Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


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Hi dears i just took all my free time for writing this OS
for previous Os i didn't got nice comments
guys please if you like pl comment suggest other who didn't read
it encourages a lot pl

Theme-some times one mere meeting will change your world forever. one moment will end your wait of your whole life for love..
what happens when 2 strangers meet ...
will they realise that they are made for each other lets check out in this case...

Arohi slammed on the brakes as the light changed from yellow to red. No need to add a complication to her current state of misery, she silently mocked as she fumbled with the gear stick mounted in the floor of the posh auto.

Drawing in a deep breath, she held the cell phone to her mouth again.

"Prem - the idiot behind me is about an inch away from my rear bumper," she informed, her hand and voice shaking in the process.

"Arohi, if anything happens to my new car, then I swear -"

"Oh shut up!" she told him, examining the driver via the rearview mirror.

He was tall, rising well above the steering column, she noted. And he looked like a giant beetle with the dark sunglasses strapped across his face.

Prem was more concerned for the safety of his new car than he was for her, Arohi silently noted as her rod of anger grew. Didn't he realize how frightened she was right now?

The mysterious looking stranger had been following her for the past three miles, since she had pulled onto the desolate strip of dirt road leading into town as she performed her last mission of mercy for her cheating ex-fiancee, Prem.

She'd only found out about his secret escapades last evening - after she'd weaseled him into allowing her to drive his brand new car.

He had been saving for two years for the shiny ride and as she was making a mess of things behind the wheel, he had tossed up his hands and exploded with, "Pull over now, Arohi! You're going to strip my transmission."

"Tut tut, I'd appreciate a little patience," she had told him as she continued to steer the car towards his apartment.


"Yes. I've never driven a stick-shift before and it takes a little getting use to."

"Misha didn't have any trouble and she's never driven a stick-shift before," Prem had rumbled out, Arohi whipping her blond head around to examine his smug face through the fading moonlight.

Ten minutes later and the wayward bum admitted to his ongoing affair with Misha, a co-worker. And of course, he'd blamed the entire incident on Misha. All five of them.

So when Arohi pulled in front of Prem's apartment and he had exited, she had chosen to burn rubber and head for home - in his new car.

Prem had not been happy. And neither was she.

But as the curtain of morning lifted and exposed a brand new day, Arohi realized that she had to see Prem one last time to return his car. She could call a cab once she arrived at his apartment to take her home. If he were the last man on earth, she wouldn't allow him one moment more than necessary of her time.

It was over she had given an ultimatum to her family not even take that jerk.

The stranger behind her brought her back to reality as he laid down on his horn, Arohi narrowing her eyes in the process.


Whereas she couldn't do anything about Prem, she could do something about the stranger. The main drag in town was about a mile away and if she put the metal to the pedal, she could leave the idiot in a trail of dust.

Her only other option was to continue to lay cocooned in fear as he rode her bumper into town.

"Arohi! Are you there!" Prem yelled out over the cell phone, Arohi not missing the irritation laced within the high voice.

Gosh, he had a high voice - as if someone had given him a wedgie at a young age. Why she hadn't noticed it before, she did not know.may be that reason wasn't enough to get rid of him, her family would just took it as granted. She never wanted to have any relation with him. Because she knows she doesn't love him, either feel anything for him.

"Look, I'll see you in just a few minutes. Got to go now," she told him, cutting him off as he continued to rant.

The light suddenly changed and Arohi mashed down on the gas pedal, her dark brown eyes looking like two fried eggs as she realized too late that the car was in reverse.

A loud bang followed as Prem's car continued to push the stranger's car down the dirt road, Arohi cringing as she looked in her rearview mirror and saw mouth and sunglasses. 

In a frantic attempt to stop the disaster, she lifted her foot from the gas pedal and slammed it onto the brakes - but amid her hysteria, she hit the gas pedal instead and sent the car behind her even further down the road.

Then suddenly, the stranger's car shifted and broke loose from Prem's car just before careening into the deep ditch alongside the road.

Tears sprouted from Arohi's blue eyes as she bounced up and down in her seat.

"Oh no! Oh my gosh! Oh rats!" she yelled out, not sure what to do now.

Finally, she decided it was inevitable that she check on the stranger to ensure that he was still alive.

Oh my gosh - what if she'd killed him, she silently tormented herself, the condition of Prem's car a million miles from her thoughts.

Pulling herself together, she wobbled out of the car, her legs shaking so badly that she resembled a toy frog hopping along.

The stranger was still planted inside his car, his sunglasses cocked to one side. One eye was covered, one was not.

"Are-are you okay?" she asked, her voice shaking.

Arjun jerked off the shades as he ran his dark eyes over her and mocked in a deep voice, "Talk about hell on wheels."

"I-I'm sorry," she offered, taking a step back due to the stranger's angry demeanor. He looked fit to kill someone and she had a feeling that someone was her…..

"Is there anything I-I can do for you?" she asked as he continued to rake a heated glance down her wilted form, partially due to the accident and partially due to the hot summer sun beaming down.

"I think that you've done quite enough," he drawled in a mocking tone, climbing out of the vehicle and slamming the door.

Another loud thud followed as the door fell to the ground.

"I-I'm sure that can be fixed," Arohi observed, trying to find something positive about the situation.

"Who taught you how to drive?" he wanted to know, Arohi stepping back again.

My he was tall.

"Now-now sir, please try to see reason," she told him, her eyes still wide. "It's a stick-shift you see," she continued, motioning towards the car. 

When the stranger didn't answer, Arohi went on, "I'm not use to a stick-shift. It's my ex-boyfriend's car," she explained.

"He's going to kill you," Arjun informed as he nodded at Prem's ride.

Arohi squinted her eyes against the hot sun, then placed a hand over her eyes as she turned to view the damage.

A loud scream followed as her eyes went up inside her head.

"Oh no you don't!" Arjun warned, shaking her in the process as Arohi fought to recover.

The last thing he needed at the moment was a fainting female.

"I-I need air," she decided, feeling a bit dizzy.

Arjun screwed up his mouth and reached out to take her up inside his strong arms, carrying her to Prem's car and placing her in the passenger's seat.

The idiot woman had t-boned the new car. Part of the silver bumper was sticking out forming the letter 'L'.

Arjun checked the ignition, discovering that the keys were still there and he wasted no time in mounting the driver's seat and revving up the engine.

Arohi was still trying to recover as Arjun sped along.

Prem wouldn't like this at all. The stranger was going much too fast. However, the blast of cool air washing over her face was luscious, making her dizzy spell abate.

"What-what are you doing?" she asked as she recovered. "I-I don't think that Prem would approve of your driving his new car."

"Sorry, but I've just hijacked Prem's car, Ms?"

"Arohi," she managed, not knowing if she should share her name or not. "You've what?"

"Look, I've got an emergency on my hands and you've given me no option," he swiftly explained, turning at the four-way as they quickly reached the outskirts of town.

"Emergency?" she asked, suddenly light-headed again.

Was he a government man? G-men were partial to sunglasses she silently mused. Or perhaps he was a doctor. Doctors had plenty of emergencies.

"Yeah, an emergency. My grandfather called me about an hour ago. Said my Dadi was dying. She won't even eat," he clarified, his face looking sad and drawn.

"Oh my. So that's why you were following so closely?"

"Right. As you can see, I don't have time to secure another mode of transportation," he continued to explain.

Arohi touched her head, then managed, "Well, seeing as how this is all my fault….well, I'm sure that Prem will understand. Where-where are we going?" 

"A couple more hours down the road," Arjun replied.

"Do-do you need to borrow my cell to contact your Dadaji? To-to explain the delay?"

"No, but thanks. I've got a cell. It's useless trying to get a hold of him. I suppose that he has secured my grandmother at the hospital by now."

"I-I see."

"He had a stroke last winter and I can't understand half of what he says. To compound matters, he's hard of hearing."

"I-I see."

"I instructed him to contact the appropriate people - that I was on my way."

"I-I'm sorry, Mr.?"

"Arjun," he supplied, Arohi noting how much deeper his voice was than Prem's, silently doubting that anyone of Arjun's statue would ever be given a wedgie.

The phone cut off any response that Arohi might have had. The caller was the subject of her thoughts. Prem. A very worried-sounding Prem.

"Arohi! Where are you?" he demanded to know. "I thought you'd be here by now!"

She nibbled at her fingernails, then managed, "There has been a short delay, Prem."


"A-a short delay. And don't you yell at me!" she spat back, tired of placating the cheating worm. "If you hadn't been sweet on….M-I-S-H-A," she spelled out, lowering her voice as she spoke so that Arjun couldn't hear, "I wouldn't have been traumatized(actually happy. she thought) and ran off with your car last night."

"How much longer will you be, Arohi? I'm losing patience - Misha or not!" Prem informed, obviously hot. 

"Not that long. I'll check in with you later." 

Arohi hung up on him, applying a smug look to her beautiful face, which Arjun found amusing. 

"Ex-boyfriend, eh?" he toyed. 

"No. Ex-fiancee. Worm." 

"What happened?" he asked out of curiosity. 

"To make a long story short, he was born," Arohi rolled out, Arjun laughing in the process. 

"Thanks," he told her. "I needed that - a light moment. I'm pretty tense right now," he admitted, unable to stay angry with Arohi for slamming into him. After all, she was blond. 

"I can give you a massage later if you like?" she offered, nibbling on another nail. 

"Say what?" 

"I'm a massage therapist," she informed between nibbles. "Quite good too."

"Well, I might just take you up on that, Arohi," he smiled, wondering what it would feel like to have those nibbled nails running across him.

"I'm quite good at cooking as well."


"Yeah. There is an old house in town - looks a bit like a house where a respectable ghost might live."

"I pass this way when I visit my grandparents. I think I know the one you're referring to. The huge house by the burger stand?"

"Yes, that's the one. At one time, I wanted to buy the place and open a bakery. I wanted to name it 'The Village Bakery'. My dream - a dream that will never happen."

"Well, why don't you?" Arjun asked, his eyes partially on the road, partially on the pretty woman. She looked good in blue. Matched her beautiful face.

"Money. It made more sense to become a massage therapist, although there isn't much business in the area. The town is dying, you know?"

Instantly, Arohi wished she could recall her words. Dying? Why oh why had she said such when Arjun's little grandmother was doing just that?

The phone rang again and she glanced at the number on the tiny silver screen.

"It's Prem again," she sighed. Then, "Hello, Prem."

"Arohi, where the devil is my car?" he wanted to know.

Unfortunately, he hadn't calmed down any.

"There's been a slight change in plans," she squeaked. Why should she feel in the wrong after Prem's 'co-worker rendezvous'?


"Well, there's a gentleman that I met who…..well, he was in a fix. An emergency."

"What? Arohi, I don't care if the guy's head has fallen off - I want my car back pronto!"

"His grandmother is dying, Prem. We're trying to get there before….it happens. So he can see her one last time," she managed, the situation making her feel quite sad.

"I don't believe this! You-you have a stranger in my car?" Prem asked, disbelief laced into his high voice.

"Yes. He's driving in fact," Arohi announced and Prem immediately exploded.

"Put him on NOW, Arohi!"

"He-he wants to speak with you," she told Arjun, handing the phone in his direction.

Arjun shrugged, then accepted the phone.


 "Look mister, I don't care who you are and what you're doing in my car - just get it back to me now! Do you understand? Emergency or not!" Prem demanded, Arjun deciding that this Prem fellow was a prime candidate for ulcers, high blood pressure and heart attack. And what the hell was wrong with his voice? Sounded like he had caught his balls under the toilet lid.

"Nice to meet you too, Prem," Arjun drawled, delivering a smile in the process at Arohi who sat nibbling on her nails again.

She pulled her hand away and offered a nervous smile, turning her head to one side, Arjun deciding that she was as cute as a bug in the rug.

"Don't' get smart with me, Mister!" Prem warned.

A volley of cursing followed and Arjun hung up, discreetly switching the phone off.

"Well?" Arohi asked, obviously anxious and frustrated.

"He had to go. A visitor. An Misha someone," Arjun lied, but rather pleased as Arohi screwed up her tiny pink lips.

The miles quickly clicked away, Arjun and Arohi making comfortable conversation. Arjun was making her forget about her family whom she didn't inform for late and Arohi was making him forget about his sick dadi.

Finally, they arrived on the outskirts of town, Arjun telling her, "I think we should head for the hospital first to save time."

"Right. Arjun, I-I really feel quite bad for you right now," Arohi told him in a sincere tone, deciding that the drive had been quite enjoyable. In fact, she had to admit that she was almost glad she had reamed him and something about him gave her positive vibes a strange feeling.

"Thanks, Arohi. And thanks for keeping me company and taking my mind off things," he eased out, reaching over and delivering a slight squeeze to her small hand.

Unfortunately, the hospital didn't pan out. No Dadi Raveena singhania listed on the patient roster.

"Perhaps that's good news," Arohi told him as they got inside the car and Arjun headed out.

"We'll head over to their house," he decided, his face lined with worry.

As they arrived, there were at least twenty cars parked outside and it was with difficulty that Arjun found a parking place.

"This doesn't look good….does it, Arohi?"

This time, it was Arohi who reached over to take Arjun's hand.

His grandfather met them at the door, a wide smile plastered on his wrinkled face.

"What took ya so long! We've all been waiting for a good two hours," he fussed, delivering a hug to Arjun, then to Arohi.

"Where is Dadi. Dddu?" Arjun asked a bit breathless.

Surely she was okay or gramps wouldn't be smiling.

"In the kitchen whipping up some strawberry shortcake for you," Grandfather Jones relayed.

"I-I thought you said she was dying," Arjun murmured, his face looking confused.

"Dieting - I said she was dieting," he corrected. "Won't eat. Determined to get into a size twelve before her high school reunion," he clarified. "Was glad when you said you'd be on over. I contacted everyone like you said to," Grandfather Jones smiled again.

Arjun glanced at Arohi and broke out in a laugh, his relief obvious.

Later that evening as they were returning, he told her, "Thanks for putting up with me today - and for the loan of Prem's car."

"I had oodles of fun, Arjun. Your family is wonderful," she told him, her face beaming with a smile. "And that strawberry shortcake…oh my gosh! You know, your grandmother promised to give me the recipe. Er…the next time that I visit her, that is."

"Ah - a reason to go back," he laughed. "She's tricky." Then, "We'll have to go back, don't you think?"

"Why yes, I'd love that," Arohi smiled again.

"You know, she has a lot of great recipes. Might get you to thinking about following your dreams, Arohi - about opening that restaurant that you wanted. And for the record, I might be willing to have my arm twisted a bit where financing is concerned."

"You-you would do that for me?" she asked, a bit taken aback by what he was suggesting.

"Oh yes, pretty lady."

"You mean…we'd be partners?"

"Yep. In fact, if I have anything to do with it, in time we'll be a lot more than partners - as soon as you get over this Prem guy, of course," Arjun inserted, his face looking a bit mischievous. 'Fact is, I've been wanting to kiss you all day."

Arohi blushed. Arjun was quite handsome, quite charming - with a darling family. And that deep voice of his - totally dreamy. Yep, he was a dreamboat alright. And he wanted to kiss her…

"Prem who?" she giggled, Arjun following suit as he steered the car to the side of the road and took her in his strong arms.

As she told everything about this fiance fiasco. Arjun "so, you got your" Arohi blushed and informed "well I think so" he just squeezed her little in his arms.

Obviously they didn't kiss. This was a start of a beautiful relation. After some time, after exchanging numbers they parted their ways and in no time they were into a relation that no one can separate because they recognized that they are made for each other.

After six months she had opened her restaurant. Of course with the partnership of her love. Life Arjun. Today they got engaged with all family members blessings.her family readily accepted him. They just came for a ride and Arjun with mischievous smile "so. To be Mrs.Arjun what do you think about the kiss"

Just before their lips met in a combustible kiss, he commented, "Don't you just love the smell of a new car?"

And after some days they got married and they were blessed with RAJ their mischief power pack ….


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Vry nyc dr. Whats ur 1st os?
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Originally posted by aparna4karanika

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Originally posted by moonkmh

Vry nyc dr. Whats ur 1st os?
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Originally posted by vrshn

Originally posted by moonkmh

Vry nyc dr. Whats ur 1st os?

thanks dear for liking and you also posted mu other os link
thats so sweet of you
so ... i tried to mak a variation so i jumped to this genre in this os
may be next time i will try another
suggest me what type you wanna see me OS to be

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yea...i loved the fact that you have tried totally different genre in both your os...
i would like to see something where,
both arjun and arohi have bold characters something like officers or detectives
or like both are some big business tycoons who are against each other
or something like arohi having a very seriious character while arjun is fun loving..

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