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MANEET FF Dancing from the ashes - cchp32 33 updtd (Page 2)

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Thanks...did u follow the link?

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Chapter 6 - Oh, the guilt.

Handa haveli:

Geet entered and walked straight to Nani's room only to find it empty. She was agitated and upset. It was making her angry, but she didn't know why random words from a random guy were getting her so worked up.

   Not worthy of respect was she? How dare he say that. Nobody had ever said that to her...ever.!!  Her conscience was pricking her and she didn't know why!! The only thing she hadn't done was bunk practice one day. Why was that such a big deal?? That's how she always was...always had been? Hadn't she?

   She ran downstairs to the main living area.

''Nanima, NANIMA'

"Beta, hum yahan room main aana.''


She entered the room to see that her Nani wasn't alone.

''Hello Savitri Aunty. How're you doing? Itne dinoh baad?''

An lady sat opposite her grandma. She looked elegant and was somebody who had aged well.  Geet walked up to her and gave her a hug and a kiss.

''Hi, beta. I'm fine. Howz life going for you? ''

" Fine aunty. College chal rahah hain''


She turned to Nanima ..."Nanima, main baad main aati hoon. ''

''See you Savitri Aunty. Bye.''

''Bye Beta, take care.''


She returned to her room. She had no clue who to talk to and her irritation was building. Why o why did Savitri aunty have to come at the wrong time. It was not as though she disliked her, but her timing sure was bad.

''Ab main kis se baat karoon?''

She called up Mayank.


''Kya boloon?'

''Geet, phone kyun kiya hain?''

''Kyun main ainvayi phone nahi kar sakti?''

''errrm...tu kabhi karti to nahi hain''

''Yar aise hi baat nahi kar sakta kya?''

''Kar toh sakta tha agar mujhe compeering ka kaam nahi hota...chal time waste mat kar..bol problem kya hain??''

''Kisne kahan problem hain?''

''dekh, zyada paka mat...problme bol varna main hang up kar raha hoon''


''abbe aage bhi toh kuch bol''

''Do you respect me?'', she blurted out?



''Yeh kaisa Question hua be?''

''Tu batayega?''

''Err...of course karta hoon...I love you maan...your my best friend.''

" is that why you respect me? Cuz I'm your best friend?''

''Aur kya reason ho sakt hain?...waise tu yeh poonch kyun rahi hain?''

''Err...kuch nahi? I've gotta go. C u tomo.''



Even after talking to Mayank she felt no comfort. No respect...Nik's words kept pervading her thoughts. WH was she so affected by his comment. He was almost a stranger to her...she barely knew him. Still, in the short  period that Nik had been in collge, he had gained a lot of respect. People looked up to him. He might n ot be as popular as she n her friends were, but he had created a spacxce for himself.

   Students looked up to him. Even though he was knew and a senior, he valued the junior's comments. He never bullied anybody and was always jovial. He had somehow managed to win Sid and Mayank over too...but his happy-go-lucky nature got under her nerves. Why? Why was she so annoyed with him? Why couldn't she give him a break when even Sid and Mayank were ok with him?


She punched her pillow n tried to get some sleep.


Next Day:

Geet walked in to practice only to see the principal supervising the proceedings.

"Aaah Geet, how're you feeling now? '', said Dr. Mehra

She looked blankly at him.

''Nikhil had said that you weren't well and so you had gone home. I had come to supervise your dance yesterday''.

''Err...yes Sir...'', she was confused. Nikhil had lied for her when he could have easily told the principal the truth. What was going on?  She was actually feeling guilty.

''Take care child, the dance is the highlight of the show. We can't have the star performers too stressed.'' He left the rehearsal hall.

Geet looked at NIk...he didn't look too happy, but he didn't snitch to the principal either. He did however refuse to talk to her. He was giving her the silent treatment.

Sid and Raina had just entered. They were arguing about something, as usual. Sid came over and hugged Geet and then moved to play the music to start practice.

Geet had nothing to do...Nik was going over some backdrop details with a junior and Sid n Raina were practising. She walked over to Nik...and hovered around him. He knew she was waiting for him to say something, but he ignored her. He wasn't going to say anything to her until she said she wanted to practice. 

Geet on the other hand was feeling guiltier by the minute. Nik hadn't sold her out to the principal but had lied to her. She was sure he hated lying. She wanted to practise ' to be good but broaching the topic was easier said than done. She wanted to talk to him but she wasn't able to get the right words. The junior went off on his work. She moved towards him and gathered courage and spoke.

''Nik, why did you lie to the principal for me?''

He answered without looking at her, ''would you rather I tell him the truth?''

''Err no...just wondering why?''

He didn't answer but continued looking through some picture samples

''hey...hello, I'm talking to you.''


''Nik., itna bhau mat kha ok...''

Silence again

''What's your problem man? What do you want me to say? I'll say it.''

''Did I say I wanted you to say something?''

" Fine!! Be silent. It's not like I care!'' She walked off through the door and stood out in the sunlight. This behaviour of his was irritating her to the core. Finally she stalked back in angrily.

''Look I came back to practise. Are we going to do that or not?''

Nik smiled inwardly and finally looked at her with a straight face.

precap: Geet? Working hard?

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" Fine!! Be silent. It's not like I care!'' She walked off through the door and stood out in the sunlight. This behaviour of his was irritating her to the core. Finally she stalked back in angrily.

''Look I came back to practise. Are we going to do that or not?''

Nik smiled inwardly and finally looked at her with a straight face.


"No parties to get drunk at Handa?'', he asked tilting his head to one side.

She just glared at him, fuming.

He kept looking at her like he was sizing her up. It seemed like he had decided something.

''Ok, if you're going to show up for practice every day and not bail out on me, then we'll practice. What say? ''

''Fine'', she said and under her breath muttered ,''psycho freak''.

He started the music and they began dancing. He showed her the steps and asked her to follow him. Since their routine was the last one, they had to be perfect.  He repeatedly led her through all the steps.  In the middle of it all, he just sat and watched her. She was catching up very well.  It was a gift. Even he with all his years of practice couldn't do it as well as she did. It annoyed him. She had a gift that had to be shared with everyone. How could she not do that? Dance was something that just spread hope and cheer in everyone. To him, it was the best manner of expressing emotion. When Geet danced, she glowed. He face lit was as if she had grown wings and was flying. Her arms sliced through the air cleanly as she did a free spin. Even with the set back of an entire day she had picked up the rest of the routine with ease. It amazed him that she didn't dance more. That she was actually against dancing...or was that only because she had to do so with him?

A hand appeared in front of him. The fingers snapped in front of his eyes.

''Oye! Kidhar dekh raha hain?? Woh last step theek tha kya?''

He realized he had been lost in thought. He looked at her and asked the 1st thing that was on his mind.

''After how many years are you dancing?''

She was taken aback , but she considered his question. She appeared to be doing some mental calculation.

''About 7 or 8 years? I think...!''

''Why don't you dance more?                                

'' Cause I don't want to.''

''Cause you don't want to??? That's it? Is that all you want to say?''

''Yeah, should I want to say anything else?'', she asked confused.

''I don't get it, when it's obviously an inborn gift, why don't you dance more?''

''What's your problem in it? Dance toh main kar rahi hoon na, tere saath.. Ussi main khush reh. Quit interfering in my life. I don't think I gave you the right to comment on my choices. Only my friends are allowed to do that.''

He looked at her ' shocked at her words. This was the longest she had spoken to him and the hardest words she had used. Something told him that he had touched a raw nerve. But he felt hurt at her words. He didn't think he deserved such harsh words for a simple question.

He stood up and switched off the music.

''Ok, we're done for the day I think. Let's leave I have things to get done. ''

''What? Only one hour practice?''

" I thought you didn't want to do it in the first place !!''


''That settles it then. Practice same time tomorrow. Please don't be late.''

Geet: Yaaryeh toh phir se saddu ban gaya. He was ok just a minute ago. What happened to him, Mr. Moody.

She gathered her things and walked to the door. She stopped on reaching the door and looked back at Nik. He was packing his stuff in and switching off the music system. Mostly he left the room with her and then together they went to check on Sid and Raenz. She had a sneaking suspicion that he was angry with her again.

Geet: Damn, not again ...phir se silent treatment de raha hain. Is it that? Ek minute dekhti hoon...She turned towards Nik again and called out.

''Do you want me to go get Sid and Raenz?''

He didn't turn. He just stood there and after a micro second continued his work.

Geet: 'Yup, Silent treatment !!''.

She walked out in the sunlight and crossed to the opposite building to the room in which Sid and Raenz were practicing.

''Hey guys''

They both waved to her. Both were sweating and both were struggling to do a difficult twist and turn move.  Sid being taller was able to manoeuvre Rainz , but her hands refused to turn and meet him at the set movement. Judging from the frustration on their faces, Geet understood that it was the Nth time that he was trying that with her.

Geet went forward and tried to help them, but Raina only ended up being more frustrated.

Raina: Yaar I'm not getting it ...step change kar do.

Sid: easy toh step hain. Itna bhi nahi kar sakti kya?

Raina: Where is Nik? Look it's better that we change it rather than looking silly.

Sid: phattu..dar gayi...tu toh bas useless hain yaar. Seedhe bol na kuch karna nahi aata. Badi aayi mujhe cartwheels karke dikhaane waali. I think we'll let you only do that. Hehe. Comic relief ke liye.

He started laughing at her and looked at Geet.

Geet saw Raina's face and didn't laugh. Had it been any other day or any other person she might have joined Sid in his banter, but there was something in Raina's face that wasn't funny at all.

Raina stood up, and walked out, though not before they both saw her wiping a tear. Sid looked uncomfortable. He turned to geet.

''O teri...yaar yeh toh ro rahi hain.''

''Itne mazaak udane ki zaroorat thi?''

''Shit!'' , he said brushing back his hair from his face,''Aabhi kya karoon?''

''Jaa use baat kar.''

''Main...aur usse? Pagal hain kya?''

''Dekh, woh ro rahi hain...itna insensitive hone ki koi zaroorat nahi hain. Dude, just go man''.

He made a face and walked off...muttering under his breath.

Geet smiled after him.

Outside, sitting on the staircase, Raina was trying to control her tears. She didn't know why, but Sid's words affected her a lot. It was the 1st time someone's degradation had got to her. She felt slighted and insulted. She tried to put his insults out of her mind.

Raina: tu pagal hain kya Raina? Sid ki baton ka bura maan gayi? He's such an ass you know that na. Ok enough now stop crying. ...crap I think someone's coming

Someone was indeed coming...She shut her eyes and put her she waited for the person to pass by her. But that person sat down beside her but didn't say anything. She waited for the person to do oor say something. ...Then after an eternity,

"I'm sorry.''

It was Sid's voice. She went numb with shock...Sid...Siddhant Arora...the college attitude boss who had always argued and fought with her...was apologizing to her.

"Dekh, main tujhe insult nahi karna chah raha tha...-

''Nahi tu bas mera mazaak uda raha tha naa...'' She turned to him and said it with a fresh flow of unwanted tears. She quickly turned away before he saw her tears again.

''Nahi yaar...main sab ke saath aisa hoon...tu jaanti hain na ...Main Pagal hoon.''

''oh , really ?? Tune kabhi Geet ka mazaak udaya hain?''

''Oh teri -  pagal hain kya? Uss sherni se maar khaani hain kya mujhe?''.he said laughing

Somehow that made Raina smile too. She grudgingly smiled. He turned to her and said softly.

''Ab bol, itna kyun senti ho gayi thi? Maine pehli baar toh nahi mazaak udaya na...''

She looked at him. He was genuinely asking her. She was at a loss for words. She thought again...then looked at his face...he was genuinely concerned. It was new for her. She had never expected a softer side of Sid for her.

''I...that part...mujhe dar lag raha hain Sid!!'

He looked shocked...Raina..the girl who always shouted in his face...she of all people was scared.!! He didn't know how to react.

''Darr? As  in scared? You? ''

''No offense Raenz, but you're the scariest girl in college.''

She looked at him indignantly...and punched his arm. At the same time, she couldn't help but like his calling her by her newly invented nickname.

''Ow...I said No offense''

''Oh..tujhe laga...sorry no offense!!'',.she said pointedly.!!

''Ok, point noted.'', he conceded

''Theek hain bata...kis baat ka dar hain?'', he asked in a serious tone

''Stage fright. Jab main nervous hoti hoon to hi lose all my hand-eye-leg co-ordination. I can't do it Sid. I think it's only fair that you get another dancer. Why should you suffer because of me.'' She started sobbing again.

''Oi, why are you crying? ...Raina''

She couldn't stop was clear she was crying more out of panic.

''It's the annual function, Sid...the entire college will be there thanks to you. What if it messes up?''

''Ok, ok relax first'', he said getting worried. She, however showed no signs of calming down.

Sid moved closer to her and put his arms around her and hugged her...she reacted instinctively - pushed him away and looked at him in suspicion.

''What? , he said, defensively, 'it's just a hug''

She looked curiously at him.

''What?,'' he repeated. ''Geet always gave me a hug when I cried''

She moved in to his hug looking a bit reassured; then as a n afterthought, asked,

 ''You cry?''

''Past tense, babe. ''Used to cry!!''

She smiled against his chest and shut her eyes.



''Better'', he asked after some time.

She nodded her yes.

OK so let's get to work.

''Didn't you just hear all I said? What were you dreaming? I just gave you a list of my worries...what is wrong with you...'', she shouted in one breath.

''Whoa, slow down...nervousness main tu ek hi step miss kar rahi hain. Baaki ka toh theek thak chal raha hain na...tu abhi se haar kyun maan rahi hain? Relax. It'll be all good.''

''I dont' think so...''

He opened his mouth to argue more...but he saw the look on her face. The set line of her mouth made it clear to him that she was not i the mood to be convinced.

''Ok relax...lets mull over it ...we'll stop practicing today, ok!''

She smiled at him and nodded.



In the mean time, Geet was sitting alone, listening to music, waiting for Sid n Raina to return.  She was about to walk out of the door to look for Sid herself, when the door opened and Nik walked in. He looked a bit startled that Geet was in that room. On seeing her his expression became cold, and started looking around for Sid and Raina.

''Err...they've just stepped out..I think they'll be back any moment...Raina was having trouble with a step n she walked off...sid has gone t----

He had walked out on her mid-sentence, without even looking at her.

She was shocked. Silent treatment again. His behaviour had caught her off guard and she didn't know how to react...but she still felt annoyed and a little upset.

She turned back to the music when the door opened again and all three walked back in.

Nik chatted with them, but completely ignored Geet. It was irritating her a lot , but she didn't react. Sid and Raina showed Nik the step and told him about the problem with the dance move.

Geet: ''you know what Sid-raina...what if you try the move like this''...she moved forward to explain..but was cut across by Nik.

Nik: guys if you want to wait a day, do that. Sleep over it and then start tomorrow

Geet looked at him angrily, but her ignored her, while Sid and Raina were oblivious to her.

Sid:' Geet, chal lets go, mujhe ghar drop kar de...Mayank meri gaadi le gaya hain''.

Geet: tu jaake baith main do minute main aayi.

Nik was helping Raina pack the equipment.Raina picked the smaller cases and left the room. Geet walked up to him and spoke in her anger," why did you cut me across.?''

He ignored her again!

Her rope had reached it's end. She walked in front of him and turned him to face her.

''What's with the attitude. I'm talking to you, idiot. Why the hell are you ignoring me?''

''I thought you'd be happier with me staying away from you,'' he said indifferently.''Why does it matter to you anyway? And , by the way I'm in no mood to talk to you, so please get out of my way''.

''What the... why? What have I done that you're ignoring me?

"Let's just say your views and mine don't lets keep interaction to a minimum.''

''What views? The one about me dancing? What's the big deal about it?''

''Big deal?!!  Geet do you even know how big a deal you can be?'', he said angrily. ''The entire college function has the students' participation, because you and your friends are in it. It is a frigging big deal. The success of the show depends on you. The mere fact that you're performing ensures a packed hall. Have you any idea how much power you have? People aspire to be you, they follow you...YOU create peer pressure unknowingly. But your completely irresponsible about it. YOU have a gift like none others...but youchoose not to use it..not to share it. I find that extremely selfish and immature. And the more I think about it, the angrier I get. I don't respect such people, neither can I see eye to eye with them. So let's not communicate about this. We'll finish the dance and part ways, geddit?!

Saying this he stormed out, banging the door behind him

Once again Geet was left behind shocked by his words. They had been a reality check for her. And she was unable to swallow them...


Precap: Could he be right?

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omg...what ab rilliant update...
i am bowled over with ur writing...
u r simply superrbbb...
keep writing


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Haven't u read this earlier, reva? I thought u had - i was updating it on this forum too...but it's slower than the FF forum!
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no dear...i havent yet read it...i just noticed it now...

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nice update keep it up
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Originally posted by ruslana

nice update keep it up

thanks  Ruslan...follow the link if u wanna read more

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