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FunnyFF:*AbhIya-Shaadi Ke Baad*updated-part28pg.68 (Page 62)

SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 December 2011 at 7:46am | IP Logged
haha sdoll I so loved it Abhay dancing lke tapori & bach gya nirbhay.Ab Abhiya ka romance not bad & metz is still obsessed abt Abhay haahahahLOLLOL

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-Alone- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 December 2011 at 8:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cuteshrishti

haha sdoll I so loved it Abhay dancing lke tapori & bach gya nirbhay.Ab Abhiya ka romance not bad & metz is still obsessed abt Abhay haahahahLOLLOL

thnx shrishti.. how can metz forget abhay so easily..afterall he's her 200 saal ka pyaar Silly
-Alone- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 January 2012 at 3:15am | IP Logged
Hello frnds, i m going 2 end this FF very soon ..probably only 2/3 part have been left. i m ending this FF coz i m going 2 start a new FF, but this time it will b a serious 1LOL



In the party hall


Mallika is standing like a statue keeping her eyes down. she isn't able 2 face any1.

only 1 line comes from Abhay's mouth 4 mallika- " U r fired. n dnt show me ur dirty face again".  then abhay leaves from there.

Now mallika can't stop her tears, even  maithli's slap cudn't make her cry but abhay's this 1 line , breaks her into tears...

Then Sid comes near mallika n tells: Look Mallika, tumne kya kar dia. ek pal mein mera bhai ka zindagi tabah kar di. U know, abhay has suffered how much 4 pia before getting married 2 her? abhay had 2 face the whole world against him only 2 get pia... he has tolerated hatred of ppl only 4 pia.. but 2day 4 u , he has almost lost pia..kaise tum do pyaar karne walon ko alag kar sakti ho? Woh bhi sirf apni fascination ke liye? Tum pyaar ke barein mein janti hi kya ho? Tumhe pata hai , main har waqt panchi ko pumpkin bulata rehta hun aur usse jhagda karta rehta hun.. lekin sacchai yeh hai ke she is the queen of my heart just like pia is the queen of abhay's heart...no1 can snatch this special place of pia from abhay's heart. Who tried before 2 do that got failed n so u r...

Panchi felt so happy 2 hear those words from sid's mouth 4 her.. n she also supports sid.

Mallika feels so ashamed of herself that she can't stand here anymore. she only tells sorry in a breaking tone n leaves the place by running...


Then all the guests also leaves the party. n Jeh tells metz in an angry tone – " Abhi kuch aur kehna ya karna baaki hai ? Ya phir aab ghar chalogi?


Metz: Chal rahi hun.. Lekin bacchein kaha hai?

Jeh  calls Josh n nirali's name n they come out with Ria , pammi n nirbhay..


They all together come outside in the lawn of Raichand mansion. But when Jeh tells the kids 2 sit in the car Nirali tells that she n Josh will come little later... n she gives a look 2 jeh which assures him that nothing wrong will happened 2 the kids as they r not normal kids , they r hybrids. So, jeh leaves with metz.


Then Nirali drags Nirbhay from there n goes far from ria n other kids..

Nirbhay(angrily): Tum mujhe yahan kyun laayi?

Nirali (has a smirk on her face): rassi jal gayi par bal nahi gaya. Aabhi bhi itna attitude tum mein aata kahan se?

Nirbhay understands that nirali must knows something abt him.

Nirbhay: Kaam ki baat karo.

Nirali: Ok. as u wish.

then Nirali shows nirbhay the video where he is seen 2 mix that potion on abhay's glass. n seeing this nirbhay starts sweating...

Nirali: Toh aab iss barein mein tumhe kya kehna hai mr. attitudebaaz? ya phir saara attitude phus...

Nirbhay: what do mean?

Nirali: i mean shud i show this video 2 ur parents also?

Nirbhay: No way.. u can't do this 2 me.

Nirali: Why? Can u tear off  my dress? n behave rudely with me?

Nirbhay: Ohho. uske liye i m sorry.

Nirali: Kya? maine thik se suna nahin...

Nirbhay: SORRY.. i m really very sorry...

Nirali: u know nirbhay.. i've not seen such an idiot like u before. u r a person who's always ready 2 take revenge from others !!! i mean aise kya kisika life hota hai? u've no joy, no happiness in ur life bcoz of ur rude behavior.. n this revengeful mindset. Tum toh aapna baap tak ko nahi choda revenge lene se!!! Aur dekno aaj kya ho gaya sirf tumhare wajah se.. sab mallika ko doshi samajh rahe hai lekin asli culprit toh tum ho.. Tum ek hi pal mein aapna parents ki zindagi mein bhuchaal la diya. Aur aaj toh un dono ka anniversary tha.. tumne aaj ka hi din un dono ke beech itna problems create kar diya??Kaisa beta ho tum? beta toh chodo, kaisa insaan ho tum? oops, i m wrong. tum puri tarah se insaan toh ho nahi, hybrid ho. Lekin phir bhi , itna nafrat kyun?


Now nirbhay starts crying by sitting on the ground ...that nirbhay who never cried before but made others cry.. Nirbhay is feeling that his heart is tearing apart... is he so bad? will every1 hate him? will nol  love him? His parents always raised him with so much love .. but what he returned 2 them? A broken heart???


Nirali can read nirbhay's mind... she is feeling bad 4 him.. she knows very well that they all r hybrids , so their feelings r more matured then the other childs feelings of their same age...   so, nirali can feel nirbhay's pain very well.


Nirali stretches her hand 2wards nirbhay 2 get up. Nirbhay looks this with wondered eyes.

Nirbhay: Tum ... mujhe...

Nirali: nirbhay, dushman toh sab ban sakte hai, lekin dost banna sab se zyada mushkil hai. Aur main yeh mushkil kaam karne ki kaushish kar rahi hun...

Nirbhay: Tum mera frnd???

Nirali: kyun nahi nirbhay?

Nirbhay: Kyunki tum mera video mom-dad ko dikhanewali ho... aur dost aisa nahi karte hai...

Nirali(laughing): daro mat.. main yeh video kisiko nahi dikhaungi...aur main isse abhi destroy kar rahi hun.. yeh dekho..

Then nirali destroys the video...

Nirbhay : I never said any1 thank u before but 4 the 1st time i  m telling u "THANK U 4 SAVING MY LIFE".

Nirali: Dosti mein no sorry , no thank, friends...

Nirbhay: Oh ya...sure.. friends 4ever..

then nirbhay suddenly blushes..


Nirali: Tum blush kyun ho rahe ho?

Nirbhay: woh .. actually.. maine  tumhari dress phad dia tha na uska asli reason tumhe pata nahi?

Nirali: What do u mean? tumne gusse main aake meri dress phadi thi, yahi wajah tha na ?

Nirbhay: actually nahi.. baat yeh hai ke tum mere paas baithi thi iss liye main gussa zaroor tha par tumhari dress iss liye nahi phadi..


Nirali(a little bit scared): Toh kis liye phadi thi?

Nirbhay: Kyunki tum long gown jaise frock pehni thi na, aur mujhe humesha ladkiyon ko chote kapde mein dekhne ka adaat hai chahe woh mera mom ho ya phir behen ..  aur main jab tumhe itna lamba dress mein dekha toh mujhe bahut hi ajeeb aur utpatang laga ..iss liye maine tumhari dress niche se phad dia...


Now it's nirali's turn 2 blush n soon she becomes like a red tomato by blushing...then she tells " ah..mujhe ghar jana chahiye.." n she runs from there.n nirbhay has no clue that suddenly what happened 2  nirali !!!!


Meanwhile,  Pammi n Josh r having a gala time in gossiping. n ria is staring at them with heating jealousy...  pammi n josh r so much lost in their gossip that they forgot that there is another 1 person whom they r ignoring.. n Ria is feeling insulted.

suddenly Ria does a strange thing.. She goes between pammi -josh n pushes them at 2 side. Then she pulls josh's hand n makes him stand up.n drags him from there .then she starts-

Ria(almost a crying face): Kya hain? Tum aise mujhe ignore kyun kar rahe ho? Haan? maine tumhara kya bigada hai? Tum mujhse kyun baat nahi karte? Kyun chidte ho tum mujhse? Main kya itni budi hun? Bolo , bolo, answer me..mujhe jawab chahiye...

then she makes  a puppydog face just like her mom used 2 do seeing her dad.


josh is feeling completely strange... what 2 say 2 this girl... actually it's not like that when he 1st saw this little curly hair, big eyed girl , he wasn't curious abt her!!! Actually when Ria tried 2 talk with him , he became so much nervous that he replied  her with anger. but it was 2 avoid his nervousness. But after that, in the whole party he cudn't stop himself from looking at ria n he was trying 2 know from pammi abt ria very cleverly...but he noticed that when he was talking with pammi , ria was feeling jealous. N this little wud b man in the future, was enjoying this jealousy very much... he just loves 2 get the whole concentration of ria ... But now when ria is asking him so much questions, what shud he reply??


Ria is loosing her patience.

Ria: Kya hua ? Tum kuch bolte kyun nahi jawab do mujhe...

Josh: Ufff. Itne saare questions?? Kaun sa chodke kiska answer dun?

Ria: I want my answers just r8 now...

Josh(slips of his tongue): I LOVE U.

Ria: Kya????????

Josh: I mean i love u n i care 4 u as a friend. So, why this jealousy, jealousy, jealousy baby??               

Ria: Oh really? so from when i became ur friend?

Josh: ermm.. from r8 now...

Ria(very happy): Really? iska matlab tum aab humesha mujhse batein karoge? Meri saath accha behave karoge..

Josh: ssshhh. tum kitni bolti ho !!!

Ria: he he he. Mom pe gayi hun na. Issi liye. dad bhi humesha mom ko yehi batein boltein hain...Aur..

Josh: Not again..


In Abhiya's room


Pia is crying n crying. She is feeling so ashamed of cud she insult abhay in front of the guests? How cud she tell that she wants divorce !!!


At that time, knock.. knock on the door . It's abhay..


Abhay: pia, open the door.

But no response from pia..

Abhay understands that pia won't open the door so easily...

PRECAP: Abhay does something which surprises pia.

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..Bournville.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 January 2012 at 3:19am | IP Logged
aww.. josh and riya and nirbhay and nirali... couples in the making. Big smile 

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sweety_crazed IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 January 2012 at 3:20am | IP Logged
aditi..wat was thatLOLLOL..itna jaldi aur woh be updateShockedLOL
it was awesome...siddy boy giving adviceLOL...
u made my nirabhay CRY???.AngryLOL..
i have question!!!!!...r they really kids.ROFL..
yeh ria be na apni mi ki carbon copy itney questions ShockedLOL...poor joshROFL...
aur nirabhay babay ko math poochoLOL...he is hilarious..ROFLconti soon n thnx 4 d pm!!

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cuteteddy Goldie

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Posted: 01 January 2012 at 3:24am | IP Logged
aww ... m in love wid this cutie pie nirbhay Embarrassed n bache toh badon se aage nikleLOL
not like their parentsAngry
aww... ria wants attention n josh is nervous Embarrassed everyone was very cute dearSmile
m really gonna miss this FFCry but would be waiting for ur other FFEmbarrassed
m sure it would be awesome as wellEmbarrassed
thanks for the pm n update soon Embarrassed
Take Care Embarrassed

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seabeauty Goldie

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Posted: 01 January 2012 at 3:38am | IP Logged
nice one so kids r taking a lead now.. gr88

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--peehu-- IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 01 January 2012 at 3:42am | IP Logged
lovely update..aww cute couples in making..waiting for abhiya..

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