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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MANEET FF Dancing from the ashes - cchp32 33 updtd (Page 7)

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Hey girls...will try updating tomorrow...swamped with work!!

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Chapter 22 - The Making of Maan - part II

As expected it was Daadi who understood this about him.  But, Maan had taken to staying away from everybody.  It was time she took matters in her hands. She sent all the drivers away for an impromptu leave. Once Maan had finished his work, she asked him to drive her to Vidya's home.

She planned to speak to Maan in the car where h e couldn't run away from her.!!

The drive to the Handa haveli was a short one. Savitri Devi didn't manage to speak much to Maan, as she was thinking about how to broach the topic. When she was finally ready to speak to him, they arrived into the courtyard of the haveli.

Maan stopped the car and waited for her to get out, but she kept sitting there patiently.

''Daadi, we've reached. ''

She didn't move.

''Maan, '' she said quietly.

Something in her tone, made him go still.

''Maan, you do know that I am proud of who you are, don't you?''

He kept silent.

''Beta,  even with so much success, are you happy? Where is my Maan of the earlier days. The Maan who came and told me of his day's events, who had that sparkle in his eyes. Without whom, no party was a success. I miss him. Just look at yourself. Who have you become?''

''The Maan of the earlier days could not possibly have made such a big business empire. He was not respected. He was nothing.'', he replied harshly.

''No. He was much more. So what if he hadn't had any success? He LIVED!! What kind of life do you lead, Maan? A life of seclusion, where you only bark orders at your staff and remain hidden in your room. I either see you exercise or tire yourself in front of the laptop.  Where are those friends of yours? Ever since Adi's joined your staff, your rapport has changed too. You never smile. Your curt while replying. You never talk to Annie and Vicky like you used to.You don't seem to enjoy yourself and it's worrying me. Your life cannot revolve around Khurana Constructions. Don't let that make you lose yourself – No, don't you look away. It's for you to ask this the kind of life you want for yourself? Do you want to live in seclusion, away from family and friends – keeping them at a distance. Think about it.''

Saying this, she opened the door the get out. As the door opened, the sounds of the outside world rushed in. There was a commotion of sorts outside. He could hear the patter of feet, and sounds of playful shouts and screams.  Daadi, got out and shut the door – leaving her words behind as food for thought. The moment the door shut, Maan started the car and moved down the driveway. The moment he was out of the gate, he stopped the car, hidden behind the high wall of the haveli.  It was suddenly very stuff and claustrophobic in the car. He got out and leaned against the car – taking care to stand near the wall so as to avoid being seen from inside the house. Frustration was building up inside him. Every word of Daadima came back and hit him. Was she right? He knew there was something that was wrong. What was it? He became subtly aware of  the sound of running feet become louder, thought he didn't pay attention to it.  He was lost in thought about the events of his life, post his father's death. 

 He was rudely jerked out of his thoughts as water splashed over him, drenching half his clothes.  The perpetrator of the act ran past him, panting, giggling under her breath.

He reacted indignantly, a shout escaping his mouth. He looked up in anger.

''Eeks, sorry!!'', a laughing voice said.

His eyes alighted on a laughingly apologetic face. It was a girl, with a wet mass of hair and kohl-lined eyes. She peeped back from the gate to say sorry and disappeared before he could say anything.

He'd barely had time to see her face properly, before she had disappeared. He heard more shouts and the sound of water being splashed. A voice shouted from beyond the walls, as somebody got drenched. There were more shouts and laughter, slowly fading away.

Maan just stood and listened, the eyes, the joy and happiness in them, making room in his consciousness. How long had it been since he had felt the expression he had seen in her eyes? Played and just enjoyed himself? He wondered, how it would feel if he went back to partying now or then? He searched himself, for that urge to party – to let go, but came up empty.

He didn't realize when he got back inside the car, leaving the mirth and laughter behind him. Frustration building up inside, as he was unable to come up with a solution to his life.

A longer update of Geet next time...taking it one day at a time to update...sorry for the wait. 

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that was poignant.. Daadi's words hit him hard, and that he registers the absolute gaiety in those eyes and relates to his emptiness .. great update, do continue soon.

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Hey ninand.   Thanks so much for the comments.i love the way you can read between the lines i write n i love your responses.i didn't manage to edit it n i just saw loads of mistakes.sorry bout that guys will edit n pm later.                         Love amruta
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Chapter 23 -  The Unthinkable...

On the other hand, life had taken a different route for Geet. From the uber scary and demanding Geet , she had become a more relaxed person, enjoying her life. Naanima and Mohinder had seen the change in her. She came home earlier, she didn't drink as much and walked in to her own bed, instead of being carried to it. She danced more and more and very often came home fatigued because of her rehearsals.

   Sid and Raina had left for college. She missed her buddies but that void was filled in by Nik. It was rare that they didn't spend time in each other's company! Only when he went out for his adventure sports or to meet his uncle did Nik stay away from Geet – or he often crashed at her home, spending time with Mohinder and Naani. They too welcomed him with open arms. They knew he was a positive, stabilizing effect on Geet. Life had taken such a drastic turn for her, post his advent.

  She had become more responsible, often going to Mohinder's office., getting tips for Vicky and helping him. This had become a frequent routine as Nik had become an adventure junkie off late, to the extent of competing in dirt bike races and joining sky diving clubs. She helped with the accounts and had become quite friendly with the staff.

Mohinder was proud of her!!

  Nik's influence on her had a steadying effect. But despite it all, she never took her eyes off her goal. When it came to dance, she dreamed with her eyes open. Mohinder often attended her performances when she performed in Vicky's troupe.  She and Nik were the star performers, equal to Vicky in their quality of performances.  When Geet and Nik danced, it felt like they were made to pair with each other. They felt at ease in each other's arms.  She laughed over the fact that they had actually been at logger heads earlier...who knew love would find its way? So she cherished his presence in her life more, each day. He had given her more than she could imagine.  She tried her level best to be naughty with him, but Nik never went beyond a limit; he respected Mohinder a lot.

   Nik, on his part made sure,  they diversified and learnt as much as they taught. He constantly researched and interacted with dancers across the country to re-invent the dance styles. Business was not doing too well, but they managed to keep afloat. They needed a stroke of genius to get matters under control.

  Life had been good to one and all. Geet laughed and pranced about touching lives, making friends. She kept in touch with Mayank, Sid and Raina and tried as far as possible to be there for them whenever she could.

Nik and her relationship reached another level, when Mohinder declared to her that he was happy to have Nik in the family and had accepted him in the form of Geet's life partner.  Life was settling down, as each of them, chose different paths of life, but being held together by their passion at the same time.  

      They never looked beyond each other, always looking out for the other. It was like they operated at the same wavelength.  If Geet was the spitfire, then Nik was the calm one. If she was the spice, he was the sugar. If Geet liked a thing, Nik knew exactly why she liked it and what attracted her to it. He could think like he was in her shoes – he knew her inside out!!  If Nik took a passion for something, Geet went out of her way to share it with him or encourage him in it. She would make sure, he de-stressed in whatever way pleased him, accompanying him only if it matched her tastes.

  So when Nik took part in the dirt bike competition, Geet hoped and prayed and encouraged him for it. He was exceedingly good at it. All the odds were with him, he was bound to come out the best of them all.  Vicky and Geet put their heads together to put their minds together to throw him a surprise party on the day of the championship race!

   Nik's championship was highly advertised amongst the dance circle, and since he had made a lot of friends, everyone was rooting for him. There was a huge turnout at his party. Sid and Raina ( unknown to him) flew down to be with them.  Sid was going to watch the race, but meet Nik only after the race.  Mayank was going to attend, but he hadn't been able to book flight for that day, and would arrive only a day later.

 Geet prepared the studio and decked up in her girly best for him.  The studio was fast filling up with people as Nik's race began. She was scared for him, as she knew the stunts were not very  easy, but he had done them loads of times, showing Geet how easy they were for him. He was under the assumption that Vicky n Geet had some important meetings to take for the studio, and so were missing the race. But he didn't mind even for a minute.  The studio came first even for him. With great difficulty only did they manage to convince him to not pull out of the race.

  The room was decorated with twinkling lights and  flowing curtains. Vicky had specially asked the chefs in his house to make the food. The disco ball was taken out of the storeroom and connected for the grand entry of the victor. Raina and Vicky had joined hands in helping Geet to make the night a special one.

   Geet had decided her special gift for Nik – one that involved her taking him to the back room, found long ago by Sid, and involving him in activities that he wouldn't be able to  resist. She blushed now, thinking about her naughty plan.

  The day finally arrived,  the preparations done. Nik, encouraged and prepped up for it. Sid had constantly teased and joked with Geet about Nik and their couple status.

''SO what how exactly are u going to make him feel better just in case he loses, Geet? Koi back-up plan soch rakha hain kya?? Ya phir tu uncleji ki baat maanti hain – and no smooching and shagging allowed.'' Sid guffawed at a embarrassed Geet. She whacked his arm and made a quick getaway.

She was nervous and excited for him.  Nik felt better knowing the entire troupe was backing him. It was not a big race, but the fact they were there for him,  touched him.


   Around 5 in the evening Geet made sure the food was ready and the music was to be played. Sid was going to call her from the race and tell her who won so that she could prepare the party accordingly. If he lost, they'd just have a normal party and if he did, they'd put up their additional banners for it...congratulating him.

 Geet paced excitedly, sure that the winner would be Nik...all the others were waiting in the room, for Sid to call so that they could leap into action.

It was quiet all around, no one even moved. The air was cut by the piercing ringtone of Geet's phone. She looked at everyone with shining eyes, a smile brightening her face.

''It's Sid'', she said.

She listened to what he was saying, but her smiled faded to be replaced by an irritated frown.

''It's not funny anymore, ok Sid,'' she yelled into the phone, throwing it on a nearby chair in anger. Her frazzled nerves had made her reach the end of her patience.

''What happened babe??'', Vicky asked anxiously.

''Yeh Sid bhi naa...when will he stop being such a kid. He knows we're all waiting so eagerly for the news naa...'' she complained.

Vicky, shook his hands in urgency ,'But what did he say to you??''

''Some lame joke about Nik meeting with an accident, man. Someone tell him it's not fu—''

''Geet!!!'' Vicky yelled incredulously, cutting her sentence short. He ran to the chair and picked up her phone and redialled Sid.

He listened for two minutes, his face going darker minute by minute.

''Ok we'll be there. Call uncle also.''

Vicky grabbed Geet by her hand and dragged her out of the studio, running all the way to the car.  Raina followed them , scared by Vicky's expressions.

Vicky pushed her in the car, and frantically started the car.

Geet stared at him, shaken by his behaviour.

''Vicky, what's with all the drama? What's going on?'', she asked, still irritated.

He turned to her and spoke as calmly as he could.

''Babe, Nik's bike overturned during the last leg of the race. He's at the hospital with Sid.''

Her mind went blank, as she stopped feeling.

   Raina, placed an arm on her shoulder, in lieu of support.  ''Geet, it's ok, I'm sure it's not that bad.''

Geet kept quiet. She turned unconsciously to look at Raina.

It scared Raina to see that expression – ''Geet, don't look like that. Don't  Look Like That!!'' Her face had gone white and her eyes seemed to be looking nowhere in particular.  Slowly the colour returned as her mind went into denial. It was impossible that he was hurt. No that couldn't be. She would remain calm, she told herself. It can't be that bad!

 They reached the hospital to find Mohinder and Sid pacing the floor. Vicky and Raina ran to them, Geet following slowly. It was all too unreal, and she was unable to take the news in. Her mind was in denial, that anything could happen to Nik. She stood a little away, pieces of their conversation reaching her.  ''operation'', ''bike overturned'', ''blood loss'', kept reaching her. She was still not able to accept it and so she went on her own to search for Nik. She'd ask him herself. Why the unnecessary worry, she said to herself.

 She walked to the rooms closest to them. It was empty. The next one had an old man in it. She walked to the third.  She saw a boy with a bloodied bandage on his face, a life support machine behind him, pipes attached to a bandaged chest and a blood drip attached to his wrist.  She wondered pitifully, what had caused such extensive injuries. The boy sensed her peeping in through the window on the door. He turned his head to look at her and smiled weakly. She looked at him perplexed, because it was a smile she knew all too well – a smile that was just a weak shadow of the original.  As  realization hit her, herr heart stopped and she felt herself being engulfed by darkness, unable to take it...losing all sense of being. She had fainted!

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i ws waiting fr a update!!! both maan nd geet r soo damn unlucky..i hope they meet soon...Smile

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awesome update
loved it
cont sooon
thnx for d PM Smile

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Originally posted by sonali_N

awesome update
loved it
cont sooon
thnx for d PM Smile

ur welcome

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