Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Mohabbat Lounge #121 [10/5 - Epi. 141]

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                                              we are here to discuss about the show
       Kitani Mohabbat Hai

Start sharing the analysis and constructive critics and comments;however, not to forget few rules to keep the discussion flow nice..(kindly follow the rules)

1. No actor bashing & No derogatory terms to be used.
2. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this show.
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4. Do NOT quote more than 3 times.
5. First 2 pages of the lounge can be reserved only for takes, NO conversations.

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Some special warm hugsHug to -sanju- for giving us a reason to smile, laugh & danceLOL in between all the tensions, you made our days soo much easy. We owe this happiness to youHug & for getting us this sweet autograph
Thank you sooo much for doin this for all we will cherish this all our lives <3

*Credits* -Sanju-<< we love you
So this post is going to be for Songs suggested based on what happened in today's episode or we will post a romantic song for Arjuhi

Which song can be better than this =))

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aksh4IF IF-Rockerz

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res RPS is bak!! Dancing

n we continue...
bua showed the courage and left the house. kudos to her. Star amrit showed that she has some teeny weeny ounce of emotion in some corner of her person.Thumbs Up i have nothing to say to the rest of the ullus.Dead

arjun sitting alone in his cell. n finally, RPS n Micky.. kaan taras gaye the MK ke punches sunne ke this guy..hez the best villain i have seen on TV!! brilliant job hez done this season. all thru the scene today.. i cudnt help but admire a master of evil at work. he let arjun express what he had in his mind and once he put his heart out there.. RPS cleanly thoroughly walked all over it. itne tareeke se unhone arjun ka dil toda.. the indifference, disappointment that dripped in his words Star n I can't imagine any other actor who would complete this chemistry. Karan and his biggest asset.. his eyes..Star he wudnt even have needed lines.. MK n KK.. can watch these two nonstop.. Day Dreaming

bechari Kritz, phir aaya mausam glycerin ke bhaad ka.. she emoted so well. n her scene wid bua was fabulous.. it was important coz bua comes at the rite moment to motivate her to fight again n not give up.. n like i said in my take n post yest, the only ppl who seem to be able to guide these ullus r KSA n DJ (although  i dont consider arohi a ulluwaliya, she is a proper ahluwalia Tongue.). they were n are most needed to give the right guidance.. KSA's note helped Arohi today, but wud love to see DJ bak.

but CVs.. plzz if u r using a body double for Arohi.. cud u plzz do it right.. we understand kritz must need a brk from all the glycerin but there r too many die hard kritz fans here.. we can notice it only too easily..n most coz of the hair. also at one point i cud see the side of the double's face. so editor ji n person responsible for the double.. plzz take care..Ouch

Rajvir ka sixer.. wah wah.. Singhania's wud be afraid of him n so wudnt try to get Arjun out??Shocked Dialogue writer ji, what r u getting at?Wink police officers iss show me itne nikamme, besharam aur ab arrogant kyu hai? it was perfect until that line. as a ACP, he is in his element to suspect everything.. but arrogance will be his undoing then.Shocked

Arohi Arjun's was scene of the day. event of the month, concept of the season. Staronce more KMH proves to be unique. wife will bust husband out of prison coz the justice system sucks. husband doesn't want to run, but wife will forcefully try, even if shez kidnapping a prisoner.. kitani mohabbat hai.

Arohi goes to KSA to confess what shez abt to do. I like her sentiments behind it. Thumbs Up

the shoot out scene, when i saw the nails on the grnd itself, i was like..really? arohi pulled this off? n since there was no one else, it seemed it was even more unlikely.LOL n then arjun wakes up in his cell n i breathe a sigh of relief with him. so arjun will try to save arohi from doing something similar to in his dream n will shut the door on her thru rajvir.. interesting thought.. can't wait for tomorrow.. 

over n out from ML samvadata Aksh ROFL

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 9:17am | IP Logged
writing  based on whatever I remember about the episode.    RPS ClapClap  another master move by him,  eventhough RPS is the mastermind  he made arjun  feel guilty  and put the blame on him totally  ClapClap  that is how shrewd he is.  nice dialouges given to him.  Arjun is devastated but it did not come across properly,  director ????.   Micky's smirk was appropriate , nothing more than that was required.  The scene was to the point.  Thumbs Up.
Lovedeep bua - Arohi - Diary  Thumbs Up  touching scene,  loved the flashback and daddu's advice to arohi,  she is highly inspired by him since childhood and now also for the sake of justice she is going break the law ClapClap   full on  Kitni Mohabbat Hai Heart.    Daddu arohi scene in hospital was emotional , looks like  daddu is able to hear whatever arohi is saying, even otherwise the heart to heart talk wont go in vain and will be defo used in further epis.  
Arohi meeting arjun and telling him  she wants to bring him out at any cost since she loves him and him saying he wont let her do anything like that since he loves her.  Clap  can it get any better Staragain  Kitni Mohabbat Hai ClapClap.  
Thanks to the spoilers AngryAngryDeadCry  I could not enjoy the dream scene nor did I feel the tension.  Arjun going through such nightmares is heartbreaking though,  he knows that arohi can even lay down her life for him CryHeart.   ffed  rajveer inspector part Stern Smile  but by what I read, luks like he mistook RPS arjun convo as a conspiracy Dead.  faltu ka ACP hai yeh.  doesnt apply brains properly and ise dekhke  Singhanias  darte hai ???Clown.   He wouldnt match up to even 10% of RPS or Arjun's  genius  minds.   Doesnt he remember  what RPS said when he went to their house to conspire against arjun Dead.  
Arjun wants to talk to rajveer Confused.  Now what in these last few epis we still have to see somemore arjun rajveer tashaan ???? who wants it, I dont want to see it,  I  want  the raaz to be dealt with,  arjun's past revealed, what role did sudhir  play in that,  why KSA was misled,  what is RPS 's role in all this,  how he knows arjun's parents,  wasnt daadi aware of all this.  I want to see all this dealt with 2-3 epis before may 27th and then want to see arjuhi happily leading their life and their sweet and natkhat  moments. 
Karan, Kritika , MK  fab performances ClapClapClap

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arjuhi4eva IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 9:19am | IP Logged
Yet to watch the epi!!

k...first nd foremost thing...i hated the spoiler wich we got!!!AngryDead the bloody spoiler didnt let me enjoy the crucial scene of the epi!!Angry it spoiled my whole mood!! I didnt have any fear ki OMG arohi ko goli lagi hai...ab kya hoga?? Instead i was jst relaxing there nd waitng ki ye dream seq kab khatam hoga nd we wud get to noe that it was arjuns dream!!
Gosh...i really hate spoilers!!AngryDead

second thing...the most funniest scene of today... Rajveer thinkng that singhus cant do anyting to him...or we shud say in his own wrds..singhus meins rajveer se takrane ki himmat nhi hai!!!!ROFL.ROFL.ROFL.
Abbey oye rajveer kin khayalon mein rhe rha hai?? Singhus darenge nd woh bhi tjhse??ROFL.ROFL.ROFL.. I can say only one thing for u.. KI TUJHME TO ROMIT ND SHEFU SE BHI ZYADA LOW IQ HAI!!!!ROFL.ROFL.ROFL.ROFL.ROFL.ROFL.ROFL.ROFL.ROFL.ROFL.

next scene...arohis nd arjuns... Waise dnt u think dat this scene shud have been firts followed by rajvers scemeConfused..coz the other police officer says that arohi arjun se mil ke gyi hai... To agr woh baad mein aayi to usse pehle kaise milke chali gyo????Confused
anyways the scene was superb!! Hats off to karan nd kritika... I esp luved the way kritz was determined to do anything to save arjun!!Hug to u kritz..

Next... Arohis nd daddus was superb!! Esp the dialogues rockkedd!! Luvely nd mindblowing acting by kritz... Bt one thing i wud like to point out:.. kritz said that ksa can undrestand her heatrs voice w/o her telling him... Agr aise hi hota to ksa wud have understood that arjuhi love each other truly...!!

Nd ya how can i forget.. Today was to Rps ka cumback!! Man kya comeback kiya mk ne!! Mindblowing acting by mk... Khud ki galti hote hue bhi arjun ke upar saare blame daal diya!! Mindblowing dialogues here also!!!* claps* to the DG writers!!!

Aww...nd how can i miss...finally ek aur ullu ne ullu ngr chod diya nd woh bad rhi hai apne bright future ki aur!! ofcourse i m tlking abt lovedeep!! Today she had minblowing confidnc to face her stupid bros!! Nd in kameeno ko itni bhi akal nhi hai ki love ko jaane se roke!! Kameene..kuttee!! Bt one thing i luved abtb the scene was finally amrit ko realise ho hi gya that she is mom of arohi..nd she also have a a mothers haert!! Aww...nd i also loved the diary prt!! Hw love comes nd gives himmat to arohi to fight against her..!d that was truly lovely!!Hugs to u love!!

all in all a gud epi!! Loved it!!

Ps-sry for the delay... Was very busy today!!

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tanu111a Goldie

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i m luing the every epi. luved arohi personal diary scene the most. it was hearttouching n arohi decision of eloping with arjun truely proves that she can go to any extent to b with arjun. she is going against the rules of llaw n she will not surely feel any fear to go against the rules of   god. she luv arjun so much n at any cost she is not ready to lose him. she is absolutely right n her side. y we care for such las who is not ready to giv us a chance. arjun who dont wan to do anything illegal is showing sum maturity n he does not wan arohi to do any crime for him but y he is not understanding arohi really cannot liv without him.his situation is very critical n arohi mind is not able to think anything beyond this plan. i m eager to see what will happen next?
              rajveer how i say how much i hate him? such a hypocrite n clown he is. ist of all i m not getting y he is so much happy? how he can b so happy in such critical situation .his dad is in comma. his arohi is bearing the undescribable n unmeasurable pain.his acting is making me mad.i hate him.
         luved mk n kk scene. arjun is not able to see the real colour of his faher till now. in this whole world none luv him other than arohi. i m not sad for arjun now bcoz arohi luv is more deep than ocean for her. arjun does not get luv in his whole life so god gave him arohi after getting whose luv arjun does not need anything.

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Mariaa.SG IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 9:45am | IP Logged

The Song For Todaay Is Hum Pyaar Karne Wale : Arohi & Arjun Are UmbeatableHeart

Love Ooour Cute Bua Today : She Really Stoled A Part Of The Show & Almost The Episode 

the Way She's Standing Like  A  Moom For Arohi Was Amzing Clap Dilnaz Did A Great Acting Hug 

Thhe Brave Arohi Waas As Always Fantastic ...Thhe Waay She Is Fighting For ARJUN Is Liike Awesome 
Buut Yes I Would Like To See Something Related To The Real Shooter
& I Waant Arohi To Fight For Arjun Agaainst Laws 
To Give HiM JUSTICEEmbarrassed

RPS Waas Disgusting Like He Was AWLAAYS Dead I Juust haate Him Angry
Poor Arjun Ouch

Okaay So Eagerly Waaitiing For Tommorow Noow  Day Dreaming

God Bless Karan & KritikaHeartEmbarrassed

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pari_15 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 10:14am | IP Logged
Hopefully will be able to edit...:p


so...the epi starts n i m sooo glad n happy dat finally no lawyer n judge today... God!! Agar ye log saxena aur uski bakwaas n judge aur uska stupid chehra ek aur din dikhate na to main seriously screen ke andar ghus ke unki jo pitayi karti na...Angry bas ye samajh lo ki wo log adaalat ke naam se hi gayab ho jaate!!ROFL.ROFL

so dearest love left her house n her stupid insensitive moron brothers didnt bother to even stop her... Whats new?? Ye log hamesha hi to aisa karte hai... Bas inki marzi se sab chalta rahe tab tak khush...jaha kisine apna opinion dikhana chaha inhe to bas ghar se bahar nikal deta hai... As if!!! Kaun rehna chahta hai unke ullu niwas mein...?? But chalo ek aur ullu to thodi to akkal ayi.. Arre i m tlking about amrit!! Chalo use apni beti ki zara si to fikar hai...aur der se hi sahi uska 'maa ki dil' jo shayad ksa ke saath coma mein gaya tha, senses mein to aaya...Tongue

love you bua!! Aapne humari himmat hari hui sipahi ko phir se ladne ka motivation diya..Hugsss... Loved arohis diary.. Sirf ek line per page!... Wah! Hatke hai yaar! Just like aro!!

Okss.. So rps made a come-back.. N told arjun that dont xpect anything from singhus... Oh hello!! Arjun ne agar expect bhi kiya hoga na to court ka desicion ke baad uske saare hopes tut gaye honge!! So y u came now, rps?? Us bechare ke zakhmo pe namak, nimbu, chatmasala chidakne???? Hate u rps! But ullus se kam...Wink
n fab acting by karan.. His eyes as usual spokes volumes more than his mouth...
Arjun ab to rps ki sacchai jan jao! Kab tak aankh band karke rps pe bharosa karte rahoge??

arohi to go against laws and police to give justice to arjun... Go arohi!!! We r wid u!!!! But ek ques ka answer koi mujhe dega..y cant arohi go to a higher court n demand justice, now that she knows there r some proves supporting arjun?? Neways whatever u do aro... We support u!!

N ha... How cud i forget?? Rajveet cracking the joke of the day!!ROFL.. Kya bola tha usne..? Ha..'kiski maut aayi hai jo rsa se panga lega?' Bada aaya! Apni wife ko to pakad nayi paaya khud..bechari itne din chupati rahi apna sach iss hope mein ki uska nalaayak pati usne khud pakad lega... But jab aisa nahi hua to haar ke use rsa ki aankho ke saamne apna sach khud hi lana pada...ROFL.ROFL.ROFL.ROFL.,ROFL.
Aur kya bakwaas ki thi isne?? Ha..'arohi is too innocent ki wo kuch kare'... Tu bhool gaya bete tune n puri ullu clan ne hi to arohi ki innocence ka brutual murder kiya tha?*angry*

arohi-daddu scene... Awesum acting by kritz.. Kya dialogs the..*clapss n hugsss* to the writers.. Ab is scene ke baare mein bolne baithungi to tum log bologe ki bahut bolti hai...[:p]

*Long sighh of relief*.. Thank God ki ye goli wala scene ek dream seq tha.. Kya karte ho arjun? Aise dreamz kyo dekhte ho ki hume heart-attack aa jaye?ROFL

[overall.. A gud epi.. Better than ydays.. Waiting to see how arjun stops arohi

lines of the day acc to me are..
'Jab Ishq ka jadu sar chad ke bole...
Khoob laga do pehre raste rab khole...
Kahi ishq di marzi hai kahi rab di marzi hai']

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