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Mayur FF- Love will find a way#2 Epilogue Pg 80 (Page 15)

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Originally posted by valiyah27

Thanks dearSmile...waise Faria n Valiyah matching matching hai isiliye hansi na LOL...!!!
ya...its rhymingLOL

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Thank you all for bearing with me and an odd update...LOLHug

well am posting 2 updates together now coz i don't see the point of posting them separately so that sums up to a really long updateBig smile...finallyLOL

but that will be all for this weekLOL

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@all i hope you'll don't have to think this time ki itna bada update kyun diya, we got                                                                  boredLOL

                                                                    Part 38:

Nupur arrived at Bhushan's House in the morning and surprised her Bauji. Shashi Bhushan was used to get up early in the morning just as today, but today was a bit surprising morning because he was not used to seeing Nupur so early up as she was today but what amazed him was the fact that Nupur was at home so early in the morning.

He saw that Nupur's smile was trying to shrink back time and again. He knew it was usually effortless for her to smile and she didn't have to put up a smile to someone, specially to those close to her. He asked, not being able to hold himself  back while Nupur hugged him and came inside he asked, "Nupur...tum theek toh ho achanak iss tarah se itna bada suitcase lekar...matlab sab theek toh hai naa?...Mayank se jhagda toh nahi hua naa?"

Nupur felt her emotions surfacing up again at Bauji's question...he thought Nupur had fought with Mayank and come, it was a total opposite here...she had come home because she loved him and he would never love her back...maybe...and this moment was the most difficult she had ever faced in her life...she had actually come away from him coz she didn't know how to stay away from him now...and how to deal with her growing affection and feelings towards him...she would have to learn it since she was married to him now...this marriage, as the situation posed to her, had no meaning left now...but in her heart, she knew it, that it meant everything to her, everything...but she was not ready to go back to him all strong hearted just yet...she didn't knew how she would be able to make herself strong enough for this, since he was the only one who's one glance may make her heart go weak  in a single second...but she would have to do it and without anyone knowing...

She tried to supress her emotions deep inside and smiled back to her Bauji saying, "Arrey nahi, Kyun Bauji ab main yahaan rehne bhi nahi aa sakti..apne Bauji aur Gunjan ke paas...kuch din ke liye?" she asked cutely turning her head sideways...but her eyes surely had more than one held a storm inside it seemed...

Bauji smiled to her way of asking and said, "Arrey nahi Nupur, bilkul aa sakti ho...kyun nahi...par sab theek hai naa?"

Nupur again said smiling, "Haan Bauji...aur jo theek na ho...usse aapki beti theek karna achchi tarah se jaanti hai...ab mujhe kuch khane ko milega...bahut bhook lagi hai..." Nupur diverted the topic and her mind while her words gave strength to herself and she wished and hoped theat she could actually make things alright...she went in the house trying to be atmost pleasant as she could manage...
When Gunjan got up, Nupur tried to surprise her pleasantly but Gunjan looked at her confused but smiled and hugged her...

After listening to Nupur's random talks, which she did to avoid the most obvious questio, Gunjan finally couldn't ignore and asked, "Di...tum jeeju ko ghar mein akele chod kar yahaan aayi ho...woh bhi tab jab uncle aur aunty bhi ghar mein nahi hain?"

Nupur felt bad now listening to Gunjan, she didn't think in those did sound a bit irresponsible from her side...but all this was necessary for her...otherwise it would have worsened the situation between Mayank and Nupur for absolutely no fault of Mayank or Nupur either...but she still tried to justify to Gunjan while now starting to worry about Mayank, Nupur replied showing off her anger,"Mayank...woh chota bachcha nahi hai...woh akele reh sakta hai...khaas kar ke meri zaroorat toh usse bilkul bhi nahi hai, ByGod" saying this she looked away in her fake anger but with true hurt that her own words made her feel...

Gunjan asked a bit taken aback, " achanak...jeeju ne kuch kaha kya aapko...ya rude behave kiya phir se?"

Nupur laughed in mind at Gunjan's words and the irony of the situation...rude...he was far from rude to her...rather totally opposite now and it affected her even more than his earlier made her fall for his growing sweetness towards her more and more with every passing second...

Gunjan shaked Nupur and asked, "Di, kya hua...bolo toh?"

Nupur replied blocking hr brain and heart to proceed further and replied, "Nahi Gunjan...woh Sadu itna bura bhi nahi hai...par maine hi usse chota sa argument karke usse bada bana diya...kuch din usse dur rehkar, dimaag ko shaant kar loon, phir jaaoungi ek aur nayi jung ladne usse" and patting her cheeks she said in irritation, "sab theek hai meri Maa..." and then smiling said, "ab chal taiyaar ho nahi jaana kya?...mujhe toh office jaana hai...chal time nahi hai itni baatein karne ka...kitna bulwati hai mujhse" saying this Nupur went away to get ready for her office with a heavy heart...

Mayank was very unsure what to and how to ask about the whereabouts of Nupur...still he had to, it was not something he could let the first thing he did after reaching the office was to go to Shashi Bhushan and after a somewhat smiling greeting to Bauji, he nervously asked, "Umm...Bauji...woh Nupur..."

Shashi Bhushan said smiling, "Haan, Nupur ghar par theek se pahoonch gayi hai..." then after thinking for a while he said, "Koi maane ya nahi...par main jaanta hoon ki tum sabka kitna khayal rakhte ho"he was glad to see his concern for Nupur..."par achanak se yeh program kaise ban gaya...woh bhi itni subah ka...Nupur se poocha toh usne toh baaton ko ghuma diya aur kaha ke sab theek hai...par tum keh doge toh mujhe tasalli ho jaayegi...sab theek hai naa?"he asked with a questioned look

Mayank was relieved for the moment that she was safely at home but his relief was short lived when new questions arrived in his brain...

Nupur had convinced them that all was fine and not shared it with even them...then why did leave all of a sudden to them...leaving him all alone...yes, alone he felt at the moment and his heart was for the first time making its presence felt more than pained...but the point was- what had affected her so..,and by now he knew she was good at hiding her thoughts, he had seen it the other day when she missed Bauji and Gunjan and tried to make some other excuse at the breakfast in order to cover it all up...But now, there was no point in worrying Bauji over it when he himself didn't seem to know it...then actually what..

His thoughts were broken by Shashi Bhushan when he asked, "Mayank...Mayank..sab theek hai naa?"

Mayank tried to smile and said, "Haan Bauji...woh bas usse aap logo ki yaad aa rahi thi" he was assured that atleast she must be a bit happy at home with Bauji and Gunjan...what he didn't realize was that she could only be happy now with him...

Apart from being assured for her happiness, he coveted the reason for her sudden disappearance from his sight and her tears...

Shshi Bhushan smiled and said, "Yaad toh hamein bhi uski bahut aati hai...woh hai hi aisi...jahaan bhi ho, centre stage uska hota hai..."

Mayank thought, "ya...that was so true...who wouldn't miss her" and right now he missed her like hell

Shashi Bhushan contnnued speaking keeping a hand on Mayank's shoulders, "Mayank...tum ghar mein akele manage kar loge naa...mera matlab hai...agar tum kaho toh main Nupur ko keh doon wapas jaane ke liye..."

Mayank so wanted to say, 'yes..please..send her back immediately...' but impatience never got the better of Mayank so said smiling, "Nahi Bauji...main manage kar loonga..."

Shashi Bhushan went away for his work ahead while Mayank stood there watching in the direction that lead to his cabin...he so didn't want to go there...


One of the friends of Nupur wanted her to renovate her house in Pune and Nupur had proposed the site to her boss which he had agreed to today and when he asked if she would be going to Pune for the same reason, Nupur had agreed coz she felt that she had no reason to say NO and every reason to say YES..

She thought that maybe this would make it easier for her to stay away from him...though she knew in her heart that nothing could ever make it easier for her now to stay away from him...she wondered how so soon her heart was completely his...

Mayank called Gunjan in the afternoon to ask about Nupur but he was not sure how he would ask her and how much and what...still he did...

Gunjan picked up the phone and seeing Mayank's name flash, she smilingly replied after picking up the phone, "Jeeju...aapne galat number lagaya hai...Di ko manaane ke liye, aapko Di ko phone lagaane chahiye..."

Mayank asked bewildered, "Manaane ke liye?"

Gunjan smiled and said, "Haan...main jaanti hoon ki aap dodno ki choti si ladai hui hai...Di bhi jaanti hai ki aapki jyaada galti nahi hai...par, woh thodi si aapse aur shayad khudse naraaz hai...isliye aapko unhe manaana chahiye aur Di ka saara gussa pal mein gayab ho jaayega..."

Mayank was startled to hear this from Gunjan and couldn't figure out Nupur's reasoning and explaination...they had fought...when...she knows he is not wrong...she was upset with him and heself...why?

Mayank spoke totally confused, "Ladai?"

Gunjan laughed and said,"Jeeju...mujhe toh laga tha aap topper hain toh aapki memory achchi hogi...par lagta hai aap bhul gaye ki aapki Di ke saath ladaai hui thi.."

Mayank asked now to the point since he knew the only where his answers lay...only with Nupur, "Nupur kahaan hai?"

Gunjan said, " gayi hai...aap unse hi baat kar lijiye"

Mayank didn't want to mention that she was not picking up her phone so he just said, "Okay Gunjan...Thanks...main Nupur se baat kar loonga" then added to sound convincing, "aur usse manna bhi loonga" which made Gunjan very happy

Mayank kept the phone saying bye to Gunjan and was thinking about how should he talk to her now..go to her office or later at night at her home...whatever it was, he wanted to know it soon and settle it too...

Sorry for the mistakes, if anyLOL
Another update followingLOLEmbarrassed

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resBig smile
i hope i didn't break ur continuityErmm

So I did break your continuityDisapprove!! sorry!!Ouch... but i get to comment twice!!Big smileCoolLOL

I feel bad for the twoDisapprove.. on one hand Nupur is trying to stay away from Mayank because she thinks he'll never love her... and on the other hand Mayank who has helplessly fallen in love with his wife doesn't have a clue of her thoughts.. what an irony!! *sigh*

well i didn't wait for the pm to reach, but thnx anywaysLOL


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                                     @Jiya...its okay dear..its still on the same pageLOL
                                                                           Part 39

Nupur was now feeling bad sitting in her office...why was she ignoring his calls and dis-connecting it since the morning...what was his fault?...all was hers...firstly, she had come from home without informing him about anything and then she ignored his calls for which, by the way, she looked curiously each time she saw his name told her he had once again, given her a thought...but she was still mad at him for writing those words for her, which meant she was nothing for him...nothing at all...

Besides, she was also angry for the fact that he didn't love her, which made no sense at all, even to did sheexpect Mayank to love Nupur in the first was impossible.but hell, she loved him for all that she knew...

She was finding a growing impulsiveness to talk to him...and with the present situation in picture...she just had too...

She picked up the phone and dialled the number of the person who was the owner of her favourite name...Mayank...

Mayank saw Nupur's name highlighting itself on his phone while he was busy studying a report...he immediately picked up the phone as if delaying in picking iy up may make him miss her call. ..FINALLY, she called him, he thought with a smile but soon it was replaced with a concerned expression when he heard her voice...

Nupur had collected all her courage to speak in a voice which doesn't give away her emotional state of mind to him...she wiped her tiny tears and called him forcing a smile to keep her voice steady...

When Mayank picked up her phone almost instantly, she tried to gain calmness and said, "Hello, Mayank..."

Mayank broke into a chain of question which he had never ever done before, it was somewhat like Nupur's way of asking too many queries at a time but he had been already too patient to hold onto it further and so he started, "Nupur...kahaan ho?...kaisi ho?...kya hua hai?...mujhse naraz toh nahi ho? kyun nahi utha rahi thi subah se?...aur tumne Gunjan se yeh kyun kaha ke hamara jhagda hua hai?...aur tum yun achanak bina kuch bole ghar se kyun chali gayi?"

Nupur was spellbound for a moment, Mayank was getting more and more caring by day but still she needed a grip over herself before she was ready to react to it in a normal way...right now, she didn't want to answer any of these questions, not even a single after thinking for a while she said, "Mayank...Mayank, woh main...bas yuhi...thoda akele rehna chahti thi...aur socha tumhe bhi isse shanti milegi...iss sar phiri...ziddi...bewakoof ladki ko kam sehna padega naa tumhe..." she completed, pinching herself more with these words than trying to complain it to him...

Mayank shocked a little to hear all this asked, "Kya?...akela aur tumhe...mujhe toh laga ki tumhe kabhi akela rehna pasand nahi hai"

Nupur felt even more angry when he didn't reply to her latter words, which meant maybe he will actually feel peaceful with her being away and she cursed her heart for still expecting the other way round...she replied back in anger, "Mr. Mayank Sharma...tumhe aisa kyun lagta hai ki tum jo bhi sochoge wahi sahi hota hai...main shayad waisi nahi hoon jaisa tum sochte ho...actually main bilkul bhi waisi nahi hoon...par tum toh ek baar jo opinion bana li usse kabhi change nahi kar sakte naa...chahe kissi ki bhi baat ho..." she was totally referring to the letter rather than talking to him about the present situation anyhow...she contd after a very short pause..."Maana ki tum mein laakh achchayiyaan hongi Mayank...par iska matlab yeh toh nahi ki tum doosro mein hamesha buraayiyaan hi dhoondo...khud ke saath saath tum kissi aur ko bhi jeene ka space nahi de sakte shayad...par tum toh..."

Mayank interrupted her in between and asked, "Nupur...kya hua hai...plz mujhe ek baar batao toh..mujhe kuch samajh mein nahi aa raha hai ki tum kya keh rahi ho...ek mauka toh do mujhe situation ko samnajhne ka...tumhe samajhne ka..."

Nupur smirked and said, "Mauka...tum kissi ko mauka dete ho...fauran faisla sunate ho naa..toh dusro ka faisla bhi sunna seekho..."

Mayank asked perplexed and a bit in despair, "Kaisa faisla?"

Nupur replied wiping her tears and trying to hold herself, "Itna bada bhi faisla nahi liya hai...bas mujhe mere friend ka ghar design karna tha...maine kabse request ki thi Sir se uss baare mein...aaj uski permission mil gayi toh...toh main aaj shaam ko Pune jaa rahi hoon...ussi ke ghar mein rahoongi...1 month tak tumhe mujhse chootkara milega" and then added in anger without meaning it, "aur mujhe tumse..."...what she said pained her when she heard how it sounded to her ears and when she wans't able to control her tears, she hurriedly kept the phone hanging on a dis-heartened Mayank 

He first time felt the pain of losing the truest love that he had never even dreamt of ever but had been gifted with that very precious one from God...he had fallen for his own wife...Truely...Deeply...Madly in love with her...but right now he could feel the same pain of separation of hearts in a miserable way, just as she did...

It was 9th standard for Nupur an 10th for Mayank...Nupur was quite a popular girl in school for her attitude, looks, liveliness and this fact wasn't hidden from Mayank too...

Once while passing by a group of boys in hhis class he heard Nupur's name and heard what they were talking about...not so merry talks about her and apart from that they hadplaced a bet on one of the boys who accepted the challenge to persuade Nupur to be his girlfriend just to win the bet...Mayank got very very angry and pulled the collar of that boy and had furiously looked into his eyes and had warned him against doing any such deed or he will have had to face Mayank's punches, for all that he cared...

Later, Mayank went straight away to Nupur who was walking in the school passage towards her class...Mayank stopped short in front of her and said, "Nupur...Umm...agar mere claas ke kuch ladke tumse dosti karne aayein toh tum unse dosti mat karna theek hai..."

Nupur asked confused and she just wanted to back answer him more than knowing the reason or not following she asked, "Kyun...main toh karoongi...dosti karna toh achchi baat hai...tum nahi samjhoge...par sab achchi dost maante hain mujhe...toh main toh..."

Mayank cut her off and said in a bit irritated tone, "Tum bina argument ke koi bat sun nahi sakti...tumhare achche ke liye keh raha hoon..."

Nupur replied chuckling, "Isme mera kya achcha hai...tumhari tarah nahi hoon main...mujhe dost banana pasand hai...ghanto doston se baatein karna bhi...samjhe..."

Mayank spoke a bit angry, "Haan...woh toh main jaanta hoon par itni ghanto ki baaton mein bhi tum apna bhala bura nahi samajh paati 20-30 filmon ke aage bhi sochogi tab toh tumhe kuch dikhayi dega naa...dosti, pyaar aur inn sab bematlab ki baaton mein soch bhi choti si ho gayi hai...aur..."

Nupur got a bit teary and furious and said, "Choti soch...tumhe main aisi lagti hoon...shallow...aur pata nahi kya kya sochte ho mere baare mein...agar tumhe nahi pasand hoon toh naa sahi...par kamse kam mujhe aisi baatein toh mat sunao...kyun aaye tum mere paas abhi...yehi sab kehne?"

Mayank realized that he had hurt her by going a bit overboard in hiding the thing he wanted to speak of indirectly, so he said trying to explain,"Nahi...Nupur...dekho tum galat soch rahi ho...main tumse aisa kuch nahi..."

Nupur cut him off with her words while tears now had a continuous flow from her eyes, "Dekho Mayank...naa hi mujhe kuch kehna hai...aur nahi sunna...ab tak shayad main tumhare baare mein galat sochti thi...par ab nahi...tumhe kissi insaan ki kadar nahi hai aur nahi unki feelings ki...doosron par comment karne se achcha hoga agar tum khudki life ko thodi better banao...kyunki lifetime tum sirf padhne wale nahi ho...aur uske siwaai tumhe kuch aata bhi nahi hai...toh yeh socho ki tum aage kya karoge...aur mujhe apne aap par chod do theek hai..."
she harshly spoke and left leaving Mayank hurt too with those words of hers...

She didn't mean to say those words but Mayank saying those things about her made her say thse and now both were hurt with each other's words and both were hurt to hurt each other as well...

Mayank and Nupur had taken a complete no talk mode from then on...since whenever they felt like saying a sorry for their own deeds, all they got reminded of was the other's thinking about them and so neither one tried to apologize...specially for Mayank, it was most hard to say a sorry to Nupur and to explain things...

Mayank's classmates didn't dare to go ahead on the bet thingy after their encounter with Mayank and Mayank was releived on that front...

Nupur was hurt...very hurt by Mayank...but she didn't show her hurt at all and kept a safe distance from him for her own sake...


Both wished in their hearts for the other one to come and apologize because they knew the other person was not wrong, it was just their thinking of themselves were wrong, but then that left its imprints quite naturally...

Sorry for the mistakes, if anyLOL

Do tell me ki how did you'll found it coz i would want to know thatBig smile

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res again Big smile!!


oh thank god its on the same page!! D'ohwhew!!Embarrassed

yeh kya hai yaar??Unhappy itni saari misunderstandings??Confused... 
plzzz ab jaldi se khatam karo naa iskoDisapprove... 
tum toh Nupur ko 1 MONTH ke liye Pune bhej rahi hoShockedOuch
kaise rahega Mayank bichaara uske binaDisapprove

update soonEmbarrassed


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hey Payal kumari ,
plz yeh torture ab khatam bhi karo yaar, Mayank-Nupur ek duje ke bina nahi reh sakte LOL
aur hum MNians in dono ko alag-alag aur ek duje se naraaz nahi dekh sakte, isliye plz,plz,pretty plz with a cherry on the top Big smile jaldi-jaldi inki galatphahami door karo aur dono ko paas lao.
after all "paas jitna , behtar utna "WinkWink hai na???LOLLOL

nice update Smile thanks for the pm.

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i hope mayank will make everything all right very soon...loved it...

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