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Mistis thoughts 10th May 2011 (Page 3)

misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 3:01pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by why6

I too liked the episode except for the prayer sent by Radhika.  They should show some small rituals being done properly without Radhika calling for help all the time.  It becomes tedious as we all know that all the rituals would be completed now that Phuljhari is doing them with her KK (in her mind). 

Yes,  chunnu munnu did it much sooner than expected.  I guess this was the first step as they have to show that Kanha is now inside.  But I liked how they showed Radhika doing it.  Also, they showed her quiet strength.  She doesn't need Dev to fight her battles but Dev needs her to get over his insecurities.  So it was a good episode today. 
 Yes...thats why that wise old own said that everything will got to the wife of the chota pota...and not to chota pota. Radika is quite self sufficient to take care of things...she might break down for some time but then she pulls herself up and starts again. 

That's why would like to hear Dadaji's thoughts once in a while.  It would make the episodes more interesting.  Dadaji should be able to understand as he has a lot of facts in his hands.  He knows that Radhika loves Dev only and considers him her husband.  She is shown married to Rohan in a ceremony about which only Radhika and Rohan knows.  Also she has indicated that her purpose is something else.  So by now asking for Kanha to be brought inside,  she has to remind him of wise old owl's words.  He should know that the marriage didn't happen and Radhika is here as Dev's wife.  
Actually this is the right time to give dadajis thoughts...then atleast to me it will make sense.
Dev's irritation would be good as he wants to be angry at Phuljhari and would want Dadaji to be same.  Also, he wouldn't want Radhika to play with Dadaji's feelings but instead would find that Dadaji prefer her company.  This pushing of buttons is very pleasing to audience.
yes...the more his buttons are pushed the more he will fight back and the more Radhika will get to know him...also chances are that when he lashes out others might get effected and they might also by mistake reveal themselves.
I prefer that Radhika does her own thing and doesn't chase Dev.  Let Dev be forced by circumstances or his compulsion to be near her.  Also, I like that Radhika is not crying every minute even though she does get hurt by Dev's attitude.  Instead she is being quietly determined.
This Radhika is pretty strong...she picks herself up and starts again.

Probably for now Badi bahu would be arrogant and not think much of Radhika's strength.  But slowly she would start realizing her mistake and would like to throw out Radhika.  But by then it would be too late.  If they don't show other absurdities, they can make this track good.  I like Radhika's hiding tendencies.  She knows when to keep her mouth shut.  This she learnt from her father by omitting things from Chandalika.
Yes...its a good trait to sit back and quietly observe things and only act when it is needed...and to keep things to herself. Whats the use blabbering about to the whole world.

I actually like that Radhika is doing things that may be against Dev.  She is her own person who has her own convictions.  So she will do what she thinks is right despite Dev's opposition.  Dev may not shout on this as this is about Kanha.  I think they will probably show him melting slowly with Radhika's actions.  Because only then they would start showing his jealousy if either baby Bhasu becomes more demanding or the real Bhasmasur comes out and wants Phuljhari despite marriage not happening.  Padma will still continue to blame Radhika (remember Vaishali when she used to shout at Radhika for lighting the diya or some such thing) but will only get cured when Baby Bhasu gets cured.  Then she would be begging Phuljhari to stay with her son as she spoils her son.  So whatever baby Bhasu or Bhasmasur wants, he gets it.

Yes...actually Rohan wanting Phuljhari despite the wedding not being complete will be both Radhika and Devs test.


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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 3:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by laxmis

Originally posted by set_raj

Originally posted by Tilashini

Originally posted by set_raj

Rohan is Maha bore and annoying and irritating character..he behaves like a three year old kid..and the worst thing is keeps on repeating the lines..the way he walks as if he is 2 and half years old kid...chunnu munnu has given him their get up..

rohan to dev : maza ayega!! maza maza ayega!!! hah hah!! chalo chalo!! ROFL ROFL
Neechey Happy birthday wala happy birthday hai na...mujhe bhi jaana hai jaana hai..etc...sooo forward character ho gaya hai...LOLLOL

Looks like Rohan   is doing a Hrithik Roshan in Koi Mil Gaya

 I think its the male lead character from Zee TVS old serial Banoo main Teri Dulhan...there the male lead was mentally challenged and all the property was written to his wife...a very simple uneducated girl...and the male leads half sister was after the property.

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 3:16pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ekta_bajaj

good good comments misti
really enjoyed them
Thank you ekta.

what u said DADAji should be first but i think it was ok bcoz at last rads can ask for one thing herself from RP so that at last should happen and acc to story also drma should be happened at last
really now bb will understand whom she has made her CB so prepare for the war and most important thing dev's reaction tomw
Yes lets see what is Devs reaction tmrw.

waise why u named so rads remaining are ok suits them except radev
dev is very rude so he is not that fruitsoke and rads is not like phuljhari u should at least change the name after today's episode seeing na

Devs name is Fruitcake because the hindi word for fruit is phal...and I had remarked that Radhika is doing all this, but she is attached to the result and hence phal and fruit. Since she is still attached to Dev emotionally so I am going to continue with fruitcake for Dev. As for Radhika...she is a that sparkles quietly...does not make any noise but the glow is visible and can remove darkness.  
dany89 Goldie

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 4:57pm | IP Logged
Misti great commentary like always!You are right Rohan seems like Sagar from Banoo Main Teri Dulhan,and looks like Alekh from Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai.

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kinu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 9:24pm | IP Logged

Nice light episode on the outside but messages being passed'..I enjoyed it. Angie your demand has been fulfilled''..partially. You can put a tick mark in your list regarding the temple''..Radhika sweet talked her way into opening the temple and bowled dadaji over. If Dadaji is shrewd he shold have put two and two together was all there in front of him. Now most probably he is going to start eating from Radhikas hands'yes he will be todays from his eyes u can tell he is doing some math in his RP 's mind.. ++=+ i have liked it today R's soft but firm voice over BB...u go girl i feel like sayLOL  which should irritate Dev more. Good'''.he needs to be pushed'''zaraa dheere push ho toh acha nahi toh again he started to barking to her.. which is very irritating i dont want to see him that sad or gussa face so soon..poor premi but other hand what his fault? who else he can share his feelings,sadness toh gussa hi babu....I mean his buttons needs to be pushed and who else than Radhika for it. He might lash out but she should be able to deal with it. It shouldn't be a surprise to her. Radhika should do whatever she is here to do in her own way.  If the Badi Bahu has brains then she should start thinking about Radhika'''.if Radhika can ask for the temple doors to be opened knowing that it is against her wish and also knowing that no one goes against badi bahu, then Madam should start thinking about this bholi bhali girls capability''.thats how she described Radhika, didn't she. I like her digging her own hole to jump into''was the  best part of the todays episode..when R spoke very low voice and utter her wishes..after hear this BB's eyes expression was mind blowing..she is  a  good actress.. i must say this ...just like cold blooded snake staring @ her enemy but controlling herself very she has understood R is not bholi bahli gaon ki chanda...or eena meena deeka..  i must say was a sweet sight. Mohini thinks that she can hood wink her'''I mean Radhika''well Radhika will sweetly put her on a merry go round if she wants to''..and Radhika did all this most probably knowing that Dev might again start shouting''..or did she not understand the control of badi bahu on Dev''..will be interesting to watch Devs reaction and how badi bahu plays with that and how Radhika deals with that'..or will Chunnu Munnu skip the interesting scenario and again rush for another ritual. Also liked Padma and Rohan. Wonder what will be Padma's reaction to this temple door opening.i am waiting for that moment when Dev babu will  watch R will be  unlocking the door of mandir  my my ...and Amma oops!! Padma..(these days she has taken the responsibilty of all the cursing )..if CVs dont bring any unrealistic or apshagun.. rituals...gor god's sake..

anyway thanks for ur thought Misti...


All the actors were good but enjoyed watching Rohan and Radhika the most.

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radha_bilahari Goldie

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 10:06pm | IP Logged
Thanks for you thoughts.  Interesting request by radhika.
the first opportunity that Radhika got was well-utilised by her.  she has asked her wish to be fulfilled.  Very interesting to see the divided PB members, Mohini, Viraat and BB on one side---Daima, Dadaji and the poet looking extremely happy.  We need two members to join the fray--Dev and Padma--let us see what they have to offer and which side they belong to.  I particularly liked the fact that Radhika used the term for Dadaji and ROHAN BABU's health this needs to be done.  She is using the training received at the hands of Shanthi effectively, but in her own meek way.
If it is the Will of Dadaji that the entire property be with the CB, will Radhika next tell BB, that she will not transfer the property in BB's name because she wants to honour the wishes of Dadaji-- Still better she can tell if Dadji himself can speak and tell me to do it she will happily do it because Dadaji becoming alright is more important and these are secondary, but till then I will hold fort to respect his wishes.
Wonder if this happens what will be the fate of  BB?  Dev has to wake up from deep sleep, so tomorrow Radhika's arthi will wake all of them hopefully> 

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 11:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by devina22

what a great way of describing todays epi
the best part was bb digging her own hole and jumping init
wonder what will be devs reaction ?
like that part about rads being determined not a cry baby but want to see her hurt expressions when dev is mean to her she will get more sympathy from us than just being determined
waiting for tomorrows epi.

Thanks devina22... I think that Radhika cannot show that she is being hurt by Devs actions in front of others in the family...she will show it when she is alone. She has done that...when she is with Dev or by herself and she is hurt by him she does show it.
misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 11:15pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by neerjashingla

Misti good comments with your special touch ..
Thanks Neerja.
Liked today's episode, specially Radhika , her smile when she saw first Dev, she was looking very pretty as usual whenever in bridal refinery with ghoonghat ...She is smart one  and will be tactful when dealing with Maheshwari , she is not dumb ...Very soon she will understand Dev,s position in the house and his helplessness due to obligation ... Like earlier at her parents place , will listen to others but will do quietly what she wants to do as she did today  about Mandir , and the expression on Maheshwari face did not deter her what she asked for
Yes she has been trained by her mother...if she can survive in her foster parents family then she should be able to manage herself with the Purohits.
...Now is the time for some thoughts of Dadaji  and if Creatives are awake from their sleep ,
Yes but will the creatives give it. They live in their own ivory towers.
 some scenes with dev and his thoughts ...I was reading in some thread , perhaps Radha wrote that Dev being a artist can express his feelings through sculpturing , painting or playing flute
Sculpturing and all I thought that he will do when he was sad and he realised that he will give Radhika up...we did have long discussion about in just after the holi episode...Dev can do all that but he is furious now...does he have the mindset to do all that now? Also he covered up the statue...I don't know whether he also has stopped doing all that because he was doing drawing, scupturing to get close to his dreamgirl and since he has decided to give her up, he might have decided to give all this upto.  But he has played his lets see.  
 ...Will like Radhika to ignore Dev for the time being , make friends with Dadaji and Rohan and leaving  behind sulking Dev ... Now the time for yours and Angie,s growling Dev  ...Even viewers want some light moments in all this going on drama ...With all the characters with your sweet adjectives are ready to entertain  the viewers if Creatives read yours and Angie, s tracks ...Unknowingly Dev getting jealous and Radhika intentionally fanning it ...Its pleasure to read yours and Angie,s going on analyses, was thinking would not comment but ...could not resist
Thanks Neerja...lets see what the creatives show.

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