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Desire - [Maaneet] - [Chapter 22 - Page 144] (Page 39)

SaJan-SaJan Goldie

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 8:29am | IP Logged
awesome yaar...
loved all d updates...
i ve not been receiving pm until d last 1..
plz do cont 2 pm me...

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MsMovielover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 8:34am | IP Logged
omg amazing...
but poor geet gets all the blame its geetanjali's fault after all it was her idea..
omg precap is interesting continue soon

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29priya Goldie

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 11:34am | IP Logged
awesome part...
loved it..

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Sameeha786 Senior Member

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 4:19pm | IP Logged

A Maaneet Tale

Hiya guys! Here is the moment you have all been waiting for!! Oh and I made a new siggie. Do you like it? Leave your comments about it below Smile


As I stepped inside the big, modern building which was named 'Khurana Constructions' I looked around myself. The walls were either black, white, or both but the interior was certainly modern. Big displays of famous pictures and vases were being showed off on pillars and I simply adored it.

As I walked further in, I saw the workers in their respective cabins, working. It was loud. Sometimes the phone rang, or sometimes the workers had to deliver files. My eyes rested on the reception desk, which is where I saw Pinky.

Pinky who was as usual eating something, came heading towards me. I could feel the uncomfortable eyes of the workers on my back as I waited for Pinky.

Pinky: "Hey! Your just in time. Sir is taking the interviews just now --" she jumped when a deep, loud voice said "REJECT!". Even I jumped. Strangely, that voice sounded familar.

Pinky: "Go in the queue. Good luck" she said and headed back to her reception desk. I held my experience file tightly to my chest as I got in the queue. I wanted to see who my boss was but the blinds to his cabin were closed.

As the heads of girls who were being rejected walked away, I finally caught a glimpse of my boss who was...

Who was...



I couldn't say the name.

My breath was stuck in his throat as I saw him with a big frown on his face, writing something on a paper. I widened my eyes and realized how handsome and good looking he had gotten.

He was just as hot, good-looking, sexy, amazing, adorable, and God-Like as ever.

I choked back my tears and turned around to leave when he stopped me.

Maan: "You..." he said in an angry, firm tone. I widened my eyes and realized he had probably saw me.

Maan: "Turn your face here. I think I know you" he said in the same firm voice. I had never seen him so reserved, and strict.

My file nearly slipped out of my hands as I turned around to face him. His look of firm anger turned to shock, and then transformed to hatred and anger. He stood up, piercing through my soul with his beautiful, almond eyes.


I could feel the memories wash over me like a tsunami wave as I took her in. It all came rushing to my head so fast, I took a step backwards. The memories. Everything.

I looked at her from head to toe. Her eyes... The big ones.

I instantly knew this was Geet.

Her eyes were filled with innocent fear as I took in her body. My eyes rested on her chest as I realized she had gotten more curvy. I immediately averted my gaze down to her toes and then brang them back up to her face again.

She looked so beautiful, I had the sudden urge to kiss her. To pull her to me and order her to quench my thirst right now, right this minute. To feel her soft hands. To own the lips that were so soft, I felt like I was kissing a feather. To feel that silky, soft hair which was now tied in a braid. To feel HER.

And that's when I realized after 11 years, I didn't love Geetanjali. I used to love Geet, the woman who was standing in front of me. I loved her, not Geetanjali.

Except now, I hated her. I hated her with so much fury, and hatred I could feel the volcano erupt inside me.

But I still wanted her.

I curled my hands into balls of fists, realizing that my nails were digging into my palm. But I didn't care.

"So which one is it? Geetanjali? Or Geet?" I asked in mock hatred, even though I knew exactly which one it was.

Geet: "Geet Handa" she replied in firm confidence. Her big eyes which were glued to the ground, now fluttered up and met mine. I felt my breath stop. Why did her eyes have to be so...

I curled my hands tighter as I tried to control my feelings.

I felt a wave of anger wash over me as I marched up to her, grabbed her wrists and twisted them behind her back. My wish to touch her had been completed.

"I will not take you back. Do you understand?" I hissed and glared into the big pools of brown.

Geet: "Let me go" she said but that only made me want to hold her tighter. So tight, I wanted her to feel the pain.

Then I felt like I was being pushed away, and I was. I fell backwards onto my desk and I sent a look of fire to her. How dare she? Push me, the great Maan Singh Khurana? How did she have the audacity?

And that's when I did the biggest mistake ever.

I slapped her.


I was thankful that the blinds were closed. I didn't want Pinky or the others to see my humiliation. I put a hand on my cheek which now burned and stinged. I turned to look at him, he had a look of horror and regret on his face.

But the look instantly transformed to anger again. I had never seen him so angry, and filled with so much hatred. I wanted him to go back to the Maan I loved. The Maan I knew.

Maan: "That's what you get" he snarled and pulled on my arm so I ended up falling on the chair. I could feel something warm trickling down my chin and I could taste metal in my mouth.

I put my finger lightly on my lip but he grabbed my wrists and leaned over me.

Maan: "Have you come here to get me back? Because i'm not coming back to you. No matter what you do, say, or promise. I will not. Do you hear me!" he said so loudly, I was afraid my hearing would be damaged.

I clumsily nodded, just wanting to get out of the place. It's not like I knew that this huge business was owned by Maan. I did the biggest mistake in my life by coming here for a job.

Those eyes glared into mine, completely hypnotizing me again.


I was about to say more hurtful things when I felt something warm on my hand. I looked down and widened my eyes.

It was a drop of blood.

I looked at Geet's lip and instantly felt angry at myself. I shouldn't have slapped her, no matter what. It was wrong. Stupid. Insane. I shouldn't have.

Her pink, delicious lips were bruised and I wanted to slap myself so I can feel the pain as well. It must hurt so much...

I brang my face closer to her, letting my anger drop for once.


For a few seconds, he had a look of regret and pain on his face and then the next, he brang his face closer to mine.

I froze and held my breath.

He brang his face closer to mine so slowly, I felt like just grabbing his collar and fusing myself onto him. But I didn't. The intense seconds that passed by turned me on and made my body tingle.

Then I felt something tug on my neck and we both looked down only to find my dubatta stuck to his watch. He looked at the piece of cloth in annoyance and he tried to fling it away.

I felt my bare neck as the dubatta escaped from my neck. The dubatta ended up falling on both of us which only made our moment even more intense. It was like our own bubble, our own world.

And then his lips brushed against my lower lip, licking and sucking the blood away like Edward Cullen from Twilight. It felt so amazing to feel him again, I suddenly wanted more.

I needed more.

I put my hands on his chest as his licking and sucking turned to a deep, passionate, hot and desperate kiss. I tugged on his collar and he instantly obliged, bringing his body closer to mine. So close, our chests pressed against each others. I tangled my leg around his leg and his hands fingers reached for my hairband. He pulled it and my hair fanned out around myself. He gently tugged on my hair as he kissed and licked.

He kissed me and supported my head with one hand and untied his tie with his other. He unbuttoned the top four of his buttons and then snaked his arms around my waist.

Maan: "Oh God" he said in pleasure as he nuzzled his face into my neck. I didn't want this to end. I held his collar so tight, I was afraid I was going to rip it off.

And then he stopped.

He stopped and he stood back up, looking around himself in horror. My dubatta fell off him and landed to the floor. I knew what we just done was wrong.

It was very, very wrong.

I widened my eyes and put my hands on my neck to cover my modesty. My heavy breathing slowed down and I looked at Maan. I didn't know what to say.

We looked at each other, trying to find words to strike up a conversation.

"Sorry" we both said in unison and we started to chuckle. I saw him laugh slightly after 11 years. His laugh was like a song to my ears.

After our chuckles died out, we cleared our throats. Maan was suddenly back to his angry mode and he threw my dubatta at me. He buttoned his shirt, and tied his tie again. I fixed my dubatta to cover the right places and I stood up.

Maan: "Forget this even happened" he said in a low voice and I had felt like I had been smacked across the face.

This didn't mean anything to him.

I stood up, and headed off towards the exit of his cabin, trying to chock back the tears but a painful moan escaped my lips. I put my hand over my mouth and was about to leave when I heard him say something.

Maan: "I want to see what you can do. For this job I mean" he added on when he thought the sentence came out wrong. I cleared my throat.

Maan: "I'm not giving this job of a secretary to you because I pity you. I'm giving it because I want to see a useless girl like you be humiliated" he spat and I turned around with a challenging smirk on my face.

"You don't know me" I said and he took a challenging step towards me. He didn't know how much I had progressed in these last 11 years. I was actually similar to Geetanjali now. Always giving witty comebacks, always challenging people, always fierce. The only thing that hadn't changed about me was my style of clothing.

Maan: "We'll see about that" he said and looked at me with eyes that sent fire to my soul. I tried to maintain my cool, even breaths.

Maan: "You can start off with --"

"Organizing the stack of files" I finished for him and glanced at the files which lay on the table. A look of surprise flashed through his eyes and I was suddenly proud of myself.

Maan: "I don't need you to finish off my sentences" he snarled and then grabbed my wrists to twist them again but he didn't hold his grip on them. He held them in a loose grip and looked down at my wrists in shock.


I looked at the marks on her wrists which looked like somebody had been piercing their nails through them. The marks were there and I got a sudden flash of Deja Vu when I saw the exact same marks at the Jazz Bar when trying to save some girl. She had these marks on her wrists after the guy had misbehaved with her.

I instantly realized that girl was... Geet.

"The bar" I said in a flat tone and held her wrists loosely in my hands. I looked up to see her reaction. She looked at me in shock and then averted her eyes from me.

I suddenly felt like tracking that guy down and killing him with my own, bare hands. I wanted to show him a lesson. How dare he misbehave with Geet? How did he even have the audacity to TOUCH her?

But after 11 years it would obviously not be any use. He might even be dead.

Due to my anger, I accidentally tightened my grip on her wrists and I felt her flinch. I instantly let go of her wrists and was about to apologize when I realized that Maan Singh Khurana never apologized.

And he never will.

No matter what.

Precap: Conspiracy


Hello! Was this update interesting or boring? Did you like it or not? PLEASE leave your COMMENTS and make sure to hit the LIKE button before you leave!


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Nazmaa Goldie

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OMG!!! poor geet...
Atleast he admitted it to himself that he loves Geet and not Geetanjaliii...
Didn't know that guy left marks on Geet's wrists...
Poor Geet :)
They Kissed...
wahooo :)
He Was Angry and proper pissed when he realised that it was Geet who was attacked that night...
felt like crying for Geet...
I'm glad Geet has Gotten Stronger these past 11 years
the precap is a bit scary...
Freaks me out . x 
Quick update another one quick...:)
i definately need another updatte... :)

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preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 4:40pm | IP Logged
loved the update...
so he loved geet and not geetanjali
he cudnt control himself...
well i am sure he is gonna make it tough for geet
pl cont soon

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cyum321 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 4:43pm | IP Logged

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Krishnaluv94 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 5:03pm | IP Logged
"Hello! Was this update interesting or boring? Did you like it or not?" Are you kidding me? Did you just ask me it I thought this update was boring? lol This update was anything, but boring! I see Edward Cullen is making a guest appearance in your FF. lol He slapped her?! What?! Doesn't he have any manners, yeah, you're angry but you don't hit a girl! :P Ooh, are we going to see some office romance? Can't wait!!

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