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Mayur FF- Love will find a way#2 Epilogue Pg 80 (Page 6)

x.Heena.x Goldie

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 5:15am | IP Logged
Hey when's the next update scheduled for? u can see I'm excitedly waiting...not so :)

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Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 5:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by x.Heena.x

Hey when's the next update scheduled for? u can see I'm excitedly waiting...not so :)
Henna will try to update a day or 2LOL

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raji02 Groupbie

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 8:04am | IP Logged
plz update soon...eagerly waiting for ur update.

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--Ruchi-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 8:56am | IP Logged
wow that was amazing payal...i am in MAYur dreamland nowDay Dreaming
and congos for new threadParty

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Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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Payal ji
kya ek update mil sakte hai??????

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Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 4:09am | IP Logged
Thanks to all for so much excitement you'll generated in me for having my second thread startedHug

i love each n every commentEmbarrassed

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Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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@all...i hope you'll are ot dis-appointedLOL

                                                                        Part 36:

Mayank and Nupur were in the car on their way back home but it was a silent drive for both of them...its not that they had nothing to talk...infact the whirlwind of emotions that they were going through in this superficial silence inferred that they had a life to share with each other...not just out of the bond of marriage, it was a past imperfect for them...but out of the strings of love that played a beautiful song and which connected their hearts tuning them to the magical melody of love forever...

Nupur was soon realizing the same thing which Mayank had been declining to accept from long...

Nupur looked at Mayank and spoke after gathering some courage, "Mayank...thanks meri help karne ke liye...tumne sun liya tha naa...woh mere friends kya keh rahe the..." expecting from her heart that he didn't knew about the talks which clearly stated that Mayank couldn't have loved Nupur ever according to anyone who knew him...but rather he himself wanted to dance with her...but she knew that it was as impossible as standing on the shore and expecting to survive a tsunami heading your way...

Mayank who had forgotten about the talks being his reason to dance with her primarily, found himself stunned with the mention of talks he suddenly remembered Nupur saying her friends that Mayank loved her...what did she mean by that...did she knew...could she sense so...finally coming out of his heart's secret thoughts, he spoke without looking at her, "Haan...par thanks mat kaho..."

Nupur got angry at his 'yes', she wanted to hear otherwise...but she certainly wanted to know the reason behind the 2nd half of his statement 'Par...Thanks mat kaho'...she asked instantly, "Kyun?"

Mayank was taken aback by her question a bit...ofcourse, he would be there for her and never let her was Nupur, afterall...he just had to do it for her...he would always do that...though this helping her had helped him realize a few things but he didn't know how to handle this sudden realization...he didn't know what to say...not to her question, he kept forgetting that he was conversing with her on some other matter...but his mind was thinking what it wanted to without much focus on the present issue at hand...he didn't know what to answer her about his feelings now...He LOVED her and he knew that very well was too real a truth to deny now...and if it was not what love was in real then he wanted to redefine the meaning of love with what he felt for her now...but what was he supposed to tell her...?

Suddenly realizing Nupur was expecting an answer fom him from long, he replied looking a bit too much into himself and stealing glances at her occasionally, "Kyun matlab...main kya tumhe har baat pe thanks kehta hoon...main yeh nahi karta...toh aur kaun karta?"

Nupur seemed very thoughtful of his words and clear with her thoughts, "Mayank...ek baat poochun?"
Life seemed like a gamble now to her and she had her heart at stake at the moment...she asked with a straight face trying to be cautious that her emotions didn't show up on her face,"Tumne mujhse shadi ke liye haan kyun kaha?"

Mayank who wanted sometime to himself in order to handle his suddenly high emotions, which by the way was a very rare phenomenon, found himself tongue tied at her question...

Shipa Sharma smiled and said,"you remember Gunjan as Nupur's sister and not vice-versa, you remember Nupur's dress colour too, now can i ask why?"

Mayank replied shaking his head, "No, No Ma, you're getting it all wrong, so what if i had noticed her sometimes...i mean it doesn't mean what you are trying to say Maa...kabse main aapko samjhane ki koshish kar raha hoon, par aap hain ki apne hi mann ki sunaaye jaa rahi hain,itna force kyun Maa... i am totally against..."

Mayank, after the talk with his mother was feeling odd, quite a bit odd, he felt his mother's wishes for this marriage were overpowering his wish to deny it right then and there. But then she had been coaxing him for it since a week for it now, so what did her wishes didn't matter then? did, it always did to him and he was sure that with some idea of hers or other she will take care of the whole situation...handle these decisions for him, with him, but now that she left leaving it in his own hands...he felt odd, like having let down his Mother's authority over him, and leaving him with his own choices of the twists and turns in his own life...

Mayank had decided now what to do now...TO AGREE... for his Ma...for his Dad...for Bhushan Uncle...and for...

Now why was it a new revealation to him and from where...did he really prefer Nupur above anyone else...why this now he thought...

He knew she had given chance to their friendship few times but he had never reverted back in a positive way...not that he hated her or something...but there were other reasons...his ego had stopped him once and they had taken the sarcastic way to greet each other's presence...he knew that she loved to make new friends and she had tried to be friends with him big deal from her side here...and now he wanted to give this a chance "Mayank par woh friendship thi aur do you even compare these..."

he didn't knew the circumstantial questions' answer but he only knew he had to do this...this only seemed all and to him too somehow...not that he had feelings for her of that kind, he thought, but this only seemed the Correct Decision and he had not much clarification for it, even to himself...

Mayank replied without much effort of thinking towards Nupur's question and replied plainly, "woh...Maa ke kehne par"

Nupur knew this during the time of their marriage but was wishing for wonders she thought...she found her heart feeling suffocated suddenly she knew all this was true to her best knowledge too but it affected her hearing this from him she was getting angry and emotional for some reason which wasn't even clear to her...a lone tear slipped from her eyes and she looked out of the window trying not to show it to Mayank...

Mayank was still processing her words at the back of his mind and now asked the inevitable question which had crossed his mind quite a few times now, "Aur tumne?"

Nupur was now even more angry at Mayank for having asked this to her after having said what he stated her reason to be...
 "Nupur tumne socha ki woh kabhi agree nahi karega par usne kiya...yeh sab uske liye bhi naya hai Nupur ek baar mauka toh do aur main tumhe promise kar sakta hoon ki you'll be the happiest girl with him around" then added" Nuput trust ki sabse jyaada jaroorat tab hi hoti hai jab hamein trust nahi ho raha hota.."

Nupur knew that her brain was giving her wrong she thought, she shouldn't give in her dreams and all for just a chance's sake, for just any other guy...but she knew Mayank was not just any other guy...she had known him from like ever..or better if one would put it as tried to know him...but he was too much into a cocoon of himself to let people see through his mind...but no she 
wouldn't agree...maybe he just said yes because marriage was just a formality for didn't matter to him whom he married and even if she was Nupur...his least she trusted her Bauji but she wouldn't say a yes for a guy for whom love didn't exist at all...which was all her life and should be too...

he asked softly along with his seriousness in voice, "Nupur!...sach mein pooch raha hoon"

Nupur now had to answer it seriously because Mayank really seemed serious to her and this made her think that her brain is suddenly open for an inception...this was really strange to her...with her Bauji's words..with her own jumbled questions...with Shilpa Aunty and Sharma Uncle's thoughts...with Mayank's acceptance...and now the biggest, Mayank Sharma asking her for marriage on the phone...was she dreaming or what...this really had to be the strangest day in her life she thought...and she was totally surprised with the magnitude by which Mayank's actions had seemingly changed in the past few hours...but it didn't matter to him if its her or not..then why did he have to ask opinion...this was not expected at all...does that mean what Bauji was saying about him being the right choice was correct...did he actually consider me he was just asking maybe coz he didn't want any blame on him later...yes it must be that...but Bauji has full trust on him and he is Shilpa Aunty's maybe what their detemination about him 
must be true somehow...because they knew how to recognize people...but no its just a formality for Mayank...Nupur don't be stupid enough to consider this when he never even considered your presence...but he's a nice guy, not some evil nightmare that i should be scared of...Nupur that doesn't mean you'll ever love him and he himself doesn't know the L of love so what do you expect...but he doesn't know love coz he has never been in love already,.. since for him love is far from a palpable thought, maybe later he...but then...her train of thoughts were broken by Mayank's loud voice, "Nupur, tum sun rahi ho? main kabse tumhe kuch pooch raha hoon"

Nupur replied, "Haan...mera matlab hai haan main sun rahi hoon"

Mayank asked very calmly now, "toh?"

Nupur replied confused a bit, "haan...mera matlab haan hai"
Nupur wiped her tear still looking outside the window and turning to mayank faking a weary smile she said, "Ummm...Bauji ne kaha...isliye..." as if it was a protest from her side for his words...

Mayank wanted to ask her now, 'Aur...ab...ab bhi kuch bhi nahi badla hai?'...but he just couldn't bring himself to say that so he kept driving and felt his brain crowding with even more possibilities of life...
Today the scenario at home was completely different...none wanted to talk to the other since they felt like savouring their hearts hopes for a little while...just a bit more time...

Nupur came out changed in her night suit and Mayank was sitting on bed looking blankly at a point...

Nupur was at the dressing table applying her night's moisturising lotion as usual and combing her hair...she was angry at Mayank but didn't fail to notice that he kept stealing glances at her...Nupur found her face, which was red with anger uptil now, go light pink as she felt his gaze warming up her heart and she felt confused now...she knew Mayank was very deep in his emotions...but now was the ime she felt the need to know him inside out totally...she knew him better now with their great times passed together with each other...but she wanted to know him more...a lot more things about him which wre still a mystery to her ...

Nupur went and sat down on her side of the bed and Mayank turned totally to face her side which amazed her a lot and made her nervous while she turned to look at him...

Mayank pointed oout on her face and said, "woh...cream...tumhare face par laga hai...wahaan..." and before Nupur could reach out her hand to wipe it off Mayank reached out his hand towards her cheek, moving a bit close to her...

Nupur felt herself skipping a few beats at a stretch...

Mayank placed his half folded hands below Nupur's jaws an wiped off the lotion with his thumbs by running them over her cheeks...then he retraced the path of his thumbs over her cheeks to feel her soft skin again in order to reconfirm his feelings...

Nupur didn't want this to happen...she found herself going totally weak now...

Mayank felt like kising her cheeks and he did bent down a little and Nupur closed her eyes in anticipation at his approach...

But Mayank stopped mid-way soon enough...he could see her face closely with her eyes shut...he was a few inches away from her...he knew what this beautiful face meant to him, it defined the beauty of life to him...he didn't want to move ahead since he felt that would be inappropriate still and he was not willing to move back for he just couldn't...he could feel Nupur's shivering a little for some reason and it made him feel guilty a little to acknowledge the fact that he might have taken a wrong step owing to his desires...he didn't knew what had gotten in him to have made him reach this far suddenly...

That was the limit now for Nupur...she felt vulnerable and wanted him to compose herself and her feelings in him...she wasn't sure at all what to think and what not to...her feelings overflowed now unable to help her to contain it in herself...she moved ahead tightly hugging him with all the feelings that surfaced her heart at present...

Mayank was startled at Nupur's sudden action but he knew now that his heart and brain were in sync now and he hugged her back tightly letting their hearts to breath in sync too...

Nupur held onto his shirt with a tight grip while letting her eyes to shed a few tears...she felt like she was hugging the world and her dream, from ever, hugged her back...she could feel the touch of love and she didn't want to ask any question now...everything felt in place to her...she was in his arms and the world was alright...

All the questions in Mayank's brain had disappeared with a blink of an far as he knew Nupur and as far as he could sense, he knew Nupur too felt the same for him...she too was in love with him...he smiled at this thought now, feeling content in his heart which it was asking for from so long...but maybe, it was Nupur's some other reason like th other 2 times that she had hugged him...but he kicked away this thought and never left her until she moved back and suddenly with a few tears on her face she ran towards the library...


Mayank just couldn't understand Nupur's actions and he already mised her in his arms but he stayed back thinking was it some other reason itself other than what he wanted it to be...he felt worried...


Nupur wanted a minute to herself...she kept her hands on the table in the library and found herself smiling like a fool looking at the table over there...was her dream fulfilled...was she really in love and he loved her back...did he really love Her...HER...she wanted a moment to feel the change in her life, in her and in him...she goggled at her own actions a while ago...Mayank had hugged her back tightly like never before...and now she felt shy to go back to him...

Tora sajan aayo tore des
Badli badra, badla sawan
Badla jag ne bhes re
Tora sajan aayo tore des re...

She looked at Mayank's books, they seemed a pleasant sight to her now she wanted to cherish everything about was as if a knot in her brain and heart about him had been straightened...she went over the books and ran her hand over the books in a row...she loved them now...
Soyo soyi palkon pe chal ke
Mere sapno ki khidki pe aa gaya
She picked up 1 of the books and ran her fingers over a page trying to feel his presence in there...

Aate jaate phir mere dil ke
In haathon mein woh khat pakda gaya
Pyar ka...lafzon mein rang hai...pyar ka

Bahara bahara hua dil pehli baar ve
Bahara bahara ke chain toh hua faraar ve
Bahara bahara hua dil pehli pehli baar ve...

She now remembered how he used to show rudeness to hr during school times and now he had hugged her tightly...she felt like he had left a part of him with her..she could still feel his strong arms holding her tightly but gently...

Woh...kabhi dikhe zameen pe
Kabhi woh chand pe
Yeh...nazar kahe usse yahaan
Main rakh loon bandh ke ek saans mein
Dhadkano ke paas mein
Haan paas mein ghar banaye
Haaye bhoolein yeh jahaan...

She remembered how he had changed from the times during their marriage...holding her hand during marriage, helping her with her job, coming to take her at her prject site, balancing her whenever she was falling, smiling a lot to her, agreeing to most of her demands, spending times with her which meant a lot to her...changing in all ways to he and still being himself...the same Sadu that he was earlier...her Sadu...
Jo...yeh badliyaan woh ched de
Toh chalkein baarishe... aahatein kareeb se toh
Bole khwahishein ke aaj kal
Zindagi har ek pal, har ek pal usse chahe
Haaye jiska dil hua...

Sorry for the mistakes, if anyLOL

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annie07 IF-Stunnerz

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Wow, such a long update... :)
Res. till i read

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