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Mayur FF- Love will find a way#2 Epilogue Pg 80 (Page 61)

Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 7:22am | IP Logged
@all...i dunno if this seems to be a completely random updateConfused

                                                                          Part 47:

When Mayank pulled out he quickly said, "Nupur, mere paas tumhare liye ek gift hai..." and moved towards the balcony to check on something and coming back to her he held her hand and said, "Chalo, dikhata hoon..." and dragged her along with him towards the door...

Nupur was surprised at Mayank's eagerness and totally suprised that he had brought her a gift which made her  excited beyond Mayank would have wanted to...

Both were getting down the landing when they both ran into Shilpa Sharma on their way downstairs...she grinned wide looking at Mayank holding onto Nupur's hand and she needed no two suggestions as to what it meant...

As soon as Mayank saw Shilpa Sharma looking at their hands, he left Nupur's hand as if a child has been caught red handed doing something not expected and looked from Shilpa Sharma to Nupur who was now staring at Mayank open mouthed for his this behaviour and shaking her head she looked at Shilpa Sharma too and she herself fell silent and nervous and tried to smile to her casually...

Shilpa Sharma was right now enjoying this scenario in front of her and she smiled to both of them amused when Mayank started with his explaination, "Ma...woh main toh...bas hum yuhi...neeche..."

Nupur looked at Mayank amazed for he was behaving soimmature according to her and she completed his words, "Ma, hum woh..Mayank mere liye ek gift laya hai...woh mujhe wahi dikhane jaa raha tha...hum wahin jaa rahe the...and she smiled sharing her excitement with Shilpa Sharma 

Shilpa Sharma couldn't help teasing Mayank and smiling at him she said, "Achcha...yeh toh bahut achchi baat hai...Nupur dekh kar mujhe bhi batana ki kya gift hai...theek hai..."

Nupur replied smiling, "Haan Ma, pakka" Mayank's nervous behavior brought her out of all of her nervousness and she smiled shaking her head at how cute he was...

When Shilpa Sharma crossed them on the landing she took Nupur's hand and put them in Mayank's and said serious but smilingly, "Ab yeh kabhi mat chodna...kuch bhi ho...Samjhe" and ruffling his hair she left feeling contented and patting Nupur's cheeks...

Mayank smiled as his Ma left and Nupur smiled too and she ruffled Mayank's hair just like Shilpa which Mayank tried to duck but was unsuccessful and he looked at Nupur a little perplexed at her actions when she repeated Shilpa's words, "Samjhe"

Mayank broke into a laughter with Nupur and getting hold of her hand again he lead her where they had started for...

Nupur was literally shocked when she came where Mayank had brought her...they were standing in their own premises while they saw a truck parked over there in front of them...

Nupur questioned immediately, "Mayank, tum mere liye truck laaye ho? YEH mera gift hai?"

Mayank broke into a laughter and said as if enjoying Nupur's statement, "Nupur tum bolne se pehle kabhi sochti nahi ho naa..." and he shaked his head smiling at Nupur when he brought her behind the truck which revealed to her, her gift...

Nupur was again shocked to see it completely filled with plants...all of those had roses blooming out of it, it had all the, pink, peach, white, yellow, Magenta...and that sight already gave her a refreshing feeling when she saw Mayank staring at her smiling and she said pointing towards those plants, "Mayank, tumne kya koi movie nahi dekhi aaj tak...matlab tum mujhe flowers gift karte yeh toh samajh mein aata...par yeh...plants...?"

Mayank tried to calm her down with his expression by blinking both his eyes to her and said, "Nupur, tumhe roses pasand hai naa?"

Nupur replied giving up, "Haan, par yeh?"

Mayank kept a hand on her shoulder and replied looking with his intense truthful eyes, "Mujhe laga ki ek din ke roses toh murjha jayenge...toh maine socha ki...aise tumhe roz roz phool milenge..." 

Nupur shaked her head and said, "Mayank Sharma aur unki planning..." 

Mayank pressed his lips together and went to the plant with 

Red roses and pricking out one of those he came back to 

Nupur and held it out to her and said, "Filhaal abhi ke liye ye ek meri taraf se..." and looked at her expectantly and curiously...while Nupur couldn't help but smiled and naturally her hand went up to hold the rose in his hand but when he realised she was just holding it in his hand and not taking it away he looked at both their hands and the rose which was now held by both...Nupur raised herself upto his level and totally unexpectedly and undecidedly kissed his cheek and felt herself going weak by herself when he looked back in her eyes, she quickly took the rose from his hand snatching it away when Mayank realised it would always be puzzle for him to totally understand her but he concluded the fact that she would certainly be the best mystery he would ever come across and still be the very basic person that she was...he smiled at her and to himself and then suddenly realising something and looking here and there he 
said, "Nupur, agar koi yahan hota toh...i mean hamein aise dekh leta toh..."

Nupur loved it when he freaked out like that, it made her nervousness vanish in a second while she replied back smiling, "Dekh leta toh kya Mayank...yahi kehta ki Haaye...kitni pyaari jodi hai...bilkul Shahrukh aur Kajol ki tarah..." and pulled his cheeks while he glared at how she reasoned out  when looking at his expression she changed her statement, "Nahi...woh toh real jodi nahi hai...toh...bilkul Rishi Kapoor aur Neetu Singh ki tarah..."then this time talked to herself more than him and said, "Nahi woh toh bahut budhe ho gaye hain...toh bilkul Mayank aur Nupur ki tarah..."and looked back at Mayank who was by now shaking his head and chuckled at her antics and said, "achcha chalo ab in sab ko arrange karke yahan achche se rakh dete hain taaki Meri Wife ko Top View se koi complain naa ho..." and indicated her to join him and Nupur happily joined him in making his work easier and almost heard several echoes of the words by him "Meri Wife"...

The best came out of what Mayank and Nupur tried together and so was the Top view of these flowery arrangement from their Balcony and totally exhausted both went in for a well needed Dinner...

The Sharmas were having a great dinner and Shilpa Sharma had for once decided not to tease Mayank and Nupur now since she wanted it to make things easier for them for once and so she tried hard to be as ignorant as she could but she had already told about her encounter with newly weds at the stairs to Sameer Sharma and at present Mayank and Nupur were at his scrutinity for confirmation of Shilpa's words...

Mayank and Nupur were trying hard not to make anything obvious but avoided meeting gaze with the senior Mr. and Mrs. Sharma...

Shilpa Sharma asked Nupur out of the blue with minimal shadow of any teasing, "Nupur, Mayank ne tumhe kya gift diya...tum dono gift dekhne gaye the naa?"
Nupur replied smiling, "Haan Ma, Mayank ne mujhe rose plants gift kiye..."

Shilpa Sharma almost laughed and repeated, "Rose plants?"while Sameer Sharma looked at Nupur and Mayank amused and asked, "Yeh koi naya trend hai kya gifts ka...hamare zamaane mein toh roses hi gift kiya karte the...roses ke saath paudha free tha kya beta?"

Mayank looked at his Dad bewildered, they were not only discussing Mayank's first gift of love to Nupur but his Dad was for the first time saying so much in detail about their times and about them too...

Mayank interrupted, "Ma!!!" and she knew that she was embarassing Mayank while Nupur said, "Nahi Ma, mujhe bahut achcha laga...sach mein...aapka beta planning ke bina koi kaam kar sakta hai kya?...usne mujhe everlasting flowers rakhne ke liye yeh gift kiya" she completed looking at Mayank while Nupur tried hard to keep a check on his growing smile when looking in Nupur's eyes and looked at his Dad and Ma to see if they were finally happy with his gift but he still was not liking the fact that his gift was becoming an issue to discuss...

Shilpa Sharma hid a grin looking at both of them and asked Nupur excitedly, "Nupur, tumne Mayank ko return gift kya diya?"

Nupur looked at Shilpa shocked and then looked at Mayank for help and saw that Mayank was finally enjoying the discussion sitting crossed arms across the table looking curious to hear from Nupur and Nupur repeated, "Return gift?...kuch nahi Ma..." how in the world was she supposed to say "A Kiss" was a return gift from her side to him and she replied back "Thanks...bas thanks!!!" she lied partially

Shilpa Sharma looked dis-appointed and said, "achcha, mujhe laga ki tum toh Romantic ho Nupur...par khair aaj kal ki generation ko pata nahi kya ho gaya hai...hamare zamaane mein isse jyaada progressive the log...woh bhi kya din the..."

Mayank opened his mouth again to say, "Ma" and looked at her sternly when she replied, "Haan, theek hai...ab khana khao... thanda ho raha hai..." and smiled at Nupur who looked deep red and concentrated on her food with full concentration...

The rest of the dinner went in much relaxed way for Mayank and Nupur because Mayank deliberately indulged in business conversation with his Dad...

Mayank was busy reading a book on economics with seemingly total focus on it while Nupur was trying hard to sleep but was lost in thoughts looking at Mayank as he read when Mayank brought her out of her reverie without looking away from the book...

"Nupur, tum khuli aankhon se sapne kabse dekhne lagi?"

Nupur thinking of what he had just said asked, "Kya?"

Mayank smiled looking at her and said, "Tum so rahi thi naa...par tumhari aankhen khuli hai, toh maine socha ki shayad tum apni khuli aankhon se mere hi sapne dekh rahi hogi..."

Nupur plainly denied the fact, "Nahi toh, aisi kuch nahi hai, main toh aise hi kuch soch rahi thi..."

Mayank quickly asked, "Kya?"

Nupur thought for a second and said, "Dekho, tumne beech mein tok diya, ab main bhool gayi ki main kya soch rahi thi..."

Mayank gave a soft laugh and said, "Ab jab bhool gayi ho toh so jaao..." and moved his two fingers over her eyes to close them and said, "Good night" and gently kept his hand over her cheek and smiled to realise how Nupur blushed everytime at his every single guestre to her...

Nupur took his hand from her face and holding it in both her hands she kept his sandwiched hand in hers beneath her cheeks while she tried to sleep a relaxed sleep...Mayank smiled to her and placing a kiss half on her hair and half on her forhead he said, "Love you" she smiled and went to sleep and he continued his reading only with some continuous distraction now eversince her soft hands held his with tendeness...

Later he went to sleep in the same position he had woken up in the morning, holding close to her and he was absolutely loving it to sense a habit in the making...

Sorry for the mistakes, if anyLOL


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me first me first me first...yay...DancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancing

awww...i soo loved mayank's gift...rose sweet of dem...Big smile
shilpa aunti is da best mom ever...loved her teasing alot...LOL
da dinner scenario ws soo perfect...Big smile
aww n da way nupur slept with his hand in cute...totally loved dat part...Embarrassed

take care
loads of love
awesum update...Big smile

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gift mein truck LOL nupur...ahh...everlasting roses..mayank's plan is awesum...Embarrassed

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-firebird- IF-Rockerz

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rose plants!!!!!!!!only mayank sharma can give such gifts...

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Silent.Dreamer IF-Stunnerz

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Payal its again very nice update..
these small gesture are so Romantic..

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raji02 Groupbie

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lovely update.mayank sharma aur uski planning.he gifted nupur rose plants?that is innovative.i love the way shilpa aunty teases mayur and mayank to bada chupa rustum nikla.he was enjoying when shilpa aunty asked what was nupur's return gift.superb and i love the way they cuddle up and go to sleep.Smile

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kirti123 IF-Dazzler

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loved mayanks gift and nupurs return gift also
sharma family dinner convo was superb
loved it 
really beautifully written

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love.mayurarti IF-Rockerz

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lovely update
luved mayank's surprise n shocked nupur...luved mayur small small moments
cont soon

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