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MN FF:&TheirStoryBegan| Inc Upd Chp12, Pg12. 22/12 (Page 10)

MrsSobtiGrover Senior Member

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 12:18pm | IP Logged

Well, hello again :)
I'm kind of running out of ideas for this FF, so if any of you have any ideas please PM me!
I have ideas until the point where MN unite, and confess - but after that I'm sure sure what to add, I might add a little romance and so and so... but after that any more ideas?
If I or you don't think of anything, I might have to end this FF after their confession :|
Do PM me :)

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MrsSobtiGrover Senior Member

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Posted: 03 October 2011 at 12:58pm | IP Logged
Chapter 11

Gunjan walked into the gates of her school, her eyes we're wondering around for one person, who she needed to see urgently - Nupur. She needed to make amends for snapping at her, for hanging up on her, for not being there when she needed her.. Perhaps Nupur did not understand her feelings, or she didn't know to face them... whatever the reason was, she had no reason to leave Nupur alone like that... She kept wondering around until she saw Nupur walking into the Upper Block.. ''NUPUR!'' Gunjan screamed gaining everyone's attention.. Everyone simply stared at her... While Nupur was staring at her in shock, suddenly the previous night's events played in her head... She shook her head and walked away. Finally when everyone stopped staring at her, she ran after her... Finally catching up with her pace she slowed down following her.. ''Nupur, look please stop and listen to me.'' Nupur simply ignored her pleas and walked on. ''Nupur I'm sorry, I really am, but just hear me out once.'' Gunjan spoke with desperation suddenly feeling her eyes well up. Nupur stopped her tracks, as her temper rised she turned around grabbed Gunjan's hand and took her to a corner where no one was listening. ''Now tell me Gunjan, what do you want?!'' Nupur asked Gunjan in a slightly harsh tone. Gunjan was hurt, but put her pain aside and decided to concentrate on Nupur.. ''Nupur, I know you are angry with me... but listen to me just once... I know I was wrong to leave you alone when you needed me... but you have to understand your feelings, you do feel something for Mayank but because of Dadi you are-'' Nupur's temper rised to no limit... she was furious. Gunjan promised, everyone promised her never ever to bring up the topic of Dadi again... Gunjan did, after so many years... ''How dare you?!'' Nupur cut her off, fighting back the tears, and pain that was finally taking over all the anger... ''Do not talk to me Gunjan!'' Nupur was about to walk away when Gunjan's voice made her stop her tracks. ''No Nupur Bhushan! You cannot stop me from saying what I want to say today.. Your hurting because of something that happened YEARS ago! A very long time ago! What you need to do is stop hurting and face it! Face the fact that Dadi is no longer in this world! That she is watching you and is also hurting because you are ignoring her memories and making it your weakness! I also know Nupur Dadi isn't the only reason behind your pain... the other part of it is fear... your fear of trusting someone which might lead to betrayal, but ask yourself - is Mayank like that? Fine. Forget Mayank, what about you? Everything you loved, what you used to be? Where is that all gone? Down the drain?! Because of your pain?! How disgusting Nupur! Dadi must be disgusted, and very disappointed in you!'' Gunjan spoke her mind, what she had kept in her heart till date. Nupur needed to hear it, tears made their way out of Gunjan's eyes... Nupur stood stunned. She knew parts of what Gunjan said was true, but she also knew most of it was untrue... what hurt Nupur most was the fact that her own best friend never understood her till date. Well how would she? No one had; how was Gunjan supposed to understand. Nupur laughed, which shocked Gunjan,''Wow Gunjan Khan, this was your friendship? well, thank you.. for being my friend, and wasting your time, and well now if you excuse me I have a life to live, and that too, without your help, so henceforth don't you dare trying interfering in my life. Your path, and my path are now different. I thought you we're my friend but now I know I never really had a true friend did I?'' Nupur snapped and walked away.

Mayank stood at a far distance watching and listening to everything. His tears we're now dried... he was really confused and needed answers and he knew just how to get his answers. Dialing number 3 on his speed dial he spoke,''Samrat meet me urgently now..''

Nupur was sitting on the bench at an isolated park.. She was distrubed, broken and very confused by why Mayank had called her to meet him here but it was a good sign... maybe she could apologize... She heard footsteps behind her.. she turned around and was shocked to see Mayank, Gunjan and Samrat... ''Listen Nupur, Gunjan before you kill me, I want you to hear me out first...'' Nupur and Gunjan both looked away... ''I saw your fight... and well heard everythingg... and well Nupur I think you need some explaining to do, to everyonee... It''s our right! We are your friends, and we need an explanation.'' Nupur knew there was no way out of this, she needed to speak... speak her mind... speak her heart... ''Gunjan, till date I always thought you understood me, but you know today you proved me wrong... you had never understood me.. lekin tumhari galti nahi hai, because I never spoke my feelings... but I had always thought you understood my silence... you thought na? ki dadi ki vejse I don't do this and that... haina? but your wrong, the reason was mom and dad... you saw how the treated me na? you saw it, yet you ignored it. I had always thought no, gunjan never saw it, she never realized it, but now I know why... now I know everything... You couldn't accept the fact that you parents adopted me! the fact that they are not my real parents but yours, but they left you, for me.'' Tears we're streaming down nupur's eyes. Mayank and Samrat stood stunned this plan wasn't working out how they expected... Gunjan stood shocked.. ''Tum chup kyun ho? It's because I'm telling the truth right? You only stood by me, to see your parents.. correct? Mom and dad, treated me like daughter, but they we're way too overprotective... so overprotective, that I found it impossible to breathe... I wasn't even allowed out of my bedroom, unless I faked a school appointment or something! But I wasn't allowed to do anything at all...'' Nupur breathed in and out before continuing... ''I lost my parents in an accident when I was young... dadi looked after me, your parents left you because you accepted the Khan's as your family when you we're young... you refused to live with them, and when they forced you, you called the police at such a young age, I don't know how you did it, but you did... then they adopted me, you we're jealous, so you stood by me, to watch them ruin my life, because they we're about to ruin yours.. but you stayed with the Khan's... to save yourself... but you... ruined me instead... you we're so selfish... and then mayank came, you saw how much he liked me... and how much I liked him... you forced me to tell him that I like him so that you could get mom and dad to ruin my life... I knew it, but I didn't want to believe it...'' Nupur broke down completely shivering, and crying... not caring anymore that people knew the truth of her life... she was alone... she had no one.. Mayank was broken seeing Nupur like that, he wanted to hug her and tell her it would be okay... that she wasn't alone... but he was confused... why had Gunjan done that to her own friend... why did Nupur allow it? ''I'm sorry, I know I have no right to ask, but I am so confused... Nupur, why did you allow her to do this to you?'' Nupur looked up to look at him. ''Because Mayank... I am alone... I have no one... I needed someone... even if they we're hurting me... I just needed a friend...Gunjan may have helped me in everything else... defending me against others... and stuff... but she only did it for herself...'' Mayank's heart shattered into pieces by looking at her red puffy eyes, and hearing her broken voice. He bent down and hugged her... Nupur just simply responded to the hug... Samrat stood their stunned and disappointed with Gunjan...

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lovely update !!!!
cont soon

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Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 October 2011 at 12:32pm | IP Logged
hey shanita
it was fabulous update dear

u portrayed Gunur's emotions beautifully
loved it so much hun
plz keep it up and do pm me next time
take care
love.mayurarti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 November 2011 at 6:40am | IP Logged
plz update shan...

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Posted: 10 November 2011 at 8:30pm | IP Logged
pm me next timeSmile

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MrsSobtiGrover Senior Member

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Chapter 12

Nupur held Mayank closer to herself holding him and not letting him go... Mayank had a thosand questions to ask her but for now, he needed to calm her down, and make her realize he will never let her go... He would never hurt her, and he would never do what Gunjan had done...

 ''Sshhh.'' He whispered into Nupur's ear...


Gunjan was confused, shocked, suprised, hurt, happy... and just tangled... Samrat was staring at her waiting for her to say something. Mayank took Nupur away 2 hours back, and Samrat waited, and waited for answers...

but Gunjan wasn't ready yet...''Wait...''


Kanan kept pacing up and down, it was 7pm and Mayank still wasn't home and neither did he pick up any of her calls. Normally if he was ever late he'd call but today it was 7 and not one call since then. Now she started to worry...
''Kaha ho tum Mayank?'' She sent out a silent prayer to her Bagwan-ji, to keep Mayank safe.

''Mayank!'' Nupur jumped out of his arms.

''Nupur, kya hua?'' He asked confused. One second ago, they we're holding eachother in silence, and now...

''Mayank, it's nearly 8?! and your not home yet, and neither am I?! Shit I'm done for today!''
Mayank looked at Nupur and burst into fits of laughter. Nupur glared at him, ''What's so funny?''

''You, Nupur who else? Pehle tum ro rahe ti, phir you scream saying your late.'' She pinched him and giggled.

''Your so cute.'' She pinched Mayank's cheeks as he frowned.

''Wow, your mood has changed.''

 ''Because of you.'' She smiled. Mayank smiled and kissed her forehead. Their heartbeats increased as they looked into eachother eyes, and their eyes conveying what they felt.

''Mayank I-'' Mayank stopped her with his finger.

''Ssshh Nupur, don't worry I understand.'' He smiled, but she had so much to tell him and didn't know how to.

 ''Let's drop you home!'' They held hands and walked towards his car.


''Kanan! Tum abhi mujse batao, Mayank kaha hai!'' Rudra screamed while Kanan's eyes filled with tears.

 ''Rudra, mein sach bol rahe ho, mujhe nahi-''

 ''Bas bhahi, bas.'' Mayank walked into the house, shocked by what was going on.

''Mr.Rudra Sharma, how dare you?'' Rudra glared at Mayank.

''Bhabhi knew nothing, she had no idea where I was. Besides, why do YOU need to know where I am? Since when do you care? I declared you as dead, the day you betrayed Bhabhi.''

 ''Mayank, tum-''

''BAS! Bhahi, ab aur nahi! This man doesn't deserve you or your love. And dad, Mrs. Sharma your just standing here watching all this?'' He spat. He felt digusted to call them his family.

''Bhabhi is in pain, and you are all watching?''

''Oh wait, you must not know the truth of Bhaiya, because Bhahi forbade me from telling anyone. But I can't take it anymore.''

''Mayank please.'' Kanan begged.

''No bhabhi, this man is... chi! I can't even say it.''

''Mayank, kya baat hai, batao, mujhe.'' Mrs. Sharma spoke up for the first time.

''Mrs.Sharma, your son, Rudra Sharma, has been unfaithful to Bhahi.''

Everyone stood shocked. Rudra was seething with anger. Kanan looked down ashamed of her husband's filthy deed. Mr.Sharma held himself together as the realization hit him. His son had done exactly what he had done. Tears began flowing from his eyes. Mrs.Sharma felt her world breaking down. Mayank just felt digusted by his family.

'I'm sorry.'' Everyone turned towards Mr.Sharma.

''Dad, aap kya bol rahe ho?'' Mayank looked confused was he apologizing about not knowing about Kanan Bhabhi?  Mrs.Sharma looked away knowing what he was going to say, knowing how it would affect Mayank.

''Mayank, mujhe maaf kardo!''

''Dad, what? I don't understand a word your saying!''

''Rudra did exactly what I did to your real mother. Which is the real reason she left us.''  Mayank's world came crashing down. Suddenly everything he believed in, became lies. His mother wasn't dead, she left him, because his father had betrayed her. But what did he do? He was only an innocent child why did she leave him?

''She thought you we're not her child.'
' Mayank looked at his dad. Shocked, digusted, betrayed...


Mayank laid in his bed.. confused, betrayed, he needed to talk to someone... Nupur. As soon as her name came to his mind, an automatic smile came to his face. He got up and climbed out his window and walked towards Nupur's house.

''Which one is her window?''' Confused he looked between the 2 windows and tried to figure out which one was hers.

''Simple. That's her window.'
' He smiled to himself. How did he know her so well? Climbing up to her window, was the toughest job. The thorns on the plants repeately kept pinching him.

 ''Ouch.'' He groaned. Nupur looked up from her book. Something wasn't right. She felt as if she was hearing someone. Someone familiar. Mayank... am I hallucinating? Why the hell would I hear Mayank? Her thoughts we're disturbed when she saw Mayank on her balcony knocking on the glass door.

''Holy shit!'' Nupur ran and locked her bedroom door. Finally she turned to her balcony door to unlock it.

''Mayank, you scared the hell out of me!'' Nupur said looking at him. But when she looked at his eyes. It was then she realized. Mayank looked lost, confused, and hurt. Was he crying?

''Mayank... what's wrong?'' Nupur gulped. She didn't like seeing him like this. For some reason it hurt her. It was killing her inside. She held his hand, and led him to sit down. After a while of silence, she heard Mayank sobbing. Nupur was shocked, and she just simply hugged him as he hugged her back.


Gunjan gulped. Samrat had been sitting next to her for hours. They sat in silence. No one was ready to speak. No one knew what to say. It was... weird. Even though they barerly new eachother, Mayank had told him to stay by her side, and he knew himself, it was the right thing to do. No matter what Gunjan done, it wasn't right to leave her alone. To be honest, he was getting bored to sitting in silence, he wasn't the quiet types, and he certainly didn't do silences.

''Gunjan, speak. Your testing my patience.'' Samrat was getting annoyed, he'd been sitting here for hours, when he could be doing something better.

''Speak god dammit!'' He shouted.

''I'm so so sorry.. I am so so sorry... I-i d-don't... I-i...'' Gunjan trembled shaking. Samrat realized he must of scared her.

''Gunjan, Wo... I didn't mean to shout. But can you please explain? Did you really do that to her?''

''I did... I'm horrible. I'm a monster. I'm a horrible person, friend... daughter... s-sister.'' She choked.

Samrat felt awkward but she patted her back anyways.

''Samrat, she'll never forgive me. She hates me. I-i'm so so... so stupid.'' Samrat gulped, he hated emotional converstations. The only one he had ever gotten was with Mayank when he tried to convince Mayank that his step mother wasn't a bad person...

 ''Gunjan, look I don't know what to say okay? I feel bad for you, and your state, but I feel even more sorry for Nupur, she had no one, and you.. you tried to take everyone away... what I'm trying to say is... let bygones be bygones, just move on... I mean, Nupur is hurt, and you will have to apologize and make up for it, even if she doesn't forgive you... you just have keep trying okay?'' O-K, he officaly felt awkward, this situation was awkward, he despised these conversations... but anything for Mayank. For his brother. His friend. Mayank always said that Samrat was his only reason why he stayed here, and he could do anything for Mayank.

 ''Thanks, Samrat, your a really good friend, Mayank is very lucky.'' Gunjan spoke between her sobs as she tried to calm down.

 ''Look, Gunjan it's extremely late, I'll drop you home, you can talk to Nupur tomorrow in college, alright?'' Gunjan simply nodded.


After Mayank told Nupur the story, He felt relieved.. like a huge burden has been removed... he simply just stared at Nupur, waiting for her to say something... anything... but she was staring at the ceiling in silence...

''Nupur.. say something... your killing me here!'' Mayank joked to lighten the mood.

Nupur turned and looked at him into his piercing blue eyes. She could see the pain that was biting through them tearing him apart, but she could also she something else... something different, and it.. scared her. Not in the way she should be scared but... in way that made her heart skip a beat.

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chpateeerrr 13 - reserveeed.

MN cute scenes

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