Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MANEET FF Dancing from the ashes - cchp32 33 updtd (Page 4)

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Chapter 14

Brothers and Sister

Vicky had had a very confusing conversation with Sneha. She had dumped him, but made it seem like it was all her fault. But he was not in the least upset about it.

  His conversation with Nik had left him in high spirits. It was not the booze, of that he was sure. He knew having Nik as part of the team, was an added bonus.

Maan signalled to Vicky that he was leaving. Vicky got up and went to him. They decided to let the driver pick up Vicky's car, n he travelled with Maan.

  They travelled in silence, until Vicky broke it,

''So bhai, what had Sneha done that she had to dump me??'', he asked with a knowing look.

Maan smiled. His younger brother knew him too well. He didn't reply though.

''Anyway, thanks bro. '' Vicky smiled.

''You're not angry ?'', Maan questioned.

''No. I trust you,'' came the quick reply.

On reaching home Daadi informed them, that Annie's new boyfriend, was in her room with her.

They looked at each other smiling with impish delight. Both rushed to Annie's room.

 A guy sat with Annie on the couch, deep in discussion. She seemed to be listening politely to whatever he was talking about. He had a phone in his hand and he seemed to be explaining something to her.

 Maan knocked on the open door and peeped in.

On seeing Maan, her expression turned to one of annoyance. She knew why he had come.

''Yes, bhai?'', she asked, her tone complimenting her expression.

Before Maan could say anything, Vicky came rushing behind him and bumped into him.  Annie rolled her eyes.

''Yes Vicky, what is it?'', she asked impatiently.

''Oh Annie you have a guest?? I didn't know.'' He said, faking surprise.

She walked to them and spoke in a furious whisper, ''Please, just go out NOW, ok.''

''Err, Annie, what's the hurry. Actually, I wanted your laptop.'' said Vicky loudly, not taking his eyes off the visitor.

The guy stood up and smiled, self importantly . He was dressed in a formal shirt with dark trousers; his hair parted neatly to one side. He entire body language said ''pompous''.

Vicky pushed past Annie, walked into the room and introduced himself.

''Hi, I'm Annie's brother, Vicky. That's our older brother Maan. You are?''

Annie spoke up, '''Guys, this is Nitin. He's my classmate. Nitin, my brothers. They're just about to leave'', she emphasized..

''Hi, dudes'', he said, enthusiastically and walked to shake their hands in turn.

''Please sit. Don't go on my account,'' he said affectedly. ''let's get acquainted.''

Vicky sat down enthusiastically. Annie groaned inwardly, making gestures from behind Nitin's back for them to leave. Maan remained near the door watching the guy, his face betraying nothing.

They remained in the room for the next 15 minutes, in which nobody, but Nitin spoke; Annie fumed at her brothers, Vicky smiled wickedly, and Maan observed.

When they couldn't take it anymore, Maan and Vicky got up, minus the laptop; and left...Annie heaved a sigh of relief and made an angry - annoyed face at their nefarious smiles.

Once they reached Maan's room, they let out shouts of laughter...

''That guy...shit mujhe laga mere kaan gir jaayenge.''

''Really?  I liked him..''Said Maan, with a serious expression.

Vicky laughed louder.

''Damn...she'll dump him in 2 weeks. Itni der woh usse jhel nahi payegi.''

'' No...I don't think so?''

Vicky scoffed. 'Really?'', he asked, his eyebrows, cocked. ''I bet you Rs.500 bhai, 2 weeks and he'll be dumped.''

Maan smirked.

''Make that a Rs.1000 and 2 days.''

''You're on !!'' grinned Vicky.

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Chapter 15 ' Commencing anew.

The events of the previous day had made a grave bearing on Geet's mind. And it had been a long time coming. Over the years after her mother's death, many people had tried to convince her to dance. Many had consoled her and pacified her - Nani being the most frequent. Only Mayank and Sid had been the passive ones, who had let her be ' be what she wanted to be. And so they had become the support system...the ones she turned to, to be herself. They had never been that close when her mother had been alive; she'd had her mum then. Neither had they ever discussed her mother's death with her. They had just accepted her through the changes she underwent. Now in retrospect, she realized that being herself and not facing her demons then, had made her impassive, to what she was she had been feeling. Running in life, one day at a time. Unable to get rid of the past or confront it.

  The confession she had made to Nik, was in truth, a confession to herself. She had known it all along. But now, the words were out in the open and she had to accept it. She had to accept that her mom ' her best friend, her confidante, wasn't coming back, but she ' Geet had to move on in life. Live!! Live life because there was no brining back those 8 years, that had been drowned in anguish and guilt.

   It's true mom had left, but she had always shared the dream with Geet...the true dreamer, her partner in crime; visualizing the beauty of the art, the comfort they found in it. The way they expressed themselves. Could she really let it go? Had she let it go? She thought back to all the moments she had shared with her...they were fresh as if they had just happened the night before. She had never let herself dwell on memories of her mother. She had always tried to be in control, never let than dam of emotions flood. Always appearing tough.

They came now in a flood ' flowing through her, filling her up with a strange peace. She had cried through the night and now, she thought, there was no room for tears to spill.

    The world seemed to grieve with her as the skies clouded, blocking out the blazing sunlight. Thunder mumbled sympathetically as she walked out to the door open terrace, of her parent's room.  It was the place where they had plotted the moves, laughed at Geet's crazy antics, eaten ice-cream and jelly to celebrate her performances.

   She opened her mum's cupboard. Her scent was still there. She had never allowed her father to get rid of her mother's things. Neither had he ever tried to. She buried her head in her mother's favourite kurta ' now yellowed and faded with age. It smelled of her and brought back more memories. She hugged it and rested her head on the door. On impulse, she pulled it over her vest. It comforted her ' cocooned her, in the love she felt gather around her.

  A soft wind blew through the terrace door, swirling the curtains outwards. It was drizzling now; the water beating a melody out on the mosaic floor. It pulled her out into the rain. The cool in the atmosphere, calmed her, elevating her  spirit. The water drenched her, becoming one with her. She spread her hands out ' her body acknowledging the acquiescence of her mind with the world. She knew it. It was time to embrace her life. She was tired of fighting it...

And the moment she accepted it, she felt the weight lift from her shoulders. She felt the wind elevate her like a bird, flying; unbound!

 Expressing it the only way she could, she spun in the rain, spreading her hands out, jumping and leaping, laughing, giving way to the emotions she had pent up for so many years.

   A movement by the door stopped her short. She turned to see her father staring at her, tears in his eyes. She stared back at him. It was clear he couldn't believe what he saw in front of him. It brought back images of Rano dancing in the rain, way before Geet was born. The tears spilled as his feet moved in their own accord. Their journeys had been similar in the past 8 years.

Geet smiled, seeing him. She wiped his tears.

''I miss her too, beta,'' he said, gauging her mind. ''And I'm sorry for not being around.'' He smiled back through her tears. ''She'd have been so thrilled to see you like this.'' His voice broke.

It was all he needed to say, for Geet to forgive him. He hugged her. Tears, that she didn't know were left in her, spilled as they cried together, grieving for probably the 1st time ' as father-daughter.

There was a promise in the air. A promise to not brush the reality under the carpet, to be there for each other. To start all over. 

Just a short one today...another longer one tomo hopefully. 

What do you guys think...koi apne opinions batao naa!!

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Chapter 16 - Of BFs and BFFs.

Nik was in for a shock when he reached college. He, Sid and Mayank had decided to reach together in order to work on their dance routine and decide the order of events. But when he asked the peon for the keys of the classroom, he told the shocked trio that Geet had already taken them.

  On reaching the class, they head the music on loud, with Geet in the middle of the class, facing the large windows, using them for a mirror to check on her moves. She was engrossed in the music and the steps and didn't notice them. They watched her dance the unfinished routine, practicing with renewed vigour. Her very expression was proof enough of the change in her. In the last two days, much  had happened...the product of it was in Geet's dancing.

   Joy emanated from her as she moved, non-stop till she got each and every step right. Eventually she had to stop, as the routine was not complete...but that didn't stop her, as she tried to figure out what could possibly complement it; she tried different steps...concentrating on it completely...biting  on her lower lip.

   Nik was pulled towards her as he watched the steps she tried out.

''Do that last one again.'' he blurted out.

She turned blushing in surprise, to see Nik watching her, with Mayank and Sid making up the background, one glowing, while the other in tears.

''Sid, tu ro kyun raha hain?'' she asked.

''Ro kaun rahah hain...mere aankh main kuch chala gaya, ok,'' he said defensively.

Mayank smilingly punched his arm. They sat, waiting for them to start.

Geet did the step Nik followed was a good step in succession to the previous ones and they worked together...It was afternoon, by the time the entire routine was completed. Working together had made it less work. And Geet's inputs had given it a different flavour.

The four of them seemed pleased with the work. Neither of them discussed the change in Geet's behaviour...nor was there any need to.

Sid and Mayank, had been informed by Nanima, of how pleased Mohinder he had been about Geet's return to dance, and their subsequent patch-up. She was all praise for Nik...something the boys were too. They refrained from saying it though and let everything continue as normal. It was the 1st step to a positive change...they didn't want to jinx it.

  Over the next few days, the 5, Nik, Geet, Sid, Raina and Mayank, became inseparable. The annual event being one of the biggest events of the year, was daunting enough for them to put all their energies together and make sure it was a success. They spent every waking moment together; planning, dancing, eating, playing and yapping; fighting and then making up.

   A camaraderie had sprung up between Nik and the trio, especially Geet. Geet would often pick up Mayank and at times Nik, leaving Sid to pick up Raina.

   Raina and Geet were still not as comfortable with each other, though they did interact a lot. Mayank had informed Geet in detail about Sid's behaviour over Raina and his denial about his feelings for her. Geet had been tickled pink, and had observed Sid on various occasions, only to be convinced of it. She had then made an extra effort to get to know Raina, despite being acquainted with her since school. She liked her, but she hadn't warmed to her yet.

     With Nik however, she argued and fought, and talked about everything under the sun. He had become possessive about her, but he never showed it...knowing her ego. A new part of her personality was she became more friendly, caring and free. He saw the mischievous side of her, in her pranks and her jokes ' constantly cracking the others up. She tried as unobtrusively as possible, get Raenz and Sid together. She went out of her way to help out the others. It warmed him, to see her laugh and dance, treat him like one of the buddies. She inspired him...he was falling for her hard. And he knew there was nothing he was able to do about it.  Neither did he want to.

  He hadn't forgotten about Vicky's job offer. He had told the other 4 about it, but the programme rehearsals had not given him time to go and meet Vicky.

   Mayank, on his part had pulled out all stops when it came to the creation of the stage for the programme and the decoration. His creative genius took flight as he created masterpieces. Sid and Geet were the only ones who had known about his love for art...whether it was in the hand painted and designed T-shirts he made for them, or the boots he designed for himself...a trend followed closely, by the college wannabes; or the games he invented, with his sketches...''Link It'', being one of them.

   His themes for the programme left Nik and Raina in awe of him. He wanted everything done to perfection, making him wait till late evening in college as the programme drew nearer. The other 4 loyally waited for him in college, chatting or helping or even studying ' in Nik and Raina's case. They often chatted about their subjects, while waiting for Sid and Mayank to return,  discussing psychology and philosophy, leaving a bored Geet to fall asleep on Nik's shoulder. He always made her sleep on his lap, with his bag for a pillow, and then continuing the discussion. She would wake up the next day in her own bed, later realizing that one of the boys had probably driven her home in her jeep; and dropped her off in her bed...and Nanima always confirmed it.

   There were days when they stayed working so late that they shacked up overnight at Nik's flat, working on backdrops, impromptu tests, dance rehearsals, and take outs. Other days, they partied in one disco or the other (Sid and Geet drinking but never dancing), or landed up at Geet's home for dinner. Nik and Raina had been welcomed affectionately into the fold, by Nanima.

  The month rolled by with ease. It was time for the annual programme before they knew it.

A week was left to go for the show. The teachers had conceded to the students' demands and given them time off from lectures in order to prepares and rehearse for the show. The entire college was working full swing to make the show a success. Thanks to Geet, Mayank and Sid, 90% of the college was attending. The principal was pleased. Geet had always been his favourite, but he had never let her know that. His decision of forcing her to dance had been good.    

    The gang met every day, prepping, practising, overseeing the minor details. Checking to see if the other performers had everything in place. One the fourth day before the show, Nik didn't show up at all. The other four, each received a text message from him , stating that he won't be showing up that day, but he would come the day after. When they  tried calling him, his phone was off. A worried Geet, jumped in her jeep and raced to his flat, wondering if he was ill. However a locked door was all she found. She returned to college and spent the entire day moping around, trying his phone and missing him.

   Geet liked Nik. In fact she knew she was falling for him. She was never jealous of his friendship with Raina. He looked at her differently. He knew that her friendship with Sid and Mayank was just that ' friendship. She also knew that he liked her. But he hadn't said anything to her as yet.

  But where was he??? It was not like him. She knew they were close enough, that he could tell her where he was; damn he told her about the silliest of things, then why not this? She couldn't get through to him, at all.

  The next morning, he was there early. Ready to practice.

Geet pounced on him the moment she saw him.

''Where were you, Nik? Pata hain tujhe kitna call kiya.''

The others looked at him expectantly. He saw them look at him. He shrugged, ''Kuch important kaam tha yaar''.

''Kya kaam,'' she asked frowning.

''Personal kaam yaar', he said emphatically.

''Aur woh kya tha??'' She repeated.

''Kyun, tune mujhe miss kiya?'', he said winking at her, trying not to let on, that he was changing the subject.

''Nik, don't try to change the subject. Where were you?'' she persisted, irritation making her voice loud.

''Arre, Geet, meri date thi...samjha kar'', he smiled, cheekily.

She stared at him in shock for a minute, then narrowed her eyes, and said,'' Tu jhoot nol raha hain!!''

Nik cursed inwardly. She could see through him...he feigned anger and said rudely,'' Agar pata hain toh poonch kyun rahi hain?''

Geet was taken aback by his rude tone. Anger bubbled up inside her immediately. She walked away from him, not looking at him even once. The entire day she didn't look at him nor speak to him. Nik tried talking to her, but it was of no use.

Sid and Mayank, kept their distance and advised Nik to do so too. They knew better than to mess with Geet when she was angry.

   There wasn't much to do and Geet insisted they go clubbing, ''to get drunk''... A group of other students who normally made up their entourage, came along with them. Nik wasn't very comfortable with them; something about them, instinctively told him they were no good. Still, he decided to stay shut and go with the flow.

  The place they chose was a dingy, shady looking thing, which seemed to be a usual with the entourage. It was crowded and had dim lights, the dance floor being full already. Trance music was blaring out and it was full of a dubious kind of smoke, putting Nik in doubt about the kind of people that frequented the place.

  They found seats near the bar...the gang taking up most of the place. Geet was sulking, Mayank was lost in thought, Sid was in protective mode, keeping the guys off Raina, and Nik was observing Geet, down drinks in quick succession.

  The rest of the boys were becoming unruly and loud under the effects of booze. A game of dares started up...from the looks of it, it seemed like a ritual. A shady looking guy came up and started chatting up one of the boys in the entourage, and ended up getting introduced to all the others. His friend took his cigarette and blew out puffs of smoke. Geet coughed at the smoke and asked him to blow his smoke elsewhere.

''Kyun kabhi smoke nahi kiya kya?'', he sneered at her.

Geet being drunk, effectively asked him to shove it up some place...Nik observed the boys' reaction in consternation. He seemed angry, but put on a sweet face and dared Geet to smoke one cigarette. Nik's guard now truly up, looked at Mayank , Raina and Sid for help. By their reactions, it was clear that they too doubted the contents of the cigarette.

  It was time for desperate action. Geet seemed confused and hesitated. Raina, fresh with studying the effects of drugs, in that day's psychology chapter, lurched forward to do some damage control.

'' this what you call a dare??'' she gave a shrill laugh, while the guys looked at each other in confusion.

Mr. Cigarette guy looked at her bewildered. Geet in her haze, looked askance at Raina, evidently wondering what she was hinting at.

Raina continued in a high pitched voice, ''A dare is only a dare, when the person doesn't like doing it, or if it's difficult.''

Sid smacked his forehead and looked at Raina, like she had donated her sanity to the Club for Psychotic Morons.. ''Is she trying to help here?!! Or worsen it? Geet hates smoking!'', he thought, in apprehension

''So, I '', she emphasized 'I' and continued,'' dare Geet to dance with Nik, today.'' She tried to smile victoriously, and ended up giving a cheesy grin. She leant towards Geet and smiled and whispered, '...since you're so cheesed off with him''

Geet on her part, looked from a shocked-looking Nik to Mayank's smirking face. That decided it! Nobody laughed at Geet Handa!!

    Before Nik could open his mouth to refuse, she had pulled him by his collar, walked to the dance floor, away from the drug filled cigarette. Mayank , Sid and Raina left a collective sigh. They nodded thankfully to Raina. But that was the last of their troubles.

     Nik was having a tough time finding room for him and Geet to dance. He tried shouting to her to stop as there was no room. In reply, Geet grabbed his hands and placed them on her waist. She then proceeded to wiggle her hips to the spunky number that the DJ had chosen. Nik's eyes widened in stupor, as he froze in place. Geet Handa...doing a sexy dance?? With him??

He looked to see the other 3 mirroring his expression.

(more coming up in the next update - chapter 17...stay tuned)

So...what do you guys think???

Any comments...plz do comment... 



Chapter 17 - Fire Burning, Fire burning.

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Chapter 17- Fire Burning, Fire Burning!!

He looked up to see the other 3 mirroring his expression.

   Geet, being completely oblivious to his reaction, continued to dance...moving in whatever way that pleased her...shaking her hips, and wiggling her booty to waving her hands in the air, emphasizing her assets in the moves.

Mayank, Sid, Raina and Nik looked at each other in alarm as Geet's moves started attracting unwelcome attention.

  As if on cue, Geet leaned her body on Nik, and slid on him to the floor, making his body react in unwanted ways. She placed her hands on her knees and proceeded to uncoil herself off the floor, pumping her chest in and out a la Katrina Kaif melding it into a popping move...making the eyes of the boys around her, pop out. It was enough to kick the others into action.

  Nik, put his hands around her and lifted her off the floor and threw her on his shoulder, while the other 3 guarded them. He hurriedly made his way out of the pub, with Mayank and Raina leading them out, Geet pounding on his back to put her down, and Sid following, making sure nobody came too close.

  Geet was unceremoniously dumped on to the passenger seat of her jeep, while Mayank took the driver's seat. She immediately protested, trying to come out of her seat. Nik pushed her back and told her to shut it and stay put. The threatening look on his face was enough to subdue her. Mayank strapped her in and sped away to her home, before she got over the shock, followed by Nik on his bike and Sid and Raina in his car.

  By the time they reached home, Geet was fast asleep. Mayank carried her in, while Nik waited for him.

 Mayank crashed at Nik's pad, neither speaking. Nik was still stunned at having seen Geet dance. This facet of her had his heart pumping faster. Mayank fell asleep quickly, while Nik was lost in thought about Geet. She was having a drastic effect on him. One he couldn't control...he was in over his head. There was never a dull moment with her.

 He smiled thinking about her moves...and fell asleep thinking bout them, dreaming of them the night long.

  The next day nobody wanted to speak about the night's event. Geet vaguely remembered doing something out of the ordinary...but she was too scared to ask about it to the others in case it was true. The others kept shut about it too...too shocked by her performance. They were thankful to Raina however.

  It was a dull day and they waited for the other students to report. Geet was still miffed with Nik for refusing to tell her about his whereabouts on the day he was missing.

Sid utterly bored suggested they play and game. Everyone came up with one game, only to be rejected by the others.

''Ok,'' said Nik,'' Let's all tell one secret, about ourselves that nobody knows''

Sid sat up, with a sceptical look. He thought for a minute, then agreed.

Mayank looked passive, as did Raina...Geet had to agree since the others were in.

''Gr8'', said Nik, ''Raina, you wanna start?''

''Ummm, ok,'' she said nervously,'' I don't think I'm going to be around next year. Dad's trying for me to study abroad...I wanna study psychology in depth...he wants me to go and I wanna go too.''

Sid looked like a bomb had dropped on his head. He stared at her, no coherent thought running through his mind.  She looked at him and smiled. He looked away, trying to look unaffected.


''I like singing. Even though I don't sing well. I love singing...but I only do that when I'm alone''

Sid and Mayank burst out laughing, and High-fived each other. Geet looked at them in confusion.

''Geet, jhalli...tu har waqt gaati hain...especailly jab tu talli hoti hain'', Mayank explained (you always sing when you drunk)

''Aur tu achcha NAHI gaati , ok,'' laughed Sid, poking her in the side.(And you NOT good)

Geet blushed and threw her bag at him.

''Ok, ok, so Sid, tera koi secret bata'', she said changing tack

''Ummm, I love cooking. I never ever told u guys, cuz...u know...goes against the image.'' He said flexing his biceps.

''What the ...''. shouted Geet. U mean all that stuff that u used to get for us to eat was made by you, not ur mum???

Mayank just stared at him amazed, while and Nik and Raina absorbed the information, eyebrows raised.

''Ok ok, don't embarrass me more...Nik, your next.'' said Sid.

Nik, paused for a bit, looked at Geet. She pretended not to be interested.

He cleared his throat and said slowly, ''You know, the day I bunked before yesterday...''

Geet turned her head a fraction. He knew all her attention was on him. He smiled to himself.

''...I wasn't on some super secret uncle had come to town to I spent the day with him.''

Before he could finish Geet had cut him off with a punch on the arm.

''You idiot...I got all angry for nothing. such a psycho-idiot you know that.'', she said crossly, then breaking into a grudging smile. Nik smiled to himself...he had done that on purpose to simply gauge her feelings about him. Mission accomplished.

''Ok that leaves Mayank.''

Mayank, breathed in deeply, and looked at all of them.

''Ok I guess it was time to tell u all...I got a scholarship for the California Institue of the Arts. I had sent an application long ago...I got a response a couple of days back. Guess who's going to the USA.'' He hastily raised his hands, not without reason as Geet and Raina rushed to hug him screaming.

The guys clapped him on the back. ''Wow that's fantastic.''

Geet raised her hands and screamed,'' Come on, Parteeeyy...let's get drunk!!'

''LET"S NOT'', said all four in unison.

Geet remembered bits of the previous night and kept quiet immediately.


The day passed in celebration...Sid was a bit subdued, with Raina's bomb.

On their way back, Geet drove Sid and Mayank home, as Nik and Raina had notes to compile.

Sid finally confessed to his love for Raina.

Geet braked the jeep in the middle of the highway...then pulled over and gave Sid a massive hug.

''We already know dude.''

''Do u think we wouldn't catch on?'', Mayank said, matter of factly.

''But she's leaving yaar...''

''Chill abhi time hain. She's not leaving tomorrow...and She doesn't even know where she's going. So relax. ''

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hi just came across ur ff
awesome story
add me in ur buddy list

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Chapter 18 - In My Heart Of Hearts

It was the day of the final performance before they knew it.

The show was beautiful. Sid, blown away by Raina in her sensual silver white outfit, let his feelings for her taking over his moves. It was probably the best performance he could give. The direct product of this was that. Raina was instantly out in the hit list by Sid's followers - it was clear that the only girl for him that night was Raina. The intensity with which he looked in her eyes, made her heart contract. She finally had an inkling about how much he cared for her.

  When the time finally came for Nik and Geet to perform, the stage  was set on fire. They outdid everyone else, like a bolt from the blue. Geet was the revelation, who rendered everyone speechless...Her chemistry with Nik, igniting envy across the audience, made the performance even more magnificent. They were synchronized and danced in perfect harmony, mirroring each other, enjoying the feel of the performance with each other.

  Their performance was concluded with a thunderous applause and an enthusiastic plea for encores.

The principal was pleased beyond measure. He specially mentioned Mayank's work in his vote of thanks...appreciating his creative work.

  The show ended on a perfect note. The group hugged each other, ecstatic about their successes, independent and otherwise. The task was completed...but the results were multi-fold. Something nobody had anticipated, but were happy about nevertheless.

  As Nik was leaving, somebody tapped his shoulder. He turned to see a delighted Vicky.

Geet seeing Vicky with Nik, walked to them and gave him a high-five.

''You guys know each other?''. Nik asked in surprise.

''Yeah, our grandmothers know each other. '' Geet replied. She politely made conversation with Vicky, till he decided to come to the point.

''Look, I'll be direct. Geet ' I didn't know you were such a fabulous dancer. Had I known, I'd have probably hounded you earlier.  But, if  Nik has told you, I'm starting a dance troupe cum institute and I want you to join me. What say?''

''Sure. I'd love to Vicky. Nanima didn't say anything about it to me...ah well..anyway. We'll see ya later.''

''Sure. Bye''


  Since they had become inseparable, they went everywhere together, after that. They had evolved into kindred psyches, recognizing each other as perfect, to be able to understand each other best.

  The exams came and went in a breeze, Each giving in their best; the greed to be in each other's company, goading them into studying. The results were much better, Raina topping again, Sid being the surprise coming out second after her. The others fared pretty well, themselves. Mayank got a good letters of recommendation from the teachers and the principal, and he managed to bag an interview at the college in California. While he was in the States, Sid and Raina accompanied Nik and Geet for their dance practices. Nik and Geet started collaborating with Vicky about the studio, but it was still taking baby steps.

They would practice in Nik's flat, shifting all the furniture to one side, compiling a routine on counts. Raina would sit and watch them, doing her research simultaneously, while Sid sat and watched her. Ayush would spend time helping Raina out, but Sid managed to disrupt their studies...making it clear to him that he was not welcome.

Raina often watched Nik and Geet perform, just to feast her eyes on their dancing moves. She could see the chemistry growing. It was an open secret...yet nobody wanted to talk about it.

   As she sat for the nth time listening to her IPod, Raina let her thoughts dwell back on the events of the past few days. Her heart refused to leave Delhi. Her friends being the main reason. She knew that they would have to part sooner or later. But, this was the 1st time in her life that she had made friends...where she was accepted.  Where somebody looked out for her, and she could be there for someone too. She dwelled on everything that had happened in the past one month. It was like something from a YRF buddy bonding film...she couldn't believe it.

  And then there was Sid. She couldn't understand him. For a fairly transparent guy, he was being a complete enigma. He treated her very sweetly, was there for her whenever she needed help, shocked her completely with his study skills, but he also kept her friends away from her ' with the exception of Nik, Geet and Mayank; became moody randomly and sulked from time to time.

She could see the change in his from his earlier habits that she had observed from school. He was no longer the Casanova; his caring side was way too obvious. She had begun respecting him a lot.

The song on her IPod changed, but she barely paid attention. Nik and Geet had begun a new routine, using skates ( Geet's brainwave), giving counts on each move. The beats in her song thumped in her head as she watched them count and make steps accordingly. Was it just her or did the song fit their steps perfectly.

    The human mind is an enigma, it can multitask without us endeavouring  to work on it. It comprehends the on goings around it, without much effort. Raina observed Nik and Geet dance to the song playing in her head, matching the beats and the moves perfectly. But, this synchronization of song and dance was registered in a crevice in her mind, as the bigger part of her consciousness was focussed on Sid and his erratic behaviour.

  Off late he had begun being quiet around her and she had caught him gazing at her, but never saying much. He seemed missing for hours on end, or would keep researching things on his laptop, never showing them what he was up to.

   Ever since she had told him about her college of choice, he had become engrossed and distant. She caught him lost in thought, never venturing an explanation in return.

  She knew she'd miss him the most, his flamboyant personality making her sojourn in the subsequent course and city seem pale. She came up with the most valid explanations for his behaviour ' ones that made her heart beat faster in anticipation; but she pushed them away as ridiculous.

There were 2 months for Raina's departure, and Sid was not saying much about his future plans. She had barely had a good conversation with Sid in days; which was why she was shocked when he asked to meet her alone.

  What shocked her more was when he went down on one knee and proceeded to make the most heartbreakingly wonderful proposal of love to her. She was dazed and her mind kept telling her that it was a trick...but even that couldn't be paid attention to, when she looked in his eyes and saw the yearning in them.

''Raina, say something.''

Survival instinct kicked in as Raina pulled her hand out of his and said bitterly,'' Sid, this is not funny. Please pull these sort of jokes on someone else. I'm not your tithly(butterfly)  for you to flirt with and then get over in a week. So please save it for someone else.''

''I know, I'm probably the last person who deserves to be with you, but you've changed me. You make me want to be a better person, and every time I look at you, I realize how much I need to work on myself to be equal to you. This past month was a dream; I've never seen anybody as beautiful, intelligent and warm as you...Raina??'', he pleaded.

Raina, however walked off, unable to react or face the situation.

Sid returned to Nik's flat and told his tale to a sympathetic Geet and Nik. He brooded there all day, licking his wounds.

The next day, he did the same, lying all day feeling sorry for himself, ignoring the others. When Nik and Geet came to speak to him again, he was about to get up and leave when Raina walked in, her eyes with dark circles around them, looking lost and worn.

  She pounced on him immediately.

''Why? Why did you have to wait to tell me this, just a month before I leave the country?? I barely get time with you!!'', she yelled.

   In response, he walked up to her, staring into her eyes and lifted her off her feet, crushing her to himself. After what seemed liked ages, he pulled his face out of her hair and gave her an ecstatic grin and smacked her on her lips in front of everyone.

  She however pushed him off, her expression still angry. ''Didn't u hear what I said??'', she yelled.

  ''We'll get time babe. Relax.''

''Sid I'm leaving in a month and a half, i hope you realize th---''

''I'm leaving with you,'' he cut in.

Raina wasn't sure if she had heard right. ''Wha'''?

''I'm taking a chef's course in the same city that you're going to. I can't let you out of my life that easily, babe. I've been working it out ever since you told me of your admission. I figured, that even if u didn't want me as a boyfriend, I'd still be there as a friend till I make you fall in love with me.'', said Sid with a broad smile, evidently pleased with himself.

Raina, stared at him with her mouth open, processing the information that had been passed on to her. Finally, she just leapt into his waiting arms and hugged him, tears falling from her eyes.

Chapter 19 - Intoxication - Below!!

...Geet stopped and took off her skates, and stepped on to Nik's skated-bound feet, putting her arms around his neck, never taking her eyes off his. 

Nik's throat contracted on seeing the intense expression in her eyes, the bold confidence in them, when she looked at him. 

Sorry guys..hardly any Geet and no Maan again...will update as I get time. Thanks for the love


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Chapter 19 - Intoxication!  


Geet and Nik, though shocked, were grinning along with him and whooping giving each other hugs.

Sid and Raina were finally a couple...Nik and Geet were the only ones left...the thought crossed everyone's mind, but nobody broached the topic.


Nik's flat was falling short for the Geet's latest addiction... dancing on skates.

 She complained about the lack of space, but no one was able to come up with the proper space for them to practice. Geet on a creative sprint came up with better moves each day, and the only thing that stopped her was a lack of space.

  Nik voiced this to Vicky, who readily lent him his unfinished studio room. It was one of the older Khurana construction's vacant structures. Geet, delighted with the news, insisted on practicing the new routine with him, immediately.

   The four reached the studio, to find it almost ready, excepting the last coat of paint. It was long and breezy like a hall, with pillars and huge mirrors on the ends. The light was dim and there were long windows high on the walls. Vicky, had gone classic and got spotlights installed, that illuminated the studio, mysteriously, casting soft shadows on the wall, the constant breeze giving it an ethereal feel.

  They started skating, practising the steps on count...feeling more free to experiment with the ample space. It was just them, their voices echoing slightly.  Sunlight streamed through one window making them glow every time they skated past that area. Raina fiddled with the deck at the end of the studio, trying to connect her IPod to it. Sid, left to explore the adjoining rooms. Raina finally managed to play music. Her mind went back to the dance steps that Nik and Geet were practising. It jogged her memory about a song...she surfed through her playlist, telling them she was playing a song on the deck.

  Just then her phone rang - it was Sid, he had found something in the back rooms...she left looking for him. Geet and Nik didn't even realize she was missing, until the song began.

(Please let the song load and buffer before you start reading the next part...I hope you enjoy the song the way I visualized it. )

  As if on cue they started the routine, finding each of their steps synchronizing with the rhythm of the guitar, automatically.

They fell in with the melody of the song, the lyrics getting to them, swirling around them, creating waves, the tension locking their eyes with each other, moving in harmony - mirroring each other.

  Geet swayed, looking deep into Nik's eyes. She saw in them what she was feeling at that moment. She was losing herself in them, unable to break contact...but then again, she didn't want to. A smiled spread to her lips, lightening up her face. The smile was returned by Nik as they danced confidently , each certain about the other's feelings. He held her hand and swirled her as she turned smoothly on the skates. She did a split and went low in the ground, holding her hand in the air, as he glided towards her pulling her up in a swift move. They moved in harmony, each knowing how to move, so as to help each other complete the step with ease...Geet turned in as Nik pulled her outstretched hand. She breathed in his fragrance as she stood close to him for a split-second. She turned back outside. The fresh air away from his scent was unwelcome. She suddenly left his hand and skated away taking off her skates.

  Nik looked at her uncertainly, his amazement increasing when shestepped on to his skate-bound feet, putting her arms around his neck, never taking her eyes off his. 

Nik's throat contracted on seeing the intense expression in her eyes, the bold confidence in them, when she looked at him. His hands moved possessively around her waist, all thought of the original steps forgotten as they skated lazily just gazing into each other's eyes. Geet, floating high above her physical height, moved her  hand into his hair, singing along with the song, not caring if she was in tune.

  They had been longing to be in each other's arms for days - the deserted studio and the music finally bringing them together. A soft smile lit their faces as they glided across the hall, making steps, relishing the feel of the other's arms. He twisted in the skates, moving, loving her glide and move with him.

  The tension reached a pinnacle as Geet's smiled faded ; her expression eclipsing all other thoughts in Nik's mind. They pulled themselves closer to the other, clinging on to dear life, intoxicated by each other's essence, all conscious thought of skating gone - just gliding on inertia. Their souls recognized each other, melding into the other, celebrating their long awaited union. Nik's hand moved into her open hair, stroking the nape of her neck. Her eyes fluttered, never leaving his; he felt the tremor run through her. His eyes strayed to her parted lips, as she moved forwards unconsciously. It felt like an eternity before their lips met in the softest most tender kiss. Nik pulled apart and looked at Geet, her eyes still shut, soaking in the moment. He could help but take her lips in another kiss, a little longer this time, as she clung to him helplessly. She opened her eyes to see the fierce joy in his eyes, the adoration in them taking her to newer heights.

When she couldn't control the insane happiness swelling in her, threatening to burst, she jumped off his feet, spinning round and round across the floor her arms spread out; blushing. Nik too smiled, and skated around her, looking his fill at her lithe beauty; watching her tenderly, a shy smile softening his face. She turned around to look at him, glowing, the breeze making her hair fly around her neck. They stared at each other in wonder. The intensity of his expression took her breath away.

  Geet held out her hands as she watched him skate towards her, purposefully , and lift her off her feet, holding her to him, his face buried in her hair. The song echoing distantly in the background, like a benediction to the first love. 

hope u enjoyed it...I want comments took me ages to write n I still feel I haven't done justice to the scene in my head. 

Hugs to you all


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