Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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It was late, past midnight and he wanted to go home and sleep. Running the Dance company was anything but easy'but he was Maan Singh Khurana. Defeat was something he couldn't accept nor was it anything he had ever encountered.

When he had taken up the challenge to run a dance company he had never imagined how tough it would be. But, a challenge was a challenge and he'd only give up when the company was on firm ground and he could return to Khurana Constructions.

He pulled out his keys and switched off all the lights. The complete darkness made his senses even more alert. He walked out of the room, when he heard music.

''That's strange. Did someone leave the system on?'', he thought

He had thought everybody had left and he was the last one. Heck even he wasn't supposed to be here , but the need to finish pending work pulled him there - Not even Farhan stayed that late.

He walked quietly to the studio from the back door of the office and saw a light on. The door was a bit ajar'''.

He walked in as quietly as possible and entered from the wings.

That was when he saw her. Surprise hit him as he actually saw her. Dressed in black tights and a vest with her wild mane open - she was dancing!

Dancing like there was no one watching. Dancing in a way that he had never seen her dance. It was raw. It had passion and he could feel pain emanate from her body as she moved and turned and twisted and leaped. He recognized the song. It was an old R&B number, ''Bleeding Love''.

He didn't want to let her know he was watching so he partially hid behind the wings and just stared.

Every move was perfect and every turn had an expression. The movements were saying something but he didn't seem to understand. He was stunned by her'.the quiet girl, the loner, the girl who kept away from the group. The most unresponsive person he knew, was doing something that he had never imagined.

   The music stopped and she huddled to the side on the floor and kept her head on her knees, panting. Her shoulders started shaking and it was then that Maan realized that she was crying. Heaving heavy sobs and crying her heart out. He felt a bit guilty about spying on her. Suddenly she just punched the floor and let out an angry noise. She stood up and walked to the main door and picked up her things and went out of the main door. Maan just stood stunned, unable to process what he had seen. Geet'.? His mind questioned. Is that the same unresponsive rude girl he saw everyday''..?

Character sketch, chapter 1,2 and 3 below.

What say people? Didja like it? If yes follow the link below to read more!




Dancing From The Ashes

Chapters 1-5 = page 1

Chapters 6-7 = pg2

Chapters8-13 = pg 3

Chapters 14-19 = pg4

Chapters20-21 = pg5

Chapters 22-23 = pg 7

Chapter 24, Disclaimer and start of season 2 = pg 8

Chapter 26-31 = pg 9

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Geet Handa:

Daughter of the famous Mohinder Handa

Smart, tomboyish, rebellious but intelligent. Knew how to get her work done. College ki Shaan and the heartthrob of the college. A spoilt rich brat. She's had a neglected childhood. Mom, Rano died when she was young and was raised by Nani. Dad frequently busy with work'no time for daughter.Was closest to her mom. Has a lot of friends. They love her for what they see in her'..often surrounded by bad company. They party out every night and have no sense of direction to their lives - just out spending money and boozing. Geet n gang were college ke much loved lafange! Everyone's cautious of Geet'not because she got mad'but becoz she got even.He sense of style is a tank top n cargoes paired with utility boots.

Prized possession: Her sporty utility jeep.

However, when she loves someone, she'll do anything for them and keeps them close.

Friends: Mayank and Siddhant

Maan Singh Khurana-

Rich elder grandson of Savitri Devi. And son of Gaurav Khurana. 

An all rounder and a party boy, page 3 boy. A ladies man, but he always seems indifferent to the world around him. A regular at the Capitol and everyone expects him there frequently. He does stay away from girls whenever possible. Once bitten  twice shy! A fantastic dancer quite the heartthrob of the Delhi high society crowd. He's the best when it comes to all European and latin American dances. He has the Midas touch. Anything he does of gets involved in has to come out well.He's his father's right hand and Daadi' confidante

Nikhil Chopra-

Middle class boy., street smart,  fun loving. Very calm patient well put together boy. No parents but loves life.His closest relative is an uncle who's in the Army. Is into extreme sports'.one bad quality of his is ' he's very stubborn. Down to earth and very helpful towards others. He's a dancer and will do whatever it takes to fulfill his dream. However, back up plans are sensible n he's pursuing a BA to keep his uncle from taking him along on his transfers.

He is geet's 1st love...but is it meant to be...??


Siddhant Arora 

Rich spoilt brat. Handsome and hot'the heartthrob of the college. Arrogant but the only persons he'll listen to are Geet and Mayank/Mayank. No real purpose in life and is a bully to some extent! He thinks the world revolves around him, but is a big softy.

Friends: Geet and Mayank.

Mayank Shroff-

The dreamer..the artistic one'..spoilt to but not as rich. Wants to be an artist, but is pursuing the Arts degree just to get his Dad off his back. Once that's done, he'll follow his dream.He's creative and not as snobbish as Sid.

Friends:Geet and Sid.


The class topper. Psych major. Loves reading. wanted to be a counselor.Dabbles in contemporary dance.She ends up with Sid. Is a stark contrast to his aggressive nature. Knows that he n geet are just friends, but hates his bullying nature and his arrogant attitude! Becomes friends with Nikhil n Ayush. Was Sid, Mayank's and Geet's school mate.

She is the one who lets Nikhil know that Geet was a dancer, till her mum passed away.

Vikram Singh Khurana

The younger brother of Maan. A dancer by choice. It's all he cares about. Quite a flirt. Warm hearted and not quite a practical as Maan. Loves his brother and listens to him the most. Has a big gang of friends, most of who have similar interests.

Anvesha Khurana

The middle sibling. The laadli behen of the Khurana brothers and is close to both of them. Intelligent and tactful. Is very close to Dadi and is her Dad's pet. Pretty and Jovial. Keeps away frm the party circuit to some extent.


One of the sweetest most lovable persons in Vicky's dance troupe.She's mute and has to resort to sign language. She majors in contemporary dance, thought she's good at most others. Her waterloo is Hip-Hop and has to train hard for it.


Nida's boyfriend. He's the one who translates most of what she says. They are  inseparable.


The loner. The dedicated dancer. He spoke less and acted more. Nothing and nobody can take his eyes off his goal'and that is of becoming one of the best dancers of India.


Maan's secretary at Khurana constructions. She's calm and quiet and very hardworking. No nonsense air about her. She and Maan get along very well.


Raina n Nikhil's friends. Sid becomes jealous over his friendship with Raina.

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Geet Handa - 2 yrs back...FLASHBACK!!


Chapter 1: Punge le lo.


1st week of college: JNU.

Normal day'everything seemed to be going on as usual, students settling in and getting used to the college timings and classes.


In the pavilion, two boys were sitting on the stairs. One was a rugged tall buff boy and the other was a shorter one , lying on the stair with his head propped on his hand.

''Yaar aaj bore nahi ho raha?'', said the taller one. He wore shades and expensive looking clothes. His attitude exuded pride and arrogance.

''Sid, tujhe kis din bore nahi hota?''

''Haan woh bhi theek hain. Jab tak saddi sherni nahi aa jaati , din dheere hi  chalega.''.

''Aa kab rahi hain?''

''Aaj toh der karegi'kal raat ko itni pee rakhi thi'.par yaar usko chadti nahi hain...Kaash hume bhi '.''

''Tujhe pata hain ki tujhe chadti hain to itna peeta kyun hain?, Smirked Mayank

'Abbe, khotte, kyun ki tu nahi peeta'ab tere hisse ko kisi ne toh gutukana chahiye na.''

He flips open his phone and speed dials a no.

''Maataji, aaj aapke darshan honge?''

''Ulle de patthe, tere peeche khadi hoon''.

He jerks hi head up and sees her and grins. ''Toh'sar pakad ke nahi aayi tu aaj?''

''Pooch mat yaar'iss hangover ki toh..'', said Geet.

Geet!! She was about 5''6', slender with crinkly brown hair and big aviator shades on eyes. She was dressed in a black vest, baggy cargoes, big boots and a spiked bracelet. Her hair was let loose and reached till the middle of her back. She had a 'no' nonsense' look on her face.

She came next to Sid and sat on the step he'd plonked himself. She put her head on her lap groaned and shut her eyes. He smiled and ruffled her hair playfully.

Sid: ''Yaar college shuru hue ek hi toh hafta hua hain'lets have some fun, dude'''

Mayank: I'm game..whaddya have in mind?

Sid: what is the new fresher crowd like?

Mayank: I see where your going!!( with a twisted smile)

He pulled out his phone and instructed a few guys to round up the  juniors and freshers and come to the pavilion pronto.



15 minutes later:

"Flap your arms like a chicken and repeat Jack and Jill , in a duck's voice", said Siddhant.

There was a group of seniors sitting on the steps of the auditorium and a row of students who looked like the freshers from each batch.They stood in a row and looked apprehensive and a few looked terrified.  Each senior had a bored look on their face but they all seemed to be echoing the mood of the 3 people who sat in the middle of the group.

Siddhant Arora,sat with his back leaning against another boy and his hands at his sides. Girls' eyes flickered to him and their bodies were unconsciously turned towards him. His shades prevented them from knowing where his eyes flickered and they kept looking towards him with anticipation. He knew exactly the effect he had on girls and enjoyed it, being quite a flirt.

   Next to him sat Geet, whose face was hidden to the rest of the crowd as she seemed to be asleep. Only her crinkly curly shiny brown hair seemed to be spread all over her head and back. There was a foot's distance between her and the rest of the crowd.  No one seems to be comfortable enough to sit  close to her.

At their feet  Mayank was spread out on the step leaning on one arm, seemed to be mildly curious about the proceedings of the ragging. Mayank Shroff, as he was known to the general crowd was pretty smart for the normal human species. Going to college was just a means to an end, for him. He could easily top college and do whatever it is that he wished to'but !!...

The new student who seemed scared enough to faint, flapped his hand around and tried squawking the nursery rhyme out. He was sweating is his fear and his glasses had slipped to the end of his nose. The crowd roared with laughter. Sid gave a lopsided smirk while Mayank gave a pitying look and motioned the next boy to step forward. The junior was a short fat boy  with a buttoned up shirt right to the very 1st button. His brown pants and shabby floaters looked out of place and his slick oiled hair was  plastered to his face and the seat was making his hair and oil look like it was about to drip a sort of gooey substance. His entire expression was pitiful and by the look on his face he looked like he wasn't about to be spared.


'Debashish Chatopadhayay'

Chato'.what?', sneered Sid.

' , Sir', stuttered the boy.

'Look at him '..he's scared enough to wet his pants', shouted one senior.

'Did he do something to his hair or did he fall in a vat of glue?, 'smirked another one

'Oi specimen, tu koi 70s ke museum se uth ke aaya hain kya?'

Nahi, yeh naye style ka hangover hoga''human disaster', screeched one of the senior females.

Suddenly , a tall lean boy grabbed Deboshish's arm and told him, Your're Deboshish Chatopadhay? Professor Sinha wants to meet you. Some problem in your registration number.

Without waiting to see who was sitting in front of him, he pulled the boy out of there and walked out  of the area with an arm around Deboshish.There was complete silence for a minute or two.The crowd looked stunned and didn't react for another minute. Finally a boy spoke from the back of the group in a dazed voice'..''Aaj to Sinha sir chutti par hain naa?'

''Arre haan yaar, he's got some flu-shu, man.''

''Toh phir uss bongaali babu ko kaun kheench ke le gaya?''

''Yaar uss lambe ko toh college main pehle dekha nahi tha yaar.''

One of the freshers opened his mouth and said in an eager voice, ' Sir he is also a fresher . He was standing in front of me in the queue for admission'.

'So is that how he knew that Sinha called the tingu?'

''But Sinha's on leave u idiot!''

Geet finally raised her head, pushed her shades on her hair to reveal almond shaped hazel eyes lined heavily with kohl- and said in a loud and clear frustrated voice,' You idiotic GITS! That chap just fooled you and saved a fellow fresher's butt. Teen saal ho gaye college main aa kar aur abhi tak samajh nahi aat kab koi tumhaare naak ke neeche se tumhe bewakoof bana gaya.

Sid, suddenly snapping his shades off and standing in anger spat. ''That bl***y fresher thinks he can just step into my college and do whatever he likes? He's gonna get it good''.

Mayank looked up and smirked and said in a playful voice,' oops looks like smartass just insulted the sher, yaaro. Uski toh aaj lag gayi''.

Sid looked at the boys next to him and ordered them to go find that smart alec.'' Get him to me now!''

Geet pulled out her shades, wore them and looked up at Sid. ''Dude, quit over reacting, man.' having said this, she pulled out her phone and looked busy.

''Bloody hell, Geet! Tujhe kya lagta hian,main use itne aasani se jaane doonga. He has no clue who he messed with! Aaj toh uski laga daloonga!! ''He angrily pulled her shades off her face.

Geet just ignored him and continued playing with her phone. Mayank returned to his pose and looked at the rest of the freshers and told them with a smirk. 'chalo lets see what we have in store for you''.''.

Just then the group of guys returned with the said boy in question. He walked lazily back to them, showing no fear in his eyes. He just looked Sid in the eye with a questioning look.

Sid looked arrogantly at him and asked him, ''Fresher ,huh!!''

The boy just stared.He was tall and lean. His arms were muscled and were laced with veins.His hair was short and messed  up, and his clear brown eyes looked straight at Sid fearlessly. He was quite good looking though not as good looking as Sid.He was dressed in a plain T-shirt and loose jeans.

Kya hua? Abhi mooh nahi khul rahah hain kya?

The boy just stared back at him. He didn't seem the least scared of him.

'So is that the best you could do to save that chit of a boy?'

'Kya hua, Darr gaye kya?', taunted one of the seniors.

'Abh bol bhi de ki koi excuse nahi hain toh mooh kholne ki himmat nahi ho rahi hain!'

'Darpok kahin ka. Phattu'

He finally opened his mouth and spoke, 'I don't need to feel afraid of insecure bullies who take pleasure in putting down others so that they feel better about themselves. There's nothing great in that'.and It's not something I respect. All of you are just cowards who pick on others who are smaller than themselves. Is that what all this pride is about? Issme itne udne waali kya baat hain?'

Geet raised her head and stared at him a tad bit arrogantly. Sid walked down to the boy's level and stared at him in his face and said aggressively, ''Naam kya hain bey tera?'

The boy stared back at him in the eye and said, ''Nikhil Chopra''

Sid:''Dude, u have no idea who you just messed with. Yahan sab hume salaam thokte hain. Apne hadh main rehna abhi se seekh le''.

Nikhil,''Sorry to disappoint'par woh kya hain naa'bachpan se mujhe kuch hatke karne ki aadat hain. I don't like to follow the crowd.''

'Ohhh you don't do you'''..Said Sid mockingly, making the crowd laugh with him.


 ''So Nikhil, lets see how smart you are to get out of this one? Lets see you carry all you things from the end of this pavilion, to the benches there.'' The crowd looked at Sid confused. '''But wait, there a catch, you can't use your feet'.carry it however you wish , but your feet better not touch the ground. Geddit?''

The crowd hooted and cheered Sid, who stood taking in all the attention.

Geet kept staring at Nikhil. She didn't have Sid's anger on her face, neither did she look indifference like Mayank. She just stared at him with a certain arrogance and a little bit of curiosity but with a challenging look. Nikhil looked like he was about to ignore Sid and walk off when, he glanced at Geet and something seemed to flicker off his face. He looked Sid in the eye again.

He smirked and pushed his leg through his bags and in a swift movement did a handstand and 'walked' to the benches , plonked his stuff on them and stood up again. It was clear to the onlookers, that he did that just to put Sid in his place and not cuz he was yielding to Sid's 'higher' authority. The smile was wiped off Sid's now angry and glaring face. He was fuming because he knew he had been outclassed and got the better of. Nikhil, did a mock bow at the lot and walked off whistling.

''Bloody hell, this is not the end of it! He has no idea who he's meddled with'', shouted Sid, throwing his shades to the ground.

"Relax man, he's new here. Life is about to get tough for him", said Mayank.

Everyone knew the battle had just begun!

But, life takes a turn quite unexpected.none of them knew what was waiting for them around the corner!



Guys, the story goes on for a while about both Maan n Geet in flashbaack...till the date they meet each other.



Did u hear Maan's coming for the party..

Maan? who's dat?

Only, The Maan singh Khurana...Gaurav Khurana's son!! Hello

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CHAPTER 2 - Who's Maan?

Time; 11:00 pm

Venue: Capitol club, New Delhi, Chanakyapuri.


The crowd is hopping and the club is full of people dancing away. Everybody seems to be waiting for a certain person to enter.


Random girl 1: Chal babe, lets go now. 

Random girl 2: what , wait we can't go now, Did you hear, Maan is coming for the part.

R G1: Maan? who's dat?

RG 2Only, The Maan singh Khurana...Gaurav Khurana's son!! Hello

 RG 1: Err, ok you dont need to be so indignant. We'll wait. chillax.


There was a sudden hush and the crowd unconsciously parted. A group of people had just entered the club. Two guys and two girls, along with their entourage. The taller of the two, seemed younger while the other guy was about half a head shorter. He looked older than the other, but the resemblance was evident between the two.The taller boy motioned to his brother and led the girl to the bar,while the other couple took a seat. This was Maan Singh Khurana and his current girlfriend. The DJ motioned to him and played a song for him. Maan turned in his seat and smiled at the DJ. He was a regular here. every night he came there with his girlfriend and entourage. the party didn't begin till he had entered the club. His brother was Vikram Singh Khurana, the charmer the heartthrob, the guy who wore his heart on his sleeve.


Both the brothers were multi-talented, but everyone knew Maan as the most eligible bachelor. Having just returned from abroad with his fancy degree, he was the talk of the town. Even though he was back after 2 yrs, he had fallen into his usual part habits and returned to his usual joints. 


The music changed to a dance number and the crowd pleaded for a performance from Maan. He smilingly asked his partner for her hand and led her to the dance floor.  


They salsa-ed effortlessly and swayed to a enthusiastic crowd with the spotlight on them. Once they'd stopped, Maan shouted for the crowd to join them on the floor.  Vicky pulled his girl along with him and danced too.

  Had anybody observed, it was evident that Vicky was the better dancer of the to, but it was Maan who garnered all the attention because of his charm. Still, Vicky loved his brother too much to not give him the centre stage.

In the middle of it all, Maan got a call and left to answer it. He signaled to Vicky that they had to leave.

He turned to his partner

Maan: Do you want to wait or shall we drop you home?

Girl: babe, tum chale jaaooge toh waise bhi maza aayega nahi so I might as well go home.

Maan smiled and held her elbow n guided her to the door followed by Vicky and his girl. After they left, the party seemed flat. Everybody seemed to have lost the mood.



Hey Dad, kuch kaam tha itne jaldi bula diya.

Gaurav Khurana: Son, it's past 2 am. thats late, not jaldi. Anyway, I called cuz I have to go to Kolkata tomorrow. I'm hoping you'll be able to join me. Vicky to aane se raha. 

Vicky: yeah Dad you know me so well. waise bhi yeh sab business ke cheezein mujhe samjh nahi aati.

Dad: thats ok Vicky, but you wont be able to dance all your life. you'll need some other job to fall back on

Maan: Dad for now let him do what he wants to. He's only 21yrs old. I'm there na, for him to fall back on.

Vicky:(smiling gratefully): thanks bro. See dad, bro's absolutely right. Chalo I'm off. safe journey you two.

Maan: koi urgent meeting hain kya?

Dad; yeah And this time I want your opinion on this deal. After all, one day you've gotta run this ship.

Come on now get some sleep. the flights at 7 am.

Maan: gud night dad.


Chapter 3: Nikhil's task

The principal of the college had a fest every year. The students put up talent shows for the college and the public in general. It was a more of an annual day where the students could showcase their talents and then there could be a prize distribution. Most of the students ditched the show as it was just a waste of time.  He college didn't lack any talent - but nobody was willing to display any  of it. The principal Dr. Mehra was worried as the NAAC committee would be attending the function this year and he wanted a good turnout.

If students were unwilling to attend their own college programmes then it reflected badly on the college...this further led to a bad grade on the national scale  and Dr. Mehra loved the A++ sign in front of his college's name.

He wanted to desperately to put up a good show with his star talents. He knew that his college was filled with the students who were brilliant.  But, his frustration and tension was hampering his thinking process and he was just unable to come up with a solution as to how to get the students to participate.  

''Sinha sir, iss baar ke show housefull hona chahiye aur uss main humaare hi bachche hone chahiye!''

Dr. Mehra was pacing in his cabin and talking to Mr. Sinha seated before him. Mr. Sinha was the senior most teacher of the college. Students were terrified of Sinha Sir and he was the only one after the principal , who was feared.

''Dr.Mehra , itne saalon se try kar rahe hain.  Yeh bachche kuch sunte hi nahi hain. Aur hum unke marks cut bhi toh nahi kar sakte.''

Koi toh raasta hona chahiye-

The peon had entered.

''Sir ek naya student bahar ruka hain. Scholarship ke form par signatures chahiye usse'''

''andar bhej do''

NIkhil entered.

Good morning Sir. He turned to Mr. Sinha...''Good morning sir''

Mr. Sinha twisted in his chair and saw NIkhil,'' Arre NIkhil, tum yahan kya kar rahe ho.''

''Sir, form par signature aur stamp chahiye tha, sir. ''

''So son, are u participating in the annual function? You've made quite a few friends in the past one month. Are u going to perform. I've heard you dance and teach it too.''

''Well, sir, if students are expected to perform , then I'll certainly do so. How many people participate?

Dr. Mehra looked up and said,'' Not many NIkhil, but i like your enthusiasm. Despite being one of the famous colleges in India, somehow the students refuse to participate in the programmes for college. It's like the show is jinxed.''

Mr. Sinha turned to NIkhil, '' Son, do you think you can give any ideas as to how more students will come for the show?''


''Yes of course...why not? Your part of the newer generation. Surely you'll know where we're going wrong. We've got to fix this somehow or our college is going to lose it's A++ grade with the accreditation committee.''

''Umm...Sorry sir I'm a bit clueless...Being new here I don't really understand how the college works.''

''try...what do you get off the top of your head?'

Dr. Mehra spoke up...''ok lets do one thing. You need this form to be submitted in 2 weeks time, don't you? I'll give you a week's time to discreetly ask around college and come up with some ideas. In one week, you meet me with some solution, and I'll try and speed up the process for your scholarship with my contacts.''

There was nothing NIkhil, could say. He had to agree. He left the campus

One week??

How can one week be enough? One month had been eventful enough. On his 1st day in college he'd messed up with the most happening and powerful crowd in college. Thanks to that he hadn't been able to mingle or mix with the students well. The only one who he hung out with was loner Ayush and that too cause he had the same subjects.

  If it was just the matter of his performance, he would have done it happily and performed to the best of his ability. But getting ideas  of involving people in a place where one was boycotted was not very promising!  He walked to the parking lot and pulled out his bike and sped home.

Next day he was sitting in the psychology lecture waiting for the teacher. A few girls behind , were gossiping. The names that kept cropping up in their conversation were the usual popular ones ' Geet, Sid and Mayank. It was common knowledge that they were the 3 musketeers of college and everyone sought to copy them. The college followed them blindly, no matter what they did.

NIkhil, smirked...he didn't like the trio. As much as he tried , he couldn't avoid them. Even if they weren't around, everyone spoke of them. He had begun to get irritated by them. They were the ones who knowingly or unknowingly created all that peer pressure. Snippets of conversation kept coming from a group of three girls sitting behind them. Another girl sat  quietly reading a book

''Sid ka shirt dekha...yar woh toh sirf trendsetter hain. No one carries those shirts off the way he does. My neighbour came to college the other day and saw one of Sid' shirts and he also bought one. Itna bada bewakoof lag rahah than na,''

''Yaar Mujhe toh Mayank pasand hain. Woh kitna dreamy hain yaar.''

''What's s dreamy bout him maan. He's lost most of the tym ya. Woh toh khud dream karta hain. ''(giggles)

''Dekh, Rekha, Mayank  kya cheez hain , yeh tere comprehension range ke bahar hain, so don't even try to understand him, geddit.''

''Ok u two stop fighting ya.''said the third girl.'' What I don't get is ...what are two dishy guys like them doing with a thing like Geet. She's so arrogant and it's not like she's even girly. I mean she can easily beat most of the guys in sport-

''Not Mayank and Sid'', said the second girl.

''Thats only cuz she never play against them and neither do they let her!''

---ok, ok...but she's never worn a girly top let alone a dress. She drives that horrible jeep and she always wears such boyish vests and watches. Even her shoes...or's like she's gonna go hiking any minute, ya.''

''True, is so sucky ya. How is it that the nicest chaps get the horrible girls.?''

The fourth girl looked up from her book and quietly spoke, ''Maybe because they are in need of niceness the most. We don't get what's going on with them cuz we just view from outside. How can you judge that she's horrible?'' Saying that she turned back to the book leaving the girls stunned and speechless.

Nikhil turned and looked to see who had said that. The girl, realized that she was being stared at and looked at him. She smiled warmly and said, '' Hi, I'm Raina. You are?


''Hi, are you new here?''

Nikhil replied, ''Yeah. I've only joined this year.'

'How're you liking it?'

'It's ok, haven't seen much as yet.'

But I did mess up with Geet n buddies on the 1st day...hehe. Nice for starters heh?''

''OMG , you didn't'', gasped Raina

''Yeah, well they were ragging that poor chap. He'd have wet his pants any minute. They're nothing but bullies, all of them.''

''Whoa, 1st day in a new college and you meddled with the 'It' things of college, huh'', she said smilingly.

''Why do I get the feeling that you're not as 'Three Musketeer crazy'' as these girls out here? I'm right am I not.?''

She smiled and said,''3 musketeers crazy-probably not...but crazy..definitely!''

''Hehe..right on'', laughed Nikhil.

The teacher entered the class so they ended the conversation there.

In the break Nikhil saw Raina again...eating alone in the cafeteria. He went up to her and joined her. They chattered non-stop. Suddenly the cafeteria became noisy - Geet and Gang enter along with their entourage. They seemed oblivious to the crowd around, just grabbed a table n seated themselves. A few of the boys and girls placed orders for the lot.

Geet turned and grabbed a seat next to Sid and they started playing a game on their phones. Geet looked about after some time and saw Raina. Raina and her eyes met. Nikhil all this while was watching their silent interaction.

Raina gave a tiny smile to Geet who nodded discreetly in return.

She turned her head to the food in front of her, while Raina turned back to the guys.

Nikhil :''Do u know her?''

Raina: ''Yeah, we're school mates''

N: Ok, so you're friends?''

R:''No really...just acquaintances!''

'Ummm ok.'

The bell rang and they returned for classes.

Nikhil was still clueless as to how to get students to participate in the annual day.

He'd managed to make friends with one girl, but he had no clue about her. He just prayed he'd come to some conclusion fast. He'd only got 5 days left.

Day  3:

History lecture:

Nikhil and Raina were sitting together, completing a crossword. The happening trio entered, Sid bragging about something as usual. Again Nikhil saw the silent acknowledgement between Raina and Geet. He didn't say much..but he did wonder what it was between the two girls. He knew that they weren't friends , but Raina didn't hold her in awe either , neither did Geet ignore her like she did for the rest of the college crowd, that had tagged behind her for the lecture.

  What did register was that Geet did notice who Raina was sitting with. Her eyes narrowed the teensiest bit but didn't bother much after that. Sid and Mayank did notice Nikhil and were about to pick a quarrel when Geet stopped them and told them not to create a scene in Sadu Sinha's class.

Mr. Sinha took the class in his usual manner and commented how full the class seemed today. Everybody seemed to have attended just for the heck of it cuz only a few seemed to be paying attention.

As soon as he left the class the trio left and with them the rest of the class.

''I thought we have another class today?'' Nikhil asked raina.

''We do, but if these 3 aren't in class then the other students won't bother attending either'' smiled Raina.

''Why are you smiling? Isn't this a classic example of peer pressure? '' asked Nikhil a little annoyed.

''Sure it is, but there's only so much one can do to stop or prevent it. Plus I've never seen Geet or her friends do anything bad in college.''

''Yeah,'' scoffed Nikhil, ''Sure in college they haven't. But every night at least one of them is drunk and I've seen them leave the pubs late around 2 or 3 am.''

'Well, Mr. Goody two shoes , how do you know that?'' Asked Raina mischievously.

''Oi, I live close to the happening area...don't blame me for living close to the happening place,'' he replied defensively.

''Ok , ok!''

''So do you know Geet closely? I've never seen her acknowledge any girl the way she acknowledges you. Old friendship?''

N:So, you've just been school mates huh?

R:Yeah. Even Mayank and Sid are from the same school. These 3 have been friends since then.

N:They were inseparable even then?

R:Yeah I suppose.

N: what is your opinion of Geet? Was she always as arrogant?'' Something about her attracted him. He didn't know what?

R: what makes you think she's arrogant.

N: well, you know a person by the company they keep.

R: She's not that arrogant. She's actually quite mischievous. She just doesn't give a damn much.

It's only Sid who's arrogant and that too he's not like that with Geet. Neither is Mayank. They have this facade only for the world around them. I think they share a much deeper friendship.

N: you sound almost fond of them.

R: to be honest I don't mind Geet or Mayank. It's Sid who annoys me and gets under my skin.

But they do pamper Geet a lot and she'll do anything for them too. Even her grand mom is very close to them.

N: hmm.

Raina: u knw s school, every  year, they used to perform for teacher's day. Geet would perform a solo dance, and Mayank and Sid would perform together. She had a very vibrant personality. Her mum's death change-...

N: wait a minute. Did u just say that Geet dances?

R:yeah. Very well. But I haven't seen her perform for quite a while. I wonder if she does perform anymore. She's changed a lot since I first knew her...but then who doesn't.

An idea was slowly forming in NIkhil's mind. He didn't really know how to get it to work , but he was desperate and time was running out. It was time to act and do something before he got himself into trouble.

The teacher entered and class began. But Nikhil's attention was diverted. He kept coming up with ideas how to fulfil his game plan. AS soon as the bell rang, he told Raina he was meeting the principal and ran off.

He entered the Prici's office panting.

''Sir I've got an idea,'' he panted

Dr. Mehra smiled and said,'' good to hear Nikhil''

He relayed his idea and though Dr. Mehra was a little dubious about the plan, he too was desperate enough too. He knew Geet well and Mayank too, the only trouble he expected was from Sid.  

However he thanked Nikhil.

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CHAPTER 4 - A task is not fulfilled until it's done in perfection.

Nikhil finds how difficult his task is set out to be.

The next day:

Nikhil had begun practising for his performance. The princi given him a special room to practise in. Suddenly, the door burst open and Geet barged in. She looked that would've been the wrong word...she looked mad with fury.

''How-Dare-You? Who the hell are you to tell Dr. Mehra to get me to participate in the annual function?''

''Me?? How on earth can I dictate terms to the principal?''

''Don't you dare pretend. There is no way I'm going to work with a smart ass like you. ''

''Darling, kaam toh tumhe karna hi padega.''

''She looked at him furiously, and then suddenly smiled.'' You know to tell the truth , I would have loved to ...but I can't dance at all.''

He turned towards her and said in mock surprise...''Oh really? Then you surely have a namesake. ''

She turned to look at him in confusion.

He continued.''...cuz I've heard of this girl from Delhi, who was a star performer of her school and always did solo acts''

Her face turned a bright red and she looked even more infuriated if possible. ''How the Hell Do you know?''

''He looked at her and smirked and said;'' I have my sources.''

''There'll be hell to pay, Chopra. I'll give you one day to fix this an convince DR. Mehra. The entire college quakes in their pants if I get angry and you don't want that. Don't you ever forget that Geet Handa only does what Geet Handa likes.''

Nikhil walked up to her and looked her in the eye..his nose almost touching hers. He looked at her with curiosity and said,''You don't scare me, girl. Though, Ihave to admit that you do intrigue me, but scary..." he thought a little...,"No - you don't scare me."

Saying this he walked away leaving an astounded Geet behind!




Principal's office:


''Why not?'', said the princi.

'Sir main nahi perform karungi.''

'Tum akele kahan perform kar rahi hoon'

'Sir iss khotte ke saath toh kabhi bhi nahi'

'Geet – language.'

'Sorry sir, but Not with Nikhil. I can't dance anyway.'

'Geet don't try to turn this over...I know you can dance'., he said sternly.

'OK, sir, but I haven't danced in 5 years.' She made her voice very soft and sweet, 'sir I don't want to be responsible for spoiling the show'

"Oh you don't need to worry bout that. Nikhil here, teaches dance. He'll coach you and you will perform with him."

'Sorry, I can't perform with him.''

"No sorrys or ifs or buts!! When I said you have to perform, it's done. Don't make me have a word with your father''

Geet just glared at Nikhil and stalked off in anger.

Nikhil walked after her. ''tomorrow after morning lectures at 11:30. See you then.''

''Over my dead body'', she shouted after him.

He walked into Sid and Mayank. They cornered him into the wall. If you mess with Get you'll have to face us. Geddit?? Keep your distance from her'', Mayank threatened talking in his face

''Samajh le bachchu, tange todke haath main pakda doonga.Jaldi katak le.''

Nik held up his hand and said,''I think sir ne tum logon ko bhi bulaya hain.''

He turned to Mayank,''Get out of my face. Don't force me get you out of it.''

Sid laughed loudly and at that Nik pushed Mayank at an arm's length abruptly and walked off.

They were about to walk after him when the peon told them to meet the princi.




''Lag gayi yaar. Hume bhi participate karne ko kahan hain. Main ko dance nahi karne wala. Mayank tera achcha hain yaar. Sirf MC toh banna hain tujhe."

''Oi, saale bukwas mat kar.'' Looking red in the face

Geet pealed into laughter and explained, ''yaar MC ka matlab Master of Ceremony - bas hi toh ban-na hain.''

''Oh- ok. Toh tu kya karne waali hain? Uss loser ke saath dance karegi?''

''Yaar Dr. Mehra ne bohot senti maari yaar. Ditch karne ka scene hi nahi hain yaar.Plus dad se baat karenge. Tujhe pata hain na phir kya hoga!''

''Haan, tu tension mat le. We got your back.''

''Chal lets go. Woh saddu rukka hoga.''

They walked into the room.Nik and Raina were already there.

Sid groaned,''Yaar yeh yahan kya kar rahi hain?

Raina looked at him and looked angrily at Nik.

''What kind of joke is this. Do I have to perform with this moron? I'm outta here.''

Sid: Haan haan nikal yahan se. Dance toh waise bhi nahi aata tujhe. Chale aate hain phateechar mere saath perform karne.''

Raina: oye, tere jaise langoor ke saath naachna pasand bhi kaun karega?

Sid: jaa bey.

Nikhil:relax guys. Kaam karna hain toh saath main karna hoga.

Raina(calmly): fine..toh nahi karna. See you in class Nik.

Sid: bhaag gayi na dum daba ke. Heh!(laughing gloatingly)

Raina: Jo log koi argument ko chod ke chale jaate hain woh aur takatwar hote hain...par yeh toh tujhe nahi pata hoga.

Sid: tu ...aur mujhse strong. Kuch bhi.

Raina: Achcha, toh lets see who can do the most cartwheels.

Sid: Bring it on!! That'll teach you not to take pangas with Sid ever again.I'll show you how it's done.

He walked to the end of the room and started doing cartwheels. He stopped when he had reached 5.

'Beat that', he panted.

Raina walked till the end of the room. Stretched and warmed up her muscles and started cartwheeling. 5-6-7-8...she cartwheeled till she reached the end of the room and gave a triumphant bow to Sid.

''Yeah,  I think I beat that lousy performance. Nik, proof enough that I can't dance with him?''

Nik raised his hand, sorry Rainz, Princi's have to pair with him.



Nik and Geet had a fast hip hop dance routine, while Sid and Rainz had a contemporary one.

None of them pretended that they were enjoying it, but they had to get over with it and so had to work together no matter what. Mayank always sat and watched, working on his speech.

The news spread fast that the college's hottest group's taking part in the function. That ensured that everybody was falling over themselves to get in to help out. The main dances were given to Nik and Geet and Sid and Raina, but other acts were still open and they were quickly taken up.

Dr. Mehra was pleases beyond measure and he happily gave the signed scholarship form to Nik.  The pther students worked well with Nik cuz he was trustworthy and fun loving. His calm manner ensured that everyone did their job well and happily. This new found popularity of Nik was not unnoticed by Geet and group.  Geet herself, found that she wasn't angry with Nik..infact no one could be angry with him cause he refused to get into an argument. He always smart talked his way out of it. She found herself in awe of him...but her rebellious streak never let her ego get out of hand and show his respect.

There were posters that were being created. Mayank was supervising the painting and the designing of the stage, the hall and all the decorations. Everybody obeyed him completely cuz they knew he was the best. Dr.Mehra was over the moon and didn't even argue that the students practised and stayed in college till late evening!

Sid and Raina on the other hand were extremes. Nikhil understood from their interaction that Raenz ( as he called her) and Sid had a long standing enmity. They never seemed to dance for more than 5 minutes simply cuz they either never showed up at the same time, or Sid was surrounded by his gang of admirers, or the times they did start practicing, they just started arguing.  They seemed to get under each other's skin.

   Geet on the other hand was outstandingly brilliant at one moment and absolutely indifferent the next. She came as she liked and did as she pleased. Nothing that Nik or the teachers or Raina said, made any difference to her. 

Many a times, she showed up with a hangover thereby rendering her incapable of performing her best. Nik knew that she was the best dancer out of  all the college students. It was a God given talent...but he indifference was going to cause trouble.


    One day she showed up saying that she had some place she needed to be and so she'd not be practicing late.

Nik reached home and slept only to be woken up at 1 am. He walked out on his balcony to see Geet and friends creating a ruckus on the street. A few were shouting and Geet was revving up her jeep's engine to egg them on.  Nik knew this behaviour of Geet, but he still was disappointed. He didn't know why, but he was.


    The next day Geet was a no-show. When he called her up she didn't answer and showed up 4 hrs late for practice. Sid and Raenz had a day off so t was only Geet and his practice.

Nik: have  you seen the time?

Geet: I'm here now, aren't I?

N: why the hell are you so late.

G: had some important work to do last night.

N: oh really? Like what?

G: yeah I had to do some research work for my Dad.

N: like research on booze? And late night disturbance?

G: what the...?

N: Wow , you can just lie through your teeth cant you? You're not even ashamed of yourself.

G: Ok so I went clubbing. Why ask when you knew.

N: I just wanted to see if you had the decency to tell me the truth and be minutely ashamed of the fact that you stood me up when I've been waiting here for you for the past 4 hours.

G:(cheekily) geez girlfriend ! wow you sound like those tithlies that flutter around Sid. Why're you being such a girl, man. Relax!

N: So you don't get the gravity of the situation do you?

G: Look I had told you that I do what I can't force me to have your way, always. Geddit?

N: you know what...I can't believe I had actually started counting on you to make this show a success. I just wasted my respect on someone who's miles away from deserving it.

He walked off in a angrily leaving his words behind, echoing in Geet's head.


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Chapter 5 - Unlucky in love

Khurana mansion:

It was 11 pm and most of the family were asleep. Vicky was out for a dance show, and Maan and his current girlfriend, Anita. They were cozied up on the sofa watching a mushy movie. It was a sequel of The Ring, and she kept clutching him out of fear.

   Maan had been seeing Anita for the past one month. She's been seen with him everywhere and he'd become quite fond of her. She was pretty, spoke well, his friends liked her and she shared quite a few interests with him, not to mention she was hot. She'd come to Delhi a couple of months ago from the USA and had started modeling. They'd met in a club, it was attraction at 1st sight.. They'd dated on n off. It was the 2ndtime she'd come to Maan's house; the 1st they'd stayed watching a movie is such a comfortable environment.


Maan put his arm around her and pulled her close. She looked up at him and smiled. But her smile faded when she saw how close his face was. They had made out before, but there was always somebody around and not much privacy. She stared right back at him and soon he began kissing her. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him back. His hands started exploring her while she unbuttoned his shirt. They were about to go to the next level, when Anita's phone began ringing.

They groaned in unison while she answered it.

Anita: Hello?...Hi baby, how're you?


A: yeah I miss you too. It's been so long


A: Howz everyone? Bet you're going crazy without me, huh.

Maan, did not wanna listen, but he coulddn't help himself. The familiarity with which she spoke to the caller had ignited his curiosity.

Anita: yeah, yeah'..I'm at a friend's house. We're watching a movie. '.Nope nothing mushy, come one. You doubting me (giggles)'s a horror movie.

Maan : (friend?? Is that what she sees me as'.doubting her?? Sounds dubious. That doesn't sound like a girl on the other end.)

Anita: ok bye baby. Miss you. Muaah.


She turned to Maan' :''sorry it was an international call. My friend'.you know the time difference.''

Maan: Who was it?

Anita: Just Rob, this guy I was dating back home.

Maan: And'..?

Anita: And what, I left the states didn't I?

Maan: did you break up with him?

Anita: (laughs): oops I don't think I did'heheh'never mind'I'm not going back anytime soon. Till then I'm a free agent.


Those words didn't sit too well with Maan. Free agent. What was that supposed to mean? Did she consider what they had as anything serious. He wanted to clear it all with her, but his temper was rising and he did not want to be crude or aggressive when he spoke to her. He massaged his temples.


M:''Anita, where do you think we're headed?''

A: ''Sweety', in a soft seductive voice, 'I know where we were headed just a few minutes ago'.lets get back to that.''

'Anita, just answer my question.'

''Come one Maan, why this sudden change? Let's just have fun. it was just a phone call!!''

''Is this what it is? Fun? '..'' His temper was getting the better of him. He rubbed his forehead again and took a deep breath.

''You know what let's call it a night. I'll tell the driver to drop you home.''


''I'm tired and Daadi won't appreciate you staying here that long,'', he cut across her words.

He buttoned her shirt and led her out.


After she'd left, he came back to his room. It always ended like this.  Was there anybody he could trust. Daadi always said there was somebody for him'but this was beyond him. There was always some trouble when it came to his love life. He had actually begun to care about Anita. But in a way he was glad that he'd found out about her ''friend'' before she became anything moreHe punched his bed in frustration.

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simply awesome ff

i am loving it

keep writing


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i like ur ff...pls add me in ur pm list...

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