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Mayur FF- Love will find a way#2 Epilogue Pg 80 (Page 28)

Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by myownarea

aww super duper Day Dreaming
when are u updating next?
caught the birthday girl...Happy Birthday DivzHug

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Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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@Siddy, Divz...Many many happy returns of the day...Hug
@all...Big update todayLOL

                                                                         Part 41:

Nupur wondered why had it always been like this and she never realised. She always had been intrigued by him - the person and his effortless charms...never did she actually wanted to stay away from him even when he was rude to her, even when he passed snide remarks on her, even when he talked to her sarcastically...hardly all these amounted to a closed door from her side...and now, it pained knowing the fact that it was never the same from the other side...ofcourse, or else he wouldn't have had that fight with her in the school after which they stopped talking and she had realised then that somehow she had crossed the limits of irritating him just by being herself, that he had fought with her for no reason at all...and then when he agreed for the marriage finally...Nupur's heart solved the complicated puzzles of her brain by keeping faith still and she made a split second decision to say a yes...but it turned out nothing had changed well enough...she was still an awfully irritating creature to him and that cut her heart into person she had dreamt of making her feel like a queen someday, ironically, wanted her the least and this was not when you would match the word strong with Nupur because her heart was a strong factor to her coz it was the weakest and it demanded love and care from her loved ones to turn strong and face the world...


Mayank, now that he had already decided what was his choice in life...he no more had any hesitation in admitting to himself about Nupur...the precious crystal of love showed him the various colours of light clearly now... 

Nupur had always made him listen to her totally opposite yet somehow correct remaks on him even when he knew he was close to being perfect in the frame of mind he had set for himself...he knew she was not exactly living a life like the one he categorised as the Ultimate way but her way seemed to always give her more happiness than he estimated it can...girls usually were crazy for guys as him but Nupur had dreamed always about HER love and not just a random crush or a thing going on for the sake of it...he knew he was not at all, interested in her, how can he be ever involved with any such thing he didn't believe in...but her eyes, smile, and wishes had left an image of what life seems synonymous to...he knew that girls and silly ideas were always annoying to him, even hers, but whenever he had thought of an example in these regards, it was always obvious to him that he related all those to her and only her...he also knew that she made him think over the things about him too which he had not noticed sometimes until she had put a light on it through her comments on always made him did she knew certain aspects of him which he had never looked at closely on and then why did he naturally try to make those better after her mentioning them...This sudden acceptance from him made him realize more things too, that it was she who always tried to maintain a link between was she who took it in her stride to make things better between them...after their fight as well as after their marriage...maybe he never actually made any effort from his side and was only at the recieving end of her talks or wishes or thoughts rather everything...he felt guilty for having been robbing her from all the rights that he should have given her but never did...he felt as if he made it hard for her and for himself too...the only good decision and step he had taken was to agree to marry to her, it felt the most obvious and correct decision because it actually was that...he had never even given it much thought as he would have, in case it was not about Nupur, because he didn't need to ask a thousand questions and clarifications in this case...because it felt just right from his side but when she agreed too, he had asked no other question to her after that...wasn't he negligent towards her way too much just to proclaim himself his own head in terms of life and heart...he somhow felt assured of her being able to penetrate his times and lines but never did he tried to open the shut door himself...well now he would, after having lost so much, no he couldn't afford to lose anything more...but make her have what she deserved...his "Queen of the world" Nupur 
deserved nothing but love...loads of it...because that is what she had shared all along, even with him, when he was busy trying to be Just Himself rather than being her Husband, friend, life partner, companion...but lately, he actually had been giving away to her, not thoughtfully but naturally...coz he couldn't help yet again...but instead of this better change helping anything, he had lost this time...and what he didn't get was the fact as to what had he actually done this time to get this, for Nupur had reacted in the most strangest way possible...and she had spoken of his thoughts being wrong about it was never...not then and not even now, it was just that he chose not to consider it enough earlier, but now he did understand it more clearly...

Lately, she had taught him to be expressive, smile, spend quality time pondering over sweet natural things in life, wanting to live every moment...with her...And now he even admitted to have felt something earlier too, that he now could certify as attraction which he ignored purposely admitting to himself...that feeling made him uneasy and he was the control freak in regards to life and himself...
Teri nigaahon se
Teri hi raahon ke
Kareeb se gayi zindagi
Tujhe kyun dekha naa
Tujhe kyun jaana naa
Shikaayatein karoon ya nahi

Bin tere, Bin tere, Bin tere koi khalish hai hawaaon mien bin tere...

Mayank and Nupur didn't realize it but it was Mayank's distance keeping habit that had made Nupur to take it so long to realise it...but then, it was the same  thing that had deepened feelings in her while she tried to supress those as unnecessary questions on herself...

Mayank had always kept such an indifferent looking stance towards her that it had been most difficult for Nupur to look through the situation in a much simpler way for her...

She had always had this image of the immortal character of Mayank in her mind for him...which was totally a segregated one from her dream guy...she never even tried to make a head to head comparision of these equals...and even in her imaginations, she would have failed easily to expect love from him for her as she was still under that very impression...with the only expectation that she now knew no difference between the word Love and Mayank...

As far as Mayank was concerned, it had been the most difficult for hito look into these aspects of life, for it didn't matter to him - he always thought, but as much was it difficult for him to fall in love for The Mayank Sharma - the truth  wa- it was as much easier for him to fall in love with Nupur...because that is what he wasn't deciding or thinking or trying but he was falling...falling for her slowly and knew it only after love had taken over him now...

Now Nupur wanted to test her own love, because if it were true, then it should be rewarded with what it truely deserved and desired...she was ready for her testimonial...

As Mayank was drawing nearer to his destination, his hopes for a good result increased tenfolds...he didn't knew whether it was due to his desire to meet Nupur was eventually coming true and so his new hopes glittered gladly or was it plain indication of coming near to the heart which was loved by his heart...or was it for real, some kind of a sign but he felt heading in the right direction fully armored with all the necessary things to win the persond by surrender...

Mayank arrived at Nupur's friend's home and when he asked her about Nupur, she indicated him to move to the room where she currently stayed...Nupur's friend immediately recognized Mayank since she had seen his photograph which Nupur had brought with her...
Nupur was arranging her stuff, it was the time of the evening when Mayank came 
into the room...the door was open but Mayank knocked twice on the door 
to declare his presence to her...Nupur turned to look at the person knocking on the door...

Turning, she saw Mayank standing there...she blinked twice to see if she really saw Mayank 
standing in front of her or was she dreaming...Mayank was delighted to see her and observed closely after all the things he had imagined about how she may
react...will she smile at him or will she show anger but all she did was look at him in he saw was her loosing balance on the spot where she stood
while Mayank leaped in to prevent her from falling...

Nupur had not at all expected yet she hadn't found courage to talk to Mayank steadily
and was avoiding calling him but when she saw him suddenly out of the blue, which was unimaginable for her, even when it happened in reality, she felt weak...totally weak...and felt her courage giving up on her...all this time
she had taken to build up her shield over her heart had turned out futile...her shield had cracked open in a second...she just now realized that her determined task almost seemed impossible to her now...and she felt herself having no energy left in her 
to fight it all or to even support her for standing stably...she found herself loosing her balance on her own...

She made no attempt to prevent herself from falling while her mind was too pre-occupied suddenly looking into his eyes to even have a reflex, but she was held in mid-air, by the very same person who had, in the same way, stopped her from falling on their wedding night and she was again in his arms which she longed for and which in turn longed to 
hold her too...and the 2 pair of eyes felt themselves drowned in each other's eyes which held a sea of emotions...immeasurable...unaccountable...unanswerable...just like their own...

Nupur's eyes were filled with water suddenly and Mayank saw this as a bad sign...though her eyes had a certain sparkle in them from what he saw...

Suddenly realizing their positions, Mayank and Nupur tried to straighten up soon enough before they lost control over their longingness for the other...

Nupur looked sideways and closed her eyes and kept it closed for a while wanting her tears to return back to the place from where they had originated and then she saw 

Mayank looking at her in some confusion and delight while she managed to speak, "Mayank...tum...tum yahaan?"

Mayank answered, "Haan...main yahaan...tumse milne..."but he was soon cut off by an angered Nupur who wanted to accuse him suddenly for not loving her and felt her heart being clenched tightly while she said, "par kyun?...tum MUJHSE...kyun milna chahoge...main TUMHARE " pointing her fingers at him she said, "Kis kaam aa sakti hoon...koi bhi toh nahi..." she was shocked at her own behaviour coz she had channneled all her emotions into anger quite conviniently...

Mayank started saying, "Kyunki, main tumse..." his words were trailed off by himself...this was not the time and way to confess his love to her, he thought...he first had to know what was wrong with her and why was she so angry at him and why she, for the first time, distancing herself from him while he wanted to lessen up the distances...Mayank replied after thinking, "Nupur..please baitho..." and he indicated her to sit on the bed and he sat down on his knees beside the bed in front of her and looking up in her eyes with pain and passion he said, "Please Nupur...pehle mujhe yeh batao ki tum mujhse naraaz kyun ho...aur aisa kya hua hai ki tum itni upset ho?"

Nupur looked stright into his eyes and felt scared for she had no answer to his question...she didn't want to tell the truth to him and she didn't want to lie to him either...his eyes were penetrating hers and she knew she couldn't run away now...

Nupur still tried to avoid by saying, "Kya hua hai...kuch bhi toh nahi hua hai..."

Mayank rplied without blinking his eyes for even once and with urgency he spoke confidently, "Nupur...aaj nahi...aaj sach batana hi hoga...tum aur nahi bhaag sakti iss tarah se mujhse..."

Nupur felt alarmed at these words of Mayank...what was happening to him...this was so unlike him to talk from his heart directly to her heart or was it so like him...but why did he behave so concerned for her suddenly, he didn't realise how difficult it was making things for her...she couldn't bear it all in her heart anymore and it poured out in the form of tears from her eyes while they slipped down her cheeks...

Mayank forwarded his hands and wiped off her tears as if promising something and with a bit od sadness to see her sad face he said, "ab bolo..."

Nupur looked down on her lap and said, "Kuch nahi...Mayank woh..."

Mayank held her chin and made her look in his eyes and said, "Sirf sach bolo..."

Nupur finally had to give in and she said, "Woh maine tumhara letter padha tha...library mein..." she felt lump in her throat while she spoke...

Mayank asked surprised, "Letter...kaunsa letter?"

Nupur looked into his eyes and spoke, "Jisme tumne mere baare mein...woh likha tha...why Nupur...Nupur is the wrong choice..." she felt her throat going soar as words failed to come out from it anymore and she looked away from him again while Mayank found himself dumbfounded for a moment as he looked on a crying Nupur...

Sorry for the mistakes, if anyLOL

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OOMGGG .. truth outt!! .. Shocked Party  .. beautiful part payal .. loved their thoughts .. they were amazingg!! ,, excellent!! ,,,

now i want the next part!! .. Stern Smile

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thank God Nupur confessed whats troubling her.
thank God Mayank forced her to.
now that the truth is out in open, Mayank can take steps to make things right.
loved the update Payal.

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Wings-of-Fire IF-Rockerz

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so they are face to face. i hope the confession happens now. cuz nupurs pains are too much to bare now.

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raji02 Groupbie

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phew!finally mayank reached his destination to get the queen of his heart back.and mayank came to know the reason behind nupur being upset.i hope now he clears all the misunderstandings and take her back with him to their,this time as his true wife.Smile
and please update soon.eagerly waiting for ur update.Smile

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ginny09 Goldie

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great finally they talked out the prob 
hope now mayur will confess their love fr each other soon :)

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Yay u updated! I loved the second half when mayank arrived...the first half was a kinda what we knew from the last 2 updates...but I absolutely loveddd their conversation and how mayank so innocently wipes her tears and nupur can help but admit...I guess she's secretly happy she can get it out...can't wait to find out what mayank does... Wish there was more of their convo/meeting in this update...really wanted to know what mayank finally does...brilliant work...update soon
:) :) :)

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