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SV FF |Priceless Memories| Last Epi Pg 33 THE END (Page 13)

_SilentSoul_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 1:26pm | IP Logged
Hey friends..Hug
Thanks for the awesome response!Embarrassed 
I'm so glad that you all liked it!Big smile
Will continue soon!Smile
Love ya all..Heart

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khulh Senior Member

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Posted: 02 July 2011 at 6:10am | IP Logged

hi bidu
you know what
i like all the 2 parts
all sagar and vidys's senes
they were amaizinig and awesome yaar

and i like more
the way which you describing their feelings
i like that sooo much
but you know one thing made me sad pravan
i'm waiting the next

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shilparoxx IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 July 2011 at 12:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Bidz_cutegal

Originally posted by shilparoxx

The sixth episode was sooo romantic as well as the the seventh!!!!!Shocked arrey yaar!! What a twist!!!! I am not going to kill you yaarROFLLOL don't worryLOL!Tongue OMG!!!!!!  Hurry up and update!!! Sorry that I am rushing you... but the twist is sooo amazing!!!!!!!Shocked I just totally Heart it!! Promise that you'll update very quickly teek hai?!!!!!!!LOL Wink PLZZZ??
aacha aacha I won't rush you teek hai?LOL
Have a great time at home and school okay?! LOL I'm saying this because it's Summer Vacation for meEmbarrassed starting today!Big smileTongue
aacha teek hai take care byebye! Heart ya loads!!Hug
Your smallest Ships di

It's summer vacation for me too, sweetheart!!Wink Next update will be on next week!! Samjha kar yaar, 5 FFs ko samhalna itna asaan nahin hai!! LOL Thanks for liking my updates!! Embarrassed Love ya too!! Heart Hug

okaii sure thanksLOL Mein samjhi :)
ur welcome love ya toHeartHug

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_SilentSoul_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 July 2011 at 9:26pm | IP Logged

Sagar and Bhoomika were sitting and the kids were playing in the backyard.. Silence took place in between Sagar and Bhoomika for quite a long time.. Bhoomika was feeling awkward at this silence of Sagar.. Why was he not confronting her? She thought.. She finally decided to speak out and know what was going on in Sagar's mind..

"Sagar!", Bhoomika said slowly..

Sagar was not responding.. Bhoomika was wondering about Sagar's thoughts..

"Mujhse baat kar Sagar!", she said again after jerking Sagar holding his arms..

Sagar stared at her with tears and anger filled in his eyes.. Bhoomika felt guilt inside her seeing the tears in Sagar's eyes.. She couldn't bear that..

"Please ro mat, Sagar..", said Bhoomika looking at him very emotionally..

Sagar suddenly hugged Bhoomika in a second and started crying keeping his head on her shoulder.. Bhoomika was shocked.. She had never seen Sagar crying hell like that..

"Yeh sab mere vajah se hua, Bhumi! All these happened because of me.. Tune mujhse apni pregnancy ki baat kahi thi par maine hi tujhe abortion karne ke liye kaha, magar main yeh bhul gaya ke main ek maa ko apni ek ansh khud se alag karne ke liye bol raha hoon.. Main tera gunegaar hoon, Bhumi.. Maine tere saath jo kuch bhi kiya woh maafi ke kaabil nahin hai..Main Pranav ka bhi doshi hoon.. Usse kabhi apne papa ka pyaar nahin mila..", Sagar said while crying in Bhoomika's arms..

Bhoomika held Sagar by his arms, moved him back and said, "Main puraani baatein bhul chuki hoon Sagar.. Please tu khud ko doshi mat thehera.. Please tu rona bandh kar.."

Saying that, Bhoomika wiped off Sagar's tears.. Sneezing continuously, Sagar said to Bhoomika seriously, "Bas Bhumi! Aab main ek decision liya hai.."

Bhoomika stared at Sagar confusingly.. "Kya?", she asked..

"Chal shaadi kar lete hai.. Main Pranav ko apna naam dena chahta hoon..", Sagar said..

Bhoomika was shocked.. She had been waiting for this day since past 8 years and finally the day had come.. But she was not happy as she knew that Sagar was proposing her unwillingly..

"Humari shaadi nahin ho sakti, Sagar!", said Bhoomika turning her face to the other side..

Sagar stood in front of Bhoomika and said, "Tu bohot kar chuki hai apni manmaani.. Aab sirf tu meri baat sunegi.."

Bhoomika could not refuse anymore.. She smilingly nodded positively and hugged Sagar tightly.. Sagar stood there still and numbly.. He sighed thinking that he might not give the happiness Bhoomika deserved but he had to take this decision to be fair with Pranav.. His mind was telling to hug Bhoomika but his heart was refusing.. It seemed like his heart was screaming inside that it would not accept anyone except Vidya..

Sagar was sitting on a rocking chair in a dark room.. He closed his eyes and Vidya's image flashed in front of his eyes.. He opened his eyes and those were teary.. He turned on the light and took Vidya's diary.. He flipped over the pages and started reading it..


After such a romantic date, Sagar and Vidya were walking on the streets.. They were smiling and blushing.. Oh yeah! First time in life, a girl made Sagar blush.. SAGAR PRATAP SINGH WAS BLUSHING.. Unbelievable! Unknowingly their hands got touched with each other.. Vidya shyly looked at Sagar who was smiling.. She turned her face away and smiled.. Sagar saw her smiling and a broad smile curved on his face..

"Vidya!", said Sagar..

As Sagar spoke her name, she stopped.. She felt butterflies in her tummy.. Sagar held her by her arms and made her look into his eyes.. Then he held her right hand and kissed it.. Vidya shivered at his touch..

"Sir, raaste pe romance nahin karna chahiye.. Romance karne ke liye ghar aur office hain naa!", said Vidya teasingly..

Sagar slightly smiled seeing Vidya so mischievous.. Suddenly, he held her waist and said, "Really? So what do you think? Mujhe tumhare ghar aana chahiye aaj raat..", said Sagar in a naughty style..

Vidya blushed after Sagar said like that.. Sagar smirked seeing his effect on Vidya..

"Kya kar rahe hai, sir? Chodiye naa!", said Vidya slowly..

"Yaar, pehele toh mujhe sir kehena bandh karo.. Main office mein tumhara boss hoon par yaha nahin.. And most importantly, I'm your boyfriend so call me by my name..", said Sagar lovingly..

Vidya blushingly smiled and said, "Okay sir!"

"Phir se sir?", said Sagar annoyingly..

"Oops! I mean Sagar..", said Vidya with a slight smile..

"Now it sounds better.. Anyways, lets go to your home now..", said Sagar mischievously..

Vidya stared at Sagar with wide eyes.. Sagar laughed at Vidya's facial expression..

"Arey I mean ke let me drop you at your home..", said Sagar smilingly..

Vidya smiled and said, "Theek hain!"

Both walked to the car, sat inside it and drove for Vidya's home..

Sagar stopped his car in front of Vidya's house..

"So, kal subha 8.30 baje main tumhe lene aa jaayunga..", said Sagar smilingly..

Vidya stared at Sagar with wide eyes and said, "Hmm?"

"Kya? Itni shocked kyun dikh rahi ho? Come on yaar! Tum aab meri girl friend ho toh tumhare liye meri kuch responsibilities hain naa!", said Sagar lovingly..

Vidya smiled seeing Sagar caring for her..

"Hum ready rahenge.. Anyways, chalte hain.. Bye..", said Vidya smiling looking at him..

"Bye!", said Sagar smilingly..

Vidya came out of the car and walked toward her house.. Sagar remembered something and came out of the car.. He said, "Vidya!"

Vidya turned back and said, "Haan boliye!"

Sagar smiled and said, "Ek minute ruko!"

Saying that, he walked to Vidya and hugged her.. Vidya was stunned at this sudden act of Sagar.. But at last, she smiled and hugged him back.. While breaking the hug, Sagar kissed Vidya on her cheek which made Vidya blush..

"Good night kiss dena tha naa! Aab dekhna, neend acchi aayegi..", said Sagar naughtily and winked..

Vidya mischievously smiled and suddenly kissed Sagar on his cheek and said, "Aab aapki neend bhi acchi aayegi.."

Saying that, she turned toward the main door and walked to it..

"Oyeee hoyee aaj raat toh neend nahin aane waali..", said Sagar while touching his cheek and feeling Vidya's touch.. He walked back to his car..

"VIDYA!", he shouted suddenly..

Vidya again turned back smilingly..

"I LOVE YOU!", he shouted..

Vidya smiled and said, "I LOVE YOU TOO... SAGAR!"

Sagar smiled and waved his hand as a symbol of bidding bye..

Vidya waved her hand to Sagar as well and finally both went to their destinations..

It was morning.. Alarm rang.. Vidya stopped the alarm and put her pillow on her head.. Suddenly she jerked up and said, "Aaj toh Sagar humhe lene aane waale hai.."

Saying that, she stormed off from her bed and ran to her washroom.. After having shower, she went to her cupboard and searched for a nice dress.. But nothing was satisfying her.. She threw all her dress on her bed in frustration.. Just then, her eyes spotted a beautiful white anarkali suit with silver glittery embroideries on it.. She picked it up, smiled broadly and said, "Perfect!"

She wore that anarkali and undoubtedly, she was looking beautiful just like an angel.. She stood in front of the mirror and smiled at herself.. She wore matching earrings and a silver chain and combed her hairs.. "Haan! I'm ready! But Sagar kahan hain?", she said to herself..

Just then, she heard the sound of the horns.. She smiled, set her hairs for one last time and ran outside.. She locked the main door and sat inside the car.. She turned her face to her side and saw Sagar admiring her beauty..

"Tum bilkul pari jaisi lag rahi ho!", sad Sagar still gazing at Vidya..

"Thanks!", said Vidya blushingly..

Sagar smiled at her and drove to the office..

Sagar was working on his computer, just when the landline rang.. He picked up the call..

"Hello!", said Sagar..

"Sir! Mehra group of industries ke owner aapse milne aaye hain.", said Vidya..

Sagar got annoyed and said, "Vidya, tum phir se mujhe sir kehe rahi ho?"

Vidya laughed and said, "Right now, hum apke secretary hain, girlfriend nahin, so please control kijiye!"

"Okay!", said Sagar unwillingly.. "Unhe andar bhejo!", he ordered like a boss..

"Jee sir!", said Vidya teasingly and hang down the phone..

Sagar and Mr. Mehra were discussing about some kind of projects when Vidya entered and said, "Sir, hospital project ki report ready ho gayi hain.."

Mr. Mehra stared at Vidya greedily from toe to up.. Sagar and Vidya both noticed it.. Vidya felt uneasy and Sagar became furious..

"Vidya! Tum yeh file yaha rakho.. Iss ke baade mein main tumse baad mein baat kar lunga.. Abhi tum jaao..", Sagar ordered Vidya in a serious tone..

Vidya just nodded in a yes and left..

"So Mr. Mehra, I think we were discussing something important..", said Sagar firmly..

Mr. Mehra smirked and said, "Waise Mr. Singh, aapki iss secretary ka naam kya hain?"

Sagar stood up furiously and said, "That's none of your business.."

Mr. Mehra stood up confusingly and said, "Hey! Why are you getting so hyper? You are behaving as if she's your girlfriend.."


Mr. Mehra shook his head and went out..

Vidya, who witnessed all these, silently came inside Sagar's cabin and said, "You shouldn't behave like that, Sagar! Pata hain, unke company ka contract agar humhe milta toh company ko millions ki profit hoti?"

"I know Vidya but the way he was staring at you made me furious.. I can't bear anyone misbehaving with you like that.. I can never tolerate it..", said Sagar determinedly..

Vidya smiled and said, "Aap gusse mein bohot cute lagte hain, Siirr.."

"Tum meri leg pull kar rahi ho!", said Sagar annoyingly..

"Yeh aapko aab samajh mein aaya!", said Vidya and laughed..

Sagar laughed seeing Vidya laughing..

"Tum bhi naa, Vidya! Bilkul unique ho, ekdum unpredictable..", said Sagar smilingly..

"I know, Sir ji!", said Vidya mischievously and hugged Sagar.. Sagar smilingly hugged her back..


Bhoomika came in Sagar's room and saw him sleeping on the rocking chair with Vidya's diary upon his chest.. She stared at Sagar and tears filled her eyes..

"Tu Vidya se bohot pyaar karta hain Sagar.. Aise mein main tujhe kaise bataayu ke Pranav hi woh reason tha jiske vajaah se Vidya ghar chod kar gayi thi aur uska accident ho gaya..", Bhoomika thought and sighed..

Sagar woke up, saw Bhoomika and stood up..

"Arey tu yaha? Tu yaha kab aayi? Mujhe jagaaya bhi nahin..", said Sagar..

"Tujhe aise sote huye dekha toh uthaane ka maan nahin kiya.. Anyways, tu ready ho jaa.. Humhe 1 ghante mein church ke liye nikalna hoga.. Maine Priest se baat karli hain..", said Bhoomika..

Sagar nodded and went to the washroom.. Bhoomika went to her room to get ready..

Sagar and Bhoomika were standing in the middle of the church wearing their wedding suits, Sagar in black and Bhoomika in white..

"Do you accept Bhoomika Malhotra as your officially wedded wife?", asked the priest to Sagar..

Sagar stayed silent for a while.. Then he looked at Sneha and Pranav who were broadly smiling.. Seeing the kids like that, he pushed his feelings aside and said unwillingly, "I do!"

Everyone clapped..

Just then, we see in the outside, a girl wearing silver heels and a black gown came out of her  car.. She walked toward the main entrance of the church..

"Do you accept Sagar Pratap Singh as your officially wedded husband?", the priest asked Bhoomika..

"I...", Bhoomika stopped as she saw the main entrance.. Her eyes grew wide in shock after she saw the girl at the entrance..

"Do you accept Sagar Pratap Singh as your officially wedded husband?", the priest asked again..

Sagar looked at Bhoomika confusingly and wondered why Bhoomika wasn't responding..

Eagerly waiting for your responses.. Please press the Like Tab as well and please do post a comment of appreciation/criticize other than just pressing like.. Love ya all.. Hug

Maha Episode Part I -

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awesumsonia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 July 2011 at 10:04pm | IP Logged
bidz loved d flashback...too gud!!! n ya whose dat girl???is vidya back>???or si she vidya's humshakal????yaar update soon darling

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_SilentSoul_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 July 2011 at 10:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by awesumsonia

bidz loved d flashback...too gud!!! n ya whose dat girl???is vidya back>???or si she vidya's humshakal????yaar update soon darling

*ahem ahem* keep wondering diii ;) B/w thanks a lot! Waise u r reading updates in b/w the marriage celebrations? :s And will u read the AR ff today?

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mijanur IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 July 2011 at 4:12am | IP Logged
hi!bidu.awsome update buddy.i like sv flashback the end of update i am getting anxious about new it vidya? pleas update soon.thanks for pm.

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khulh Senior Member

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hi bidu
this part was sooo nice
but i think the next one will be sooo awesome yaar
can't wait to know what will happen

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