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Geet Seasson 2:"Eternal Love relived yet again"

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Read the episodes as well for you to get an idea before commenting simply on the basis of concept.
It was written only to avoid "Geet" from ending too early and since the "Judgement Day" is near as heard,certainly wish to present the concept with idea of treatment to a common concept which if done keeping in mind the image and talent of Drashti and Gurmeet and what is liked in them will work big big big time.
I am certainly not saying my idea is the best,but then if star one is looking for something which can appeal families as well and if makers dont have a constructive storyline then my concept and specially the treatment to the storyline offers atleast 300 episodes.
I am done with 230 episodes and I can add 120  more easily.
Friends no other fan has a story which can be a continuation of present Geet and add to it my episodes are written in a manner similar to how Geet episodes come on TV.
Read the episodes once,understand the treatment and support the cause..may be this bunch of 230 episodes might well be a soluation to avoid Geet from ending.

Maaneet's eternal love story relived yet again.

Geet Hui Sabse Parayi season 2:

An eternal saga relived again as the story moves forward from Delhi to Mumbai,a continuation from Maan and Geet's love story.

An introduction to what I mean and how the new characters would look:
1) Maan Singh Khurana: ( Gurmeet Choudhary)

He is the same old Maan Singh Khurana who is a bussinessman from Delhi,no change becoz his character is the biggest USP Nissar has designed and he shud be far more proud of himself than he is now..He is the MSK...who is similar to what he was during early days of Geet.

2) Maansi Nayyar: ( Drashti Dhami)

She is an engineer by academics,an vastu specialist and architect by profession,she is born and brought up in Mumbai,she is an open minded yet very culturally rooted person who loves to stick by her ethics and values and is very particular about what she feels is right and what she feels is wrong.Gives alot of importance to family values,welcomes modern thoughts and lifestyle but respects traditional values as well and does things staying within family and traditional values and limits.

3) Geet Khurana: ( Drashti Dhami )

She is our very own Geet Khurana,who comes only in memories of Maan who now lives only in her memories and will be seen regularly in flashback moments,moments which are already shot and moments which were demanded by fans but were never shot.

Inshort Maan and Geet scenes wud regularly come when Maan relates circumstances with Maansi to incidents in past with Geet.


Maaneet's eternal love story relived yet again in a new set up,with a new storyline which is continuation of old one and will give fans the same feeling with events which are a mix of new,old and innovative circumstances.

If ever you happen to read it then do leave a comment and if it is a negative feedback just becoz Geet dies then understand Maan and Geet scenes are there and rather come with all possible emotions one can imagine.

Maaneet's eternal love story relived yet again in a new set up,with a new storyline which is continuation of old one and will give fans the same feeling with events which are a mix of new,old and innovative circumstances.

Read the episodes from 196 hence forth on this link as examples for you to decide.

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Coming down the months and the fact that Drashti Dhami might work around at this stretch and for time each day for the next 2 years maximum,there are possibilities of another story with them, with Gurmeet and Drashti.

Season 2 of Geet if agreed by both to do needs a fresh storyline and it certainly cannot be the old Maan and Geet as their story wud be told and done.

"Muskaan on India Forum and Angelic Mishty on Facebook have written very good fan fictions which can be used and are based on new themes."

Fans can ask for their stories for sure.

Fans wud love to see either of the stories on Drashti and Gurmeet if the makers and their creative team gets a jist of their story line which wud help them to work upon it.

Even I have written a storyline on the toughest concept one can think about Maan and Geet.
Here are the links to the storyline and episodes written:

There is still a lot to come indeed if Gurmeet and Drashti dont get bored and fed up,we fans wud never get fed up of them for sure.We still love them and we will always love to see them together which is now possible only onscreen

I have already writtten 200 episodes on this concept with special attention to treatment as it should not give an alien feel.

1) Gurmeet as Maan

2) Drashti Dhami as Maansi

3) Drashti Dhami also as Geet "but" in flashback scenes which fans wud get to see every week and inbetween new story involving Maan and Maansi.

In Short a blend of old and new,where the new love story will have plenty of "Maahi" moments and the flashback scenes will have romantic "Maaneet" moments which since will be shown in flashback dont need build up just one has to relate the flashback moments with real life incident which gave the flashback moment.

What happened to Geet?

She is no more and for sure will never come back...

Gurmeet and Drashti's pair is much loved and it is them whom fans want to see.

I believe fans wont mind as they would get to see a fresh new storylie with Maan and Maansi and also a taste of present series with Geet...when Maan and Geet scenes flash in flashback.

The advantage is at any moment the storyline can go back in date and Maan and Geet's story scenes can be shown.

The biggest advantage is fans would get to see Drashti and Gurmeet in two avataars..

Drashti as Maansi and Geet

Gurmeet in two different moods when with Geet and when with Maansi.

" A story of Maan and Maansi in Geet Season 2 which will move forward somewhat similar to how Geet's story went with Maan (not the initial hoshiarpur track) which will be replaced by initial days of Maan in Mumbai after leaving Delhi and character description of Maansi and her life,followed by hits and misses,confrontations of Maansi with Maan and his family to finally how she lands up in his office to start working with him and then an all new office track,innovative incidents which relate to incidents in past..few circumstances similar and many circumstances different."

All that what was left out and was not presented during Geet season 1 due to technical and other reasons can be presented in Geet season 2 with Maan and Maansi and to give fans double dosage of Drashti and Gurmeet,even Maan and Geet scenes wud come in between as flashback moments presented in detail..

As flashback moments dont need a storyline,they just need a reason to relate to flash on screen..Though she is no more but she will still be there in the series in scenes where Maan goes in flashback and relates events to past experiences.

A fresh new storyline where story moves forward with Maan and Maansi in real and in between flash cute,lovely,passionate,romantic,emotional,funny,comedy,tragic and all types of Maan and Geet scenes which you desire to see but cannot view it immediately becoz build up is needed for such passionate scenes which takes time...

"The build up part to such Maaneet moments will be done with Maan and Maansi scenes which wud give you moments to cherish for sure and then once build up is done and a moment comes where passionate Maaneet moment can be deliverd,

"Maaneet Scenes wud flash and the plus point is as said u just have to relate it to real life story and its connection with Maan and Maansi's story."

"No time wasted for build up before scene delivery becoz build up too will have scenes of Drashti and Gurmeet as Maan and Maansi,leading to all win win situation for fans."

e.g: For makers to show "suhaagraat scene now" it wud take time as it is the most important scene but with main story flow that of Maan and Maansi going steady,suhaagraat scene of Maan and Geet can be shown in detail with prior build up to new storyline and Maan thinking about it in flashback.

All those scenes demanded by fans which wud ideally need build up can be directly shown without a build up with a simple justification of relating the fresh and real life incident with that in past.

"Makers can simply show it without much headache and above all what works with Drashti and Gurmeet is more of their scenes in detail with every emotion and feeling highlighted and a steady pace to the storyline taking the series forward."
Season one of Geet will end on a good note for sure but Season 2 of Geet depends alot on Drashti and Gurmeet.

Considering they wud be still there willing to work for atleast a year more,I have written more than 200 episodes for Geet season 2 which is a continuation of the present storyline and takes the story forward and is on the toughest topic which is common but can be made look different if the treatment is similar to what previous team Geet has given and emphasis is more on redefining presentation style,story telling and proper use of flashback moments...something brilliantly used in movies but never seen on television.

I have tried to do just that with proper blend of old and new scenes and a story running in real as well as in flashback.


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Episode 196:

Scene 1: Maan and Maansi and the moment of truth:

Maansi with controlled tears as she is left speechless as her dream was shattered and Maan facing his back towards Maansi...

Maan: Mein aur Geet shadi ke bandhan mein bandh ban gaye..

( High pitch Maahi tune runs as Maansi listens to Maan with broken heart but also feeling sad for Maan)

Maan: Do bacche hai humaarein "Reashu" aur "Maaneet"

Maansi looks up with eyes wide open and in shock..

Maan:Sab kuch accha chal raha tha ki achanak ek din...

Scene from first episode of Geet season 2 where Maan is in shock and looking at Geet's dead body..

Maansi expressing her pain and also the pain she was feeling of Maan...

Scene 2: Maahi in the background as Maan looks with controlled tears towards Maansi and Maansi looking at Maan with controlled tears as Maan moves towards Maansi...( Maahi in the background with alaap as well)

Maan: Mein zinda lash ke siwa kuch nahi tha aur phir dadi maa ne jab Mumbai aane ka faisla liya toh jaane se pehle dargah mein tum mujhe mil gayi aur aisa laga meri Geet laut aayi hai

( Maahi with fast music in background to raise pulses)

Maansi is confused as she wasnt able to understand what Maan meant to say...

Maan holds Maansi's face in his hand..

Maan: Hubhu Geet,wohi aankh,wohi chehra, wohi jazbaat...

( Maansi is left stunned for a moment and then after a while smiles and then laughs)

Scene 3: Maan who told his story so seriously is left shattered to see Maansi laughing...

Maansi: I am sorry Maan,I am really sorry,lekin khubb bewkuff banaya aapne

Maan is not able to understand what Maansi is saying and why she was feeling like that..

Maansi: Kya imagination hai aapki...

Maan feels insulted as Maansi makes fun of his feelings and he glares at Maansi..

Maansi: I am sorry,I am sorry aap gussa mat hoyiye...
Maansi: Maan bachpaan mein na hum ek game khela karte the aur logo ko khub bevkuff banaya karte the.
Maansi: Hum logo ko Sholay movie ki poori kahani sunaatein a to z aur woh bechara poori tarah usmein involve hojata,kahani janne ke bavjood woh baithkar sunta,aur aakhir mein mein usse sawaal poochti.
Maansi: Jab radha Jay ki laash ke saamne ro rahi hoti hai toh aapko kya lagta hai Thakur kaunse haath se usse dilasa dega 'right" ya "left"?
Maansi: Woh poori tarah confuse hojata "right ya left ki farak painda hai...
Maansi: Confusion ke chakkar mein woh yeh bhool jata ki Thakur ke haath nahi the..

Maansi continues laughing as she does not beleive Maan...

Sceen 4: Maan is glaring at Maansi and is damn upset as he fails to realise Maansi was not ready to beleive the fact that she looked like Geet..

Maan: Tumhein yeh sab zhooth lagta hai...

Maansi feels she did not behave well and aplogises to Maan and becomes serious and with all emotions says something to Maan which makes him think how he shud make Maansi beleive he was true..

Maansi:maan mein yeh jaanti hu ki aap Geet se bahut pyar kartein hai,Maan mein aapki iss baat par vishwas kar sakti hu ki Geet aapke zindagi mein thi,lekin yeh kaise maanlu ki aapki shaadi hui thi Geet se aur do bacche hai aapke aur mein hubhu Geet jaisi hu..

Maan is left clueless as to why Maansi did not beleive in what he said..

Maansi: Maan mein jabse aapse mili hu,aajtak kabhi aapne apni shaadi aur bachho ka jikar nahi kiya,na meine aapki koi tasveer dekhi hai,na geet ke saath,na aapke baccho ke saath,aur phir mein kitni baar aapke ghar aayi hu,na meine aapke baccho ke baarein mein suna aur nahi unko dekha..poore ghar mein ek bhi tasveer nahi,nahi unke baarein mein koi baat, kuch bhi nahi

Maansi: Aur Maan naahi dadimaa ne kuch kaha aur na hi adi sir aur pinky ne...aur aap mujhe yeh batayiye,yeh sab toh aapko kitne saalo se jaante hai,bhala woh iss baat se kaise anjaan rehte ki aapki shadi hogayi hai aur aapke bacchein hai..

Maansi: aap mujhe yeh batayiye ki mera dost venu woh bhi toh jaanta hoga aur phir woh kyu mujhse yeh baat chupayega..aur agar mein maan bhi lu ki venu ko patah nahi tha toh dadi maa aur adi aur pinky yeh baat kyu chupayenge mujhse..

Maansi: Maan mein kaise Maan lu ki mein Geet jaisi hu,aaj tak dadi maa ne mujhe kabhi yeh mehsus nahi hone diya aur na hi adi aur pinky ne..
woh toh dost hai mere woh kyu mujhe andherein mein rakhenge...?

Maansi: aur phir agar mein geet jaisi hoti toh kamse kam ek baar toh kisina kisike jazbaat saamne aate..mein aapki baat samajh sakti hu ki aapke jazbaat saamne aaye,aur shayad meri harkatein geet jaisi ho jo aapko yeh mehsus karata hai..lekin Maan yeh hota hai,kyuki jo rishta aapka tha Geet se woh koi nahi samajh sakta aur phir har kisiko saathi ki talaash hoti hai aur ek dost ki aur shayad woh dost aap mujh mein dhundh rahein the..

Maan realises how much trust Maansi has in him and dadi and others as he feels they all had cheated and also played with her emotions and now when she comes to know about their truth she will for sure never ever see anyone's face was inddeed going to happen and Maansi will be left betrayed,despite he and others never wanted her to feel like that but her trust and feeling of being cheated will surely not make her realise why all of them including him never wanted her to know about Geet and why they kept it a secret and never made Maansi feel or realise it..

Scene 5:Maansi holds Maan's face in her palm...and like a good and true friend..

( Maahi in the background)

Maansi: Mein kal bhi aapki dost thi,aaj bhi aapki dost hu aur hamesha rahungi,aapko Geet ki kami mehsus nahi hone dungi..( Maahi in the background)

Maansi: Mein aapke jazbaat samajhti hu aur yeh bhi samajhti hu ki aapne yeh sab mujhse kyu kaha?
Maan is left speechless as he has no other option but to listen to Maansi carefully and then answer her questions...and or clear her perceptions..

Maansi: Maan aapne yeh sab kuch isiliye kaha na kyuki meine aapse zindagi mein aage badhne ke liye kaha..

Maansi moves aside and walks facing her back towards Maansi..

Maansi: Aap yeh acchi tarah jaante hai ki koi bhi ladki aise insaan se shadi karne mein dus baar sochegi jo do baccho ka baap hai...aur agar mein hoti toh mein kabhi nahi karti,

( Maahi in the background and sad one as Maan realises what was coming ahead and what he was going to miss in future as Maansi clarifies her feelings and her stand..making Maan calm down as he gets his possible answer...)


Maansi: kyuki kisi bhi ladki ke liye yeh samajhna mushkil hai ki woh itni badhi zimmedari uthane ke layak hai aur kya woh tayar hai bhi ya nahi?

Maan giving a cute smile ( The smile which Maan was giving was not for Maansi was right but becoz he was now releived and he knew his fear of loosing Maansi for ever was not there becoz he had already lost her and if not then after knowing his truth and why dadi and adi alongwith pinky lied to her and kept Geet's identity a secret he will certainly loose her)

Maansi turns back and sees Maan smiling with controlled tears...Maan looking at Maansi and trying to save,arhcive every emotion of her as if he had few moments left to archive Maansi as well Geet's memories with expressions and time when she was close to him and was good to him.


Maansi: Mein jaanti thi aap zooth keh rahein the aur phir yeh koi fimly kahani thodi hai jo meri shakal hubhu Geet jaisi ho...Maan kaho naa pyaa hai aapki fav movie thi kya?

Maan smiles as he feels there was nothing more left to say untill Maansi sees the pictures and memories in the locked room..

Maansi: Maan mein jaanti hu aap Geet se bahut pyaar karte the aur apni poori zindagi uske saath bitana chahte the..aur isilye aap yeh kahaniya banarahein hai taaki mein ,dadimaa aur koi aur aapki shadi ke liye aapko force na kar paaye...

Maansi hugs Maan and Maahi runs in the background...

Maansi: Maan mein aapka dard samajhti hu aur yeh wada hai mere aapse ki mein aapko kabhi akele nahi chodungi,kabhi bhi nahi...

Maahi runs at a higher pitch...

Episode ends with Maan and Maansi hugging each other and in each other's arms with Maan feeling for Maansi and living last few moments and Maansi feeling the pain which Maan was going thru and with a determination that she wud never ever leave Maan alone...

One screen and two pictures;

Maan and Maansi with respective expressions.

All Episodes of Geet Season 2:!/pages/Maaneets-eternal-love-storyrelived-yet-again/170895986291316

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Episode 197:

Scene 1: Maan and Maansi come out of the hug and Maan tries to convince Maansi.

Maan: Maansi tumne jo kaha woh sahi tha lekin..( Maan puts his hand in the packet to remove his wallet to show Geet's snap..

Maansi's mama sees Maan and Maansi and asks both to sleep as it was too late and the coming two days they had alot of work..the next day was a party and the other day preparations for karva chaut and Maansi had to prepare alot for it..

Maansi wishes Maan good night and leaves,leaving Maan think about how he shud make her beleive..and wonders how Maansi did not beleive him..and the points she said were valid...

Scene 2: Maan in flashback after he removes his wallet and Geet's snap in it...

Maan and Geet scene in the room..( Maahi musical in the background)

Geet: Maan aapko yaad hai na humein Amritsar ke liye nikalna hai,Beeji ne khaas hum dono ko bulaya hai..
Maan: Haan..
Geet comes close to Maan...and teases him ( Geet with a smile and looking in eyes of Maan)
Geet: Haan,nahi pakka jaana hai..Beeji keh rahi thi unka Driver kahi chala gaya hai aur unhein apne poorane driver Balwant Singh ki bahut yaad aarahi hai..

Maan pulls Geet close to him in his arms:( Maahi continues as Maan and Geet are damn close)

Maan: Ohhh Balwant Singh...Beeji ko yaad arahi hai ya phirrr..tumhein..
Geet:Sach kahu toh mujhe bhi..kitna handsome lagta tha Balwant Singh..
Maan: Accha..( Maan pulls Geet close to himself) Geet tum kuch jyada hi tareef nahi kar rahi ho uski aur woh bhi apne pati ke saamne..
Geet: Geet puts her arms on Maan's shoulders: ( Ab kya karu woh tha hi itna pyaara ki yaad jaati hi nahi)
Maan: Accha aisa kya khaas tha usmein..
Geet smiles and Maahi runs at a higher tone and pitch..
Geet comes close to a kissing distance and then smiles and rubs her nose with Maan's nose..and hugs Maan..

Geet: Maan aap ek baar phir Balwant Singh baniye na..
Maan: Kya?
Geet: Haa
Maan: Pagal hogayi ho aur mein pagdi nahi pehnewala..
Geet: Arey mein aapko pagdi pehnati hu..

Geet gets out of hug and then searches for a cloth for pagdi..

Maan: Geet kya mazak hai chodo bhi..mein keh deta hu mein pagdi nahi pehnewala.
Geet: Please Maan sirf ek baar mere liye..

Geet finds a cloth and smiles and rushes towards Maan and Maan runs here and there and Geet runs behind Maan and while running both fall together on the bed...Maan down and Geet on him ( Maahi in the back ground as Geet holds Maan's both hands and stretches them straight and holds both hand tightly and smiles and so does Maan...a maahi moment...

Geet: Aaj mein aapko pagdi pehne bina nahi jaane dungi..kya hai Maan...ek choti is request hi toh hai na..
Maan: Accha theek hai

( Maahi moment as Geet helps Maan wear pagdi...entire 2 minutes and 30 seconds of Maahi used to show the pagdi scene where Geet enjoys making Maan wear pagdi...and close shots of Maan and Geet shown)

Geet: Wow kitne cute lag rahein hai aap..( Geet pulls Maan's cheeks)
Maan smiles...
Geet kisses Maan on his cheeks and says
Geet: Maan aap haftein kamse kam teen din Balwant Singh bankar aaya kijiye..
Maan: Accha teen din,saat din kyu nahi
Geet: Nahi mujhe toh do do Dusht Danav chahiye,ek Maan ke roop mein aur ek Balwant Singh ke roop mein
Maan: hukum begum sahiba
Geet: Waise bhi Maan,Balwant Singh ko dekh kar bahut pyaar aata hai uspe..( Geet gives a naughty smile to tease Maan)
Maan: Muhje toh darr lagne laga hai Geet
Geet: Woh kyu
Maan: Ab tumhein Maan se jyada Balwant Singh par pyaar aarah hai toh
Geet: Bilkul nahi,mere Maan se accha,saccha aur Sidha iss duniya mein koi aur hai hi nahi.
Maan: Accha
Geet: Bilkul,aapki sacchayi hi kaafi hai Maan aapse beinteha pyaar karne ke liye,aur phir mein yeh jaanti hu aap kabhi koi galat kaam nahi kar sakte,isiliye toh aap jo kehte hai jo karte hai usspar poori tarah vishwas karti hu,kyuki mere liya Bharosa aur vishwas dono ka buss ek hi swaroop hai " Maan"..

Maan comes out of the flash back and realises what he had done to Maansi by hiding about Geet and her resemblance and he talks to himself and feels he indeed hide truth from her when he recollects words of Maansi which expressed how much trust she showed in him dadi maa and adi as well as pinky.

Sceen 3: Maan thinking about his earlier plan was the best option when he wud take Maansi to the room and he feels that was the only option..

Scene 4: Early morning...Maan gets to know that Venu had come to meet him...

Maan and Venu meeting...Venu sees Maan and comes near him and hugs him...

Venu: I am there with you dude...
Maan: I know
Venu: Dadi maa ne bataya Geet ke baarein mein, I was shocked mujhe ab bhi yakeen nahi horaha
Maan: Maansi ne bhi yakeen nahi kiya
Venu is left shocked: ( Tumne Maansi ko bata diya)
Maan: Haa lekin usse meri baat par vishwas nahi hua aur karti bhi kyu aaj tak mein aur dadi maa usse Geet ki pehchaan chupatein aarahein the.
Maan: meine dhoka diya hai usse aur ab woh kabhi nahi samajh payegi ki meine aisa kyu kiya
Venu: Maan,uski galti nahi hai aur phir kaun vishwas karega,mein bhi nahi karta agar mein Maansi ki jagah hota

Maan looks with a question mark

Venu: Haa Maan itna aasaan nahi hai aur phir Maansi pyaar karti hai tumse,jab tak woh apni aankhon se Geet ki tasveerein nahi dekh leti usse yakeen hona mushkil hai

Maan: Mere kehne ke bavjood bhi aur mein bhala kyu jhooth kehne laga usse

Venu: Uska dil nahi manage,mein acchi tarah jaanta hu Maansi ko aur shayad woh shock mein hai ya phir uska yeh vishwas ki dadi maa tum adi aur pinky usse kabhi zhooth nahi keh sakte usse andherein mein nahi rakh sakte,yeh vishwas shayad usse Geet ki sacchayi maane se mana kar rahi hai.

Venu: Maan meri maano toh ab iss baat ko Mumbai lautne tak taal do,mein baat karunga Maansi se
Maan: Nahi Baat karke koi fayda nahi,woh keh chuki hai ki agar aisi situation ho toh woh kabhi kisi shadi shuda se shadi nahi karegi
Mein nahi chahta usse ab koi aur takleef ho,buss uska Geet ki sacchayi jaanna zaruri hai aur phir uska kya faisla hoga mein jaanta hu

Venu: tumhein lagta hai woh..

Maan: Mein usse hamesha hamesha ke kho dunga aur saath hi kho dunga Geet ka ehsaas..( Maahi in the background)
Maan: Mera ek kaam karoge
Venu: Haa kaho

Scene in slow motion with sound off as Maan explains his plan to Venu


Venu: Tum mujh par chodd do..waise tum lautne kab waale ho
Maan: Waqt lagega
Maan: yahan ek panga hogaya hai
Maan: Maansi ne apne nanaji ko mein uska fiance hu aisa present kiya hai

venu laughs and Maan glares...

Maan: tum hass rahein ho?
Venu: Relax relax aur haa tum normal rehna please warna Maansi socch mein doob jayegi aur Maan agar sach mein Maansi nahi maani toh yaad rakhna mein hu,mein usse mana lunga aur haan

Venu forwards his hand towards Maan

Venu: Live every moment Maan,koi guilt mat rakhna,tumne koi galati nahi ki aur mera yakeen maano maansi naraaz bhu hui toh jyada din nahi reh payegi " She is yours" ...warna tumhein aise nahi milti, aur yeh ittefaq nahi ho sakta..

Maan smiles and shakes hand with venu but is still without hope and feels he is guilty indeed but does not express it just thinks in his mind.

Break:Maansi comes in:

Maansi: venu tum yahan kaise aur kya baat hai,Bharat milap ho raha hai kya baat hai any good news guys..
Venu: Haan mein congratulate kar raha tha Maan ko tumhara fiance jo ban gaya hai

Maansi smiles and closes her eyes as she feels embarraased

Maansi: Woh karna pada,koi option hi nahi tha
Venu: Lekin bechara mera dost Maan,yahi kyu?
Maansi: Toh kya tumhein karti aur phir agar tumhein banati toh bakul se tumhari shadiii?
Venu: aah hmm Maan ho theek hai..mein toh aavi mazak kar raha tha
Maansi: good,good thats like a good friend
Maan: Waise Maansi yeh weird idea tumharein dimaag mein aaya kaise
Maansi: Yeh Venu isne sikhaya
Venu: Meine
Maansi: aur nahi toh kya?
Maansi: Maan,aap jaante hai,yeh mujhe apni patni banakar US legaya apne dad se milwane aur property transfer kar vaane..
Maan: woh kyu
Venu: arey chodo na...ab toh yeh tumhari patni hone waali hai..

Maahi runs in the back ground as Maan and Maansi are left speechless and Maan looks at Maansi and Maansi at Maan and both with expressions as Maansi's desire is to be with Maan and Maan knowing it wasnt possible...

One Screen and two pictures:

Maan and Maansi looking at each other with respective expressions.

All episodes on this link in discussion: 200 episodes of Geet season 2 written in same manner as entire episodes.

Page: Maaneet's eternal love story relived yet again.


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Episode 198:

Scene 1: Maan Maansi and venu

venu: Arey chodo na ab yeh tumhari patni hone waali hai
Maan looks at Venu..
Venu: Mera matlab hai ab tum ho,tum aaye,isse bachane, toh tum hi iss bachao
Maansi smiles and Maan and Maansi look at each other.
Maan:waise venu yeh kaunsi property hai
Maansi: jahan project geet chal raha hai woh
Venu:arey tum chinta kyu kar rahein ho Maan
Maan: venu tum jaante ho
Venu: Haan mein jaanta hu,Jesus christ Maansi
Maansi smiles looking venu all confused...
Venu: hold on Maan ek minute..Maansi ek minute...
Maan: venu agar tumharein dad yahan aagaye unhonein kuch objections li toh aur unhonein tumhein bakul ke saath dekh liya toh
Maan smiles
Venu: tum shubh shubh nahi bol sakte,kyu mere dad ko beech mein larahein ho yaar
Maansi: Haan Venu yeh possibility hai kyuki unhein yahan toh aana hai transfer papers par sign karne
Maan gets furious..
Maan:venu...dont tell me woh property ab bhi tumharein paas nahi hai
Venu: Maansiii..tum kuch nahi bologi chup ho jao bilkul chup..

Maansi smiles as she loves troubling Venu

Venu;Plz mujhe darayo mat yaar...mein jaraha hu
Maan: Venu ek minute minute...
Venu: Maan dad kuch nahi karenge,woh care taker,hai,hamara project band nahi hoga,aur waise bhi meine bakul ko samjhalunga aur maansi kuch dino ke liye meri wife ka role kar sakti hai,kyu maansi?

Maansi:Relax Venu hum mazak kar rahein the,anything for you darpokh...aur phir hum dono kab kaam aayenge,you are a sweet friend anything for you and we trust you..

Venu gets bit quiet and mood changed,walks towards Maansi

Venu: You trust me right
Maansi: yaah Venu,we were just joking
Venu:nahi mein iski baat nahi kar raha
Venu: tum jaanti ho mein kabhi bhi tumharein saath galat nahi hone dunga

Maan realises what Venu was talking about

Maansi: ya venu,koi baat hai.i mean tum tense kyu ho..
Venu:no no i am not tense
Maansi: Venu I trust you aur tum jaante ho,aur mein yeh bhi jaanti hu ki tum na koi galat suggestion doge aur naahi mujhe kisi musibat mein daloge,you are true friend and you have always been like that

Venu: Yeh yaad rakhna Maansi,aage bhi yaad rakhna,mein kabhi bhi tumhara galat nahi chahunga
Maansi: koi baat hai venu
Venu:nahi kuch nahi bass clear karna chahta tha
Maansi: u dont have to..aaj kal tense ho jaate ho (Maansi smiles and hugs Venu)
Venu;yaya yaya thanks...
Maan: Relax Venu...
Venu:chalo guys bye
Maansi:kahan abhi toh aaye ho
Venu: jo kehna tha meine keh diya aur phir bahut kaam hai...bahut jaruri kaam ( venu looks at Maan)

Venu walks towards Maansi and Maansi feels he wanted to say something

Venu: Maansi take care aur Maan ka bhi khayal rakhna...Venu smiles and tells carefull Maansi kahan fasa de koi bharosa nahi
Maansi slaps him and Venu and Maansi just give a pat to each other as good friends..

Venu: take care Maan aur meri baat yaad rakhna ...

Maansi: kaunsi baat?
Venu: arey kuch nahi CID...mein prperty ki baat kar raha bye..

Maansi smiles and Maan just looks at venu with just a still face..Venu gives Maan a pat and then with a changed expressions he looks at Maansi as if there was some other talk and Venu did not share it..

Scene 2; Maan and Maansi at the table for breakfast...and venu too joining them as no one allowed him to leave..
Maan sees aaloo ke parathes on the table and immediately flashes a moment and for a second when geet ordered him to have parathas..Maansi sees Maan smiling thinking somethingshe calls Maan close and informs him she had prepared pasta for him...and she wud secretly bring it and asks him to have one for the sake of family..but Maan has two three and Maansi feels great to see Maan...( as she just looks at Maan for few seconds and maahi runs for few seconds)

Scene 3: nanaji informs Maan that ideally there is roka ceremony with family members and if that had happened..

Maansi looks with a question on her face and Maan looks at Maansi...

Maan:Maansi yeh hamara rishta pakka karne ki tayari kar rahein hai
Nanaji:ek dusrein se kya pooch rahein ho
Maansi:nahi nanaji abhi toh sirf baat hui hai...aur phir Maan ke ghar waalein bhi toh yahan nahi hai..hum baad mein yeh ceremony kar lete hai
nanaji:theek hai Maan agar aapke parivaar se koi yahan aa sakta hai toh
Maansi:nahi..woh dadi maa hai sirf aur woh bimaar hai
nanaji;theek hai toh hum mumbai aakar roka kar lenge kyu
Maansi; nice idea mamaji
nanaji;jaanta hu..aur aaj shaam tum dono ka muhh mithaa hoga
Maansi:ab yeh kya hai
Maan; roka se pehle jo ceremony hoti hai woh
Maansi;aap toh sab jaante hai,bada mazaa aarahai aapko.
Maan;arey tumhein bata raha hu aur tum mujhe daant rahi ho
Maansi;waise maan sagai suni thi ab yeh naye ceremonies kahan se aaygaye
nanaji; kuch baat hai toh sabke saamne kaho maansi
Maansi;kuch nahi mein toh yeh keh rahi thi ki inke paas koi dress hai shaam ke function ke liye
nanaji;maan ke paas hogi,tum apni chinta karo
Maan smiles as Maansi's face falls.

Scene 4; Maan and Maansi :

Maan in his room and Maansi comes in secretly ..

Maansi comes secretly inside Maan's room far from eyes of family members who had asked her to go out shopping but she did not want to...

Maansi comes in and Maan standing behind the door looking for something...finds Maansi coming in as thief and wonders what was she upto..

Maan pokes Maansi from behind and she gets scared and in the process she is about to fall and the plate in which pasta was there falls on Maan's dress...

( Maahi moment as Maansi starts cleaning it and Maan looks at his shirt and then Maansi comes up and removes the masala on Maan's lips..a sensous scene as Maan holds Maansi's hand and Maansi's eyes left wide open) Maan tries to keep Maansi away from him..

Scene 5: Maan and Maansi:

Maan: Ab yeh kaunsa tareeka hai apne hi ghar mein yu choron ki tarah aane ka..
Maansi:woh mein sabse chupkar aarahi thi
Maan: roz ek nautanki..
Maan:aur tumhein khaane se fursat nahi milti shayad,kitna khaogi Maansi
Maansi:mein aapke liye layi thi,sabki nazron se chupkar aapke liya banaya tha,kal bhi aapko masale wala khaana khaana pada aur aaj subah bhi,ek toh aapke baarein socho aur upar se baatein suno..

Maansi keeps the remaining pasta in the plate on the bed and gets away...


Maahi moment as Maan smiles and looks at Maansi upset standing far..( Musical maahi)

Maan: Ab jab laayi ho toh khila bhi do..accha lagega..
Maansi: aap bacchein hai,khudd kha lijiye

Maan steps back and Maansi feels Maan took it seriosuly and snatches the plate and Maan looks at Maansi..Maansi smiles and so does Maan
Maansi serves Maan and Maahi alaap begins in the background...

Maan:accha bana hai
Maansi; hai na,jaanti hu aapko kya accha lagta hai aur kaisa khana khaatein hai
Maan: bahut khayal rehta hai tumhein
Maaansi: Ab rakhna toh hoga na Maan aap mere hone waale pati jo ho

Maahi runs in the back ground as Maan just looks at Maansi and Maansi with a realisation what she said..


Maansi: Maan nanaji ne toh seriously le liya ab hum kya karenge..
Maan: woh toh tumhein sochna chahiye tha..( Maan smiles as Maansi is worried)
Maansi:jyada khush mat hoiye..mere saath aap bhi fasenge..
Maan: Mein toh keh dunga mujhe Maansi ne fasaya tha..
Maansi looks worried and keeps quiet...
Maan feels Maansi was worried..
Maansi: Jaane dijiye Maan aapko lagta hai yeh mein mazak kar rahi hu bada maza aara hai mujhe
Maan: Maansi ab bhi der nahi hui hai...jao aur bata do nanaji ko
Maansi:haa jarur aur woh meri shadi kar denge kahin aur,phir baithe rehna akele..mere bina

Maahi runs in the back Maan and Maansi both realise emotions wer ozzoing out...

Episode ends with Maan and Maansi looking at each other..

One screen and two pictures:

Maan and Maansi with respective emotions..

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Episode 199:

Scene 1: Maan and Maansi..( Maahi musical)

Maansi: Mera matlab hai,mein aapke saath kaam karna chahti hu,,aur jyada kaam karna chahti hu aur abhi shaadi nahi karna chahti
Maan: Maansi its ok..aur agar kalko kuch hota hai toh mein tumharein saath hu..ab isse avoid toh nahi kar sakte..aur yeh koi badi ceremony

nahi..muhh mitha toh hota rehta hai..tumhein itni tension lene ki koi zarurat nahi..mein sambhal lunga..tumhein koi kuch nahi kahega..

Maahi alaap as Maansi looks at Maan and thinks why cant this ceremony be real...why cant she celebrate open heartedly with Maan and

wished she cud shout and loudly declare Maan was her fiance and wud be husband..

Sceen 2; Maansi moves out informing Maan to be ready and while moving out Maansi looks at Maan and Maan closes his eyes and assures

Maansi everything will be ok..she need not feel guilty or bad and he wud handle it..

Scene 3: Maan talking to himself..( Jo kar raha hu woh galat hai jaanta hu..buss kyuki tum chahti ho mein tumhari madat karunga,mein har woh

mumkin madat karunga tumhari,sahi ya galat aur phir...Maan stops...)

Maan: dadi maa se baat kar leta hu
Maan:namaste dadi
Dadi: kaise hai aap,kal hum aapke call ka intezaar kar rahein the
Maan with low tone
Maan:dadi meine kal Maansi se Geet ke baarein mein baaat ki
Dadi feels excited about the result
Scene in slow motion...and off voice as Maan tells how maansi reacted
Dadi: Maan isika darr tha hamein..Maan..aap laut aayiye
Maan:nahi dadi abhi nahi aa sakta
Maan:woh mein aapko baad mein bataunga..waise venu aaya tha aur usse meine sab samjha diya hai woh aakar aapse milega..

Scene 4: Maan moves out and informs everyone that he was going out for work and Maansi asks Maan to come back soon...

Scene 5: Maansi with her family members...everyone around and Maansi feeling for Maan thinking he might be compromising as she knew

ideally he wud never love to do this..Maansi's maasi and others ask her to come inside to look at the dress she was going to wear for the

small funstion...

Scene 6:Adi comes in and dadi informs adi about what Maansi feels and how she reacted..entire scene again in off voice...Adi feels bad but

assures dadi he and pinky wud be there with maan to face maansi and also try and explain and convince her..

Scene 7: Sulagana with bhaiyaji and men..she meets him to ask him to threaten Maansi and ask her to leave KC or face consequences..since

bhaoyaji knows her he asks Sulagana why she left Musa's company and why was she wasting time in KC despite offered no value

there...Sulagana is surprised how he knew..but informs him she had personal reasons and is stunned when bhaiyaji says Maan..she asks him to

do the job..bhaiyaji with personal revenge...on mind...smiles and asks where Maansi was..she informs she was in poona with Maan but Maan

shud be spared and she shud not be threatened infront of maan..bhaiyaji asks her to go home and relax...

Scene 8: Maahi moment as Maan comes back and on the way sees Maansi dressed in beautifull punjabi she gets herself ready

standing infront of mirror...

( Maahi runs un the background as Maan stares at her from far)

Maan and Maansi maahi moment as Maan comes in and walks towards Maansi and Maansi sees Maan and happens an eyelock..from far

( Maahi musical)

Maan walks upto Maansi and smiles..he first adjusts the matha tikka..jewellery..then helps Maansi wear bangles...bindi..and at last

duppatta..admiring Maansi and finding Geet in her...

Maansi keeping herself back as she loves Maan so close and helping her look good and helping her dress up

Maan and Maansi look in the mirror as Maan stands along with Maansi and both admire their pair...

Maahi continues...


Maan: Bahut khoobsurat lag rahi ho
Maansi: Accha hai na,mein jaanti thi..aur aapka fav colour red..
Maansi: aap tayar nahi hue?
Maan: haan mein abhi jakar tayar hota hu..

Maan turns back smiles and then comes back again and puts dupatta on Maansi's head..finding dulhan in Maansi( Maan and Maansi are caught

in an eyelock where Maan is viewing a bride in Maansi and Maansi her dulha...)

( Maahi in the entire scene with musical score and tone and pitch high)


Maansi comes down and every one praise her...while nanaji asks her where Maan was...every one looking for Maan..

Maan enters with his newly bought Sherwani for the occassion...

Maahi runs in the backdrop as Maan enters and Maansi and others eyes stuck on Maan..Maansi smiling as her dream boy was nearing and was

coming close to her..

Maan comes close to her and stands next to her as Maansi keeps staring at him and Maan realises Maansi was impressed..

Maan: Ab itna bhi mat ghuro Maansi,tumhari aankhen bahar aajayengi

Maansi smiles and realises she was staring and her eyes got stuck..

Maansi looks back at Maan and tells him he was looking wow when she shows him with action how good he was looking..

Maan and Maansi smile...

Episode ends with Maan and Maansi looking at each other..

One Screen and one picture with Maan and Maansi for the first time in one frame in a fake ceremony with true hidden feelings..

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Episode 200:

Scene 1; Maan and Maansi smiling and looking at each other

Maansi: Bade handsome lag rahein hai aap.
Maan: Ab tum jo itni khubsoorat ho toh mujhe toh accha dikhna padegana,aur phir mein nahi chahta ki log kahein langoor ko angoor milgaya
Maansi:accha..ab baat mat badaliya..
Maan: Waise Maansi iss lal jode mein tum bahut khoobsurat lag rahi ho,kuch jyada hi..meine kabhi socha nahi tha tum itni acchi lag sakti ho
Maansi:what you mean..tum itni acchi lag sakti ho ? waise Maan sach kahu aaap kuch bhi karo aap chaah jaate ho..
Maan smiles and shows some fake attitude
Maansi: Ab aap itne kaatilana andaaz mein aaye hai toh mujhe toh accha lagna hi tha.."zhoothi hi sahi hu toh Maan Singh Khurana ki fiance."

( Maahii in the background as Maan's smiling face falls and comes a scene in flash when in hoshiarpur Maan tells the same lines to Geet..
"Zhuthi hi sahi ho tum meri mangetar" scene in edited version with Maan and Geet behind the curtains.

Scene 2:
Maansi: Maan aap itne pareshaan kyu ho jaate ho
Maan:kuch nahi buss dil gavara nahi deraha yeh sab karne mein
Maansi's smile goes off and she asks Maan if he was finding it that difficult then she wud inform nanaji
Maan:hmm theek hai batado
Maansi moves towards nanaji and Maan holds Maansi's hand and happens Maahi moment as Maan pulls Maansi slowly backwards
Maan:Meri baat abhi poori nahi hui..mera dil gawara nahi de raha lekin jiss zhooth se kisi ka bhala ho toh woh jhooth sach se badkar hota hai

Maahi at even bigger Maansi looks back and smiles...

Maansi:sahi kaha aapne..aur phir kuch sach dil ko thess pahunchati hai,zindagi badal deti hai...

(Maan thinks if Maansi wud feel the same when he tells her about Geet)

Maansi: Maan aap mera dil rakhne ke liye toh nahi keh rahein
Maan:Nahi,I mean it aur phir mujhe bahut boora lagega tumhein kisi kaale mote insaan ke saath dekhkar..tum ajeeb lagogi..

Maansi and Maan smile and give a clap..a pat...

Maansi: taunting hmmm
Maan:nautanki ho tum Maansi..bahut badi nautanki...
Maansi;woh toh karna padta hai...ab ladkiyo waalein kuch toh qualities honi chahiye kyu?
Maan acts and says: haan kuch toh...honi chahiye
Maansi: Maan..yeh muh banana aur meri taang khichna band kijiye..nanaji yahin aarahein hai...aur sab hamein dekh rahein hai..

Scene 3; Maamaji nanaji maasi Maansi's mom everyone around

Nanaji:waise toh Maanji yeh koi reet nahi hai,waise toh aapke parivaar waalon ke saath hum roke ki reet nibhayenge..yeh buss hamare dil ke

liye karna chahte the
Maan:Jaanta hu nanaji..koi baat nahi
Mamaji:Yaar punjabiyo ko na buss bahana chahiye hota naachne gaane ka aur jashn manane ka,ab dekhona muhh mithe ki rasam bhi itni

dhoom dhaam se ho rahi hai...
Nanaji: aayiye Maansahab
Maan:Nanaji aap Maan hi keh kar bulayiye..mujhe accha lagega
Nanaji: aap hone waalein daamad hai iss ghar ke itni izzat toh aapki banti hai ki mein aapko Maan nahi Maan sahab karke bulau aur phir yeh

poorani parampara hai aur hum poorane log..

Maan smiles and takes nanji's blessings by touching his feet and Maansi feels good to see that...

Scene 4: ( Maahi moment in musical maahi)

Muhh mitha ceremony in slow Maan and Maansi serve each other sweets and share one barfi in two..a scene where Maan has the

barfi first..keeps something for maansi and she has it...ceremony in Punjabi style with Maan given all the and also a golden


Maan; Yeh mein abhi nahi le sakta
nanji;yeh toh hakk banta hai aapka
Maan:nanaji,mera parivaar yahan nahi hai aur yeh len den.mein chahta hu yeh poore parivvar ke samne ho..aapka dil rakhne ke liye mein yeh

sab kuch kar raha hu..aap meri itni si baat maan le..
Nananji agrees...
Maansi smiles and feels proud of Maan and how effectively he was handling the scenario

Scene 5: A bhangra session..begins with Maan made to dance but he doesnt as everyone come in the center and party begins

Maan is with a very awkward feel as he knows all that was fake and Maansi realises Maan wasnt loving it at all and was compromising only for

her so that she can be saved and gets more time...

Maansi feels it was now too much and she needs to express her feelings to Maan...

Scene 6:

Everyone come to the center as Maan and Maansi are made to sit together to have food...all celebrations around as photo session begins

and everyone have food and again a maahi moment when Maansi and Maan serve each other food...

Mamaji:inn dono ki jodi ko dekhkar aisa lag raha hai inki shadi abhi karvadu
Mamaji:sach kahu Maansahab..yeh sab nahi hota muhh mithe mein..yeh toh aap dono ki jodi ka jadu hai jo hum aapse yeh sab kar varahein hai..

Maahi at the higher pitch as Maan and Maansi look at each other with guilt,truth and feelings and emotions all mixed together..


Mamaji:bhai ab kya..masti hogayi khana ho gaya..
nanaji:ab kuch nahi,parso karvachaut hai aur phir uske baad shadi ki tayariyan bhi toh karni hai..ab sab so jao
Maasi:Ohh ho tussi bhi na..bauji...hum woh game khelte hum aapke hai kaun mein sabne kheli thi..
maasi:arey woh pillow pass karne waali game
mamaji;arey haa,bahut din hogaye woh game khelein hue...
Mamaji:pehle bahut khela karte the aur maansi hamesha last moment par haar jati thi aur hum isse dance karvate the..

Maansi smiles and Maan smiles too...and look at each other..
Mamaji:maansahab chaliye aaj aap bhi khelenge
maan says he doesnt know so he wud see from far and was tired..
mamaji;arey aap bhi,aapke honour mein hai aur aap hi naa keh rahein hai
nanaji;aap kya kehte hai maansahab,agar nahi dil toh theek hai..

everyone look at maan to say yes and even maansi hints him
nanaji;aapko khelna hai..
Maan:ji nanaji ab sab chahte hai toh theek hai


Everyone move back to change their dress and come back to play..

Maansi comes in Maan;s room

Maansi: Maan..thankyou.
Maan: hum dost hai,aur tum itni formalities kyu kar rahi ho
Maansi;kyuki mein jaanti hu aap apne dil ko maar kar yeh sab kar rahein ho
Maansi hugs Maan and tells him...

Maansi: Maan aap bahut acche hai aur phir agar aap meri help nahi karte toh nanaji ko iss baar mein nahi samjha paati
Maansi:aapne toh sab kuch apne upar leliya...mujhe toh kuch karne ki zarurat hi..nahi padi
Maan:Ab kuch hi din toh baaki hai Maansi aur phir tum apne raaste aur mein dobara wahin apne raastein..

Episode ends with Maan not able to control his pain and Maansi wondering what Maan was saying and why he was saying like that..

One screen and two pictures

Maan and Maansi with respective expressions.

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Episode 201:

Scene 1:
Maansi: Maan aap hamesha aisa kyu sochetein hai,uss raat bhi aap ne mujhe samjhane ke liye itna kuch kaha..aap kyu nahi samajhna chahte ki

zindagi kisiki ke chale jaane ke baad bhi chalti rehti hai aur hamein kisina kisi saathi ki zarurat hoti hai..
Maan: Mujhe chahkar bhi koi nahi apna sakta Maansi...meri zindagi itni aasaan nahi hai
Maansi:yeh aapko laga hai
Maan:tumhein bhi lagega Maansi..bahut jald tumhein bhi lagega..
Maansi:kuch nahi lagega aur mein apne Maan ko akele nahi rehne dungi aur khabardar jo aapne dobara aisi aat ki toh,ab please smile kijiye

mere liye aur chaliye sab neeche hamar intezaar kar rahein hai..

Maan smiles and Maansi and Maan move outside..

Scene 2:

Mamaji:aayiye aayiye Maansahab aap dono love bird wahan baithenge..ek saath..
Maan and Maansi sit together and Maansi pokes Maan on his stomach and asks him to smile...and give a cute smile
Maan smiles and Maansi too does and the game begins...

Scene 3: Same song: "hasta hua noorani chehra"

The pillow passing begins as Maansi looks at Maan who was playing for formality and Maansi keeps poking him reminding him to smile...and in

the process mamji gets out soon..

Maansi: Mamaji "amitabh bacchan talli hokar,aur amar akbar anthony scene"

(Well ideally mamaji wud be some stage artist who can enact and immitate mr bacchan.)

Mamaji does it and game begins again...

Maansi troubles Maan continously and Maansi's mom sees it and smiles and so does Maasi and it is maasi this time who gets out..

Mamaji:oye choti...tu lalita pawar ki acting kar..jacchti hai tu uss role mein...
Maansi:acting nahi mamaji aapne ki hai na..kuch aur...
Maansi's mom: kuch karvatein hai..
Maansi:maasi aap nanaji ke room mein jaakar unki chabiya churaka r laogi
Mamaji:yeh acchi idea hai
Maansi:nahi mein nahi,bauji toh dekhkar hi peet denge..badi tu lana plz
Maansi's mom:mein kyu lau,out tu hui hai
everyone force and maasi goes in and follow her everyone and a scene where maasi actually takes out keys from nanaji's old style pocket as

maansi peeps from outside and Maan feels gud to see fun in maansi's house and stands aside..

The game continues;;

Maan looks at Maansi and ( Maahi in the background as Maansi is enjoying the game and while looking at Maansi Maan gets out...

Maansi smiles and finds Maan was staring at her.
Maasi: Maansi out toh yeh hogaya hai.tujhko dekh raha tha bechara aur fans gaya..

Maasi:tum kaho kya karvaye Maan se...
kids:propose propose karvayiye..everyone force Maan to do it and he finally agrees

Maan;accha theek hai

Maansi's eyes wide open and heart beats rising as her dream was coming out to be true though in agame but still true...

Scene 4: ( Maahi musical and just musical)

Maan holds Maansi's hands and Maansi looking deep in eyes of Maan with excitement

Maan:pyaaar ke kai roop hai,pyaar maa ki mamta ki roop mein,pita ka saya aur dost ke saath ke roop mein milta hai
Maan:lekin woh pyaar jo zindagi bharka saath de woh aapko aapka humsafar hi de sakta hai
Maan: Mein jab bhi akela tha tumne ek dost se badhkar ek humsafar ki tarah mera saath diya

Maansi with controlled tears as she was feeling those were real felings of Maan..

Maan: jab aage andhera nazar aaraha tha koi rah nahi nazar aarahi thi toh tumne mere humsafar ki tarah mera haath pakadkar mujhe raasta

dikhaya mujhe andhere se dur ujale ki chamak dikhayi,mujhe yeh ehsaas dilaya ki mein akela nahi mere saath koi hai jo bina koi shart hamesha

mere saath rahega...

Maan: Mujhe yeh yakeen dilaya ki mein kabhi gir nahi sakta aur agar mein thokar khakar girne lagu toh koi hai jo mera haath thaamein hue hai

aur woh mera haath hamesha thaamein rahega,ek dost ki tarah nahi ek humsafar ki tarah.

Maan: Mein buss itna kehna chahta hu ki mujhe ek humsafar ki zarurat hai aur woh humsafar mujhe tum mein nazar aata hai Maansi..

Maahi in the background as Maansi in tears,her mom too and maansi's family members and nanaji too who comes out to search his keys...

and Maansi hugs Maan and Maan finally expressing his feelings but still under the circumstances which might put a question in Maansi's heart

if they were real or true..becoz he was asked to propose and they were faking..

claps around as Maan sits aside and game begins

Scene 5: Maansi who has lost all her interest in the game keeps looking at Maan as Maahi continues with game on and Maansi gets

out...leaving Maansi's mom as the winner...

Maasi; Maanji kya karvaaye aapki Maansi se

Maan:ab mein kya kahu..kuch bhi jaisa aap chahein

Maansi: aapne toh apne dil ki baat kehdi ab Maansi ki baari lekin Maansi thoda hattke hona chahiye..

Maansi smiles and goes aside as Maan thinks what she was doing..Maansi tells her family members to help her out...

Maansi with her sisters and other family members gets ready to express her feelings:

Break: song sequence:

song: "Maaayi ni maayi"

Movie: Hum aapke hai kaun

Maansi expressing her feelings thru the song and Maan preparing himself even more as he feels he shud have not agreed to propose Maansi.


Nanaji too dancing and fun all over...finally atlast nanaji asks every one to move as they had to prepare for kar chaut as well and then

wedding...everyone move out and Maansi comes close to Maan

( Maahi in the background )

Maansi: Aur Aap kehte hai aapki zindagi mein koi nahi aa sakta
Maansi: Mein aachuki hu Maan aapki humsafar banne buss aaaphi apne dil ke darwaazein kaskar band kar baithe ho..

Episode ends with Maan shocked to see Maansi's open acceptance of love for him and Maansi expressing her feelings and indirectly informing

Maan she was dieing and eager to be his life partner..

One Screen and two pictures:

Maan and Maansi with respective expressions.

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