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Desire - [Maaneet] - [Chapter 22 - Page 144] (Page 46)

DrashtiDhamiNo1 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 11:52am | IP Logged
rocking update girl
totally loved it
cant wait till the next part
cont soon please
thanks for the pm!!

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mchopra IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 12:32pm | IP Logged
woha...thst was shocking..i am like confused..can u just tell me where is GEETANJLI she gonna come back...

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20tullip2000 Goldie

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 11:17pm | IP Logged
good morning every one

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--Dia-- Goldie

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 11:53pm | IP Logged
Nice updates.. Please do continue soon.. Smile

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-Zahra15- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 8:20am | IP Logged
this was just too good...i loved it...n they even y did maan have to slap her...geet seems to b all set to take any challenge...continue soon n thnx for the pm...cnt wait to see geet inher new avatar,...a bit similar to geetanjali...

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Sameeha786 Senior Member

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 3:33pm | IP Logged

A Maaneet Tale


I watched her calmy walk over to my desk, completely shocked by her calmness. She started to irritate me now. How can she be calm about this whole thing? I wanted her to be mad, and angry. Instead, she picked up the stack of files that were on the table and turned to face me.

Geet: "Where do these files go?" she asked me, her voice still calm despite the weight she was carrying in her arms.

"The storage room upstairs" I replied in a firm voice, even though I was still shocked. She somehow opened the door of my cabin and I watched her arms. She clearly worked out.

"Do you work out?" I asked, suddenly amused. I could feel a smile tug at the corner of my lips. She was clearly a fiesty one.

Geet stopped, and spoke with her back to me.

Geet: "Yes. So you better watch out" she said and I stepped backwards in shock. She threatened me. She just threatened me, the Maan Singh Khurana. I was about to knock some sense into her but she left.

Just like that.

"For goodness sake" I muttered to myself. I was feeling so annoyed. She clearly had me on that one. Her and her witty comebacks. Ugh.


I smirked at myself while I carried the load of files upstairs to the storage room. I stopped just to look at Maan. Oh sorry, excuse me... Sir for one last time. He was pacing up and down and caught my stare. I smiled smugly to him and he took a threatening step towards me but I calmy carried off towards the stairs that led to the storage room.

When I reached to the storage room, my neck was already coated with sweat. I made a mental note to work out more.

I set the load of files down on the old desk. The sun peeped in from the blinds, causing enough light for me to work on. I picked up the first file which was on the pile and then looked at the big shelve in confusion. I didn't know where to put it but then I realized that the files were in alphabetical order.

I tied my dubatta around my waist and then took my shoes off. I pulled the old table closer to me which was heavier than I expected. I climbed up the ladder and put the file into it's order. I bent down to take another file and put that into order. I continued to do this until my back was practically aching. I was completely drenched with sweat. I took another file and fanned myself.

Two hours had passed by and I had still not been halfway through the stupid files. My throat was like a desert which was on the verge of setting on fire. I looked around, hoping there was a glass of water anywhere and finally found a bottle lying on the floor. I walked over to the bottle barefoot, and realized it had just been abandoned there not long ago. There were no bubbles in the bottle, which meant the water was still fresh. I could drink it.

I opened the cap, smelling it just in case and it smelt fine. I put the bottle to my mouth and wolfed the water down like I was a dying person. I had already drunk it all.

As I walked back to the ladder, I felt something sharp pierce the centre of my foot. I widened my eyes and put my hand over my mouth to cover my loud screams of pain. I felt tears sting my eyes as I hopped to the chair and held my foot up.

"Goodness, this hurts so much" I said as I gingerly felt the pin which was halfway stuck inside my foot.

I was about to take it out when I thought better of it. It would hurt and pain even more if I tried to take it out and I seriously couldn't bare the pain.

So I stood up on my own two feet, the nail sinking even deeper into my foot as I braced myself for the pain and limped to the ladder.


Really, a decent secretary wouldn't take that long to organize the files in alphabetical order. I mean, how long would it take to just read the name, and set the file in the shelf?

I got up from my chair, irritated and opened the door of my cabin. The workers greeted me but I ignored their greets. I marched up the stairs two at a time and then opened the door of the cabin.

And there, I saw her.

I saw her looking beautiful as ever, her veil wrapped around her waist and her hair flying around her from the warm breeze. I watched as she bent down and murmered the name of the file to her lips. I watched as she straightened back up and put the file in the orderly place. I smiled as she fanned herself with a file. I could see the sweat on her brow which obviously meant she had been working hard.

The file accidentally dropped out of her hands and she climbed down the ladder to retrieve it. I frowned when I watched her limp.

I was just about to go and ask her if she was okay when I heard a worker call me.

I stepped out of the storage room and turned to look at who had just called me.

Sasha: "MK, we need your signature on some important files" she said and I nodded. A part of me told me to stay there and keep an eye on Geet. But the other part of me just told me to get over myself. She was a girl who had betrayed me, and I was still checking her out? I listened to my other half and just followed Sasha.


I smirked to myself as I led MK out of the room. Half of my plan had succeeded and I couldn't wait for the other half.

I watched as MK, the most richest, and sexiest man on earth signed the files with an elegant handwriting. He handed me over the files without looking at me and then turned to focus on some other work. I held the files in my hand, and looked at him smugly before leaving.

I struttered over to Tasha, another worker and smiled in victory. She smiled back and flipped her high pony.

Tasha: "Sasha" she called out by my name and I gave her a glare scary enough to make her flinch.

Tasha: "I mean... Ma'am, how are we going to do this?" she asked me and I looked at her in exhasperation.

"Well, I don't want MK to fall for that low - life, cheap, middle - class girl. To do this, I'm going to distract MK by giving him some files to sign which is already done. Now all I need to do is go upstairs and lock her in the storage room" I explained and smirked at my cunning plan. Tasha and I giggled to each other.

"If MK goes towards the stairs then try and distract him" I ordered and Tasha nodded nervously. I looked around myself conciously and made a run for the stairs.

When I reached the outside of the door, with just a single pull I locked the door. I gave myself a quick pat on the back and then ran back downstairs.


My throat felt like it was sand after an hour and my stomach growled like a thunderstorm. I climbed back down the ladder and headed towards the exit. I pulled open the door but the door didn't budge.

"Must be stuck" I said and gathered all my strength and tried to pull on the door but it still wouldn't open. I had a very bad feeling the door was locked from the outside.

"Excuse me? Is anybody there?" I called out, praying to Baabaji for a reply but there was no reply. Only silence and the sound of soft breeze around the room.

"Help!" I called out and slammed my hands on the door. I called out, hoping somebody was passing by but nobody replied. After 10 minutes, I couldn't hear my voice anymore. My throat was burning into flames and I needed a drink. I tried to bring up saliva but not even that was possible. My mouth was so dry, I felt like I was eating sand.

I could feel tears sting my eyes as I paced up and down, hoping for some miracle to occur. Anything that could make me escape this dreaded, dark room. It was starting to get dark, and I could just about make out on the clock it was 6:00pm

The needle moved inside my foot with every step I took but I didn't care. More blood was oozing out from my foot but I didn't care. I needed water. Now.

Hoping I had left just a tiny bit of water in the bottle, I ran over to it and opened the cap. I held the bottle up to my mouth. Not even a single drop was there.

I threw the water away in defeat and I could see the room darken even more. After a few hours, it was so dark I couldn't see anything so I tried to switch on the lamp. It switched on, flickered, and then turned out.

I sighed.

"Why can't this storage room have light?" I muttered to myself and even though it was already dark in the room, I could feel pitch black haunt my eyes. I had forgotten to have lunch because of my search for a job and I hadn't had anything to eat.

I put my hand on the desk to support myself but nothing could stop me from collapsing. I finally gave in, just wanting the sorrows to end for once.


I glanced at the clock which read 8:00pm. I frowned, wondering what could be taking Geet so long. I knew Geet was a good worker. She shoudn't take all day just to put files in order.

Worried, I stood up from my chair and exited my cabin. I looked around myself and saw nobody. Everybody had left for home two hours ago. I headed towards the stairs, my sound of my footsteps echoing around the room. I ran up two stairs at a time and pushed open the door, however the door didn't open.

And I realized the door was locked.

"Locked" I whispered to myself and I was suddenly, very worried. I unlocked the door and I found myself inside the pitch black room. I couldn't see a thing, however I knew the routes. I felt around and my hand found the desk. I rummaged through draws, feeling for a candle and a lighter and I finally found one. I lit the candle and the room instantly brightened up. I made a mental note to actually buy a chandeliar for this room.

As I looked around, the walls were fine but when I looked at the ground, I saw red footprints.

My breath was stuck in my throat. There was blood which means...

I set the candle carefully on the desk and my eyes rested on Geet. She was on the floor, unconcious, abandoned, alone, and I suddenly felt tears sting my eyes after so long. It hurt my heart to see Geet like that.

I knelt down beside her and rested her head on my lap.

"Geet, wake up" my voice came out as a crack as I battled with the rock in my throat. I tried to gulp it down but it stayed.

"Geet, please wake up!" I said louder and rubbed her hands which were now cold. I instantly stood up, and ran down stairs as if my life depended on it. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. I ran back to the storage room, nearly knocking a vase over but I didn't care about the vase. I cared about Geet.

"Here, Geet. Please respond to me" I whispered and sprinkled some water over her. Thankfully, her eyes blinked but she didn't move.

"Geet, please!" I yelled so my voice echoed around the room.

I tucked a strand of hair behind her ear which was stuck to her forehead. I hid my hands in her hair, finally feeling the soft and silkyness of it.

"Wake up" I whispered but she didn't respond. She didn't move. I decided to just go get some help when I heard her speak.

Geet: "Don't leave me! Don't leave me! I can't lose anymore people! Don't leave me! Please don't..." she yelled and her nails pierced through the flesh on my hands. I turned around and saw her frantically turn her head left and right.

Geet: "But I didn't do anything wrong! Don't leave me! If you leave I shall die! Please don't leave me! I love you more than my life" she yelled and held my hand tightly. I cupped her face to try and calm down.

"I won't leave you. I will never leave you. Wake up, Geet. I'm here. I'm right here" I cooed and she stopped fidgeting and moving. Her eyes fluttered open and a look of relief formed on her face. She wrapped her arms around my neck and brang me so close to her, we were inseperable. I could feel her pressing onto me. We were so close, I could feel her rapid heartbeats.

Geet: "I had the most horrifying nightmare" she muffled into the space between my shoulder and my neck. I ran my hand up and down her back. I could feel her shiver.

"Tell me. What was it about?" I asked gently and ran my fingers through her beautiful hair.

Geet: "You were dying" she whispered in my ear and started sobbing. I nuzzled my face in her neck, kissing it every 2 seconds.

"I'm right here" I said and sniffed in her scent which smelt amazing. I could hug her like this forever.

After she started to calm down, I suddenly remembered her limping.

"Were you limping?" I asked and pulled away slightly to see her face.

Geet: "No" she said and I instantly knew she was lying. She wasn't looking me in the eye.

"Look at me in the eyes and say you were not limping" I ordered and she looked me in the eyes, but then looked away again.

Geet: "I hurt my foot" she admitted

"Which one?" I asked

Geet: "My right one" she said


That dream was horrifying. I couldn't imagine what I would go through if Maan had left me and died. I couldn't imagine living without his touch. I couldn't imagine not seeing him ever again.

But the good thing was, he was right beside me, trying to sooth and calm me down. He was back to the Maan I knew. Gentle, amazing, and soothing.

Maan: "Which one?" he asked me when I admitted I had hurt my foot. I couldn't feel my right foot at all.

"My right one" I said and he shuffled down to my legs. He held my foot and was about to take it out when I held him tighter to me.

"It's going to hurt" I said and closed my eyes tighter.

Maan: "No it's not" he was back to his firm mode again

"How do you know?" I asked

Maan: "Because I'm Maan Singh Khurana and I know everything" he said arrogantly and I closed my eyes as tight as I could, ready to brace the pain when after a minute I didn't feel anything at all.

"Take it out already" I said with my eyes still closed

Maan: "See that's the thing. I already took it out" he said and I opened my eyes wide. He smirked at me in victory.

I bent down to look at my foot. I felt the centre of my foot with my fingers and there was nothing there but dry blood. My mouth opened a little in shock and I instantly closed it again.

Silence engulfed us and I suddenly remembered my mouth was so dry. My mouth was as dry as the sun and I needed water.

"Water" I asked with a weak voice and he handed me a bottle. I opened the cap and drank down the whole bottle. Sir watched in shock as I gulped it down.

Maan: "How long were you stuck here?" he whispered in shock and I threw the bottle away.

"About 2 to 3 hours" I said and his eyes widened even more.

Maan: "Did you have lunch?" he asked


Maan: "Did you have water?" he asked

"No. Well there was an abandoned half bottle of water and I drank it all" I said and I could see him clench his jaws.

Maan: "Do you even know that water could be years old?" he said in anger and he stood back up. As soon as he stood up, the warmth that surrounded my body was now replaced by a cold breeze.

I didn't say anything. Sir always had reasons. He was sensible, and never childish. He always thought before actions. I didn't reply to the statement Sir just said because I actually didn't have an answer for that. All I knew was that at that time I was really thirsty.

Maan: "And why didn't you have lunch before you came here?" he asked in a firm voice.

"I didn't have time and I was busy looking for a job so I forgot" I said but he got even angrier.

Maan: "You haven't ate since breakfast. No wonder you fainted!" he yelled at me but through the anger, and the shouting there was concern, pain, and love for me which turned my chest tight. I wanted him to care about me. It seems like fainting was a good idea after all.

Maan: "Or did you skip breakfast too? Because you forgot?" he mocked and but I just smiled to myself.

Maan: "Do you know ANYTHING could have happened? Something worse could have happened! Do you even know what I FELT when I saw you on the ground... Like that?" he whispered the end bit and I felt my heart flutter.


Maan: "I felt like --"

"What else did you feel like?" I asked and cut him off

He obviously cared for me.

Sir froze and then turned to look at me. He put a hand on his mouth, realizing what he had just said but I just smiled. I got up from the ground and turned to leave when I felt myself crashing onto the wall.

He untied his tie and flung it to the other side of the room. He unbuttoned his vests, and then threw that to the ground. He unbuttoned his shirt and threw that away as well.

Maan: "You drive me crazy. You drive me to insanity" he said in agony and I could see tears in his eyes.

Maan: "Even though after how you betrayed me... Your still so beautiful. And your eyes" he whispered and I closed my eyes as his fingers went over my eyelids lightly.

Maan: "So big. Seductive, and inviting. The colour of sepia..." he trailed off has his finger trailed down my cheek. I held my breath and let him do it.

Maan: "I feel drawn towards you. I feel amazing when i'm around you. I feel like I need you. Whenever your around me I feel like touching you and kissing your soft lips" he said softly and brushed his lips against mine.

His hands tangled around my hair, bringing me closer to him.

Maan: "I feel my heart pound against my rib cage when I see you"

Maan: "I feel my insides warm up whenever you touch me and when your hurt, I feel pain" he said in agony and pain and put his hand on his heart.

Maan: "Despite how you broke my heart, I still love you. I still want you. I still need you" he whispered and laced his fingers with mine. He pressed his leg against mine and sealed my lips with a hot, passionate, and yearning kiss. I moaned in pleasure which made the kiss even more aggressive. He pressed me against the wall, his hands snaking under my kameez and resting on my waist.

He moaned in pleasure and desire and pressed me harder against him. It was like we were a one body.

I sighed between the kisses and tangled my fingers with his hair. I was practically melting with his hot kisses. He planted another kiss from my ear, and then another below, and another below, and another below till he reached my neck. He bit the flesh on my neck and then planted another soft kiss just above my cleavage.

And just then, the candle died. Haunting my eyes with pitch blackness.

Maan: "But what you did was wrong" he said and kissed me even harder, and aggressive.

Maan: "You betrayed me" he said and pulled on my hair. I closed my eyes and rested my hands on his chest in pleasure and pain.

Maan: "You broke my heart" he said in a voice filled with hurt. He twisted my hands behind my back, making me press my chest even harder onto his.

Maan: "You hurt me" he whispered this time in pain and bit the flesh on my collarbone. He licked my earlobe and bit the end of it.

Maan: "You lied to me" he said and put his one hand on my waist in an aggressive manner, while handcuffing me with his other hand.

A scream of pleasure escaped my lips as I traced my hands up his bare, hard chest.

Maan: "Why?" he finally stopped and asked me.

My breathings were so heavy, I thought I needed an inhaler.

"I didn't..." I trailed off and kissed his neck. He moaned in pleasure and pulled on my hair.

"It was all a big misunderstanding..." I said softly and gasped for more air

Maan: "You did a big mistake, Geet" he whispered in my ear and I hugged him to myself.

"So did you" I pointed out and kissed his soft, hot lips. He groaned and pulled me to him when I pushed him away from me.

Maan: "What's my mistake?" he asked, suddenly angry.

"You slapped me" I said and I knew that our intimate moment was now over. And now, I was the one who was suddenly angry. He slapped me and I was making out with him?

"Why?" I asked in agony and I could suddenly feel the sting on my cheek again as if it was fresh. I put my hand protectively up on my cheek.

I pushed him away from me and tried to choke back my tears. I felt for my shoes and put them on.

And I left.


She was right.

Every word she said was right.

I had no right to slap her like that, no matter what she had done. I could feel my heart pound against my rib cage like a hammer. I relaxed my trembling body against the wall and closed my eyes.

Precap: Maan tries to apologize


Hey guys! Sorry for not updating yesterday! I was very busy and I couldn't make out any time to write for an update. Hopefully, this update was up to your expectations. I made it extra long Wink

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Nazmaa Goldie

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 3:40pm | IP Logged

Editted :)

OMG!! That was like the longest update evr...
finally maan decided to tell geet how he feels
even though he made out with her...
atleast he cares for her...
oooh poor geet locked in the storeage...
AngryAngryAngry Sashaaa i hate her
she only just came into the story but i still hate her...
and tasha as usual doesnt have a brain of her own... ROFL
wow she showwed himm...
loved it when he asked her if she wrkkd out... lmaoo :)
hope everything turns out okay...

geet u have to forgive him...

update again sooon ... pwetty pleaze...
its weekend x


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Sabmeratu. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 3:52pm | IP Logged
I was waiting all night for ur update & here you are
Fabulous update::
Grrr h8 that sasha
Wow the storeroom scene was Hawwt luvd itEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Now it's geets turn to be angry
how will maan fix his mistake
Cont soon Xx...
Thx 4 the PM

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