures...Maan and Maansi looking at each other with desires which were increasing day by day after they were controlling their love for each other after being forced by circumstances..

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Episode 226;

Scene 1: Maahi moment as Maansi sees Maan ...

Maansi hugs him and feels good as she was really afraid and scared feeling some unknown person might be in...

Maan: Woh shayad kuch problem hogaya hai,toh meine socha tumhein iski zarurat hogi..( Maan shows the battery to Maansi)..
Maan: Tumhara dard kaisa hai
Maansi: Kya aapko lagta hai woh kabhi theek hoga

Maahi in the background as Maan realises Maansi was talking about the pain in her heart...

Maan: Mein chalta hu,kuch der mein sabhi dinner ke liye milne waale hai...

Scene 2;

Maansi while getting aside feels the pain in her ankle and is about to fall when Maan holds her...Maahi in the background as Maan picks Maansi in his hand...and takes her to bed to make her rest...and give sometime to get it healed..

Maan: Mujhe lagta hai doctor ko dikhana theek rahega,mein dekhta hu koi hai aas paas toh..
Maansi: Mein bilkul theek hu aur mein iss dard ki baat nahi kar rahi thi

Maahi in the background as Maan looks at Maansi and Maansi with a her eyes...

Musical Maahi in the background...

Maansi holds Maan's face in her hand,makes her feel her love as Maan cools down and feels Maansi's love as he kisses her hand and Maansi feels Maan was in pain and was hiding something...

Maan looks up and happens a passionate hug and Maahi in the background as Maan and Maansi both in controlled tears feeling each other's love ..

Maansi: Batayi na Maan...aisa toh ho nahi sakta ki aap achanak apna decision badal de..
Maan: Mein tumharein liye theek nahi,tumhein jo zindagi mere saath rehkar milegi tum usse acchi zindagi deserve karti ho

Maansi comes out of the hug and looks deep in eyes of Maan and asks him

Maansi:aur aisa aapse kisne keh diya
Maan: Kisi ne nahi,lekin mujhe ehsaas hua ki mein apni khushi ke liye tumhari khushiyon ko kurbaan kar raha tha
Maansi: Aur aap jaante hai meri khushi aapki khushi mein hai aapki baahon mein hai..
Maan: Maansi mujhse shaadi tumharein liye naaye sapne aur zindagi kam aur ek zimmedari jyada hai
Maansi: Toh kya aapko shakk hai mein reashu aur maaneet ki zimmedari nahi utha sakti
Maan: Nahi bilkul bhi shakk nahi
Maansi: Toh batayiye na Maan,mujhe itni aasani se yakeen nahi hoga
Maan holds Maansi's hand and tells her..

He first thinks about if he should say about her Mom and then he doesnt

Maan: Maansi, mein nahi jaanta mujhe zindagi mein aage badhne ka haqq hai bhi ya nahi aur phir Geet ke jaane ke baad mein sahi aur galat ka faisla karna jaise bhool sa gaya tha...Kal tak jab tum meri zindagi mein thi toh buss ek hi sawaal mere dil mein tha..kya mein sahi kar raha hu aur phir bahut sochne ke baad mujhe yakeen hoga ya ki mein gaalt kar raha hu..

Maahi in the background as Maansi feels Maan's dilemma..and feels speechless..

Maansi: Toh aapko lagta hai ki yeh sab jo hai,jahan mein sab kuch bhul kar aapke paas aapke saath apna jeevan bitana chahti hu yeh galat hai,kyuki aapki shaadi ho chuki hai...toh kya yeh aapki galti thi jo Geet ke saath woh haadsa hogaya...

Maahi in the background as Maan feels Maansi has every answer to his claim..

Maansi: Kabhi mujhse poochkar dekha hota ki mujhe kya pasand hai,mein kya chahti hu...lekin saarein faisle toh aapko karne hai kyu Maan? woh faisle bhi jo meine lene the...aur yeh mera faisla tha ki mein aapse shaadi karna chahti hu aur woh bhi aapne mujhse cheen liya..buss khudd hi tay kar liya kya sahi hai aur kya galat.

Maan: Maansi please..
Maansi: Maan...meri shaadi tay hone waali hai...aur mere paas itna waqt nahi hai...please Maan ...

Maahi in the background as Maan feels the desire and request in eyes and emotions and tone of Maansi...

Maan and Maansi looking deep in each others eyes as Maansi hugs Maan and Maan feeling helpess decides to end the conversation..

Maan gets out of the hug,holds Maansi with both hands and looking deep in Maansi's eyes says

Maan: Maansi meine tay kar liya hai aur yeh mera aakhiri faisla,ab iss baat ko yahi khatam kardo..ab aur nahi please...

Maahi in the background as Maansi feels helpless and with no clue as to how she shud take out the real reason...

Maan gets up and tells Maansi to be ready ..he moves out..and comes in light...and Maahi in the background as Maan yet again looks at Maansi while moving out of the room and Maansi looking with pain of being left alone and Maan refusing to understand her her eyes..

Scene 3:Maansi comes out feeling alot better and finds the lights were gone she reaches the center...she realises the lights were was all decorated and the earlier lights were off becoz of the preparations which were on for a special surprise for Maansi..since she was leaving the organisation,maan along with adi throws a farwell surprise..

Scene 4: Maahi in the background as Maan walks in and Maansi looks at Maan...Maan holds Maansi's hand and brings her up to the stage as (Musical Maahi continues)...Maan announces that it was a farewell surprise for Maansi since she was leaving the organisation for a better future..Sulagana and others left shocked...

Scene 5: Maansi looks at the decorations and feeels upset instead of happy and it is clearly visible...Maan tries to be normal in his expressions and asks Adi for the gift which he had brought for Maansi ...Maan offers Maansi...a kit which architectures use and wishes her a better future ...Maansi with controlled tears accepts the gift...and feels the pain as Maan was not even showing any signs of regret or he wud miss her and was rather normal and happy...making her feel even more let down and alone..

Scene 6:Comes in the cake which Maansi is supposed to cut..while everyone comes close to Maansi and wish her...Maan gets back...and stands aside...Maansi is asked to cut the cake...and while she cuts it her eyes are on Maan as she looks at Maan,wondering why Maan looked like a complete stranger...Maansi cuts the cake and then looks at Maan..

Scene 7: Maahi in the back ground as Maansi walks straight upto Maan..

Maansi: Ab jab aapne faisla kar liya hai toh muhh mitha kijiye...
Maansi: Badhai ho aapko..

Maahi in the background as Maan feels the taunt..and he agrees to taste the cake...

Sad Maahi in the background as Maan comes closer and eats the cake and Maansi with controlled tears...feeling absolutely helpless

Maan: Naayi zindagi mubarak ho,meri dua hai Virat se tumhein har woh khushi mile jo tumhein koi aur nahi de sakta...

Maahi in the background as Maansi fails to realise how Maan came to know about Virat as she did not say about him and is rather lost in emotions where Maan was completely behaving like unaffected and least bothered..

Break: Everyone near the bonfire...close to the beach and Maan and Maansi sitting right infront of each they look at each other with bonfire inbetween
...Everyone wondering...and adi decides for dumsheras...with two teams...this time...Maan and Maansi in one team yet again...

The game begins and Bond ...acts for "Howrah bridge par latakti hui laash..."..on which there is alot of everyone continue with game Maan and Maansi looking at each other and thinking ..

Musical Maahi as Maan and Maansi caught in an eyelock and Maansi with a feeling that she wanted Maan and Maan with a feel that he was helpless and had to control hi feelings...


Its Maan and Maansi's turn this time and they get a very very"kuch kuch hota hai"

Begins the musical in the background of Kuch kuch hota hai and on that Maan and Manasi perform in a similar manner how SRk and Kajol did...

( Sequence similar to the one which was shot in rain on SRK and Kajol in the second half of the movie)

Everyone around stunned to see the chemistry and purity of emotions which Maan and Maansi potray...making everyone find out it was kuch kuch hota the act is somewhat similar to the one in movie...

Maan and Maansi after the musical ends, get stuck in an eye lock with Maan holding Maansi close and his hand on her waist Maan and Maansi feeling the passion..yet again and getting attracted...

Everyone shout "Kuch kuch hota hai"..

Maan and Maansi come out of the eyelock and episode ends with ...Maan and Maansi looking at each other after the act which was inspired by true and real feelings...

One screen and two pictures Maan and Maansi with respective expressions...

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