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I know many have joined later or will join us over the duration and so this is a summary of the episodes from the start.. : D



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(None of this so far belongs to me. This has been taken from the written updates from STAR PLUS Website, however I will be editing it...)EmbarrassedEmbarrassed


I will keep updating the story every week..

.[I only want to update this thread , I request no other Navya members to continue posting in  my thread  ]EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Navya is on her facebook account and her mother checks her facebook profile. She questions about her friends and relationship. They share a unique mother-daughter relationship. Navya's friend Ritika comes home to meet her. Navya's father instructs her to come back home straight from the college. They reach college and meet Happy. The girls are excited about Valentine's Day. Navya's grandmother advises Meeta to get Navya married. Navya is excited to see Anant. Navya's mother and father are tensed to see the news on television. Navya's friend asks her out for a movie but she refuses. Navya is tensed on seeing 25 missed calls. The goons humiliate Navya on seeing flowers in her hands. Anant interferes and saves Navya. Navya's father reaches her college and is shocked. Deepak is insulted and he takes Navya home. An enraged Deepak scolds Navya for breaching his trust and orders house arrest. Shankar Dayal Bajpai lectures people on traditions and values. Anant is shocked to see the goons in his house. Meeta tries to calm down Deepak and assures him of Navya's innocence. Navya seeks an apology from Deepak and he forgives her. Meeta tries to cheer-up Navya. Anant is scared to learn that his father and grandather are in conversation with each other. Navya is upset thinking whether Deepak will allow her to continue her college and she hesitatingly asks Deepak if she can attend college. Anant's father questions him about the college incident But Anant's grandfather shows his trust in him. Ritika suggests Navya should thank Anant for his help. Navya gets lost in Anant's thoughts. Bua warns Anant to be careful and not get close to girls. Deepak is surprised to learn that Navya left early for college. Deepak tells Meeta that he wanted to enquire about Anant. Navya is nervous to enter the college. Ritika compels Navya to thank Anant. She gets upset on seeing a girl hugging Anant. Navya gets disheartened on seeing a girl with Anant. She is lost in Anant's thoughts. Pandit ji announces that the following day is best for Renuka's baby shower ceremony. Meeta tries to gather information about Anant from Navya. Meeta assures Deepak that Navya doesn't know Anant and he feels relaxed. Ritika and Appy come to meet Navya and on the pretext of completing a project, convince Meeta to allow Navya for a night stay at Appy's place. Ranbir calls Ritika and they decide to go out to have an icecream. Navya gets sad on seeing Sonia. Navya's mother warns her to return to Appy's place, when she finds out that she's out with friends. While Anant is driving, Sonia tries to get close to him which distracts him. They almost meet with an accident. The police lands up at the accident site and wants to arrest everybody. Anant calls his brother to inform him about the accident so that he can save them from the police. He is in for a shock when his father picks up the call. Anant is irritated when Sonia taunts the girls and Ranbir. Later, he is stunned when she confesses her love for him. Navya reaches home after midnight which makes her mother worried. Meanwhile, Anant's father scolds him. Anant is upset when his mother pacifies him. Later, she asks Anant's father if he's really going to send him away. Renuka comes home as preparations for her god-bharai ceremony are going on. She notices that Navya is upset. Anant's grandfather tells him that his father wants to send Anant away to Delhi. He lets Anant know that his father has left this decision on him. Renuka is unable to believe that Navya was out late at night. She asks her to end the matter and not inform their father about this. Ritika and Appy bring gifts for Renuka. Later, Renuka asks her mother to forgive Navya,Ritika and Appy.
Navya is curious to know about Anant and tries to find out from Appy and Ritika. Ritika talks to Ranbir but is unable to find out what happened between Anant and Sonia. Later, Navya, Appy and Ritika have fun. Anant's mother is waiting for him to return. She is worried when Anant returns and doesn't say anything. Renuka's god-bharai ceremony begins. Her grandmother tells the young girls that they should get married at the proper age. Renuka and Navya's brother, Harsh, comes on time. Everyone is happy to see him. The next day, Navya notices that Anant is not in college. Later, Sonia gives a packet to Ranbir asking him to deliver it to Anant. Appy is tempted to open the packet that Sonia has left for Anant. Later, Ranbir asks Navya to keep it and give it to Anant when he comes to college. Anant leaves for the airport with his grandfather. Meanwhile, Navya looks for him in college. Anant's grandfather leaves and asks him to attend college. Rama discusses about Anant with her husband. Navya sees Anant and wants to give him the packet. They both get drenched in the rain. Anant offers to drop her home. He drops Navya to her house but she forgets to give him the packet. Navya sees her grandmother opening Anant's packet. She stops her but someone's at the door. Navya is shocked to see Anant at the door. Navya is shocked to see Anant on her door. She hands over Sonia's parcel to Anant and he leaves. Harsh tease Navya but she manages to handle the situation. Nimisha teases Anant for being the favourite family member and is thus able to escape any trouble. Anant refuses Sonia's love and this enrages her. Sonia asks Anant to watch the special CD but he is unable to find it. Navya tries to resist the feeling of playing the CD but at last plays it. She is shocked to learn that she has threatened to commit suicide. Navya calls Anant and informs him about Sonia's CD.  He gets scared and leaves for Sonia's place. Anant is petrified on seeing Sonia on the table. Sonia cuts her wrist when Anant refuses her love. Anant takes Sonia to the hospital. Navya calls Anant to enquire about Sonia's well being but he informs her that Sonia is hospitalized. Navya requests Deepak to take her to the hospital to meet Sonia. She feels guilty and blames herself for the situation. Sonia is enraged when Navya goes to meet her in the hospital. Both Anant and Navya shower praises for each other. Navya shares Sonia's truth with Deepak and Meeta and both are worried for Navya's safety in the college. Navya is lost in Anant's thoughts. Navya call Anant to enquire about Sonia's well being. Also, she wants to know what to tell Ranbir and Ritika about the call. Bajpai's make elaborate preparations to welcome some guests. Ritika and Appy want to know the reason why Navya took Anant's number. When Ritika and Appy enquire the purpose of taking Anant's number Navya lies. Later she feels guilty. Navya makes and excuse and goes to meet Anant. Ritika follows her. Ritika meets Ranbir and enquires about Anant's and Sonia's relationship status. Om Prakash Bajpai makes it clear that all the family members need to be present when guests come. Meeta is concerned for Navya's changed behaviour and questions her. Ritika has fun with Navya. Anant is shocked to learn that Ranbir and Ritika believe that Navya probably likes him. Nimisha overhears her father and mother's conversation about her marriage and is upset. Though, her mother at last is able to convince her for the marriage. Ranbir tries to convince Anant to date Navya but Anant makes it clear that he doesn't believe in dating. Ritika and Appy have fun with Navya. Ranbir calls Ritika, Navya and Appy to the college canteen to prove to Anant that Navya likes him.

 Navya's friends are able to convince her to help Anant in his computer project. Anant is shocked to learn that the preparations are done for Nimisha's marriage. Bua Dadi rebukes Anant when she overhears Anant trying to convince Savita for rejecting Nimisha's wedding proposal. Anant decides to talk to baba regarding Nimisha's marriage but Savita tries to deter him. Anant is to talk to baba about Nimisha's marriage, But Savita comes and informs him that Nimisha is happy with this relationship. Anant is shocked to hear this. Navya helps AnantAnant stands shocked when Nimisha accepts the marriage proposal. Later she assures Anant that she likes Nikhil. Anant finally calls Navya but on seeing Meeta she disconnects the call. Later she calls Anant and they enjoy a nice conversation. Navya in the lunch time helps Anant with his computer project but after a time he is bored and has fun with Navya. This irritates Navya and they engage in an argument. Rama has plans to get Shagun, her sister get married to Anant. Nimisha sees Anant's picture with Navya in his laptop. Anant realizes that he needs Navya's help to complete his computer project. Ranbir and Ritika are surprised to see Navya teaching Anant, as last night they were full of complaints for each other. Anant submits the wrong CD for the presentation, by mistake. Everybody is shocked to see Anant's presentation. An embarrassed Navya leaves the class. Anant seeks an apology and tries to convince Navya that he didn't make the CD. Nimisha tells Anant that she made the CD of him and Navya's pictures and he is shocked. Ritika informs Navya that the CD was made by Anant's sister. Navya later calls Anant and apologizes for being rude. Navya teaches Anant computers over the phone, the entire night. Next day, Anant is excited as he performs well in the computer exam. An excited Anant asks Navya to join him for the treat but she makes an excuse. Later Anant drops Navya home. The Bajpai's make elaborate preparations for Nimisha's ring ceremony. Nimisha's father suggests to keep the ceremony simple but Om Prakash Bajpai insults him. Navya is excited as she performed well in her computer exam and offers to cook the evening meal. Both Anant and Navya are rewarded for performing well in the exam and cooking delicious meal in their respective families. Nimisha seeks an apology from Anant for the CD and shares her experience of talking to Nikhil. The Mishras reach hospital and are worried for Renuka. Anant invites Navya for Nimisha's ring ceremony. Mishra's are excited as Renuka gives birth to a baby. Anant is worried as he has invited Navya for Nimisha's ring ceremony. He talks to Ranbir and decides to tell her not to come to avoid troubles at home. Anant's friends ask for a treat for scoring well in the exam. Navya is fast asleep in the car and when she gets up she remembers that she was supposed to reach to the hospital. Anant offers to drive Navya to the hospital.  Anant receives Rama's call and is restless to learn that he forgot to pick Shagun from the airport. He manages to reach the airport and pick-up Shagun. Renuka is irritated as Gautam didn't come to meet her in the hospital. Anant finally meets Shagun on the airport and drives her home. Rama is excited on seeing Shagun. Both and Anant and Navya are restless to talk to each other. Rama shares her plan with Shagun of making efforts to get her married to Anant. Anant shares with Nimisha her concern about calling Navya to the ring ceremony and she assures that she will handle the situation. Shagun overhears Anant and Navya's conversation and shares her anxiety with Rama who reassures her. Nimisha's on the dinner table reminds Anant to invite her three friends-Appy, Ritika and Navya who study in her college for her ring ceremony and thus, solves Anant's problem. Navya reach home and learns that Renuka's in-laws are coming over for the dinner and gets tensed.

Navya calls Anant and informs that she will not be able to attend the ceremony as she has guests coming for the dinner. Shagun is restless and doubts Anant has a girlfriend and Rama tries to calm her down. Anant calls Navya and insists her to join the ceremony and threatens to come to her home to pick her up. Nimisha looks beautiful on her ring ceremony. Anant gets restless waiting for Navya. Anant gets sad on not seeing Navya with Ranbir, Ritika and Appy. Anant is worried when Rama walks up to him and asks him to introduce Nimisha's friend. Rama inquires about Navya from Anant. Navya has some guests at home. Shagun and Rama notice Anant talking to someone on the phone and soon after that Anant goes missing. Anant comes near Navya's house to pick her up. Anant requests Navya to attend the ceremony. Navya takes Renuka's help to get out of the house. Anant is happy to see Navya out. Anant and Navya enjoy each other's company. Anant's friend calls him and inquires about his whereabouts. Rama finds out that Anant lied at home and went out. Anant spots Rama and Shagun standing at the doorway of his house. He requests Navya that they enter the house separately. Dadi admonishes Rama and Shagun for whiling their time away at the door. They try and extract information from Appy and Ritz. Anant walks in just in time, saving the situation. Dadi meets Navya outside the house and asks her why she is unaccompanied at such a late hour. Navya's family wonders where she is. Renuka stalls for time. Nimisha engagement ceremony begins. Navya walks in as the family looks for the pooja thaal. She hands over the thaal to Sugandha. Anant is pleased when Sugandha appreciates her gesture. Nimisha teases Anant about Navya. Anant serves Navya food as Rama and Shagun look on. Navya gets uncomfortable with Rama's comments. She comes up with a plan to find out the truth about Navya. Renuka tries to get in touch with Navya. Anant introduces Navya to Nimisha. Shagun spills her drink on Navya on purpose and insists on helping Navya clean up. Shagun takes Navya to Anant's room and deserts her there. Anant bumps into Navya in his room. Anant shows Navya the balcony in his room. Shagun and Rama spy on them. Renuka calls Anant and tells Navya to reach home immediately.






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