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Mayur FF- Love will find a way#2 Epilogue Pg 80 (Page 36)

Shafy_Kaira_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 June 2011 at 10:36pm | IP Logged

Ishq hua, kaise hua

Achha hua jaise hua

Na main jaanoon, na tu jaane

Kyoon ho gaye hum deewane
Arre re re re re

Ishq hua, kaise hua

Achha hua jaise hua

Jhuki jhuki nazarein hai
Ruki ruki saansein hai
Dhak dhak karta hai dil

Jaage jaage armaan hai
Soya soya yeh jahan hai
Chori chori aake mujhe mil

Sun sun sun sun sun sun, sun zara

Gun gun gun gun gaati hai hawa

Oh, phaili hawaaon mein apni khabar

Pyaar kiya hai to phir kya hai darr

Joshili baatein yun na kar

Pyaar hai to josh bhi hai

Hona hai kya, hosh bhi hai

Na main jaanoon, na tu jaane

Kyoon ho gaye hum deewane

Arre re re re re
Ishq hua, kaise hua

Achha hua jaise hua

La la, la la la
La la la la la la
Na na, na na na
Aah ha ha ha ha

Dheere dheere, haule haule
Haule haule, dheere dheere
Dil ko mili hai manzil

Bheegi bheegi raaton mein
Pyaari pyaari baaton mein
Khoya khoya rehta hai dil

Ruk ruk ruk ruk ruk ruk humsafar

Jhuk jhuk jhuk jhuk jhukti hai nazar

Ek pal hamein tum bin chain kahan

Dono dilon ki hai ek dastaa

Phir bhi hai kyoon yeh dooriya

Dekh mujhe, yun na sataa

Hona hai kya, kisko pataa

Na main jaanoon, na tu jaane

Kyoon ho gaye hum deewane
Arre re re re re
Ishq hua, kaise hua
Achha hua jaise hua

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Shafy_Kaira_MN IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 22 July 2010
Posts: 15757

Posted: 05 June 2011 at 10:39pm | IP Logged

Sagar me jaise ye lehre uthe, dil ko hua aisa kya

Pucho to na ye kahe kuch bhi, tu hi bataa hai ye kay

Mil gaye do jahaa, zami aasamaan

Ab hum banege do dil ek jaan

 Taare zamin pe aa gaye jab bhi padi teri nazar

Dil ye badalo me ude dil pe hua aisa asar

Banho me teri samaa jaau kehta hai dil baar baar

Tere khayalo me rahti hoo, tujhse kahoo kaise yaar

Mil gaye do jahaa, zami aasamaan

Ab hum banege do dil ek jaan

Chup tum raho chup hum rahe, Aankho aankho me gum rahe

Kehna hai jo phir bhi kahe, baate dhadkano se kare.

Ho ho ho ho ...

Hu hu hu hu hu ...aa aa aa aa...

Na na na na na na...

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Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 1:16am | IP Logged
Thanks to all for being the best readers and patient tooHug

Edited by Payal-15 - 06 June 2011 at 1:26am

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Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 1:25am | IP Logged
@all...this was ideally supposed to be the last part with a few more paras added but Ayeshu has strictly demanded some romance...i don't think am really good at that but am some more parts await for you'll to readLOL...but all blames for more torture to herROFL

                                                                           Part 43:

When Mayank and Nupur came back to the house of Nupur's friend where she was currently staying, both wanted to spend some more time together before mayank left...actually Mayank was delaying his leaving so that they were together for some more time...he didn't want to leave...Nupur didn't want it either...

Nupur came and sat on the couch as if trying to feel the moment and bring a composure to her behaviour after her quite impulse and teenager like reactions this evening...smiling she sat because she just couldn't help smiling at all...

Mayank came and sat beside her amused at her smiling and trying to read her thoughts...he sat there staring at her smiling face until his hearts's wish got fulfilled substantially, when he decided to make her realise about his presence once again and so he did by moving his hand towards her and entwined both their hands together, he really wanted to stay that way for a long time...Nupur felt her hand was being the most sensitive part of her right now...but she decided to compose herself again and she eventuallty ended up tightening the grip of her hand in his, which in no way brought a halt to her senses...she was still very much in daze...she looke at their hands together where Mayank was looking...he looked at it as if he had won the most precious thing in the world and then he looked in Nupur's eyes...Nupur felt all ecstatic in the whole aura of Mayank's warmth towards affected her so deep that she was surprised at the extent to which she felt she was his...
Feeling and cherishing what she was feeling, she dared to speak up, "Mayank...yeh sab sach haina...matlab main aur tum...aur tum mujhse...mera matlab hai...mujhe toh yakeen hi nahi hota...main hamesha iss din ka wait karti thi...par kabhi socha hi nahi ki aisa feel Perfect nazar aayegi...bina kissi flaw ke...God ko thanks...lakhon baar...ByGod"

Mayank chuckled at her last words and he felt on top of the world hearing all this from her...he always thought whether he will be able to give hapiness to Nupur the way she wanted but now he felt  satisfied in himself after hearing all this from her...he was sure what Nupur said meant literally a lot to her coz he saw a glow in Nupur's eyes which he had never seen earlier...he said smiling, "Nupur...yeh sab utna hi sach hai jitna ki yeh ki main yahaan isliye aaya hoon kyunki tumse door wahaan mujhe lag raha tha ki main ghar mein ho kar bhi homeless hoon...ab mujhe ghar mil gaya hai..."

Nupur smiled to Mayank with a wide curve of her lips and said, "aur mujhe toh apne sapno ka ghar mil gaya hai...jyada filmy ho gaya naa" then chuckling she continued while Mayank smirked and listened intently to her..."pehle tumhare aas paas dewaarein nazar aati thi par ab...ab dheere dheere lagne laga tha ki main tumhe jaan ne lagi hoon...seedhe, sachche aur sabse achche...itni simple hai tumhari description...itni der lag gayi mujhe samajhne mein...par ab main bahut khush hoon...tum andaaza bhi nahi laga sakte itna... "

Mayank was lost in the depth of Nupur's words, nothing fancy or flattering she had said but it took his heart away from him for the millionth time and he said in reply, "Laga sakta hoon Nupur...tumhe akela thodi naa pyaar hua hai" and laughed

Nupur looked away and laughed to herself...

After they sat that way for sometime, with their hands in each other's, Mayank looked at her and said, "Nupur...ab mujhe jaana hoga...bahut rat ho gayi hai...mujhe kal subah ek meeting mein jaana hai...aur uske liye thoda prepare bhi karna hai...jaaon?"

Nupur looked at him and said, "achcha" and she left his hand to show her anger but to hide it at the same time...

Mayank said, "Agar tum kahogi toh nahi jaaounga" he hoped she would ask him to leave so that he would leave not having dis-appointed her totally but he expected her not to say a yes coz that would dis-appoint him yet again...

Nupur replied, "Toh mat jao naa...please..." then thinking something she added, "par tumhara kaam...jaise yahaan mera kaam...ohho...ab soch rahi hoon ki yeh project maine abhi kyun liya...isse achcha hota ki koi aur kar leta..." and frowned at it...

When Mayank smiled thinking that she was obviously going through the same as him and said, "Koi baat nahi Nupur...hum dono apna kaam khatam kar lete hain pehle...phir toh lifetime saath hi rehna tak phone hai naa..."

Nupur smiled at Mayank, thinking about how he had already thought of ways to stay connected...totally Mayank to think well in advance...then a thought nudged her informing maybe she was in an over effect of Mayank to act this way today coz phone was not a rocket science  to think of...maybe it was just her who had actually forgotten that a world still existed where there were words like phone and work and umm she couldn't think of more at the moment but she was sure that there were still other things existing in the world...she soon came out of her reverie coming to a conclusion that it surely took someone like Mayank to remember those things still when normally people like her would forget all about those...and yes, she felt herself smiling for the fact that now whole of their lives were to be spent together...both together always...she finally managed to say, "Haan... maine toh hamesha iss din ka wait kiya hai...kuch aur din sahi...aur ab main relaxed hoon...meri wish jo puri ho gayi hai...yeh din toh yuh palak jhapakte kat jaayenge...dekh lena..."

Mayank smiled and got up thinking of something and then shaking his head to throw away that thought soon and forwarded his hand to her as he got up, "Okay then...toh see you soon" and he indicated htowards his hand for her to shake her hand with him when she she did that and laughing said, "Hmm...par tum formality karna nahi chodoge naa Mayank...iss tarah bye bol rahe ho jaise koi meeting end kar rahe ho..." she continued laughing while she patted herself in mind for she seemed to be soon coming out of the behavioural blokage and was behaving herself again...

Mayank smiled and pulled her up so that she stood very close to him now when she got stunned again by his actions and all her composure shattered in front of her eyes while she was busy ignoring it and looking into his eyes going completely speechless again...she couldn't meet his eyes while Mayank leaned in to kiss her good-bye as per her wish of no formalities now and he did give a quick peck on her cheeks so softly and lovingly that Nupur found herself in a fix and too numb to react...she had turned completely red and her heartbeats had eventually had an infinite number of counts that they tried to made their presence feel to the world in such a less time...while mayank made her look at him by holding her chin in order to confirm that he hadn't made a mistake by such a sudden step but her eyes released any such doubt from his heart when he saw her eyes feeling as shy as her smile did and he smilingly said, "I Love You" now that was a Good-bye he intended upon but had earlier thought against it...

Nupur smiled, she didn't knew when and said, "I Love You" not getting words still in her mind and she just aimlessly repeated what he said and soon she realised how Mayank made it easy and hard at the same time for her to have said those words to him...Mayank got his hearts' wish fulfilled yet again today and left having turned a few times to look at her while he noticed Nupur was too preoccupied to think of coming outside and seeing him off while she had just managed to lift her ahnds up a little to wave him bye from her current spot herself...

Nupur went away to sit on couch hugging a pillow after Mayank had left from her vicinity and settling herself comfortably she smiled foolishly in the nothingness re-registering the events of the day in her mind and kept relaying them ...

Mayank left for Mumbai smiling throughout the journey to home while he realised he had never ever been this happy before...ever...


Nupur soon SMSed Mayank to take care while driving...then to have something to eat by halting somewhere after sometime passed...then for getting to know the timing of the meeting he had tomorrow...then for asking whether she can call him before or after the meeting...then asking  him to SMS as soon as he reached home...then Good Night...Take care...Sweet Dreams...she wondered if she was nudging him way too much but she couldn't is the way he suggested and phone she chose...though she still didn't gather much courage to talk endlessly on the phone...and SMS was a safer option as of now...

All Mayank could do is smile after reading every message of her and concluded that the speed with which she usually talked was also valid to her speed of her SMSes...she was being too shy in his presence but nevertheless she was the same and he loved that fact...he replied eagerly to each message mostly halting the car by the side...accident while driving was the last thing he wanted this day of all...and in the end he SMSed her an I Love You to which she replied by a simple smiley and then stopped the rain od SMSes...he was sensing how much impact his guestures were having on her and she stopped because yet the feeling had not sunk in totally...she needed a moment to see her dreamworld becoming her reality now...

After Mayank reached home, first thing he did was to iform her of his arrival and it was then that Nupur managed to get close to her was only a few hours left for the dawn to break but for Mayank and Nupur this breaking of dawn meant a lot more than just another day meant the first day of their beautiful life together...first day of a new life which felt complete yet the excitement to live it was like that of a small child who looks forward to every moment, wanting everything to turn somehow special and worthwhile...

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--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 1:27am | IP Logged
resserved!!Big smile


a very big jhappiHug... not for you thoughEvil Smile, for ayeshu to make you write few more partsLOL... 

oo... i sooo loved the update yaaDay Dreaming 
continue soon! let the romance pour inBlushing

and i know you have pm-ed meLOL, but i'm as always stalking you, so reached here even before you sent dat pmEmbarrassedLOL... so thanks for that tooLOL


P.S. chalo tum bhi kya yaad rakhogi, jhappi for you too!HugLOL

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.SA. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 1:41am | IP Logged
beautiful update Payal.
at long last ,they are where they are meant to be.
being in love is such a heady feeling.
thanks for the pm.

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aysha_mayur IF-Sizzlerz

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tune toh mujhe khule aam hi badnaam kar daalaROFL
It was a lovely updateDay Dreaming...The shyness of Nupur and naughtiness of MayankEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...and the hand holding part...HayeeeDay Dreaming
Day Dreaming
and and the sms thing was shooo cute...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Like Jiya said...Let the romance Pour loving it...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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-firebird- IF-Rockerz

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nupur smiled foolishly... i can understand...becoz she got her love...but why i'm smiling foolishly...Big smile

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