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SV FF |Priceless Memories| Last Epi Pg 33 THE END (Page 7)

_SilentSoul_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 June 2011 at 8:32pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by VANISHA11

owww that was so touching... i like the part vidya fell upon sagar!!! imagined as i'm there..Embarrassed the story is Really great...i tink u should write 4 a mega serial.. banoo 4!!!Big smile

Vanisha.. did you read Episode 2? Shocked Cause Vidya fell on Sagar on that episode!! There are episode 3 and 4 too.. read those naa!! Smile

Bhawna_arti IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 10:15pm | IP Logged
Nice update.
All d best.

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MyInspirationz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 10:27pm | IP Logged
Beautifully written and i like Sagar-Vidya too.. thnx for the Pm's Smile

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.SilentOcean IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 7:38am | IP Logged
beautifully written!
Loved it!

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_SilentSoul_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 9:09pm | IP Logged
Thanks everyone :):):) Ur comments mean a lot to me!!! Embarrassed

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SwaNia_1 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 7:54am | IP Logged
Awesome update dear !!! do cont soon n thnx for the PM dear ...

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seejeet.huju201 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 7:43am | IP Logged
nic part dear
loved it

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_SilentSoul_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 5:08pm | IP Logged

Vidya's Diary

Every time his eyes would reflect hatred and arrogance for me. But that night, his eyes were telling me a different story - a story I could not understand at first. The way he was staring at me made me shiver in nervousness. I wondered what was going on in his mind. I was confused thinking that why he was staring at me continuously. Wondering all these stuffs, I silently sat inside his car and we both set off for the party. There was a complete silence on the way. I was nervous cause he was still staring at me. I could never forget those eyes - those were mischievous. There was a broad smile on his face and that made me shocked. "Is he smiling in front of me?", I thought with a shocking expression. I took a glance on him and instantly lowered my eyes. That's because I was trying to save myself from those killing eyes. But little did I know that I would not be able to save myself for long! Little did I know that my life would take a new turn after that night! After we went to the party...

[POV Ends]

Sagar was busy talking with his business partners while Vidya was standing at a corner and looking all around. Everything was so new for her and she was feeling uneasy! Sagar noticed that. He excused himself and went to Vidya.

Sagar: Tum aise chup chap kyun khadi ho? Enjoy karo.
Vidya (lowered voice): Sir.. hum aisi party mein peheli bar aaye hain aur humhe bohot uncomfortable feel ho raha hai.

Sagar laughed seeing Vidya terribly nervous. Just then an idea struck his mind and he smirked.

Sagar: Vidya, mere saath dance karogi?
Vidya (shocked): Jee?
Sagar: Arey yaar! Iss mein itna shocked kyun ho rahi ho? I am just asking for a dance. Come on!

"Aaj yeh itne badle badle kyun lag rahe hain?", Vidya wondered in mind.

Hesitatingly she nodded saying yes. Sagar smiled and extended his hand in front of her. Vidya's heart was beating fast in nervousness. Gathering a lot of courage, she put her hand on his. Touching him, a strange feeling went through her. She wondered what it was.

Sagar took her to the dance floor. There was a slow music going on and both matched their steps with it. While dancing, both shared an eye-lock. Sagar's eyes were reflecting friendliness, where as, Vidya's eyes were reflecting nervousness. In the midst of her nervousness, she felt herself lost in those dreamy eyes! She was being killed by those beautiful eyes. And here was Sagar's plan was working! Vidya's expressions were reflecting her feelings very well and this could not be hidden from Sagar. He smirked seeing his effect on Vidya. Vidya was falling in his trap! His plan was bound to be successful. After all it was hard for a woman to resist HIM! He was hawt without doubt. These thoughts made Sagar smile with a pride. In the middle of the dance, Sagar twirled Vidya around. While twirling around, Vidya bumped against Sagar's chest. They shared an eye-lock again. They were lost into each other.

After a while, Vidya realized what she was doing. She moved back and said in an uneasy tone, "Sir, hum abhi aate hai!"

Saying that Vidya ran away from there. Sagar irritatingly said, "DAMN!"

Vidya went to the washroom and stood in front of the mirror. What the hell was happening with her? Why did she feel lost every time she looked into Sagar's eyes? Why was she feeling strange? What was the matter? All these thoughts made her annoyed and irritated. She remembered those eyes. Those were attracting and killing. But she could not believe that like the other girls, she was having the effect of those eyes on her, too. Just then she felt someone entering into the washroom. She turned back and was shocked.

Vidya: Sir, aap yaha?

Sagar seemed no longer in his senses. He was in a hang over.

Sagar: Vidya, it's hard to be away from you for a second.
Vidya (Shocked): Kya? Dekhiye abhi aap hosh mein nahin hai. Accha yehi hoga ke aap yaha se jaaye.

Sagar didn't pay heed to her. Instead he was stepping closer to her. Vidya was feeling scared. She was stepping back and Sagar was stepping closer. At last, Vidya bumped against the wall. Sagar came very close to Vidya with only a few inches distance. Vidya could feel his hot breath! Instantly her nervousness vanished. Her expressions reflected calmness. All thanks to those killing and dreamy eyes! Vidya started taking heavy breaths cause of her fast heart beats. Both shared a romantic eye-lock. Sagar came closer and Vidya closed her eyes. Sagar started kissing on her cheek and slowly went down to her neck and to her shoulders. He was so lost into Vidya. It went on for a while, when suddenly Bhoomika's image came in front of Vidya's eyes and she opened her eyes in shock. She pushed Sagar away very badly which made him fall on the floor and ran away as fast as she could.

Vidya was walking on the road and thought of that moment. She was feeling ashamed. Why didn't she stop him? Why did she let him touch her? What was making her weak? All these thoughts made her go mad with anger. She hated herself for getting close to a person like Sagar. She seriously hated herself!

"Hum aaj hi Bhoomika ji ko Sagar Sir ki sacchai bataa denge." She thought determinedly.

Thinking that, she took a taxi and set off for Bhoomika's house.

Bhoomika was sitting in her room. She was smiling thinking of those great moments she shared with the man she loves.

"Sagar, tumhare bina meri zindagi kuch bhi nahin hai. Tum mere sab kuch ho. I love you, Sagar. I love you so much!" , she said while staring at his picture.

While she was in Sagar's thoughts, she heard the doorbell.

"Itni raat ko kaun aaya hoga?", she wondered.

She went to the door and opened it.

Bhoomika: Vidya, tum yaha?

Vidya (nervously): Ma'am humhe aap se kuch baat karni hai.

Bhoomika (smilingly): Haan haan! Andar aao!

Vidya came in.

Bhoomika: Kya baat hai? Tum kuch tensed dikh rahi ho?

Vidya (hesitatingly): Sagar sir ke baade mein kuch bolna tha aapko.

Bhoomika (confusingly): Sagar ke baade mein?!

Vidya nodded. Gathering a lot of courage, she spoke out..

Vidya: Ma'am, Sagar sir aap ko dhoka de rahe hain. Woh aap ko pyaar nahin karte. He's just using you.

There was a complete silence. After a while, Bhoomika smiled slightly which made Vidya shocked.

Bhoomika: Vidya! Main yeh baat bohot pehele se jaanti hoon.

Vidya (shocked): Aap sab jaanti hai phir bhi?

Bhoomika's eyes were teary. Yet she smiling slightly!

Bhoomika: Vidya! Main Sagar se bohot pyaar karti hoon. Yun kaho ke main uske liye puri paagal hoon. Pata hain, jab mere saath koi nahin tha tab Sagar ne mera haath thaama. Usne mujhe sahara diya. Uske saath reheke maine khulke hasnaa sikha. Aur aab, main usse itna pyaar karti hoon ke shayad uske bina meri saasein hi bandh ho jaaye! Main janti hoon ke woh mujhse pyaar nahin karta, phir bhi, I love him and respect him! And believe me Vidya, woh dil ka bura nahin hai. It's just like the situations in his life made him like that. Waise bhi mujhe uske saath rehene mein hi khushi milti hai. Aur agar usse mujhe use karne mein khushi milti hai toh theek hai naa! Mujhe koi problem nahin hai. Main toh sirf yehi chahti hoon ke usse duniya ki saari khushiya mile. Aur kya pata, shayad woh bhi mujhse pyaar karne lage. Aur agar main uski pyaar nahin bhi ban paayi toh bhi main humesha bhagwaan se yehi dua karungi ke usse koi aisi ladki mil jaaye jo usse bohot khush rakhe aur der saara pyaar de, mujhse bhi jyada!

Vidya (confusingly): Par iss ek-tarfa pyaar ka kya fayda jis mein sirf dukh hi mile?

Bhoomika: Pyaar mein faayde aur ruksaan nahin dekhe jaate Vidya. Aur pyaar mein kuch ummeed bhi nahin kiya jaate. Pyaar toh bas sirf kiya jaata hai, bina kisi expectations ke.

Vidya was silent. She thought confusingly, "Kya koi kisi se iss hadh tak pyaar kar sakta hai?"

To lighten the mood, Bhoomika tried to smile.

Bhoomika: Anyways, tum peheli bar mere ghar aayi ho, so aise hi nahin jaane dungi. Aaj tum dinner karke hi jaayogi. Accha, sirf dinner hi kyun, you'll stay here tonight. Bohot raat ho gayi hai aur main tumhe akele nahin jaane dungi.

Vidya: Nahin ma'am! Humhe aab ghar jaana chahiye. Please!

Bhoomika: Please rukjaao! Main akele akele bored hoti hoon. Tum rahogi toh ek company bhi mil jayegi. Mere khaatir aaj raat yehi rehelo. Pleaseee!

Vidya couldn't refused this time. She smiled a bit and nodded positively. Bhoomika smiled broadly.

Bhoomika: Yeh hui naa baat! Accha tum fresh hokar aao. Main table pe dinner lagaati hoon, okay?

Vidya: Theek hai.

As they finished their convo, Bhoomika felt dizzy. She rolled her eyes and was about to fall down. Vidya worriedly held her and made her sit on the couch.

Vidya (worriedly): Ma'am, aap theek toh hain naa? Doctor ko bulaayu?

Bhoomika became very nervous.

Bhoomika: N-n-aahh-ii Vidya! Doctor.. ko bulaane ki zarurat nahin hain! Jyada kaam ki vajaah se thodi weakness ho gayi hai bas aur kuch nahin!

Vidya: Pakka?

Bhoomika (nodded): Haan! Tum tension mat lo aur tum fresh hokar aao. Aur haan, mere cupboard se meri koi pajama ki set lelo. Raat ko inn kapro mein sougi kya?

Vidya (laughed): Okay, main le lungi. Aap aaram kijiye.

Bhoomika nodded and Vidya went to the washroom.

It was morning. While reading, Sagar slept on the swing and he didn't realize that. Just then, Sneha came running to her.

"PAPA!", she shouted in excitement.

Sagar gave a broad smile seeing his daughter. Both hugged each other and Sagar took Sneha on his lap.

Sagar (affectionately) I missed you so much beta!

Sneha: I missed you too papa! [after a pause] Waise, aap yaha kyun so rahe the?

Sagar: Woh actually aap ki mummy ki diary padh raha tha aur kab meri aakh lag gayi, pata hi nahin chala. [after a pause] Accha aap meri baat chodiye, aap ne enjoy kiya?

Sneha (smilingly and excitedly): Bohot bohot enjoy kiya.

Sagar smiled seeing Sneha happy.

Sneha: Papa! Ek baat bolu?

Sagar: Haan bolo beta!

Sneha (smilingly): Mujhe naa.. Bhoomi maasi ki bohot yaad aa rahi hai. Chaliye naa unke paas chalte hai aur unhe ek surprise dete hai.

Sagar (happily): Umm... waise idea kaafi acchi hai. Theek hai main jaldi hi tickets kar leta hoon. Phir hum dono aap ki Bhoomi maasi se milna jaayenge aur unhe surprise karenge. I am sure she'll love meeting you after  a long time.

Sneha smiled and hugged her dad.

Sneha: Thank you papa!

Sagar (smilingly): Your most welcome. Aur aisa kabhi ho sakta hai ke aap kuch maange aur main naa doon? Aap ko agar aap ke aap ke maasi se milna ka maan kar raha hai toh hum zarur jaayenge.



Bhoomika was shocked to see Sagar and Sneha at her place. She thought, "Sagar yaha?! Kahin woh Sagar ke saamne naa aa jaaye! Kahin Sagar ko woh sacchai naa pata chal jaaye jiski vajaah se main most of the time yaha aati hoon! Oh god! Please help me!"

As you all can see, there's a huge twist coming up! What is Bhoomika hiding from Sagar? How much will the truth effect on Sagar? Will his life going to take a new turn with the truth coming out? Stay tuned to know the answers..


Thanks for the lovely comments on my previous update! :)

Waiting for your long comments/criticize on this one!

Don't forget to press LIKE!

Love.. Bidz Embarrassed

P.S.- Please post a detailed comment rather than just pressing LIKE!

Click here to read Episode Six...

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