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Desire - [Maaneet] - [Chapter 22 - Page 144] (Page 68)

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Jus nw they got united n u bought misunderstandings between them

This Sasha i hate her

Well hw she knws abt Maan n Geet they didnt made it in public abt their relation yet

Loved how Geetanjali got Yash

Yash is fab towards Geet

Loved his love n care

Lets c wats another misunderstanding

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part 11
OMG Maan didnt believe Geet?
whats wrong with him?
that Sasha...good that Geet slapped her...
cont soon...
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A Maaneet Tale

@Temorocks: This update is especially for you since you absolutely adore my FF's. I made it extra long today Tongue

Geetanjali sat in front of my desk, just as angry as I was.

Geetanjali: "I mean, how can that Sasha do this?" she spat and fidgeted in her seat.

"I don't know but we need some sort of plan to catch her red-handed" I said and stared at my laptop blankly, trying to think up of some cunning plan.

After a few minute silence, Geetanjali sprang up. Her face glowing, an evil smirk on her face.

Geetanjali: "Camera" she said and smirked

"Camera?" I repeated, confused

Geetanjali: "Put a Camera in this cabin. She's obviously going to say more things to you. Record it on Camera and then show Maan everything" she explained and smiled. Before I could say anything, she left my cabin.

I shrugged and started to do some work, only to find Geetanjali in my cabin again. A camera emerged from her scarf and I shook my head in disbelief.

Geetanjali: "I'm going to set the camera on this shelf" she said and I watched her set it on top of the shelf. The green light turned on, which meant it was recording.

Geetanjali winked at me and left, leaving me with thousands of questions.

A few hours later of working non-stop, Sasha entered my cabin. I glanced at the camera to make sure it was on, and it was.

Sasha laughed and then sat down in front of my desk.

"I didn't give you permission to sit" I scoffed and pretended to type on the laptop.

Sasha: "I don't need permission. So, MK didn't believe you... Did he?" she asked, fear shone in her eyes.

"No, don't worry. Your plan didn't fail" I said sarcastically and the fear in her eyes immediately disappeared, replaced with evil.

Sasha: "Good. Now you know my plan right? I'm going to keep creating misunderstandings... Until MK breaks up with you. He might even fire you, but that's even better. And then... And then... He's mine" she said and rubbed her hands in delight. I clenched my teeth together, wanting to just send another flying punch towards her nose but I didn't. My fists clenched under the table.

I didn't say anything. Instead, I gave her my most dangerous glare which made her flinch. She immediately stood up, and left my cabin. Just then, my phone rang. I picked it up.

Maan: "Geet, can you come to my cabin. We're going to organise a party" he said and I knew we must have won another deal.

"Ji, sir" I said and hung up, still a little angry at Maan. I walked over to next door, deliberately avoiding Sasha's angry glare and entered Maan's cabin. As soon as I entered, he looked at me with such loving, care, and passion I wanted to go and kiss him. But I knew that would ruin my plan so instead, I gave a friendly smile. I sat down in front of him with my notebook and pen, ready to write.

Maan: "We won a deal, and we need to organize a party to celebrate" he said and gave me one of his rare, genuine smiles.

"That's great, sir. What type of party?" I said and wrote down party in big, capital letters at the top of my notebook.

Maan: "It's going to be a modern party. Chinese food. And a bar is going to be located at the side" he said and I wrote everything down. He explained more about the party and within 15 minutes, I knew what to do.

I gave Maan a nod and walked over to my cabin next door. I sat down, and dialed the Party Organiser's phone number.

"Hello, this is Geet Handa. Khurana Constructions is organising a party. We need it to be..." I held up the notebook to see the details.

"Modern. The cuisine should be chinese, and a bar is going to be located at the side. There will be a discoball, and a dancefloor. The decorations should be sparkly. The flowers will be orchids. The hall will be Marriot Hall. Is that clear?"

Organiser: "Yes ma'am, everything will be done by today at 8:00pm" he confirmed

"Okay" I said and hung up. I was about to do some more work, but Pinky came into my cabin, eating a Samosa.

Pinky: "Come on, let's go eat. It's break" she said with a full mouth

"I can't Pinky. I have so much work" I said and pointed at all the work that was on my desk.

Pinky: "But it's break. You should be allowed your free time. Come on!" she insisted and dragged me off from the chair. I shook my head and just followed her. I was hungry anyway.


I watched Pinky and Geet head towards the canteen. Perfect, now I could change the order and cause another midunderstanding.

I entered the cabin and quickly closed the blinds before MK could see. I ran to the phone and quickly dialled the number of the Party Organiser.

"Hello, I am Geet Handa. I phoned earlier but I would like to change a few details" I immitated her voice and smirked.

Organiser: "Yes, yes. What would you like to change?"

"Can you turn the cuisine to... Indian please? And no bar should be at the side, thank you. There should also be white roses, instead of orchids" I said, knowing MK hates white roses.

Organiser: "So the decoration is modern, the cuisine is Indian, and there will be no bar. And the flowers will be roses. White roses" he confirmed.

"Yes, thank you" I said and hung up before he could ask any more questions. I smirked at myself, and left the cabin.


Well, Maan looked astonishingly hot, and sexy in his casual black t-shirt, and DKNY branded Jeans and I couldn't help but sneak glances at Maan every two seconds. It was impossible to ignore him, he was irresistable.

Just then, Mr Shah (the guy who we won the deal with) approached me and I gave him a friendly smile. He was holding a plate of food and I casually glanced at it. I widened my eyes when I saw a plate of parathe and... curry.

I was scared he was going to humiliate me in front of everybody but he didn't. Instead, he started to talk about how he was so happy that we won the deal. I glanced at Maan who looked at the plate of food in shock, and then at me in wild anger.

Everybody around me carried cups of tea instead of drinks. My eye caught Sasha's evil smirk which obviously meant she had changed everything I said to the Party Organiser. I looked down at my shoes in embarrassment. I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks.

I looked back up at Maan who pointed at the staff room. I nodded slightly, my hands becoming clammy and sweaty as I followed him. As soon as he locked the door behind me, he held me by the shoulders in anger.

Maan: "What have you done? I didn't order for white roses" he said in a disgusted tone.

"Look, I ordered Chinese like you told me to. I didn't order Indian or white roses!" I exclaimed and slapped his hands off my shoulders. I turned around to leave but he grabbed my arms and pulled me towards him. I crashed on his chest and looked back up at him in fury. I pressed my lips together.

Maan: "Well, why is there indian cuisine out there? You've embarrassed me Geet! I can't believe you would do this to me!" he yelled, his face dangerously close to mine.

I had gone without a day of kissing him and I badly needed it. I was only an inch away from his face. Only an inch. I needed to kiss him, or else I was scared I would die.

But then he kissed me but the kiss was different. Aggressive, desperate, angry, love, and passion was all mixed in the hot kiss.

Maan: "I said one more warning. You lost your chances Geet" he whispered in my ear once he broke the kiss.

"What are you gonna do? Fire me? Well go ahead. Because I've done nothing wrong" I said and pushed him away from me. I choked back my tears and left the staff room.

Maan: "Geet, wait!" he called out but I continued on walking. As I continued to walk, Mr Shah stopped me.

Mr Shah: "Interesting co-ordination Miss Geet. Modern, and indian at the same time. It makes you feel both the cultures" he complimented and I clenched my teeth.

"Thank you, sir" I said and forced a smile. I turned to see Maan's reaction which was shock. He looked at me, and then Mr Shah like a tennis match. I pressed my lips and left.


I followed Geet to Khurana Constructions. I knew I had done a big mistake. Mr Shah liked everything Geet had done and I had accused her for nothing. I had to stop her, or else I would never forgive myself.

"Stop Geet" I said and blocked the way to the door. She pressed her lips and looked away from me. My eye then caught the flashing green light which seemed to be coming from a shelf.

"What's this?" I said in confusion and reached up to retrieve it. It was a camera. I stopped the recording and pressed the 'play' button.

The recording showed Sasha come into the cabin while Geet was working first. I turned the volume on the camera to full volume so I could hear the conversation.

Sasha laughed and then sat down in front of Geet's desk.

"I didn't give you permission to sit" said Geet

Sasha: "I don't need permission. So, MK didn't believe you... Did he?" she asked

"No, don't worry. Your plan didn't fail" she said in a sarcastic tone

Sasha: "Good. Now you know my plan right? I'm going to keep creating misunderstandings... Until MK breaks up with you. He might even fire you, but that's even better. And then... And then... He's mine" she said and I widened my eyes in shock.

The next tape showed Geet and Pinky head off somewhere else, and then Sasha come in the cabin.

"Hello, I am Geet Handa. I phoned earlier but I would like to change a few details" she said and I could see her smirk.

"Can you turn the cuisine to... Indian please? And no bar should be at the side, thank you. There should also be white roses, instead of orchids" she said

"Yes, thank you" she said and hung up. She looked around herself conciously and then quickly left the cabin.

After the tape finished, I could feel the camera crack as I held it tightly in anger. I looked up to see Geet's reaction which was horror and then shock. I honestly couldn't believe Sasha could do all this, creating misunderstandings between us. I set the camera on the table and saw Geet turn around to leave.

"I'm sorry, Geet" I said


Maan: "I'm sorry, Geet" he said as I turned around to leave. I looked back at him, battling with the rock in my throat.

And then it all hit me like a tidal wave. I fell to my knees and cried hysterically, holding the chair beside me for support.

Maan: "Get up, Geet" he said and held me by the shoulders. I got up and as soon as I was on my two feet, he gave me a tight hug.

"You didn't believe me, Maan" I said and sobbed on his shoulder.

Maan: "I know, and I'm sorry. Look, don't cry" he said and broke the hug. He wiped my tears away but the tears kept falling down.

Maan: "Look, every tear that drops from your eye is so expensive. You'll turn me bankrupt some day" he joked and I couldn't help but laugh. This was the old Maan. The Maan who was jokey, free, sexy, and amazing. The high school type of Maan. The Maan I loved.

I don't know why, but I got that pricky sensation that somebody was watching us. I glanced at the window and it was no surprise to see Sasha standing outside my Cabin, watching us with a defeated expression. I could feel a smile tug on my corners and before I could say anything, I felt Maan's lips on mine. This time, it was a kiss filled with so much love, passion, and yearning my knees felt wobbly and numb. He pinned me against the wall and tangled his leg with mine. His hands went through my hair.

Maan: "You actually listened to me" he whispered and trailed hot, burning kisses along my collarbone. His kisses turned to teeth as he nibbled the end of my earlobe.

"Leave me. Somebody will see" I protested and tried to push him away but he groaned and pulled me towards him even closer. He fused his body against mine and I could feel my heartbeat increase.

And then he stopped.

"What's wrong?" I asked, my breathing heavy and ragged.

Maan turned his head and glared at Sasha who was still standing outside my cabin. Can't she leave us to our own business? I suddenly felt like my and Maan's privacy was invaded.

Maan gently let me go and the warmth that surrounded me now turned to an icy, cold breeze. I could feel goosebumps form on my arms and I was afraid of what Maan was going to do.

Sasha froze and I could see her flush the colour of beetroot.

Maan grabbed the camera and hid it behind his back with one hand, opening the door with the other. I followed him and stood behind him.

Maan: "So Sasha, was it you who changed the order?" he asked

Sasha: "M-m-me? N-no. Why would I do such a thing?" she said, with her innocent wide eyes. Geetanjali suddenly came into view. She glanced at Maan, and then at Sasha. When she looked at me, she gave me a wink and came over to stand beside me.

Maan: "Sasha, I'm giving you one more chance to say the truth" he said in a firm tone

Sasha said nothing.

Maan: "It's all recorded in this tape Sasha, see" he said and pressed the 'play' button on the camera. Sasha gasped.

Maan: "Is there anything else you want to say before I fire you?" he asked and Geetanjali held my hand and squeezed it reassuringly.

Sasha said nothing.

Maan: "Your fired. Go, and don't ever come back" he said and pushed her away like she was filth. I heard Geetanjali snort beside me, like she was trying to prevent herself from laughing.

Maan turned to us with a smile.

Maan: "Do you want me to drop you girls home? It's late" he said and glanced at his watch.

Geetanjali: "Not me, I'm going to stay at Maan's party a little longer" she said and gave me a last squeeze on the hand and turned to leave which left Maan and me alone.

Maan: "Do you want me to drop you home?" he asked me

I nodded and he held my hand, leading me to his car.

Precap: Kidnapped.


Mwahahaha, I'm sooo evil Evil Smile

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me first

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ArghhhAngryAngry sasha is such a c*w!!
Really irratates me ...
such a clever idea ... recording her...
i loved it...
so glad that in the end maan finally found out the truth about sasha otherwise i'd have to kill him myself.. lol :P honestly sasha needs a life...
im glad geeetanjali is back...
she is soo sweet...

oooh precap sounds good...
can't wait... if its geet thats kidnapped make sure something happens to her that makes maan out for revenge..
don't worry i'm prettty evil too lmao ...

it should be really interesting to see the next chapter... please update soon .

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