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Geet Seasson 2:"Eternal Love relived yet again" (Page 3)

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Episode 210;

Scene 1;
Maansi dressed like geet (was on her wedding day...)

Maansi sees at Maan and Maan asks her to look back...Maansi sees inside and she finds a video running on the screen which is projected from a projector..

Comes in Maan as Dulha and Maansi's reactions change to even more intense as she realises it was Maan's wedding video..she walks in and it is still dark as Maan walks in too and stands behind maansi...

The video continues and comes the most "undefined" harsh realisation moment in life of Maansi when she sees Geet coming in a similar wedding dress as tears roll out of Maansi's eyes and a state of shock and surprise when she realises geet looked like her,infact there was no difference at all..she holds her saree pallu nad realises Maan had given her the same wedding joda which geet was wearing..

( background music of tragic score of Maahi in the back ground as Maansi's eyes potray what she was feeling after seeing Geet with Maan and Maan and Geet's jaimala,saath phere and then a home made video where she sees Maan and geet with their kids...)

Her eyes showed feeling of cheated,feeling of let down and feeling of backstabbed by the person she loved the most till date...

Scene 2: As the video continues Maansi recolects the following moments as flashes.

a) Maan saying she looked like Geet

b) Maansi saying why shud she beleive him

c) Maan saying he was true

d) Maansisaying why wud dadi and other lie to her..

e) Maansi's scenes with dadi maa,adi and pinky

f) Maansi and Maan's scenes...where she comes close to Maan..

g) When she assures Maan she wud be there always

h) when she hugs Maan

i) when she kept karvachaut

j) when she kissed him

k) when she said I love you

l) when she said she cant live without him..

Maansi bursts into tears as she feels she cannot just cannot accept it that Maan was married and father to two kids...and her shatterred dreams and broken heart is expressed when she bursts into tears and shouts once...making Maan come close to her and hold her so that he can explain it to him..

Scene 3; Maansi glares at Maan with possibly with a feeling that she hated him the most...(few seconds for Maansi to change her feeling from person she loved the most to person she hated the most)..

Maansi still does not react as her anger and feeling of betrayal is exressed thru eyes and she takes off Maan's hand...

Scene 4; Lights come on and maansi sees pictures of Maan with geet and their kids all around as she realises and recollects those moments...

When Maan first met her and reacted,followed her,mumbai scenes and everything...

A scene where Maansi looks in a shock as he looks at Maan like never before ( for u to visualise how maansi wud look at Maan then remember how geet reacted after clashing with expression of shock and hatred)...

All scenes of ggod moments flash with background music on higher pitch as Maansi looks still with one expression in eyes of Maan and Maan trying to bring her out of shock...

Scene 5;

Maan: Mein tumhein bahut pehle batana chahta tha

Maansi shouts:

Maansi:toh bataya kyu nahi Maan?

Maan is left speechless as Maansi cries as she feels helpless...

Maansi:toh batay kyu nahi Maan? Maansi in tears and feeling cheated..

Maansi:aaj aap ne mujhe aise do raahein par khada kar diya hai jahan mein aapse chahkar bhi pyaar nahi kar sakti
Maansi: jahan na mein aapke bina reh sakti hu aur naahi aapke saath..

Tragic background music begins and continues as Maan feels she was right and despite his attempts to keep herout of that situation he wasnt succesfull as Maansi was reacting in a far more worse manner than he anticipated..

where he hoped might be she will not react sharply and wud understand him and realise he loves her.
Maansi:aapne sahi kaha aapne paap kiya hai,lekin iss paap ki sazaa aapse jyada mein bhukad rahi hu
Maansi:mein kaise maanlu Maan ki aapne mujhe dhoka diya,kaise bhuladu ki aap mujhse nahi mujh mein geet ki zhalak se pyaar kar rahein the

Maan says no as it wasnt true but Maansi glares and stops Maan as it was the last time she wanted to see his face..

Maansi: kuch kehne ki zarurat nahi hai aur ab kya chupana baaki hai
Maansi: Sach toh yeh ahi ki aap ek kamzor insaan hai jisne apne swarth ke liye kisi aur ki zindagi ke saath khilwaad kiya..aapne toh mujhe wahan laakar chodd diya hai Maan jahan aapki yaadein chahkar bhi mein nahi bhula sakti aur unn yaadon se juda sacch jo aaj mein yahan dekh rahi hu woh mujhe majboor karta rahega ki unn lamhon se mein sabse jyada nafrat karu jinhhein mein sabse jyada sanjona chahti thi..

Maan: Maansi mein nahi chahta tha lekin

Maansi:lekin kya?
Maansi:kya aap yeh kehna chahte hai ki aapko laga Maansi aapke pyaar mein shayad yeh sab bhul jayegi..ya phir lekin aapki majburiyan aapse yeh sab karva rahi thi taaki aapke baccho ko unki maa wapas mil jaaye..

Maan is left with probably the biggest guilt he might have ever faced as he finds no scope to prove how much he tried to be away and keep Maansi away from him and when he was coming closer he revealed the truth which maansi did not accept it only becoz his and dadi's previous mistakes..which were considered as mistakes by Maansi...

Maansi:Mujhe iss baat ka dukh nahi Maan ki aap shadi shuda hai aur aapke do bacchein hai,mujhe dukh iss baat ka hai ki yeh baat mujhe pehle nahi ab patah chal rahi hai jab meine aapko apna sab kuch maan liya tha..

( Tragic background music runs faster as Maan's eyes go down and adi,pinky and dadi looks at Maan..


Dadi: Maansi yeh Maan ki nahi hamari galti hai..

Maansi looks at dadi with a smilar furious look as dadi feels the glare and pain in her eyes.

Maansi: Aapse toh mein kuch bhi nahi keh sakti dadi maa kyuki aap bade hai,lekin itna jarur puchungi ki agar aap sach much meri dadi hoti toh kya mere saath aisa karti..

Dadi too is left speechless by Maan stands still as he feels he deserved to listen to that..

Venu: Maansi poori baat toh sunnlo
Maansi: A minute Mr Venu feels Maansi was upset with him too
Maansi: You better stay ut of this becoz neither you belong to Mr Khurana's family nor are a stranger and I dont want to listen to any stranger..

venu feels bad as his best friend was going ar from him as well

Adi and Pinky come up to Maansi:

Maansi warns them and informs them she would never ever trust any friend becoz she has realised what friendship is all about and how friends are as she looks at Maan and Maan looks at Maansi and happens a tragic Maahii moment...

Maansi to Maan: Agar aap ko zara si bhi ehsaas ho ki aapne kitna bada gunha kiya hai toh aajke baad aap mere saamne kabhi nahi aayenge,mein aapki shakal bhi nahi dekhna chahti Maan...

Maansi: "I hate you"

Maan looks at Maansi as he does not want her to hate him..


Maansi takes her eyes off and sees Reashu standing at the door with the driver and a school teacher from her school as the poor girl is first stunned to see her mom back alive and then wondering why she was saying and reacting like that as she says..

Reashu: "mamma"

Maan's eyes wide open and so is others as Reashu rushes towards Maansi and hugs her...

Maansi recollects the moment when reashu first saw her in delhi and hugged her and it was pinky with her as she looks at pinky with a look which makes pinky feel the guilt that she knew everything and hided it from her..

Maansi forcefully get's reashu's hands off and makes her stand far from her as she looks back at Maan and walks out of the room..

Epiosde ends with Maansi turning back with tears and this time a glare of hatred and feeling of being cheated...and a question mark alongwith a feeling of realisation..mix of emotions in one look..

One screen and two pictures

Maan and Maansi with respective expressions.

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Episode 211:

Scene 1: Maan is left stunned as he sits down and hugs Reashu and thinks of the words said by Maansi and he feels atlast irrespective of how

bad the result was Maansi now knows about Geet and can move on in life and may be the fact her hatred for him will someday make Maansi

forget him..( Sad musical alaap in the background)

Scene 2: Reashu asks Maan why her mom went away and why she did not speak to her and why was she upset with Maan...Maan has no

answers and he hugs Reashu and takes her to the room so that she can take rest..( Sad musical alaap in the background)

Scene 3: Dadi and Adi along with Venu and pinky wait for Maan...Maan asks the teacher how come reashu was there..the teacher informs she

wanted to give Maan surprise as it was his birthday...and she was not ready to listen and since he was coming to Mumbai...with permission

from dadi he brought her...Maan looks surprised as dadi knew Maansi was going to come...dadi informs Maan she felt reashu wud come in the

evening and the teacher apologises as he had to come early and principal thought it was ok as dadi was informed about it...teacher leaves

dadi feels sorry for Maan and Maan asks dadi to relax as he feels worried for reashu and looks at her..

Scene 4; Dadi venu and all go downstairs and Venu informs Maan he wud talk to Maansi...Maan requests Venu not to come in between as

Maansi was upset with him and he did not want his friendship to ruin..Maan thanks everyone for being there and apologises to everyone as

becoz of him everyone had to listen to Maansi..everyone try to clarify but Maan sticks to the point that it was between him and Maansi and

he was entirely responsible for all that happened...Maan promises himself he wud never go infront of Maansi again and make sure she comes

out of the shock soon and gets settled with someone very good..

Scene 5:The servant upstairs informs that reashu was unwell..had high fever and was calling for her mom...worried Maan rushes upstairs and

so do everyone...Reashu's state is bad and he immediately calls the doctor...Venu who feels worried loos at dadi who feels she was

somewhere guilty for reashu's state and Venu asks dadi to take care as he wud handle the situation and convince Maansi to come...

Scene 6: Doctor comes in and informs reashu needs to be shifted to hospital and asks Maan to call her mom...Maan is left in thought...and he

feels he has to meet Maansi

Scene 7:: Maansi back at home crying and in her room...

Maahi moment...( sad Maahi moment as Maan comes in and Maansi looks at him and it is a killing look filled with hatred...)

Maan with a feel where he does not even know how he convince Maansi..

Maan: Maansi mein
Maansi: Kyu mere zakhmon ko kuredna chahte hai aap?

( Sad Maahi as Maan gives a look where he tries to explain but Maansi stops him and he being guilty feels he had no right to say anything


Maansi: aap dur hojayiye Maan..aap dur hojayiye meri nazron se...

Maansi: Ab kya kehna baaki hai ? aapki koi bhi baat,koi bhi dalil,mujhe aapke paas dubara nahi la sakti
Maan: Mein tumhein dubara paane ya manane ya apni begunahi aur tumhari galat faimi dur karne nahi aaya

Maansi looks with a surprising look

Maan: Tum sahi ho..mein hu tumhara gunhegaar aur mein nahi chahta ki tum mujhe maaf karo yaa mujhe yaad karo,mein nahi chatatha ki

tumharein saamne aayu..lekin..

Maansi:lekin kya Maan...kya aap yeh kehna chahtein hai ki aap mere bina nahi jee sakte..
Maan:Mere jeene na jeene ka sawaal toh geet ki maut ke saath hi khatam hogaya tha..tumne bass ek soyi ummeed jagayi thi jo aaj khatam


( Maahi in the background as Maansi is touched for the first time after the realisation but expresses it for a second)

Maan: aur mein yeh kabhi nahi chahta tha ki meri khushi ke liye tum apni khushiyo ko kurbaan karo...

Maansi:toh aap yahan kyu aaye hai Maan?
Maan: Maansi reashu ki halat bigad gayi hai aur woh baar baar apni maa ko pukar rahi hai..
Maansi:toh aap mere pass kyu aaye hai
Maan: kyuki tum hi ho jo meri madat kar sakti ho aur phir mein yeh nahi jaanta ki reashu ko kaise samjhau
Maansi:yeh meri problem nahi hai Maan
Maan:Mujhe thoda waqt dedo Maansi,mein usse samjha lunga,reashu shock mein hai aur woh apni maa ko yaad kar rahi hai aur iss waqt sirf

tumhi ho joh meri help karsakti ho
Maansi: ohh toh aap yahan apne bacche ke liya bheek maangne aaye hai..

Lines breaking Maan's heart right left as he folds his hand and actually begs Maansi to come with him and Maansi who says the line out of

anger feels sorry for the line as she turns back and hides her guilt of saying those lines to Maan as she feels bad Maan folding his hand and

begging her to come with him..

Maansi: Aap yahan se chale jaayi Maan..plzzz

Break: Maahi in the background as Maan with controlled tears does not say a single word and turns back and walks out...feeling Maansi wont

understand and come with him..

Maahi in the background as Maansi looks back and sees Maan walking out with head down and she does feel sorry for his state which is

visible in her eyes..

Maan turns back but before that Maansi truns and walks away as Maan feels Maansi wont come...

Maan returns back home and finds reashu still calling for her mom and helpless Maan walks towards her and sits next to her ..

Dadi venu adi and others confirm if Maansi was coming and Maan informs she wasnt...


Reashu opens her eyes and finds Maan infront of her and asks for her mom and asks where she was?

Maan with no answer just before he cud answer..he listens reashu saying "mamma" and a smile on her face and eyes wide open as Maan looks


Maan's eyes and expressions change to surprise as he looks back and finds Maansi standing near the door...

( Maahi in the background as Maan and others feel happy to see Maansi...)

Maahi continues as Maansi walks in and comes and sits next to Maan and smiles and looks at reashu and touches her face giving her warmth

and love...Maan with tears in his eyes looks at Maansi and Maansi with tears in her eyes...looks at Maan...

Reashu: "Mamma"

Maansi nods her head as yes...and reashu jumps and hugs her...Maahi in the background as...Maansi looks at Maan while hugging reashu...

Episode ends with Maan and Maansi looking at each other..Maansi with a compromising look and Maan with a look of some satisfaction and a

question if Maansi had forgived him or had come on his request..

One screen and two pictures Maan and Maansi looking at each other..

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Episode 212:

Scene 1; Maan Maansi and reashu:

Reashu:"Mamma" aap kaha chali gayi thi ..meine bahut miss kiya aapko..
Maansi feeling the pain and she hugs reashu even closer with her hand on her head and she trying to calm down reashu.
Reashu: aap katti ho papa se...
Maansi looks at reashu and says no..(she nods her head as no)

Maahi in the background as Maan and everyone silently watch Maansi;s behaviour with Reashu...

Reashu: toh aap kyu hum sab ko chodd kar chali gayi
Maansi hugs her again as she shows first signs of falling in dilemma and is quiet as she has no answers.
Maansi: Ab mein aa gayi hu na..ab aap so jayiye...aur phir aapko jaldi jaldi theek bhi toh hona hai...
Reashu: Phir aap nahi jaogi na mamma?

Maansi has nothing to say and she smiles and makes her sleep and while getting up reashu holds her hand and asks her again not to go

Reashu: aap chali jaogi mein so gayi toh,mein nahi soyungi
Maansi:Mein nahi jaungi..promise..
Reashu: Nahi pakka wala promise kijiye

Maansi looks at reashu and then at Maan as Maan realises he has to come in but hesitates a bit as pakkawala promise means..

( Maan and Geet take each other's promise)...

Scene 2; Maan holds Maansi's hand and begins maahi in the background as Maansi looks at Maan and Maan keeps her hand on his head and says Maansi will not go and it is pakkawala promise..

Maansi stunned as it wasnt true and she had to go some day as she was there only for reashu..

Scene 3: Dadi and Adi everyone emotional as they come close to reashu...asks her to sleep and Maansi too asks her to as reashu looks only at Maansi and finally she sleeps and Maansi walks out..

Scene 4:Maansi walks out with tears and Maan follows her behind as ( Maahi runs in the background)

Maansi looks at Maan

Maansi: I am sorry meine jo bhi aapko kaha woh mujhe nahi kehna chahiye tha ,mein gusse mein thi..
Maan: Jayaz hai tumhara gussa aur jayaz the woh shabd...

Maahi in the background as Maansi looks at Maan with surprise...

Maan: Ek waqt tha jab mein taqdeer mein vishwas nahi rakhta tha aur phir waqt ne mujhe aisa sabak sikhaya ki ab mein apne hi aks se darrne laga hu..kahi woh kisi aur ki zindagi kharaab na karde...yeh meri taqdeer hai Maansi aur iske liye naahi tumhein sharminda hone ki zarurat hai aur naahi dil dukhaane ki..ismein tumhari koi galati nahi

( Maahi alaap continues as Maansi sees the same old Maan back whom she had changed few days back and feels the dead feeling in his words and eyes..)

Maan: Thanks for coming...Reashu jaise hi theek hojayegi mein usse Panchgani bhej dunga
Maansi: Aur dobara woh apni maa ke baarein poochegi toh

(Maahi in the background as Maansi feels concerned for Maan and Reashu and Maan realises it in her eyes..)

Maansi: Mein aaj yahan hu kal nahi rahungi..( Maahi alaap continues as Maan has no answer)

Maan: Mujhe thoda sa waqt agar tum de sakti ho toh mein Reashu samjhalunga..

Maansi changes her eye direction and doesnt look at Maan

Maansi: Maan aapko jo bhi karna hai socch samajhkar kijiyega aur jaldi..mein jhoothi ummeed nahi jagana chahti...kyuki mein nahi jaanti mein yeh sab kuch kabtak bardasht kar paungi

Maahi runs in the background as Maan realises Maansi was compromising and was not able to bear him around...

Maan walks upto Maansi and Maansi realises Maan was walking towards her and she looks at him deep in his eyes which have feeling where Maan feels sorry for Maansi and feels he was forcing or was responsible for forcing her to be there despite her unwillingness..

Maan: Maansi mein nahi chahta tum aisa kuch bhi karo jisse tumhein mujhe bardasht karna pade...

(Maahi in the background as Maansi looks at Maan deep in his eyes feeling the helpless pain in his eyes..)

Maan looks at the room where reashu is sleeping...)

Maan: Mein nahi chahta ab kisiki bhi wajah se tumhein mera chehra dekhna pade ya phir mera saamna karna pade,jo tumharein dard ko aur badha de..phir woh reashu hi kyuna ho...

(Maansi feels the mind state of Maan where he was nothing but a man with no scope to express his true feelings.)

Maan doesnt look at Maansi and takes steps back ward as he turns back without looking at her...( Maahi continues and Maansi feels for Maan despite being her mind state slowly regains understanding...)

Scene 5: Dadi Venu Adi and Pinky talking

Dadi: Yeh sab hamari wajah se hua hai...Maan ki Maansi ko dur rakhne ki laakh koshisho ke bavjud bhi sirf hamari zidd ki wajah se aaj Maan ki yeh halat hai...Maansi kabhi unhein maaf nahi karegi aur hum kabhi Maansi ko yeh nahi samjha payenge ki humne yeh sab kuch jaan bujhkar nahi kiya balki ek koshis ki thi yeh soch kar ki shayad Maan ki zindagi mein dubara woh khushiya aajaaye jo sirf Maansi ke aane se aa sakti thi aur kisi ke bhi nahi..

Venu: Dadi maa aap shaant hojayiye...mein samjhaunga Maansi ko
Dadi: Nahi aap nahi..aap pehle hi Maansi ke galat faimi ka shikar hai,Woh toh aapko bhi galat samjhti hai aur phir aapki toh koi galati bhi nahi thi aapko toh buss abhi abhi patah chala tha..phir aap kyu Maan ki wajah se Maansi se rishta bigaadna chahte hain...

Venu: kyuki mein jaanta hu ki Maansi sahi hai aur Maan galat nahi...Maan ki jagah agar mein hota toh yehi karta..aur phir Maansi ko mein acchi tarah jaanta hu...gusse mein aakara woh yeh samajhna bhool gayi hai ki uski yeh chand palon ki nafrat uske pyaar ko le doobegi..aur phir pachtaavein ke alwa kuch baaki nahi rahega aur mein nahi chahta ki aisa ho aur mein tamasha dekhta rahu...Maansi chaahe gusse mein aakar kitni bhi bezati kyu na karle,lekin mein apne sabse acche dost ko apni hi zindagi yu barbaad karte nahi dekh sakta..

Adi: Dadimaa Maansi ko abhi abhi patah chala hai aur phir woh Geet ke baarein kaha kuch jaanti hai,kahan jaanti hai ki Maan Sir Geet se kitna pyaar karte the,

Maansi comes close to the room where the chat was on and listens to last line of Adi:

Adi: Jiss din Maansi ki yeh gaalt faimi ki Maan Sir Maansi mein Geet ke aks se nahi balki khudd Maansi se pyaar karte hai..woh jarur lautkar aayegi...aur Maansi ka aaj yahan hona...iss baat ko saabit karta hai

(Maahi in the background as Maansi does feel that Maan loved her but still her anger is not cooled down..and is a natural reaction of any human being)

Maansi: Aur woh pal kabhi nahi aayega Adi Sir kyuki ab yeh baat mayne nahi rakhti ki Maan kisse pyaar karte hai...

Everyone look at Maansi as Venu tries to reply back but dadi holds him and Maansi sees it...

Maansi: Mein yahan sirf insaniyat ke naatein aayi hu jo aap kabhi nahi samjhenge aur Maansi dobara Maan ke paas kabhi nahi lautegi...

(Maahi in the background as Maan standing behind Maansi listens to it...)

Break: Maan comes back to his room and sees Geet's single big snap hanging on the wall as line of Maansi where she says she wud never return back in Maan's life is recollected by Maan..

Maansi comes to Maan's room and sees Geet's snap and Maan standing infront of it

( Maahi in the backdrop as Maansi's emotional fluctuations begins between feelings where at one point she feels the pain Maan was going thru and in other moment the pain Maan had given her..)

Maansi walks in and romantic maahi runs in the backdrop as Maan sees Maansi's image in Geet's snap and a scene where since Maansi is still dressed in the wedding dress Maan feels his Geet had come back for a moment as he looks back at Maansi..

Break:( Musical maahi in the backdrop and romantic one as Maansi for a minute forgets about her pain and feels like hugging Maan to give him some relief)

Maansi with controlled tears and love for Maan and feeling Maan's pain looks at Maan and Maan too looks at her...

As Maaansi walks towards Maan and Maan standing quietly wondering why was Maansi's mood changed and if she had forgived him..

Episode ends with Maansi coming very close to Maan looking in deep in his eyes and Maan trying to figure out what Maansi was thinking..

One Screen and two pictures

Maan and Maansi with respective expressions..

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Episode 213;

Scene 1: ( maahi in the background as Maansi moves towards Maan closer and even closer as if she wanted to hug him...)

Maan feeling the moment before the act wondering what Maansi was about to do...Maansi stops and realises she was loosing control and steps backwards and informs Maan she was there to return the jewellery...

Maan says nothing and Maahi alaap in the background as Maansi looks at Maan...

Maansi tries to remove the necklace but she is not able to remove it...Maan looks for a while standing there and then comes behind Maansi..

( Maahi moment as Maansi feels Maan was behind her and close to her as she closes her eyes..takes her hands off the necklace knot and feels the presence of Maan when he was making him wear those jewellery..)

A scene in Maahi as back ground as Maan removes the necklace and Maansi with eyes close recollecting all those moments when Maan was making her wear those...entire 2 minute 30 seconds Maahi musical as contracdictory scenes flash where Maan is removing the jewellery and Maansi recollecting moments when he made her wear those..

Scene 2; Maan steps back and keeps the jewellery on the table as Maansi opens her eyes and feels the pain of sudden change in emotions from love to some undefined feeling...

Maansi: Mein abhi change karke aati hu
Maan nods his head...

scene 3:Adi Pinky with Reashu who is awake and looking for her mom...Adi informs she was with Maan..Reashu looks fine now and she asks her Adi chachu to help her with surprise birthday party for Maan...Pinky and Adi feel speechless as they have to promise reashu they wud...dadi comes in and reashu complains to dadi that she met her only twice and why did she not come to meet her everyweek..dadi informs her that her studies shud not get affected..adi tells dadi about the party and dadi agrees to it as Maan wont go against reashu's wish...

Scene 4: Maansi comes in to return the dress and she herself is wearing a punjabi dress looking similar to what Geet use to wear...Maan takes the dress back...

Maansi: Yeh sach hai ki mein aapko bardasht nahi kar sakti,lekin utna hi bada sachh yeh hai ki aapko takleef mein,mein nahi chodd sakti

Maahi in the background with Maan realising it and looking at Maansi and Maansi looking deep in eye os Maan..

Maansi: Mujhe please apni yaaadon se azaad kar dijiye Maan...
Maansi: nahi chahti aisi koi bhi dor ho jo mujhe aapse jode rakhen..
Maansi; mein nahi jeena chahti unn yaadon ke saath..

Maahi in the background as Maan keeps quiet and Maansi expressing her dilemma and mix of emotions due to unstable mind..

Maansi turns back and tries to move out... happens the first "duppatta maahi moment of Maan and Maansi when Maansi's dupatta gets stuck in Maan's shirts sleeve button"

"Romantic Maahi begins as Maansi with controlled feeling and tears feels Maan holded her back..looks back and finds dupatta stuck in Maan's hand and as maahi musical begins Maan removes the dupatta and holding it comes close to Maansi and stands at a distance from her side faced..

Maan: "Ab se wohi hoga jo tum chahogi...aisi koi bhi dor jo tumhein mujhse jodti ho,usse tumse se alag kardunga."

Maahi runs in the background as Maan gives Maansi her dupatta in her hand...

Maan walks out and Maansi is left alone thinking...

Scene 5; Maansi clashes with adi and tries to get away...but adi stops her..

adi: Maansi ek minute

Maansi stops as adi comes infront of her..

adi: Aaj Maan Sir ka janam din hai ..

Maahi in the background as Maansi realises it was indeed and she completely forgot..

Adi: aur reashu chahti hai ki surprise party ho toh kya tum aaogi..?
Maansi:Mein ghar jarahi hu...

Maansi moves out and adi feels maybe she wont come...

Scene 6: Maan with reashu who asks her where her mom was..Maan informs she had gone out for some work..

reashu: mamma aapse ab bhi katti hai.
Maan:nahi toh
Maan thinks for a while and looks at reashu who winks and smiles and tells him she will convince her..and kisses Maan on his cheeks..

reashu: mein hu na...( reashu winks..)

Maan smiles and then reashu wishes Maan happy birthday...

reashu: aaj double gift mil gaya,aapko bhi aur mujhe bhi
Maan:woh kaise
reashu;mummy wapas aagayi..

Maahi in the background as Maan's expression change and he smiles and to divert the topic just tries to rub his nose with that of reashu's ..who is very happy to see her mom back..

( Maahi continues as Maansi looks at Maan with reashu and some realisation is felt thru eyes which express pain and joy as Maansi has a light smile as well)


Maan comes down and sees all arrangement and asks dadi what it was all about dadi informs it was on instructions of reashu who had specially come for his birthday and now they had to..Maan initially feels they shud not then dadi makes him understand it was imprtant becoz reahu was around...

Everyone including Venu bakul and all gather but reashu is still searching for mom and adi realises it who confirms what she was looking for..After realising she was looking for maansi..adi feels how he shud control the situation as Maansi might not return...

Maan comes down and everyone come to the center and right from reashu to adi to dadi to maan and venu all looking for Maansi who is not around and reashu asks Maan where she was...


Maahi in the background as Maansi enters in a look and get up exactly similar to Geet...with sindoor in her maang..punjabi dress worn...

( Maahi continues as Maansi enters and Maan keeps staring at her and Maansi comes in looking at Maan...)

Everyone right from Venu to Adi smiling and feeling good as hopes were reviving...

Reashu runs towards Maansi and Maansi hugs her and kisses her annd smiles..and she brings Maansi close to Maan...

Episode ends with Reashu making Maansi stand next to Maan and Maan and Maansi looking at each other with a feeling of awkwardness and also some uncomfort..

One screen and two pictures Maan and Maansi looking at each other...with respective expressions...

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Episode 214:

Scene 1: Maahi in the background as Maansi comes in and stands next to Maan and both look at each other and then Maan looks at some other direction..reashu asks Maansi for her attention..

reashu: aap bhul gaye?
Maansi:kya bhulgayi

Maansi realises she was talking about the arti plate and Maan's arti...

Maahi alaap in the background as Maan and Maansi look at each other and Maansi picks the plate for the sake of reashu and she wishes Maan in a traditional manner..

A scene where Maansi's birthday aarti of Maan and she applying tilak to Maan...

Close looks as Maan and Maansi happen to be in a eye lock and aarti plate in between and maahi running in the background and finally Maan bowing his head infront of Maansi so that she can apply tikka to him...( Maahi moment continues..)

Maansi looking at Maan with a calm look.

Scene 2: reashu then holds Maaansi's hand..

reashu:aap toh sab bhul gayi ho
Maansi looks at Maan and Maan at reashu..

reashu: aapne papa ko gift kahan di..woh mein baad mein de dungi..
reashu;nahi woh wali gift nahi..

Maansi comes close to Maan..

Maansi:yeh kaunsi gift ki baat kar rahi hai Maan
Maan:woh actually ...

Maan looks at reashu..

Maan:gift dedi hai mamma ne..ab cake katenge
reashu: nahi humne same same wish nahi kiya

reashu calls Maansi close and tells her something in her ear...

Maansi's eyes wide open as she is left in a question mark if she it..and then she looks at reashu and smiles and winks and then Maansi looks at Maan and nods her head as yes and calls him close..

Maahi in the background as Maan looks stunned as to how Maansi agreed to it...

Maan sits down and reashu from one side and Maansi from one side kiss Maan on his cheeks and then both wish him "Happy Birthday" at the sametime...

Maahi continues in the backdrop as everyone is happy to see Maansi helping out and hoping someday it comes out to be true..

Maahi continues as Maansi smiles and reashu hugs her and Maansi glares at Maan with changed expressions visible on her face that she did not like it and did it only for she had to compromise...

Scene 3: ( Maahi musical continues)

Maan and reashu hold the knife and reashu holds Maansi's hand as well and three of them alongwith dadi cut the cake and Maansi then gives a piece of cake to Maan to have it..

Scene 4; Maan staring at Maansi who is dressed like Geet and is looking just like her with reashu smiling,playing and reashu very happy with her..( Maahi continues for 2 mins 30 seconds as Maan has controlled tears in his eyes and then...a moment os silence after Maansi realises Maan was watching her and her smiling face changes to a glare which makes Maan feel guilty and he walks away from there..

dadi and venu adi and pinky all watch this happen...

Scene 5: Its late night and Maansi comes in the room of reashu where Maan is stil sitting and reashu is busy playing with him..

Maansi comes closer and sits next to reashu and Maan looks at her and Maansi looks at Maan...

reashu then hugs her and asks Maansi to be inbetween her and Maan..

Maan is surprised as reashu always kept geet away from him when on bed ..she was that possessive about her dad...and loved to come in between him and geet..

reashu: ab hum aapko jaane nahi denge

Maansi smiles and kisses reashu's forehead...

reashu: aap papa se katti hona?

Maansi looks at Maan...

Maansi:nahi beta kahan

Maan gets up and comes on the other side..

Maan: nahi hai aur aapne bahut masti karli ab sojao
reashu: nahi pehle kahani sunao..
Maan: aaj nahi kal sunaunga
Maan: promise

Maansi keeps looking at Maan and smiles as she does feel good but then a moment of some relief reminds her about the truth and her mood goes back to where it was...

Maahi moment:

reashu hugs Maansi and asks her to put her hand on her and Maan on the other side his hand..both Maan and Maansi's hand locked as they had to hold it and reashu in between...sleeping calmly and Maan and Maansi looking at each other with Maan feeling Maansi was feeling forced to do it...and Maansi looking at Maan with an expression of doing something unwillingly..


Maan and Maansi:

Maansi gets her hand off quickly as reashu is fast asleep and Maan too gets up..

Maansi goes out of the room and Maan follows her..

Maan: tum yahan upar jahan sona chahti ho mujhe batah do mein intezaam kar deta hu
Maansi is not looking at Maan
Maansi: koi zarurat nahi mein neeche guest house mein chali jaungi
Maan:woh reashu ne dekh liya toh phir sawal puchegi
Maansi: mein yahan aapke baccho ke sawaal aur unki khushi ke liye aapke paas nahi reh sakti..aur phir kai sawaal uthenge ki mein bina shadi aapke yahan yu...

Maan keeps quiet as Maansi again misunderstood him..

Maan: mein sirf itna kehna chahtatha ki tum mere kamrein so jao aur mein bagal ke kamrein chala jaunga...

Maahi in the background as Maansi is just stunned to see Maan replying so calmly despite she misunderstood him...

Maansi:Aap saabit kya karna chahtein hai? kya iss tarah chupchap rehkar aap mera dil jeet lenge

Maan: Mein buss tumhein jald se jald iss takleef se azaad karna chahta hu,taaki phir kabhi dobara tumhein mere paas na aane pade..

Maahi runs in the backdrop as Maan looks at Maansi with some controlled tears which are out of desires which he wished came out to be true..Maansi again left speechless as her frustation got calmed down making her feel Maan was right and she was wrong ...


Dadi listens to Maansi and Maan conversation.

dadi: Aap jo kahengi jo karengi sab kuch jayaz hai lekin ismein Maan ki koi galati nahi,aur yeh hum isiliye nahi keh rahein ki hum chahte hai aap Maan ko apna lijiye

Maansi looks at other side and a feel she did not want to listen to her

dadi: Baat agar kyu chupane ki hai toh woh buss isiliye ki Maan nahi chahte the ki aap majburi mein aakar koi faisla le le jahan aapke dil ke khilaaf jakar aapko Maan ko apnana padein

dadi: Jo aap ab mehsus kar rahi hai usi se bachane ke liye,Maan ne aur humne aapse sab kuch chupaaye rakha...haan itna hum jarur maante hai ki humne poori koshish ki aap Maan ke kareeb aaye..isiliye nahi ki ek din majboor hokar aapko Maan ko apnana pade,balki isiliye ki shayad Maan ko samajhne ke baad aap unki khoyi khushi lauta sakein..

dadi:agar aapki shakal geet se nahi milti toh shayad yeh galat faimi ki Maan aap mein geet ke aks se pyaar kartein hai aapse nahi ,woh nahi hoti,aur jahan tak baat itne din chupaane ki hai toh sach toh yeh hai ki Maan ne aaj tak kabhi yeh nahi chaha ki aap iss sawal ka saamna karein,isiliye Dargah mein aapse milne ke baad unhone poori koshish ki ki aap unki zindagi se dur hojaaye..lekin humne aapko jaane nahi diya..

dadi: aap hamarein kiye ki saza Maan ko na de...aap unhein nahi apnana chahti yeh aapka faisla hai aur hum iski izzat karte hai,lekin kamse kam unhein galat samajhkar khudko aue unhein takleef na pahunchaaye..Maan chup isliye nahi ki woh aapka dil jeetna chahtein hai ya phir majboor hai,woh chup isiliye hai kyuki woh aapki takleef aur majboori jaante hai aur sharminda mehsus kar rahein hai ki unki wajah se aapko itni saari takleefo ka saamna karna pad raha hai

Venu from behind dadimaa: Tumharein saath jo hua woh toh tum aage chalkar bhula dogi lekin Maan ke saath aur uske parivar ke saath jo hus woh Maan kabhi nahi bhula paayega aur phir kabhi dil karein toh iss ajnabi ki ek baat maan lena..

"Kabhi khud ko Maan ki jagah rakhkar sochna aur phir faisla karna ki hum sab galat the ya phir hamari niyat galat thi,aur sabse jaruri.

"Kya Maan sach much waise hai jaise tum usse soch soch kar usse nafrat karne ki koshish kar rahi ho."

Maahi in the background as Maansi realises the words did strike her deep as she is left speechless and actually thinking..


Maahi in the background as Maansi comes inside the room and Maan who is lieng on the bed gets up...happens an eye lock with Maansi with controlled tears looking at Maan with some guilt yet again as she asks herself if Maan was really wrong and Maan wondering what was Maansi going thru?

Episode ends with maahi in the backdrop and Maan and Maansi looking at each other...

One Screen and two pictures:

Maan and Maansi with respective expressions.

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Episode 215:

Scene 1: Maahi in the background as Maansi comes in and Maan looks at her and informs her he was the next room...

Maansi: I am sorry

Maan smiles and looks at Maansi and Maansi looks at Maan and begins a musical Maahi moment...

Maan: Tum yeh jo kar rahi ho wohi bahut hai mere liye..
Maan: Maansi kya hogaya hai tumhein?
Maan: Tum kyu apne aap ko zimmedar maanti ho?
Maansi: Patah nahi kya hogaya hai mujhe,mein chahkar bhi aapse nafrat nahi kar sakti

Maahi in the background as Maan realises Maansi was just reacting out of mood fluctuations..which was natural..

Maan: Maansi kya aaj tum meri baat manogi?

Maansi nods her head and says yes..

Maan takes Maansi out in open space in the garden...

Scene 2; Maan makes her feel comfortable and comes infront of Maansi and asks her to look at him..

Maan: Tumhare kisi bhi baat ka mujhe bura nahi laga Maansi aur tum jaanti ho kyu?

Maahi in the backrground as Maansi cannot control herself and hugs Maan...unexpected behaviour of Maansi...Maan too feels for Maansi and

hugs her tightly and asks her to calm down...

Maansi: Mein nahi reh sakti aapke bina Maan
Maansi: Mein chahkar bhi aapko aisa nahi chodd sakti
Maansi:aapne kyu kiya Maan,mujhe pehle kyu nahi bataya..

Maan: Mein kamjor padgaya tha,tumhein hamesha hamesha ke liye khone ke khayal se kamjor pad gaya tha..

Maansi comes out of the hug and looks at Maan..

Maan: Meine pehle bhi tumse kaha tha meri zindagi itni aasaan nahi..itna aasan nahi kisike liye mujhe apnana..

Maahi in the Maansi hugs Maan once again...after realising Maan was right and why he said that and she was finding it

difficult to take decision.

Maansi: "I am sorry Maan"

Maan: Ab tumne kya kiya

Maansi:Mein chahkar bhi aapko diya wada nahi nibha sakti

Maahi in the back ground as Maan realises Maansi had forgived him eye lock where Maansi this time feels guilty that

circumstances wont let her accept Maan and her family certainly not..

Scene 3:

Maan holds Maansi's face in his hand..

Maan: yeh sach hai ki mein tumse pyaar karta hu.

Maahi in the background as Maansi feels touched and also feels sad that it had no meaning left..Maansi hugs Maan again but this time with a

feeling of disappointment that she was helpless indeed..

Maan: Meine tumse pyaar kiya tha Maansi,Geet ke aks se nahi,Yeh sach hai ki mein chahta tha ki tum mere saath zindagi bhar raho,

Maansi comes out of the hug once again..

Maan: Geet ki maut ke baad dadi maa ne bahut force kiya ki mein dusri shadi karlu,lekin woh namumkin tha..aur mein nahi chahta tha ki kisi

aur ki zindagi kharaab ho..

Scene 4;

Maan: Geet mere rag rag mein basti hai aur phir woh mere andar hai toh kisi aur mein usse mein kaise dhund sakta hu..Maan ko Geet se na

kabhi koi juda kar paaya tha aur na kabhi juda kar payega..

Maan: Aur agar pyaar Geet ke chere se hota toh tumse kabka pyaar hogaya hota..

Maahi in the background as Maansi realises what Maan was trying to say..

Maan: Jab tumse saamne hua toh kai baar Geet ki maut bhulakar tum mein Geet ko dhundne ki koshish ki aur har baar yeh ehsaas hota ki tum

meri Geet nahi,tum koi aur ho..mere liye khudd par kabu rakhna mushkil hone laga tha,ek pal mein tumahrein kareeb hota aur doosre hi pal

tum se dur..

Mein tumhari bhavnayo ke saath khilvaad nahi karna chahata tha kyuki mujhe mehsus hone laga tha ki mein galat kar raha hu...Geet samajhkar

tumharein paas aana aur phir Maansi samajhkar dur..mein nahi chahta tha ki yeh ehsaas pyaar ki shakal le aur tumharein aur mere beech baat


Maansi relates to Maan's mind state then

Maahi in the background as Maansi holds Maan's hand and kisses it..and keeps her head on it...

Scene 5:

Maan making her feel comfortable and calm down..

Maansi comes closer to Maan and hugs him while sitting,keeping her head on Maan's chest and listening to Maan..

Maan: Jab mujhe yakeen hogaya ki tum mujhse bepanah pyaar karti ho toh meine tumhein Geet ke baarein mein batane ki bahut koshish ki aur

har koshish ke baad mein tumharein aur kareeb aajata,Geet ke jaane ke baad Geet ko dobara khone ke khayal ne mujhe harbaar yeh bhula

diya ki mein Geet ko nahi Maansi ko khone waala hu..mein ek aise sawaal ka saamna kar raha tha jahan sahi jawab kya hai koi nahi jaanta

tha,mein bhi nahi..

Maan and Maansi looking at each other..

Maan: Mein tumse jhooth nahi kahunga Maansi,mein tumse pyaar isiliye nahi karta kyuki mujhe kisike saath ki zarurat hai aur naahi isiliye

kyuki tum mein Geet ka aks hai,mujhe pyaar uss jazbaat se hai jo tumharein dil mein mere liye hai aur...jisne mujhe yeh yakeen dilaya ki tum

hamesha mere saath rahogi,chahein kuch bhi hojaaye aur yahi jazbaat aaj bhi tumhari aaknkhon mein mujhe dikhte hai aur shayad isiliye aaj

itna sab kuch ho jaane ke bavjud tum mere saath mere paas ho..

Maahi in the background as Maansi realises Maan loved the feelings she had for him...( a simple feeling of loving someone)

a quote for readers to understand what Maan meant: (I love you not for what you are but for what I am when I am with you)

Scene 6:

Maan: Tumne hamesha ek humsafar ki tarah mera saath diya aur mera yakeen maano mein nahi chahta tha ki yeh ek sachh jo mera aur Geet ka

nata hai woh tumhein takleef de,kyuki har ladki ka ek hi sapna hota hai ki uska pati usse sabse jyada pyaar karein aur mein nahi jaanta tha ki

mein tumse utna pyaar kar pata bhi ya nahi..

Maahi in the background as Maansi realises how much Maan loved Geet and why he took so much time..he was trying to keep Maansi away

and he did try it which she recollects and relates to..

Maan: Bahut himmat jutakar jab tumhein kehne ki koshish ki toh humein Poona jaana pada..
socha mumbai lautkar tumhein sab batadunga,
lekin phir socha shayad tabtak bahut der ho jayegi
aur uss raat jab tumhein Geet ke baarein kaha toh tum yakeen nahi kar paayi...
tumhara vishwas jarur toda hai,lekin tumhein majboor karne ke liye nahi balki isi majboori se dur rakhne ke liye...lekin khudd se harkar meine

aakhir tumhein woh dard de hi diya jiske liye mein apne aapko kabhi maaf nahi kar sakta.

Maahi in the Maansi feels how true Maan was (taking away all the hatred she had for a while for Maan..out of her heart...)

Maan: Usi raat Venu ko bhi patah chala aur woh agle hi din poona mujhe yeh samjhaane aagaya ki woh tumhein mana lega...

Maan: Lekin mein jaanta tha ki tumharein liye yeh manna aasaan nahi hoga..

Maan: Maansi mera yakeen maano,tumhari kisi bhi baat ka mujhe bura nahi laga

Maan: Tumne jo kaha woh sachh hai aur meine tumharein saath galat..

Maansi keeps her finger on Maan's lips and and tells him

Maansi: Aapne kuch galat nahi kiya Maan..

Maahi in the background as Maan feels the revived similar feeling in the eyes of Maansi...

Maansi: mein hi gusse ki aag mein bhool gayi thi ki aap mere saath kabhi kuch gaalt nahi kar sakte..

Maansi looking deep in eyes of Maan and Maahi in the background..

Maansi: meine aapko kitna galat samjha,kitna kuch kaha...

Maahi in the background and Maansi comes closer to Maan with tears in her eyes,expressions of realisation and wanting to stay with Maan

calling Maan closer..


Maansi: Maan mujhe apni bahon mein kahi chupa lijiye...kaid kar lijiye...mujhe...itna kaskar thaam lijiye ki koi mujhe aapse juda naa kar paaye..

Maahi in the back ground as Maan stands still feeling Maansi's emotions...

Maansi comes closer to Maan making him hold her close by putting his hand on her waist..Maansi herself holding Maan tight and Maan finally

holding Maansi on her back and both close very close with face touching lips at kissing distance and eyes locked in each other's eyes..

Maahi continues in the background with sad emotional tune...

Maansi comes closer to Maan with expressions in her eyes of feeling bad for Maan,wanting to give him relief,give him love and give Maan her

every emotion,warmth and some peace...of mind and heart...


Maahi continues with emotional tune..

Maansi still drowned in emotions and after realisation wanting to give Maan some relief moves closer..closes her eyes and so does Maan

closes his eyes and

"Maansi gives a gentle kiss on lips of Maan,a sweet gentle kiss" which is a sign of expressing sorry and also a feeling of taking away the pain

A kiss of love but not expression of love but expression of " releasing pain of Maan by a gentle touch on lips" making Maan feel he wasnt

alone and since Maansi related to pain of Maan,it was an expression to release Maan's pain and give him some relief...

Maansi after the gentle kiss and touch opens her eyes,as she steps back wards saying..

Maansi: "ho sake toh mujhe maaf kar dena Maan"

Maansi moves backward as if she was going far from Maan trying to express that she may have forgived him but cannot be there with him for

life and she cannot fulffill her wish which she desired to do but was now helpless as she thought it wasnt possible for her to accept Maan..

Episode ends with Maansi moving backwards with a guilt that she cant accept Maan and Maan wondering why Maansi was going far from him

after having forgiven him..

one Screen and two pictures:

Maan and Maansi looking at each other and Maansi moving backwards and Maan wondering why she was going far..

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Episode 216:

Scene 1: Maahi moment of Maan and Maansi..

Maansi feeling that her parents and family wud certainly not allow her and it wud be a big big challenge ahead she just to keep Maan away

from any expectations before knowing her family decision,decides to be away from Maan rather than give him even more pain..out of


Maansi while moving back,with controlled tears and eyes deep in Maan's eyes and Maahi in the background...thinking...

Maansi: Mein yeh bhi nahi jaanti Maan ki aapki itni badi zimmedari mein utha paungi bhi ya nahi aur phir sachh toh yeh hai ki mein "Maa"

nahi...mein aapke kareeb nahi aa sakti Maan..apne parivaar,mummy papa aur aapke beech fanskar reh gayi hu...naa unhein dukhi dekh sakti hu

aur na aapko iss tarah akele...

Just before Maansi turns...Maan holds Maansi's duppatta this time with no restriction what so ever as he tries to calm Maansi down and asks

her to wait..

Scene 2: " The most missed Maahi moments of duppatta sequences "Maan holding Maansi's duppatta and makes his walk towards her folding

the duppatta and then comes close to her ears...Maansi expressing pulse and thrill and that sensous feeling which she feels when Maan is

close to her...

Maansi: Tum kyu mujhse dur jarahi ho mein acchi tarah jaanta hu...

Maan comes close to Maansi and infront of her...maahi continues as Maan looks deep in eyes of Maansi...

Maansi: Tumhein jab bhi lage, tum mere paas laut aana..

Maahi in the background as Maansi realises Maan understood her feelings..

Maansi hugs Maan and so does Maan and a tight hug with both Maan and Maansi expressing their helplessnes...

Scene 3:

Dadi who is observing this chat from far..secretly feels good and relates to Maansi's concern and the reason as it was justified and very true

and Maansi's family and parent's emotions cant be ignored and certainly cant be left unhappy and it was important that their dreams and

sentiments associated with Maansi were not hurt and were respected...

Scene 4;

Maan drops Maansi near his room and he goes to the other room the one where geet's memories were there...Maansi and Maan look at each

other and then Maan wishes her good night and both move in...

Scene 5: Maan moves in as maaahi musical begins and Maan gets black and white flashes of the last birthday he celebrated with Geet before

she passed he looks around the snaps and big pics of him with Geet..

Maan who is wondering why Geet did not wish him early morning..neither did she wake him up kissing on his cheeks like she always..did on her

birthday...searches for Geet who was missing...

While searching for Geet...Maan comes in the backyard with open space which is decorated with all treasured moments as snaps of Maan and

Geet..with their family the snaps which are now in a dark room the one where Maan is now..

Maan comes in the center stage and it is raining flowers and Geet dressed in saree...with a puja ki thali in her hand...enters as Maahi runs in

the background...

Geet walks up to Maan...does his aarti...applies tikka and then offers him sweet..which Maan asks her to share he always did..
Geet serves Maan a peice of sweet with her own hand and Maan smiles and holds her hand and comes close to Geet with half the sweet in his

mouth and asking Geet to share half the sweet while it is in his mouth..Geet smiles and comes close to Maan and just gets a touch on the

peiceof sweet outside Maan's she smiles and moves back..and kisses Maan on his cheeks and wishes him happy birthday..

Geet: Happy Birthday
Maan: hmm maza nahi aaya Geet
Geet: Sudhar jayiye..ab aap papa hai aur mein mamma..

Maan pulls Geet close to her and in his arms and maahi musical continues in the background..

Maan: Toh kya hua aur waise bhi agar mein grandpa aur tum grandmaa bhi ban jaati tab bhi mujhe aisa birthday wish accha nahi lagta
Geet: Accha..
Geet; Maan aap bhi na itne saal hogaye lekin aapki yeh loafer giri kam nahi hui
Maan pulls Geet even closer and eyes locked with lips close and waiting to get dissolved..

Maan: Tumhara pyaar paane ke liye kuch bhi ban jaunga Geet...
Geet: accha loafer bhi
Maan smiles and says

Maan:Ab issmein mera kya kasoor hai..inn aankhon ki harkatein hi aisi hai ki character thoda dheela padd jata hai..
Geet smiles and hugs Maan..

Maan: Bilkul nahi mere Maan iss duniye ke sabse behtareen insaan hai...Geet looks deep in eyes of Maan and thanks him for loving her so


Geet: Sachh kahu toh yakeen nahi hota..shaadi ke itne saal baad bhi aapka pyaar kam nahi hua...

Maan: Hmm lekin Geet tumhara kam hogaya...Maan looks at the other side and Geet feels Maan was pretending to be upset as she smiles and

turns Maan's face towards her and makes him look at her ..( Maahi at a higher pitch as Geet close ins and nears Maan's lips..closes her eyes

and gives a good tight kiss on Maan's lips with hands holding Maan closer on his back and Maan holding Geet closer very tight and both with

eyes single tight touch of lip lock which is made look like a happy birthday wish...

Geet opens her eyes and so does Maan as lip lock loosens hold Geet gets back and wishes Maan again..

Geet: Happy birthday Maan..

( There are ways of showing the lip lock..either direct clear close shot if drashmeet r ok and camera tricks if not,using just expressions to

potray..most probable is camera angels and tricks since it is a prome time zone show)

Maan: Mein mazak kar raha tha
Geet: Jaanti hu,lekin aapki yeh harkatein acchi lagti hai

Maan smiles and Maan and Geet in a very passionate tight hug...

Maan: Geet yeh surprise yeh decoration bahut acchi lagi...

Geet comes out of the hug and smiles and asks Maan

Geet: Acchi lagi na?
Maan: Bahut,lekin yeh sab kiya kab
Geet: Raat ko jab aap so gaye the
Maan: Tum soyi nahi Geet?

Maan gets furious..

Geet smiles and holds both the cheeks of Maan...

Geet: Ohh ho mere dusht danav...ab chodiye bhi..itna special din tha..aur phir mein chahati thi iss birthday mein aapko koi special gift du...

Maan smiles and kisses Geet's forehead..

Maan: Bahut pyaara hai..

Geet: Yeh yaadein hi toh hai jo hamein sanjo ke rakhni hai..aur phir...yeh pal hamein hamesha saath rakhenge..
Maan: Kya sach much yeh tasveerein..aur inn mein kaid yeh sunharein pal hamein saath rakhne ke liye hai? tumhein kissi baat ka darr hai Geet..
ya phir tumhein mujh par vishwas nahi..

Geet gets emotional and hugs Maan as if she wanted to dissolve in his arms..

Geet: Maan hum ek dusrein ki ragon mein dodte hai...hamein jodne mein kisi aur cheez ki zarurat hi nahi...lekin yeh jo pal hai..( Geet looks

around) yeh tab acche lagenge jab hum saath baithkar...akele ek dusrein ki baahon mein baaahein dalkar...yaad karenge ki kiss tarah humne

zindagi bhar saath nibhaya aur kaise Maan ne apni Geet ki har khushi ko aur harr sapne ko poora kiya..

Maan: Aur kiss tarah Geet ne Maan ko dusht danav se ...Insaan bana diya..

Geet: Aap sachh much khudd ko dusht danav samjhte hai..
Maan: ab tum hamesha kehti ho toh kya karu
Geet: Maan woh toh mein pyaar se kehti hu
Maan:lekin Geet jab tum kehti ho toh sach lagta hai

Maan smiles as Geet realises he was trying to gt her out of emotional state..

Geet: soh toh hai..aur waise bhi agar mein aapke paas nahi hoti toh patah nahi aapka kya hota...kitna bada jokhim uthaya hai Maan meine aap

jaante hai..?
Maan: accha...phir toh tumhein iss dushtdanav se dur hi rehna chahiye..kya patah yeh kab kya kar baithe..

Geet smiles and locks Maan with her hands on Maan's shoulder and locked in his neck...

Geet: Dur hi toh nahi reh sakti Maan...yeh kambhakt dil koi na koi bahana dhundh hi leta hai apne dusht danav ke paas aane ka...
Maan smiles and holds Geet closer..

Geet: Ab yeh bhi kya karein..jab isse pyaar hi dusht danav se hai toh devta..insaan ...koi aur nazar hi nahi aata..
Geet: Baass issi aass mein ki yeh dusht danav kab kuch karein,baar baar khudd ko kisi na kisi roop mein,kisina kisi bahane iss dusht danav ke

paas le aata hai..

Geet and Maan smile and happens a hug and Maan comes out of the flashback when he looks around the pictures and touches oe of the single

picture with Geet's snap in he finds and realises Maansi was still awake and was observing him...

Maahi in the background as Maansi looks at Maan feeling his pain and Maan at Maansi...

Break: Maahi moment as Maansi comes in and close to Maan..

Maansi: Aap soye nahi?
Maan: bass sone hi jaraha tha..
Maansi: Geet ki yaad aarahi thi
Maan nods his head as yes as Maansi feels for him and hugs Maan..

Maahi in the background as Maansi finally reveals what her state of mind was..

Maansi: Mein kya karu Maan ki aapka yeh dard dur hojaaye aur meri jo mushkil hai woh bhi dur hojaaye..
Maan: Tumhein kuch karne ki zarurat nahi Maansi...
Maansi: Maan..dil katra katra hokar tut raha hai aapko iss tarah dekhkar...ek taraf aap hai aur aapke liye dil mein bepanaah pyaar...Maansi

stops she thinks about what decision to take and how to convince her family..

Maahi in the background as Maan realisess what Maansi was about to say..

Maan: Raat nahut ho gayi hai Maansi..ab jakar so jao...

Maansi: Nahi...aapko mein yahan choddkar nahi jaa sakti..aap mere saath mere paas rahenge..Maansi holds Maan's take him to her


Maan: Nahi Maansi..mein bilkul theek hu aur phir...mujhe Geet ki yaadon se bilkul takleef nahi hoti aur yeh sab tumhari wajah se..hai..

Maansi wonders what Maan wanted to say...

Maan: Geet ki yaadon mein khush hona aur haskar aur khul kar jeena tumne mujhe sikhaya...
Maansi smiles as she feels good to see Maan positive...

Maan: Aur phir yahan meri Geet basti hai..aur yeh jo tasveerein tum yahan dekh rahi ho...Geet ne mujhe last birthday par gift ki thi..taaki ek

din hum saath baithkar...baahin mein baahein daalkar...inn tasveeron mein basi yaadon ko yaad kar ke inhein jee sake...mein yahan Geet ki

yaadon ko jeene aaya hu..isiliye mera yakeen karo mein theek hu..

Maahi in the background as Maansi hugs Maan and both feel good to be in each other's arms..


Next morning...Maan gets up and comes out of his room and then goes to see Maansi..who is missing...Maan wonders where she was...

Maan turns around and sees Maansi ( Maahi in the background as Maansi is dressed in Geet's saree which is given by dadi who stands next to

her and Maan realises Maansi had forgiven dadi as well...

Maahi runs in the background as Maansi walks towards Maan and Maan watching Maansi with a surprise and a pleasant one...

Maansi wishes Maan "Very good morning with a smile and her face on one side"

Maan too smiles as he feels good to see Maansi smiling and back to what she was ...

Episode ends with Maan and Maansi smiling and looking at each other and Maahi in the background...

One Screen and two pictures..

Maan and Maansi looking at each other with a big smile on face and respective expressions out of positive feelings...

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Geetseason2 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 1:04am | IP Logged

Episode 217: ( This is not the official proposal)

Scene 1: Maansi in the saree and Maan looking at her...Maahi in the background as Maansi walks towards Maan...

Maan with tears in his eyes as he sees if he was living some dream come true moment...why? read it further..

Dadi joins both of them...

Dadi: Thankyou "dobara luatne ke liye..."

Maahi runs in the background as Maan looks at Maansi with surprise as if it had some meaning...

dadi kisses Maansi on her forehead...and leaves...

Scene 2: ( What is so special in this scene: well till date Maansi did wear ethinic wear but her hairstyle and make up was different,today she is

looking exactly Geet as if she was back from heavens)

Maansi looks at Maan and desires controlled as Maansi wants Maan's reactions and Maahi running in the background..

Maan with emotions oozing out thru his eyes...come close to Maansi...

Maan smiles and begins conversation..

Maan: Mujhe aisa kyu lag raha hai ki tum mujhe impress karne ki koshish kar rahi ho..

Maansi gets upset and turns back and happens a maahi Maan holds Maansi's pallu...and Maahi begins in the background and

Maan this time pulls Maansi close to himself...Maansi with pulses high and feeling nervous..comes close to Maan moving backwards...

Musical Maahi moment with Maan pulling Maansi close to him..

Maan: Maansi...tumhein roz isi roop mein dekhne ki iccha hai...

Maahi runs in the background at higher pitch and Maansi looks back...and hugs Maan...and then looks at Maan...back again..

Maansi: Mein laut aayi hu Maan...hamesha hamesha ke liye...aapki jaisi iccha ho waise apne apne aap ko dhaalne..

Maahi in the background as Maan feels great and his happiness is Maan and Maansi get in passionate hug yet again and Maan

just not able to beleive what Maansi said..

Musical Maahi moment begins:

Maan: Maaansi..isse pehle bhi tum iss tarah mere saamne aayi ho lekin aaj tum bilkul Geet lag rahi ho...

Maansi: Jaanti hu...kyuki aaj mein aapko aapki Geet lautane aayi hu..

Maan looks at Maansi with surprise...

Maansi: Maan shaadi ke baad kya aap mujhe " Maansi Khurana" ki bajaye "Geet Khurana" bulana pasand karenge..?

(maahi in the background as Maan cant belive how much Maansi loved him that she was ready to forget her exact identity..and above all the

fact that Maansi proposed and expressed desire for wedding and getting settled with Maansi)

Probably the moment of Geet season 2 as Maan just not able to beleive Maansi's lines and her love for him when she said that...

Maan with love in his eyes and Maansi with true emotions for Maan and both move even closer as Maan holds Maansi's face and looks deep in

her eyes

Maan: " I love you Maansi"

Maan with such intense passion and desire proposes Maansi for the first time as Maansi feels the sweetest feeling when she hears the magical

three words..

Maansi holds Maan's face and Maan holds Maansi's face as both in tears and finally accepting it...

Maansi: "I love you alot Maan."

saare shabd,saare jazbaat,sab kuch kam pad jayenge,mujhe khudd nahi patah mein aapse kitna pyaar karti hu.

"Buss itna jaanti hu ki meri zindagi aapke bina adhuri hai,aadat ho gayi hai meri zindagi ko aapki Maan,ek aisi zarurat ho aap ki meri zindagi

ka har ek pal aapko rab se mangta hai."

Maahi in the background as Maan realises and recollects his lines said to Geet and Maansi's feelings and emotions make him feel what his

emotions were and are for Geet...

A scenario where Maan can relate to Maansi and also gets an idea about how much she loved him..

( Maahi in the backdrop at romantic high,increases pulses and passion)

Maansi and Maan come an inch closer as their lips reach needle distance and Maahi up and pumping...Maan holding Maansi on her back and

Maansi on Maan's neck pulling him closer and Maan holding Maansi's neck as both near and come very close..

Eyes red hot and breath on a high as Maan and Maansi look at each other and close their eyes and come closer..


" Maan and Maansi kiss of love and expression of love as a lip lock happens..."

Maan gently kisses Maans's lips and so does Maansi Maan's lips as eyes are closed and then open with tears and emotions oozing..out...

Yet again either camera trick or direct,depending on external factors..

After they come out of kiss:

Scene 3:

Maan hugs Maansi with a feel and controlled tears in his eyes as he gets highly touched and impressed by her gesture

Maan: Tum kyu mujhse itna pyaar karti ho Maansi...?

Maansi: Maan agar dil ko kahin sukoon  milta hai toh aapki baahon mein...

Maansi looks at Maan and Maan deep in eyes of Maansi..

Maansi:khudd ko aapko sop diya hai Maan..aur mein nahi chahti ki aapko kabhi bhi aisa mehsus ho ki aapki Geet aapke paas nahi...mein Geet

na sahi..lekin kamse kam uski kami ka ehsaas aapko nahi hone dena chahti..

Maan: Maansi tumne keh diya wohi bahut hai...mein yeh jata bhi nahi sakta ki tumne aaj kitni badi khushi di hai...lekin Maansi,Maansi hi


Maansi: Maan aapko pasand nahi aaya mujhe "Geet" bulana

Maan: Nahi Maansi,aisi baat nahi

Maansi: toh phir..ladkiyan waise hi apna naam badal deti hai...shaadi ke baad...

Maan: mein nahi chahta tum meri khushi ke liye apni shaksiyat badlo.

Maansi: Maan aapke pyaar mein Maansi khudd ko  bhula degi,bhul jayegi ki woh kabhi "Maansi" thi...meri shaksiyat ka har pehlu aapse aur

aapki khushi se juda hai,phir mujhe koi Geet bulaye ya Maansi...aapke liye pyaar aur jazbaat toh nahi badlenge na...

Maahi in the background as Maan hugs Maansi again and a passionate hug as Maan and Maansi are in hug with no space in between...

Scene 4; While Maaneet are in a passionate hug,reashu comes in:

reashu: good morning papa

Maan: aap itni jaldi uth gaye..papa se pehle

reashu;aap late hogaye ho

reashu points at the clock and it is about to be noon...

Maan realises he had slept for too long...

Maansi smiles and teases Maan

Maansi: Ab dusro ko subah uthaane waale khudd dopahar tak sone lage hai...Maansi gives a teasing smile and Maan too smiles at the sweet


reashu: aap jaldi ready hoyiye hum sab wait kar rahe hai

Maan:lekin kyu

reashu: aap ready hoyiye phir...

Maansi holds reashu and picks her up in her arms and both wink and smile and ask Maan to come soon..

Maansi: Aap yahi khadein rahenge ya phir neeche aayenge...aur jaldi aayiyega..subah jaldi uthkar itni mehnat ki hai (Maansi shows her efforts

to get ready and dress up)

Maan wonders what was there in Maansi's mind and he goes in to get ready..

Scene 5: Dadi,Venu and Adi along with Pinky..all are happy as Maansi was back and dadi expresses delight that she wasnt upset anymore..adi

sir and all confirm with dadi if it was true...dadi confirms it but also expresses concern over how to convince Maansi's parents...Venu relates

to as it was tough but not impossible as he knew Maansi's parents well and if taken into confidence they might just agree..dadi expresses it

was difficult but also expresses delight becoz atleast maansi wasnt upset...anymore..


Maansi listens to the last line of conversation and comes close to dadi and apologises her for behaviour for which dadi asks her not to as

itwas a natural reaction and not her fault,a reunion scene of adi maansi and pinky as Maansi looks towards Venu who tries and pretends to be

a Maansi feels bad for her words..

Maansi and Venu conversation:

Maansi: I am sorry

Venu: strangers ko sorry ya thank you nahi kehte..woh waise bhi aaj hote aur kal nahi...

Maansi feels sorry and hugs Venu...and Venu too feels touched as he knew it was Maansi's natural reaction..

Maansi: Mein bahut gusse mein thi..i was very upset with you...

Venu: Atleast mujh par bharosa karna chahiye tha..its been years we are friends...aaj tak kabhi galat socha hai or wrong suggestion..

Maansi nods her head as no and hugs Venu again..

Venu: Its fine yaa..u know I cant be angry with you..for long

Maansi: Thanks...

Venu: Thanks to you me mujhe bura nahi laga jo tumne kaha ..i seriosuly did not want you to loose your love...your true love...

Break: (Musical Maahi moment)

Maan getting ready and comes in Maansi walking slowly and moving towards Maan and holds him from back...

Maansi: Mr Khurana mein aapki tie knot kar sakti hu

Maan: hmm haa agar koi aur irada na ho toh...

Maansi: accha...

Maansi pulls Maan close to her...

Maansi: aap jaante nahi mein kya kar sakti hu...

Maan: woh toh meine abhi kuch der pehle dekh hi liya..

Maansi runs higher in the background as Maansi blushes and Maan smiles and Maansi begins with tieing Maan's tie knot...

She makes him look perfect and then both of them look in the mirror...and feel good as Maansi puts her hand in hand of Maan ..

Episode ends with Maan kissing Maansi's forehead and Maansi hugging Maan..

Both Maan and Maansi sharing passionate hug moment after Maan got a surprise "proposal" and an unexpected return of Maansi and more

importantly,Maan feeling the love she had for Maan..

One Screen and one picture Maan and Maansi hugging each other and Maahi musical running in the back ground.

Few call it love and few call it infatuation but I feel it is passion and vision for Drashti Dhami.

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