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Hey ya, Girls ! I'm back after two whole months, in writing ! Smile I do not know whether you will like it or not ? But, i do want to confess one thing is that, I was very sad and depressed one dreadful day, and this came to my mind, and i wrote it in total 30 minutes ! So, i do not know, how bad it is ! I have feeling that, out of all my work, this must be bad and yaks ! LOL But, still do read ! I demand comments ! Wink

And, another thing related to this, somehow, and to some extent, i'm emotionally connected to this OS, as it has one disease mention, and the disease cancer is close to me, and in my genes ! As, my grandpa, my dad and my bro had cancer ! So, I literally hate this disease ! Though, advance technology has come, and it can be removed, but the pain is unbearable for patient and family members ! I can say that, coz just before 10 months, i witnessed it ! My dad had just another birth ! Smile

Okay, enough of my 'Mental - Chatter Box - Disorder' ! LOL You read, and sorry for any mistakes and this time, i will personally thank everyone ! ( Don't get shocked, i do not lie that much ! LOL )

Unfinished Journey

'That is it! Time is over, I have to go now, leave me, Maan!' she said trying to free her, from his strong, muscular arms.

'Well, who is stopping you then? Go!' he said, while tickling her on her neck and back, mischievously.

She smiled a bit and tried to escape from him, but it was of no use, he was not ready to leave her yet.

They were at his place, on top floor, his terrace, their favorite place, witnessing the dazzling sunset with dark clouds around it, with hand and hands, and it was for the nth time that, they were talking about some random topics of their life and marriage was one of them; but it was not talking, but fighting, and loving and more fighting.

'Maan, please, I need to go! Meera must be waiting for me; we have to go for shopping!'

She said, while clutching her fingers into his and playing with them. She was getting late and he was still in mood for some fun and love. As soon as, she noticed his grip loosen a little, she tried to get up and then, suddenly he pushed her hard against his chest from her waist. And, she screamed in pain.

'Ouch...! Maan...ahh...!' she hardly uttered his name, clutching her stomach in extreme pain.

'Oh...What happened...?' he asked anxiously, and he saw her clutching her stomach in pain, but he noticed the movement before few seconds and he sensed it that, she might got hurt, but not in stomach, but waist.

 'I'm so sorry, geet! But, then why are you clutching your stomach, it seems your waist is hurt! Are you sure, you are okay, baby? Shall we go to doctor? Geet, I'm so so sorry...! Let me call doctor! You seem so much in pain...' he added, remorsefully.

'No...No...of course not! Why doctor for that? I'm hurt, and its regular, that does not matter, now can you leave me?' she said with sudden worriment in her eyes and tone. And then, she laughed dramatically.

'Are you okay, baby?' he asked in extremely worried voice with teary eyes, as if he sensed something.

'Yes! I'm fine, maan! Don't make that, puppy face now, I hate it!' she smiled through pain.

'I'm so sorry!' he came forward and hugged her, gently this time.

'I know, one more time you say sorry, and I will kill you. I love you and I want to go now, I will meet you tomorrow, till then miss me!' she laughed, to hide her pain and tears, kissed his cheeks and left.

'Okay! Bye...I will call you tonight, love you!'

He looked at her, with confused expression on his face and hidden pain and worry in his deep, soulful eyes.


'It was limit today! I was almost caught, meera! Do something!' geet said as she entered her cabin.

'I told you, tell him everything, but you never listen!'

'Oh really, you want me to tell him, do you even know, what will his reaction, he is way too much possessive for me, meera! He will be shattered completely!'

'And, he will be more shattered if you will not tell him on the time!'

'How much time left?'


'...just say it!'

'Two or Three months, hardly'

There was silence in the room, no one spoke until the head doctor of the hospital came, he was her in-charge doctor, and meera's boss; he was handling the case of Geet. He came and checked her, and after check up, with same expression, he said, 'Miss. Geet, I'm so sorry for you, at this young age, you have to accept this and I'm really very sorry, but there is no more hope for you. I Hope you understand, I'm kind of straight forward, when it comes to my patients life and I don't believe in being dishonest to them.'

He seemed heartless man, no, heartless doctor, who was strict and straight in his matters and opinions, he was the finest cancer specialist of the city, but when he first found out that, geet had a last stage ovarian cancer, he was little bit emotional for this twenty three years old young girl, who was supposed to get married to her love, her fiance, next year.

She was angry on god, for doing unfair to her life, which was full of love and fun, geet was always full of happiness kind of girl, with vivid colors of life, who was happy and lively, and her life was just perfect, who was coupled with then, her life, her love, her fiance, her maan - who had larger than life attitude and who loved her to the death. She knew, the effect on him, having lost her mother few years back, from cancer, he used to hate this. He fought for her mom, never ever gave up, for three long years, he fought for her mom and the cruel disease, but eventually, he lost! He lost, against the cancer, against the fate, against almighty, and that broke him. And, only she knew, how deeply miserable and devastated he was, the night when she passed away, the silent, dark, lonely and scary night, when he lost his mother, and cried like a small child, at their place, where no one can see them, him. She kept running fingers in his dark black hairs, and he kept drenching her. The pain in those eyes, the pain of losing someone he loved the most, after long, tiring war against fate and god, was unbearable.

That was the reason; she was never prepared to inform maan about her illness, she was being coward; she knew that, and she confessed to god, that she had no more strength to tell him the truth when she knew that, maan would be shattered and devastated completely. She never wanted to tell him, but from last few days, her increasing pains and deteriorating health was forcing her to confess him, it was not that, maan never found about her bad health and frequent stomach pain with loss of weight. But, she successfully managed to convince him that, it was from her 'new-diet-plan' and food poisoning, she took well care of her physical checkups, and she always had the back up of her friend, who was doctor, too, Dr. Meera. But, being, Maan her possessive lover, she was clearly aware that he would have several doubts, but somehow, she was still in a position to hide it from him; although it was becoming impossible for her, lately.

They left the cabin, after check up and necessary meds, with heavy heart.

'Please tell her geet.' meera said driving car slowly in the heavy Mumbai traffic.

'I tried, but he loves me so much, meera! I don't know how he will react!'

And geet found herself, back in past, before ten days, when she tried to tell him about her disease.

'Maan...' she said while gulping down the black coffee, his favorite, but now her favorite, too. After, numerous time of hating this black coffee, she was the one, when he was away; one day silently, where no one can see, she, for the very first time, drank it, and she puked. But, later on, she surrendered to the black coffee, liking and addiction. Love changed her, even if she didn't want to. He changed her, without even asking her, informing her or even before she knew it, she was lost in him.

'Ummm...' he seemed busy reading some magazine.

'Maan...I need to tell you something...' she hesitated.

'What...? Are you backing off from marriage...? Thank god...! He listened to me...!' he grinned, at his own joke.

'It's not funny, okay? Now, I'm serious...' she finally tried to give word to her mental speech.

'Okay...what is it?'

' you know my friend preeti, who used to work with me, she has blood cancer, I feel so sorry for her.'

'Well...I don't remember any preeti, but I feel bad, I just hate this cancer thing baby, how can someone die at this young age? If, anything would happen to me, I would be so angry on god and I just can't imagine it with you, I already lost my mom and...if...' he was emotional by then.

'...what if, I have the same di...' she was cut off by him, instantly before she could finish the word 'disease'.

'...don't say that...just don't say it...I can' know I just can't see you like this...god may take my life but, not do not allow this...!' he said with utmost unease, and at the same time anger and rage, in his deepest soulful eyes. He got up and kissed her forehead.

She was speechless and shocked at his mental state, she could not tell him then.

'Of course...maan...I was just...'

'...I love you geet, I love you so much, much more than god and life!' he said engulfing her in his embrace.

'By the way...why are we talking about this? We have nothing like this, god took my mom, but not anyone now, he can't be so cruel to let's go, let me love my baby...right, baby? Come to daddy...' he hugged her even tighter, mischievously.

'...I love you, Maan...' she said under his neck.

'Prove it, then...' and he smiled one of his most cute and naughty smile and pulled her up in his arms, and showered her with kisses and she did the same.

She did not realize when she came out from the blissful thoughts of her life with maan; she was scared; much more scared for him, as she knew that, he would never be able to hold that. She always wished, to escape the ways, she always prayed to god, that somehow, some miracle, just 'something' happen and she, no more has to tell him the bitter fact of her life.

But, finally geet has decided to tell him, she had to tell him, she could not imagine the situation, if he would have to suddenly put up with her condition, because she knew that, at any time, her health would backfire her plans, and that would be 'the worst case scenario' according to her, so she decided to tell him, and she called him, asked him to meet her at her residence, and he decided to pick her from her office.


It was gloomy day, it was the season of rain, season of love and romance, but not for her, it was raining slowly, she tried to cover herself under roof, as she would not catch cold, but then, she thought it was not of use, she reluctantly found herself in memories of maan, it was when, she was with maan, the same rain, but it was different, as at that time, she was not aware of the fact that, the her days of pleasure with maan was counting back, it was a rainy day and they enjoyed a lot, drenching in the rain like small kids, dancing in the rain, playing with water, eating hot sweet corns in cool atmosphere, and super strong hot coffee, burning the tongue in cool breeze and one simple touch, that would make her shiver to the spine.

She stood there on road, with her eyes clouded by tears, making her vision blurred, allowing the rain drops to wet herself, to wash away all her tears, to hide her tears from the whole world. She stood there, for some time and she saw his car on the opposite side and maan coming there, to pick her up, which surprised her. He came, took her hand and they headed towards the nearest coffee shop to take coffee, their favorite coffee shop, to take away home. She did not say anything, she silently walked with him.

When they were crossing road, she did not realized when her leg slipped in the mud around the side, and she slipped and got herself injured, he quickly picked her up before the car, which was coming to her, ready to crush her within a minute, but she was saved once again, by him, he helped her to get up and checked whether she was much hurt. As usual, he was over possessive and scared and it took ages for her, to convince him that she was indeed fine. They were in car, silently enjoying the top rainy reason songs list by radio. He stopped the car on the open meadow near the city, which was more beautiful in the rainy season, on the cloudy and stormy day; the rain was increasing the beauty of the place, his favorite place, apart from the concrete jungle of the city, where he would always felt the contentment, of course, with her.

'Are you sure, you are okay? We can still go to doctor baby.' he broke the silence.

'I said I'm okay! I'm really very fine, maan! It's normal for me, please stop worrying now, and don't act like typical over concerned lover!' she laughed modestly.

'You don't know, baby!' he said, rolling his eyes.

There was a silence in the car, except for the song playing on the FM. They did not utter any word.

'Thank god, I'm saved! I could have been died' he said breaking the silence.

It did not make sense to her at all, and she asked him back in confusion.


'I could have been died today! That accident and that car could have killed me.'

'But why? Maan, it was me who got hurt, you know? I was the one who slipped, foolishly. Thanks to you, I was saved.' she said explaining him the fact, which was more confusing for her. She mentally made a note that, sometime in rains, he loose the case and act like a fool, and she smiled little.

'No! Baby, you know, if anything would have happened to you, I would die.'

'Was that a joke?'

'No! Geet, I don't know if I have ever told you about that or not, but geet, I can't imagine my life without you, and if you are not with me, I know I would never make it.' 

He stopped for a while.

'I don't know you know this thing or not, but you made me believe in god, and from the day, I realized that, you are the one, I have always prayed god for you, and after last year accident of yours, I have always prayed to god, that he may take my life away but not yours, I would not live without you.'

'God knows that, I'm very selfish and I do confess that, if anytime, death cross our way, I will always wish to die first, I do not want to live without you, I can't...I just can't! I will ask god, first to take my life, because I'm not that much strong enough to live without you. And, today if anything would have happened to you, I would loose my faith in god forever; I would never forgive him, for taking you away from me...never ever...never...' He said, controlling his very, on the verge, tears shining in his deep eyes, but his inner rage, pain and anger did not escape her eyes, she could not imagined the sight of her death and his state. It was unfeasible for her.

Geet was shocked; she was taken aback by his confession and depth of his love. Her willpower seemed to have fade or her, then. And once again, for the millionth time, she cancelled her plan to tell him, she failed again.


After few days, when out of sudden, she had to hospitalize for two days, when her condition was much worse and due to several stomach pains. She had no option left, but to act as per her doctors. She thanked god, as he was not in the town, he had some business conference out of town, she made sure that, before he come back, she must get discharged by then, meera finally convinced her to tell him the truth, and she was also prepared this time, as she was aware of the fact that, at any time, she would have to hospitalized. She called him, when he was on the way to home, and asked him to meet at his place, his top floor, and his terrace, she chose terrace as she knew that, it was their place, they witnessed most of their pleasant, poignant, bitter memories. They fought, made up there, proposed there, confessed there; it was solely the place where Maan and Geet; he and she became us.

She was dressed in white and red sari, which she purchased for her marriage, she anyways knew that, she would never attend her own marriage next year, the very thought of it, made her uncomfortable, and she left a stream of tears on her cheeks, not for her - for him. She saw the idol of Lord Krishna placed on the table, she looked at him with strange and appealing eyes, and eventually, she sat on her knees with folded hands to pray.

'Dear God! Please... give me enough strength to tell him the truth, please give me strength, or relieve me from this situation, do something that, I do not have to tell him, that I do not have to make him sad and hurt! Do something... god! Please... find a way!' she cried bitterly and pleaded to god vulnerably.

She was much depressed and still, confused and scared. She could not imagine the scene when she would tell him and how she would handle him, and how she would face him. She was in her thoughts when her ringing cell phone, disturbed the chain of her thoughts. She did not realized first, but when it rang again, she saw his name flashing on the display; she picked it up smilingly and heard the most shocking news of her life ever, more shocking than her doctor declaring cancer.

'Hello...Ms. Geet Handa, We are calling from care hospital and we found your number in Mr. Maan's cell, we are very sorry to inform you that, he had met with an accident on express highway, and he was declared dead on the spot, we are really very sorry for loss...if you can please...'

She dropped the cell on the floor, and looked at the idol placed on the table, blankly. She stood there, silently asking god, how he solved her confusion, asking him silently, which kind of cruel joke was that, he played with her, asking god silently, that he granted his wish easily or listened to her prayer simply. She could not find out the emotion, reaction and answer. She could not make out, whether to cry or to take a deep breath of relief, that now she did not have to inform him any longer. She ran towards terrace, in open place to breathe. It was raining heavily then, like god, himself was crying for her, she stood there in rain, drenching in the pain, with no more tears to hide, no more smile to charm, no more pain to heal.
She stood there, blank.
She was relieved, shocked - shell shocked.


You left, you bid goodbye; there are more breaths to life,
Life has still more breaths to take, the journey has not yet finished, few more breaths to take,
Without you...

Coming Soon
Something Called Love
A Story of a girl and a guy,
A story, of them, inventing love, accomplishing ambitions,
Their journey, to find out what is love, is this thing called love, or is it much more than love?
Love. Betrayal. Ambition. Money. Scandals. Hatred. Pain. Fun. And, again, Love.
Come witness the strangest journey of love.

Smile Smile Smile

Who wants PM ? Wink

So, That was it. And, here are my other attempts, Read it if you like this one ! I would love to read your comments ! Wink



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Oh yeah ! 

Another Important thing, Please don't PM me about getting PMs for my new FF ! Wacko As, my inbox is a mess ! It's overloaded, it might happen that, i may not receive your PM ! Smile

So, tell me here only ! coz, next time, i will make separate PM list for FF, and only those will get PMs ! As, its tough task for me to send PM to 100+ people ! Wink You know, i'm very lazy kind of girl ! LOL

And, about this OS ! Please don't throw 'chapals and jootas' on me ! People can make mistakes when they are in ' Sad-and-everything-is-just-so-depressing ' mode ! LOL



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add me in!

will leave a longer one later!
oh my god!
I so wanna kill youAngryAngry
why did you have to make it a sad one? why?
Wait, there is no doubt that it was a great piece, but still, it could have been a happy oneCry
You broke my heartDead
Well, beautifully written!
the depth of their love, portrayed in a flawless way...i mean, its just impossible to even imagine what must have gone through her when she heard that see your world shatter in front of
 your eyes...
i can't find words suitable enough to appreciate tis great piece, but please a happy one next!
The title track of the show TERE LIYE is perfect for this one-
Iss duniya mein jaan gawa, tujhe uss duniya mein haasil kar loon...
khushiyaan hazaar tere liye, jannat nisaar tere liye...
tere liye, tere liye...

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nice os and the way of ur writing was very good. poor geet was not able to tell him and then he left this world without knowing the truthCry.
thanks for pm me

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Originally posted by jasraj123

nice os and the way of ur writing was very good. poor geet was not able to tell him and then he left this world without knowing the truthCry.
thanks for pm me

Awww...jas ! Thank you so much babes ! Smile
iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by princess163

add me in!
will leave a longer one later!

Sure babes ! I will ! And, yeah i will wait for longer one, too ! LOL
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How cruel you are? anyways, I liked it that Maan never did know about Geet's plight and also died to prove that he would not live without his geet.

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Originally posted by Viji79

How cruel you are? anyways, I liked it that Maan never did know about Geet's plight and also died to prove that he would not live without his geet.

Bingo ! Wink

I knew it...! Big smile I'm almost mentally prepared for these words, a long list ! Cruel, Heartless, Stone Hearted, Strong Hearted, Bad, Selfish and etc. ! LOL

Awww...Please understand me, i already explained a lot ! Smile

Well, he died, it's just my natural justice and you know, like how strong their love is ! Like, even nature and fate could feel their love ! Embarrassed


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