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Yam's Designz #2 (C): Kryan/VJ|HD|GK|KT/BS Pg144 (Page 40)

relentless. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 12 August 2009
Posts: 44084

Posted: 29 May 2011 at 10:52am | IP Logged
awwh Sofia! Hug
Sure when i have time, i definitely will open :)

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sofiaaax. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 July 2008
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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 10:57am | IP Logged
Thanks =D 

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relentless. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 12 August 2009
Posts: 44084

Posted: 29 May 2011 at 10:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sanugr8fan

EmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOLI Know...usuallly i res...!!LOL
but today its diff!!...i hav sum time in my hand!!
ussullly m good @ essays wen it comes to ppl whose wrk i adore!! but due to eime kamtarta...m not cmnntng durng may time!! 

Anywayss...comingg to ur update!!
waaahhh ji waaah!! kya mayur sigggies banaye he!!!!
me drrooolngg ova demm!!!
the rain siggie is md awesomeeelly!!!!
*sigh* i want those dayzzz backk!!!!!

the 2nd MN one is to seriouslyy JANLEVA!!
blendngg has beeen awesommeee!!
thnx for mkngg MN siigiies!!!
 But seriuoslyy...i dunnoo y how  m sayng this...
but the BESTESTEST prt of ur upd8 was this !
Day DreamingDay Dreaming Day DreamingDay Dreaming
itsss totalllyyy AWESOMEEE!!!
itss md heavennlyyy!!!!!!!!
the texturezz blndng!! wow!!!

the shamrita one is alsooo gr8!!
colourngg!!!!Day Dreaming

P.S- thzz was not an essay sry..!!
par abb time chala gaya...!!! i hav to run!!
luv u for the MN siggiesss!!!!

thanks soo much hon :) means a lott to me Embarrassed
Originally posted by -Preeti-

MN<3Day Dreaming
the 1st one is pretty from the July 2009 Epi but the 2nd from the Zindagi one is Smashingly awsome. Both looked so good. Made for Each Other. Almost like 2nd time marriage for them and this time it was just them taking thier 7 vachans. I loved the whole picturisation of that song ...sigh miss them now and Gagu knows my fav shot in that songBlushing

DE &
PC is beautiful. Sply liked the text u used for the DE sig. SavNi, AnYa one is Good too and loved the Req ..sply Vivah one which also happens to be my fav movie. Both were so good in thatDay Dreaming Amazing chemistry they had

Overall Fantastic Update Yams

thank you soo much Preeto! love youuu <3
Originally posted by -Farzana-

Reserved? Hell yesss baby!

First off,  YES, you are late with your updates. I have seen you update quick ONCE. ROFL You need to stop torturing us and start updating regularly.  Please and thank youEmbarrassed
Okaaay on to the update! EEEKS beautiful sigs Yams!
Aweh these are SOOO GORGEOUS :)
I feel like using them hahaha. Im obsessed with icons atm as you can see Im using an icon right now. Actually, I probably wont be when you check this comment. LOL But yeah love love these MN ones. You colored them so beautifully!
HAYE. This is just beautiful!
Love your texture.. text.. coloring just everything about this sig speaks BEAUTIFULLness!
I seen this in someones dabba earlier in the week..was it you? ROFL I cant remember right now.
.. Yup. Still not over it! God, I loved loved that scene. I still watch it on YT <3
Love the sig babe :) I saved ittt!!!
PC sig is soo pretty! She is so gorgeous. I love her!!! She is my fav from Bwood.
OMFG, I dont know who Avni is but that sig is amazing! I love how you made it b&w and then added that bright light in the middle. Looks AAAMAZING.
AnYa one is soo beautiful. Both of them Tongue
Debzi's request is actally.. umm.. pretty... HOT! Holy damn. I loveee it Big smile
^ BEAUTIFULLL. Aweh you're so sweet to dedicate it to Raggz. Im sure she loves it cuz I do! Im pretty sure Ayesha is gonna chorify this one LOLLOL Its g o r g e o u s. If I was their huge fan, I would sooo use it. Shamrita are damn cute though!
Now, Im done with my comment :) LOL Wink
Farzuu!! thank you sooo much girl!!!! like i always say, yourr comments always make my day...You can use those icons if you like Mayur Embarrassed they are free for use Embarrassed
Lovee youu Heart
Originally posted by starry.phoenix

fab-iesta updateClap
thts a new word for ur fabbb sooper fabb update hun
b'ful colorin' n stylesss...
keep rockin' n stylin'LOL
thank you Shikhuu! Hug
love yaaa Embarrassed
Originally posted by jenny1000


Awesome awesome update.. Love the MN sig. It's very pretty and one of the classic scenes, but my favorite is the second one. Something about is just so damn beautifulClap

The DE one looks awesome.. Love the quote/lyrics;)

The PC one looks awesome. The SaVni one is awesome too. Love the style esp the b/w

The AnYa one looks good too. I am not even watching that show anymore. It's beyond my understanding; It;s too fast man but I need to catch up on the scenes oon.

The suggestion stuff looks great esp the Shahid-Amrita ones!
thanksss jens! Hug you always give awesomee comments...makes my day! yeah my MN sigs always turn out good, just coz i love them endless Embarrassed
ZumSrK. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 02 July 2006
Posts: 30310

Posted: 29 May 2011 at 11:02am | IP Logged
Yamz di stunning update..!all the siggies are jus amazing..!jus beautifulDay Dreaming

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relentless. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 12 August 2009
Posts: 44084

Posted: 29 May 2011 at 11:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by 26javey26

Awesome update Yamz...The MN ones are amazing. My fav is the first one. The DE ones is amazing. I love everything about it. It has to be my fav sig in the whole update. And you made the SaVni one. Thanks so much. I love it a lot. Its amazing. I can't stop looking at it. I love the whole black and white thing and the border as well. The rest rock too
thank you Javz :) Glad you liked the SaVni siggy, it'll be appreciated if you could make use of it too Smile
Originally posted by --Doyel--

Aaahhh beautiful beautiful update yamzz Hug  Hug

loved the sushant siggy... and the shahid-amrita one is soo good... Embarrassed
overall amazing creations hun!! Hug
thankss so much Shreya Big smile
Originally posted by anne156

gone through ur gal...lovely work...like always
thnks anne :)
Originally posted by PrithviSanyo1

beautiful gorgeous creations Clap
loved them.
thank you :)
Originally posted by neelohoney

what an update yamz i just love it

comely work
mayur stuff is super hot
this icon just take my breath
the colouring on this icon is so stylish
this siggy is is amazing texts r very good
coluring is so adorable
awwwh Komal! thanks a lot yaa! appreciate it Embarrassed
Originally posted by Chill_Out

Finally I'm blessed with an update! I've been waiting for one since forever LOL

Reserved! Big smile


MayUrrr!! Omg!! Their stuff is beyond gorgeous!! Omg!Silly And that rain sequence gives me goosebumps! Saved for future use! It's BEEYOOOTIIIFFOOOLLL!! Day Dreaming
The Delena one is SO hot! And the text! HayyeeBlushing I love your merging in that one!! Clap
The PC one is my favourite from the update! She looks soo good! Saved again! Big smile
The SaVni and AnYa one came out sooo well!! Specially the first AnYa one!
The Sushant one is amazing! Omg he's awesome and I'm totally fida over his dancing!
I'm sure Rags will love that Vivah one! It is so pretty and you know na, I love monochrome colouring LOL

EEE! Awesome blossom stuff as always, Yamzo!! Keep updating more often! I'm G.R.E.E.D.Y Big smile

Love youu Hug
Awwwiee Neetz! you are my rockstar! Hug Love love love you sooo much Hug
I just love reading your comments Embarrassed They always make my day! yeahh aren't the MN ones just sooo pretty? For a change im satisfied with them LOL
muaah <3
Originally posted by -Arjunlicious-

aww beautifull Update Me Amorr!<3 lovin ur style!:D
thanks sam! Heart
Originally posted by DulceAmor

Wonderful update Yamini!!!!! OMG those MayUr icons and sigs are just stunning!!! I so love the style of the sigs and the colouring on them and the two avis are beautiful!!!! The Delena sig is one of the best I have seen on the kiss scene - it look amazing!!! PC sig is lovely and the AnYa sigs are awesome!!!! Brilliant work hun! Thanks for the PM.
thank you so much Anu! Hug And you're most welcome :)

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relentless. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 12 August 2009
Posts: 44084

Posted: 29 May 2011 at 11:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -MohitzPari-

badi made a Shahid-Ammu siggy for Ragi...AWWW so cuteee haha :D
love all the siggies like anything! right from Navya one to DE (Omg I love the effect!! ) PS- watched two epi back to back yesterday...then had to stop coz I was having a headache...cant wait to continue! bad news is that...I didn't like someone's evilness Stern Smile (as predicted LOL) lets see..

ok back to updateLOL I love that Sameer-avani siggy!! u r doing something which I m loving...dont know what lol...MN ones are awesome as ever..no need to even tell anything when it comes to ur MN ones!! keep rocking and keep making more! love ya:))
Hehe ROFL now toh ur loving that evil someone ROFL Wink no one can hate Damon, he's a rockstar Blushing and im sure he'll grow more & more on you Embarrassed
Awwwh! thank you Chotii Hug such kind words make me feel blessed...Love you tons and tons Hug
Originally posted by Taani96

Goregeous upatde Yamz Hug OMG the all sigs r SUPERB. Awwwhhh.. LOVE the color & bleending a lott <33 (: Make moreee Big smile 
thanks Taani :) <3
Originally posted by -Durgavnii-

WONDERFUL update Yaminiii!!Big smile
Me loved each nd everythinggg.. but my favourite has to be the MayUr/ ShaMrita one..!
ahhh mayUr ones are DAMMNNN amazinggg... loved the 2nd one,, esp the colouring is FABB!
nd shamrita one is SOO beautifulll!!!
Other ones are awesomeee too.. Keep rockinggg..
thank you Avni Embarrassed means a lottt :)
Originally posted by supreet..

i didnt knw u have a shop... firstly lemme congratulate u Hug
u make such wonderful stuff...
amazing creations..
love mayur work to the core
especially zindagi do pal ki segment siggy.. its just wow..
PC siggy is too cute...
sameer n avni siggy is out of the world.. love the style...
amrita n shahid siggy is so romantic..
i always adore ur work...
u r rocking...

thankss Supreet Embarrassed Hug
Originally posted by Love_Anant

OMG...ossam upd8 yaar...luvd mayur nd anya 1...beautiful wrk..
thank you SO much Embarrassed
Originally posted by ~pooja_15~

beauitful update di :) 

i love the use coloring and textures came out naturally perfect and blending was really nicely done :) but but my fav one has to be that savni one gosh the sig came out superb on them ! loveee the coloring sooo much ! plz do make some more on them Embarrassed the DE one to MN came out really good ! beautiful update in all keep up the awesome work di Hug
awwwh thank you poojaa Hug mwaaahs! Hug
relentless. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 12 August 2009
Posts: 44084

Posted: 29 May 2011 at 11:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mysterygirl_me

res.. Big smile
i have to do innumerable unreserves LOL

As usual amazing update yams di. The MaYur stuff is beautiful. The first set of icons and sigs is so beautiful this is one of my fav scenes on them and ur sigs are a perfect depiction of the scene. The textures and coloring rock. Aww the ZDPK sig is soo beautiful loved how u placed the pics and the texture. The DE sig is gorgeous speciallyy the text style. Aww PC's sig is soo beautiful i adore in the pink in the sig, fab coloring. The SaVni sig is adorable i miss them and this was one of the cutest scenes, the sig came out brilliant and i love the grey border. Both the AnYa sigs are gorgeous. The sushant sig is hot, the B/W with a dash of color and redness totally stands out. Shamritaa sig iss soo prettyy loved everything about it.

Wonderful updateee di lovee you Hug
awwwh thank you my girl Hug Hug Lovee you too Embarrassed
Originally posted by -SamPari-

Yamz gurjusss hot update..
omg AnYa eeekkk
ur too good seriously i still haven't made
any Anya Stuff.. Shock i know but i made a VM on them that abt it eekk :)

thanks sweetss :)
Originally posted by ..-Komal-..

OMG MayUr<3 stuff is damn gorgeouss! Using for sure! I love the texts!
Delena, PC,& Sameer Avni creations are amazing! Love your coloring(:
 AnYa omgg loving them more day by day..!
 the sig is fabulouss! SavedDay Dreaming
Shamrita<33 lovee its stunning Yams! SavingggBig smile
Update again soon
thanks Komal :) :) AnYa are indeed cuteness :$
Originally posted by -Sofia-

thankss so much Sofia :)
Originally posted by Julybaby22

heeyy Yaamm .. aawhh the MN one is soo beautiful Day Dreaming  ..icons too :) .. LOVE the coloring on the 2nd one .. love the anya ones :) ..& the reqs.. & yeah.. pretty much everything :P ..lolzz.. the Shahid-Amrita one is soo lovely .the red effect & textrure on it is really nice :)
keep updating!
thankss Mandy Hug Lovee yaa :) will Updt soon :D
Originally posted by a2zahid

beautifulClaplove it allThumbs Up
thanks :)
Originally posted by aisha_1992

sizzling updte.. loved SaVni sig most

thank you :)
Originally posted by -iPayal-

^ THESE are absolutely beautiful! i have like no words for them, the colorng, blending and the textuure usage is mindboggling!! amazing job Yamini!
my next fav has to the the shamrita one!! Ufff...thats my fav part of the movie, and youve captured it so well!! :D Fabulousooo!!
the savni one is gorge as well, loving the text placement, especially how the and is black and the rest is in white ^_^
great update Yams :D
Payal Hug
Thank you so much man. Really appreciate it. Even i loved the way these two turned out :$
And yeah i love Vivah too Big smile ShaMrita are beautiful together Embarrassed
thank you soo much once again..Hug

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relentless. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 12 August 2009
Posts: 44084

Posted: 29 May 2011 at 12:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Dangelz

Yaminiii! Embarrassed
Ok so I FINALLY made it here to officially start commenting! Huge accomplishment for me! LOL 
Well I'm sure you've read my comment in Ragz' gall, and I want to deeply apologize to you as well for not visiting or commenting earlier. You see, I don't visit many galls in the first place...maybe like 4 or 5 and thats it, and neither do I keep up with PM updates. I kept wanting to come here, but something always kept getting in the way...so I never got the chance to comment. Sorry once again, but better late than never right?
Anyway, I shall talk about your lovely update now! I've seen your previous work posted in CGs and stuff, and I have to say I am very impressed with your work...and also the level of improvement I can clearly see =)
The update looks amazinggg! Love the MN sigs, especially the second one! The colouring on it is so so pretty! I'm not a DE fan, but I love how that sig turned out, especially the texture use and grey border =) The SaVni sig looks stunninggg, and I adoreee the black-and-white colouring with the texture you've used! The AnYa sigs look very adorableee! OMGG I have not seen that scene yet, but it looks darn cute! Embarrassed
The suggestions look awesome, especially the Shahid-Amrita sig! Looks very dreammyyy =) Keep up the beautiful work hon, and I will definitely try to visit and comment here more often!
Thanks a lot for coming here Dangelz :)
Really means a lot to me EmbarrassedDont be sorry hon, its all good, even i've been a silent visitor in your gall. and couple others. So i really don't expect anything in return, its nice to see you comment here out of your time, and thats more than enough for me :)
When my ordinary work gets appreciated, it means the world to me, because i still feel my creations are okay as of now, i could do better if i update more often LOL
thanks a lot once again Hug appreciate it :)
Originally posted by stuti123

yamz diHugthe update was mindblowing...all the siggies were fantastic ... especially the mayur ones..Day DreamingDay Dreaming...loved the colouring ...loved all the siggies lots..
thanks Stutzz :) Hug
Originally posted by angeldmg16

Yamzzz Hug
Ahhh Awesome Updt Day Dreaming
you improved so muchhh yaar
Eksss MN and AnYa creation my fav <3
and Love the TVD and other stuff too <3
Ahhh WOW It came out so beautiful
I love the way u used pics and textures
GOSHHH man U became a PRO now
this one is freaking OUTSTANDINGGG <3
Love it
thank you SO much Nori Hug appreciatee it Hug
Originally posted by pearl10

wooo...fab creations!!
Thnx 4 sharing.
Keep creating.!!
thankk youu :)
Originally posted by -Untamed-

Lovely stuff <3 Esp the MN, DE & PC stuff. Big smile
thank you jii Cool Big smile
Originally posted by -Daania-

Yami HugHugHug
Disclaimer: OK, so I just wrote a mini essay kinda thing for Ragz, so please do forgive me, if this comment may sound eerily similar to it. It is purely coincidental LOL
So, I feel pretty embarassed agin, coz just like Ragz, I missed out on a lot of your updates too! But I finlly went through all of them and it was so awesome! I always loved your sigs, for their simple touch and those awesome texts! Approve
And from the last time that I saw them, your sigs have become even more pretty by leaps and bounds! You're an expert now! And oh yes, here goes
On your second shop! Hug
Now finally coming to the sigs! I loved all that you've done! Especially the TVD ones, you and Ragz seem to have pretty much conquered the TVD circle! And of course MN/ArTi Embarrassed
And a special mention to the very first AnYa sig that you made! It was just so cute! I don't know why but there's something in it that it stayed in my mind more than the others! Besides that the show is really sweet! Embarrassed 
All the updates have been really fabulous Yami! Very well done <3
And yes, again I know this comment isn't good enough, but acha wala next time! LOL
OMGGG :OO whom do i see here...Daaanzz!! OMFG its been so LONG :OO Where have you been all this while girl? Do you know HOW much i've missed you :OO :( :(
thanks for liking everything...I love yaa! Hug

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