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Desire - [Maaneet] - [Chapter 22 - Page 144] (Page 19)

mchopra IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 1:11pm | IP Logged
No update Today...where u sameera...
waise loved the first two parts..thnks for the PM..

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simi91 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 3:06pm | IP Logged
love it
lovely update
pls cont soonnn
thansk pm


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rosesana Senior Member

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 3:19pm | IP Logged
Nice update
Thanks for pm

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amzu32 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 1:41am | IP Logged
Loved the concept!
both the part are awesome...
please add me to ur pm list ...

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-Mishu- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 4:05am | IP Logged
its just awesome...
plz update soon...
n whn u update plz pm me...

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Sameeha786 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 6:37am | IP Logged

A Maaneet Tale

Hiya! Sorry I didn't update yesterday, I was a bit busy. But anyways, here you go Smile


As I was walking down the street, unsure of what to do on my first day of ditching school I heard a familar voice behind me. Instantly, I knew who's voice it was.

Geetanjali: "Geet!" a faraway voice called out to be but I continued on walking as if I hadn't heard her.

Geetanjali: "Geet, wait!" the voice was now closer and I could sense her heels click, clocking behind me as she ran.

Geetanjali: "Geet" she said this time now that she was right beside me, but still I continued to keep on walking as if I hadn't heard her.

Geetanjali: "You... Your... Your ditching?!" she said and stared at me in shock as we crossed the road.

"Kyu? Tu ditch karsakti hai to mein nahi ditch karsakti?" I asked and I was so surprised at myself, I nearly fainted. I had never given such a witty comeback. Ever.

Geetanjali: "Geet, what is wrong with you? Why are you acting --"

"I'm acting like how I am" I replied and changed directions to where I was walking.

Geetanjali: "Where are you going?" she asked, a hint of hurt in her voice but I didn't care.

"I have work to go to. Unlike you, I don't waste money partying. You don't know how it feels to have a burden of house expenses on your shoulders" I said and I suddenly felt tears sting my eyes. I crossed the road without waiting for her reply and turned to look at her once I crossed. She stared back at me with disbelief, flipped her hair and then strutted off. I sauntered off towards the direction to the bar, feeling a little guilty.

Once I entered the bar, I cringed at the sound of loud music that hit my ears. I started to ask myself why out of all the jobs I applied to this one. I guess I need the job really badly.

I went to the Staff Room and announced to my boss that I was here. I walked off and went behind the counter, ready to take orders.

About three hours later of working, it was nearly time for me to go when I guy approached me.

"What would you like?" I asked, desperate to get the last order over and done with so I could go home, finish my homework, and just go to sleep.

Guy: "You" he said and leaned in towards me from the other side of the counter. I backed away from him and looked around me cautiously. I looked back at him confidently, deciding to use Geetanjali's tactics for once.

"What would you like?" I asked through gritted teeth as I watched his eyes rest on my chest. I pulled down my dubatta more over my chest as his eyes rested on my legs, just below my belly.

I gulped and tapped my foot with my arms crossed across my chest. Another one of Geetanjali's tactics, indicating she was bored.

Guy: "Come on, girl. Why show so much attitude? Just... come with me and..." he said and swayed left and right. He was drunk.

Guy: "I'll give you the best experience, ever" he said and I wrinkled my nose in disgust.

"Excuse me, but I belong to a very good background. Why don't you go over there were most of the s**ts are?" I said and pointed to the pole dancers.

He looked behind himself and then turned to look at me. He jumped over the counter and then pinned me against the wall.

Guy: "They aren't even nearly as beautiful as you" he said and trailed his finger down my cheek, and then my arm.

"Let me go" I said and gave him one of Geetanjali's glares of hatred but he didn't even move an inch. I guess I wasn't so good at the glare.

Guy: "No..." he said and leaned in closer to kiss me. I gathered all my strength and energy and pushed him away from me. He ended up falling on the counter and I took advantage of his weakness and decided to flee, but he was too fast and grabbed my leg.

"Let me go! Help!" I called out but the music was so loud, I doubt anybody could hear a thing. I could feel tears sting my eyes. I did not want to be treated this way.

"Please let me go! I'll do anything except..." I said and trailed off.

"Here, I'll give you my necklace. Real gold" I said and held it in my hands but he shook his head. My necklace was actually real gold. A necklace my dad gave me.

Guy: "The only thing I want is... You" he said and pulled me closer to him. He twisted my hands behind my back, causing my back to arch. His nails digged on my wrists as he tried to forcefully kiss me. I thrust my head left and right vigourously. I did not want to be kissed by such a disgusting man.

He digged his nails even sharper in the flesh on my wrists. I cried in pain and then looked around myself for any sort of weapon. Anything I could hit him with.

But I found nothing.


"Hey" I said to my iPhone 4

"Hey! Wanna meet up? I mean it's been ages since i've moved school and I think we should meet up again. I kinda miss you" he said and I laughed at my friend who was on the other end of the phone.

"Yeah I guess I do too. Where can we meet?" I asked and looked at the watch on my wrist. I had homework to do but I decided I could do it later.

"We can meet up at the Jazz Bar. The bar near your school" he suggested and I shook my head. Out of all the places, he decided to meet up at a bar?

"Yeah sure, okay" I said and hung up. I got into my big black, shiny BMW and headed towards the direction of the bar. I drummed by fingers on the steering wheel as I waited for the lights to turn green.

After about 5 minutes, I reached the bar and parked at the side. I got out of the car, and entered the bar, only to be hit by loud music. I scanned the room for my friend but instead of finding my friend, I found a girl.

A girl who was crying for help.

And a man who was misbehaving with her.

I clenched my teeth so hard, I ended up hurting myself. My hands curled into balls of fists, my nails digging into the skin of my palm.

Suddenly, the lights went off. Not giving me a chance to see the face of the girl whom he was misbehaving with. I looked around myself and the only thing that kept me from seeing parts of the room was the discoball.

As the discoball went round, and round, I catched the white lights falling on the girl's hand, which was covered with dry blood.

I sent a flying punch towards the man's face and he immediately fell to the ground, unconcious. The crowd watched me in horror and awe as I breathed heavily in anger. How dare he misbehave with a girl? I turned to the girl and even though I couldn't see her, I knew she was trembling with fear. I could hear her sobs and I felt so sorry for her.

Maan: "Are you okay?" I asked in a gentle voice, knowing I would understand if she wouldn't reply but when she replied, I thought I heard a familar voice...


I rubbed my bloody wrists and sobbed at myself. Again, I was vulnerable. Why could I be like my sister? Clever, witty, fierce, and beautiful?

I didn't know who was my saviour but I felt like hugging him to death. I couldn't bare to think what would have happened if he didn't come on time.

"Are you okay?" he asked me in a gentle, understanding voice.

My feelings for him vanished when I heard that voice. I knew who he was, I had heard that voice talking to Geetanjali so many times.

It was Maan.

"I'm okay" I said accidentally and then put my hand over my mouth. I knew my voice gave it all away.

Just as the lights turned back on, I turned around and left.

Maan: "Geetanjali?!" he called out but I ignored him. I wasn't Geetanjali, so it was right ignoring him wasn't it?

I ignored his calls and as soon as I stepped outside the bar, the fresh air filled my lungs and I breathed in hungrily for more. I was thankful that my flat wasn't too far away from here and I immediately ran off towards the direction.

I ignored the people who looked at me up and down. I ignored the cars that whizzed past me and abruptly stopped when I crossed the road. I ignored the cars that honked at me in annoyance and I ignored the people who made comments about me.

I ignored the world as my only destination was to get to my flat. Safe, and sound with Geetanjali who would make everything alright for me. Everything.

I just hoped she didn't go out partying today.

I ran up the pathway to the building and stuck the key in the keyhole with trembling hands. I ran inside, up the stairs and rang the doorbell numerous times, banging on the door. Hoping she would open the door.

Just as she opened the door, I cried in happiness and literally pounced on her. I hugged her as if my life depended on it.

Geetanjali: "Geet" she said in a worried door and I closed the door behind me, locking it and then double checking in case I didn't lock it properly. I turned around to face her and she looked at me, up and down in horror.

Geetanjali: "What's wrong? What happened? Are you okay?" she asked in a worried tone and made me sit down on the sofa.

Geetanjali: "Where's your dubatta?" she asked and eyed my bare neck. I felt my bare neck and realized I left my dubatta at the bar but I didn't care. All I knew was that I was safe and sound, near my sister.

Geetanjali: "I'm asking you something Geet? Where's your dubatta? And your wrists" she said and gasped in shock as she held my trembling, bloody wrists.

Geetanjali: "Oh God" she said and got up, she ran to the draws and got out a first aid kit. She quickly applied ointment, and then bandaged my wrists, taping it securely.

Geetanjali: "Your arms are filled with bruises, Geet. Let me check your neck" she asked and felt my neck. She turned me around and then pressed my back, checking any signs of bruises.

Geetanjali: "Geet, are you going to tell me what happened or do you want me to guess? Or do you want me to go the bar right now and --"

"No! Don't go there" I said in a shaky voice and held her hand.

Geetanjali: "Were you... Assaulted? Abused? Or..." she said and trailed off. Not wanting to say the r word.

"No... No I wasn't. I wasn't sexually abused I was just... Attacked" I said, fumbling with the right word. Attacked seemed like the best word.

Geetanjali: "Attacked" she repeated and looked at me and down.

Silence engulfed us as we sat.

Geetanjali: "Your not working there anymore" she announced and I shook my head.

"But that's not possible! We need this --"

Geetanjali: "When I say something I mean it Geet!" she screamed at me and I flinched away from her.

Geetanjali: "Look Geet, that place is not good for you. Just look at you! Look at yourself! Is this what you want to go through everyday? Do you know what this could lead to?" she said in a gentle, softer voice.

I nodded slightly and looked down at my lap. I felt tears sting my eyes again. I was so vulnerable. Ugh.

Geetanjali: "You don't have to go to school tomorrow. You don't have to do your homework. In fact I'll do it for you and hand it in tomorrow. I'll make us some food as well" she said and I suddenly felt like laughing. Geetanjali and food?

Geetanjali: "What's so funny?" she said and frowned.

"If only you could cook" I said and laughed. She laughed along with me.

Geetanjali ironed my clothes for me, nearly burning them as she forgot about it when she got a text. The next thing she done was brush my hair for me. Later on, she actually made food for me by finding an old recipe book and following the instructions on it. She was a surprisingly good cook when she tried and wasn't distracted. She insisted on doing my homework for me but I insisted I could do it myself.

"I never said I wasn't going to go to school tomorrow" I said and sat down on the dining table, gathering my homework.

Geetanjali: "But your not well Geet" she said

"I am well. I'm just hurt that's all. Which will be healed within' time. Don't worry! Aur waise be, you have done so much for me today. Go take some rest, I know your back must be aching right now" I said and giggled but she didn't giggle along with me. Instead, she sat down, gathered her homework and started doing it.

"I can do your homework for you" I frowned, suddenly not liking the way my sister was doing her own homework. I was so used to doing her homework it felt slightly odd on seeing her do it.

Geetanjali: "Geet, what you said today really brought me back to my senses. I can't let you cook food for me, iron my clothes for me, and then do my homework for me. It must be so hard for you. And then on top of that, you have to pay the flat expenses as well. That's why I didn't go partying today. My friends asked me but I rejected" she said

"I didn't mean it. I was just... Jealous" I admitted and looked down at my lap, ashamed of myself for being jealous of my own sister.

Geetanjali: "Jealous?!" she exclaimed and this time, it was she who laughed.

Geetanjali: "Jealous of what?" she said and giggled slightly.

"I was jealous that... You had a boyfriend" I said and part of it was true. I was jealous that her boyfriend was Maan, but I decided to leave that out as I didn't want to hurt her feelings.

Geetanjali sighed and then rested her hand on top of mine.

Geetanjali: "Look, I have a boyfriend but he might not even last long. We might not even last that long. Boys come and go in our lives" she said and squeezed my hand. I looked at my homework blankly and realized she was right. Maan was just a guy, a guy who had all the qualities a girl would want but he might even end up as a jerk. I sighed and forced myself a smile.

"Your right. Okay then" I said and started my homework. She smiled reassuringly at me and then started doing her own, not even going halfway through when she started to ask me for help.

But I helped like a good sister anyway. Our Dad wasn't here to help us with our homework, our flat expenses, our food, or anything else but I was sure Dad was watching me right now. I was sure Dad was proud of me as I helped her with her homework. For once in my life, I was proud of myself.

Geetanajali: "I might look for a job now" she said out of the blue as she wrote down her math sums.

The only thing I did was laugh out loud.

Precap: Maan asks Geetanjali to the prom.


I know, I know, I know how you lot are CRAVING for Maan and Geet to be together and some Maaneet romances. I might even bore you to death but I promise this story is gonna get really interesting!

Please make sure to hit the LIKE button and don't forget to COMMENT!

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Amazing update

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