May 10th: Things I liked (Page 4)

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 6:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Awesome.Sauce

Anu: ROFLLMAO. I noticed that too...The dude goes all "Tumhaari muskuraahat..." and i kept staring at the screen going WOHOAA?? WHAT?? WHERE?? Anant ...she aint smiling... there is no muskuraahat whatsoever.ROFLYeaaa...I had my laugh!!LOLLOL
I agree totally with you on that, i thought it was just me lool - i loved the scene but my reaction was the exact copy of urs lool i was waiting & waiting to see even the slightest glimpse of a smile but nope, zilch - it ddnt happen lool LOLLOLLOL

LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLthat should just about sum up the state i'm in at the moment loool LOLLOLLOL (btw for those who don't know me- I'm Ruxana Smile) although I've never come across many of you before - Neha, Mru, Amy and Anu(whose updates i thoroughly enjoy reading Smile) let me tell you - never before have i EVER laughed so bad after reading a series of posts on IF loool ahh my sides are still hurting lool 
firstly Anu - as always ur analysis of the episode was bang on right! there were the odd few nice scenes but defo not as gud as yesterdays episode...loved Anant continuing the childlike stubbornness and then like you said - going back to his bouncy self! Loved how Navya subtly reiterated Anants words Smile
right so let me tell u guyz now wt exactly made me laugh so bad lool
- your description of navya's super extended slow motion, seriously?...could that have lasted any longer?? lol
- haha CENTER SHOCK BABA loool what a name! but suits him perfectly!
- & obviously - Achhmmeedd ROFLROFLROFLROFL ROFLROFLROFLROFLcome to think of it-thats exactly who he reminds me of! lool the picture defo helped to prove the point
- and gosh u all were so right about Anants mums reaction lool

sorry for the super long essay but i'm so glad i got all that out of my system, or else i would have literally been laughing out loud to myself and my sis would have thought i've lost the plot lool
thank you all sooo much for making me laugh lool u guyz truly made my day Wink

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Nice analysis as usual.
Navya shocked herself with Anant ki Navya in the previous episode and now she wants to spend 48 hrs with him??? I found that too quick. I was wondering if she would even manage to finish entering her parents' room. Ridiculous slow motion.
Liked Anant's question to his babaji. He is indirectly asking if they have no faith in their upbringing. Very nice. That entire family is sooo... Terrible danger of it becoming a saas-bahu drama once Anya get married.
Wonder how Navya will manage to pay for her own and Appy's trip now??

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 12:44am | IP Logged
Nyc Analysis!
I also loved Anya scenes.. but the thing i liked the most were Anant's dialogues for convincing his baba and family aswell.. Embarrassed  so im waiting how Navya will convince her papa and family for permission.. hhmm.. want her to utter dialogues like Anant's Embarrassed.. CV's dunt ruin the scene plz.. 

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 1:13am | IP Logged
yes the episode was a drag...Navya ko thoda exercise karne ki jarurat hai...would definitely help in overcoming this slow motion problem. Centre shock baba (nice name) is a miscast..he  does not have required screen presence, personality and voice to execute this role. They have to give bg special effect wala music to show that people around him are scared. For this kind of role you need a personality like Kabir bedi to carry it off. Anant's dad is also ...whatever...Anant jaisa handsome ladka unka kaise ho sakta hai...Confused 

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Originally posted by nureat01

Har kaali raat ke baad savera hota hai
Aur har achhe epi ke baad ek dragfest hota hai

That kinda sums up my feelings on this

Anyways...moving on to the list as always.

1) Anant's deliberate eye rolling and grumpy expressions when he sees Navya walk over...he was looking even more like a petulant child todayLOL...I felt bad for the poor gang all scattered around...

However...I found this scene to be stilted overall...too much shifty-eyed looks from Navya as she's glancing back and forth b/w the entire group...I think it could have been written better. Even Anant's reaction later on when he sees Navya and Appy submit the forms and then later on pulls out his own torn forms which everyone laughs over and then shouts for the supervisor to stop...just felt kinda fragmented flow wise.

2) Anant is so instantly bouncy and happy the moment everything has fallen into placeLOL...I'd thought he'd approach her more softly afterwards but no, back to bouncy AnantLOL...and his second profound compliment to her...about her was a nice line but had Navya ACTUALLY been smiling in that scene, I think I could have understood the impact better...maybe that's just meLOL...but she was just staring at him with her usual "babe lost in the woods" expression...where was the smile?LOL

Her extended monologue after this felt a bit repetitive...didn't it already get established in yesterday's epi that she wants to go cuz of Anant?? Aaj repeat karne ka kya point?? Woh bhi itne extended slow motion sequence meinLOL

3) The convo b/w Navya's parents about money for Harsh's tuitions: Very nicely written and so realistic and relateable...Clap

4) I don't know if this falls under like but as a seperate point...slow motion is back...BIG time *headdesk*...Navya took 10 minutes to walk over to her parents...another 5 minutes to START opening her mouth...I was half asleep by then...and on the other end, Anant has also caught the slow motion bug it god could these scenes go ANY slower?? It's like these ppl need FIVE minute long pauses just to THINK of opening their mouths?? Ughhh...really was annoyed by those bits honestly...even Navya's random goodnight and sweet dreams hug dialogue was not very convincingly enactedLOL

5) Navya was playing MINESWEEPER on her computer?ROFL For some reason that REALLY made me laughLOL

6) The last convo b/w Anant and his Baba: Seems like all that LONGGG time Anant took to THINK before opening his mouth yielded some good results...what an excellent excuse he gave...FULLY knowing his grandfather's psychology and hitting all the right notes...Bravo Anant, BravoClapLOL...he knew the EXACT things to say to pander to his grandfather's psychology...I don't know how much Anant actually believes in what he was saying cuz how exactly would this "parvarish" then justify him landing up at Navya's house like he did?LOL...

Overall blahh epi...after yesterdays' epi which I enjoyed quite a bit, this felt like a bit of a letdown...hmmm

Ya true Anant was trying to hit the right get permission..but..Anant has respect towards his family n 'parvarish'...he didn't do anything wrong so that his family would have been get hurt...look what sonia wanted him to do..but he didn't ..
what he s doing with Navya s purely  love .. nothing wrong in that... 

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Aite my take - late, and short today (maybe) cause like you I felt  this episode was rather... well, shoddy! 

Good thing: There were tons of scenes with a lot of potential to be done well and leave an impact.

Bad thing: None really accomplished, sigh. 

** I think Anant's angry looks were more overdone for me in this episode, as opposed to Navya's fluster/dilemma. When he tore the form, it was good one second, then he gave that expression while saying ab aya yakin and I was rolling eyes. Didn't match up his usual level, for me. 

** The slow motion is SO back - and do I hate it, or do I?! Navya, in approaching her friends, Navya in approaching her parents, Anant in speaking his mind. I get they've created this intrigue with the entire hug sequence trailer, and they're trying to cash in on that - but over playing cards of intrigue always back fires. The fizz just goes out - until no one really cares what happens, when it finally does. The CVs should really know, going by how many shows they have to set them an example of the same. 

** Scene between friends - one which should have really taken the cake, and really did not. Just that bit when Navya says she'll go enjoy alone at Panch, and Ritz, Ranbir, Anant raise heads - yes, was good - but that's that. The reactions were mellow. Almost like they know, the audience knew, that this was going to happen - so why make a big deal? But thing is, cliche is only so long cliche as long as the actor makes it look so. 

** Disappointed with Appy's money crisis track. I realized the second they made her say that, that the were going to bring in the fiscal angle ton Navya's side - that, and when mom was denying Harsh his training. I would have liked it to remain completely Navya's thing - the fiscal issue, and let Appy have a unique problem of her own - say like the one I said yesterday? Maybe I'm biased cause i thought that out, but really, what's the point bringing the same issue forth in every character?! Like I said, disappointing to me. With this angle, thy make Appy the redundant sidekick again. The pitiable kind too :|

** Anant's family at dinner scene was so frustrating! I swear! The way the camera kept going in circles to every face, and the way every face showed only and iota of variation in repetitive expressions over and over, and over - argh! Everyone in that scene was bad. Oh, everyone, except Big brother (just a little not) and Baba aka dadaji. Somehow, I really like the actor/character of Dadaji. 

which takes me to...

** Dadaji Anant showdown. That was about the only part of the episode I loved. Not because everyone was bound to be cheering for Anant to go give it straight back to the man. Nope. This was on account of the oldie. I loved that subtle stricken expression he masked with impassivity. It had every making of this is what I've cultivated with education. this rebellion shall have no putting down... It was his very shrewd and complete understanding of how Anant was going to be very different, and very difficult to manipulate and handle, because he was neither his father, nor his uncle, not his brother. The impending has dawned upon Dadaji in a big way - he may not see the exact proceeds of the future, but he can see it wont be simple with Anant, and it will definitely not be about bow your head and listen, forgetting reason. I loved that play of emotion - and i like how Anant, even with his very well crafted answer has no diplomacy whatsoever about it, so far. He's still being the newfound himself. Driven by the cause 'Navya' to make happen what he would never have attempted, much less willed, otherwise! He's blindly driven by her momentum, and in the inertia of it shall accomplish impossible feats! Oh the look of Dadaji comprehending this go-for-it Anant facade was fantastic! Excellent stuff from both actors in that one scene. What a pity it still couldn't salvage grace for the remainder sad stuff - need I add the precap looks just as blah aka more dragfest-y! 

** Navya's scene hugging her parents - another one with potential, and another let down. This should have been a revelation to the viewers, of how despite common principles and all, Navy's home is much more home than Anant's. Forget the intentionally evil members of Vajpayee home - the general air in that house is suffocating. Occasionally it actually justifies Nimisha's willingness to get married and out of the rut, lol! But without digressing, Navya is a standard middle class girl from a very credible middle class set up. Yesterday's scene should have been more touching than it unfortunately was made to be. The parents by themselves were definitely better! 

** Anything I missed?! Oh yeh! Anant bouncing back. Oh geez! That was a little too fast, ha ha! Too fast to even be put down to him being such a boy. He could have definitely managed like a minute's solemn conversation before bursting with his over enthusiasm again. ANd Navya smiling when he was complimenting would have really really helped - agree with you totally there - I was thinking exactly the same watching it. 
But Navya's distant watch of his glee and more introspection was, despite innate repetition, okay for me. She's got her facts, she's had them a few times now, but the way she connects all the dots, in every occasion ... I like. It wasn't just her acceptance of Anant being the reason, or everything else meaning nothing, but most importantly, her resolved will to try and do what she had shunned off with the last time's revelation of 'Anant ki Navya'. It's obvious, that the reason she didn't want to ask her dad was not just his no then, but her acknowledgement of beginning to change and the discomfort it evoked. Today, the same discomfort was her exact and opposite motivation. She wanted to, and was willing to face the 'no' and the consequent displeasure of her family that she should even ask, because she wants it so bad - she agrees its like never before, but she doesn't let that become the precise reason to back down, but quite the contrary. So, yeh, I liked her introspection again. I ike Navya's mind talks in general - alot more than loud talks, cause the former seems to be the only time she gets candid! 

Phew - this was supposed to be brief today, I shouldn't even try I reckon LOL

So long, until the next...



quickie - HOW could I forget minesweeper. That was hilarious. Positively! My mind yelled out Geek like never before! I've not know girls, boys yes, who resort to computer games to be distracted. That was the single most ROFL moment on the show - till now - in its only silly trivial way! LOL

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nyc post dear...i agree wid ur points !
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Nice post as always!

For me it was a bit boring episode and as u hv said, last part when navya was walking to her parents was the longest walk till dateLOL...

Lets see what happens in the picnic!

Btw smile wala point was LMAO! ROFLROFLROFL

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