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Mayur FF- Love will find a way#2 Epilogue Pg 80 (Page 31)

DhanakZ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 2:49pm | IP Logged
Thank God Now mayank know the actual 
i hope every problem will be solve soon
thanks for pm
cont soon 

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-DRoadSoFar- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 10:26pm | IP Logged
nice one Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
keep updating... and pmming

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love.mayurarti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 9:17am | IP Logged
superb update

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.SilentOcean IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 10:24am | IP Logged
hope al the things ll clear btw them..
Nice part..
Un dono ko mila do yar..pls
update sun!
Thnx 4 pm.

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myownarea IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 5:19pm | IP Logged
thank u payaliyaaa ooo Hug (hope u know the song...the neend churake wala song)
for the dedication n the lovely update :)
i m sooo happy that they finally met n spoke on my bday (ha ha ...see, i m mad!)
but i liked the way he confronted her n she spoke *yay* does a happy dance
now waiting! :)

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zohul Groupbie

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 1:55am | IP Logged
plz update sooon

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Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 6:15am | IP Logged
Thank you everyone for ur lovely replies and patienceLOLHug

@all...i dunno if i was able to write it properly becoz at the end of the day its based on Mayur who are not just anyone to feel its easy to be a good viewer of them anyday...Gustakhiyaan maaf jeeLOL

                                                                             Part 42 :

Mayank found himself dumbfounded for a moment as he looked on a crying Nupur...

Mayank sat back a little on the ground trying to figure out everything...Nupur had read that letter...that was way back when he had written it...he didn't mean any of its words in a harsh way was a confusion and he had already had millions of conclusions for her sudden sadness...
He found that Nupur was too innocent to have been so hurt by a silly act of his...Nupur was truly like a child...he hit his head at the back while he found his heart to be full of hopes again...Nupur's this misunderstanding made her even more adorable to him...after all who gets so tensed just like a small child with some random remarks on them...he smiled thinking about Nupur's even more silly act mattered to her so much...what he thought of her or told her...always trying to have her golden heart in a safe of stone but never did she keep its keys away from those close to her...he was one of them, now he knew...

This was too much for Nupur, here she was crying her heart out to him for the first time and instead of clarifying, all he did was to sit there thinking about something else and smile...or wait no, even worse...smiling at her crying...she got up to walk away in anger now...

Suddenly finding Nupur getting all angry and trying to leave, Mayank came back to the present situation remembering that Nupur was still unknown to the fact...Mayank held Nupur's wrist and got up...wiping her tears with a soft and serious look on his face, he made her face him and Nupur just couldn't avoid that look from him and looked up in his eyes...

Mayank after completely wiping off all the tears from her face finally tried to clarify, "Nupur...tum jis letter ki baat kar rahi ho...woh toh maine hamari shaadi se pehle likha tha...taaki Ma ke mind se ye idea chala jaaye...woh to bahot purani baat hai... "

Nupur looked sideways with a reliefed feeling now soon spreading inside her and her anger subsiding while she  asked, "Sach?"

Mayank smiled at the Curiosity-Driven-Nupur-Getting-Excited-Every-Minute and replied, "Haan...tumne date kyun nahi padha uspe...main hamesha apne notes par date likhta hoon..."

Nupur inquisitively looked at Mayank with a confused look, "Date?...Mayank aise letter par koi date padhta hai kya?...kissika date par kaise dhyan jayega Mayank"
still she tried take the opportunity to have a clear outlook for once for her and jerking her hand away from him very softly trying to still maintain her anger and despair not to loose herself again she turned away and said, "Jo likhna tha woh toh likh hi diya naa...waise bhi ab kya badal gaya hai?" 

Mayank called out to her, "Nupur...ab bahot kuch badal gaya hai...actually sab kuch..."

Nupur turned to look at mayank with questions in her eyes coz she wasn't able to calculate what this 'sab kuch' of mayank meant...

Mayank smiled widely and said, "Haan Nupur...sab kuch...mujhe toh pata hi nahi tum iss wajah se pareshan this...warna kab ka solve kar deta main...itne aansoon bahaaye tumne...isliye...i m sorry Nupur ki..." 

Nupur asked exhasperated a little, "Sab kuch matlab Mayank?"

Mayank smiled again for what he was about to say... looking into her eyes deeply, even from a distance of almost a feet, he smiled wide just as she liked it, he confessed, 

"Nupur...I...Love You"

Nupur couldn't believe her ears...was it her dream or was it for real...or was it her dream in real...all her problems and sadness and every other negativity in her life vanished in a second...with a sudden surge of excitement and emotions, she ran forward to hug him and rand straight into his arms tightly hugging to the love of her life and rightfully this time while Mayank sweeped her off her feet, in literal sense of the word, by lifting her by her waist a little in his arms, supporting her totally on seemed perfect now to them both...their story...

While mayank had confesed to Nupur in real, Mayank knew too that Nupur loved him back...he could see it, sense it, feel it...all the thoughts in both their minds came to a halt when the curtains of present emotions of contentment camouflaged all the other questions and approvals and disapprovals and anger and sadness...all had been answered...just 1 answer validated all...Love...both their loves...for each other...forever...

After what seemed like eternity that they stood there holding each other like that, Mayank loosened his grip made Nupur to look at him by moving his head back a little...both had a few tears of happiness in each others' eyes...Mayank smiled at Nupur and holding her by 1 hand he wiped her tears by his 1 hand to make her smile even more wide...while she realised her current position...she was on top of Mayank hugging him as tightly as she couldn't even have thought of...feeling embarrassment rise all of a sudden she looked down on the ground and tried to get down on her feet looking everywhere but in his eyes while trying to control her happiness and shyness and embarrassment...Mayank slowly made her to stand while he watched every single expression of Nupur with an excitement of Nupur watching movies...Nupur stood there in front of him concentrating on her hands this time and stretching her fingers with the help of her other fingers...

Mayank looked at her all amazed and enthusiastically...he was loving the sudden behavioural change of Nupur which in every single second that she loved him too...and she was feeling shy...he leaned his head a little to catch her eyes with his which was exactly what Nupur wanted to avoid right now...She had been preparing herself for Mayank's indifference and no concern for her all this time but she didn't ever think of how would she handle it if it were to come true that love entangled both...she even feared his closeness, let alone his touch...

Mayank helding her shoulders made her sit at the edge of the bed and sat beside her...she shivered at his grasp and tried to look down in order to calm her heart which was running at jet speed...

Mayank called out her name so that she looks up into his eyes...he didn't want to leave even a single glance of it today...he felt it would be a loss to him...

Nupur looked at him suddenly realising he was calling her name and she didn't knew from when coz she was lost in her own upheavel of emotions...confused a bit and a bit nervous she asked, "Huh?"

Mayank smiled and said, "Tum khush ho ab?" that was his way of asking her about her feelings...

Nupur shyly smiled not being able to say anything and then suddenly and excitedly she said with high energy,"Bahot!!!" and then looking into his eyes she felt nervous again and fell silent...

Mayank was enjoying himself looking at her antics and smiled to hear her 'Bahot!!!'

Then slowly Mayank took Nupur's hand in his and entwined it in one of his hands and tightened the grip while Nupur went red and pink with this guesture of Mayank's...she knew Mayank and hence she also knew that a guesture like this meant a lot from Mayank and a lot lot more to her...

After silently sitting like that for sometime, Mayank spoke, "Hmm..Nupur...tumhe kuch nahi khna...waise toh hamesha bolti ho...aaj kuch nahi kehna...kuch toh bolo..."

Nupur was taken aback at this sudden demand of Mayank, she was not in a position to say anything...the new feeling and his presence had not yet sunk in...she regretted her blabbering habit just then...atleast that would have made Mayank a bit more understandable to her silence...she said quickly, "Hmmm...nahi..." and she kicked herself in her mind for behaving stupid all of a sudden...

Mayank understood Nupur's unspoken plea and decided to not press further so that she relaxed a bit...he said, "Nupur...mujhe aaj raat ko hi wapas jaana hai...Ma aur Dad ab tak laute nahi hain toh office ki responsibility mujhpar hai..."

Nupur aroused her head with a dis-appointed and complaining expression but was not able to make out what she should be saying, so she just glared at him in anger...

Mayank smiled at Nupur's spectrum of changing expressions and said, "Hmm...sorry...par abhi time tak hum kahi dinner karne jaa sakte hain.."

Nupur felt dis-hearttened with this short visit but smiled suddenly when she realised, it would be their 1st Dinner together actual sense...sort of a Dinner Date and felt shy again and smilingly she nodded...

Mayank parked the car outside the restaurant that he was told by Nupur's friend when Nupur had asked her about suggestions while leaving and the way about for it...

Nupur was unnaturally silent and shy today and Mayank looked at Nupur's vaguely various expressions very keenly which she tried to supress a lot...

But Mayank still wanted Nupur to talk casually with him...he had missed that part of Nupur miserably in some when the waiter gave them the menu cards and left, Mayank took it from his hands trying to be stern and hiding his teasing tone he said, "Ummm...Nupur, aaj order main karta hoon...ab se toh yeh mujhe hi karna hoga naa...tum meri marzi se hi chalogi naa ab toh...saari wives yahi karti hain ...toh ab typical Indian Husband-Wife banne ke liye ab tumhe bhi yeh sab seekhna hoga naa..."

Nupur cut him in anger and amazement snatching away the menu card from his hand, "ek minute...aisa kisne kaha...aisa kuch nahi hone wala hai...main toh apni marzi se hi chaloongi aur tumhe bhi chalna hoga meri marzi se...samjhe...pyaar mein... matlab aisa hi hoga samjhe...typical Husband wife...yeh humne kab decide kiya...manaa ki ab tumhari baatein mujhe sachhi aur achchi lagti hain, par iska matlab yeh toh nai..."

Mayank burst out laughing and raised his eyebrows and was smilingly welcoming THE NUPUR back to his life when Nupur hit him on the hand with the menu card and smiled at Mayank for a mischevious take on her which was a first for Nupur...

Mayank smiled and said, "Thank God...nahi actually ByGod Nupur" and chucled at his words, "Kamse kan yeh toh pata chala ki tum Nupur hi ho...warna mujhe toh lag raha tha ki main galat pate par aa gaya hoon...warna Nupur Bhushan aur itni chupchap aur shy..."

Nupur cut him, "Nupur Bhushan nahi...Nupur Bhushan Sharma..." and smiled proudly when Mayank nodded in a yes and winked at her startling Nupur out of her wits again...certainly Mayank in love was Unimaginable for her since he seemed most comfortable teasing her this way while she experienced totally opposite to him...

And the rest of the dinner went away with a combination of shyness and little nok-jhok of was the best dinner 

they had ever had, they thought...


Sorry for the mistakes, if anyLOL


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Fantasia. IF-Sizzlerz

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OMGGG!! .. payalll!! .. Day Dreaming .. beautiful !! .. beautiful!! .. beautiful!! .. loved their hug ! .. Day Dreaming .. but mayank is leaving .. Cry .. but koi nahi .. bring them together sooon!! .. Hug

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