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Mayur FF- Love will find a way#2 Epilogue Pg 80 (Page 23)

Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 2:09am | IP Logged
Originally posted by love.mayurarti

fabulous update
cant c mayur like dat...plzzz clear all misunderstanding soon
cont soon
Thanks for commenting and liking the update Hug

Originally posted by -SupriyaluvsMN-

ahh... heartwrenching updates!!!Broken Heart
sooo many misunderstandings... betwn MN...Disapprove
now.. even Nups.. is goin 2 pune 4 1 whole mth...Unhappy
ab kya hoga?
pls update soon!
luv ya!Hug

i know it was a little sad but it pains only when the feelings are deep rightEmbarrassed

Originally posted by Fantasia.

Cry Cry .. Ladai jhadgha!! .. Cry .. okay so no one is wrong on any place, it's circumstantial!! .. waiting for mayank to woo his wife ,,. Embarrassed .. 

lovely writing payal .. it was crisp !! .. 
Thanks Kinza for liking it...well if only i could write as crisp n lovely like uHug

Originally posted by arti_4ever

First of all thnx for the double update...
I am thoroughly enjoying the way the story is progressing...
continue soon

Thanks for enjoying the updatesHug

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Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 15 May 2010
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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 2:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mayurg2010

Hey Payal,
I have read your whole story in 2 days and i surely didn't like the mis-understandings that are growing up between mayur... i hope mayank goes to nupur to pune and confesses his love to her and gets her back in his life...
I don't know why mayank is running away from his feelings when he is loving his own wife. He isn't doing a wrong thing...
Hope mayank gets out of his shell soon and gets his love back into his life
Thanks dearHug

n u read it in 2 days my my...m glad u are liking itHug
but hey mayank doesn't seem to take it as wrong...he is settling those emotions in a complex way...truely Mayank styleLOL

Originally posted by sariska_mnarti

Part 37:

yeh kya kardiya tumne???
Dono ko juda kyun kiya

aww man

I feel bad for both of them

cont soon

Sariska...thanks for commentingHug

Originally posted by Ayesha_LuvSaJan

Superb update!
Feel bad for MayUr!
Thanks Ayesha for liking the updatesHug

Originally posted by ..Mehak..

Thanks MehakHug
Originally posted by sariska_mnarti

Part 38 n 39:

baapre !
Itni Saari misunderstandings
hope everything will be fine soon

Sariska plz read aage to know betterLOL
Thanks for commentingHug

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--Sanchu-- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 2:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Payal-15

Originally posted by arjun-forever

awesome...felt soo bad for mayur...
i hope they soon would clear off all their misunderstandings...
wanna see them together asap!!!...
great update...loved both the parts!!!
Thanks arjun-forever for liking both the partsHug

no need for thanks...
btw u are welcome...

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Payal-15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 2:37am | IP Logged
@all i guess most of you'll don't remember that this note was written by Mayank to his Mom when Mayur were making bahanas for not marrying to each otherLOL ... n it came back in the worst possible times for them...
and please look at the replies that i have posted in back pages...LOL

am here with an early update though...i hope that is fineLOL

                                                                      Part 40:

It had been 2 days since Nupur had left for Pune after informing Mayank...Mayank related this situation to their fight in the school, though these were 2 very different situation but in both the cases, Nupur had stopped talking to both the cases she had mis-understood his thoughts about her and was angry with him for not understanding both the cases, she had taken the decision, sort of,  for the both of had hurted him then and it hurted him now...way too much...he had to find out what made her so angry about him and his thoughts which she had mentioned on the phone...

He had come to a concensus that Nupur had hugged him, maybe, because he had showed her friends that their relationship was perfectly nornal and maybe she didn't think of him that way as he thought of her...and he knew every nano part of this hurted him though, but one thing his heart kept telling him, inspite of his conclusions, that it had seen his love reflected in her eyes...which was only possible when the love mirrored in her too...yes, his heart had started talking to him and giving him some insights too...Mayank Sharma thought it was best to accept the changes now in him, because it was way too evident to walk over it without noticing...

But all this didn't work much now, apart from giving him hopes, right now, immaterialistic hopes...

Nupur had started with her work at her new site...but for the first time she found herself uninterested in decorating and renovating a house, which was often a dreamy reality for her...she loved making a house worth living...she loved those small efforts and small little parts of it which will soon be encompassed by love of the people owning it...but at present nothing interested her...nothing at all...she was trying hard to make her heart endurable enough for No Expectations from Mayank and for making it steel hard so that she could house her every dream now, with a shield so hard that none of its emotions could make her go weak and give in to the situation which may make her loose it all...

Mayank had several thoughts running in his mind apart from his purposely prioritized work, but nevertheless his prioriies were still the same...

He was totally unable to fathom the feelings and brain chart of Nupur now...he so wanted to go to her and know every ounce of the fact that had hit the Never-Say-Die-Nupur so badly...

Besides this one thought was hanging around his thoughts like a sword on a neck...maybe Nupur had realized that Mayank can never ever be her dream guy only to regret this marriage and hence she decided to stay away from him...this though gave a perfect thumbs up to explain every reaction of hers...but at the same time it tried to loot the world of Mayank Sharma...he felt that if this may be the truth, then his life would soon dis-appear into the shodows of it, as if life would soon be banishing him as a punishment for not understanding the importance of love soon enough...

Nupur decided she would soon be talking to Mayank, for she knew that is how she was supposed to take her way out of this depressed state which urged her to give up everything she ever had...she knew she would have to take a few steps ahead to make things better...she loved him, no matter what...

Mayank tried to analyse all those thoughts of Nupur not seeing him as her Prince Charming...but he would never force his love on she deserved what she dreamt of...her attitude and dreams for such a life mattered to him too, let alone it mattering to Nupur...she deserved "all the love in the world" and if she was happy away from him, then be it...

Nupur had made the decision...she was ready to take this ahead all alone...without expecting same amount of love from Mayank...yes, she wanted to be a bit selfish for her love and yes, she was right in thinking so because Mayank was such a guy who deserved this...he deserved her lifetime of wait...he deserved being part of her every dream...he deserved being loved so...

Besides, miracles did happen and Nupur hoped and prayed for another one to happen once in her life...

She was readying herself for promising her love to him irrespective of his emotions and feelings for her...she would love him forever for what he was...and she was sure that she would never ever regret there was no turning back for Nupur when her heart was already claimed and she respected her heart and its love...

Mayank would do anything Nupur wanted just to see the smile back on her face again and never leave her ever...coz this is all he wanted for his heart's content...

But wait, this is Mayank we are talking about, he was never a quitter and would never even think of being one...he would win - if he brought an all smiles Nupur back to herself by staying away from him, if she wanted that only but...not before he had tried everything from his side to show herhow much he loved her and cared for her...not before knowing the truth of her dull happiness these days...not before showing her that she made his life complete...not before acknowledging the fact to her, what a great person she was all along and he loved the fact that falling in love with her was a bliss for that...and certainly not before confessing to her...his LOVE...

He would forever love her now since it was now not possible to see himself so...she had become a part of his existence which wouldn't even go away with distance...

Nupur dialled Mayank's number but soon cut it offherself in nervousness...she knew she had to grow out of this nervousness and impulsiveness and anger too and that too soon because Mayank wouldn't ever understand these and would not even react to those but then she couldn't help her feelings towards him...

She thought of calling him after 1 day or 2 coz when talking to him on the phone, she wanted to be assured that on the other side of the phone she had invoked a soft smile adorning his face and not a confused and irritated expression now...

Apart from that, she wanted her anger to die down completely rather than bursting it out on him on one of such times...

It would be hard for her too not to call him but from now on, she would have to take care of Mayank more and more so that she can sprinkle more and more happiness in his life...

Mayank called Nupur's office and took Nupur's address in Pune to track her down and decided not to call her to inform so that there would be no scope of her not understanding him this time...

He had his office on his responsibility for now since Sameer Sharma was not there to take care of everything at he did his best to complete as much important work as he could till afternoon and then took the day off till tommorow for a drive way of 3 hours from Mumbai to Nupur...


Tera banega woh jo, tera nahi hai 
aye dil bata kyun tujko, itna yakin hai 
mere dil-e-beqkaar
haan dil-e-beqkaar
yahi hota pyaar hai kya
mere dil-e-beqkaar

Nupur came home after some work outside and was exhausted and as soon as she entered the room alotted to her and looked at the framed picture of Mayank, she immediately felt energetic again and smiled immediately but then remembering things which inhabited her present, her smile started to fade again...
Yahi hota pyaar hai kya
mere dil-e-beqkaar
yahi hota pyaar hai kya

Mayank while driving, looked sideways at the empty seat beside him, thinking of the times Nupur had been sitting there smiling and chattering alone every random thing that she could...though he never responded much to her, still it always had filled him with life and curiosity, he noticed how wrong he was to neglect those earlier...he so wanted to get that back coz he missed it way too much...

Khwaabon mein koyi kyun hai yuun rehta
aye dil tu kyun mujhe hain yeh kehta

Nupur when frustrated suddenly with her workmen who were not working according to her...she sat down in a corner thinking, if only she could get as much focus and calmness in her work as Mayank always had...

Woh mera rasta bhi hai
Aur woh hi manzil 

Right now what Mayank wanted was to make Nupur let out all her emotions that made her sad somehow and she soon be back to being her happy self again while he just watched her for hours like that in order to feel lively again...

Woh mera sagar bhi hai, aur woh hi saahil
kaisi bata yeh betaabiyaan hain
hum chalte chalte aye kahaan hain
yahi hota pyaar hai kya 
mere dil-e-beqkaar

Nupur noticed her friend mentioning it time and again to her that she didn't seem her usual self...Nupur tried hard to be pleasant and all happy but felt even more empty inside when attempting this...
yahi hota pyaar hai kya
mere dil-e-beqkaar
yahi hota pyaar hai kya

Mayank remembered her tears and hurt that he had seen in her eyes that night...he was going crazy thinking of various reasons behind it...he knew she wouldn't confess about it on phone but he will have to confront her when she was in front of him...

sunta hoon mein teri yeh dastaan
simmte ki ek din to yeh dooriyaan

Nupur closed her eyes thinking of Mayank's rare smiles which he had given her a few times and framed it in her heart to invoke some hope to her...
Ummed tumme hai dil, khiyo nahi hai
Mayank knew he was descisively going to give in to her tantrums and anger this time...he was ready to surrender himself to his Love...

Tere zidd mein aye dil sadd afreen hai
kyun yeh junoon hai, kya zustju hai
aakhir tujhe kyun, yeh aarzoo hai
yahi hota pyaar hai kya
mere dil-e-beqkaar
Yahi hota pyaar hai kya
mere dil-e-beqkaar
yahi hota pyaar hai kya

Sorry for the mistakes, if anyLOL

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.SA. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 2:46am | IP Logged
yayyy!!!!! first to comment.
great update Payal.
i am so happy Mayu is going to see Nupz.
both want to give their love a chance.Day DreamingDay Dreaming
chooo chweeet.
to -----
hote hote pyaar ho gaya...

boy i am loving it.Wink
thanks for the pm.

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-Symphony- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 2:52am | IP Logged
wow an early upadateBig smile
thanks payalBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT PART...payal you havto update it today onlyLOLLOLLOL
i want them to confess now...this wait is killing me...
as usual i loved the songs u choseEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
lovely update...jaldi next part post karnaSmile

Edited by acAasthamayur - 26 May 2011 at 3:32am

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valliyah Goldie

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 2:54am | IP Logged

Seems ur too much into cliff hangering game these days...okk its seems long update but wait it only seems n NOT actually is though i enjoyed the song but yeh dil mange moreLOL...!!!

Fabulous update...good both r ready to give in a chance for the sake of their unconditional love...awww they soo miss each other...ab jyada mat tarsao unhe jaldi milwaoEmbarrassed...n next update jaldi please...thnx for pm...!!!

Edited by valiyah27 - 26 May 2011 at 3:25am

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Wings-of-Fire IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 2:58am | IP Logged
wow! this is just great. mayank's going to confront her! i wish you posted the next part too! now this wait will be killing.

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