Love Ne Mila Di Jodi


Love Ne Mila Di Jodi
Love Ne Mila Di Jodi

Prida SS: Symbol of love: A Mother

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A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts. 

Damni was trying to wake up Syna for school but syna was showing blandishments to her. She is hiding herslf in blanket.

"Syna please wake up. I have to make your breakfast too."

"MOM sit here i don't want go school" Syna's held her hand.

"What happened to my princess is not getting up?" Prithvi who just entered in the room said smilingly.

"You have spoilt her"Damni retorted.

"Come on Damni she is hardly 5 years old and you are saying she has been spoilt" Prithvi was surprised.

"Then knock her up. I am going in kitchen" She went vy saying.

She left the room and went in to the kitchen. Prithvi smiles and sits on the bed, kissed her on cheek and gently tried to wake up. she opened her eyes and sat on bed. 

"Princess why do you do this with your mother daily?"

"Because I have only on mother Papa" He laughed on her answer.

"You mean you irritate her because you have only one mother. If i will bring one more mother for you, you will not do this to her"

"I have to think about it... No i think i will not tolerate one more mother plus i love mom so i can't tolerate any injustice to her"

"Princess you are too much" he said milingly.

"I love my mom Papa" She said innocetly.

"Me too" He added

"Complete your breakfast Syna" Damni pressurized her for breakfast

"Mom i don't want to be fat" She replied

"Syna you don't eat thats why you get sick easily" Damni said angrily

"Princess listen to your mother. she is saying right" Prith took part in discusion.

"Papa you have changed party huh" Her princess got angry.

Prithvi started laughing and Damni got angry on both of them. She went into the kitchen. Meanwhile driver came and greeted to the Prithvi and asked him for Syna. Damni came back into room. She put Syna's lunch in her bag.  

"Syna please take lunch in recess. I wany empty lunch box"

Driver held her hand of Syna

"Driver baba please call me after leaving Syna at her school. One more thing drop her at class room" Damni ordered him.

"Madam don't take tension.I will drop her at her classroom." He replied

They left. Damni was saying her good bye when Prithvi asked her

"Sometimes do give importance to Syna's father"

"In my life there are two tension. Syna and Syna's father" She said

"You mean i give u tension" He asked

"Yes" She replied innocently

He pulled her closer

"Yeh baat hai Damni ji"

"Offcourse Prithvi ji"

He hugged her and damni put her head on his chest.


Prithvi was getting prepared for his office. Damni was waiting for drivers'call.

"Why has he not called me?" Damni was worried.

At the sametime she received a call from driver that he had dropped her at classroom.

"You take so much tension Damni." 

"i have very few relations in my life and i don't want to lose them"

"What do you mean by that." Prithvi questioned

He sat next to her on the bed.

"You know that I lost my parents in childhood. I spent my life in oraphange house. You can't understand what have I gone through. No love. No relations. Then you came in my life like a blessing. You make me undertstand what is true love. Then syna. My two precious things. But I am sorry I won't be able to give you complete happiness."

"What?" He was shocked

"I mean you want more children, a complete family and after Syna's birth doctors said i won't be able to conceive again" She was sad

"Oh come on Damni" He wiped her tears "I think we don't need any more child. And i think you can't handle more than 2 children" He replied.


 "Yeah me and Syna"


She slapped him and hugged him.

Damni was working at her office when she received call.

"Am I talking to Damni Saxena?"

"Yes" Damni said.

"I am Mam Priya. Syna's teacher"

"Yes what happened" She asked

"Syna is not well Damni ji. She is having high grade fever and she had had vomiting."

"What?" Damni got worried.


"And what" She asked

"Actually there was blood in her vomiting"

"What. I am coming" Damni said rushingly.


In the night Prithvi and Damni were standing in the terrace. Syna was sleeping. They took into the hospital and doctor took syna's blood test. Damni was worried even Prithvi too but he did not want to show his tension to Damni.

"Will she be alright?" She asked.

"Yes damni" He gacve her assurance.

"Why doctors have taken so many tests" She asked again.

"Damni stop thinking and just listen to me nothing will happen to our princess" He said.



He embraced her in his arms.

Damni and prithvi were sitting in the doctors room. 

"I don't know how could i tell you guys. Actually it is not easy for us too" One of the doctor said.

"Please doctors we are unable to get you. Please tell us what happened to Syna" Damni said.

"Please calm your self i know it is difficult but... You daughter is suffering from blood cancer 's last stage" He said


They were in state of shock.The sound of Doctors' voice flowed over them in waves but they were unable to listen to words.They were too numbed by the horror of what happened. Damni felt that her chest were filled with iron. She found difficult to breathe. She wanted to scream but her voice did not support her. 

"How could she have cancer?" After sometimes she had courage to speak.

"I can understand" 

"You can't. She is my only daughter. Please save her. i am begging you" She replied.

"Damni please"  Pithvi said.

"Tell them how much i love her.Please save her. You promised me. Nothing will happen to her."

"Damni sambhalo apne aap ko. How much she has time?" He asked from doctors.

"Hardlly 3 months"

"It can't be tue. You are lying" She said.

She got up from the chair  "I will not leave you" before she moved she felt dizziness and about to fall. Prithvi held her and helped her in sitting on her chair. Doctors got up and put hand on his shoulder and left the room. 

"You promised me Prithvi that she will be fine. Please Prithvi do some thing." She was begging.

"We can't fight with God Damni. Be strong you have to become strong for her"

"I can't see her dying" She said.


He hugged her because they found themselves helpless against God

Two months have been passed. Now Syna was admitted in the hospital. Doctors had told them that she had very little time left. Damni was fetching her soup.

"Mom where is Papa?" She questioned.

"He is coming sweety" 

"Mom when will i go to school?"

"Soon princess don't worry" said by Prithvi who just entered in the room.

"Mom i know i am dying" She said

"Princess what are you saying" Prithvi was shocked

"Mom i am sorry. I have teased you alot. Mom i hope you will forgive me"

"Syna just stop it please" Damni requested.

"Mom you were best mother. I hope I have spent with you more time." She added

"Syna shut up Please keep quite for God sake" Damni pleaded.

"Papa please do take care of Mom after my death. She wil need you" She said to her dad

"Princess" She held damni's hand in prithv's hand.

"Papa give me promise you will always take care of Mom"

"Princess nothing wil happen to her" Prithvi said.

"Papa i am feeling sleepy. let me sleep" Before Prithi would say anything she started having cough. Damni gave her water. She drank it and lied on the bed again. Damni was patting her stomach gently for sleeping without knowing the fact that Syna was closing her eyes for good. After some time Damni tried to wake up Syna for medicine but she was not opening her eyes. Sunddenly Damni felt iron on her chest. She started screaming, Prithvi saw her and came near to the bed. He checked Syna and his ahnd got down as he knew that he would not able to see his princess agin. He would not see her smile, her mischeivnios because she had left this world. Now he had to control Damni who was losing her control.He came near her and held her from shoulders.

"Sambhalo khud ko Damni. Our princess has left us" 

"What? Have you gone nuts? How could say this for your own daughter"

"Damni she is no more." He said

"You don't know. She is doing drama. She always irritates me. Nothing has happened to her" Damni was not getting agree.

"Damni look at me. She is dead" 

She pushed him.

"She is fine. You are saying lie. Just help me waking her. Syna wake up. I am giving you order. Syna please wake up. Please for once for your mother."

She started shaking her body.

"Wake up syna. I will slap you" She was about to slap her wen Prithvi held her hand and took her inside.

"Damni she is dead. Look her it face. She is dead. Can't you see she is not taking breathe. Your Syna has left us alone."

"You promised me that nothing will happen to her" She was weeping badly and fainted in hs arms.


( After 18th months)

Prithvi entered in his bedroom and saw that Damni was trying to make Soham and Sohini sleep. A smile came on his face. 

"What happened?" He asked.

"Your childrean are too much" She said.

"I have been trying but they are not sleeping" Prithvi took Sohini in his hands, kissed her on cheeks and put her on  and then he did same with Soham. They might ahve beeen waiting for their dad, they got into sleeping soon. 

"You don't know how to handles babies" He said teasingly.

"You know it is enough for me." 

She said angrily and tried to go. He held her hand and pulled her back

"My dear sweet wife. I will handle my children and you will handle me" He started coming closer but she pushed him and rushed towards door

"I can handle both" She said laughingly. He smiled.

Prithvi was in deep sleep. Damni got up from the bed and put sleeper in her feet. She started taking small steps and came to Syna's room. She opened the drawer and held Syna's picture in her hand. Before leaving this world Syna gave Prithvi and damni courage to live. On that day Damni got to know that she was expecting. May be GOd wanted to console them because God knows that this grief was not been forgotten easily. He wanted to cherish them by gift of Sohini and Soham. Still this grief can't be easly be forgetton. No one could take place of Syna in Damni's life. She had to live her life for Prithvi, Soham and Sohini but in the darknesss she still cried for her princess. She had lost her baby.  She always felt that she was around her. The death of a Syna was the most traumatic event in her life. To lose her was to lose a piece of herself. She pretended thatshe was happy but inside her soul had ben died with Syna's death because she was mother a mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path. There's nothing as Powerful as mothers' Love. Mother can  never forget any of her chld either alive or DEATH. Tears of Damni were falling on Syna's picture. 

(Although I have given promise to kanchy and saumi that i will write SS but it not for them. I have written it for myself. I always wonder that  mother can nurture her all children but we children don't take care of our one mother)



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OMG yaar its the most touching SS i ever read
u always go in minute details
it was such heart breaking when that 5 yr old kid was suffering frm blood cancer ...
very different frm usual stuff must say
hats off to u soni

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That was so emotional such pure deep feelings to it, had a lump in my throat n tears in my eyes.
u put it in sucha good way, so beautiful ahh the Love of Mothers for there kids njo one can eva replace them not even God
Brillaint story ,an awesome writeupStar
Keep up tthe great woork pal
Sorry for the late reply :P

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very very beautiful story soni !!

mother daughter bond is the most precious, pure , selfless bond of all...

evn fr me my mama is the source of my strength...wenevr in trouble or worried or unhappy ..shez the only person i thnk of ...shez the only one i go to lighten up my heart..nd wen i'm happy ..she has to know bout it sabse pehle ...i love her ..i'm sure evry1 will agree wid me on this ...Mother r the best gift of God ...those famous words .."God cud'nt be wid us all the time , evrywhere , so he made Mothers" true..

LOVED this story soni

keep up d gud work


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You made me cry soni

You are right soni every child is close to mother's heart... Mother can never forget her child, thats why its called Maa.
Do i need to say more? U did such beautiful work which has valued alot.

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it was awesome and its true that every child is important for their mother

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Oh Soni ur very bad!!!Why are u making us all cry like this!!!Why do u have to choose such a touching subject, write so beautifully and make us all so emotional!!!Loved the SS!
GauravsDbest Goldie

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Love my ma...Moms are the most beautiful creations of God...We should always try to give back as much as we can to the priceless sacrifices they make..And try to be worthy someday of all the precious love we are bestowed upon with...The best part is, they needn't be told we love them..they can understand from our actions:)

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