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RBO10th May 2011:Shanak Home Alone -VDO Link added

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
Vdo Link:
Rang Badalti Odhni 10th May 2011

Part 1

The episode starts with (some words that were cut out in the video that I had! Hmph!!Ouch) Khanak and Shaan standing in the kitchen. Shaan is as usual towering over her from the back, very close to her and almost hugging her (also known as Kitchen RomanceLOL). Khanak , who is cooking, says to Shaan that will the daal get tender (that's the English for galna right?) like this? Shaan tells Khanak that it is impossible for the daal NOT to get tender if she is making it (Full maska mood) . Khanka says that she is not talking about the daal on the stove but the daal that is cooking between PriSash. Shaan says with pride that ofcourse it will get tender. His plan is really good. Khanak says that no sound has come from there. Shaan says "Patience my love Patience!" Khanak gets annoyed at him using English (Beeni rolls her eyes! Seriously yaar Khanak what in the world were you  guys doing in the paatshala all these months?!)Shocked Shaan immediately says in Hindi that she should be patient and she will get the reward and after a while there will be loads of sounds coming from PriSash's room. He sounds really confident!

Scene Change

PSP is in his room looking for something and he sits on the sofa and picks up the newspaper. Sasha walks in all excited and says that since it is a new day and a new morning it demands a change in the setting of the room. PSP looks at her in wonder. She goes on to say that the bed should be in the North East direction and pushes her arms in the air trying to push the bead (Huh? ConfusedAs in really Sasha? Really? You need to push it with your hands! The air won't push the bed! Rooj's 2 year old cousin would know that!) PSP laughs at her attempt (and so do the rest of us LMAO)Finally she gives up and says that had 'someone' (looks pointedly at PSP) helps her push the bed. PSP says the same thing about 'someone' finding his glasses. Sasha gives PSP a lecture on old age and leaves the room saying she has loads of other people to help her out and says "Sunnnyyy" (Sunil) and goes out while PSP watches.

Shaan and Khanak both look at Sasha secretly from the doorway meeting up with Sunil(Shanak seem to have something up their sleeve which only time shall tell lol) Sunil calls Sasha "Sasha" which surprises Sasha and she says to him that usually she calls her Sash which sounds much more cooler what happened? Sunil smiles. Sasha goes on to say flirtingly that she needs to move her bed and has tried pushing it from the right, from the left, from the top, and from belo. She has moveeeddd it so much but it does not seem to budge. She points fingers at the directions(left right top bottom) on Sunil's face as she says it. Shanak giggle in the distance hearing all of this.

Sasha tells Sunil to help her with the bed but Sunil refuses. Shanak look on in wonder at Sunil's changed behavior. PSP comes and looks on from a distance just then. Sunil tells Sasha that he is taking Madhvi out and he will do it after he comes back. Sasha feels that Sunil is trying to make PSP jealous and tells Sunil that. Sunil denies and says that he was getting all chummy chummy with Sasha in the past to get Madhvi's attention and it was all a joke! (WHATTT?!!! And she cried because of that! Hahaha she thought you were going away from her! What a waste of tissue paper) Sasha gets horrified and says to Sunil that he used her and he should go and kill himself!! Shanak give each other a look of understanding. Sunil tells Sasha that she should also make it up to PSP. Sunil further gives Sasha a lecture on romance (DUDEEE! Why are you putting oil on the fire?!) LOLwhich Sasha refuses to listen and says she hates him.

Part 2

Shaan and Khanak are relieved with the whole issue. Shaan tells Khanak that because of this Mom and Dad atleast got to romance a bit. Khanak gets shocked listeing to Shaan being so bold about his parents love life (LMAO no sharum in Shaan Khanak haven't you understood that by now?!) Shaan says why not?! He knows his parents love each other. Shaan tells Khanak pointedly that people should not feel ashamed to love or to proclaim their love! And then suddenly his voice goes all husky and he grabs Khanak's waist and says that He himself never does the same! (See what I told you Khank! I have judged Shaan better than you! Shaan baby come marry me instead!lol) They share a very hot eyelock! Khanak moves back from him and says to him that he should remain at a distance of "One Foot" from her till they reach their room (Excuse me? Ub Sharum arahee hain Khanak?! What happened to the lip lock that you shared with Shaan in the hall just before your SR?! LMAO)LOL Khanak places her hand on Shaan's shoulder to demonstrate the amount of distance. Shaan gets amused and mimicks Khanak's action, placing his arm on her shoulder and saying "Like that?" and smiling mischievously. Khanak starts moving but Shaan's hand stays put on her shoulder as he walks with her (Infact caresses her shoulder)  and then suddenly he turns her with power and says "One Foot?!" then lifts her up (Lift number 101?) and says "My Foot!"(haha I so know he was going to say that!) Khanak blushes and tells Shaantanu shyly to leave her (Hahaha tough luck woman!)

Shaan brings her to the bedroom. He is still lifting her and Khanak shuts the door.(Since Shaan's hands are busy lifting the fragile Khanak! WAITTT?! Lock the door you guys!!? *yikesss* *gets palpitations*) Shaan places her on the bed lovingly(*rubs hands* Do I get the coolest episodes to update or what?! I mean Hottest lmao) Shaan's hand is under Khanak's waist and the other hand he uses to caress Khanak's shoulder. Khanak's hands move around Shaan's neck (*beeni hyperventilates*)  From a far away angle it seems that Khanak's legs are between Shaan's legs or atleast below his legs. Basically they are really close, their legs. Khanak's hand moves behind Shaan's ear. (and while this is happening they are happily staring at each other, Shanak I mean)Their faces are like an inch close. Okay now from this angle it seems that one of Shaan's knees is on top of Khanak's legs, his arm is on her shoulder and her arm is around his neck. (LMAO sorry I needdd to describe this don't I? Let me know if it is not necessary! LOL) He tries to kiss Khanak who is fully prepared and makes an intense face. Shaan comes ever so close and just then Akshay Bhaiya calls Shaan. Shaan hears but says "I cannot hear you Bhaiyyaa" and pounces on Khanak again. Akshay calls again Shaan repeats the dialogue and holds Khanak's face to kiss her. (Gosh will you kiss her already!! You guys are making me hyperventilate too much!) Khanak stops him and tells him that Akshay bhaiya is calling him. Shaan tells her seductively that he cannot even hear her and moves closer to kiss her but Khanak stops him and says that it must be something important. Shaan says that nothing is more important than this. (Mutlub kay the kiss and what follows lol) Khanak still pushes him back and spoils the moment pissing off Shaan. Shaan gets up and complains that he soes not understand whether this is a house or not! (It is a Zila remember Shaan?lol) Someone or the other keeps calling and Khanak keeps pushing him away, he complains! He gets up . Khanak tried to pacify him but he jerks his shoulder away. He gets from the bed, looks at Khanak and tried to get into bed again (Dudeee!!! Control yaar! She is not running off to Dhulwadi again! What happened to your subur dialogue you said in the begiinign of the epi!ConfusedLOL)Khanak pushes him away and he leaves all pissed off as Khanak laughs and looks on and Akshay bhaiya gives another call to Shaan.

Shaan reaches Akshay bhaiya who is having breakfast? Akshay asks him whether he was busy. Shaan irritably says that even if he was busy he is not now! Akshay asks what that means. Shaan says nothing and asks Akshay to go ahead with what he wanted to say. Akshay talks about Rahul (LMAO Shaan left Khanak and this is what he gets?! Talk about Rahul? Oh well if he likes it fine) Aksahy tells Shaan that Rahul wants to buy back his company from Akshay. Shaan is genuinely happy to hear this. Aksahy tells him that he knows Rahul is his friend but he should think from the head, not the heart in business and Rahul will not be able to afford it and Shaan should explain to Rahul. Shaaan agrees. Just then Khushboo bhabhi comes to the hall and scolds Akshay for trying to leave for office without him. Shaan tells her that Akshay was infact telling him that he loves having Khushboo around in the office, leaving Aksahy shocked. Khushboo gets all excited to go to the office and Aksahy glares at Shaan and thanks him. Shaan returns the gratitude with a smile.  Khushboo and Akshay leave. (Ahem does this mean Shanak are alone in the house?!Ooohhh)Shaan, like me, realizes that the house is empty and runs to be with Khanak.

Part 3

Shaan enters the room to find Khanak folding clothes. He clothes the door behind him, claps his hands in triumph and tells Khanak that none is home and that means (he grabs Khanak by the waist and is very close to her)Embarrassed that they can do anything. Khanak says "Acha?" naughtily Shaan repeats "Acha" very seductively. Khanak changes tact at the speed off lightening and tells Shaan that in that case she will start from that corner of the room and he should start from the other corner of the room. Shaan agrees that they should begin with there. (having something perverted on his mind I'm sure LMAO)Khanak says that nooo He should start from the table and she will start from the Cupboard (LMAO okay this is fun fun fun) Shaan is majorly confused. Khanak picks up the duster and it hits Shaan's face (and lol I think she is talking about cleaning the room LMAO) yes she is! Shaan says he does not want to work but wants to lurveee. Shaan walks towards her and takes her in his arms and tells her that she was about to kiss him wasn't she? Khanak becomes shy and says that yes but then she got busy.

Shaan tells Khanak that she works so much. He takes the pile of clothes from her arms. She should give him a chance to pamper her, press her hands, her head etc. Khanak says nevermind and he should start now. Shaan says Ofcourse and goes on his knees and says her genie is ready to take her orders. Khanak comes close to Shaan and bends down and (OMG what is this I see?!! *rubs eyes* Khanak is staring at Shaan's lips for a change!! Woahhh *rubs eyes again*) Shaan smiles and Khanak says "Sachi?" and Shaan says "Sachii". Their lips are an inch close to each others! *deaddd* OMG Shaan is also staring at her lips! More than Khanak is lol. Khanak stuffs clothes in Shaan's hands and asks him to so them.Shaan says that he is not that type of Genie! Khanak asks his Genie Type and Shaan predictably says that she needs to come close for this. They have an eyelock! (The third eye lock in the day!Woahhh)she stuffs more clothes on Shaan and Shaan gets irritated and complains about the house being empty but he not getting his way.

Khushboo is in the office with Rahul and staring at loads of files. She asks him that she has to read all of them? And then what does she do? Rahul tells her that she needs to make notes on 10 years worth of sales figures for knowledge and understanding. Khushboo says that she will not write business history but then agrees. She plays with the files and tells Rahul that she is done and she is going home.Rahul says she needs to do analysis too but Khushboo refuses and goes.

Part 4

Khanak opens the washing machine and Shaan comes there with clothes in his arms. He puts them in the machine and Khanak then tells him he forgot the washing powder. Shaan looks at her in wonder and asks her why sshe does all the house work herself when there are servants in the house. Khanak tells him that she likes doing work herself and she will get bored if there is nothing to do.What else can she do? Shaan tells her that she can go to Spas and Shopping like Khushbooo Bhabhi does. Khanak tells him that the day he starts earning she will do a lot of shopping! (Woahhh oh ohhh I sense danger :sOuch) Shaaan's expression suddenly changes (and guys this is a very strong expression that cannot be put into words but I will try.) 

It is the expression of realization of the truth of the statement, the simplicity with which it was said, mingled with guilt, mingled with the love for his wife, mingled with the acceptance that what she was saying was indeed true. Khanak's expression changes too and hers is a mind-blowing one too! It is the expression which says "Damn what did I just say?!" mingles with guilt, mingled with pity. Shaan looks down.  (Fantastic expressions Yashu and Karan! Fantastic!!)ClapClap

Khanak moves over to him and says that is not what she meant. Shaan looks at her and says with a forced smile that it is okay.Khanak tells him that  she knows that he is practicing his music(Shaan looks on) and she has not problems with it. Shaan looks away. Khanak gets worried. She tries to distract him asking him if he talked to Rahul. Shaan tells her that he did not get time.He says that Rahul was a man who once had everything in life but now he has nothing. Khanak has an expression of feeling sorry for him (Nooo!!!Ouch)  He says that sometimes he feels scared that what if he fails in his career? How would Dad and Akshay feel? (Dude that is no reason you're not supposed to work hard! Success and Failure is part and parcel of life :s ) Khanak tells him that he will not fail! She will not let him fail! (That's the spirit girl! Go for it!)She holds Shaan by his arms and tells him that she will always be with him 2 steps away and not let him fall.  So he should take out all his fear and do what he wants and then what happens they will see together! (Khanak I love you woman!) Shaan looks at Khanka lovingly, grabs her palms and tells her that had she not been in his life what would he have done? (OMG the old background music plays!!! The one which was played during their first adventure!! Ahhh I am so dead! What nostalgia yaar)

Akshay comes and tells Khushboo to work. Khushboo gives a lecture on how boring the work is and how discolured the file is. Akshay asks her what she wrote in her notes. Khushboo says that she has suggested colour combinations for the files. Akshay gets pissed and tells her to do the work properly.



Khanak is looking at Shaan's CDs and says to him that is he a fan of those kind of heroes who dance around trees in movies because he is really filmy!! And had he spent so much time on practicing his music than he spends on being all romantic it would have been worthwhile. Shaan gets pissed

Khanak says sorry to Shaan and he says It's okay but he still seems annoyed. 

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Beenii...I always wonder if you have some setting with the PH...

How on earth you get these awesome episodes to do written update which become awesomer ( if there is such a word)...with your Updates !!!

Lmaooo...I cracked up with you comments in red...you remind me a lot of DD...

And I watched the episode live on TV but read each line and enjoyed it all the more with your update

Thanks for the awesome update !!!

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tofeeees IF-Rockerz

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LMAO Manita i am just lucky i suppose! Lol! I have wondered many a times tooo! But actually i wanted to update the dance that we saw in the U Me aur TV interview today but it will be aired tomorrow :( Yumna will be doing the update for that! :(

Thank you so much Manita! It means a lot when ppl who have already watched the episode some here and read the update and comment! Makes my dayyy! Love you loads! 

Ps: And had i any contact in the production house I would have been going to meet Yasharan that day with the girls :( haha

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BeenZ,u alive after watching the epi!!Awesome update hon!!Those red lines tho cracked me up!!!

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Sairaaaa Goldie

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Beeni...Tum zinda ho na?? LOLLOL
Lovely update and the comments were so adorable like you lol! Some very nice Shanak scenes today...that made us go WHOA! or *sigh*!

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Tora Goldie

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Awesome update with that great red comment
lovely epi after a long time
KrazEee Senior Member

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Thanks for the update

lovely ShaNak filled epi...will hav to watch today Embarrassed

Also liking Boo and her way of working...Its funny...

-SYS- IF-Dazzler

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Hahahahaha Beee
I was thinking of you when scene started.Before I lost thinking abilityLOL

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