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SV FF |Priceless Memories| Last Epi Pg 33 THE END (Page 31)

shilparoxx IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 August 2011 at 9:03pm | IP Logged
Heyy Bidzu di!!!!!Hug
Really glad to see and read the update on Priceless Memories!!!!Big smile
The thing that I love is Sagar's cute Panjabi voiceLOLEmbarrassed. It's very funny as well as cute!EmbarrassedLOL. LOL
Waiting eagerly for more!!!!!Big smile hehehe
Take care,

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VANISHA11 Newbie

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Posted: 20 August 2011 at 4:20pm | IP Logged
Simply superb!!! now reading episode 5 and onwards...i've missed alot...but not anymore!!! here i cum, continue praising you and huge commenting dear...haha...but let me finish reading all of the updates ya...

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VANISHA11 Newbie

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Posted: 20 August 2011 at 4:30pm | IP Logged
superb!!! i like sagar and vidya's outfits!!! so nice and emotional... owh bidu... i can visualise the situation is so beautiful... nice yar...

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VANISHA11 Newbie

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Posted: 20 August 2011 at 4:38pm | IP Logged

the episode 5 flashback was so romantic...hai...khaash main vaaha hoti..hehe...Tongue

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LaxmiDulhaann25 Newbie

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Posted: 20 August 2011 at 11:30pm | IP Logged
Very nice!ClapThumbs Up

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_SilentSoul_ IF-Stunnerz

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Wrong post!

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_SilentSoul_ IF-Stunnerz

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Episode #15

Sagar, Sneha and Mohit were back to home. Seeing them, Bhoomika jumped up off the couch in excitement and went to them.

"Kaisa raha sab kuch?", Bhoomika asked ecstatically.

"Sab badiya tha!", Mohit replied smilingly.

"Now I hope ki jaisa hum soch rahe hai, waisa hi ho.", Sagar said and inwardly prayed to God.

"Don't worry, sab kuch plan ke mutaabik hoga.", Bhoomika delightfully said.

"Anyways, guys, I'm tired, so catch ya all tomorrow. Goodnight!", Mohit said, yawned and went to his room after bidding farewell to others.

"Main bhi thak gayi hoon. Maasi, mujhe sulaa do naa.", Sneha innocently said.

"Sure beta! Accha Sagar, tu bhi aaram karle. Main Sneha ko sulaa deti hoon.", Bhoomika said normally and left with Sneha.


Sagar went to his room and stood in front of the mirror. Taking off the fake beards from his face, he sighed and said, "Yeh sab pehenke kitna itching ho raha hai!" Saying that, he made annoyed expressions, which soon turned into a dreamy smile and he said, "Par Vidya ke liye kuch bhi."

After talking with himself, he went to the washroom for a shower. Coming back, he dried his hairs with the towel and threw it on the bed.

"Sagar, kitni bar kaha hai, gili towel bed par nahi rakhte."

Remembering Vidya's words, he cutely smiled and taking the towel off from the bed, he neatly placed it on the railing of the balcony, so that it could dry up. Then he laid on his bed.

"Bohot thak gaya yaar.", he said to himself and in no time, he was dozed off.



"Bhabhi, mujhe Vidya ke cabin mein le chaliye naa please.", Sagar pleaded.

"Sagar, tumhari haalat abhi naajuk hai. Abhi tum nahi jaa sakte.", Prerna said firmly.

"Please bhabhi!", Sagar pleaded again and this time, his voice was weak.

After thinking for a while, Prerna nodded.


The nurse brought Sagar to Vidya's cabin on a wheel-chair and left. Seeing Vidya unconscious, tears formed in his eyes. "Vidya, aakhein kholo pls.", he said holding her hands in his. Vidya's eyeballs started moving. Slowly she opened her eyes and smiled seeing Sagar beside her. Tears of joy gushed from Sagar's eyes and he contently smiled seeing his Vidya absolutely fine.

"Tum theek ho naa?", he asked softly.

 Vidya wiped off Sagar's tears and nodded. "Aap theek ho?", she asked weakly.

"Haan!", Sagar said and immediately hugged her.

"I'm sorry Vidya, it's all because of me! I'm sorry.", he said in the midst of his sobs.

"You are not at fault. Please don't cry.", Vidya said in a low tone consoling Sagar.

After they broke their hug, Sagar kissed her forehead and gently caressed her cheeks.

Vidya held Sagar's hand and kissing it, she said with a slight smile, "Bas aab rona dhona bandh. Abhi jald se jald hum dono ko theek hona hai."

"Uske baad shaadi bhi toh karni hai.", Sagar said mischievously. Vidya shyly smiled.


Prerna, Rishabh, Sagar and Vidya were sitting in the hall.

"2 hafte guzar gaye. Sagar aur Vidya ki tabiyat kaafi hadh tak theek bho ho chuka hai. So now we should think about their marriage. Kya keheti ho, Prerna?", Rishabh asked smilingly.

Prerna grinned and said, "Jo aap ko theek lage. Waise ek bar Sagar aur Vidya se pooch lete hai. Tum logo ko koi aitraaz toh nahi hai naa?", and with this, she sounded like teasing.

"Humhe aitraaz nahi hai.", Sagar said beautifully smiling. Vidya shyly smiled and lowered her eyes.

"Toh phir its decided. Tum dono ki shaadi 1 hafte ke baad hogi.", Prerna decleared. Sagar and Vidya shared smiling glances at each other.


Soon the special day of Sagar and Vidya arrived. Vidya blushed as she saw herself in bridal attire through the mirror. "Vidya, tum ready ho?", Prerna came and asked delightfully. Vidya slowly nodded, and then Prerna took her to the mandap.

The pandit was chanting the spiritual verses. Sagar, in the attire of groom, looking breath-taking than ever, was sitting opposite to the fire.

"Yeh lo, dulhan aa gayi.", One of the guests said and Sagar looked up at the stairs, and there he felt the moment had frozen. He felt that a fairy, which was sent for him by the Almighty himself, was descending the stairs. He couldn't take off his gaze from her.

Vidya sat beside Sagar. Both took a glimpse of each other and dreamily smiled. One after one, the rituals was going on. "Dulhan ke maang mein sindoor aur mangalsutra daaliye.", the pandit ji said. Sagar broadly smiled and put the sindoor in Vidya's forehead and mangalsutra around her neck, and once they took the seven pheras around the fire, they were declared as husband and wife.


"Itna kyun nervousness ho rahi hai?", Sagar said to himself and took a deep breath. He turned around the knob and entered his room. He looked around the room and was amazed to find it empty. "Vidya kaha hai?", he wondered, and the next moment, he turned the sound of shower. "So madam shower karne gayi hai.", he said and went near the window.

Suddenly, he felt two delicate arms around his waist. He gave his killer smile and said, "Arey wah! Lagta hai aaj bohot romantic mood mein ho?" "Kyuki aaj humara sapna pura ho gaya.", Vidya said and blushed. Sagar turned her in his arms. They shared a smiling eye-lock.

"Abhi toh sirf aadha sapna pura hua hai.", Sagar said naughtily and winked. "Sagar, aap bhi naa!" Vidya said and hit playfully on his arm. Sagar tightened his grip around her waist and pulled her closer. Vidya heavily breathed and shut her eyes, and there she went to her dreamland feeling Sagar's lips on hers. Slowly the kiss turned deep, and after they broke off, Sagar lifted Vidya in his arms and made his way to the bed.

Placing Vidya softly on the bed, Sagar laid beside her, nuzzled on her neck and started kissing intensely making her moan in pleasure. They entwined their fingers tightly. Once again Sagar claimed her lips, and with this, they surrendered themselves to each other in a magical night.


"Sagar abhi tak aaye kyun nahi? Shaadi ki inn 3 mahino mein ek bhi aisa din nahi gaya jab who jaldi aayenge.", Vidya impatiently and irritatedly said to herself while pacing around in the hall, just then, the doorbell buzzed. "Lagta hai aa gaye.", she said with a huge smile and rushed to open the door.

"Aa gaye aap! Hum kitni der se aap ki intezaar kar rahi thi. Thank god ki aap aa gaye. I need to tell you something.", Vidya said in spree and Sagar was just in awe of the speed of her talking.

They sat on the couch. Sagar said smilingly, "Toh boliye my dear wifey, kya baat hai ki tum itni excited ho?" Vidya lowered her eyes and smiled slightly.

"Aaj itna kyun blush kar rahi ho? Bataao naa kya baat hai?", Sagar curiously asked.

Vidya held Sagar's hand and placed it on her tummy. "Hum.. pregnant hai.." she said in almost a whisper and Sagar confusedly looked at her. "Come again!", he said as he couldn't believe his ears. "Aap ne jo suna theek suna. Hum maa banne waale hai.",

"Oh my god! I can't believe this! We are going to be parents." Sagar said in immense joy and squealed. Vidya laughed seeing his reaction and they tightly hugged each other.

"Thank you so much for this amazing gift! Thanks!", Sagar said gratefully and kissed her forehead.


Rishabh, Prerna and Sagar were sitting outside the hospital with lines of worries on their faces. A nurse arrived there and said, "Congratulations! Ladki hui hai.", hearing it, the rest three stood up and smiled from ear to ear and congratulated each other. Sagar entered in the cabin.

Seeing Vidya and his child absolutely fit and fine, tears of joy formed in Sagar's eyes. He tiptoed towards the cradle and took the baby in his arms. "Congrats, Mr. Singh!", he heard a voice from behind and smiling, he turned back.

"Congrats to you too Mrs. Singh!", Sagar said with equal happiness depicting from his eyes and sat beside Vidya. "Dekho, humari baby bilkul tum par gayi hai.", he said and laughed a little.

"But I'm sure ki jab woh badi hogi tab bilkul aap ki tarah cute hogi.", Vidya said and pulled Sagar's cheeks. "Humari bacchi ka naam Sneha hogi.", both said in chorus and the next moment, they laughed their hearts out realizing that they had thought of the same name.

At that moment, Vidya's phone rang and the screen flashed ' Bhoomika. "Bhoomika ka phone hai.", she said in amazement, and Sagar's expression frowned.

"Hello Bhoomika!"

"Congrats Vidya!"

"Thank you so much, par aap ko kaise pata chala?", Vidya asked surprised.

Bhoomika giggled and said, "Puri dunia ko pata hai dear. After all, tum Singh family ki bahu ho."

Vidya smiled and said, "Woh toh hai. Anyways, aap bataaiye. 1 saal aap kaha thi? Aise hi gayab kaise ho gayi?"

"Woh suddenly mujhe Canada jaana padha kuch kaam ke silsile mein. Anyways, abhi main aa gayi hoon naa."

"Thanks for coming! Ghar zarur aaiyega.", Vidya said and after few seconds, her expressions turned into shock. Seeing that, Sagar was extremely nervous.

After Vidya cut off the call, Sagar asked her worriedly, "Kya hua? Tum theek toh ho naa?"

"Hmm! Mujhe bohot thakaan ho rahi hai. Thodi der rest karna chahti hoon.", she said plainly.

"Sure!", Sagar said, took the baby in the cradle and left.


"Bhabhi, Vidya ka kuch pata chala?", Sagar asked with tensions all over his face.

"Nahi Sagar. Pura hospital chaan mara lekin kuch pata nahi chala.", Prerna answered and her eyes were almost teary.

Just then Sagar's phone rang.


"Jee aap ki gaadi MN6 22GH 657 hain?"

"Haan! Kaun bol rahe hai aap?"

"Jee main inspector Shinde bol raha hoon. Aap ki gaadi ka accident ho gaya hai aur lagta hai driving seat mein koi aurat baithi thi kyunki humhe gaadi se ek jali hui purse bhi mili hai."

"KYA?", Sagar exclaimed, dumbfounded and stood numb.



"Vidya!" Sagar said and opened his eyes in jerk. He was all sweating and heavily breathing in fear. Just then, Sneha came there running and said, "Papa, mummy ghar par aayi hai." "Kya?", Sagar said surprised and immediately got up from the bed.

Quickly he put his fake beards on his face and went outside with Sneha and there what he saw made him shocked. Vidya and Bhoomika were face to face. "Oh god! Aab kya karenge?" he thought nervously, but trying to behaving normal, he said, "O ji aap yaha?"

"Yeh.. kaun.. hai?", Vidya stammered pointing towards Bhoomika. "Jee mera naam Manisha hai.", Bhoomika said pretending to smile. "Tum jhoot bol rahi ho. Aisa lag raha hai ki I know u!", Vidya said and suddenly she started feeling dizzy.

"Vidya!", Sagar screamed in fear and caught her in his arms before falling. Everyone got panicked and then Mohit arrived. "Arey yeh kaise hua?", he asked worriedly. "Pata nahi yaar. Tujhse milne aayi thi aur Bhoomika ko dekh liya. I hope ki sab theek ho." Sagar said and picking Vidya up in his arms, he took her in his bedroom. Everyone followed him.


"Papa, mummy ko kuch hoga toh nahi!", Sneha innocently asked and Sagar took her in his lap. "Kuch nahi hoga beta. Have faith!", he said.

Vidya slowly opened her eyes and looked around, and there on the wall, she found a big-sized photograph of her and Sagar. She looked at it deeply. The rest all were too shocked to react.

"Shit! Main isse issi kamre mein kyun lekar aagaya.", Sagar thought in mind and cursed himself for doing such a big mistake.

"Vidya ji, aap theek hai?", Sagar asked caringly. Vidya pointed her finger towards the photo and said in shivering voice, "Sagar!"

Everyone smiled hearing Vidya. "Kya kaha tumhe?", Sagar asked with teary eyes as he was finding hard to believe. Vidya looked at Sagar and again at the photograph.

"Sardar Amar ji ya phir Sagar.", she said with a weak smile.

"Mummy ko sab yaad aa gaya.", Sneha said and squealed in joy.

Sagar and Vidya slightly smiled at each other. Tears of joy were streaming from their eyes. Sagar took off his beards from his face. Mohit and Bhoomika contently smiled as their friend got his happiness back. Sneha hugged Vidya and yelled in excitement, "Mujhe meri mummy mil gayi."

Suddenly Vidya's smile faded and she said in a low tone, "Chale jaaiye aap yaha se Sagar!"

Everyone was shocked, and Bhoomika made a face as if she knew the reason. She said, "Vidya, Sagar ko maaf kardo. Usne jaan-buchkar kuch nahi kia."

"Kaise maaf kardu uss insaan ko jisse mujhse yeh chupaaya ki uska ek naajaayez baccha hai.", Vidya glared at Sagar and said, and there Sagar felt the earth snatched beneath her feet.

Mohit whispered in Sneha's ears to go outside and Sneha did so as she understood that the environment was serious. "Vidya.. woh.." Sagar fumbled with words. "Vidya, Sagar ko pata tha ki main abortion kar chuki hoon iss liye usse tumhe nahi bataaya.", Bhoomika said.

"Oh please Bhoomika. I know ki aap jhoot bol rahi hai."

"Sach mein Vidya. I'm not lying! Sagar tumse bohot pyaar karta hai aur yeh 7 saal usse tumhare bina kaise guzaara yeh sirf main jaanti hoon. Zinda laash ban chuka tha. Main apne bacche ki kasam khaake keheti hoon ki Sagar nahi jaanta hai ki main abortion nahi karwaayungi." Bhoomika said in one go and Vidya was shocked.

Sagar quietly went out of the room. "Sagar, sun toh!", Bhoomika and Mohit said but it was of no use. "He loves you a lot Vidya! Tumhari memory vaapas laane ke liye uss ne zameen-asmaan ek kar diya. Tumhari jaan khatre mein naa padhe iss liye woh bhez badaalkar tumhare saamne raha. Please forgive him for whatever happened.", Mohit pleaded. Vidya was in deep thoughts.


Sagar was silently crying in the terrace. Someone tapped on his shoulder. He turned around and seeing Vidya, he wiped off his tears and stood up. Vidya kept on looking at him. Sagar bowed his head as he was extremely guilty. "Main maafi ke kaabil nahi hoon aur iss liye behetar yehi hoga ki tum mujhe chod kar chali jao. Yehi mere liye saaza hai.", he said guiltily.

Vidya titled his chin up and placed soft kisses on his teardrops and then his lips. After she pulled back, she cupped his face and said lovingly, "7 saal aap kaafi sazaa paa chuke hai, aur nahi."

Sagar gave a teary smile and without wasting a single moment, he pulled her in a tight hug. They were lost in each other's arms for long, and after they pulled themselves back, Sagar asked confusedly, "Tum hospital se aise achanak chali kyun gayi thi? Tumhe kaise pata chala ki--" He fumbled with words. Vidya replied making a serious face, "Delivery ke baad jab hum Bhoomika se baat kar rahe the, tab maine bacche ke rone ki awaaz suni, aur uss ke baad I heard her calling that baby as "mera beta" aur mujhe yeh bhi pata tha ki uss life mein aap ke ilaava aur koi nahi hai. Bas yeh pata chalte hi main guzze mein Bhoomika ke ghar gayi, aur waha se mujhe saari sacchai pata chali. Phir I made her promise that she won't tell you anything, phir main vaapas hospital aa rahi thi, aap se baat karne tab bhi mera accident ho gaya."

Sagar lowered his eyes and said, "I'm sorry Vidya. Mujhe maaf kardo. I'm---"

Vidya placed her finger on his lips and said beautifully smiling, "Bas aur kuch mat kahiye. Past mein jo hua, usse bhul jaaiye. Hum ek nayi zindagi shuru karenge."

"Haan!", Sagar nodded and claimed her lips in a deep kiss.


After a long wait, finally Sagar got his Vidya back. They were all set to start a new life with their angel, Sneha. They requested Bhoomika and Pranav to come back to India but Bhoomika preferred to stay in Canada keeping in mind that she might not be the reason of their fight again. So Sagar, Vidya, Sneha and Mohit decided to come back to India.

Sagar, Vidya and Mohit were in the flight. Sneha was sleeping in Vidya's lap.

"Vidya, tumne mujhe pehechana?"., Mohit teasingly asked.

"Aap shayad Sagar ke dost hai, par aap ki awaaz kuch jaani pehechani si hai.", Vidya said confusedly. Sagar and Mohit laughed and her confusion increased.

"Vidya, yaad hai ek masquerade party mein humari fight hui thi aur mujhe jealous karwaane ke liye tumne kisi ke saath dance kiya tha, jiska chehre tumne nahi dekha tha?", Sagar asked Vidya.

"Haan, toh?", Vidya asked.

"Toh tumhara dance partner main hi to tha.", Mohit said smilingly.

"Really?", Vidya asked surprised. Sagar and Mohit nodded, and at the end, they all loudly laughed, and with this, their lives were once again filled with immense joy and laughter.

** The End **

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_SilentSoul_ IF-Stunnerz

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Thank you everyone for being with me in this journey! Means a lot to me! I know many of you are shocked with the sudden ending! But guys, I lost all the motivation to write this FF and I didn't want to discontinue it! That's why ended it in a short way! Hope you'll like it and thanks for all the love and appreciations! Hug Sorry if you are hurt in any way because of me! Ouch

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