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Desire - [Maaneet] - [Chapter 22 - Page 144] (Page 14)

nahtani88 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 8:41am | IP Logged
amazing update
cont soon
thanks for the pm

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Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 11:21am | IP Logged
first of all CONGRATS  on the new ff...Clap

awesome start..
both the sisters r opposite in nature...
n for the first time geet thought of some1 to be attractive...Wink
cant wait for next part...
update soon...

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gangesegb IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 11:47am | IP Logged
superb part...
loved it...
plz do cont soon

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ruhakhan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 11:52am | IP Logged
Hey dat was such a nice part geet jealous sounds interesting do update soon

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mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 2:06pm | IP Logged
lovely update
love it
pls cont soonnn
Thank You Glittering Graphic
Sameeha786 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 5:13pm | IP Logged

A Maaneet Tale


I froze in my steps.

He seemed to sense me looking at him because he suddenly stopped walking. I quickly turned around and fiddled with my dubatta. I wanted to avoid him for various reasons like A) Because I look just like Geetanjali and I want to avoid confusion and B) I don't want to get involved in romance and C) He was too hot I was scared I would faint.

Geetanjali: "Maan" she said and I could hear her heels click, clock, click, clock fast as she ran over to Maan.

Maan: "Hi" he said and I tried to peek from the corner of my eye. I finally got a good view of his face and Hai Baabaji, he was so...

"Geet, stop thinking such sinful thoughts" I mumbled to myself and thankfully, nobody heard what I had just said.

Geetanjali: "Hey! How's it going? Do you know where your next class is?" she asked in the sweetest voice she could which I knew just well.

Maan: "Uh... No actually. Do you mind showing me the directions?" he asked and I could hear Geetanjali's heels click, clock and Maan's footsteps sound against the floor as they walked away. I could feel my heart burn slightly as Maan distanced away from me. The more Maan walked away from me, the more my heart burnt.

And on top of that, my sister just ditched me.

I sighed and turned to the other direction head to my class when I bumped into somebody. I ended up throwing my books everywhere. I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks in embarrassment.

The guy was surprisingly really cute. He had black hair that was spiked up in gel, and wore a red and white checked t-shirt. He wore simple, branded jeans that were possibly DKNY and all-star converse. He looked pretty smart and I felt my heart do a very, tiny flip flop.

Maan was more mysterious. He was more hot, and had black hair that was also in gel. He wore a black t-shirt with three buttons always open which revealed some of his toned and tanned chest, and simple branded jeans with trainers or converse.

Guy: "I'm so sorry! How clumsy of me" he said and immediately bent down to retrieve my textbooks and other classroom books.

"It's fine, really. It was all my fault" I said and he handed over the books to me.

Guy: "No, not really. It was all my fault. I should have watched where I was going" he said and ran a hand through his hair. His hand rested on his neck as he spoke again.

Guy: "My name is Yash Mehra" he said and extended his hand. I placed my hand in his warm one and I immediately felt shivers run up me. It was like I was putting my cold body under hot water. It felt good.

"I'm Geet Handa. Nice to meet you. Where is your next class?" I asked as we continued to walk.

Yash: "I've got Art. What about you?" he asked me and I sighed in relief when he was going to the same class as me.

"We're in the same class" I said and we both smiled at each other as we headed to Art. When I stepped inside our classroom, I saw a new girl.

Yash: "That's Meera. She was with me in the last period. I think you'll like her" he said and I smiled back at him. I sat down in my seat and the new girl Meera, gave me a friendly smile. I smiled back. Yash sat in front of me next to Meera.

Maybe this wasn't going to be such a bad day after all.


As I walked him to the History class, our hands occasionally brushed against each other which sent me goosebumps to my arms. We stopped outside the classroom and looked at each other.

Maan: "Thanks" he said and patted my shoulder lightly. I smiled in reply and batted my eyelashes flirtariously, taking care not to exaggerate it.

The final bell rung, indicating that we all had to be in class. I widened my eyes when I realized I was late. My eyes turned to balls when I realized that I left Geet behind, all alone.

"Oh God. Ye pyar kya kardeta hai. I shall deal with Geet later" I decided and hope she didn't create a fuss about it later on.


When Art was over, Yash and Meera dragged me along with them to the canteen. I had never sat with anybody other than myself before and I was slightly nervous.

Yash picked a table for three and I sat across from them.

Yash: "So Geet, what would you like to be when you grow up?" he asked me and munched on his crisps.

I could feel myself turn slightly red. I had never talked about my personal life with anyone before. I hope I didn't talk in a high-pitched voice like I always do when I'm nervous.

"I... I want to be a doctor" I said, surprised with myself. I actually sounded normal.

Meera: "That's great! I want to be a nurse. Maybe we could work in the same hospital together" she said and clapped her hands in enthusiasm. I smiled and nodded in approval.

To keep the conversation going, I asked Yash a question.

"What do you want to be?" I asked and watched him eat his crisps.

Yash: "I want to be an engineer" he said with his mouth full so it actually sounded like "Aah wat to bwe an engwinweer". Me and Meera exchanged glances and laughed hysterically. It felt good to laugh, I hadn't laughed in ages since my Dad died.

Yash looked slightly embarrassed and cleared his throat once he swallowed his mouthful of crisps.

Yash: "Sorry. I was saying... I want to be an engineer" he said in a clear voice and I nodded.

Meera: "What kind of books do you like to read?" she asked me next and leaned in as if she was really interested.

"I... I read Twilight, and other romance novels" I said shyly and looked down at my leftover muffin.

Meera: "Really? That's what me and Yash read! Right, Yash?" she asked and turned to look at him. Yash nodded and I suddenly felt my heart swell with love and joy. I had never felt so loved and wanted ever since my Dad died. I was fitting in!

Yash: "We have so much in common" he said and I casually glanced at the queue. I widened my eyes when I saw it was Maan standing in the queue. Just as he was turning around with his snack, I dropped my pen deliberately.

"Whoops" I said and made a face. I bent down to retrieve it and stayed there until he was gone. I didn't want to hurt Geetanjali's feelings. I might lose control just seeing the sexy sight of that man.

I sat back up and smiled at Yash and Meera. They smiled back and continued to eat their snacks while I sneeked glances at Maan who went to sit...

Sit next to Geetanjali.

It felt like my heart was on fire when they started to talk to each other. As they talked, they became more engrossed in their conversation and started to playfully hit each other when jokes propped up. I watched as Maan's hand rested on Geetanjali's. They both didn't even seem to notice, they were that engrossed in their conversation. I watched as Geetanjali flipped her long, beautiful hair and I started to realize how perfect my sister was.

And I was her IDENTICAL TWIN. Yet, I wasn't as beautiful.

I broke out of my trance when Yash started to ask me more questions.

Yash: "What's your next class?" he asked me and drank some Cola.

"I have Geography, I think" I said and looked at the time on my watch. My heart which was burning on fire was now like an ocean water has washed over it. Yash instantly made me feel better, I don't know what charm he had.

Yash: "Awww, too bad. I have English but don't worry, Meera has Geography. Right, Meera?" he asked for approval and turned to Meera and she nodded approvingly.

The bell finally rang for everyone to head back to class. I glanced at Geetanjali.

"Meera, Yash, please go on. I need to just... Do something. I'll hurry, I promise" I said, hoping they won't ask anymore questions and breathed a big sigh of relief when they just nodded and walked off. As the cafeteria began to empty, Maan and Geetanjali were the only ones left apart from me.

I watched them.


"Oh God, we were so engrossed in our conversation we didn't hear the bell ring" I said and looked around, seeing nobody around. The cafeteria was empty except for a few chavs hanging in the corner.

Maan: "Yeah. I can't wait till lunch time so we can catch up. We have so much in common don't we?" he said and I nodded in approval. We definitely did.

I learned that he would like to grow up and own a business called 'Khurana Constructions'. I learned that he didn't like nature at all which was a strange thing since everyone I knew, especially Geet LOVED flowers and rain. I learned he liked the colour black and white because he thought it was elegant, and I also learned that he owned a CAR!

We stood up, and flung our schoolbags over our shoulders. I felt like somebody was watching us but I ignored the feeling. Before we could walk off, he pulled my arm and brang me closer to him.

I gasped and gazed into his beautiful almond eyes. They were the most beautiful ones I had ever seen yet, and I could feel his hot breath against mine, tickling my cheek.

Maan: "Your so..." he whispered and paused. I wanted him to say something! I was so... Amazing, adorable, hot, cute, beautiful, sexy...

Maan: "Your so beautiful" he whispered and he brang his face closer to mine. The word 'beautiful' sounded amazing from his mouth.

Maan: "Geetanjali" he said softly and rubbed his cheek against mine. He had a very slight stubble and the feel of it against my soft cheek felt amazing. I closed my eyes in pleasure. The next thing I felt was his hands on my waist. The heat of his strong, beautiful hands soared through my thin cloth and lingered right there.

"We better get to... class" I said reluctantly. He slowly brang his face away from me, his eyes piercing into mine.

Maan: "Let's ditch" he said mischeviously and I gasped. I looked around myself. The canteen was empty but I still got that prickly feeling that somebody was watching us.

"I'd love to but... I have a test today" I said sadly and the next thing I felt was his lips over mine. His warm, beautiful, delicious lips over mine felt amazing. He was so tasty, I practically clung to him as he broke the kiss.

He kissed me again this time more desperately, passionately, and aggressively. My heart was beating so loud, I was scared he could hear it.

I put my hands on his chest and smiled when I wasn't the only one. I could feel his heart banging against his ribs.

Maan: "Let's go" he said softly and we slowly made our way out of the canteen. I continued to stare at him. My perfect boyfriend. My perfect man.


I hid behind the door, putting my trembling hands over my mouth. I bit my lip to stop me from crying and now I knew what that burning in my heart was.

It was jealousy.

I was jealous, that my sister had a boyfriend, a perfect one, and someone who was just... amazing.

And just now, I realized how much I loved him. I already loved him right on the first day.

After Maan and Geetanjali turned the corner, I slid down on the wall and hugged my knees tighter to me.

"Why?" I asked out loud to particularly nobody and I could hear my voice echo around the corridors.

"Why do I always have to feel hurt? Why Baabaji? Why can't it be somebody else for a change? I always, ALWAYS have to feel pain" I said and blinked my eyes furiously, trying to stop me from crying.

I hated myself.

"I'm so plain. So stupid. So innocent. So vulnerable. Nobody would want... me" I said the word 'me' as if it was filth.

I sighed and rested my head against the wall.

"Let's ditch" he said to Geetanjali. I wanted to do that today. I wanted to ditch. I wanted to feel bad for once.

I smiled to myself as I stood back up.

Precap: Geet gets teased.


Hey guys! I hope you liked this one! Don't forget to comment and press the like button!

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luvabbybaby IF-Dazzler

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shona2010 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 5:34pm | IP Logged
FF sounds awsome... cant wiat to read next part..
plz update soon...
Please add me to your pm list!

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