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Jenny's Gallery#14: SaJan/Mohit/Maaneet-pg143 (Page 85)

JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90840

Posted: 14 June 2011 at 1:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by aishhh.

ok not reserving, pointless absolutely. because i know i won't edit before you update again tomorrow Hug hehe and please now let go of that inspiration thing, reallyyy Stern Smile i think everyone on IF by now knows Jenny's blurred text is inspired by meee Embarrassed but neverthless that's REALLY sweet. people need to learn something from youuu :)Hello . How are we doing? I can't.. I feel so damn horrible if I don't credit you.. So I am gonna do it unless i come up with some new way to deal with ..Hug

updateee. ok that first sig is SO CUTEE<33 that baby girl was overrr my screen during that MJHT track and she's so damn adorable, so is the sig and the text style :$
the first Arnaya one, that is prettyyy, i always love the way you use a single picture so well :)) i love the text style/colouring on the second..and the style/colouring that BLACK border on the mayank-gunjan one is superrr stunning Embarrassed I love baby zara.. She was so adorable and I love that kid.. esp how she would only be AB just made me love! Thank you sooo muchh!! The MaJan one was hard to come with text, I was like, what text can we do here? Thanks for liking the borders, I been experimenting with borders a lot.

i remember what i thought the first time i saw the mohit arjun pic Stern Smile jaane do, not worth saying cause i am weird ROFL but, i LOVE the font, it sits in so well with the style of the sig HugI had my two thoughts about it: 1) Arjun is telling Mohit to take care of sanz which would be damn cute, but I think its def some dostana momentLOL he's holding his tie, GOOD LORD.

ARTIII OMGGG :| you make me miss them, i adore the way you use colour in your sigs, im sure ive told you.. maybe not LOL the black and blue looks AMAZINGGG; just saying how the memories one is my fav though ;( it really stood pout on the page, gorgeous<33 MS one is really pretty Embarrassed Thank you! I dugged my MJHT folder and saw those pics.. they looked adorable as little kids in that party! and I didn't have other pics and I was so lost on words again, so I was like memories never do die<3 but thank you! MS is so so damn simple. I had no clue what to write.LOL

you have something no one does. STYLE. my GODDD and it's ONLY yours, no one can to it the same way everrr. ;) the secondd monayajun one has to be my favourite though for the colouring :)
the RP one is STUNNING, i love the glow kind of thing on the whole sig :$ SG & sanaya ones, i LOVE the colouring.. Awww, thank you thank you so muchh!!  and I really hope no one tries to do it cause then I would have to experiment and I hate doing that. I have done experiment in the past and trust me, they all have failed so I stick to the same thing , but with a new touch! Awww, thank you.. RP looks adorable nah.. She looked like a doll!

ANDD your Shiran ones are alwaysss the bestt! the second one is just OMFGGG AMAZING no joke. i love love love love love the pink and it's like just perfect Embarrassed lemme get to making something on them out of your masssivesstt album on your acc Hug ROFL  Ahhh, thank youa dn ShiRan update! That;s a bonus.. Cannot wait to see it.  I think my account does have that as massive.. 421 pics , I think.Confused
i lovesss youuu :))) Hug gorgeous stuff as ALWAYS, i should just get you to write my comment cause im such a predictable fangirl when it comes to your stuff ROFL

I LOVE YOU much much much much much moreHug thank you for such an amazing comment.. MADE MY NIGHT!

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JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90840

Posted: 14 June 2011 at 1:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Arjunlicious-

Marvellous Update my favz has to be the ArTi one and RP<3

Thanks so much Sam!

Originally posted by xAlishax

Edited P79!

For P82 -Wow, Just finished editing my reserve and I see two more updates.
Okay EVERYTHING Looks SO HAWT. I am just gazing at everything. The Arnav Khushi sigs are amazing. ESPP. The ones without text, I think its the simplicity of it. Love it! & The JP ones are Super HOT. Loved ..Perneet ones are beautiful! Okay now coming to my fave one!
^^ShiRan! Wowww, I am gonna use this soon. Love it.! I would die if they ever came true, in a good way ofcourse!

Okay now this massive update on P84.. Delicious is one word that comes to my mind. I swear i can eat your siggies. Just too adorable. Love ArNaya and Zara one! Super cute. Loved the idea. Rest of the ArNaya ones are Amazing! The Arjun and Mohit sig is too cute! Love their expressions, LOL. MoNayaJun ones is BEAUTIFUL. Love them. Dil toh baccha hai and the RP sig are just FAAAB!
And Ofc how can I forget? LOVE the ShiRan ones, amazing how they have never been together as a couple yet have a fanbase. LOL. Includes me too. Love them. The sigs came out G O R G E O U S! Love both!

Thank you thank you so much Alisha! Means a lot to me! I think everyone is waiting for these two to show up. cause they are sizzling together.

Thank you so much for liking the update! and I agree, a couple with no show and such a large fan base.. I love your stuff on them too<3 It's too beautiful!

Originally posted by mrs.MSK_GurTi

Jenny all of the sigs are really beautiful & man u r too phast!LOL

Haha, thank you so muchEmbarrassed I should change my gallery to speedy's creations galleryLOL

Originally posted by Sunshine Girl

Wohooo m loving the huge updatesss...
Xcellent gorgeous stuff...
Mjht sigx r mind blastin...love awl the sigx...arjun zaara arnaya sajan rati arti awl the sigx r super ultra awsmlicious...superb creations...

Thank you so much !! I am so glad you liked them!

Originally posted by Dangelz

Fab fab stuff Jens!
I LOVEEE the ArHi and SaRun update on pg. 84!
All the sigs look super gorgeousss, especially the ones on SaRun's new offscreen pic! Those are beyonddd adorable <3 The colourings and styles that you've used are brilliant!
The latest MJHT and ShiRan stuff is amazinggg as well!

Thank you SO much Dangelz! I am so glad you liked them. Yes, SaRun are AMAZINg together. Did you see their latest intervie? Barun told her to shut up and she hit him,. by explaining unconditional love. It was damn adorable and they were just too cute<3

Thank you so much for liking the sigs:) Means a lot to me!

Originally posted by aisha_1992

OMG i just loved all MJHT n IPKKND sigs.. WOOOW SIZLLLING


Thanks so much Senorita! Means a lot to me!

Originally posted by mahaandneha


Thanks so much dearHug

Originally posted by Fari.Kashian

Gah! Missed the last two updates! Stern Smile Nets been down for a week not.

BUT DUUUDE! Im LOVING this update. The MJHT trio stuff is SUPERB! I missing them a lot too.
The Shiran ones are my fav though. hehe just LOVE them two.

AWESOME update hun

Thank you thank you so much hun! I am so glad you liked it.. I know, everyone has been missing MJHT. The repeats are on, so I love watching them again!

Thanks so much for liking the ShiRan stuff!

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-Harshu- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 27 May 2010
Posts: 30601

Posted: 14 June 2011 at 1:31am | IP Logged
@Jenz  - Montuu is back from her HM LOL
Yesterday she came OL  for few mins .
notfadedaway IF-Addictz

Joined: 11 May 2006
Posts: 55216

Posted: 14 June 2011 at 1:35am | IP Logged
waiting for you to UPDATE! ;)

Edited by ayeshaaa. - 14 June 2011 at 1:35am
JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90840

Posted: 14 June 2011 at 1:41am | IP Logged
AH.. NANDEKISHORELOL Sorry, that just cracked me up as I said that.. This is what happens when there is too much Bua on IPKKND.. So there was less ArHi but Bua made up for it.. She was hilarious LOL Anyhow onto the update.. Made lots of regulars stuff so it should keep all fan group quite happyLOL

First things first, don;'t copy.. seriously, I am trying to take my style to another level and if it's copied, I am gonna run out of ideas soon, so yesh, no copying please..

Secondly.. BLURRED TEXT INSPIRED BY AISSHHH! ( I'll write this always unless I have a new way to do something with the text, so few sigs do, but the double vision style is def inspired by Aishhh<3 Love you bearHug)

NO COPY/NO CROP/DO NOT UPLOAD ON FACEBOOK. I am sure the Admins of IPKKND and Geet would love my work, but not by others who post it there. So no no's..Oh and I forgot, but why are text being chooried? It's damn irritating to see a text of your sig being applied to another sig? Like I understand with quotes and all, but my mind is also being chorried.. kya yaar!

Anyhow.. Feel free to use.. I HOPE you all like the update:) me quite happy bear with this one.. it's quite big so let it load;)

Bua and her Paaji: Such a FUNNY scene:



Arnav RaizadaBlushing



Maaneet: Zara Kafa Caps Credit: Sano

Arnav-Maan-Abhay a.k.a Barun-Gurmeet-Vivian lethal combo:

JAY-PIYA: THIS IS my newest pair.. THEY have such HOT chemistry.. I can't explain it.






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Fari.Kashianblissfullchahaat.shona.sajnie* ~ Roshni ~ *-jas-black_hazeshe_ratchetnyctophilia.Kiran.DangelzJasmine...sofiaaax.SobtiObsessionCute_AshAS..Aquarius18indian_beauty-Harshu-soundsofcedarBepannaah.HeavenlyBliss.

aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 January 2010
Posts: 17849

Posted: 14 June 2011 at 1:59am | IP Logged
OKKK i went and stalk liked all your CG posts and yes i know it sounds stalkerish Ermm  but i know ashu would have done the same for some reason 

hehe BUAAA ji is polluting screens sometimes. she is quite annoying ut i find it so cute that you made sigs on her Embarrassed
I LOVE YOUUU TOO mommm :)) the inspired thing rocks btw, AND i reckon people need to credit for text cause your brain is just AMAZING when it comes to those! and how did i know there was gonna be another massive update today, predictable but OMFGG YES you should be proud and RIGHTLY proud cause my screen is like :OO what do i look at and what not so im gonna do anotherrr essay Embarrassed i feel up for it ROFL

see i have been cleaning the house all day Ermm and im boreddd of vacuuming washing and that.  house looks clean but i am tired and plan to do nothing for the rest of the day and so i needed an update from youu :) i will never reserve here because that means 2 days and i'll be behind on 2 updates ;( im gonna do my favs cause otherwise it'll be past 1500 words Embarrassed LOL

okkk BUA & paaji new couple Ermm ooohh. can i just say how much i ADORE the style of that sig, just amazingg the way you did b/w, red and the font + glow makes the sig stand out so well Embarrassed the second Sarun one is my favvv for its simple style/colouring and the blurred text looks superrr cute in that :))

sarun + gurti one ..I KNEWWW jenny would make that! just happened to be a really jenny thing, so i was expecting it LOL and the simple yet beautiful style of the arnav one is :|||| OMGG i love whenever you use this: Blushing ROFL

gurti; i INEXPLAINABLY LOVE LOVE LOVE the first so much that i just stared at it for so long, everything about that sig is perfection <33 the colouring and the textures and the text and just the picture itself is so lively and prettyy Embarrassed and i love the third too for its font and text style :))

MG ones.. i simply LOVE the 2nd, 4th and 5th.. all of them are GORGEOUS but if i had to make up my undecisive mind when it comes to your work, then it'll have to be those three Hug

jay-piyaaa, ALL of them are WOW..i CANNOT decide, it's so unfairrr. the glow, the massive text size and just EVERYTHING about the sigs are too too too beautiful Embarrassed

the first KW one is CUTE and Shirannn. the texts on all are perfect, but i like the last sig most Embarrassed finally one thing i can decide on YAYY LOL

that was suchhh a massive update Stern Smile i was like what to comment on and what not. i almost wrote a novel. PARAGRAPHS ;) 

love and hugs *infinity Hug Embarrassed

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-Harshu- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 27 May 2010
Posts: 30601

Posted: 14 June 2011 at 2:03am | IP Logged
What an update Blushing
First two sigs ROFL sooo cute LOL
SaRun stuff is amazing!!!  Loved the colouring & the font style <3
Maaneet & Jai-Piya stuff is HOT Blushing
JW sigs r adorable Embarrassed
Now comes my fav part KW , SA & ShiRan Embarrassed Day DreamingBlushing
KW  sig is awesome <333  He's looking HOT BlushingBlushing 
Shona sig is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L . I LOVE the pic <3 She's looking so angelic Day Dreaming
ShiRan Day Dreaming They r MAGICAL Day DreamingDay Dreaming   Sigs r BREATHTAKINGLY  BEAUTIFUL <333333333 Loved the text , caps & colouring <333
Saved them all , will b using dem very very soon Embarrassed
Overall a FAB update !!!
Keep Rocking !!!!!
Jasmine... IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 February 2008
Posts: 11680

Posted: 14 June 2011 at 2:23am | IP Logged
Hiii :)))
Haha well I am finallly a regular commentator hereBig smile Seriously I have admired your work for so long..like since the KaSh days but I was too shy to comment on your galLOL

Anyway coming back to the update.,
Buaji and Paa ji sigs makes me ROFLLLROFL
but nonetheless very cute onesBig smileLOL
SaRun ones are breathtaking!!Embarrassed I adore them..my new favs! <3
I love the GurTi stuff..all of them are AMAZING..like simply mindblowing..ahh you're too good at them dearEmbarrassedClap JP and AP ones are cute tooEmbarrassed
And coming to my most fav sig..I love the Shilpa sig..its stunning..I am gonna use it definitelyBig smile
Wish she comes back soon probably with KW <3 Seriously I have began liking these two, too..hehe

And the ShiRan ones are AMAZING as well..love the pics you chose <3Embarrassed
All in all ..Gorgeous creations JennyEmbarrassed sorry if am missing something..I love them ALL <3

Keep up the  beautiful work!Hug

Edited by Jasmine... - 14 June 2011 at 2:27am

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