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Originally posted by Ruxana91

all this ishaare-bazi was amazing - it felt lyk to me they were using their own personal language to communicate with each other without having to say a word Smile I agree...these two really have developed their own silent language of's sweetLOL

and *sigh* the much-talked about phone-conversation that's the talk of the town on the Navya forum at the moment lool LOL I loved every moment of that - the amazing way how he just spoke to her as though he speaks to her like that all time and as though there was nothing different about it lol definately sounded as though they were alredi in a relationship or something lool i just loved the slightly authoritive & matter-of-factly tone of voice he used, LOL so true...he was talking to her like he's always spoken to her like this since it was his birthright or somethingLOL...especially the way he goes, "Achha chalo... abhi baahar aa jaao, main tumhara wait kar raha hoon" matter of factlyLOL...there was even a hint of pout there as he said thisLOL

Personally...i feel that the way Anant reacted was blown out of proportion alot by some of us (no offence to anyone) when in actual fact I feel he was just really frustrated at the fact that she wasn't understanding the message he was trying tu get through to her...that it was worth it to at least ask whatever the response may be...I think some days in the past Anant has been a little difficult to understand based on his actions like landing up at her building but today I felt Anant's side of the story was much better shown and in a more credible manner...I'm so glad that they showed him giving a sensible explanation for the picnic thing and not just some random ziddLOL...I was pleasantly surprised by today's epi I'l say

I loved this part so much!!! The rolling of the eyes lool and he couldn't believe it that SHE was accusing HIM of being stubborn when actually he felt it was the other way round lool it was nice to see his defensive side lool LOL Navya really has a knack for bringing out his defensive side a lot I'd say...I also thought it was cute the way she quietly got up and went and sat next to him even though he was giving her such gusse waale grumpy looksLOL

Sorry if i've just bored you there but just wanted to stress the fact that I felt exactly the same way as you did about the episode! lool LOL Thank you soo much for sharing that!! lool  Oh no I wasn't bored at all...really enjoyed reading your take :-) Thanks for your reply!

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Really love reading ur analysis of every episode.
I loved the episode too. Interestingly, without realising it, Anant is treating Navya as his - this came out very strongly in the phone convo - but it is Navya who senses that things are changing and the unbidden thought of Anant ki Navya has shocked/scared her.
Thank goodness it was his brother and not the evil sisters yest. Like this bro, more screen space for him please.
I thought Anant's tantrum in the end was a bit childish, but even he realised that he can hardly call Navya selfish LOL. When he finally processes what is happening, he will realise why he was so angry at her refusal.

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great analysis Anu :))

havent saw the episode but from ur post it seems a very cutee episode..

will post after watching the epi :)

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The above analysis are very well written.  I am sure most of the viewers felt the same.  Yesterday's episode was very entertaining.

Yesterday, I liked Navya's hairstyle, makeup and the way she was dressed- looked very innocent and naive.  Anant too looked great!  Both of their acting were very natural and superb.
When I heard Annant telling her "selfish" - for a moment I thought this is it- the father of all dangers begin.  But his mistake was excellently portrayed by Shaheer - the next minute when he said sorry.
So far the CV, director and the actors are doing a great job.  I do worry about the poor parents (specially Navvya's parents, who have trusted her so... much... - will be shocked and disappointed when they come to know that her daughter has lied to them... - a common problem in the present society).  I hope the CV is able to deal with this problem in a realistic/ responsible manner, and send a constructive well thought message to the society.

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Oh here I am, before it's too late and I've already watched another's day episode which sort of interferes with my revelations/comments on this one!

I did promise you this one was worthy of analysis, did I not?! *still smug* LOL

So here's my side. 

I did say Navya would be the one to fiddle and toss around the doings of her heart, given her innate/annoying/inescapable nature of being the unstoppable 'thinker' LOL Not that I should complain, cause from the look of it, she's doing it on behalf of Anant and herself, both, at the moment! I was happy to see that bit about her self realizations - and happier still that it came without too much ado and delay, because this seemed like the time it should happen at least for her. Like I said before, she's not weaving her happy fantasies minus of the inherent phobias - unlike Anant. She manages to be carefree for moments, but her worries/logic/conscience doesn't really take a break... so this had been coming. 

What I did not think much of, was Renuka's tirade. Really. It was the one part of the episode rather loosely drafted. I wish she'd had lesser lines, but more convincing premises, than just I thought it was normal attraction but now you want to go to a PICNIC and you know what PICNICS are like these days... utterly OTT. I wish she'd just stuck to that last bit... about how whether or not Navya acknowledged the fact, she was changing - cause that was bang on! The hell raise on how absolutely unbelievably criminal the idea of a picnic was... just sort of didn't go well. 

Contrary to Renuka was Anant's brother - and he is one reason I found Renuka's tirade off the mark partially - he was not in denial of the improbability of permission. And even when he did ask Anant to give it a shot, it was more so to cheer up his brother who looked so crestfallen for a second just then. But thing is, he didn't exactly go on a rant of OMG PICNIC! what the hell is wrong with you and your generation to even dream of going for a picnic! So the thing was, he wasn't defying the person he's raised to be - the principled and overly contained guy - but at the same time, he wasn't talking like he was three generations older and apart from Anant. He is a fellow who's resigned to his lifestyle, but it's not as if he can't see and perceive basics. Even when he decides to make a point, or raise caution, he has the sense to realize it would be little use to outrightly oppose his brother and point out the folly. The irony is, if someone needs blatant pointing out, it's Anant. Navya is guilty enough by herself, without anyone needed to spell the words for her - you could just insinuate, and she'd be wrestling her pillows all night trying to get over the guilt, or correct her wrong! 
So...Renuka was OTT. She wans't just making a point on behalf of her elders, she was actually showing conviction about how ridiculous picnics are - which in a way for me went contrary to her character sketch from the last couple episodes. So this is someone who can sneak out her sister in the middle of a very important family dinner, lie for her to everyone, and don't forget this is night time and girl alone scenario we're talking of - but thinks going for a supervised college day picnic is just... so wrong! She's being a conflicting prude here. I'd have thought her to be the kind of muffled rebel who was contained too much by the doings of her life, and at least empathizes with, if not supports, her sister's contentions. She just took a 180 in this last episode. For me. Maybe I'm just being overtly critical, and mind you, I'm still very much in favor of how she pointed out that last bit on Navya changing... or even the subtle point of how Ritz and her fam were different - yes, those were good points, I wished that had been all. 

Talking of Navya changing, did I say I really like the bit about her self realization where she goes Navya has changed... no, not changed yet, but changing... I like that part of her. Where she can still distinguish. She's not lying to herself, and she's not looking at matters through a red glass. She only gets occasionally swayed - occasions being Anant's company LOL But in general, I'm glad her character is not being self contradicted. 

A quick note on Appy - so I figured she really is Beth. Her silly say about hoping her mother quick finds her a match the other day, and now her denial to go to this picnic... It struck me how she's got her big time insecurity on the guy account. So Ritz is hooked, and Navya isn't and might not be perceived as someone who could be, but it's obvious that she and Anant are a pair. Even if there was going to be no love story here at all, Appy would have good grounds to feel insecure. Her two best friends have suddenly found new people who can take good share of their time, without either of them conscientiously  worrying abut Appy. For her it's just them. For them, its her and the others. I suppose she'd beginning to reel from that impact. She's with everyone, she's a friend to everyone, but she no longer has that one person - girl or boy - who could be exclusively worrying behind her back. And it's getting to her. Maybe she's not the steady kind, as opposed to both her girlfriends, but steady can definitely look tempting when you see others donning it! Again, she may have nothing on Anant - Navya love angle... just that those two have bonded so instantly, so easily, and crept into spaces of each others life is evident to her as a friend... its all adding to make her insecure. Say a simple instance of how Ritz told Anant to convicne Navya, and not Navya and Appy... the difference is obvious to her. She's not jealous. She's just... getting a bit lonely and redundant there... 

Finally - to the main showdown!!! Which was whoa! 
So I totally back you up on backing up Anant. I'm not siding with his 'tantrum' but I'm definitely not going t go all prude over him and not see where he comes from. Again, like I said before, he's riding high on this new found existence where he's making moves and doing his firsts, all by himself, and since Navya has really started it all for him - irrespective whether or not he can see that atm - she is going to be a consequential reason to hinder is, if and when. Bhabhi's rebukes like  said last time, he can brush off. It has to be an eye opener from someone in his family who really counts. Or Navya. And even in the former case, he could blame it off on gen gap and be disgruntled. But as far as Navya is concerned - he'd never deal well with her being the prick to burst his bubble. When all of this cools down, he will probably go in to a repeat of that main bohot ziddi hu na? main bohot tang karta hu na...phase like he did after he'd literally abducted her for the party... but fact is, its just like he'd told her when she asked him would he really have come up to her place is she'd not come down? and he'd said he doesn't know... he really doesn't. He no longer knows any game plans, cause he doesn't have any. He's just going by and by, he's driven purely by a motivation called Navya, and if she herself stands in the path as an obstruction its going to affect him like nothing else. That is exactly what snapped for him. Come to think of it, don't we know of a gajillion real life examples exactly such?! where plans were ruined for one person, cause the other who really mattered (acknowledged or not) could not oblige?! It's a natural. His temper, and his consequent obstinacy to not relent. Also, like you said the khudgarz part was OTT, but it was excellently mellowed and matched up by that apology, even better was the following sorry ke maine tumhara form bhara! ... like ouch! he's totally sending her down for a guilt trip when she's only trying to be reasonable, and he wants to send reason on a holiday! Oh Anant, he doesn't stop endearing me by being such a boy! And I say this thing in every post - do I not?! Repetitive much LOL 

Point being - Anant was perfect. Perfectly imperfect that is. Just as you'd expect his character to go, and I'm glad it was so. I'd hate for him to have just lain low and taken it - sulked at the max. Given his enthusiasm on the entire matter, a reality check could never pass by without the storm. And to think the actual reality check is not even there - neither why she is denying, nor why he cares so much. The best part is, how he had those those two parts of sentences left incomplete. One where it seemed he was going to say he was worried, cause... maybe something had happened at her home?! (Here's another boy trait. He's constantly aware of the problem she can have at her place in breaking rules and whatnot, and yet, he's constantly in denial of them. He wants her to never be in trouble, but he still wants her to do everything that will bring it all on! Oh Anant, Anant, Anant! LOL ) And then the other time he left his sentence unspoken when he started on sorry kyu keh ri ho... main to sirf tumhare baare mein... khair chodo! oh yeh man, chodo indeed! He's totally coming to it - his care for her - and he's totally letting it pass over him like unshed thunder clouds! Oh the oblivious escapist that he is!!! LOL 

Really like Navya today - in significant parts. She was kind of disappointing in the bit when he was asking her to consider the picnic plan - her eyes were weird, I thought. But thereafter, Navya was far far better! Her glazed tears, the worry, nothing overdone, and everything bang on! Neat stuff from Soumya there Clap Oh and do I even need to say, the entire 'hi and bye' and then, 'tum akeli nahi baith sakti' was so amazingly hilarious, endearing, and aww!!! Anant is a rockstar, when he's not trying to be one LOL Like I said before one of the days, he's suddenly found someone with whom, he can take first steps. That's never been before. And it's totally bringing out his boy-carefree- side. He just speaks his mind, which is something he's possibly only done with Nimi before... and like my brother never ceases to point out to me in real life, sisters don't count Shocked Ouch LOL

Oh and sheesh, I forgot about the opening scene! Which was so entirely awesome! That had to be the best eye play between these leads thus far in the show. Kudos to both actors, it was natural, and such a brilliant fresh pull off of something that could have been entirely cliche... 

Quick note on Ritz - her blow off moment was credible. I wish the actress had executed it off better though. Ranbir needs to be given more space now, in these episodes. I'd hate if one fine morning he just rose from dormancy an suddenly became all pedantic on Anant to bring about the 'love realization'. I wish it remains a consistent process, that they have their little minutes of chit chat, candid lash backs or back claps so it doesn't feel abrupt if he's going to one side's cupid ultimately. 

And phew - another long long post. I did say this one would be, I knew it was coming! 
btw - the big relief of the episode was no sister-duo lurking! Oh thank heavens for the break from englisss...
Looking forward to the next episode, and tentatively daring to raise my hopes on the plot line LOL


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Originally posted by nureat01

6) Anant ka gussaLOL...Honestly speaking I was wondering what the hoopla was about in the forum since morning but to me personally, this Anant is seeming far more normal and understandable than the more hyper version of him a few days backLOL...that entire last portion was so naturally written with such a natural graph to it...Anant first all happy to see her...having the same discussion with her that he's never tried this before either but really wants to atleast try this time...for that one long shot they have at a yes...I think he made all valid and sensible points...but Navya toh has spooked herself now with her "Anant ki Navya" her protests in that bit did not seem convincing even to me...Anant toh obviously would take them harshly...the first outburst with the "khudgarz" bit was a bit OTT but I liked how he apologized after thatLOL...and after this the entire sequence, I really liked Shaheer's acting...the palpable anger on Anant's face even as he cuts off from Navya and goes and sits alag se in the class...refusing to look at her or talk to herLOL...and the last bit with Navya so sweetly telling him to sign the form and goLOL..."MAIN zidd kar raha hoon?"...I loved his righteous little fit thereLOL

He's sooo upset with her...for now he doesn't realize why it hurts just SO much that she isn't even WANTING to go as she's made it but obvious...he's cloaking it with the "sab friends jaa rahe hain, why don't you want to care about your friends?" thing but everyone knows it's a "FRIEND" and not friends that's the issue hereLOL...What I find interesting about all these scenes is the nuances they added...The entire epi was well written and well enacted...wasn't bored for a moment and less of Anant's whacko family...Hallelujah! LOL why can't they show just show his brother all the time?...I for one would so prefer itLOL
I promised myself that i wont be posting in any discussion thread but as you mentioned the forum thingh,I thought to reply-
Exactly..I too thought Anant behavior were more understandable than his "Main tumhare ghar aa raha hu,abhi!" behavior,But I wonder how people understood his behaviour that time but today they were failted to understand him :O

anyway,Probably that time we got some "Oh so lovely hand pakro-ing sceneLOL ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.*head desk*

Honestly after the Rain sequence epi,It was my 2nd favourite episode.Everything seems to be on the right place.. Actors acted their parts beautifully.. Anant-Mohan's conversation came as a surprize..& I really loved the way he adviced him.. As Anant's mom said,in an episode "He's really "samajder" he actually is..Seems he genuinely care for his brother..

Anant-Navya conversation once again done in a subtle manner..Anant behavior was justified & Navya is already a step ahead realizing the changes,Which is good.From a girl like her,I expected to do her what she didEmbarrassed ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.

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Just watched the episode and must say it was a very good episode and much better compared to Engagement track

first scene was really funny Navya checking her next seat and Anant wants to sit dere but poor boy Appy came dere but after dat also it was really cutee how Appy said i dun want to go as i'll be single loll

Anant is soo behaving like a BF to Navya and dats really weird or strange cant say it but seriously his behaviour is something else esp after there comps project epis

i liked Anant's brother muchh better compared to Renuka.He wants his Bro to enjoy which he couldnt in his time..but i didnt liked how Renuka  blamed Navya esp just for a picnic..dese days even Middle class families are much okay wid it but her comparng Navya having a affair just cos she asked her for picnic permission is really annoying..dunno i didnt lked it..

Anant getting angry on Navya was really cuteee.
rest of the epi also i found Ritz,Appy,Navya's scene where dey were discussing abt baby was cutee so as Appy getting angry and later Ritz getting angry was cutee

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Originally posted by Ramy25

True that! it was an overall good episode. One contributing factor could be the utter lack of the creepy sis duoLOL...Definitely that was a major contributing factorLOL...but overall also the pace was better and the scenes were written out better too.

when i saw that first scene begin, i was kinda hoping that they don't turn it in to some cliched sequence. And they didn't! I liked the growing comfort between the two...especially from Navya's end.  And ummm awkwardness would still be present because it would be weird if they showed Navya not being a bit awkward.LOL LOL I also wondered for a bit if it would be a typical cliched sequence...but again they added little touches that made it the bit with Navya looking down at the empty seat next to her and then looking away awkwardlyLOL...and I really liked the instrumental version of THE song playing in the honestly that's a very nice tune :-)

I liked that moment between the gang too. It felt realistic and relatable somehow. When one or 2 people in a group of friends back out on trip or movie, the whole plan falls apart ..LOL been there, done that.LOL Oh definitely...I could totally understand Ritz's frustrationLOL

Recently most of AN conversations sound so bf-gf like but they still aren't aware of that. I like that bit. they aren't rushing with the "love" bit and hopefully they will avoid rushing and making it stereotypical. Yeah they aren't rushing the "love" bit as of now...yes AN are both changing but they aren't defining it or constraining it easily with standard definitions...they are both still EXPERIENCING whatever their feelings are more than going the cliched route of defining them and obsessing over them in an OTT all comes down to good writing and acting

Anant's tantrum! ROFLROFLROFL it was seeing a kid throw tantrum when the mum/dad denies buying him a video game or something.ROFLROFLROFL I found "selfish" part a bit OTT but after he apologized about it, it seemed okay. Still, it was weird to see him jatao haq that way on her mainly because we haven't seen him introspect about his behavior uptill now. But anyhow, Shaheer as always did a good job portraying this hormone-crazed teenager side of Anant. most importantly, he wasn't irksome and that's why it seemed better. lol may be they might show him reminisce about these moments in the future after he "realizes."LOL LOL you know Amy...honestly I'm oddly starting to get used to his haq jataaoing now amuses meLOL...mainly cuz he still doesn't fully know or acknowledge WHY he is jataaoing haq like thatLOL...and on some level, Navya responds to it subconsciously as well and doesn't balk...well barring the incident with him landing in front of the building where she was justifiably speaking of that...did you notice how he mentioned that in the morning she was busy with her mom?? So matlab this proves that the only reason he was facepalming in that scene was cuz he didn't get to give a ride to Navya...not cuz he realized that it was an idiotic thing he did *shakes head* hopeless causeLOL...but overall yeah I doesn't feel irksome that's good I guess.

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